What's Carrie's Best Look: Sweet or Rock 'n' Roll?

04/17/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

We’ve seen it before with Carrie Underwood — she’s the picture of innocence on the red carpet only to reveal a sexier side onstage. And last night’s CMT awards (where the singer won three awards) was no exception. Carrie told PEOPLE that “I just wanted something different, just something sweet” of her ’50s-style Badgley Mischka dress and nude Christian Louboutin heels that she arrived in. But her onstage look was anything but sweet, with silver hot-pants showing off her toned legs, a keyhole top, armful of bangles and legwarmers over stilettos. We want to know which look you prefer! Tell us: What’s Carrie’s best look? Sweetly retro or rock n’ roll sexy?

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

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AnnieM on

Oh no! Not legwarmers! I like her in the dress.

Jenn on

Are the legwarmers really necessary? I don’t get why she paired those with her outfit.. I like the dress better.

LB on

She looks good in both. I was I had her legs…

Julie on

She looks so cute in the legwarmers . . . those with the high heels are totally hot on her legs. She’s beautiful in anything!

Erin on

I think the leg warmers paired with the stilettos look is adorable. I would definitely wear it out with a really simple pair of black shorts.

Heather on

She looks great in anything she puts on, like the dress better though.

ADPi on

And can you believe she used to be a “Tri-Pig”??? (Tri-Sigma)

Carrie on

She looks beautiful either way, what a talented lovely girl. She sets a good example for younger women, no crazy partying and drugs.

DeAnn on

Sweet is definatly better, she looks trampy in the black. Leg warmers?! That is soooo tacky, they should be left in the 80’s along with big hair, skinny metallic ties, and too many jelly braclettes!

She is too gorgeous to get trapped in silly outfits.

Elda on


Heather on

I definetly like the dress much better.

May on

She looks good both ways. She has come along way since American Idol. She seems very sweet and very approachable.

Angie on

I think Carrie looks great either way! I like her style, music, and the example she sets for the public & her fans! Go Carrie!

j on

gorgeous both ways!! her legs look awesome in the second pic!!

KT from Cda on

She looks great either way. Get rid of the leg warmers please!

Summy on

She can sure rock a pair of leg warmers. I wouldn’t wear them but she looks fantastic in that outfit. The sweet look is OK too, but I prefer her edgy styles!

Sheila on

i think the outfit with the shorts and leg warmers looks slammin!!!!

tennesse girl on

Who cares about the outfits…. how did she get those legs!!! Yep, I’m jealous!

k on

i think she looks great in both!…but the legwarmers r a bit much!…hhmm actually i dont really like the silver shorts either!…but her legs look awesome :)

Paigee on

Carrie is awesome,ive loved her sence american idol and shes my idol!

She looks sooo good in every thing she wears i dont think ive ever seen her in somthing she looks bad in!

I would love to met her!

Elle on

Oh my good Lord! That girl needs to get some meat on her bones before she wears anything that revealing. Her arms look like toothpicks!

As for the outfits I like the “Sweet” one best, its much pretty. And legwarmers… they were bad in the 80’s and their worse now!

Bebe on

Carrie looks great on both outfits.
However,I would change 2 things
on her performance pic.
The first change is get “rid” of
the leg warmers. It doesn’t look right
with her outfit.
The second change is
to change her silver shorts.
Its too bright.Maybe black or white shorts.

Other than that, she looks great on both pics.

cjk05mum on

Wow I never noticed that she really does look to be thinning a bit too much! I think she looks beautiful in both outfits but anyway she dresses she’s still a sweetheart so I think the Sweet! pictures matches her personality more.

glad on

i think she looks nice both ways !!

Ashley on

I just love Carrie! Can’t pick between the two pics, love ’em both. She can rock the leg warmers, but I would never ever pull that off. She is getting really thin – maybe just overworked. Take it easy Carrie, you are absolutely wonderful! :o)

dawn on

Colored Jeans i thought o god another 80’s trend but is she actually wearing Leggings? Come on people don’t encourage this

crystal mccall on

she is freaking hot n those shorts!!!
I wish I looked like that in them. I would wear them all the time.

Rebecca on

I like her sweet look in the dress best. She’s got great legs, but somehow the silver shorts and legwarmers don’t come together very well in her rock ‘n’ roll look.

Rachel on

I think she looks great in both. They both served their purposes well and I like the leg warmers…she looks hot..who cares!

Nicole on

I am from Oklahoma and I think Carrie is a very sweet & great role model. She looks good in both outfits!!

edot on

The sweet is definitely better if only because the cut of the dress is fabulous. Honestly, “rocker” was a great idea for a stage outfit, but the bunching of the silver shorts makes them look too tight. Loving the leg warmers and heels though.

