Nicole Richie's New Do: Love it or Hate it?

04/16/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Even though Nicole Richie’s tried every hair color — blonde to red to brunette — we’d gotten used to her long, caramel colored locks recently. But when she stepped out on the red carpet for the Race to Erase MS Gala in L.A. on Saturday night, the Simple Life star had a much lighter, sleeker shoulder-length cut with heavy bangs. We think the paler blonde sets off her skin tone beautifully, and the bob suits her petite frame. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Nicole’s new do? Or should she go back to her old look?

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Photo: Shutterbug/Most Wanted/Flynet; Jean Catuffe/INF

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Richelle on

I love this new shorter ‘Do on Nicole!! She looks fab!!

BC on

I like her with long hair better. I have to admit she is looking alot better these days!

j on

i LOVE this blonder shorter style, but…is she trying to be a white girl??!!!!?

cher on

Love her and Love the cut!

willow on

I love the new hair cut!

Summy on

She has a very pretty face and the shorter cut shows it off. The long hair just looks drab!
Nice to see her looking more healthy too.
j – why do morons always have to bring ethnicity to it!?!

edot on

Personally, I’m into longer, less-styled hair. But since I know it’s actually extensions, the shorter, natural style is better.

O'Wryly on

Still find her irritating just for standing around and breathing, but the shorter hair IS an improvement.

me on

How is this ‘new’? She’s done this do before!

anon on

Nicole looks great! That pic of her with the long wavy hair looks too much like Rachel Zoe (yuck!)

Elda on

She looks hot and sexy with her new look!

k on

hhhmm i think she has already had this look!…but it does look a little blonder then the last time…i like it! i think she looks great with blonde hair…and i like the length, when her hair is long it looks too messy…

A on

Nicole looks great both ways! She can pull off almost anything!

Julie on

I usually hate it when people “go short,” but I really like this. It has a lot more shape.

saricka on

j,Summy-I don´t understand the comments about her ethnicity….I´ve always thought she is white,isn´t she?Lionel is her adoptive father…
Ooh and the hairstyle,she had it aready but i think it suits her the most:)

glad on

i like her hair short better than long, but it is not that new..she has sported this look in the past…and “j” you are stupid.

Stacey on

I don’t know why ethnicity is being brought into this – she isn’t African American, anyway – she’s ADOPTED.

Anyway, I like the shorter hair, but it’s not new.

B on

Who cares? Why is she even a topic of conversation? She is a rich nobody …

deb on


Jennifer on

I like her with short hair. It looks so fresh and really frames her face much better. I agree Summy.. no need to bring race into the picture. We are talking HAIR here.. geez, I really hate that! Let’s get over the BS.

mali on

She looks great, but its not really new is it… i mean she has had look before. She looks fab none the less, just means she knows what works on her

Elle on

I like the new do. I think it looks cute and sophisticated on her. The long hair looked stringy and made her look nasty.

Denise on

I think she looks MUCH better as a brunette. Her skin tone is too olive for blond hair. When you have darker skin you should stick to auburn or chocolate brown hair.

KC on

She’s looking very healthy and this new “do” (although I don’t think it’s all that new….) really gives her a mature look. Nice to see!

Denise on

Regarding her ethnicity: (from

Richie says of her heritage that she is a “mix of everything”, but when asked, she just says she is black.

Denise on


Is 1/2 Caucasian, 1/4 Black, and 1/4 Mexican.

Biological father is Peter Michael Escovedo.

candy on

is she black or hispanic? She looks pretty in the first pic with the pink shirt

SJP on

Yes, she is adopted, but she is also African American.

Jena on

Ok guys! I personally am byracial… Who cares about what race she is…she’s ADOPTED. IF she was byracial who cares how she wears her hair.. if she can pull it off then she can. Just because someone is partially mixed with black does’nt mean that they have to chose one side or the other…the have the right to change it up anway that they want! She looks a whole lot better now than she did a few months ago…I’m glad that she is healthier..I luv the new look!

Nicole on

Love it! I think she always looks great.

