Would You Match Haircuts With Your Spouse? The Beckhams Do!

03/30/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Victoria Beckham’s new short blonde crop seems to have set off a wave of new pixie dos, and not just with the girls — husband David Beckham appears to be the latest copycat. The fabulous couple stepped out last night at the 2007 Sport Industry Awards in London with almost perfectly matched short, asymetrical blond hair. We love that these two take such care with their appearance, but we’re guessing most couples wouldn’t go to such (short) lengths to be in sync with each other. Tell us: Would you match your cut and color to your spouse? Would you want them to match to you?

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Photo: Photoshot /Landov

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May on

Why would I want have the same hair cut as my husband? I can’t stand Posh spice. Is trying smile? Oh my gosh I believe she is.

Sheila on

Her hair looks terrible. It’s something out of the 80’s. And those two REALLY HAVE TO GET OVER THEMSELVES!!!

sara on


O'Wryly on

He may be a good-looking man, but his new hair “style” looks asinine. His head is highly evocative of a hirsute egg. And, wonder of wonders, is that the merest hint of a smile hovering at the corners of his wife’s mouth? Even a slight smirk is far more cheerful than she usually manages. No no no … couples should not go for matching ANYthing. Far too cloyingly cutesy, ad nauseum.

Heather on

I think Posh’s hair is so cute! I love the pixie cut.

Summerann on

I don’t think so, since my husband shaves his head! Bald heads can be rockin’ but I couldn’t pull it off.
I think Posh looks good here and their hair isn’t exactly alike. She needs to stop trying to be so….. whats the word….modeling all the time! That pouty lip look, like the Olsen twins do all the time, is too obvious. Go get some lip plumper or surgery if your that dissatisfied with your lips.

R on

David looks nice but why did Victoria care to cut her hair like that. She looked so much better with her other style and she could have modified that a little if she wanted a change. I like Victoria, she’s actually a really nice person (even though people say she’s scary), but I don’t like her whole new “L.A” look. She should have bought Britain over to here, not let CA change her like this.

K on

well i think its cute!…they both look gorgeous :)…anyway i really doubt they care what anyone else thinks. And why does everyone give posh such a hard time about smiling? at least shes not fake!…she could walk around with a big fake smile all day like most other stars. I think its a good thing that she doesnt put on a show everytime a camera is near!…I think her beauty is very unique! :)

susana on

No, I would never consider matching my haircut as a women with my husband’s haircut. Cutting your hair to be like a guy is not sexy. I don’t even consider her being attractive, she is too skinny and her face is ugly, however, she knows how to dress amazingly. Fashion is what Victoria has, because I do not consider that women pretty!

Krystal on

David Beckham is so hot….posh makes me sick sshe is so snooty!! And needs to eat something. That hair does not suit her…blondes dont work for her.

Lynn on

She looks good, no matter what haircut she has!!!!!!1

Shellsea on

These two could shave their heads and still look good, d*mn them! If my memory serves me correctly, I don’t think this is the first time they’ve had similar hairstyles. Cute on them but definitely not something hubby and I have the desire to do. ;)

Jemma on

Wow, Posh looks better than Becks in this pic….GASP!!! His hair looks terrible. Her hair and makeup look good though

Emily on

Lol! I would never want to match my husband’s hair! I have very long blonde hair, and he has almost black short short hair. I Love how it makes him the epitomy of tall, dark and handsome, and he prefers when I stay blonde.

yen on

Victoria actually looks good,first time ever but David doesn´t look that good,something must be wrong here it MUST be the photo

Elvira on

I wouldnt cut my hair short :) but if my bf wants to have long hair then bring it on…I love Victoria, I just really wanna see her smile..Damn it woman, smiling doesnt kill nobody.

lkd on

Not so much with my husband but i think they look good! David could NEVER look bad! HOT HOT HOT!

Dana on

I think I could do a pixie cut, even if my bf had the male alternative. I am trying to like Posh’s new cut, but I can’t stand pixie cuts with chin length strands (Selma Blair, anyone?)

I almost wish her hair looked more like Beck’s.

