Fashion Faceoff: Eva Longoria vs. Vanessa Minnillo

04/24/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Nothing like the first few warm days of spring to make you want to bust out all your cute, colorful dresses — and this Nanette Lepore number is already pretty popular with some of our favorite stars! Eva Longoria hit a taping of The View in her cute lime-green frock back in February, while Vanessa Minnillo stepped out in her vibrant dress a few weeks ago to a Bacardi-sponsored design competition in NYC. We don’t know if the dress is a good luck charm for the ladies, considering Eva’s engagement and Vanessa’s nesting with Nick, but we do know that both ladies look lovely in their dresses. But we have to ask: Who wears the Tracy Reese dress better? Eva Longoria or Vanessa Minnillo?

Click here to read more about Eva Longoria in Off the Rack, and click here for the scoop on Vanessa Minnillo.

Photo: Clark Samuels/startraks; Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

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Quinci on


shoeshoes on

I think both are fabulous, but i like Eva better, i mean look at her shoes and bracelets, she has a very good sense on fashion!

yvonne franceschi on

The dress is pretty and its in my favorite lime green color.
Both looks fabulous in it, but Vanessa carries it better on
the upper part of the dress. Her boobs do not look so out-
standing as in Eva. Yvonne

shoeshoes on

I think both are fabulous, but i like Eva better, i mean look at her shoes and bracelets, she has a very good sense on fashion!

carolina on

i love how it looks on eva she is so cute vanessa is soo disturbing you suck vanessA I LIKE EVA BETTER

lizz on

they both look very nice but i would have to say Eva. i love her shoes and bracelet. but i sounds like these two have a very similar style becuase as i recall this is their second fashion faceoff.

Heather S. on

Both ladies are beautiful in this dress, but I will have to go with Eva. Her shoes are better, and her hair and makeup work for her in this pic (as always… sigh! just reminds me that I have to go wrangle my own hair before work)


Well I think the dress is plain ugly…I dunno I don’t like it…I think both look pretty, but the dress is ew!

Terra on

I only WISH that I could say Vanessa looks better…. but I can’t :(

Fan on

Eva 4 Ever! Vanessa looks wierd, she has a wierd head! Maybe that’s just the picture??!!

Tamara on

Eva, hands down! Vanessa is a beautiful girl, but always seems to miss the mark when it comes to fashion.

Allison on

They both look fantastic, and the dress is yummy. However, I think Vanessa looks the best. She looks young and vibrant.

AspenXoXo on

Eva looks SO much better!

Leigh on

They look like twins! Or like Eva’s the older sister at least. I think Eva looks better in this dress. She just always looks so “put together.” I don’t like Vanessa’s shoe choice.

Jennifer on

I think the dress looks great on both of them but I don’t like either choice of shoes.

k on

I hate to say it… but i think vanessa looks much better. Although Im a pretty big fan of evas…she picked the wrong shoes and i think it looks like shes wearing tights which make her legs look kinda pale. The dress just looks kinda rigid on her while it looks soft/flowy on vanessa…also vanessa’s shoes r much better.

Eva on

Eva has prettier shoes and her boobs look better than Vanessa’s, but the dress looks better on Vanessa…

j on

vanessa rocks this dress OUT, she looks best. eva’s nude fishnets fight with the eyelet too much, and i don’t think either ladies’ choice of shoes is good at all.

Demetria on

I reckon they both look great in the dress… Probably cause they have such hot bods… Although Vanessa has a prettier face.

steph on

Eva. She accessorizes it better than vanessa. The necklace, the bracelets and shoes all look better and more pulled together… and her boobs look perkier too. ;)

amber on

as much as eva’s got a great bod, i think vanessa wears it better. vanessa has more of a softer, hour-glass figure that really works with this dress.

Angie on

This was actually a tough one for me, BUT I have to go with Eva – she ALWAYS looks great. And although I think the dress looks good on both ladies, Eva accessorizes better – the shoes the bangles – she REALLY pulled it all together.

Green With Envy on


Green With Envy on


Tory on

Hands down Eva Longoria looks stunning so, that goes to show you its not about what you wear, but how you wear it and Vanessa didnt stand a chance!!!!

Elda on

Both are beautiful but Vanessa really stands out, she is just gorgeous.

