Do You Wear High Heels Like Gwen and Jessica?

04/16/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


I’m a terrible high heel wearer. Anything above 1-1/2 inches has me cringing and reaching for Band-Aids, insoles, you name it — anything to help ward off the inevitable blisters! So when I saw this photo of Gwen Stefani in her six-inch YSL Tribute pumps, all I could do was stare in wonderment. For me, just standing in heels that high would be hard enough! Add a baby and a set of stairs and it’s utterly impossible! That’s not to say Gwen doesn’t look as cool and stylish as always, but walking in heels this high obviously requires skills I don’t have. As for Jessica Biel’s – are these shoes or tools of torture? Until I grow a set of super-human, blister-proof feet, I think I’ll stick to my super-comfy Juicy Couture flats! Tell me: What’s the highest heel you wear?Kara Murphy


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KT from Cda on

No, I like my bones the way they are: unbroken. You’d have to have skill in order to wear those! I’m only 5’1 and I love my height. Short people like me should embrace their height and get over it! So what if your not really tall. Remember big things come in small packages. Like dinomite!

yvonne franceschi on

The highest 3 inches and this was a torture for my feet. One
friend of mine using these high heels broke an ankle. Even
though I have never worn these heels on a daily basis, guest
what I had surgery for a bunion on my left foot
shoe designer will keep up making these shoes, there’s
market for every one in this world, so I’ll stay with my
flats. Yvonne

LauraC on

Too high for me!
But, Gwen looks great in her high heels. On the other hand, Jessica should.. come down to earth!

SoFineAKA on

I am more of a ballet lover than pole… The shoes are basically impractical for the everyday woman. Yes, they are “haute,” but all they are doing is heading from the car (chauffered) to the event. Don’t they also get paid to wear certain accessories? If I got paid to do so, I am sure I would strap those YSL’s to my feet as well!


Denise on

I do own a couple of pair that are 3 1/2 inches, but that is as high as I am willing to go. Hey, if they can do it, why not, they look great!!

Heather S. on

I have some 4″ heels I love. As long as I get a pair that I don’t have to worry about walking out of, I can do anything on heels, no problem!

Jennifer on

I find that more expensive shoes hurt my feet less. My highest heels are some 4 inch Calvin Klein pumps, which I would never have worn a couple of years ago, until my French friends told me I walked ‘frumpily’ in flats. Now I don’t wear flats anywhere near as much, except my pewter ballerinas from Madrid because I love them too much!

LB on

The highest heel I ever wore was 5 inches, the day of my wedding. They were actually very comfortable. I think it depends on who makes them, and if you wear them in around the house.

Julie on

I have 4-in stilettos, but I don’t wear them often. I think these look like overkill. Higher heels make your legs look fantastic, but these are so clunky and platformy that they kind of drag their legs down, like concrete blocks!

Katie on

The highest heel I wear is 3 inches. I think anything higher looks really silly. Besides, it would be too easy to stumble and fall in those really high heels.

Jessy on

I love these shoes! And I seem to only feel comfortable and confident when I’m wearing heels or wedges. I’m 5’7″ so adding an extra few inches makes me pretty tall. If you can wear them without stacking it and breaking your heel (or ankle!) go for it because I think they are really good for your posture and look hot!!

Dark.Empress on

I think that they both look great. Once you are really used to wearing heels a couple of extra inches doesn’t phase you. I can do anything in my heels even run. As long as you have confidence you wont fall. It’s just like balancing on figure skates, at first it seems precarious but once you stop thinking about it, you can do it!

KR on

No Way. I like living.

Shauna on

Wow!!! Why would you torture your feet like that, incline that your feet are at is definitely not healthy. I love the way Gwen has but I would never wear them.

AnnieM on

I’m way-short, but can’t seem to break the 3″ barrier! Plus I would be “an accident waiting to happen” in anything too high.

Elda on

i’ve never owned a pair of 1 1/2 shoes before and i’m not about the start either.

Victoria on

My everyday footwear is a pair of 4 1/2″ ankle boots- I rarely wear sneaks- just to work out- highest pair on heals though are my pink peeptoes at 5 1/2″. I’m more comfy in heals than flats plus i need the height i’m only 5’2″.

