Would You Wear Fergie and Lindsay's Suspender Shorts?

04/30/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Is Summer 2007 destined to be the season of hard-to-wear bottoms? We thought Jessica Simpson and Mischa Barton‘s high-waisted pants were bad enough, but this weekend Lindsay Lohan (at the Coachella Music Festival) and Fergie (at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards) both sported short-shorts with suspenders. Shortalls? Suspender shorts? We can’t even figure out what to call the look, much less want to wear it. (And don’t get us started on Fergie’s high-waisted pants with suspenders look we saw at justjared.com!) But we’re willing to concede that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this one, so we want to know how you feel about the look. Tell us: Would you wear shortalls like Fergie and Lindsay?

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Photo: Chris Polk/FilmMagic; Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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faith on


Summy on

Not even close! That is one style that needs to remain in the 80’s. Fergie looks like a member of Duran Duran and Lindsey just plain looks bad!

Nia on

I’ve seen candids of lindsey with those shorts and even with here figure she looked like she had put on a few punds..
so no! not with my body:P

Kristin on

Me, persoanlly, no. But they don’t look half bad on Fergie. But the rest of her look is not right. Oh well.

AM on

I think Fergies outfit looks kinda cute!

glad on

i like the shorts but not the suspenders…no i would not wear them !

Ashley on

Wow, they both have really great legs, but NO!!!! This is possibly the ugliest trend ever!

Alice on

I think I just threw up a little….

Shelly on

Fergie looks like a man and Lindsay looks like her usual tacky self.

Terra on

LOL!! Duran Duran – so true!!! I would not be caught dead in this so called “trend”…….

cari on

uhhhmmm i might rock it. not sure.

Rebecca on

Looks like something I wore the summer after kindergarden. Ewwwww and no way!

Richelle on

Sure, I’d try it.. I dont think its the WORST 80’s thing that has been revived.. Hello, high-waisted pants.

Lucy on

What is up with Fergie’s face (as well as the hair and hat)?? This is a really bad look for her.
I don’t think they would look that bad if they wore them with a different shirt and shoes (and on the right person). It is all about how you put the outfit together.
They both look trashy.

j on

nope, wouldn’t wear it. both these girls have gorgeous bodies and this TREND doesn’t do a thing for them. being trendy doesn’t mean you look good, girls!!

l on


Julie on

I have jeans and cordouroy pants from Anne Taylor LOFT that have suspenders. They’re adorable, but I wear them without the suspenders because I’m too chicken. I wish I were brave enough to wear them!

Autumn on

Alice! OMIGOD I am cracking up. This definitely ranks up there in worst trends of the year. My only hope is that it does not become a full blown trend. Fergie, NKOTB called and wanted their hat back. ;)

I just don’t get it. All the money and clothes they have at their disposal and this is what they come up with. Sigh.

enigma on

I wonder if Jessica Simpson will be next in line, caught in a photo wearing this (yet another) F-U-G-L-Y “trend”!!!


Allison on

Fergie looks like a washed out Rapunzel/ Heidi Combo.
Lindsey looks BAD… I “love” the colored keds and the peace sign. Its the only way she knows how to communicate.
But the suspender shorts are a bad idea.

cate on

yuck yuck yuck. the only thing i like about either of those outfits is fergies shoes.

dawn on

So why are adults wearing toddler clothing?

Amnda on

Neither one wears anything that I would wear. Those shorts are awful on anyone,especially them!

j on

why aren’t you asking us to comment on britney’s to & from ‘dance’ outfits?!?? if those atrocities aren’t blog worthy, nothing is. not even mischa. LOL

Samantha on

I really like both of these ladies, but Lindsay please don’t wear those again. With Fergie’s body she can make anything work, she just needed to do something different with that hair and hat. Love yall both though!

marykate on

ewwww no!!!!!! fergie looks like a man plus she is so self centered. why in everyone of her songs do she have to talk about how fergielicious and glamorous she is? girls that look like men especially shouldn’t say these things.

P.S. if i sound mean, sorry, but she was better with the Black Eyed Peas. i deserve to be mean

elii on

i think lindsay looks totally adorable,it looks comfortable and trendy, i love it, id wear anyday

tammie on

if i had legs like theirs…

erica on

does anyone know what brand shoes lindsay is wearing? they are super cute.

erica on

does anyone know what brand of shoes lindsay is wearing? they are super cute.