Rebecca on

Both look lovely, but I would have to choose Eva over Vanessa. Eva looks a little more put-together and the dress seems to fit her better. I also like her shoe choice.

mikey on

Eva rocked that dress!!!!

May on

Honestly I think they both look really good in this dress. They are both beautiful. They could wear a potato sack and still look good. I hate them, sigh!!!! Just kidding. I like everybody!!!

mikey on

Eva rocked that dress!!!!

Raquel Fernandes on

Eva Longoria. The dress suits much better on her. And the shoes were a better choice too.

Jones on

They are both beautiful in this dress and the color is so perfect for summer. But Vanessa looks more put together with those shoes and her makeup. And Eva’s boobs look like they are being pushed into her chin. Vanessa looks much more natural. I think Nick lucked out with that lady. I find that in most pictures, Eva’s makeup is just too severe, she needs to lighten up on the bright lips and the fake eyelashes just a little.

Alley on

I think Eva wears it better. She has a prettier face and better body. Vanessa’s head looks huge and weird.

Vanessa Who? on

Vanessa is so fug with that chubby face. She should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Eva.

Nicole on

I don’t like the shoes Vanessa has on at all, but I do think the dress fits her body better.

Angel on

I think overall the dress looks better on Vanessa. They both usually look great, but the dress has a slimmer silouhette on Vanessa and her bow looks neater. Also, Eva’s hose and shoes look way too stuffy for such a cute, flirty dress.

jennifer in tulsa on

Eva looks better in the dress but I like Vanessa’s shoes better

Mary Jane on

Eva hands up. She has more of a personality and the dress just goes with her.

dawn on

Besides Dating Jessica Simpson’s Ex Hubby what does this vanessa person do Seriously only thing i ever see her doing is smiling for the camera.

Kari on

The bow looks better on Vanessa but overhall Eva wins handsdown. She has a nice body that looks good in just about anything. Soemthing does not look right with Vanessa, maybe it’s her body.

Vicki on

White shoes in February? Who raised her?!

KT from Cda on

I think they both look great.

sof on

Eva looks much better but i hate both shoes. Vanessa’s head is just too big – sorry

AnnieM on

Sof – you’re right! I never noticed before.

angel on

Eva looks not like vanessa at all.

Katie on

Eva the diva!!
Vanessa head is gigantic…..

brittany on

can vanessa say push up bra??? she looks kinda fat based on the upper body. its really saggy and not flattering. i think eva looks perfect though as always.

Michelle on

Eva wears it better. The contrasting shoes work better and her Y necklace works with the neckline better than Vanessa’s, although they both look great.

beth on

i think vanessa looks much better. eva has on way too many accessories, and the shoes are competing with the dress.

tina on

They both look beautiful!!

natalie on

i think vanessa looks better. eva has on too much jewelry in my opinion. i do not like either of their shoes with it. they look like bandages.

Dori on

Vanessa looks much better to me. Don’t like the pushup bra on the other one and nor do I like the shoes.

AshleyL on

Wow I can’t even believe it’s a question… while Vanessa and Eva are both beautiful women I think it’s plainly obvious that this dress looks better on Vanessa. Her hair is pulled back which I think is a better look for it, and her boobs don’t look like they’re pushed up and together. And on a side note, why does everyone hate Vanessa? It seems that everytime there’s a post on her there’s always people declaring their dislike for her. I think she’s lovely and her and Nick are too cute together!

Carrie on

They both have ugly shoes. Vanessa looks lovely in this dress. You have to be smoking something to say that she has a “fat” upper body. She looks great with her lovely curves, much better than Eva. Vanessa’s picture is taken at an odd angle, and that is why her head looks too big.

rashundra. on

Eva doesnt fill out the dress like Vanessa does.

lmn on

this dress is supposed to be casual and spring-y. vanessa looks better in it. yvone and jones said it best… vanessa just pulls off the look better- nice and relaxed and natural, eva looks too made up…

Meg on

Eva for sure. Look how cute she is! And her boobs are perfect

Diva on

Vanessa always looks like she’s going to the prom and makes every outfit cheesy. If if weren’t for Nick, she would not even be photographed. I just think she has a HUGE face and is not that attractive. No, I’m not a Jessica fan. I just don’t care for her (never did).

Stephanie on

Love the dress! Both look so very cute!I would pick Eva though, I think the neck line looks a bit better on her but don’t get me wrong Vanessa looks great!

