Would You Wear Mischa Barton's High-Waisted Jeans?

04/24/2007 at 01:04 PM ET

Are we really looking forward to an entire summer of stars in high-waisted pants? First Jessica Simpson stepped out in her ribcage-hugging pants, and now the ever eccentricly dressed Mischa Barton has taken to the streets of London, channeling the ’70s in seriously high-waisted jeans over a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt. Sadly, this isn’t the most flattering trend we’ve seen in a while — and here we were so excited for our wide-leg denim to be in style! Tell us: What do you think of Mischa’s high-waisted jeans? Would you wear them?

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Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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Julie on

She looks sweet in them, especially with her long flower-child hair, and I’m really thankful that they’re a MODEST trend for a change.

But the issue is that unless you’re really thin, I think high-waisted jeans are going to make you look fat (they even made Jessica Simpson, who has a fantastic curvy body, look fat).

h on

YES! so 70’s and fun!

AM on


Trish on

Her pants look like something my mom would wear when I was growing up! Yuck, I think they look awful!

May on

If I had her figure I would definetly wear these pants.

Jennifer on

I really don’t understand this “trend.” It is so ugly!! It doesn’t do anything for fuller sized OR skinny girls. There are so many other pant styles that actually make your figure look good… I’ll stick to those!!

LB on

I have a pair and they are not too high waisted, I loke them. Mischa, on the other hand do us all a favor and fire your stylist.

Heather on

Hideous, what a horrific trend to come back in style. WHY would anyone think this is attractive. She looks like someone who just stepped out of the most run down nasty trailer park. She shirt just looks old & ratty and the pants are just plain scary!

tina on

These are the ugliest pants!!! Not flattering at all!!! I’m 5’4″ and weigh 98 lbs. They wouldn’t look good on me or someone who is larger.

B on

ICK. Worst fashion trend this year. Who CHOOSES to wear “Mom Jeans”?! The tucked in t-shirt doesn’t do much for the outfit either…

Elda on

i like them and i agree with H, so 70’s!

kate on

I think they’re fine. I wouldn’t wear them, but I applaud her individuality: I’m tired of everyone looking like clones of eachother!

Angie on


You have got to be kidding. This “trend” is disgusting.

KT from Cda on

Hair yes. Jeans no. You could not pay me enough to wear those jeans!

Sofia on

No Way…

Lea on

Hell no! Those pants are hideous!! They are completely unflattering (even on one as thin as Mischa), and just look generally awful! Why on earth does this poor girl insist upon wearing some of these awful clothes? She’s a pretty girl – she really ought to dress like it!

Vicious1 on

I predict this will be a very fleeting trend, so I wouldn’t waste any of my money on the style of jeans.

Amber on

I think they make a very fit person look bigger then they’re, so I say no….

Terra on

I think that this fashion makes even the smallest of frames look as though they have put on a few pounds….. In saying this > HECK NO!!!

Lorna on

These pants remind me of “mom” jeans. I think they look horrible on everyone, all shapes and sizes. This is one trend nobody should even consider wearing again.

marianne on

This trend is horrific… I love fashion, I Love clothes, I love individuality and originality, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee come on !!! I would never wear jeans that are so unflattering on every way possible…

wendy on

While I’m glad the new trend doesn’t involve crack–I must admit these are hideous–on ANY figure….

BB on


Nicole on

Well…Im sure they’re comfortable. But I dont really enjoy how they look!! Total mom-jeans…I wouldn’t wear them.

Janine on

I think Mischa and Jessica are just two more names in a long list of celebrities who are too concerned with wearing what is “in” as opposed to what looks good. Waists that high just look awful on anybody.

endesha on

i think her pants are really ugly i would never wear them i thought she had style. i guess i was wrong!

natalie on

no. they look stupid. she always looks like an idiot with no sense of style.

naiara on

NO!!!!!they r awfull

Heather on

I think these are the most unflattering pants I have seen in a long time. There is no way I would wear them!

Emily on


Lauren on

i like them. i’m so sick of seeing people’s butt cracks hanging out of their low waisted jeans! plus its kind of retro! high waisted jeans are all my mom used to wear when she was a teenager in the 70s. :)

Lauren on

i like them. i’m so sick of seeing people’s butt cracks hanging out of their low waisted jeans! plus its kind of retro! high waisted jeans are all my mom used to wear when she was a teenager in the 70s. :)

NM on

High wasted jeans, spandex, leg warmers, straight hair, bangs. whatever. Any individual needs to decide what makes them feel good to wear and be seen in.

