Jamie Lynn Spears Goes For Ladylike Chic

04/03/2007 at 12:30 PM ET

Britney’s little sister doesn’t look so little anymore. Jamie Lynn Spears looked like a knockout at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with luminous skin, an elegant coif and bright smile. The dress that won her choice was by Foley + Corinna, a brand that she also wore to last year’s show. For a similar Foley + Corinna piece, try their Sandra tube dress, $228. She accessorized with Ron Hami earrings and ring, a gorgeous Sam Bradley multi-layered necklace and a chain-link Vita bracelet. Finishing off her look: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent metallic stacked heels, available at revolveclothing.com. What do you think of Jamie Lynn’s look? Does she have star power like her big sis Britney?

Photo: Fitzroy Barrett /Landov

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HLS on

She looks cute and classy, although possibly too grown-up for a 15 year old. She definitely looks way better than Britney. Why is Britney in People’s Star Tracks every day anyway? It must be because she is a drama queen. After all, she has not done any work or done anything worthy of praise in several years.

alice on

She looks very young and fresh. Hopefully, she stays that way.

Dee on

She looks adorable. Let hope she doesn’t follow in her big sisters foot steps.

lkd on

She looks awesome! Like brit did back in the day! Hope she doesn’t go down that same road!!

Terra on

She’s gorgeous. I’m glad that we don’t see her in the star tracks everyday following her sisters jacked up life! I feel bad for her – having to live the glam life a Brit;s little sis.

jennifer in tulsa on

Jamie Lynn looks all grown up! She looks great…let’s hope she stays healthy and happy.

k on

wow! she looks beautiful…next birtney spears maybe?…just hopefully she wont end up like britney lol…

Susan on

Jamie Lynn looks lovely. Britney could take a lesson – hair=yes, skanky clothes=no, underwear=yes!

Tarheel Lover on

Glad to see she enjoys wearing clothes – unlike her big sister.

Lisa on

Glad to see she enjoys wearing clothes – unlike her big sister.

May on

I hope she does not turn out to be like her big sister. She is beautiful. I always thought Jamie Lynn was much prettier then Britney.

KT from Cda on

I’m not a big fan of orange but she looks very nice. I just hope she doesn’t follow in her big sis’ steps.

Ashley on

Yes, she is stunning…however – why would she want to grow up so fast – especially after seeing what Brit went thru as a child thrown into the spotlight. Slow down and enjoy being young!!! I think this look is way too old for her. But I guess you can say she has been “warned”…

Judy on

cute dress. btw, where do the girls from The Hills shop? I loved what they all wore to the after-finale show. Please let me know where I can get Whitney’s fabulous dress!

Jackie on

She looks great and all, but she over-did it on the tan!

sophie on

she looks okay but why is she not standing tall? she is hunched

Deepti on

I love it! She looks gorgeous! Plus I loved the picture that you put on Star Tracks, she looked flawless.

One thing, her legs look a little orange, just cut back on the tanning, and it’s perfect!

Bravo Jamie-Lynn!

JH on

She looks amazing. The orange dress goes perfectly with her skin tone and hair colour and the gold jewerly (LOVE the necklace). I love the turquoise ring too – it makes the outfit less matchy matchy and gives it personality. However, I do have to agree that she looks much older than 15 here. Oh well, at least she has a sense of style, unlike someone…

debbs on

She is gorgeous..she was always pretty but now that she’s older she looks sexy. She definitely has star power.

Elda on

She is so pretty!

Mattingly on

Jamie Lynn looks classy, sweet and beautiful. I love the dress. She looks wonderful. From what I can notice from pictures, when Jamie Lynn is out and about, especially if she’s with her sister Britney, Jamie Lynn is always covered up and looks great. Britney is another story. Lets just say Jamie Lynn seems to enjoy and wear a lot more clothes than big sis Britney.

erica on

this is how britney should look if she gave a crap

sara on

She looks like Britney Spears before the craziness. Remember when Britney use to look so gorgeous and pure and sweet, what happened to her? Hope Jamie Lynn doesn’t follow her footsteps

Florida on

I thought that was a comment board for Jamie Lynn, not about Britney.
Damn you people, she is not Britney.
Don’t compare Jamie to her.
Plus, Britney is trying

PA on

i luv jamie lynn spears…she is so cute….just luv her

Skiddy on

At least one sister isn’t a failure! She looks greeat. Hopefully she won’t follow the trailor trash routine!

