The Scoop on Rumer Willis's Punky New 'Do

04/26/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Who hasn’t gotten bored with her hair, taken the scissors and chopped away? For most of us, it’s one of those regrettable beauty experiments like over-tweezing your eyebrows. But unlike the rest of us who end up awful version of a bob or crooked bangs, Rumer Willis actually looks great! “I kind of just wanted to chop it off and try something different,” Willis told PEOPLE at last week’s Diabless Boutique opening in Los Angeles. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis cut the short, sassy ‘do the week before and is looking forward to wearing it up in a mohawk, according to a pal. With her svelte new body and funky haircut, Rumer is definitely becoming as fashionable as her mom. What do you think of Rumer’s new ‘do? What was your worst haircut ever?

Photo: Marcos/BuzzFoto

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AM on

That’s not fashionable, thats ugly

j on

i don’t like it. BUT…she’s young and impressionable and still finding herself so it’s not really that big of a deal. she has the addtional pressure of having celebrity parents as well.

AshleyL on

She looks butch. Not cute at all.

Leigh on

Are you kidding? You think THAT looks GOOD? It looks like a blindfolded three-year old went at her hair with a weedwhacker…held in her feet.

enigma on

I agree with j’s comment!

RB on

Unfortunately, she didn’t get her mother’s good looks or fashion sense.

Ashley on

J and Enigma said it all. Give the girl a break – she is so young!

Joyce on

I think my 2 year old could do the same job- that is a horrible excuse for a haircut

AnnieM on

We have all been teenagers. This isn’t anything new.

k on

is that a boy or girl ….. you can’t tell …. too butch

kitty on

You got balls Rumer!

Tine on

She Look like a boy, not nice at all!

Amy on

Bored is cutting bangs or going short….This is just bad.

eeeek on

yuck ! yuck !yuck !

Sorry, she can’t carry a do like that.

Brittany on opposed to the other three quarters of the female celeb population who pay millions to have a longer/fake due

rachel on

she is still young and with famous parents, of course you’d expect stuff like this all the time!!!!

Alice on

This family marches to the beat of their own drummer- good for them.

Oh yeah, its awfully rude to say she didn’t get her mothers good looks, she is just a young girl. I’m sure you didn’t go through an awkward stage…..

Elda on

i guess we’re all young at one time and make bold decisions and that’s one of them, gosh she looks alot like her Dad.

h on

Well there’s no denying this look is funky. But she looks WAY too much like Bruce with her hair so short. She needs a more feminine look.

steph on

It’s cute. Well almost. The sides are way too long. She should have cute the sides shorter to make it more pixie-like and then played with the top (think Jackie from Bravo’s “Workout” show). Right now it’s borderline mullet… But like others have said, she is young, she can play, she has rich parents, who cares!

Amber P on

Meh everyone to their own. I did a Britney a few weeks ago and shaved my head(I also shaved my head when I was about 16; I’m 20 now)….

Honestly I think she(Rumer) looks better with long hair, but she looks like a hawt boi right now. Right now I look like Sinead O’connor(A cute boy, now only if I can get a pimped out guys suit in xxSmall, I’d be fly for all the girls ;) lol).

My worst haircut had to be when I was young, I had these hideous short bangs(and I mean really short, short bangs); looking back at the pictures of me with those short bangs just scares the living day lights out of me; just hideous.

sadie on

ewwww! Very Butch haircut! Not a good choice.

dawn on

Look at her closely she looks alot like her mom when she was younger before the plastic surgery and the movies look at her old General Hosptial days. Wonder is someone is rebeling against her mom?

Julie on

She’s got a sweet face. I think she’d be cute even without hair at all. Her haircut right now is spunky.

jourdan on

I like that she is experimental and is trying new looks and breaking into her own person. By the way does anyone know what color her eyes are, they are beautiful.

Anthony on

My daughters Scotcher and Whiskyer did something similar at that age, now Ginner and Bourboner their cousins want to try it. Rumer looks like Bruce in the first die hard, I don’t see any of Demi in the child.