Maryse on

Carrie’s legs are amazing.

I’m not a big country music fan, but I really like her song “Before He Cheats.” She’s got an amazing voice.

As for attire… I like both looks. She can pull off both. I would change one thing though. In the Rock ‘n Roll photo, I don’t like those metallic hot pants. Maybe something in white or black. I actually really like the leg warmers with the heels, that makes the outfit that much sexier.

For some reason, everytime I look at Carrie, she reminds me of a Reese Witherspoon. They don’t look identical, but similar, plus they’re both southern, sweet and both are good role models.

priscilla on

About Carrie being thing, maybe she’s experiencing the stay-thin pressure of the show bzzzz. Hopefully she won’t become another Nicole or Lindsay. We have enough of those.

TT on

She looks lovely but FAR too thin!!! I remember when she looked normal and healthy on AI. What happened? I think that’s the real story not the leg warmers or the flowery dress. No wonder so many women feel so insecure. We are always seeing images of once healthy women who are now stick insects.

Erin on

If I had those legs…I don’t think it’d really matter what was on them!!!

Richelle on

I think she looks great in both also, you know you have to make your outfit when you perform onstage interesting!! I think Carrie looks great all the time.. The only thing I can hope is that she doesnt keep losing weight!! Dont get me wrong-she looks really good, but the pic with the dress is where shes starting to look like a bobblehead! like that head doesnt fit on that body!!

Nancy on

Wow, she looks beautiful in both. She can wear anything, she shines in her performance, she looks awsome. I love her look, style,and shes a beautiful girl. She can pull off anything. Good work girl, your our American Idol.. #1

Kerin H. on

I definitely like the dress better, maybe if she didn’t wear the leg warmers I’d like the other look.

Hailey on

she look much better in the dress

Melissa on

The dress looks better but she needs to gain a little weight. she is too sweet to pull off the slutty look but hang in there girl, they’ll have you in the gutter in no time

Kati on

She looks smokin’ hot in both! If I were as big of a star as she is, I would definitely wear the shorts outfit!!

Katy on

She looks GRRReaT in both, She definetly knows what to wear depending on the occasion. And she can definetly pull off the leg warmers

Lindsay Mae on

I LOVE the rock look on Carrie! It suits her. She could have kicked off the leg warmers tho.

Priscilla on

Richelle, I’m with you on this one. Looking at the pic with the dress, her head looks a bit too big for her body. Pleaseeeee Carrie don’t lose more weitht…..

Mary on

I love the dress and the nude pumps…

Her onstage outfit…hate the shorts! SILVER SHORTS? LEGWARMERS? There’s no one set theme here, she literally threw it all together. Keep the top, keep the bangles, pair it with a sexy pencil skirt…


Aubryn on

She looks too thin is what she looks like. EAT SOME FOOD CARRIE!!

TriSigsRule on

ADPi, you are so childish and jealous. What does your comment have to do with the question at hand? What a great way to represent your sorority. Yes, she is a Tri-Sigma and one of my sisters and looks great in both outfits.

Rebecca on


Krista on

Although metallic is definitely in this season, they should not have paired the shorts with leg warmers! What were her stylists thinking? I prefer Carrie’s look that is not reminiscent of the 80’s.

KR on

both outfits looks gorgeous on her and appropriate for where she was at the time. i love the metallic shorts and leg warmers, but it’s definitely a stage outfit and she’s not wearing it out grocery shopping or anything so more power to her!

Claire on

I think Carrie looks better in the dress but she was bringing out her edgy, rock’n style in the shorts. But, why did she wear leg warmers,silver shorts and stacked bangles? If she took all of the accessories off she would look more natural.



lilix on

Carrie looks beautiful in rock’n’roll style! I don’t love the ugly grand-mother dress!

Kaitlin on

Carrie Underwood went from country girl to superstar. She looks great both ways.

Joy on

I think that she would’ve looked quite silly singing a song about bashing her cheating boyfriend’s car, in that dress. I think that her clothes were perfect for the song and for showing off her “healthy” body.
She still has a very sophisticated look about her.

Tiffany on

She looks fantastic in both. Would you check out those legs?!? I’m insanely jealous!

Christine on

I think Carrie is rockin both of these outfits, but if I had to choose I’d go with sweet. The color palette on the dress is more flattering! =]

SG on

she is so darn cute…..she looks great since she lost weight..looks great either way…..but ditch the leg warmers!!

D on

I looove Carrie Underwood but sometimes I question her fashion choices. She’ll look fab on the red carpet then wear something weird onstage…and the horrible thing is she almost gets the outfit right…like this one, ditch the leg warmers and she’ll look hot!