Allison on

a prettier version of Britney…with clothes on

Lydia on

She is very chic! At least one of the Spears’ sisters has style. But you do have to give Britney some time because she is trying to get her life together.

mimi on

I LOVE that turquoise ring she’s wearing!!!

courtney on

I think she looks a lot better than Britney. I hope she doesn’t go down hill from all the attention she will soon be getting.

Beth on

She looks gorgeous! I love the color – it’s fresh and energetic – perfect for Spring! I wish her all the luck in the world. I’m sure some people awill be hard on her because she is Britney’s little sister, and some people will be too easy on her for the same reason..

AnnieM on

I’m sorry, but I’m on Spears overload. Looking at her as just a random-gal, she looks pretty.

amber on

WOW she looks amazing! i love the entire look!

SHS on

She looks wayy to old for a 15-year old. even thou shes hot she should dress her agee

nab on

she looks beautiful! i hope she doesnt turn out like her older sister!

Kristy Roadcap & Pam Myrick on

We think that Jamie Lynn has passed her sis in beauty…She looks more like Jessica Simpson than Brittney in this pic. Definately growing up and lookin’ good!

Diane on

Why is everyone comparing her to her sister? They aren’t the same person, yes we know she could possibly walk the same road, however there’s a possibilty that she wont. And if she did turn out like her big sis that would give you people something else to talk about. So lets put it like this, you want her to turn out like Brittany so you can talk more about other peoples lives rather then your own. BTW she looks radiant!

Emily on

Jamie looks really classy in her outfit. I hope she can hopefully stay that way. She is very young and I wish her all the best!

Tracie on

She looks beautiful. Very fresh and lovely.

Ange on

I don’t know if she has the star power of Britney – but she’s got more class and style.

wawww on

she’s beautiful!, Good luck Jamie.

AnnieM on

I can’t help but think we’d have no idea who this person is if it weren’t for sis.

Bebe on

Jamie Lynn looks sophisticated!
Her hair and dress looks great.
Her legs though is too dark
and so are her shoes.
Is that pantyhose or a dark tan?
All she needs is to lessen
her tan or get rid of the pantyhose
and maybe have gold shoes instead
of black and she’s all set to go!

c on

she looks very cute, and fresh. she also luks professional in this picture and she knows what shes doing. i hope she won’t end up like ehr sister…. not that i hate or anything.

hilary on

i think she is disint and pretty and verry nice like hannah montanna hannah montana but hilary duff is way better singer actor helper nice famous person ever. ho ever thinks hilary duff is a miny or what ever ther so rong. and ho ever was a fan of hilary duff and know dont like her just because you think hannah montanna is better are so not cool i min you could like hannah montanna but dont do that to hilary duff shes a really really i min really nice girl so is your chois but remember shes really nice just like hannah you could just like them the same really

Sahira on

Oh all of you shut up about Britney. This is supposed to be about the girl in the picture, who looks great, by the way. Young and fresh and classy.

Caelesta on

Oh, she looks so fresh and right for spring-summer!!! Very cute and still feminine, Jamie Lynn looks VERY NICE. I hope she will always look so RIGHT. You go girl!

a on

She looks so pretty. I think she has star power and will suceed. And this isnt about Brit people.

donna on

She looks fabulous, except she needs to hold her shoulders back.



Nicole on

I love her…she seems so sophisticated for some who is just turning 16.

Alexis M. on

I think she looks nice, maybe alittle to much for her age. But otherwise nice. And wishing her sister the best of luck. She is going through such a rough time and I hope she comes out on the other side better then ever. I still think Britney is great!

Carrie on

Jamie Lynn looks great! She will grow up to be a major actress

wasabi on

She looks graet she should steer clear of her sister.

dani on

Jaime Lynn looks very nice. It looks as if she has lost some weight, doesn’t it?

kk on

Jamie looks good though way to flashy for her age. Stop comparing her to Britney they are two different people. If I were Britney and saw what you all who don’t even know her are saying about me I would go crazy and shave my head too. Why do we even care what there people look like anyway.

Kari on

I think Jamie Lynn looks beautiful. I hope she stays that way!

