Get the Look: Courtney Love's Beachwear

04/03/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Courtney Love BeachwearStarsurf/Splash News; Flynet

Newly slim Courtney Love got the Internet buzzing with photos of her bikini-clad body on a Maui beach vacation last week. We were fascinated watching her change into swimsuit after swimsuit, conjuring images of another starlet who has an endless wardrobe of string bikinis. Courtney showed her rock ‘n’ roll roots in her one-piece cut-out navy bathing suit by Fabucci ($228, at Later, the singer/author hit the sand in a Missoni Florida Zigzag Bikini ($315 at Tell us: What do you think of Love’s bikini looks?


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g on

i think that she looks too thin in a two piece…she looks better in the one piece…its hot !
but maybe she should put a lil meat on her

Dawn on

I thought she looked horrible in the 2 pc and anything more then 30 bucks for a swimsuit is a waste of money.

KC on

I hope she is not the spokes model for those swimsuits…she is too thin she isn’t doing the suits that much justice. ( The one piece isn’t that bad though)

Heather on

TRASH! yuck. She is just plain nasty. No amount of money can make that look good.

grossed out on

Who in their right mind would want to get that look.

Carrie on

She looks weird and shemanly in the two piece, but the one piece really sqashes her boobs.

sari on

I think she looks great in the bikini!!!….Well in fact I also like here on the other picture but it doesn´t show here great new figure that much.

enigma on

I think it’s great she felt the need to lose weight and that she followed through with it but she still looks NASTY!
And, any tube type bathing suit look bad on everybody!

Lucy on

U know….this lady has been thru sooooooo much in her short lifetime (death of her husband, drugs addictions, social service problems w/her child) and she has survived. I think she looks great for having been thru hell? Looks 2 me like she has been working out. I give her a thumbs up.

Lisa on

Can’t decide if she’s back to crack or if I should congratulate her on losing the weight, but that doesn’t mean you have to show that body to everyone. There’s no suit of any kind except a complete coverup that body would look good in.

Sam on

She looks great!!

debbs on

I love courtney but all I see is her bad lipo job. She looks much better in the one piece, it makes her look more feminine.

Elda on

i like her better in the 2nd picture plus she needs to lay off on the plastic, she is already looking kinda funny but i wish her the best because i know she’s been through some hard times.

Amy B on

$30 for a swimsuit??? Maybe if your only buying 1 piece of the 2-piece. Spending a little money on a good bathing suit is smart…especailly if you plan on actually swimming in it. You need it to stay together!!!!
Where i am from a decent suit is about $150.00. I purchase from Victoria Secret – there suits fit amazing!
I think Courtney looks great! Not perfect by any means but she hasn’t had a great track record. I think it’s a start!
I like the b-suits!

gwen on

she may be thin but her skin is still all saggy. Not attractive in the two piece, but the bandeau with the cutouts is nice because it still shows off a nice sillhouette, but without the pale saggy skin.

Mattingly on

$228 and $315 for a swimsuit is too much. Ridiculous. I like the bikini, but not on her. She looks way too skinny. I like the cut out navy blue swimsuit better on her, plus I would definitely wear that myself. I like 2-pieces, but I really like the navy swimsuit, it’s so cute. However, I could never spend that much money on a swimsuit, and I wouldn’t neither.

Shauna on

I…NEED that navy swimsuit for the summer. Its so fabulous.

Dawn on

Amy B. I live in an area we only get to wear our swim suits 2 months out of the year. 150 dollar swim suit is silly. You can get a great 1 or 2 piece at target, Kohl’s, Ross, and Tj Max for under 30 bucks here.

Julie on

I don’t think the problem is that she’s too thin . . . I think she lost fat AND muscle without keeping toned, maybe. Anyhow, I think she looks a lot better than she has.

Betina on

I agree with JULIE, I think Courtney has a great figure but she probably lost the extra weight too fast, hence the saggy skin.
And I wouldn’t pay anything over €50 for a bikini.

laurs on

I prefer the bikini over the 1-pc. The cutouts make it look whack. She looks whack, but better with the new nose.

leslie on

If she feels good then good for her!! How can you say she might be on crack?? pretty insensitive!
those without sin should cast the first stone!
She looks great!

KT from Cda on

I congrats her on loosing weight but I think she’s lost a little too much. The first pic says so. I think she should set a good example for her daughter and gain a little back. As for the price, I agree with Dawn. I live in an area where you can only wear a suit for only about 3 months and anything over $30 is silly. Especially for 2pcs. Like 2 little pieces of fabric is worth more then that.

Trinity on

I think she should have left the nose alone… and the swimsuits are not that great.