350Zgirl on

The short hair is sophisticated and sexy! She looks great and looks like she is putting on weight. I love the new look!

Suga on

Who Cares how Nicole Richie wears her hair?, People should keep the spotlight more on Matthew McConaughey, someone worth checking out.

Krista on

I like her hair longer & brown.

La La on

Nicole Richie is adopted by Lionel, but is still half black. Aside from the weave (which she rocks btw)Her blackness is obvious. I guess we just know our own.

h on

I absolutely LOVE Nic’s short hair. It is so adorable on her. The long hair just starts looking ratty.

AnnieM on

Either works for me! She’s a cutie.

Rita on

Beautiful cut & color. Can anyone answer a question for me, though? Does anyone know if she was adopted by Lionel Richie? I’ve heard that before, but I’m not sure. It has no bearing on anything, I’m just curious. She is a beautiful girl, no question about that!!! :-)

Rita on

Guess I should have read all comments before asking my question!! Ethnicity has absolutely nothing to do with this in my book!! I just wondered if she was adopted, so if I offended anyone for asking, please forgive me.

Alice on

I like the long hair better, but it looks good both ways. As for her race, she had one white parent and the other was half black and half hispanic (her real parents). So she is one of those lucky people that can experiment with her looks and look still look good. Besides, who even cares?

KT from Cda on

I don’t get it. Every photo of her on people showed her with short hair. She hasn’t had long hair in so long. So this question about her hair is just silly.

j on

jena: since you stated that you’re biracial, maybe you can answer this: (because i really don’t know!!) why does halle berry & barrack obama (just citing two examples that i can think of right away) say they’re black when they are are actually half caucasian half african american?? do they just go by whatever physical characteristic is greater??

gracie on

I think she looks lovely. She looks like she ate a sandwich this week….God luv her!

Lauren Harris on

The style looks great on Nicole. She looks great! She looks really natural and radient. You go Girl!

Ashley on

She has had this haircut many times before. I don’t think it’s new. But it looks good, so she should stick with what works.

Shanell Williams on

Love it!!!

kitty on

J, I was just wondering the same thing. I would be proud to represent several different cultural backgrounds, and would never claim to be only white or black.

Nicole is looking better these days, but I agree about the hair. We’ve already seen that “do”.

laura on

she looks cute in whatever she wears and whatever her hair style might be for that week. i LOVE long hair so of course i’m going to say the long hair looks better but she’s so petite that a cute little bob or short hair cut would look cute on her too.

Sydni on

She would look better if she at least gained some weight.
When people say she looks ‘great’ they are condoning her lifestyle and her frame size.
To me she looks extremely unhealthy.
By saying she looks great, you are putting into the minds of teenagers everywhere that to weigh 90 lbs at the age of 25 is okay.
Is that really what they need?

Amy on

Can you tell me what lipstick she is wearing. I love it.

maddy on

she looks really gorgeous! the shorter hair and fringe really suits her.

Jena on

In Response…

Well personally I look more black than I do white.. I am 50% white 15%Cherokee Indian and 35% African American. Technically I’m more Caucasian than I am black, but according to Americas standards of classifying people on appearance.. I am considered Black. If you look like your black, then your black to the eye’s of the nation. Many a time I have documented differently on paper that I am byracial on forms that I have had to document my race…but if I go on an interview for a job they assume I’m black. So I guess due to the fact that history has proven in our culture that if you look slightly ethnic you might as well be completly that race… Does’nt matter if it’s fair or not thats our society. I cant speak for Obama or Halley but for myself it’s always been a challenge to place myself amongst a society that needs to classify me as one thing or the other. Hopefully you understand an if you dont thats fine.. others rarely do..their not in our shoes. (sorry for punctuation and spelling error’s OOP’s!!)

crystal on

I love nicole with any hair but this looks the best on her!!!

Priscilla on

Nice haircut! By the way she is black, that’s what she said during a Simple Life episode.

cate on

oh i love her new cut! its so cute i think i might just get mine cut like that! its so much better than her old hair-do.

