Would You Wear Colored Denim?

04/11/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Just when we thought we were safe from tough-to-wear denim trends (we love swapping out our skinny jeans for wide-leg), a new trend rears its risky head. Stars like Ashlee Simpson, Fergie and Rachel Bilson have all been sporting rainbrow bright denim in shades of electric blue, red and purple — and they aren’t the only ones. We think we’ll sit this one out, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: Will you wear colored jeans?

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Photo: Hans Castorp/Flynet; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; bauer-griffin

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frances on

only grey or black for me

Hannah on

Um, okay, what is up with these jeans?? I’m all for fashion risks, but this is just too much. Ashley, Fergie, and Rachel can wear their colored jeans, but I for one never, ever will.

maria on

I used to have red jeans when i was in 4th grade, i loved them so bad but they got stolen, still my best jeans ever

Tina on

Fergie looks hot in those red jeans! I would definelty go for the red but the other colors look awful!

j on

no way. no reason to flash back to grade school, but thanks anyway!!!!

AnnieM on

They look great on the gals, I just can’t bring myself to wear them – not even black jeans. It is weird – I am too attached to blue denim. But everyone else should have at it!

Heather S. on

I have a white denim jacket that I’m in love with, but regarding jeans, I’m too absorbed in matching washes of blue denim to appropriate outings and outfits that I just will not be bothering with colored denim!

Elda on

yes i would! all three look sexy but i love Fergie the best, she rocks!

Lola on

Absolutely, I have black, gray and red jeans and I love them!!

aj on

Man, I remember wearing colored jeans in junior high, anyone else remember ‘Girbaud’!!!!!!

mel on

I think they look great!

Terra on

Do not really care for the purple, but the other two colors look good with what the girls are wearing…… As for me, I love my denims WAY too much!!

Dawn on

No I wouldn’t wear them, I do remember in early 80’s colored jeans and everyone’s butt was huge in them..Cheryl Tieges Colored Jeans for Sears remember that look ladies?

amber on

do i look like i live in the 80’s?

there is a reason NO styles from the 80’s should EVER come back…they are hideous!!

d on

Cords should be making the rounds anytime soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC on

I would definately wear colored Denim especially in the spring! The have some really nice colored denim at urbn.com

abby on

I love ashley’s blue pants!! does anyone know where they are from? thanks!

O'Wryly on

In all three photos, the subjects look like they just rolled out from underneath a rock. NOT a good look for any of them and since most people have no clue how to dress decently {that is, in stylish clothing that actually fits AND flatters them} then I doubt that this trend would look good on anyone. Far too elementary school.

Rachel on

As much as I despise Ashlee Simpson, I do like the blue ones the best…but I don’t see myself buying into this trend, they probably cost $200 and are going to be “out” next season anyways.

Lauren on

Ew, no!! Tacky!

H on

YES! I will def be wearing this trend! these ladies look hot! what a great way to spice up any wardrobe!

Dorothy on

Yeah why not!?Still I like the purple ones the best maybe because they get the closest to the blue denim.I was crazy about bright colors but as I get older I think they are just not appropriate anymore.

rashundra. on

I am in love with Ashlee & Rachael’s jeans. Where can I get them?

Anita on

I actually have a pair of red skinny jeans and they look fabulous. My girlfriends are split on whether or not they are ‘right’ but I think they are HOTTTT!!!! A little risk never hurt anyone.

Leigh on

absolutely positively not. we’re not 10 anymore. and unless you are 10, they look hideous. on everyone! and on the same note, the skinny jean looks terrible on everybody also over the age of 10 who has since grown hips and a butt. even the skinniest of women look terrible in them. same goes for leggings! but i digress… we should really all live by the rule: if you lived through the trend the first time, you shouldn’t take part it in the second time around.

Lauren on

What’s next?….The rainbow colored rebooks? I mean really…..let it go, people!!! I definately won’t be wearing this trend!!!!

AL on

i love it how they call them “skinny” jeans…not that long ago they were called tapered leg jeans and they were awful and still are! just because they’re called something else doesn’t make them great…

Meg on

NO!!!!!!!!! those should be burned!!!

C on

I completely agree with Dawn & Amber. This is one trend in which I will NOT be partaking.