Annie on

Looks much better than that mess of curls she had. She looks much cuter with cropped hair. I’ve always said that. She looks better with just a “pixie” cut, though. If any of you ever see old pics of her with it like that she is Demi’s twin. It’s uncanny. And people are way harsh saying she is not attractive. Your opinion is your opinion but damn, you don’t get to pick who your parents are, ya know? Pick on something she can actually control–personality, even weight if you have to–but leave looks at the door (unless you would like to post your pic and your kids’ pics for the world to comment on…

val on

oh please. Rumer has a beautiful face and this haircut allows her to show it off! to say this is butch is just really, really rude. :(

J on


ashleymegs on

Come on! she’s what, 18? She is gorgeous and who doesn’t just feel like chopping their hair off every once in a while? I did just a few weeks ago, giving me terrible bangs, but that’s the fun in being young still.

lia faith on


CBS on

found a picture that shows Rumer looks like her mother Demi back, back, back then (Demi is 44 now having gone through some plastic surgery)

cat on

good for her for going after an original, unique look…
it´s definitely not for everybody, but i like it her on her..
right after my seventeenth birthday i grew tired of my very long straight hair and i cut it myself just a little longer than rumer´s.. i didn´t look that bad, but i regreted it for a long time.. it has taken me almost 5 years to grow it back, LOL.

Berry on

It’s like a punk mullet. She has a, how do I put it, particular shape to her face, and this, well, emphasis certain aspects of her face that she might not want to emphasize. And, really, it’s a mullet!! That’s not cool.

Junky on

It takes the attention off from the FAT body

night on

I bet she had a good cry when she got home from the salon. Poor kid.

Bobby on

Looks like a mixture of hard liquor and really bad haircutting skills, you would figure with parents that rich she could afford a decent haircut. She doesn’t look anything like Demi, she certainly didn;t get her mothers looks or sense of style.

Kaitlyn C. on

I’m not for the look, but as long as she’s happy, she has every right to be happy and experiment, even if that means experimenting with your hair. Rumor is pretty and she’ll grow into her own and find out what works for her, and what she likes. I’ve experimented one time or another with different appearances. I think most kids do it, with clothes, make-up and even hair.

Kristen on

yuck!I do not like!

Neke on

I think you can only get away with this hairstyle when you are young and have great skin which Rumer does.

Megan on

I think she looks gorgeous and is wearing it with confidence. I imagine the girls who only have mean things to say don’t get out of their comfort zones very often. Take a chance, it’s just hair.

Wlacroix on

she looks cute….

Kellie on

I think everyone is should voice their opinion but come on people, she is a child and certainly wouldn’t want someone talking about my child the way some of you have. GROW UP!!

Me personally, I don’t like it either but like many have said, she is young and she can get away w/ it. So let her.

And to Amber P. I pulled a britney also and I am so lovin’ wigs.

Meg on

The only reason anyone is even looking at her is because of her parents. She looks kind of butchy. I mean, none of them are the least bit attractive, but at least she could try!

k on

It’s ugly

kaye on

I LIKE IT! Its better than her curly hair. She also looks thin now….she’s also cute, i think cuter than her mom. I think she’s the rocker chic type and it suits her…. and im sure 5-10 years later, she will be a beautiful elegant swan like her mom….

BJ on

TERRIBLE !!! Why anyone would think that looks good is beyond me. She needs to pull a Britney and start over

Trixie on


gina on

It’s a good hair cut. We don’t have to like it or think it’s great.It’s how the person wearing the hair feels, beside everyone who is saying things about her hair, needs to look in the mirror and take a good look at your flaws

Kiah on

She seriously looks like an elf!
The cut just elongates her already skinny face and accentuates her pointy ears and nose!

jessica on

ewwwww she looks awful

Linny on

Looking nothing at all like her mom!!! This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen! There are those who can pull it off and there are those who cannot…she definitely does not! With a face that is already masculine, this just adds to it!

sadie on

gina has the right idea…she looks just fine. all the posts(with only a couple exceptions)regarding this photo are so viciously catty and mean that i wonder what you people are really upset about…it is possible to express a dislike for something without being abusive, not to rumer, whom i doubt will ever see this, but for the countless other gals who are currently fretting over a ‘bad’ haircut, or becoming suddenly self-concious upon reading your comments…honestly, im sure you are all perfect… but learn a little tact?

R.C. on

::wince:: Ouch. Not a good move, that.

Jayson on

Kiah hit the nail on the head, she really does look like an elf. The only thing missed was that she has no lips.

sonya on

She looks very Butch, I saw a 50’s revivial on TV once and the male lead named Bowser looked almost identical to Rumer, all that is missing is a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one sleeve.