Anita on

The highest heel I own are about 4 inches. But I’m also 5’11

Heather on

I can’t wear heels…….I would break my ankle! I guess that is what you get when you are a jock!

Ashley on

3 inches is high enough for me. I would break my neck in anything taller than that! Also…these kinda look a little stripper-ish to me…I’m goin for the classy look.

Gracie on

2 high heeled 4 me… I work at a College, so the first trip across campus & I’d need a hospital bed.

Lisa on

I’m only 5 feet tall, so I’d generally take all the height I could get, HOWEVER, 6 inches just looks ridiculous. I’ll stick to 3 inches – even that can be dangerous.
Maybe celebrities can carry it off, but imagine the average woman walking down the street in those . . . (I use the term “walking” loosely!

j on

i love high heels because they’re soo flattering. the highest i have is 3 1/2-4 inches. stuart weitzman makes GREAT heels that are actually comfortable and easy to walk in at this height, check ’em out!!!

jennifer in tulsa on

I’m actually wearing 4 inch heels today as I do MOST days. I’m only 5’1 so I like wearing heels because they make me look taller.

Colette on

Heels are no problem for me. I wear 4 inch heels everyday to work. Flats hurt my feet, but the heels accomadate my high arches.

Lola on

I’m 5’7″ and I wear heels almost exclusively. Most are 3-3 1/2 inches, I have a couple of 4 inchers but that’s it. I would probably wear the shoes in the pic though.

greeneyes on

I’m 5’5,5″ (166cms) tall and I feel comfortable about my height, plus I get tired very fast, so I like wearing only flats, well, maybe sometimes 2″ shoes. I would never ever EVER NEVER wear such ridiculously high-heels, because (with all my due respect for them) I think these women look awful! I would get cramp in my leg if I wore such heels…. And I agree with Ashley, these shoes would fit for a stripper ;)

dawn on

I was kind of taught and agree anything over 2 inches is trashy.

Liesl on

Its not the heel that bothers me much, it is the fact that I can barely wear ANY high heels. I’m almost always bare footed and also I have flat feet. But Gwen rocks those heels!

Kris on

I am only 5’3” tall so when I go out I strap 3 1/2″ heals on to boost me up. And I plan on wearing a pair of 3 1/2″ heels on my wedding day. . .some think I’m crazy, that I will definitely fall. What do you think?

Sarah on

those are platform heels. that 6inch is cheating! platforms are ugly! i wear 41/2 easily without platform

Amber on

I think Jessica Biel’s shoes are way too high. Gwens aren’t too bad, but I definitely wouldn’t be holding my child with those on!

Beth on

I assume if I were to wear heels like that, it would be some fancy event that I would attend with my boyfriend. I am already kind of tall at 5’6 – and my boyfriend is 6′, so for me to wear 4-6″ heels would make me about the same height as him.. plus if I wear heels at all, they’re usually 2-3″. But I usually just wear flip flops or my Nikes. My life ain’t that fancy!! :-)

Lauren on

I have a pair of 4inch heels that I love but other than that I will stick to 3 or below. But I used to be a dancer and i had to dance in really high heels so i got used to it pretty quickly. I am also only 5’1″ so heels are necessary.

Alice on

I think both women are rocking the heels, but they aren’t for me. Anything too high makes my legs look to scrawny and its not flattering for me.

Maureen on

No one has mentioned the fact that Gwen is wearing them while carrying her baby. I love Gwen and the way she dresses, but I rarely wear any heels if I am carrying my baby, and I would never wear something like those. They are too dangerous. However, maybe for a sort time in the bedroom…

lydia on

i have 6 inch heels.
there pink && white, i love them to death && wear them all the time.
i am almost literally standing on my tiptoes when i wear them.
i am still in high school && we have a large school for where i live.
it has 2,500 kids in it, so our school is huge.
it takes 10 minutes to walk between classes, but only if you hurry.
i wear them to school all the time.
they dont hurt my feet.
i also wear these adorable black 5 inch heels && you’d be suprised at the difference 1 inch makes!
they feel like nothing compared to my 6 inch heels.
heels are amazing.
but only from 3 inches && up.