Terra on

I can’t believe that a simple hair question burst out into a racial conversational piece…….. You people are absolutely ridiculous and the REASON OUR WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS TODAY!!!!!
On to the ACTUAL TOPIC: She looks cute, the bob does her good. And she’s looking ALOT healthier these days – Could it be her newfound love???

j on

no jena, thank you–that helps alot. i just never knew & those i’ve asked previously have had difficulty answering me. :)

Stephanie on

She looks fabulous with the new hairstyle.

natalie on

i love it. she is very cute. she is mixed. she said it on the simple life.

KiMbErLy LuV's SoFtBaLl on

Nicole is BACK!!! She looks healthier, and her hair shows off her ah-dorable face! YAAAYYYY!

me on

Terra- I completely agree with you. People are way too sensitive about ethnicity and race these days. If it’s so unimportant, why make such a big deal out of it? Jeez.

Barbara Goode on

I think Nicole looks fantastic with the shorter ‘do. She has very tiny features, so too much hair with overpower her face. This length rocks on her!

yvonne franceschi on

from a simple everyday question of how she looks, everybody
gets into this fight over if she is half black or half white. She looks great with short or long hair, but light
hair suits her better, bringsout her color in her eyes.
Girls remember that we do not choose our parents based on
race or color. We are gift of love when we come to this
world, and this girl was given in adoption, probably her
biological parents couldn’t take care of her or did not
want her, and specially she was not aborted by her mother,
but she came with an angel and Mr Lionel Ritchie adopted
her and probably loved her more than her real parents. So the issue of ethnics is way out of order. yvonne

dominic on

she must really love her new boyfriend, joel madden, because she is trying so hard to look like hilary duff! she’ll never be as pretty as hilary duff, though. but i do have to say that when she’s pretending to be hilary, she looks better, so keep it up nicole, and maybe with this new look you’ll actually land yourself a career!

Lee White on

she probably has done this type of hair cut before, but she actually looks good. her hair colour is cute.

JH on

I’m glad she finally went back to this look – it’s definitely what suits her best!

Mandy on

Her new hair do looks great! Those ends needed to come off so now her hair looks much more healthy!

forget me not on

I like her hair shorter but I think the shade of blonde is a bit to light for her skin tone.

Theetha on

Love her new do.

Ermina on

I loooooove her new hair style
She looks hottt!

GLO on

I looove it! She has good bone structure so it suits her! I’m glad she’s beenn going in the right direction so far

Erin on

It’s pretty; it looks more grown up; it will be good for court

Priscilla on

Pleaseeeee no one is fighting about her ethinicity, we are just commenting. Stop being so sensitive!!!!

Marti on

I love the new *Do*! She’s looking much prettier these days! :-)

dany on

i love nicole. shes hot either way

Maryse on

I love the short bob on Nicole {even though I think she’s done this bob before}. I like the long wavy hair, but with her petite frame and face, the short looks way better on her and it also brings out the bone structure in her face. Love the color of blonde too. It really makes her look refreshing. Her brown eyes are beautiful. You can tell she looks much better; healthier. She may have a ways to go to meet her ideal weight, but before, if you look at pics of the past, you could see her neck bones protuding out.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the students / victims’ family in the VA. Tech shooting.



Olivia on

yes please people reaaly do need to stop being so sensitive and yea im black

Maryse on

I love the short bob on Nicole {even though I think she’s done this look before}. I like the long wavy hair, but I think the short bob suits her much better. The bob suits her petite frame and really brings out her bone structure in her face. I love the lighter shade of blonde on her also. It’s so refreshing on her. Her brown eyes are beautiful. Also, she does look better; healthier. She may have aways to go to meet her ideal weight, but if you look at past photos of her, her neck bones were really protruding from her neck, you don’t see that as much in the photo with her sporting the bob.

Sarah on

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! She is always fabulous and now she looks like she’s really becoming a high class member of society. She looks incredible.

Billie on

thats hot! I love her new short cut it freshens up her face and she looks great

Jenny on

I love it! I think it looks very nice on her. Frames her pretty face nicely.

