Fashion Faceoff: Rachel Bilson vs. Kate Hudson

04/12/2007 at 01:48 PM ET

As soon as we saw Kate Hudson in her super-cute Chanel dress at the Tom Ford dinner last night, we knew we had already fallen in love with it — back when Rachel Bilson wore it to a Chanel dinner in L.A. in January. We think that both women look sweet and sophisticated in their bow and chain-laden frock — and we can’t possibly decide who we like it better on. But we know you can! Tell us: who wears their Chanel dress better? Rachel or Kate?

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Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

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Elda on

the dress looks so cute on both but i think Kate steals the show on this round.



j on

they both look great, but i pick kate. she’s gorgeous!!

Dawn on

It’s really an ugly dress. I don’t care if it’s chanel it’s ugly.

Angie on

I don’t like the dress too much, but it looks better on Kate Hudson! What DOESN’T she look good it???

lacy on

cute dress! kate looks better, rachel’s bows are rumpled!

Amy B on

Do stars get their outfits made especially for them???
Both of these look the same but the bows are sitting different.
Kate wins this one for sure!!!

Michelle on

Kate Hudson is very pretty and Rachel Bilson is cute and always has this charming air about her… but I have to say Kate Hudson wins this round. I don’t love the dress as is, but it looks slightly dumpier on Rachel.

Amy on

Kate looks great!

Bec on

This faceoff is definitely a tie, but I suppose Rachel should get points for wearing the dress first. (She ought to have ironed the bows though.)

Lisa on

it’s defenetly better on Rachel, it looks way too short on Kate

jwhite on

I do not like this dress at all! But Kate looks better. The dress is wearing Rachel.

ela on

Eh I think Kate is kinda too old to wear a dress with ruffles

Nicole on

Don’t like the dress. It does not look horrible though. Rachel’s bows look messier but I like her darker tights with the dress.

Heather S. on

I both look cute, but they should switch tights and shoes. Rachel’s looks appropriate for a 30-year-old, and Kate’s is more age-appropriate for someone in their 20s, like Rachel.

katie on

A very cute dress.. My vote’s for Kate on this one, but Rachel Bilson has great style as well.

k on

kate looks much better in the dress!…rachel is too plain for me…her hair and make-up are always done the same way!

Jackie on

Kate Kate Kate!!! When doesnt she look stunning??

Michele on

Ugly dress, but Kate looks better in it….

KC on

Although I am a Racheal Bilson fan, The shorter lengh that Kate is rocking with the tights ( even the tights look better)is by far the winner.

edot on

I like the dress better on Rachel. It just doesn’t fit Kate’s usual hippie-chic style.

v on

rachel looks better.her hair and make up are cute. and she did wear it first

HLS on

Rachel’s tights are too dark and she looks as though she just sucked a lemon. Kate looks sweet. I don’t really like the dress, but it does look better on Kate.

Stella K on

The dress is adorable! I love bows and gray and black combinations. The dress looks prettier and also neater on Kate. As for the HEATHER S. saying Kate’s “too old” to wear it, PLEASE! Get your facts straight. Rachel is 25 and Kate is 27! She looks the same age as Rachel, if not younger and more vibrant. I don’t know what 27 year olds look like where Heather lives but Kate’s fit and beautiful and has had no work done and people are just jealous that she looks amazingly young. If Heather thinks 27 is too old, then supermodels and actresses should be wearing long bags because they are over 27!

Katie on

I would have to say that Kate looks the best in this outfit!

cwazysarah on

i know everybody so far has voted for kate, but i personally feel as if this dress is not kate’s aesthetic. the dress is a very cute and charming dress, and it fits rachel’s personal style. kate has a great sense of style; however, i feel it’s made for rachel based on her past outfit choices.

missRani on

kate definately takes the cake on this one. Rachel almost looks frumpy. Kate is just glowing.

AnnieM on

Love ’em both! Love the dress.

angela on

I love the dress and as a loyal fan of rachel bilson…of course i think it looks better on her. In my opinion kate is a bit too old for this look, whereas rachel bilson on the other hand (an up and coming actress) has a certain air about her that makes this dress fit her persona.

Gabriella on

It’s such a cute dress and they both look great, but I think the dress fits Kate Hudson better, Rachel’s is a little too big. But props to Rachel for sporting it first and with black nylons- so cute!

Stella on

it looks cute on both, but is too dark for rachel and kate’s blonde hair gives enough color to not make it look too dull.

Fifi on

Kate Hudson looks way better!

Maryse on

The dress looks adorable, and while Rachel and Kate are adorable as is, the dress looks better on Kate. So my vote goes to Kate. Rachel’s bows look frumpy on her. Plus I can’t even notice anything below the dress, because the tights are way too dark, IMO. I agree with someone stating that with Kate’s blonde hair, it adds a touch of color or sunshine to the look. Plus the tights on Kate are much better, IMO, but I like both their shoes, even though I can’t really notice Rachel’s shoes. The dress seems to sit and fit Kate’s frame better, and I like the shorter length of the dress too. Rachel is cute and I like some of her fashion choices, and she looks super adorable, but I just like the dress better on Kate. Anything can look great on Kate. She’s so hippy chic. She’s just like her mom, she’s so happy and quirky looking, with a bubbly personality.