Shel on

I am 5’4″ and wear 4 inch stillet’s to the office on a regular basis. I have for the past 10 years. I disagree that anything over 2 to 2.5 inches is trashy…that’s just not true. I tend to wear peep toe’s (very classy and retro) that have a 1/2 to 3/4 inch platform which definitely helps with the height, you don’t feel it as much. I prefer to wear tall heels, not only does it make me taller, but it gives me that sexy edge.

NP on

I wouldn’t wear them. They are really high, for me! I think JB and Gwen look OK. JB seems that there is no problem for her to wear them, and I assume Gwen too, except right now because she is carrying a baby.. In my OWN opinion they look like stripper’s shoes :)

Marla T on

I LOVE THEIR SHOES!! I’m a total shoe fanatic and I’ll wear any heighth heel as long as they’re in style – my highest heels are 6 inchers and I LOVE them…the majority are 3-4″ though. I will be just like Gwen someday and be a “fashion mama” – there is NO getting rid of my heels :) way to go ladies!

HS on

These shoes are an atrocity – especially Jessica Biel’s. They are so high that they look comical. I also noticed that she is practically standing on her tip-toes because the heel is so high that she must walk on the balls of her feet. Whoever said that high heels are comfortable is not telling the truth. There is no possible way those shoes could be comfortable to walk in. I would never wear them, unless someone paid me a lot of money.

Tamara on

I’m with you. Anything more than an inch-and-a-half, and I can’t function. Except for wedges. Interestingly enough, I can wear three-inch wedge heels and my feet aren’t screaming by the end of the night (my calves sure are though!). I’m already 6′ tall so I don’t need to add a lot of height as it is, but there are days when I wish I could wear towering shoes without feeling the after-effects.

Leigh on

I would NOT be wearing those while carrying my baby! Didn’t Gwen learn anything from Britney and Sean P’s episode while wearing platform shoes?!?!

glad on

I love high heels…i cant wear a small heel, all of my shoes are 4 inchs..i own one that is 4 1/2 inch..but i am used to walkin in a high heel, i guess it just depends how you feel, but i love them !

deb on

I wore 5 inch heels throughout the 70’s. Now the highest I go is a “Birki”. Comfort over beauty for me!

JoanR on

Well, I’ve never worn a heel higher than 3 inches, and that was a struggle. With school, work, and home responsibilities, I do enough of a balancing act without adding 6-inch heels to the mix. I want my feet firmly planted on the ground! By the way, those Juicy Couture flats are exactly my style!

j on

seriously–let’s not DARE compare gwen stefani to britney spears in ANY way–whether it’s looks, talent, style or especially motherhood!!! she has that baby with her EVERYWHERE she goes, unlike britney who has only been shopping and going to dance class since she got out of her shortened version of ‘rehab’. gwen could probably run a race in stilettos she’s so used to walking/dancing in them. britney also had a drink in her hand when she almost dropped her baby and was mainly concerned with getting a photo op. as you can see from the pic above, gwen is carefully looking where she’s stepping AND has both arms around kingston!!

Mary on

The highest shoes I have is a 4-incher, although I have to admit that is a bit of a challenge since my feet are relatively small. Unlike my fellow Vietnamese (who are short and midget-like), however, I only wear high heels for special occasions.

Stella K on

I personally LOVE heels but the highest I can wear is 4 inches. Flats are also cute but IF the shoes have a heel of any kind, I would never wear them below 3 inches. 3 to 3.5 inches for me would be perfect! I hate when I’m shopping and see a cute pair of heels on display and then seeing that the heel is 5 inches high when I pick them up.

GV on

I disagree with the statement anything over 2 inches is trashy…it all depends on how you wear them and who you are. I wear my 3/12″-4″ heels to work everyday — nothing trashy about them. I think it takes confidence and a high pain tolerance to pull that off. Nothing trashy here!

nelly on

yes! I own nothing but heels. The taller the better since 7th grade. I am now a sophmore in college. I love heels they make my legs look longer i just really like them

Amanda-Lake Charles, LA. on

Gwen Stefani – heck yeah. Has been Biel, heck no.