Jordan on

I think she looks great both ways her bob is a bit more sophisticated looking which looks nicer for the red carpet but either way short or long they both look exalent and she looks alot healthier and this mixed race comments i ahve to say i can barely tell she is half african or whatever because you would never no by looking at her even when she has dark hair she still looks light

Nora on

I don’t think changing her looks matters. Either way she looks consistently sick, pale and unhealthy. She’s the reason I don’t do drugs. Poor thing, she’s a lost cause for beauty.


not that this is exactly ‘new” but it totally looks better than before. the long hair just looks weird, like she was lazy or sometin else weird. def the shorter look is better 4 her–but it really isnt new, shes worn it similarly b4.

macy on

She’s absolutely beautiful with this new hairstyle! It’s a keeper for sure! She just looks healthy and vibrant.

Rebecca on

I love Nicole’s new haircut! However, the very blonde shade looks too fake on her and does nothing for her complexion. I like her better as a brunette.

Nina on

I love her new look!!!!! And 4 Cher dont hate!

katie on

HELLOOOOOO??? Nicole has changed herself into PARIS HILTON!!!

Cara on

I think she looks gorgeous no matter what. But I prefer her shorter shoulder length hair. She looks older and more sophisticated and less like that awful Rachel Zoe.

Sarah on

Just wanted to state this, Nicole Richie is Bi-racial just to clarify. Someone said she is adopted so she is not black. Yes, she is adopted but she is still part black. I guess I wouldn’t question it bc I am Bi-racial and to me she looks part black. Anyway look up her real parents and she says it publicly anyway. J I know your question was to Jena and she answered it great. I just wanted to add that some bi-racial people will state they are black bc it is the ethnicity that they identify with. This is a tough world and if you take it back in the days one drop of “black” blood you were considered Black. It hasn’t changed. I don’t mind it. I love to identify with black women cause all my life I was considered black to every ethnicity. I could tell stories to show you through my past experiences but that would take a novel. Anyway her hair is adorable. I have a cut like that myself.

Angela on

I love the New look. It fits her face perfectly, it also brings out her skin tone.

Hannah on

The shorter one makes her look really old! The longer one is totally better!

Hunneybunn on

Guess the short hair will be lower maintenance for her while serving the jail term. So Bravo to her, I guess.

Piccollo on

LOL best line EVER!!! she isn’t African American, anyway – she’s ADOPTED.
You heard it here first folks. Adopted is the new race! I’m so glad we had this little chat.

Lola on

Not sure if anyone is aware of this but her shorter do is still extensions. I saw a close-up of this shot and you can see all the bonds. So sure the shorter do is cute but it certainly isn’t natural

HS on

Like the cut, hate the color. This pale blond just does not look good with her skin tone. She’d do better with a chocolate brown color.

Samantha on

nicole is SO hot. the hair looks great…she looks really good now that shes gained a little weight. She has such a beautiful face…georgeous eyes.

Mandy on

I don’t care if she’s purple w/green polka dots. She is looking alot more healthy these days and she can rock ANY hairstyle!

Stacey on

Actually, I was stating that just because her father is Lionel Richie doesn’t mean she’s black, since she was adopted. I agree that the sentence does seem a bit simplistic in form. However, I don’t usually post an essay in these forums.

lm x on

her hair is lovely both styles x

KT from Cda on

I think this is just a test of people website to see if we are paying attention. She hasn’t had long hair in a long time! It has been bobbed for a long time.

Stephanie Sparkle on

can anyone say hi, hilary duff?… i wonder if nicole’s new boyfriend had anything to do w/ this. its cute but still…..

katie on

Between the high cheekbones and smaller sculpted and now angular chin, she doesn’t even look like the same person. And all of you are right, that she hasn’t had long hair or a hippy style for a looooong time. I wonder how people think stars can have nice hair when they’re always straightening, dyeing, lengthening, dieting, etc. We haven’t seen her Real hair for years now! For all the looney stuff surrounding Britney~ the one smart thing she did was shave her head. That’s the only way to remove all the damage constant overstyling can do.

erica on

her shorter style is extensions too! if you look closely you can see her bonds in her bang area.I like it. it looks expensive.