Jennifer on

Eva all the way

Dorothy on

Definitely Vanessa wins this one. Her whole look is more natural and fresh and I like her shoes much better then Eva’s – more casual and goes better with that dress.

Kellia on

Not crazy about the dress but Eva looks best. She has a nicer body and pulls it off nice. This poll was already in the magazine a month ago.

lmn on

any dummy would know that the pictures were taken at two completely different angles and distances, of course someones face is bound to look bigger

vanessa looks classier

valerie on

i would have to say vanessa show you can also look great without accessories

bitsy on

i think they both look quite nice, but i think im going to have to go with eva.she looks nice and fitted in the dress and vanessa’s head looks kinda weird??

C on

Eva’s shoes are fantastic.

Thank you “IMN” for pointing out the differences in angles. I don’t see how anyone COULDN’T notice that.

Cherish on

Eva looks AMAZING in this dress, it fits her perfectly and shows off all the right things. Gorgeous

Dummy on

Imn, Vanessa’s face looks big in every picture. Maybe she needs to change angles or wear her hair covering her face more.

alia on

I think both women are gorgeous and flawless…and I agree with “IMN”… they look different because of the angle the pictures were taken.

bla on

vanessa looks better in the dress but eva has better accesories and shoes

Allie on

I like Eva better. It fits her shape more. And she accessorizes great with her shoes and jewlery. She looks great!

alex perry from sydney on

of course – it looked better on vanessa!!!!
vanessa! vanessa! vanessa!!!

the dress looked too hard, contrived and rigid on eva. she has a very ‘try-hard’ look which didn’t work with this dress. eva overaccessorised with the bracelets and white shoes – yes, the shoes clashed with the dress –

everything looks so soft and feminine on vanessa – whereas look at the severe make-up on eva – and the push-up bras – what else….she just tried waaaaayyyy toooooo haaaaard…sorry eva, you lose!!!!

Nenette on

They both looked great, but I like Eva’s shoes better with that dress than Van’s.

Bob on

EVA, vanessa looks horrible. I heart Nanette Lepore!!!!!!

Sarah on

Eva. Hands down. Her fashion style is absolutely superb. Vanessa should take some tips from her.

JAY on

eva all the way

carolina on

people let me tell u something vanessa is so disturbing and dam she have a big head i saying big head in the picture you can see her head write straight big head or pumking head

Maggie on

Definitely Vanessa. But I like Eva’s shoes much better.

amy on

eva for sure… do not like vanessa at all. never have!

Mandy More on

I leaning more to Eva…but her boobs are pushed up too much but Vanessa’s head looks big and the dress is too droopy on her……i like Eva’s shoes better theyre more outstanding

roxy on

These ladies always look great to me,but this dress is just not cute.This awful green dress just doesn’t do these ladies justice.

Alexandra on

eva of course!!!

Christina on

They both look great. I think Vanessa looks better aside from her shoes. I don’t like Vanessa’s shoes. Her hair looks great though and the dress looks great on her as well.

Joanne on

I think both ladies look fabulous in the dress but Eva carries off the look better than Vanessa.

heidi on

The venom that some of you are spitting out is shameful. You can give your opinion without having to be catty about it. they both look very nice.

Laura on

Vanessa, she’s just prettier and has straight teeth unlike Eva.


They both look good, but Eva looks better! Sorry Vanessa…..

lalalalala on

Vanessa looks way prettier because Eva’s body looks funny in that dress. And Eva looks overdone.

Kaitlyn C. on

I like the dress better on Eva, she’s so pretty. The dress seems to fit her better at the top and really bring a more polished and poised look to the dress. I love the accessories Eva matched with the outfit as well. Not crazy over her shoes, but much better than Vanessa’s shoes. Plus I love the hair and how it graces over her shouler.

I like Vanessa and I think she looks beautiful, but I just happen to like Eva’s look better. I wish Vanessa would have let her hair down and paired better shoes. Plus she needs a bracelet or two. But she’s beautiful regardless.

Katie on

Vanessa. Her hair looks better with the outfit. and i like the bare neckline, it balances the print on the dress.

Rachel on

Even though they both look like ’50s housewives it gives Eva more clevage.

rebecca booker on

whats up

Emmie on


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