DB on

Ok…check out the definition in her legs, clearly she isn’t thinning too much! She just shed all the weight that comes with not being active enough! If my chubby self went from lounging every day to running around on stage and around the country I’m sure I’d thin down too!

Doly on

I like her either way..i love Carrie….she is amazing….

tracie on

Although I do not understand the leg warmers, she looks great both ways. I would love to have those legs!!! You go Carrie!

Cheryl on

She is a beautiful woman who looks great in both. I think she can pull off anything.

lisa on

she looks horrible in them shorts..wassup with leg warmers..she needs to eat

Stephanie on

I think she looks great in both outfits. She can wear just about anything and make it look good.

Tracy on

I think she looks great in anything she wears. Who cares if she wears rock n’ roll clothes one minute or a beautiful dress the next. She is still decent, not showing her breast or butt. I am hoping she does not end up like Brittany Spears.

Flojo on

Carrie is a beautiful woman with a lovely voice..
She wears just too much MAKEUP which is a trait of most
SOUTHERN WOMEN..they cannot exist without eye make up
falso lashes and bright lipstick..she would be pretty if she came out with just some pale lipstick.

Lavalex on

To the person that said she needs to get meat on her bones..you’re jealous first of all, and second of all Carrie is toned and thin. Stop hating and get some self confindence in yourself before you judge someone else. She looks great both ways, because she has a great STYLIST!!

LB on

oh no she looks way better in the dress,why did she put them things on anway was it necessary but the shoes are cute

Lauren on

The dress is very cute! The outfit with the legwarms is ok but is only a performance wardrobe.

Meagan on

Carrie looks absolutely beautiful in both outfits. Her dress looked amazing on her and she killed it in her performance outfit.

Dayna on

Both looks look great on her.. very fashionable

mariam on

the rock n roll look. theres too much fake happiness coming out of the ‘sweet’ look.

Kaitlin on

I like the Dress Better then the Shorts.
She is such a good example for teenagers in the way she acts and she shows you can always follow your dreams.

kmj on

Carrie looks great in eveything she wears and her confidence and dignity is what makes it work! Great role model for young generation to emulate.My hunch is that she will always remain true to self, which is the correct message to convey for anyone in the public sector.

Mp on

The top in the second pic is HIDEOUS too!!
I dont like the leg warmers personally, the shorts are cool though.
Shes not edgy, shes a country star: Keep the sweet look :-)

BabyBoo on

OMG!!Leg Warmers, NO WAY! They look so bad w/ that outfit…ugh….Wat was she thinkin! I love the dress way better!

Emma Abba on

Except for the legwarmers, she looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
better with the “rock ‘n’ roll” look!
Okay, maybe not that much better!

Anna on

Love leg warmers- hate shorts. I’d go with the dress

liz on

The dress looks better, and she looks like she is getting too thin…I know i have read all her articles, “i eat pizza i just run” and blah blah i don’t think u eat carrie, u probably got the running part right.

Taylor Westbrook on

that dress looks absolutely amazing on her. The punk look…hmmm…not so much. it doesnt compliment her awsome figure

Mollie on

no, no, no, no more legwarmers

rachel on

no matter what her legs are phenomenal

Ann D on


diana on

that dress reminds me of the ones jessica parker likes to sport on red carpets… , not digging the floral pattern. but i guess it suits carrie, cause she is country. the rock outfit is confusing, with the legwarmers. i love the top though!

Kayley B. on

I like both of her outfits! Anything she wears suits her.

Andrew on

I liek both she is cute in anything she wears. She definitely has the looks and the voice

sat on

the rock & roll outfit Rules! It sets her apart.

jessica on

I love Carrie Underwood, but leg warmers don’t look good on anyone and she has fifty too many braclets on…. she looks good no matter what but some things could have been left off.

Melissa B on

I think she looks better since she has lost some weight, BUT if she loses anymore she will be in the scary club where Nicole Richie is…..I like both looks but could for sure lose the leg warmers.

n church on

are you kidding me? she’d be hot in a paper sack ! ! !

BM on

With The leg warmers no, I like the dress better!

Jordan on

either way she is gorgeous but i think the dress is the best

Sandra Rogerson on

i think that she looks pretty well on both, but i’d have to say the sweet one suits her more

Jackie on

The leg warmers are over-doing it. She looks much better in a sweeter style. The rock look doesn’t look all that great, more like it’s haphazardly thrown together in a dress-up party.

Ashley on

To anyone who thinks Carrie is too thin: you are simply Jealous. of course she has lost some weight… she is an active girl now, touring,dancing and working out properly. She is a movie star now, what did you expect… for her to stay fat?? you are all so critical. she is not too thin, her legs are toned and muscular as you can see in the picture above. If all the girls on tv got fat, you would all just be complaing they arent taking care of themselves! come on now, seriously!