Maryse on

Lets please not bring up those ugly high waisted pants, goodness. Those things were uglier than these shortalls.

LOL @ Summy, I was thinking the same thing on Duran Duran for Fergie.

I’m on the fence with the look, I sorta like it. Hmmm… Fergie needs to loose the hat, get rid of that hideous looking necklace, wear a different top, and maybe do something different with the hair. I do like Lindsay’s look, it’s more low-key. She needs to tighten those suspenders up, because they’re hanging off of her. Get rid of that black strap {whatever that thing is} and get a different top. She can keep the shoes {which I like} or to dress it up, wear heels like Fergie is wearing.

These ladies look okay, but I’m not sure if I can pull of this look, but it’s definitely something different.

Kelsey on

Heck no they look like you’re trying to tell everyone that “you’re a geek that likes to show some skin.”

Cherissa Ewer on

Wow!A blast from the past! And if old dogs would just lay there, keep it there, in the past.

Bebe on

Fergie and Lindsay both look like
one big sloppy mess! The suspender
shorts has got to go.
Fergie’s hat and necklace does not go with
her outfit. She should keep her accessories
For ex: either the necklace or hat,
not both.
Her hair and face somehow makes
her look like a guy.
Lindsay’s top and shorts don’t go
well together. Her whole outfit is just
sloppy casual.

If you’re going to an MTV award dress a lil more
classy and stylish.

Ellie on

ewwww! although i do love linday’s keds, this is a horrible trend. even worse than the “onsies” we say last summer. i think it makes most people look heavier, and even the skinniest of people would just look dumb in them.

jennifer on

As usual Fergie looks really disgusting, AND she has toe cleavage, which is nasty. Lindsay would look better if she tightened her straps and had a different expression on her face.

alia on

Ewww…I hate that the 80’s styles are back in…they were horrible enough 25 years ago…Do we have to bring them back??!

Mary on

I love Lindsay’s shoes.
That’s all I’m going to say.


i like fergies outfit i dont know about lindseys though
fergie always has cute clothes
fergie=my favorite singer in the worrrld

Steph on

Perhaps they got confused between Beverly Hills and the “Beverly Hillbillies”.

Fergie carries it off better than Lindsay, but it’s oh so kindergarten. I guess Lindsay is finally dressing her behavioural age.

plum on

i hate what ur wearing fergie!!!! i like lindsay’s much better…

ch on

lindsay looks hot in them.

sami on

What I want to know is why the hell was Lindsey at the Coachella Music Festival?! I seriously doubt she listens to any of the bands that played there. I guess it’s the cool thing to do? And of course, peace. That’s exactly the trend Linds supports.

Torina on

i think i just threw up in my mouth :(

John Piepmeier on

yes, i would wear them if they made them for men.



rashundra. on

i think lindsay & fergie pull it off. id wear it if i had the legs.

Juliette Schieke on

I would wear it, if I would have the legs ;-)

BEV on

get rid of the suspenders and the rest is cute. I would wear those shorts if I had Lindsay’s figure.

Tibby on

I loooove this trend… it just looks soo cute. I’d wear it any day. + what’s wrong with fergie’s face eww. love the way lindsay put together the outfit…gives a cool vibe.

Agent D on

Yeah, NO! This is just bad. The sorts are cute, but suspenders are to keep your pants up, not just hang there doing nothing. Why is 80’s fashion coming back anyway? I think it is the girls who didn’t grow up in those years, think the clothes are cool. Well, they are not! And Fergie is def bringing back the 80’s with that God awful hat. WTF? LL on the other hand, she just looks like a Bratz Doll with her humungous head. Both looks, terrible, just terrible.

Jones on

Eewww yuck. My 82 year old father wears suspenders and they look way better on him. Lindsay’s outfit without suspenders is Ok ( as long as you’re about 13 years old ), but Fergie, what is with that?? Her hat reminds me of a Boy George video from years ago. Her face is just..odd looking. Her shorts (again without suspenders) could be passable. But the rest of her outfit is simply yuck. Like someone else said on this blog….all that money and this is the best they can come up with? come on girls.!! And yes, please put Britney’s dance outfit on this blog. Now those comments are gonna be hilarious!! Definitely worth reading!!

Elda on

i just can’t seem to like them, suspenders don’t agree w/me.

Trish on

Fergie just looks weird any way and Lindsay, I never like her in anything she wears.