Melina on

I love high heels! The higher the better, but my trick is that I only wear the SUPER high ones when I know I’m going to be sitting down most of the night. This way I still get to look chic and stylish and my feet aren’t killing me at the end of the night.

Maryse on

Nearly all my heels are 4″. I have a pair of 4″ and 5″ boots. Honestly, my feet don’t hurt at all when I wear heels / platforms. I wear all different kinds of shoes: wedges, peep-toe heels / platforms, heels / platforms, ballerina flats, mary-jane’s…

I like Jessica Biel’s platforms, the red is so sexy. Gwen Stefani, she can pull off any kind of shoe basically. Kingston is so handsome!

G. on

6 inch heels are way too high! I love high heels, and 4 1/2 is my max. And why is it ok for Gwen Stefani to tote her baby around and down staircases in 6 inch heels, but when Britney wore heels and tripped with Sean Preston everyone was all in a frenzy?? Seems Gwen is being a bit irresponsible herself!

Prianka on

I absolutely love high-heels. My higest pair are 4 inches and my foot is only a size five. It is absolute torture, but it is definitely worth the look. Besides, heels aren’t half as bad when they’re on boots. I love Gwen’s shoes but I’d still be a bit scared if I were Kingston.

Nora on

I love heels! I don’t like heels any higher than maybe 4 inches because I’m 5 feet and I don’t want to look drastically tall, it’s kinda tacky.

anonymous on

stripper heels!

Annie on

I’m with “G.” How can Gwen do that with a child? I think she’s awesome and is probably a great mom, but I draw the line there. I never wear anything more than 4″ heels and I am hesitant to do that if I know I will be carrying my daughter.

Ruby Daschil on

I wear a pair of 2 and 1/2 inch heels almost every day. They are comfortable to me. Actually, wearing flats hurts my feet a lot more than heels, because it feels like my heels are pounding on the ground and they get very sore. I’m 5’6″ so the extra 2 and 1/2 inches makes me feel like a model =)

On special occasions, I bring out higher ones, my highest pair being 5 inches. They are hard to walk in, but still pretty comfortable.

Lisy on

The highest heel I have ever worn was 3 inches. I wore them on a trip to Vegas and ended up having to take them off and walk barefoot down the Strip because my feet were aching! Never again!

katie on

Gwen’s ALOT older than Britney, she should know better- and not be so self-important to promote her style above a baby’s safety. Sure, she might be able to walk in those with a child, but why?

Eva on

My highest heels are 4″. I can wear them for maybe an hour and a half standing. But forget about walking. I’d have to have a car to get around.

Anutkin on

Ive worn heals like that only on one occasion and that was for halloween! But Gwen is carrying her child in those heals makes me question her intelligence twice!

cori on

I have a pair of 4″ “roach killer” (as my hubby and co-workers call them) pointy toed pumps…I ade my new year’s resolution to be wearing more heels and I have slowly trained my feet to accept them. but nothing feels as good as putting on slippers when i get home from work. :-)

Tawny on

41/2 inches, and I am 5’10:)
I love being tall, anytime I wear heels that tall out on the town I always get people who ask me, are you REALLY this tall?! hahaha, they make me like 6’3. Awesome:) I have long legs and love to show them off, I think more tall girls should embrace their height instead of being afraid of it:)!!

Shannon on

I wear 3-4 inch heels when I feel like dressing up. It’s not a big deal for me though cause I’m a ballroom dancer. I’m used to it. The height really lengthens your legs and makes you look skinnier!

AL on

i wish i could wear heels like that! but seriously how can a girl wear heels and not feel like she’s going to die after 10 minutes?! i really do want to wear them but they hurt my feet

sadie on


Alexandra on

I’m only 5′ tall and don’t get me wrong I love being short, but sometimes heels just look great with something you’re wearing, and hey if they just happen to make me a bit taller in the process…all power to them. =)

I’m used to walking around in 4 1/2 inch heels sometimes, and I consider anything lower really comfortable as well. However I think these heels are way TOO high. You could break things in these heels. While they look dynamite on Gwen and Jessica, I think I’m going to steer clear of them myself.