Annie on

Posh spice, LOL, what a joke. She looks so plastic and lifeless. Those poor kids.

wildflower on

personally, I rarely think short hair looks attractive on a woman…but thats just my opinion. As far as Victoria here, what difference does it make? In two weeks she will have extentions put in for a whole new look. If we all had that much money we would experiment with our looks too.

j on

hmm, this isn’t a flattering pic for either…& i didn’t think that was even a possiblity for david! posh’s hair makes her look manly somehow, but i love how she almost forgot and smiled here. almost.

Dawn on

The idea of matching my husband’s bald hell here is my awnser” Hell NO!!!!!!

Elda on

What a beatiful couple!!

courtney on

i think her pixie cut looks cute, but i don’t like his hair at all. they make a great couple though.

Shauna on

Mr. Beckham is sexy as always. Mrs. Beckhams is blah as always, can this woman ever display an expression. This picture is nothing new, they are always matching, its acutually a tiny bit creepy.

Glenys on

It’s a bit ridiculous to match your hair to your boyfriend or spouse. What was wrong with her brunette bob? Did she have to change it cuz everyone was copying it? And yeah, is she actually cracking a smile in this picture? She never smiles!

HLS on

Victoria’s (why does everyone insist on calling her Posh? She is not posh) hair looks idiotic with that long piece in the front. Other than that, it’s a cute style.

Oh, and by the way, I would not match my hair to my husband’s. That is silly.

Jess on

I love them both! Their hair looks great and I find it so cute that they both want to match hair cuts. Good for them!!

Alexis on

Her cut is awful – it makes her looks even more miserable than usual. She is really “trying” to look like she is a trend setter. And his haircut? I would never want my husband sharing the same hair cut as me!

nhilario on

I think they make a striking couple—despite his ‘good looks’ he is very much a ‘man’ and she is very much a woman. As for the ‘his and her’s cuts’, the cuts really are not that identical (I like how she has pulled the hair away from her face). And, for a woman who never smiles, her husband sure is always smiling…hhmmmm, wonder why???

KC on

Ummm “People” I think you are being a little silly, there haricuts don’t match…similar but no match!

Jennifer on

Not the first time they’ve had matching dos. Or matching outfits. I liked her hair better when it was a little longer and a little darker. She doesn’t suit blond. And his hair loooks terrible. But I still think they’re both great!

Liz on

Is anyone else reminded slightly of Flock of Seagulls?

AnnieM on

Heavens no! His hairline is…well, lets just say it’s mobile. I agree re: the pouty lip thing (hackneyed at this point) – it’s like she has a plastic Barbie doll head. He at least smiles from time to time.

Carrie on

She is gorgeous, as per usual, but I do like her with longer hair better. I never thought I would say it…but David looks not cute in this picture. He needs to go back to his old haircut ASAP!

Mary on

That haircut makes her look fat

Veronika on

His hair looks like he has hat hair. And she looks okay here. Still I don’t care for her looks very much.

not good on

I don’t like David smile and the hair cut looks total terrible.On this pick Victoria looks better than him.

DesperateHousewivesFan on

David Is Sexy!

Jen on

First off they are not really the same at all. If you know hair color than it would be obvious to see that they are different. David looks natural and Posh’s has a lot more lighter tones. For hair cuts Posh’s is obviously new as well when David probably just didn’t do anything with it, tamed it down if anything.
And stop being so critical. I’m not a huge fan of either of them; I just don’t pick at people or criticize as much as you all.
Make a comment not an insult!

deddie reignesweiserned on

Call me fungus,but I dig it!I could totally match my hubby or the janitor at Taco Bell.Do you think that I have hair?Are you mad woman!I’m bald at my head,so they call me Heavy Debbbie because I eat my $#!@ for dinner!I’m bald at my head,but man I have more hair on my pits than you have on your head woman!They call me Fungus Breath,or at leats the janitor at Taco Bell does!Bye Doll!XOXO to my janitor.

He’s Janilicious(so delicious!)

Robin on

They both look chic!!

