StyleWatch Editors Want to Know Your Favorite Self-Tanner!

04/20/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Finding a really great self-tanner is a big beauty quest for most women — you know, one that doesn’t streak, turn you an unnatural shade of orange and actually creates a believable sunny glow. We know, for example, that Jennifer Lopez loves her Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, but we’re still searching for our favorite. This often leads to some scary experimentation — who hasn’t had to wear pants in the broiling heat because of splotchy calves? We want to know what you’ve come up with that works for you. Tell us: What’s your favorite self-tanner and why?

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Julie B. from Paris on

My favorite self-tanner is Comodynes’s towelettes. There are esay to apply and give an instant sweet honey tan!

Natalia N., 25, London on

Garnier Face Tanning Spray is the best. You don’t turn out orange, and there are no splotches as it fades away….

Skiddy on

The Mystic Tan, can’t go wrong w/that! No need to apply, worry about streaking, etc. Last 3-5 days!

jemma on

FIRST! This tanner is amazing!!!

Ali D, 22, South Dakota on

The best self tanner is Dove Energy Glow! Not only does it give a good tan, but it smells better than a lot of self tanners out there!

Darcey on

I personally like Aveeno’s Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion. It gradually builds a naturally darker skin tone and moisturizes my skin simultaneously.

Jennifer on

Because my skin is super pale I use one of the gradual tanning daily moisturisers, this year I’m using Jergens. I apply it every other day on my face, neck and decollete. For body I use L’Oreal’s NutriSummer (purchased in Europe). For big occasions I have splashed out for St Tropez, although it’s more work than the others. The most important thing is to know when to stop!

Emma on

Physician’s Formula Baked Bronzer. It’s wonderful and can be found at any drugstore. The best self-tanner I’ve ever come across. You apply it with a blush brush, and it looks completely natural and gives you a perfect glow. I DEFINITELY recommend it over any other product. (Believe me, I’ve tried just about everything!)

Evelyn on

I love Loreal sublime lotion. No streaks and a beautiful color.

KR on

I really like Arbonne’s self tanner. It’s not orange at all and it goes on nicely. Of course with any self tanner you do have to be careful when applying. It also has spf in it so that’s a plus too.

Nicole B. on

I love Shisedo instand self tanner with shimmer. It’s fantastic! It gives me an instant glow and it makes my limbs glow. It doesn’t streak at all and it doesn’t seam to turn orange. The only downside thought it that you cannot put it on our face unless you want your face to glow. The shiseido shimmer tanner is good for the rest of the body, but i recommend something different for the face.

Nicole B. on

I love shisedo instand self tanner with shimmer. It’s fantastic! It gives me an instant glow and it makes my limbs glow. It doesn’t streak at all and it doesn’t seam to turn orange. The only downside thought it that you cannot put it on our face unless you want your face to glow. The shiseido shimmer tanner is good for the rest of the body, but i recommend something different for the face.

Taylor on

L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer Gel! I love this. U put it on about 2 hrs B 4 bed, let it dry, put on legging & long sleeve shirt….hop N bed (I turn the electric blanket up & the fan on), & by morning I have a great tan. I use 3 days N a row & I look like I’ve been on vacation. Just make sure to put lotion on your hand, elbows, feet & knees before you apply this. After applying wash HANDS w/soap & washcloth! Luck!

Candice A. on

I’m very fair & take good care of my skin, so I’ve tried many self tanners. My favorite is Lancome Flash Bronzer Lotion. It goes on evenly, and even with my skin tone, it never, ever looks orange. There’s also a bronzer in it, so you can see the places you’ve missed – leaving less room for streaks!

khall on

Kiehl’s is my favorite self tanner. Lancome comes in a close second.

EChizzle on

I like Loreal Hip Face Bronzer. For the rest of my body I’ll use Jergens Shimmer Creme. My skin tone is about a shade darker than Jenn Lopez and I would never use self tanner. Cosmetic companies are still missing the mark on creating self tanner for women of color. It looks weird. I love JLo but damn that ish makes her look old. Not a good look for her.

alayna on

I use the mystic tan at my local tanning salon. It is very good and if you do have a streak, you just use lotion and it will rub in! But if you dry off the right way you do not streak.

martha on

I love that face self-tanning cream. Perfect.

Jill T on

My favorite self tanner is Jergen’s Natural Glow. It goes on just like a regular lotion, doesn’t have an overpowering scent, dries quickly, and leaves a natural-looking tan on my otherwise fair-skinned body.

stephaniek on

Dove Energy Glow (LOVE it!) or any Nuetragena self tanners — and never EVER use revlon tanning products because they will stain your clothes… i tried it one night and woke up the next morning to see an orange outline of my body on my bedsheet!