Also, Kate is only 27 yrs. old, so she’s not old like some are inclined to think. I think Rachel is 25 yrs. old, I believe someone already mentioned that. Not much of an age difference.

Hannah on

Kate is by far the best (especially with the tights)

Rebecca on

I don’t particularly like the dress, but Kate wears it better. It looks too baggy and rumpled on Rachel, and the shorter length on Kate looks better.

Summer on

I think that Kate Hudson wears it better only because her pantyhose are opaque enough to tell where they end and the dress begins. It looks like it fits her better too. RB looks beautiful as always though.

Amber on

Kate wears it better….

Ridz on

What an ugly dress.

nickey on

This dress in unattractive, (tsk, tsk, Karl Lagerfield) but if I had to choose- it would be Kate Hudson. I adore Rachel Bilson, but Kate wears this dress with opaque black tights and crisp bows that give it that certain appeal that it needs in order to pull it off. I think she wears it with a flirtacious attitude that ups the fun factor of it, so that we don’t take it so seriously and can enjoy it being a little awkward.


Kate absolutely wins this round. She already has an adorable look to her & the dress is just fitting.

Ely on

Kate Hudson wears it better. She looks so good that she manages to look classy and sophisticated in it. Bilson looks dumpy, as she always do.

Kim on

Kate. She’s prettier and the dress looks wonderful on her.

shopaholic on

uck – who cares?? what an ugly dress! and they blasted the gal from Devil Wears Prada for wearing a fake bow on her red carpet gown…

Jenna on

Rachel, it just seems like she’s not trying as hard.

Varsh on

Kate Hudson, of course! she can pull it off fabulously!

Sarika on

DEFINITELY RACHEL!!!!!!……Se looks really cute in it,she has a great style and she is a real beauty….I donĀ“t think the same about Kate though:)

Alice on

Rachel Bilson!!! She’s beautiful!

Alix on

Rachel Bilson rocks!!!

Me on

I think Rachel looks better…!!!!!!!……..

seebin on

rachel looks better!she is cute and she knows what she wears.the dress is very ugly…

alexia on

I really really like a lot Kate, she’s always pretty and smiling and i love her style, chic and easy. I love to pick some ideas from her style for mine.

Ashley on

Kate all the way – no competition. Since when is she old??? She is so beautiful!

KT from Cda on

Looks good on both.

Alice on

Don’t love this dress but both women are adorable and stylish.

Beth Watkins on

Kate Hudson is 27 years old, and Rachel Bilson is 26!! That’s funny someone said Kate Hudson was too old to wear this dress. Just because Rachel Bilson plays an 18 year old on every show and movie she is in, doesn’t mean she is!! And I love Kate Hudson!! She is so free-spirited and while they are both pretty ladies – that dress is hideous.

deb on

KATE, OF COURSE! The comparison is a perfect example of how to wear and how NOT to wear this particular garment.

Claire on

Kate is pretty in the dress, but RACHEL BILSON LOOKS SOOO MUCH BETTER IN IT!!!!!! Kate looks scary thin and her smile doesn’t help very much. Rachel looks wonderful and not fake either. I am starting to worry about American society if they think that Kate looks better in the dress (u no who i mean…)

Colleen on

I think that they are both very pretty and should be wearing something else that dress is U.G.L.Y its gross!!!! they can do much better

mxgirl on

My vote is for Kate. Both wear it well, but I like Kate’s blonde hair better than Rachel’s dark (black or brown?) hair against the dress. Now Rachel, don’t you go dying your hair blonde!

Chelsea on

I really don’t care for this dress. It does nothing for either of them but I adore the darker tights on Rachel. So I’d have to give it to Rachel.


KATE HUDSON…….DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin on

i think this dress looks amazing on both girls but i personally like it on Rachel a little more. I like how the bows are not perfectly shaped and makes the dress more interesting.

Haylee on

Kate totally has the look!!

Avery on

time and place to wear opque tights with a black dress – this was it! KAte you look amazing girl!

chelsea on

rachel is ten times prettier, but the dress is ugly

kelebek on

Kate makes this ugly dress beautiful with her stunning smile.

Sydney on

Kate defenitly! Her blonde hair is a great contrast from the darkness of her dress. With Rachel it looks more “down” than Kate’s bright hair.

Diana on

I think Rachel looks way better then Kate. cause u know what I think it looks 100% better then Kate. Rachel ROCKS on this one. I think she looks classic. YOU GO RACHEL. RACHEL IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!! RACHEL RACHEL RACHEL YOU GIRL!!!!

Laurie on

They are both gorgeour and the dress looks really pretty on both of them but I think Rahcel looks better. I don’t think it does a lot for Kate

Belinda on

Kate by far, she’s stunning. Rachael is swimming in it.

Daidre on

i love that dress on both celebs!!!

Rachel on

It’s a tie!

Magi on

definetly Kate! She’s gorgeous!

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