Angel Nicole on

I really HATE Carrie’s new look! It is definitely not COUNTRY!

Keli on

She looks HOT!!! Amazing!!I would wear that outfit if I could pull it off.

mikennzie on

I would say no to the rock-n-roll.I think carry looks good in that dress.Also it is really cut.

nessa on

the dress..:D she looks so purrty!

hannah on

She is a total southern bell, and should stick to that.

VA RoCkS! on

Y’all are right about the leg warmers…they should not be brought back…but Carrie Underwood is awsome and she has an amazing talent!!! can’t help but love her!!!

rosebud on

what she needs to ask herself is, if she sees the picture of herself in legwarmers in 5 or 10 years, will she be very embarassed? i know i am of mine!

Ashley on

I’m not a fan of the legwarmers, but she can pull them off! The dress is cute

sam on

i think carrie underwood has a wonderful voice , and she can wear anything and make it look good , i hae liked her since the begging of american idol !! but i like her in the dress better , she looks really good

Amanda on

I think she looks cute in anything, but I think I like the rock n’ roll more. I love the legwarmers with the high heals. The dress is a little to light, like its her own skin tone, but what-ever

Emy on

She looks amazing in both pictures! She has a great body and she is beautiful! Check out those legs! My Goodness!

Mich on

Wow. i love carrie either way. sexy or sweet, she looks fantastic.

Mich on

And the whole point of performing onstage isn’t to look natural. u need to stand out to be remembered. i think the legwarmers and the bangles draw such attention, and that’s her result. besides, if she didn’t have the bangles and the legwarmers, it’s just be sexy leggy carrie, not rock n’ roll carrie.

lena on

umm she can pull off both looks but earlier in her career I guess it was neccessary to show that she was the image of good girl but then later when she became more comfortable with her fame she chose more of an edgy look… the same goes for her songs(jesus take the wheel to next time that he cheats) it’s just an evolutionary change from goody goody to bad girl.

Danielle on

i think she looks innocent in the dress but the rocker look she looks like I RULE MY STYLE

Sandy on

I luv both pics! I will have 2 go with the rock’n’roll look without the leg warmers. It brings out the not so shy looking Carrie as we seen before. Thanks for everything you have achieved so far!!!!!

Erii on

I think she looks better in rock style..

Kristi on

I think she is Naturally beautiful in whatever she wears. It show’s she has more than one style. She’s the best.

POwens on

Sweet! Definately!

Gayle on

I have loved Carrie Underwood since Idol. For those of you who feel that some are jealous of her low weight, think again. There is such a thing as stick thin, and she is clearly bordering on that. Some of us genuinely care for her and not the fashion statement she makes. Those who promote stick thin figures are the reason we have Nicoles, Mary Kates and so on. Carrie will always look beautiful regardless of what she wears, because her beauty comes from the inside where it’s most important. By the way, I’m 5’10” and have weighed as little as 125 pounds. I know firsthand the problems extremely low weight can cause.

Beth on

She has a beauty and personality that would allow her to were just about anything. I like the dress for the wholesome look but when you have a great set of legs like hers you have to show them off.

s on

I like the sweet look better. She always seems to have a nice, classy style!!

Olivia on

Carrie looks great in anything. The dress shows off her innocent side while the performance shows off how a sexy an Oklahoman can be.

tanya on

I love the classy dressed up looked on her better. Shes the girly girl for that stuff. She other outfit looks too badass for her and just doesnt go well

LaurenML on

Carrie is great! I like her in both, the legwarmers are a bit much. But she pulls it off!

ashley on

Um i dont know if you guys know that the song she sang for both “naughty” shows was Before He cheats, which is supposed to be a song where a lil rage comes out and she is supposed to look the way she does. She looks greta regardless

kylie on

who said led warmers came back? i love her in the dress, she is so pretty

Krista on

I think both looks are cute. I love the leg warmers with heels, I think she looks great if thats her stage outfit. The dress is adorable, fresh, flirty, with a touch of class. She’s really grown fashionably just this past year. I love her.

Kate on

I think the shorts show off her great legs, but the silver is alittle odd. The shoes and the legwarmers are very cute and sexy.
the dress is really cute too, and it shows off her small waist.
I think carrie can pull off almost anything, so I like both looks.

Sallie on

Where can we get affordable nude pumps. I am dying to find some!

Jane on

She looks great in the dress. Very Pretty.

ashley on

She can wear anything. she looks beautiful in everything!

Margaret on

I think she looks fab in both! She’s lucky she can play both sweet and rocker!

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