Lori on

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze tinted self tanner is the best hands down!! It’s tinted so I’ll use it in the morning and have an instant tan by afternoon it will look like I’ve been on vacation!I have never had a problem with streaks using L’Oreal and I’ve been using it for a couple of years. The only draw back is if you don’t keep up with applying it it’ll begin to wash off in the shower leaving you looking like you have a gross skin disease. Washing your hands is a must but I like to mix it with my hand lotion to give my hands some color. You don’t want to walk around looking like you are wearing a pair of white gloves. Make sure you get out from under your nails! If you’re looking for a perfect self tanner try it you will be hooked and skin cancer free!

Shannon M., 28 MS on

I have tried every self tanner from the cheapest to the most expensive and the absolute BEST is FAKE BAKE! You just put it on at night (it has a natural bronze color so you can SEE where you are applying it) and the excess rinses off in your morning shower to reveal a gorgeous, tropical looking tan. I am blonde and pale and this just naturally adjusts to your skin tone. It is a MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE.

Alice on

I love self tanner, but does anyone have any tips on how to apply to your hands so you don’t have sleeves after you wash your hands? I don’t want crazy looking orange hands, its not something you can exactly hide :-)

Linzee Karasik on

I love Aveeno’s Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion for Medium Skin Tones. It leaves your skin moisturized as it gives you a subtle bronzed look. Just make sure to wash your hands after you apply to avoid to brown finger look.

Elda on

i have olive skin but i have to admit i like to use Loreal bronze tanner, it makes my legs look amazing so i don’t have to worry about using panty hose and i get compliments all the time. p.s. jlo is looking old these days, it’s like she has aged 10 years overnite and her forehead is looking nasty these days.

Angie on

I think people who use self-tanners look retarded! How can anyone think fake tans look good? I will do it the old fashion way: natural sunshine for me please; just practice safe skin protection!

Beth on

I, too, like Arbonne’s self tanner. I can put it on in the morning before I go to work (dries in five minutes) and let my tan deepen throughout the day, with no streaks. It is definitely my favorite!

Katie R. on

At home, Coppertone Sunless Tanning Lotion. It is the only one I have ever tried (and I’ve tried lots!) where the color appears in 30 minutes. At the salon, Sun FX is smooth, natural, and even.

Lee on

Aveeno’s version of the tanning lotion is the best. It doesn’t blotch but it tans fast, it doesn’t smell bad at all, in fact, everyone i know think it smells really good, and it’s not irritating.

jwhite on

MYSTIC TAN! Clear spray that does on evenly (make sure to exfoliate prior to going). It lasts for about 4 days and I never look orange. I look like I just spent a day in the sun! Even better, it only takes 24 seconds!

Jennifer on

To apply self tan to the backs of my hands I use a piece of cotton wool after I’ve washed my hands from the rest of my application. You can also get mitts to use to apply the lotion so you don’t get any on your palms at all, The Body Shop does a great one that I’ve used with St Tropez before.

Sarah C. on

Loreal Sublime Bronze Gel is the best!!! I have experimented with MANY different tanners in the past, and I keep going back to Sublime Bronze. If you use it at night, then sleep in the tanner–just shower off in the AM & you have a tan.

Katy on

I LOVE L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze in medium-deep. It has a hint of tint that give color instantlyt and a shimmer to it that give me the perfect glow! The tint allows for streak-free coverage. Then as the day goes on, the color builds gradually. I get compliments all the time on my skin color!

Shellsea on

I use Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze Collection Daily Glow Facial Moisturizer in Light to Medium at night and have been very pleased. It’s oil-free yet moisturizing, non-streaking and smells great. I get a subtle glow that looks natural, not at all fake or tacky.

Mary A on

AVEENO CONTINOUS MEDIUM SKIN TONE SELF TANNER. Its excellent, I always looked tanned.

Car on

I love a little YouRebel by Benefit for that special, subtle glow. It’s actually a tinted moisturizer, but works well for light coverage plus a healthy glow!

erin on

Vaseline makes one and I love it. It does not smell bad at all, and it does not leave you streaky. The color is natural too, not orange-y or fake looking.

Sarah M on

Jant Tana Fast Tan is great for light skin. Looks natural brown and no bad smell. Two applications gives a great tan that lasts about 4-5 days. Wears off nicely too. It’s thick and easy to work with but work it in quickly. Use gloves, then spread very lightly on tops of hands so that you do not have a “sleeve” look. Age 39, Clearwater, FL

stephaniek on

alice- i have the perfect trick for you!

to eliminate “sleeves” and put tanner on your hands, put the tanner all over wherever you want, arms, torso, etc. then wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. take a zip-loc baggie and stick your hand inside like a mitten, squirt the tanner on your opposite hand, and use the baggie hand to spread the tanner around your other hand. let it dry and then try it with the other one. the baggie works great because it doesn’t soak through onto the palms of your hands, and once you’re done, just throw it out!

isn’t self-tanner the absolute best thing ever?!

Cheryl C on

I have used Banana Boat Self Tanner for years and absolutely love it !!! Use if for several days until you get the result you are looking for, then just a couple of days a week to maintain the color…Inexpensive too…I have tried the L’Oreal as well, but still rely on Banana Boat!