Sarah on

I wore colored jeans in elementary school. I mean, green, purple, red, you name it. I look back at the photos and wonder, “What was I thinking?” This is one trend I doubt I’ll revisit. Is everyone going to start wearing Girbauds again?

Jennifer on

I reeally love the color of Ashlee’s pants, soo beautiful!! I love color so I definatley like the fact that these girls aren’t afraid of it either. As for colored denim, I think I’ll pass but I do have a bunch of cute colored capri’s for the summer. It’s fun to where black or white with colored bottoms.. good for them :)

Melissa on

Back in 8th grade i wore color jeans… Remember cross colors…

Julie on

I dont know if i could rock such bold cvolors. maybe something a bit more toned done. bluefly has some great burgundy denim that provides a splash of color without blinding you!

Julie on

This doesn’t seem so very risky — they’re just jeans! Also, I never looked this cute in elementary school. I wouldn’t call this look childish at all. It’s just playful.

sarah on

I would. Well depending on the color. I like Ashlee’s but red and purple….. um prob not! =) I have grey hudson jeans and they are super cute so I guess I’m keeping up.

Lori on

I probably would not wear bright jeans… and with the price of denim these days, I’d rather buy a nice pair of faded blue jeans.

shay on

i like rachel’s purple ones.
but im not sure if i’d over wear this trend. but who knows?!

Maryse on

Yes, I love the boldness of the pants. I own 3 pairs of stretch colored skinny jeans. I wear boot heels over the pants or regular heels with them (like Ashlee and Fergie). I always pair the outfit with a neutral top, something white or black, I’m not too matchy matchy. I love Rachel’s purple jeans and Ashlee’s blue vibrant jeans.

Hey if you like it and can rock it, go with it gals!

Jennifer, I have a few colored capri’s as well, they are great for Spring and Summer.

Aleksa on

Heck no! Blue, grey, and black are the only acceptable colours.

Laura on

i have purple ones!! had them for a while!! id wear them! maybe not red but definately blue and purple!

Jenny on

CLEARLY the younger girls DO NOT remember the 80’s a GREAT decade!! Yes there were fashion don’ts, But alas there were ALOT of fashion DO’s!! I think the coloured jeans are cool, I had a pair in each colour!! The only way a butt looked big is if you had a big butt!! I was 18 5’5 and 98 lbs no big butt here!!
Please quit ripping on the 80’s and for most of you all if it weren’t for that decade you wouldn’t have been born!!

me on

Hello If I looked like any of those women I would wear the Skinny jeans. LOVE Jeans.

Joan on

Fergie is uglyy….:( schade..

Bettina on

I would totally wear colored jeans!! Red and black!! Or purple like Rachel Bilson!:)

moppie on

hate them!!! never like the 80’s, not back then, not now… i dontn know why are bringing everything back. fashion was hideous, but thats just me!

colleen on

uh no…those jeans weren’t even cool back in 1987!

Stephanie on

No please, not again. They were awful in the late 80’s early 90’s and theyre still awful now.

P.S. Whats up with Fergies face? It looks like a melting plastic disaster.

Lady on

I would definitely wear colored jeans. every1 gets tired of the same old denim blue jeans

Gabriella on

I would definitely wear this look. I think it’s a cool way to update denim and spring is the best time to experiment with bright colors! They all look really cute.

Markita on

Of course I would wear them there hot if anyone can see that the 80’s style is comin back but more modern day then they would wear them……o yea and i love fergie and ashley’s jeans there hot but the other chick so looks a hot mess……

erica on

When I was in High School, 90’s, I wore jeans in every color…burgandy, mustard yellow (yikes!!) from the Gap and Levis, but it was more of a “gangsta” style, ultra baggy! Yes, girl I do remember Cross Colors like someone said!
Thank God I realized that those were terrible!!!

Jan on

There are some things that should just stay OUT of style!!

Claire on

This jeans are amazing!!!!!! For the first time, something stars wear can actually be considered different from the usual (anyone else getting annoyed with black dresses that all look the same, yet they only look “better” on the girl who is anorexic????)!!! Color looks good and look amazing!! Everyone should buy a pair!!

P.S. You can buy a great pair of these at Urban Outfitters!!

Michelle on

my style is punk and i own almost every color jeans. i think theyre something different from your normal everyday blue jeans.