Michele on

I would definitely wear them….They`re really cut

Trish on

I have to agree with some of the others, Fergie does look a little manly in the face and not just in this picture.

lk on

does anyone know what shoes lindsay lohan is wearing?? i cant find them!

Mirjam on

Definitely not – they’re horrible!!

Happy on

OMG! Did Fergie get uglyer? Back to the shorts…. I TOTALLY LOVE THEM! They are so awesome! I would wear those any day. Its totally 80s, and i love it, but then again i do like guys in eyeliner and skinny jeans so i guess i am a little diffrent.

Alexia on

Someone please put a paper bag over Fergie’s head.

Bee on

YES YES YES I would love to wear this. Try something new and fresh and unique for god sakes !!! Its cute, its funky, love what Lindsays wearing, Fergie’s wear is nice, though she looks hideous in the face

DesperateHousewivesFan on

WHAT THE HELL?! These ugly pants look like my Uncle Victors FARM PANTS ewww!

m&m 10 on

i hate the look on fergie she looks like barbie now when i saw lindsey poor thing she thinks shes cool if she looks like a hippy.fergie looks like she got a nose job

m&m 10 on

i hate the look on fergie she looks like barbie now when i saw lindsey poor thing she thinks shes cool if she looks like a hippy.fergie looks like she got a nose job

m&m 10 on

i hate the look on fergie she looks like barbie now when i saw lindsey poor thing she thinks shes cool if she looks like a hippy.fergie looks like she got a nose job

m&m 10 on

i hate the look on fergie she looks like barbie now when i saw lindsey poor thing she thinks shes cool if she looks like a hippy.fergie looks like she got a nose job

m&m 10 on

i hate the look on fergie she looks like barbie now when i saw lindsey poor thing she thinks shes cool if she looks like a hippy.fergie looks like she got a nose job

Bethany on

Ok…well i cant imagine what people would say if i went to school in that. EWWWW!!!! Sorry, but that just looks weird. Suspenders are like…for farmers, even that looks dumb.

JR on

Fergie looks A LOT like Taylor Dane! Hahahaha

missy on

fergie needs to stop plucking her eyebrows so servely it’s not a good look

Lilli on

Fergies shortoveralls are hot plus the top that she is wearing makes it a hit what wrecks it for her is her face and hair. If she changed that look it would be perfect.
Meanwhile Lindsays look is ugly and I would never wear that!!

priscilla on

Lindsays is cute. i like it.

Mia on

No!!! This just goes to show how thin hollywood really is. I am a size 4 and I tried on a pair of those god awful things and it was hideous!! Not flattering at all. I think they pull it off well though considering…

elin on

yes of course, they are so fashion and gorgeous too!

L on

I think the shorts look good, I would definitely wear them. Fergie looks hot in them!

Karen on


Wendy O on

This dang photo made me have a nightmare that I was wearing a pair of these suspender/shortalls myself, only they were decorated with Christmas embroidery. It makes me shudder…

farrah on

Fergie is soo weird looking, and lindsay looks okay but i’d never wear those ugly things

Joan on

Ugghh… Fergie is ugly !

Dawn on

No Way!!! They both have terrible taste in clothes. Fergie looks like Boy George! I have yet to figure out what Josh Duhamel sees in her.

Brandi on

I wouldnt be caught dead in these!!! Lindsay is just plain trashy ALL the time! She needs some help bad!

Char on

Oh my goshhhhhhhhh, Fergie is sooooo ugly! I just can’t believe she is famous. she isn’t that talented either..

Vi on

Oh my goodness, GROSS. This look was so awful 20 years ago when they were first in style. If you can call this a style.
I would like to know why designers re-hash the old, worn-out, fug styles of years ago (they were bad then, they’re just plain nasty now)? Is there such an absence of creativity that THIS is what is designed? This, along with high-waisted jeans, and leg-warmers, are better left buried in the past, so that it never again has to burn holes in our unsuspecting retinas.
In other words, I hate it and would not wear this if it were the last remaining piece of clothing left on Earth with which to cover my frozen, dead body. There, ’nuff said.

LeDouch on

i think fergie looks like a horse

Sunshine on

Ok…hold it right there.

I thought this blog was about a question of fashion; not about someones God given features. I personally don’t care for the styles these girls have chosen, but why does everyone insist on making nasty comments about Fergie’s face?!? That is down right mean! Stick with the fashion points and stop ragging on someone’s face for cryin’ out loud. Think about how she would feel if she read these comments about herself? I’m sure someone out there thinks YOU look like a horse too or need a paper bag over YOUR face!