Annie F. 28, IL on

Nicole Miller makes a great self tanner that’s easy to apply and doesn’t look fake. I couldn’t live without it in the winter months!



J.H. on

I love the Dove self tanner.I’ve tried many but this seems to be the best for the price.JH

Jackie Frid on

My favorite self-tanner is Mary Kay’s Sun Essentials Sunless Tanning Lotion. I have very fair skin, and no matter what, my legs never tan, even when the rest of me does. It moisturizes as it tans. I didn’t have any streaking problems, and I can have the degree of the tan change to match my natural tan on the rest of me. It smells nice too!

LucĂ­a Gutierrez on

My favorite self tanner is Biotherm Tinted Self Tanning Gel for Beautiful Legs and Biotherm Self Tanning Water for the face. They don’t smell funny and are really easy to apply. The color is very natural too.

Jenni Coolidge on

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 25 Oil Free Faces (Sheer Reflections Formula) Bronzing Sunblock… It’s got Vitamins A,C,E and it’s anti-aging, cooling, never streaky… I use it on my face and neck and I am in LOVE!

Julene S. on

I love Passport by Biddiscombe International. It sprays on very evenly and lasts quite a bit longer than others I’ve tried. I would definitly recommend it!

Angela A on

I have to put up another mark for Dove! I love their whole line of slef tanners.

Alice on

Thanks for the tips Stephaniek ;-)

Mary on

I’m Southeast Asian. I don’t need to use self-tanner :)

Laura, Iowa on

I’ve tried nearly everything, but my favorite is L’Oreal Sublime Bronze in Deep. I have olive skin, it gives me a great dark tan but still looks natural. I get a lot of compliments on it. It wears well and doesn’t get splotchy as long as you continue to moisturize. To avoid the sleeves problem on your hands, I wash my hands immediately after applying lotion to my whole body – making sure to get between fingers and under nails. Next I mix a dab of self-tanner with hand creme or regular lotion and rub the mixture on my hands and wrists like I would with regular lotion. Since no one really has tanned hands anyway, it looks more realistic and blends really well, leaving you with the hint of color you’re looking for.

Emese on

Peter Thomas Roth makes the best self tanner. Incredibly natural, has never streaked and just gives me a pretty glow.

megan on

Clinique!! Perfect color– never a streak, and even has SPF 15. Love love love it.

Samantha on

Fake Bake. all the way. you can get it at sephora. it is the most realistic color. be careful though, mosturize knees, hands, elbows, and ankles with regular lotion before you put it on. I have a dark skin tone, but it worked really well on one of my friends with a light skin tone too.

gwen on

Does anyone know what the best product is for the super-pale ladies? I don’t want to be all brozed like J.Lo, but a little color on my ghostly legs would be nice, Ive just found that its hard to even make a subtle change on reeeeally fair skin.

Sabrina on

Sabrina O. 24 Huntington Beach, CA

I love Fake Bake. I stopped by their booth at a beauty convention and fell in love with the products. Besides having great color that you can see as you apply it, they also have a spray that even works upside down! At first the color looks really dark, as a guide, but after hopping out of the shower you have a great glow!

Katie B on

I love Dove’s Simply Glow Moisturizing tanner because it builds a healthy, believable glow without the streaks and blotches.

Katie B, 18
Mequon, WI

BiTeZ on

Thank god im southeast asian…im already tan…Indonesian girl are dying to be white..its so funny..we’re trying to be as white as you..and youre trying to be tan like us. but i love my skin, i never want to be white…tan look healthier..good luck with the tanning guys!

Nicole M on

Jergin’s Natural Glow is great for a pre-prom tan. I’m not a fan of lying in someone else’s sweat at the tanning salon so this is a great alternative. Plus it now comes with a firming lotion, so you get a tanner, moisturizer and firming lotion all in one!

emma on

I live her tan it looks so natural!!!, I also love love my bronzer, it’s awesome!

Jessica on

My fair-skinned mom swears by Fake Bake. Found it at a women’s expo after we asked one woman about her flawless glow. It’s a little pricey for the whole kit and kaboodle, but lasts for a long time and gives beautiful, natural-looking color.

Serena on

The absolute best self tanner is actually multi taskful….It is Lancome Flash Bronzer, for legs. It works everywhere! I use it on my face, arms, shoulders, and legs. Its very smooth and moisturizing, has a gentle shimmer, instant bronzing color and self tanners. I can use it almost everday if I want and not look orange, works great as a makeup base too! I love it and swear by it.

Joanie from Massachusetts on

I like Jergens self tanner, it is great for my fair skin, seems to work better than all those pricey ones for me…:)

Sophie Sanders on

all i want to use before going to work is a firming lotion.*.:

Evan Foster on

firming lotions are great to use before going to sleep.-`; on

Stylewatch edit 2 2.. Huh, really? :)

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