The extremes like these jeans or the lower than low rise jeans are tough for the mere mortal to pull off.

Michelle on

I’m delighted the high waisted jeans are back in style. For the last several years, everything has been a hip hugger which for someone with a heavier waist like me is NOT attractive. In fact I barely HAVE a waist. At least with these, I don’t have to worry about my pants falling down, and I have a JLo booty which tends to look good in this style.

For years now I’ve had to wear shirts over my jeans because I couldn’t count on my pants to stay where they were put. I plan to load up on them while they’re in the marketplace because no doubt everyone will be back to the hip hugger, ‘ya better shave your privates BEFORE you put on your pants’ style soon enough…ok if you’re a size zero but for real women…gimme a break.

And Mischa looks adorable in them.

Nia on

I would never wear them, that’s like asking me if i would wear shoulder pads if she wore them.
NO WAY IN! The are ugly as hell…
but that’s just me

Tris on

I normally like anything retro… but, these jeans are UGLY!! There is no way these jeans can be comfortable..up under her ribcage. YUC! Hopefully, this is the last we will see of these jeans!!

Tara on

They look terrible on everyone. Why bring that garbage back?

laura on

normally i can look away and not care about what she is wearing but this?! these pants are UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! these pants and the skinny jeans make me cringe to look at. i’ll be sticking to my low rise jeans.

Crystal Beach girl on

I wonder if a free pair of granny panties come with those mom’s jeans????

TM on

Horrendous! Something that disgusting should be considered criminal!

edot on

As a large-assed girl with a small waist, this trend is appalling. They make Mischa look terrible, and as for comfort, jeans digging into my bellybutton when I sit down doesn’t sound particularly pleasant. I’m not a fan of ultra-low-rise jeans either… when I tried to buy them cheap. If you’re willing to spend some money for jeans with a higher rise back, but still low rise front, you don’t have to worry about your crack hanging out.

It won’t last. At least skinny jeans are flattering on thin girls. On the plus side, my mother can be considered “trendy” again.

lkd on

HELL NO!!! She has to learn how to dress! EVERYTHING she wears is U-G-L-Y!!!!

Tamara on

If you have a style of pants that don’t look good on beautiful women like Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson and Mischa Barton, when does one get the point that this trend does not work on anyone.

AnnieM on

I’m with Edot! Ditto re: mom now trendy!

Phally on

they would be fine IF she didn’t tuck in that t-shirt. who on EARTH tucks in t-shirts?!?!?!

A on

Er, no…Those pants do the impossible by making her look fat. I’d hate to see my big butt in those things!!


The low waisters are just way too comfortable, no way on the highwaisters. Plus, they just don’t look right!

JenB on

More high-waisted pants…OMG, make it stop!!!

Amy on


AlyssaG on

I do not think this look is flattering for Mischa or Jessica. Unless you want to ultra-emphisize your hips, i wouldn’t wear these pants.

Ellen on

Eww, gross, yuck. Never, please never. Uncomfortable and so unflattering. Jessica Simpson looked like a bus and she’s not a big person. I’d hate to see myself in them…

j on

LOL–i knew this pic would be on by the end of the day, thank you for not disappointing!! she looks SO absolutely ridiculous (not to mention disgusting) that all i can do is laugh and wish you’d posted a picture of paris hilton instead. (that was sarcasm.) these little starlets need to learn to differentiate between being trendy and looking good. those terms are NOT synonymous with one another!!!

amber on

ewww i hate this trend, this style went out decades ago….its not flattering at all!

Geri on

They are horrible! I don’t even like looking at pictures of people wearing them, never mind actually buying a pair. Yikes!

Foolio on

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE THEMM!!!!! It’s about time something comfortable came into style, i HATE skinny jeans!! They only work on girls who are just skin and bones. Although it is hard to pull off this style, people in the 70s did!!! You go Mischa!!! :-D

ME on


Jen P from T-Town on

This is one fashion train where I am not on board!!!!!!!!

Mischa's Fashion Disaster on

Mischa sure knows how to get herself in the spotlight – by wearing terrible clothes. First, her tucked-in t-shirt just looks dorky. Second, those jeans are so high that they look ridiculous. Third, her hair looks like a rat’s nest.

Ladies, we can find a happy medium between lower-than-low jeans and mom jeans. It’s called medium rise, and flatters almost everyone.