Stephanie Sparkle on

MY QUESTION IS, if we can wear them? how can they..? doesnt it hurt their feet as well?

are they just more graceful w/ their pain?

Bella on

The shoes look a little like torture devices to me, but it looks like it works for them! I’m 5’2 and I love a good kitten heel or wedge. I’m pretty unsteady on stilettos, and I don’t feel as confident in my balance in anything over 3 inches for everyday use. But I definitely admire the ladies who can work those shoes no problem!

I don’t think Gwen holding her baby in the shoes is irresponsible… I mean the woman jumps around stage in similar shoes with out a problem, I think she can handle walking and holding a baby without much difficulty. Granted Britney had on some crazy shoes as well, she also seemed to be walking the extra hem off her jeans as well. Gwen doesn’t have anything to worry about tripping over in her outfit.

queenoftherotten on

UGH! Nothing like walking in these kinds of shoes. Looks like you have swivel hips and a stick up your butt. I’ll leave the heels to RuPaul. Love you, RuPaul!

Olivia on

personally i am a ballet flat girl al the way but when i do wear heels i like to go high, the higher the better. its sexy a give you good posture when walking all the designers arre going really highths season when they do hills and i lov it

hailey on

i love high heel’s they make my leg’s look gerat

Jam on

I wear heels everyday! I hate wearing low shoes since I have been wearing heels for so long! I feel much more feminine in heels… it is not about my height. I just feel so much more sexy!

Mar on

This is just too much. Both are beautiful ladies. I just do not understand what they were thinking when they decide to wear those bricks…

Emily on

Let’s just say that if I wore these…I would break my ankles!

sarah walker on

I hate to see a women walk like a duck or walk heel first. Walking in heels only takes practice. If you walk correctly-toe heel toe heel and one foot in front of the other(instead of like a duck) You will have a prettier, more femine walk and heels will come naturally for you.

miriam on

the highest 9 cm and it was a torture for my feet…but it gives u security if u go to a party or somewherE! also they look femine and elegant, but I wont put high heels like this on a normal day..

Tina on

I use to be a dancer and wore 6-8 inch heals and I think they make your legs and body look very sexy ecspeacialy when your only 5’2

Angela on

I am 5’2″ and own a pair of 31/2, but I would definitely go higher if the shoes were cuter. I think if they get too high, they start looking ridiculous, and, the more guys you are taller than, the better!

Ginger on

I think it is crazy to wear 6’in heels!!Your beautiful the way you are,tall,short,skinny,big,it is what is in your heart.

Susannah C. on

3.5″ seems to be the magic number. Anything higher, and I’m bound to trip on myself. I find that after 3.5″ my calves look a little too flexed…not a good look for me.

amnariel on

I’d love to be brave enough to wear heels as high as those, but! I’m walking too much, even when I go out in the evening, so these high heels are very unpractical for me, unfortunatelly…

Nicky on

I would if it fit the outfit!

Krista on

I LOVE HEELS!!! Its so ladylike. Im tired of females walking around in tennis shoes all the time. Just like my mother taught me, obvisously Gwen and Jessica’s mother taught them…Some girls have it, and some dont. Thank Goodness WE HAVE IT. Those females that hate becuz of our sexy shoe wearing…JOIN THE FAN CLUB!

renee on

I love the heels they look great, but gwen betta be carefull
with her little cutie, she could pull a britney carryin him
around like that.

Chrissy on

Well the highest I go is 4 inch heels. I think I could walk in 6 inch – would take sometime but I would master it. I love heels they are sexy for females! I know the guys stare at aww at me when they see how high my shoes are wonder how in the heel my feet don’t hurt! HEELS ROCK!