yeah on

you people need to read a newspaper

Mel on

Nicole’s biological parents worked for Lionel back in the 80’s; her father a drummer and her mother a stage hand. As such, Nicole was a permanent fixture on tour with Lionel and they developed a close bond. When she was 2, her biological parents and Lionel decided that she would have a more stable life at home with Ritchie and his then wife. She wasn’t formally adopted by them until the age of 9. If interested, read more:

jess on

loving the short hair!! something different! x

KT on

they really both look good!!~

Sara on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and the cut!! It’s great for summer and I think it suits her perfectly. She looks more sophisicated

m. wills on

Has she not worn it like this in the past before? Is it now flipped to the opposite side? What? What’s so special about it? It looks good but…

Rachel on

Her hair looks great and she looks like she is in much better shape…she was getting way too skinny there for a while.

Emily on

Nicole Richie looks really great with her new hair! Love it!!!!

JaneSays on

LOVE IT! She always looks cute, so for that, I kinda hate her! :-)

Jane on

She looks adorable, as usual. And who gives a flying flap what race she is? Seriously, put down the bong and open a book! There are some serious igmos on this site today!!

jumala on

guy look at her she looks fabulas we all love ya nicole stay cute byebye

kisses ;0)

mandy on

Nicole is soooo much more beautiful than Paris Hilton.

rachael on


Kaitlyn on

Nicole looks so celeb! I love the new style!

Alexis on

so much better, the blonde color really does compliment her

renee on

Loves it. She looks great, and healthier too. I still like
the long hair too but thats what extensions are for, right?

Madrid - Spain on

I absolutely LOVE it!! She looks beautiful! And I already printed out the picture to take to my hairdresser next week.

Nicky on

I Love her hair short.She looks so much healthier than she did before.Its a great look for her

Krista on

She looks Fab…very elegant, and more like a lady instead of a teen. You go Nic!

Iskra on

Absolutely Love it !


love the new do..she looks FABULAS!!!!!!!!!

Jen on

To be honest, I liked her hair the best when it was a long dark brown (almost black), it made her look sort of exotic and was a stand out from all the blondes in hollywood. Her skin also looked “glowing” in it. But i perfer her longer less blonde locks here. Her little short cut bob seems skinny as well as her and makes her looked EVEN petiter.

Shayla on

She looks HOT!

Serena on

I love Nicole with short hair…but she’s beautiful also with long hair….!

Giovanna on

I love the short hair, nicole looks so much better with it..i plan on cutting 11 inches of my hair and donating it to “Locks of Love”, in the next few months, and im going to Nicole’s short hair look!!

Giovanna on

I love the short hair, nicole looks so much better with it..i plan on cutting 11 inches of my hair and donating it to “Locks of Love”, in the next few months, and im going to Nicole’s short hair look!!

Jodi on

I like her new haircut, itmakes her look stunning and less washed out!!!!

kmj on

Nicoles new hairstyle looks neat and professional.She is maturing nicely.

Chris on

She looks SO healthy and elegant with this new “Look”!!!

v on

I happen to like long hair personally,but when you are so small framed,longer hair sometimes looks even more slimming. I think Nicole’s hair looks alot better shorter,but she also looks great as long as she keeps her head up and keeps SMILING.

Isabelle on

I think this is such an improved style. She used to be more draggy and now this cut suits her amazingly.

michelle on

IT look really pretty love it

amy on

She looks great…keep it short.

Helen on

Love it, she doesnt look like a HIPPY with greasy hair anymore!!!

Emma Abba on

I love her new look. The best look she has had is the brown, long look, but she is still beautiful!
Rock on, Nicole!

Joanna on

I think she looks awsome!!!! and she look pretty…

Tracy on

Nicole’s new haircut and color looks great on her. She looks so classy!

lory on

i think she looks amazinggggg

K on

Nicole looks so much classier with this chic new cut! Out with the trashy extensions, in with the wispy locks! Her bangs are super cute too.