Davey on

She looks very masculine, and as if she combed her hair with a piece of buttered toast. She should really consider a little soap and water, and have more respect for herself.

Allison on

you people are very harsh. she can’t help it that she was named after hard liquor and did not get her mothers looks. I must agree that is an absolutely awful haircut, with a mother as pretty as demi you would think she would have better taste

booby brown on

how the heck did demi moore have such ugly daughters?
one of lifes great mysteries.

night on

Allison, Demi was not born with “good looks”, she got them under the knife of a great plastic surgeon. Her daughter can achieve the same look by the knife, or she can just grow her hair out and be a naturally nice looking young woman….she will grow into her looks….but lets hope she will not turn into her plastic mother.

lolanstan on

She’s super cute – leave her alone you meanies.

Carole on

She does look like an elf, and it is a shame that she looks so much like her Dad and not her Mom. She can be prettier than she looks here, though. She needs to make the most of her good features and play down the LONG face she got from Bruce. Cutting her hair this way only accentuates the elongated shape.

jey on

i love her hair. i think she looks better than she used to. the short hair makes her face look pretty.

my worst hair experience was trying to go blonde from black (and do it myself)… my hair started falling out and eventually i shaved it all off. my hair is longer again now, but the short hair was kind of fun.

and yeah, she looks like bruce, all of his kids seem to, except in the hair dept.


You are all so mean, she is a sweet vulnerable young girl, and there aint NOTHIN wrong with looking like Bruce Willis…

Vanessa on

I bet she will astonish us with her looks in a couple of years. (Demi will contribute on that for sure) For now she is only experimenting.

Lisa on

She would not look so “BUTCH” if she had a good fashion sense to go with that do. I shaved of all mine when I was 23 and it looked so cute with sexy dresses and nice outfits. Matter of fact that’s how I landed my husband :)

tomeika on

she looks good punk!!

kate on

I think most of you probably spend too much time in front of a mirror and try to look like paris H…This hair is fabulous, hardcore, and hot. Famous parents or not she is experimenting> how many of you have really ever stepped out of the box you live in? With her sexy eyes she could be bald and look hot!

QuiQ on

This is a blog, where people’s opinion are asked for so stop getting bent out of shape when people do!! Because the majority of us think she looks ugly doesn’t make us mean. We were asked to give our opinons and we did!

Life's mystery on

I don’t want to sound mean but this haircut is not doing much for her.Yes, it is very punk rock. But in order to get away with something like this you must have THAT face. I am thinking of Linda Evangilista, Yoanna House, Natalie Portman, Kiera get the point.
I know that Demi went under the knife but ladies…lets be honest…if you look like a crocodile, even if you have the best dr. in the world to operate on you, you will not look like a princess. Lets get back to Demi, yes, she did have some work done, but over all, she still has her face. It hasn’t changed.
Her daughters look like Bruce. Well, the youngest one is still developing but I can already say that she doesn’t look like her sisters. I will bet that she will end up looking beautiful.
In my opinion, there are different types of looks.
There is pretty, like Paris Hilton(this girl is another topic. Pretty but brainless), Pamela Anderson and majority of Playboy girls and starlets.
Exotic like Selma Hayek, Eva Mendez.
And beautiful like Helena Kristiensen, Yoanna House, Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightly, Gwennyth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren.
There is no such a thing as a perfect woman. A smart woman knows what she should show and what needs to be hidden.
Rumer doesn’t have a feminie face or body. So she needs to fake it. Longer hair will do the trick. This haircut only shows off her masculinity. DEMI… I am counting on you to let her experiment but in the end show her the ways :-)

jackie o. on

I love it! I recently cut my hair too (it was very long, so I cut it to donate to locks of love) and it feels sooo awesome to not be “one of the masses”. You know what I mean: long, relatively straight hair, some shade of blonde or light brown…

I think short hair is a sign of confidence in a girl. If your face is pretty enough, you can pull off any hair style (just look at Demi when she shaved her head for GI Jane. She still looked gorgeous because she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t have to hide behind long hair that everyone else has.)

I also wish people would stop using “butch” to describe curvy women with short hair.

ginger on

are you serious??? How horrible

mamasita on

i went to high school with this girl. she shaved her head at the time. i think she was going for demi in gi jane, but she looked a lot more like bruce in die hard.

then she made all the boys sign her bald head. she’s a weird one, that rumer.

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