Kitten on

I like Courtney, so I hate to say this, but she looks busted. It’s obvious she’s showing off the bod, rocking all the different swimsuits, but the only one that I can stand to look at is the one piece. Kudos on the weight loss, but a woman of her age, with all she has been through needs to NOT wear a bikini. It’s not attractive. It’s just NOT. And I don’t like what she’s done to her face, either.

Wendy O on

Could care less about C.Love but the Fabucci suit is uber cute.

sat on

honestly? she looks beat and needs a tan…she looks sad.

Winter G on

I think the swimwears are great, as for most of her jewelry she put with the swimwear it looks quite horrid.

I also kind of agree with Julie, Its not the fact that she is too thin(she looks perfectly okay to me), but perhaps that she just needs to tone herself up(a bit of yoga, jogs in the early morning and eating right can do her some good).

Skiddy on

She looks aweful! Just b/c you lose some weight does not mean you will look good.

deb on

It’s not how she looks in either swimsuit – it’s how her body looks after losing weight! The condition of Ms. Love’s body is terrible! Sure, she’s thin but the stringiness of her lean muscle tissue suggests that she is not eating enough protein and the way her skin hangs on her body says that she doesn’t drink enough water. While I applaud her efforts to take off the extra pounds Courtney just doesn’t look healthy to me. The photos could be used as posters for what a life spent abusing drugs and alcohol will do for you!

lizz on

they are both not my style at all but if i had to wear one i would wear the second one. plus she looks to skinny.

beth on

I don’t like either bathing suits – the first one is just ugly, and the second one, while neat looking – I would not want those kind of tan lines – no thanks to either!
I feel bad for her because she lost all this weight, and now people are saying she is TOO skinny – the lady just can’t win! And also because she looks HUNGRY! Like a wilted flower in need of some nourishment!!

Lori on

Never mind the suits…what in the world has she done to her face?!?

c-kat on

Yeah, Courtney was always so cool–but what the heck has she done to her face?! What happened to her great plump lips? She is unrecognizable; as a matter of fact, how can you be sure that is her? And I think the saggy skin is more a sign of her age and body-abuse than how quickly she lost weight. Also, where is Francis Bean?

AnnieM on

She looks fine overall. I find the whole swinsuit thing problematic. I hate to pay too much, but as pointed out above, the cheap ones fall apart! They can put man on the moon, but can’t engineer a bikini that stays put!

cm on

it’s great that she lost weight but she looks yucky in both pics!!!

pj on

In a word- NASTY!!

O'Wryly on

Granted, she’s been through hell but a lot of it was her own doing. Even at her worst, she still looked more animated and alive than THIS … now she just looks dry, dusty, and wasted. Just goes to show that being thin ain’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll stick with some curves, tyvm! At least that’s healthy.

Emily on

I’m happy that Courtney has gotten a little thinner but I think that she is way too thin. She looks super skinny in that 2 piece bathing suit and I do not believe that it’s attractive. The one piece looks a lot better on her! Put on some flesh!

Jes on

She looks better in the blue bathing suit. . I want her sunglasses from that picture. Does anyone know what brand they are and where I can find them??

Tina on

I think she looks hungry. Somebody.. please give that girl a cheeseburger!

Christina on

I must say, Courtney Love looks 1000000 times better than I have ever seen her look. I hope she is turning herself around and becoming a responsible woman. Next, a little less drastic hair color. Congratulations Courtney!

Night on

I think I just just read the worlds COURTNEY LOVE and STYLE in the same sentence? I must be on drugs… appears that it is Courtney who is on drugs…she looks like death in the bikini.

CarolMariane on

As good as Courtney Love looks with her weight loss, she’d probably look better in a tankini with bikini bottom. All things considered, she’s been through a lot of emotional, mental and psychological upheaval in her life after spouse, Curt Cobain died. I’m sure it was absolutely devastating for her and her public behaviour reflects what she was going through, personally and privately. Kudos to her if she can stay clean.

Catz on

Dear Courtney,
Pleeeeeeeease no more bikinis or swimsuits! Creepy pics!

Marlene on

i think she looks good and healthy, just needs a little tan, but good for her and her new look!!!

LJ on

Kudos to Courtney for losing weight, but maybe it was a little too quick? Her skin looks saggy.
No Courtney-kinis for me, thanks. They’re just ugly.

mia on


morgane on

oh god how she looks better than before!!

oh god!!!how she is pretty!she looks better than before!!it’s cool that she has arrived to be a pretty woman again!whata astrong woman!
i luv u courtney, nice to see you back and nice!!!

Stac on

the monokini is ok but I’m hearing transparent clothing is hottttt in Hollywood! check out the pics, where to buy, how to wear and who is rockin it

Emma Watson's #1 Fan on

She looks pretty terrible in the first picture. Better in the second one. Oh and ‘Lucy’: It’s her own fault that she got addicted to drugs! I don’t like all those necklaces she’s wearing.

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