One word to wrap up Mischa’s loook: Terrible.

alice on

I would never in a million years wear them, but I think they could be alright looking in a more put together outfit, like when Gwen wore a black pair with a black and white stripped shirt. That didn’t look too bad.

browngirl on

Those are the ugliest pants I have ever seen. I thought she was on set shooting some awful movie!!

browngirl on

Those are the ugliest pants I have ever seen. I thought she was on set shooting some awful movie!!

katia on

I agree that Misha is one of the girls who should be wearing any new trend because she wants to look original but only highlighting that she lucks her own imagination. Beside, for some reason she wants to look very serious and for that she picks up only bizarre nerdy trends. I never saw her looking anything nearly stylish or even good looking. I guess she has tall figure and bad posture. She always looks awkward. She cannot even wear this poor trousers well this t-shirt, her hair – it is just a mess. And her constant sheepish smile….

emily on

not a chance!

tracie on

Why? Why? Why? They look terrible! They do nothing for her, Nothing!

Erin on

She looks ridiculous! How does she end up on People.com everyday??

brittany on


Susan on

Hate ’em. Wore them years ago…..actually I think I had something identical to them. Un-tuck too, YUCK

Katie on

There is no way I’d wear those. Unless you are super-tiny they are going to make you look chubby. Not to mention they look like they would make it difficult to breathe or sit down!

AQT on

Oh man… these jeans are so unflattering. The sides of her thighs look large, and we all know she isn’t. She definately looked better in the skinny jeans. I am built with more curves, so there is no way in hell or high-water I’d wear these. Seriously… I didn’t like the skinny jeans b/c you might as well wear leggings. I don’t like these b/c they truely aren’t flattering. Also, what is up with tucking in a t-shirt like that… is she really trying to add “fluff” to her tummy section? I understand not wanting to wear the flowy shirts and look half-pregnant, but this looks just so “old fashioned” in a not nice way.

Stephanie on

No, these jeans look like they are from the 70’s and there are reasons we don’t dress in 70’s clothes anymore…they look terrible! Pants that fit at the waist can look great but this extreme high waist trend needs to be stopped. Camel toes aren’t hot anyway you look them! And as a side note yes Misha is original but she looks horrible 98% of the time.

A on


A on


AQT on

PS: Well, I guess the good thing about these is, they make your legs look really long… but heels do the same thing and with a lot more sex-appeal and drama.

Michelle on

High wasted jeans should have died a long time ago. They are disgusting! They add a good 10 lbs to any figure. Please don’t let them come back!

Please Don't on

What’s going to be the next trend? Camel Toes??

KC on

I really love the high waisted look, and I am a believer that everyone can wear them as long as a few things are considered:
1)the waist height is apporpirate to your actual height
2)the denim color is flattering
3)the jeans aren’t too tight
4)you take your hips in to account

These particular jeans make Mischa look really short and squat :|

n on

If they make a waif like Misha look fat, imagine what they will do to the regular girl’s figure!!

jennifer on

hate it she looks terriable

Julia on

Those pants have got to be the most ugliest things i have ever seen. How can anyone in their right mind think that they are fashionable…they are awful!

Christine on

She more time then not look really awful! I wouldn’t wear most of her clothes if I was paid too… they are nasty! I don’t understand why people with so much money and choice would wear something like that in public I wouldn’t wear it in my own home…

Candi on

I hope she bought those from the Thrift store and not some high end boutique. Those are the ugliest things ever. I liked the high waisted pants Jessica Simpson wore, but those are just tacky, along with the shoes she is wearing and that over sized t’shirt TUCKED in. Eww.

Amanda on

Look! It’s Grandma Mischa!!

boatingbabe on

No! No! No! No! No way in H***!

Kathi on

I think that it’s great that the jeans are coming back…but they are a little too high by about 3 inches!!! Those jeans are just ugly!

courtney on

would i wear those things? HELL NO!!!! they’re hideous! i think she’s ugly anyways but in those things she looks like ugly betty! i hate them, my grandmother wears them, she looks like crap. i think that gets my point across.

Shree on

These are 100% not flattering, they are total mom jeans!! She would be better off in Brittney Spears Maternity hand-me-downs than these…I say keep shopping!

Sarah on

I hate her pants, ugly ugly ugly, the style went out in the 70’s and should have stayed out

ca on

it’s not the high waist that makes it look terrible, it’s the poor fit. they need to be tighter for that to look good. i.e. the girls from “dazed and confused.” they made those jeans look hot.