Maggie on

I totally love Jamie’s outfit, but I don’t really like her. She seems a bit annoying to me. Maybe now that she’s sixteen, she’ll grow up a bit. I wish her the best. And all of you who are saying this isn’t about Britney… well it kind of is. How are we supposed to judge her outfit without comparing? Anyway… LOVE her dress, hate the tan…think she kinda overdid it? LOL


Looks classy for a 15 year old.Seems more sensible than her skanky older sister. =]

Lori on

She looks pretty in this dress but it’s a little mature for her age… still the orange color suits her fine.

Sofia on

Jamie Lynn Spears looks a bit too grown up, but, she pulls it off. Anyway, she looks way better then a certian sister of hers… *cough* Britney *cough*.

Heather on

Wow…she looks fabulous, and not to worry she seems quite grounded and a little more down to earth than Britney. However I think that britney is finding her way back and thats great!


Akika on

looks like her elder sister, with exact “stupid” smile. Lets see her after 3 years, in deep depression in the clinic!

Akika on

so stupid smile, looks like her siter fewe years ago!

Beckie on

She looks fabulous! It’s all about glamor and sophistication with this young lady. She knows what looks good on her. She is her own person and will find a way to avoid big sister’s shadow. Speaking of Britney, she’s only human. Let’s give her a break. I think she’ll be back and with a vengeance!!

CarolMariane on

The “ladylike” concept of dressing, is a social construct. I love the colour of Jamie’s dress although I don’t like bra dresses.

Jen on

I think she looks AMAZING!
As for britney we all make mistakes in our lives
its what makes us human
give the girl a break
after 2 kids, a bad marriage she deserves to have a break

symona on

She looks very age apropriate and she has the luxery of learning from her older sis, Brit, how NOT to let fame get the best of her !! Could be a very lucky girl indeed :)

Shanna on

she looks really great even thought her sister is going through alot!

Jenn on

Her big sis need to take lessons from her!

Kami on

I think Jaime Lynn Spears looks Fantabulous! The color of the dress goes great with her skin tone. She looks very fresh. Also,the tight bun draws more attention to her face, than her hair.

Kami on

I think Jaime Lynn Spears looks Fantabulous! The color of the dress goes great with her skin tone. She looks very fresh. Also,the tight bun draws more attention to her face, than her hair.

chanel on

she looks so gorgeous! her dress/shoe combo are fabulous

Emma on

I think she looks amazing!! She really is prettier than her older sis! She is much more of a role model then Brit! I do really hope she can do more with her life than drug rehab which i know she is capable of!!

rashundra. on

Any idea where I can get those shoes?

jenny on

Hey R! It says in the post revolveclothing.com to get her shoes.

sugababe on

u look gr8 girl. I am ya number 1 fan and i luv ya

alicia on

i think the lot of you are horrible. i think that jamie-lynn and britney are both stunning girls! you know britney has feelings to guys. have sympathy!
p.s all the best jamie-lynn!!

alicia on

i think the lot of you are horrible. i think that jamie-lynn and britney are both stunning girls! you know britney has feelings to guys. have sympathy!
p.s all the best jamie-lynn you look like royalty!!

Esther on

Jamie Lynn Spears is cool!
She looks very fresh and fruity on this picture!
Here dress is pretty!
And on tv i look Zoey 1o1.
that’s fun!
LOove Ya!

charlotte on

all i can say is you look fab



britney on

hey guys,
jamie-lynn u look great.i dunno about any one else but i am your best fan in the world i am your greatest fan i have everything about u

sam on

I would say she looks good but my Girlfriend Sami will get mad

Julia on

i think her appearence is beautiful, but i think her choice selection is more to hide her baby-bump than just to look pretty.

courtney on

yeah don’t follow your big sister we all love her but you could do better

Brittany on

I am happy for her.I don’t see what the big deal that she is pregnat I mean it aint like she asked for that to happen to her.I mean I hope she is happy about it I mean I am only 16 myself so I mean I would be disapointed in myself but happy at the same time! I love kids and I wanna have a kids too,just not right now though.But I really am happy for Jamie Lynn.I wanna know what she is having,and I think she will be a ver,very good mom!
<3 Brittanyyy!

jordyn on

are you still doing zoey 101?

victor manuel rojas rebellon on

te mando este correo para felicitarte por el programa de zoey 101 tambien para decirte que eres una mujer muy hermosa y quisiera conocerte en persona

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