Leah on

Nicole looks much more chic with the bob. The long hair overtakes her faces and looks unkempt…I give this look a total two thumbs way up!



cheerislife on

I love the shorter cut on Nicole. I think she goes from trashy to chic. I

claudia on

she looks awesome! she’s come a long way & is a serious style icon! :)

Heather Usher on

WOW!!!! Nicole looks awesome with this new cut….its the best one soooo far and it makes her look a lot better

Staci on

short….no question!! long hair is to bohemian on her.

peikkis on

Short hair are so much better for her ! She looks cute and young, long hair makes her just look older !

Juicy on

I love the shorter do but she HAS had that before. Only it was darker last time. Nicole is equal parts Mexican, White and African American. HEr real last name is Escaveda or something like that. On the SImple Life 3 she mentions twice that she is half black half white but she doesn’t really say anything about being Mexican.

research on

Here’s a picture of who is beleived to be Nichole’s real dad. The first guy in the picture and man do they look alike. If he had a blonde wig, he could be her twin!

micki on

I live her hair like this, although she has worn it like this b/4.



french mommy on

She looks more put together with the short. Looks awesome

french mommy on

She looks more put together with the short hair. Looks awesome

Rob on

she’s really cleaned up her visual act. she looks great!


She looks pretty.

Jackie on

Her new shorter hair looks so chic and stylish! It’s so much more flattering on her face shape than floppy long hair. Good change!

Brooke on

I think she looks adorable! I think the shorter hair much better than her longer hair. She looks a lot more healty also!!!

Keli on

She is such a beautiful girl! She has changed her hair so many times in the past couple years and I love them all! Im just curious how there hair doesn’t just fall out at the roots from all the over processing..? I need to be rich with a personal stylist.

Chloe on

I Love her new haircut!!! Her long extensions were too much for how small she is. This suits her..and it looks like mine!

Ashley on

I like the longer hair better, but i do think she looks great both ways. And she’s looking very healthy again. Go Nicole!

lena on

I actually like this look… it gives her face more definition so it doesnt look all skin and bones. in the previous photo her face looks all washed out and drowned by her hair but this look compliments her face color and shape(maybe) but again when you are retired then you can wear as much makeup as you want(in whatever color you want(almost…)but when you are young you can lay off SOME of the makeup and use more natural tones( she needs eye shadow the makes her eyes look bigger and that much black and brown makes her eyes pop but it makes them look like slits)

Joanne on

Love love love it!!!!! Fresh and vital!

Kay on

I think she looks great with her hair like that. She has a very beautiful skin color, which allows her to wear multiple shades. She looks fab.

Kay on

I think she looks great with her hair like that. She has a very beautiful skin color, which allows her to wear multiple shades. She looks fab.

brittney on

looks fab!

Sarah on

She looks amazing much prettier than the long locks. The brighter blond is much better for her tones.

jade on

jajaja nicole looks gorgeous ! she´s so pretty
and i´m sorry for returning to the stupid issua of the race but none of you are right , i know from a very good source that she is everything except white !yeah she´s adopted
she is 50% black (unfortunately she is tryingg to hidden it )

50% hispanic

jade on

jajaja nicole looks gorgeous ! she´s so pretty
and i´m sorry for returning to the stupid issua of the race but none of you are right , i know from a very good source that she is everything except white !yeah she´s adopted
she is 50% black (unfortunately she is tryingg to hidden it )

50% hispanic

Michaelyn Orlando on

Love it! Love it! Love it!

kayla canning on

Nicoles hair looked SOOO much better when it was long

Cocoloco on

are u kidding me? nicole richie is about as african american as paris hilton (which is not african american at all) nor is she hispanic. she is american. she was ADOPTED by lionel richie, he’s not her biological dad. as for the cut, i love it, it looks really cute. but i think long hair is more versatile. i like long hair better. but its fun and cute, i like it.

No Deal. on

She looks absolutely AMAZING with the short bob haircut.She’s gorgeous either way though of course. (: Lol @ Is she trying to be a white girl.That sentence was completely ignorant & Nicole is partially white either way.

Taylor on

All I have to say is LOVE IT!

Justyna on

So cute! i love her new ‘do!
the bob is so much better then her longer hair! :D

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