Rachel on

It’s a bit Florence Henderson/Brady Bunch. People should stop and take a look before they step out in these trends – just because someone tells you that these are ‘so hot right now’, doesn’t mean they actually look good!

jennifer on

I don’t particularly like this outfit, but I must say it’s better than a lot of the outfits we’ve seen Mischa in, and definitely 100 million times better than the diaper shorts from last year!! At least she is covered and looks semi-tasteful.

DesperateHousewivesFan on

Hell No. Looks like something my grandpa Vic wears and he’s flippin 90. EW.

Karen on

Even my mom thinks that she looks ugly. UUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY!!!!!!!!

NTS on

They look great, at least she is not a girl with no booty wearing pants that make you look like you have booty and I mean look. I think it is a great look for those that dont want there stomachs or targets showing…

I like it, most women are to shallow to like this. Again they must not have a figure to begin with. Pants now days are made for women without figure i.e skinny girls, asian girls, girls with flat board hips and no butt

jackie o. on

Ok. I dig the retro 70’s look just as much as the next girl, but Mischa is reeeeaally skinny, and these pants make her look like she has stomach rolls (albeit small ones) and some bizarre creasing going on in other areas. If someone as tall and thin as Mischa can’t pull these off, the there’s NO hope for the rest of us.

And I agree with the comment about there being a happy medium between skinn jeans and these horrid things that’s more universally flattering.

Briana on

It’s soooo NOT hot!! It’s so ugly and unsexy.

Cherish on

These pants are horribile. They make her like twice her actual size. She just looks kida dopey and like her outfit came from a BAD thrift store

Shay on


skinny jeans over these any day.

Sophia on

Groovy baby!!

Jenna Brooke on

All I have to say is that these pants went out of style for a reason. They’re terribly unflattering, no matter what your build or size. I’m disgusted that celebrities insist on bringing everything back into style; some fashions are better left to rest in fashion hell.

alia on

Yeah…These comments are pretty apparent of how horrible these jeans are :) … and I agree with almost every one of them… these pants were trendy in 1977, not 2007.

M.A. on

Oh, my… Let this be the end of a trend that was wrong the first time it came around. “MOM” jeans suck.

Rachel on

So the pants are not so flattering. But I think high wasted skirts can be cute.

Anne on

I think it’s sad that she’s as thin as a rail and these pants manage to make her look fat. How is anyone else supposed to buy into this trend when it makes you look that horrible? I feel bad for young hollywood, they’re so desperate to be different and “trendy,” that they’ll try anything, but they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these pants.

tara on

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! dont do this people, just dont…

janice wells on

i think her style is awful all the time and her stylist (if she has one) should be fired.

janice w on

i think her style is awful ALL the time and her stylist (IF she has one) should be fired. if she doesn’t have one, she needs one BAD.

Cathy on

Love the pants. Used to wear them years ago. Way more flattering than low rise jeans which show your fat tummy off. As for Mischa…..I don’t think she is pretty at all. She needs a make over bad……

Sandra Gailey on

Some people can put on unique outfits and really get it right; however, Mischa seems to miss the mark again and again. She is trying too hard to be a trendsetter, and is doing herself no favors. These jeans are particularly unflattering to her thighs and hips, and, as with many of her other outfits, leave me feeling that if she didn’t have the fame and fortune that she possesses, very few people would even consider wearing the clothes she does.

Jenny on

I think Mischa is adorable no matter what, but I really don’t like these pants. I don’t think they’d look good on anyone. I think it’s crazy when designers try to bring something back that should just be left in the past. Never will I wear pants like this.

Justine on

i never thought i would say this but mischa looks fat in those pants. these pants are unflattering in every way. if there not good for tall, thin celebrities who can possibly pull them off?

Tara on

I think those jeans are the most gawd awful things I’ve ever seen! I don’t care how good looking you are, those jeans are flattering in NO way whatsoever!! Nasty!

Vicky on

They look too tight around the crotch area! UGH! It looks like its strangling her down there!

sip on

yuck. look at them, they are NOT flattering! they are too tight around the seat, check out those wrinkles!!! gross gross gross gross.

next thing you know – that’s about the ONLY way they will start making jeans. blaaahhhh!

Lisa on

NO, besides being unflattering, I am old enough to remember that these jeans are not comfortable. They pinch your stomach all day giving you a stomach ache. I agree with what one poster said, wear what looks good, not what is in style.

Cinthia on

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

kaitlyn on

ummm eww. I mean i love all of mischa barton’s clothes but these pants, sorry but not working for me.