Chirsta on

They’re a beautiful couple, I must say. However, I’m not a fan of either looks, although I like Victoria’s hair better than David’s. I liked Posh’s hair when it was longer. She could have made a statement, but not so much of a statement with her hair. The color looks ok, but I like her with the darker tones. As for David, I’m not really digging it. I like his hair before.

Would I match my cut and color to my boyfriend? Color yeah, but cut? Nope. I have blonde hair and my boyfriend has brown, so I would consider changing the color possibly. He has short hair, which I wouldn’t cut my long hair, only because I wouldn’t feel comfortable and feel awkward with short hair. Some women can sport the short pixie cut, but I don’t think I would look good. Kudos for women who can sport the look.

amber on

OMG i love her hair its so cute!!! I don’t think they really have matching hair but its their hair and they can do whatever they want.

sara on

So cute!! Im a fan of short girly hair!! she looks great!

night on

yeah mary, she looks positively beefy…..????

redbananasplit on

I must commend Posh for having the confidence to pull off a short ‘do. Not many people have the facial structure or poise to carry a short style, but she manages it well. I actually really like her new hair style, very retro chique. I think that the similar cut of David and Posh’s styles show that they are in-sync as a couple.

who cares on

It looks good on her. Not on him. He’s usually hot but not right now.
Anyways, how does she look fat mary? and 2) I think thats a smile on her face!

Deepti on


And once in a while I guess it isn’t so bad to match. It’s cute.

Emily on

David, what were you thinking? That hair style that he is sporting isn’t the right shape for his head. It makes the top section of his head look very thin. It almost comes to a point, like a conehead! For Victoria, I just hope that she never tries to do that with the matching hairstyles again. I hope she sticks with her hair, though. It’s better than some of her past eccentric styles and I even think I can see a hint of a smile. She is coming along

erica on

These are two entirely different cuts!
I love the cut and I loved her other bob too! She looks great in short hair! For women who are too scared to cut their hair in a pixie, try it!! For heaven’s sake, it’s just hair, IT WILL GROW BACK! I just cut mine into a pixie and it’s great and low maintenance! I have better things to do in life than spend more than an hour styling my hair!

sichu on

they both look great with this hairstye……..

Pumpkin on

I love David Beckham. He always looks so good, and Posh, all I can say is she is stylish, but not likeable since she never smile…

e.dahl on

Yin and Yang. Maybe just because I can’t stand either of them I can’t stand either haircut. Both looked hella better when they both sported haircuts that were chin-length.



Rachel on

I think it looks okay on her, but it wouldn’t be my first pick if i were to get my hair cut really short.

Mirjam on

Love her haircut, simply hate his – his head looks eggshaped like this. The worst he’s ever had. Would I match my haircut to my husband’s: never. My husband has very short hair (far too short in my opinion, he had a lovely, wavy, full head of hair) and my hair is almost waist-long (and I intend to keep it that way).

Lubenica on

It depends… if it’s a case of creating a ‘brand’, which is like Victoria Beckham wants to accomplish, hell no! But if it’s a case that we happen to like similar haircuts, then be it. I wouldn’t make a conscious decision for me and my spouse to have the same haircut though…

Monica on

Beck’s hair elongates his head…he looks ridiculous. Vic’s hair is too blonde…too L.A. She never, ever looks natural, always posey and fake. I don’t like this look on either of them.

KT from Cda on

Maybe he wasn’t trying to have the same do? I personally don’t think it is the same. People is reading too much into this.

martina on

I would never even consider having the same hair style my husband has, but if so, it would be a quite one. I meen, it doesn´t look good in David! and the wins thing totally freaks me out!

Erin on

I’m not married, but I doubt I’d ever match hairstyles with my future husband. That’s just…creepy.

Second, that cut doesn’t look nice on Posh. The style and color are all wrong. The cut doesn’t look right with her facial structure. She’s very skinny, so a bob or something a little longer would look best on her. And I think she should go back to brunette. I hate how that platinum blond looks with her faux-tan skin.

Third, why is she getting all this attention? She’s famous for being part of a has-been pop band and her marriage to a soccer-star. Maybe if she did something that helped contribute to society, I’d feel differently.