Shoediva in Michigan on

The highest I own is a pair of 4 inch Giuseppes and I’m in love with them, but I’m a shoe “you-know-what” – Giuseppe, Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Mr. McQueen…you name it, I love it, so I certainly would give a higher heel a try. 4 is probably my realistic limit though. I absolutely HATE flats, I’m 5’5 and that’s pretty average and you’ll never catch me in a pair of flats dressed to go somewhere, even to the grocery store. I will wear a CUTE flip flop on vacation and my sneakers for work outs, but that’s the extent of it. LONG LIVE HIGH HEELS!!!!

kmj on

History repeating itself!Check out womens feet now, who wore high heels routinely in the 1950’s and recognize the damage they can do to one’s feet.So sad!!

taylc on

they look great, but I’m worried for Gwen…if she falls Kingston is going right down with her

Dee on

Well, first of all wearing heels is a snap if your not a gorilla.
There is a certain talent that comes with wearing heels, if you have it you have it, if you dont you dont.

babycouture on

im a stripper so ive gotten so used to 6inch heels now that i cant wear ne thing below 5inches wen i go out! i love them and think they look beautiful. i have a pair like jessica biels in black and i only wear flats wen im having a lazy day!

Melissa on

When you havea body like that, you can wear anything you want!!!!

Mademoiselle on

this is the magical power of fashion lol : sporting those shoes last year would’ve been a joke.
Gwen can wear anything, it always looks good, it drives me crazy!

Paris on

Heels look great. I only wear 4 inch heels and above. I wear them daily, although i do walk to work in my flip flops and then change into the heels at the office. For all practical purposes, I agree that heels are not for walking in. But for all the girls who can’t wear them, while I feel for you, please don’t knock the girls who can pull it off. Most of you probably would wear those shoes too if you could. And to the few girls who mentioned it, 6 inch heels are not “ridiculous”, most people (men and women) think they are pretty hot.

kady on

I love heels, but why would you hold your child (Kingston) while wearing them? If you fall or the heel breaks off, what will you do?

Faye on

My highest heels are 6 inches with a 1 inch platform. I bought it from an artist two years ago and they look incredibly similar to Louboutins except the sole is a patent black leather. They also have thick convertible heels as I can remove 1 inch from just the heel for running around, but they still look normal. Don’t ask me how he did it. They are also incredibly comfortable considering the heel height.

Sheryl on

I love my heels. I am between 5.7″ and 5.8″ and spend my day in four inch heels. Special nights are five inch heels and once a month or so I get to spend the day in my ballet boots. Nothing is more sexy than a lady in heels. Sheryl

Darya on

The highest heels I wear?
Any walking involved: 3 inches. Preferably a wedge.
Minimal walking, looking good is key: 4 inches, stiletto.
Driving my husband seriously crazy: 4.5 inches.

Above that, the arch is usually too steep for me to walk. Anyone suggest a 5+ inch heel I can walk (a little) in?

Indoors only: 5+ inch stilettos, boots.

Sheryl mentioned “ballet boots”. What are they?

Darya on

Jessica’s shoes look like part of a costume, not fashion. I wonder if under that overcoat, she’s not dressed as a french maid or something.

Gwen’s shoes look great – and I love seeing a mother enjoying herself (so many give it up “for the kids”). But it concerns me she is carrying her kid around in such high heels!

Cryptkeeper on

she is going to drop that weird looking little kid on his head…she had better get him a helmet if she is going to continue wearing stilts and carrying the little monkey.

Bailey on

but i think they look really good on Gwen Stefani. She is born to wear them!!!LOL

Aly on

I am in LOVE with those shoes!!!

Lynda on

highest heel is
9 inch ballet boots

usually wear at least a 6 inch when going out
or im wearing 4 inch or bare foot around the house

ive spent so long wearing heels that wearing anything else feels like putting on a strangers shoes on

Do You Wear High Heels Like Gwen and Jessica?

Do’nt you?

grace on

the highest heel i wear is 3 1/2 inches and that is relly not high

R on

ballet boots is the highest ive ever worn but my feet feel like there gonna fall off when i wear them but i just love them. i just love wearing heels i NEVER wear flat shoes.

cargo spain on

Todays some womens are like to wear high heels its a fashion. Thanks for this post.

yana on

I have heels as high as 5inches and I wear 4.5 out on the street. Your muscles get stronger as yuo wear them regularly so it does get better…as far as blisters go apply a bandage at the first sight and you’ll be fine …
In regards to Gwen she should NOT be wearng those with a baby in her arms ,one small snag or trip and bye goes the baby…I would be safe than sorry…Baby over fashion !

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