Confused on

I don’t know why anyone would wear those hidious high waisted jeans. And I really don’t know why Mischa is still big news…the OC is gone forever. Thank goodness….

Sandra on

High waist… fine.
Armpit waist.. hell no!!!

Malin C on

In Sweden we’ve been wearing the high waist since the fall of 2005. All trends seem to get here first. I think it’s a natural reaction of the low waist and much cooler too. By the way – Jessica’s jeans were quite horrible because of the fit…

y on

The most unflattering article of clothing I’ve ever seen her wear!

elena on

in one word HORRIBLE

rebecca on

no no no

alex on


CB on

They look like something from a garage sale. Hate them.

Elizabeth on

EW!! YUK!! It looks like country comin’ to town! There is no why I would where those. Completely and totally unflattering. I really hope that style goes away fast!

Kristen on

I think these girls wear anything in hopes it will be the next cool trend. This one was just wrong.

Stephanie on

forget my mom, that’s what my grandma wears

Susan on

UGLY UGLY UGLY, let’s hope this trend dies fast

Brandy on

WOW!! Mom jeans are a no-no, no matter who you are. I like the high waisted pants Mrs. Beckham sports sometimes but these are horrible.

liya on

Definately would wear them and high waisted shorts as well. Love them!!!!

none on

There are some fashions styles that should NEVER make a come back. She has the worst fashion sense EVER!!!


She looks just as bad as Jessica Simpson did in hers. What is with celebrities and fashion? Do they own mirrors???

Ashley on

Those look like jeans that my mom wears. I always make fun of her and tell her to pull her pants down.

Angie on

SHe looks like a damn idiot. She wears the highwaisted shorts and looks like an idiot. Whether it’s supposed to be “coming back” or not, It does NOT look good!!

Francine on

Ahh com on girls that might be high fasion, but you have to admit it looks horrible!! Times like these I think, the hell with high fasion, classic styles and looks stays tops!

Francine Oosthuizen
London, UK

Sarah on

This pants are hideous! I’d never wear them.

Cheryl on

Cute!…on her. I would look terrible in them…Would have to go back to wearing skirts and dress..:)

Eluv on

Rock the high waist but PLEASE leave the camel-toe behind!!

missjiffs on

hell no!!! if skinny lil mischa looks fat in them how could the rest of us normal people look?

SG on

I don’t think I would ever wear those… they would make me feel fat.

Patricia on

They make her butt look really misshapen and huge

Jones on

I was a teenager in the 70’s and i wore jeans like this (i was much smaller then) and this style can be very attractive if you have a shape like mine, small waist, big butt and big hips. High waisted jeans can give the impression of a tiny waist while hiding all the jello below. These pants don’t look so hot on Mischa but I don’t find anything she wears looks that great on her. She may be ‘unique’ in her style, but I think she looks just plain freaky. And she needs a good meal and maybe a hairbrush?

ahha on

I think they look hideous! Look at the creases at the tops of her thighs!

~Taylor~ on


Kaela on

Ha, my husband just said that if I make him look at one more picture like that (cute celebrity in high-waisted pants), he’s going to vomit!

Mac on

ILL, they look a mess on her, and probablly any one else who would dare to put those ugly things on there body.

Kaitlyn C. on


Can you say “Brady Bunch”?

Mischa seems to always miss the mark on her clothing attire. Hmmm..for some reason I just don’t understand her style. Her moon and star boots were the topic of conversation a week or so ago…where is this girls fashion at?

The pants are hideous. I would never wear them, not in a million years. If she wants to be stylish and wear these pants, at least look decent. The Fleetwood Mac shirt just looks ridiculous, especially tucked in. Those shoes look awful with the pants. She should have worn a classier top with high heel boots…..OR SOMETHING. Regardless, this look is all wrong and those pants are ALL wrong. Jessica Simpson’s pants were hideous too.

Mike on

She looks amazing in those jeans. Everyone else is just a hater who can’t pull off what she does.

bb on

No, no, no, a million times no! Hey, David Bowie wore high waisted pants in the late 70’s and they looked good on him, but on anyone else…now? NO!

Nicoletta on

She got those jeans free from SASS AND BIDE when she came to Australia…they hoped she would make them trendy…but no one in Australia is buying into the trend…purely because its ugly!!!

ashley on

they dont even fit! i really don’t see where she comes off wearing these but as long as she really likes them…ugh.

Joan on

Why are you kicking this woman when she is down. Take some responsibility. Your hypocrisy is showing.

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