Mojabeng Molefi on

I love the couple, they are both stylish and look very cute together. That her cut really suits Posh, she looks beautyful, and I don’t think it looks very good on Becks though, but I still love him, cute!!!!!

Lucy on

They R both very cute regardless of the hair…however, 2 B honest…I hate her hair cut. I think I would love it if she sould just cut the long piece in front…yeah…that would B very cute.

yo yo on

this is discusting! the only beautiful person in this world is SANJAN get over yourself people!!!!!! her name spells gorg!!! man oh man you should see her, shes amazingly stunning. please help me.

P on

Posh and Becks can swim back over tothe other side of the big pond…she is snotty and looks down on most things American.
He is the star and she just rides along, trying to starve her way into superstardom–a bit pathetic.

dcdee on

Oh God NOOOOOOOO! Enough of these narcissistic idiots. Honestly she looks like a constipated stick and he looks just entirely too gay for words.

FLGrl on

Their matching look is totally hot! I think it’s a great stylish way to show a united front and to say “we’re a team!.” (Not everyone should try his-and-hers though, be prudent.)

Rosa on

I thinks she is SSOOO ugly, her skin is bad, and she is way to skinny. Hubby another story.

??????????????? on

he is sooooooooo damm fine and damn he is burning hot even with the do

Patsy on

For peace sake why in the world would posh insist on her husband having the same haircut we all know he has to, because she no douth is still playing the Rebecca Loos card to play a guilt trip which is working.i think she is so posessive of David they look frightenly alike i think that was what she was going for.

jameca on

i think that you people who say posh hair style is ugly need to get over yourselves if your not up on fashion and style you all should no that all those 80’s hair styles are coming back stop being haters

mstokee on

I actually like Posh’s hair cut! Not everyone can sport short hair. Although i’m not much of her fan, she looks great! And of course, David is a hottie!

night on

This guy used to look great. Now he looks like he is hiding a cantelope under his hair. What happened? On the other hand, his cadaverish wife is just hideous ALL the time, no matter what she does with her hair.

Hannah on

I think they’re adorable! they seem like they really love each other. I don’t think I could pull off the things they do, but they always look interesting! :) and usually great. I like Posh’s new hair, but am not too keen on Becks’.

oh – and to all you haters – she doesn’t smile too much in pics (not sure why, exactly), but she definitely does smile. check out video’s of them on youtube if you don’t believe me.

MK on

i would never match my hair with my bf because he is bald ~shriek!~ and it runs in his family! besides im happy with my short sleek auburn hair. on the beckhams side, its another story. they both have gorgeous features, so whatever hairstyles they opt to share, they could just go and do it! however, becks… please change your hairstyle, ASAP! you look like a hard boiled egg!

alexia on

She really scares me..those eyes, that kind of a smile…why is she doing that? she’s a gorgeous woman, she doesn’t need to act like that all the time!!

Mairead on

I think David Beckham is just divine!!!

Meghan on

they both make me so sick!!! sick sick sick!! they annoy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Thomads on

Okay they both look good!! Stay away from my sister she needs help and she is a stupid brat that gets what she wants and sh eis raised so badly because she gets what she wants she is a fat lard!!!!!!!! Kayla

Roxanne on

Matching haircuts look so riduculous, she looks like a tomboy, she was so much prettier with her mid back, long hair. I am all woman, I don’t want to look like my husbands bowling buddy.

jody-dior on

no i wouldnt match my haircut with my husband she is such a snoob…. CANT STAND HER SHE NEVER LOOKS GOOD

Shae on

I think Victoria B. looks much better as a blonde! Many times darker skinned brunettes that go blonde do not look as good but she definitely looks better now. Maybe that is why she is beginning to smile…life is better blonde! Anyway, a very high maintainance couple it seems.