Chrissy on

The shorts are really cute sans the suspeders. It just looks ridiculous, not to mention childish. I’m so tired of designers bringing back 80’s fashion. It was never COOL, EVER. And you know what else sucks about the new fashion trends?

They are trends and next season, people won’t be able to wear them again. What a waste of money!

P.S. Someone bury those horrible high-waisted pants that are circulating. They are absolutely terrible!

erin on

grose, what were they thinking

Tabitha on

i think firgie looks cute lindsay makes it look…

Tabitha on

i think firgie looks cute lindsay makes it look…

Alisha on

I love Fergie so much and I idol her but NO WAY on the ugly trend…. sorry Fergie, but I still love you…

Carolina on

absolutelly! they look cute and sexy

leelee on

I DID wear those in the 80’s in my youth (10-11yrs) and I wouldn’t look forward to wearing them now.

Put them away! And whats with that face Fergie- you look horrible!


julia on

no way!!!!!!!
They’re horrible.

Katie on

Fergie is making it work – minus the hat and the hair. As for Lindsay i’m not quite sure, that is a really unflattering off gaurd snap shot. I would try to pull it off, I’m for 80s fashion with the exception of the hawaiian shirts and terrible perms.

laura on

i would.
though fergie makes them look hideous.
mainly because she’s hideous herself.

Poopoo on

OMG those are so fricken ugly… i would rather turn emo and bleed myself to death before i would ever wear those fricken ugly pieces of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mimi on

why not!?

Heather on

I would wear them

Sarah on

Absolutely not!

bre on

no not really

Cindia on

I have actually seen this trend before, and they look good depending on who’s wearing it, and HOW they wear it. This is the bad side of the trend, lol.

Natalie on

they both look like freaks! who have no idea of how to dress….suckers

Paige on

ewwww! I dont think I will ever ever wear those shorts ,but they both are pretty girls andb they look like trash in the shorts! ewww

S on

I might. It wouldn’t look bad with a contrasting t-shirt or something underneath. but it looks really wrong on Fergie and looks really tacky on Lindsay. I’d say Lindsay could have changed the top and looked amazing.

Chloe on

Holy Crap!!!!!!! That is so ugly and so stupid! Why would they wear that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley on

Im shocked by Fergies fashion fumble. Lindsey on the other hand should not be allowed out of her closet…..ever!!

Ava on

HELL NAW!! Especially not like that! Fergie looks like she should be pushing a gondola. And Lindsay looks like a kid from an eighties fat camp movie. UGHH!! Leave ’em alone!

Amy on

Not even close. Fergie don’t look near as bad as Lindsey.

Rabbit on

Wow like never funny had a chance to meet Fergie she walks like a man her hands my god look at those knuckles,her skin is all rought and the ski slip nose with those nasty tatoos good thing she can lip sink….lol Now Lindsey thats way to old for you dear find new friends and move away from da rut!

Rachel on

Well, i am against majority of the people and say, hell, why not. Something new! I’m sure women wearing jeans were not first accepted, and look at what a hit it is now…

chikita on

i loveee fergies outfit . im willing to try somthin like that i love the hat i wanna get one ;]

ANdrea on

Obviously none of ur R from NEW YORK C i would totally rock this super chic boyish look…it shows off ur legs and its supper sassy

brianna on

I wound wear fergies shorts not lindsays her are ugly because I love fergie 2 I love jean shorts

Bullfrog on

Yes, i like it.

Rachel on

It depends on how they look on me as always!

Dionna on

they look horrible, but would I rock it? Hell yeah!

Alisha on

well i like them it just depends on how your rock them they, didnt rock them right i mean
if you wear them..with
some plain tank top and some maybe jordans are nike dunks then that’ll put a twist on them..
thats just my opinion i’d wear em there
actually really cute…!!

Patty from Poland on

omg, i can see how far away after africa (not to be mean to africans) usa is. suspenders shorts are so in this summer, at least in europe, and they were even year before, but here magazines like this, who think that they \know anything about fashion and celebs, making comments about thye style like this… i need to say _ PATHETIC….

monet on

not even

- LY. x on

OMG ! YES. i would wer this haha. its cool ! Lol, Where can i get some like fergie’s ?

Eve Seng on


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