Shaunastic on

Ya, I have no idea whats up with the colored jeans, but the only ones that are some what ok, are fergies. the purple ones look like this one lady I saw in walmart, she had a mullet. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU!?

Tina on

I think the bright colored jeans really pop. Ashlee looks great for a night out and Fergie is working the red carpet in hers. Rachel on the other hand in that blah lavendar…

alyson on

I see more gay guys on my college campus wearing the skinny leg jeans than girls. I think they look ridiculous on almost everyone, and it is one trend I am going to let pass me by. And the bright colors? Ew.

Da_Blessed_One on

Well for girls with junk in her trunk like me, can’t go wearing these too thight too bright color jeans, so thanks, but no thanks.

Fly on

i would only were red black or WHITE!!!!!!!!!!


i didnt like the red ones or the blue ones. but the purple jeans were reallllly cute. I WANT THEMM

Jessica on

ok so maybe the lavender is a little ….well….ugly. but who cares??? in fashion, all that matters is being confident in what you wear and taking risks. skinny colred jeans? LOVE EM’

Serena on

Pants that bright wouldnt flatter my booty, but hey! They look great!

Paige on

HA HA Those pants are cheesy. I think walmart still carrys these things. And I am sure for less than $20 bucks a pair.

$h@z on

awesome!!! 80’s all the way, 80’s still shud reli come back, tight jeans….big hair rawrrr.

$h@z on

the 80’s were awesome! ur all too narrow minded….

Haylee on

I couldn’t pull off the colored denim jeans. But they do. Iove it!! :)

gaymarie,TX on

hell yeah! those are my colors..

Alyssa on

They don’t look like jeans, they look like very tight cotton pants.

vaginiss on

i love them alll!!!!! id have one leg hot pink and the other pitch black! wouldn’t that b cool! the only color idont lik is the puse that rachel bilson is wearing. ewwww! a serious fashion dont!!!!

georita on

U r soo butiful to me!!! i love these jeans! im rich so im gonna buy 19 pairs. 19s my favorite number.

tiny on

while i think these ladies pull off those jeans nicely, i don’t think they’d look right in the “real world.” i know that if i saw someone walking towards me on the street wearing those on any other day, i’d wonder if they’re sober or not.

SoFineAKA on

I remember rocking the colored jeans when I was 10. Would I wear them at the age of 27? Possibly when going out…. Alas, I am a school teacher and don’t want to face the risk of being a student clone…


Viviana on

Nothing new really! I’ve seen this trend before . I love fergie’s jeans

taneka holmn on

hell no them pants r hella ugly… nothin about them is cute!!!!

B Girl on

Yummy fun colors. What a great opportunity to take a style risk!!! Try it with a printed top and pull a color from the top to match the pant. It plays into the trouser look, but is edgier because it’s denim. Live for the now ladies!!!

Bre on

Yeah red, black, gray, or navy but not purple or yellow denim.

katie on

I love colored jeans i get so many complements when i wear them,I love it i get atention….o ya baby

katie on

I love colored jeans i get so many complements when i wear them,I love it i get atention….o ya baby

Caroline on

Who makes the purple jeans Rachel Bilson is wearing?

DD on

Colored denim is going to be huge. Just watch!!! I love it.
Trust me I’m in the fashion industry.

DD on

Jelessy has colored denim and its pretty hot.

claudia on

black,navy blue and white jeans only

Rachel on

I like the red jeans but I’s never wear them.

Lauren on

All I have is jean! But my one friend has every color in the rainbow! That was her goal!! She looks good in everyone of them!

Anonymous on

i have a pair of blue ones like ashlee and they’re reallly cute

Leila on

I wear skinny jeans everyday and I think these colors are great for summer!especially purple!

Destiny on

i would love colored skinny jeanz i already have a pair

Spencer on

I absolutly love colored jeans!!
I dont care if there out of style or not
i own alot of them and will wear them reguardless!! i aso tink rachel looks best in hers thats more of a style i fall towards!!!(:

Spencer on


Emmie on

Never, my best friend Mallory wears bright yellow ones,yuck, and I hate it! sorry Mal

aibi on

yeah totally! its so trendy and sexy!
kinda makes my pins look really long so i guess it beneficial to short people like me^^

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