Hope on

you know what – if you’ve got it, flaunt it and further more, have fun with it! These 2 do just that. Love Posh’s hair – very few women can pull off that geometric of a cut and I think its fabulous. Also, Becks is the freakin’ hottest thing ever and could look good with a paper bag over his head, so yes i love his look too. Way to go Posh & Becks!!

karla on

She looks good and by the way is a very sweet and smart person,on the other hand David is very good looking too but he has a girl´s voice and is boring and very shy.

e on

i seriously love them. who cares if posh is snooty and uptight, she does it in style, and we all just wish we were her – at least i do!

Allison on

Ok, first off, Posh Spice needs to gain 20 pounds before I can even take her serious. She is sending a horrible message to young girls. Being that stick thin is NOT Healthy. No woman pops out 3 kids and then suddenly becomes a stick figure. Also, they must have a wonderful PR group around them, as she doesn’t do anything other than follow him around, and David isn’t even the best scoccer player out there. On a positive note, he does look sexy.

angelina on

No way would I cut my hair like my husband, my hair is waist length and I love it like that. Victoria’s haircut is a disaster and she looks like she could benefit from shampoo and hot water.

katie on

i think her hair looks HOT but his looks goofy as hell. he usually looks amazing he should keep his hair just plain, you know? but victoria… sexy.

minty on

i think they look cute. makes me wanna laugh. look at david’s face…he looks a bit dumb. but in a comical kinda way. i cant wait to see what the beckhams will be up to next. they are soooo entertaining. hahahahhahaha

Michelle on

David & Victoria are a “hot” couple! Don’t hate! Very stylish!

j on

She can totally pull this look off. I don’t have the face to ever pull off a pixie cut so i would never match my man in hair style (i don’t want him with long long hair either), but if i did i would absolutely rock it.

CarolMariane on

No. What suits my spouse, definitely would not suit me. I go for a short pixie cut with bangs, whispy-style. Besides, we’re not Siamese twins. I want my own identity, not his & her hairstyles. However, if that’s how they choose to look, then so be it. :)

Susan on

Victoria looks absolutely awful, it must be tricky for the stylist to dye the roots of her blonde hair, black like that. The thought of cutting my hair like my husband is equally awful. If I wanted to look like the gardener’s son ok, but I prefer a womans hairstyle. I personally think she is unattactive, skinny as hell and very arrogant. A celebrity such as Angelina Jolie is far more beautiful, knows how to smile, wears her hair in a sexy, feminine manner and actually does humanitarian things.

Katie on

OMG.. that haircut is so hott.. both of theirs.. anyone who is trashing it needs to come back to the year 2007.. that cut is on the CUTTING EDGE..

Katheryn on

Victoria’s haircut is beyond bad. When I was was in high school I had a science teacher that was balding. His solution was a combover, were you grow one side longer and comb it over to conceal the bald spot. The problem was when he went outside and it was windy it would blow out of place…and look pretty much exactly like victoria’s horrendous haircut. The only really diference between her hair and my old teachers is she still has a little hair in the centre.
The question of if I would cut my hair like my husband, like a man. No way, I love being a woman, I very much enjoy looking like a woman with my hair long and my clothes feminine.

Jasmine on

Victoria’s haircut looks like a mixture of hard liquor and poor haircutting skill . Once when I was in university a girl in our dorm wanted to cut her long hair short, it was Saturday night and we had all been drinking heavily. The end result loked almost exactly like Victoria’s “modern” haircut. My advice, by a hat victoria

Lalani on

I saw an old documentary about Elvis from the 70’s when he was in his sunset years, victoria’s haircut looks like fat elvis’s haircut from about 1976.
The thought of cutting my hair like my husband is outragous, I’m a traditional Hawaiian girl with long hair past my waist, my husband likes me to look like a woman not the guy who fixes the car who hasn’t seen soap and hot water in several days.
My advice to victoria, start with some shampoo and then invest in some extensions or a nice hat.

ab on

They both look ridiculous!!!

bittypixie on

Her hair is amazing! It think more woman should go shorter. Any woman that puts her down is a jealous COW!

I on

Yall need to stop hating just because you and you husband or whatever dont look as good as them doesn’t mean you have to hate them. so what if she doesnt smile. They look good together period.

Formoulza on

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