What Was Kirsten Dunst Thinking?

03/29/2007 at 04:33 PM ET

Never mind the new guy, Johnny Borrell of the British band Razorlight. What we can’t get over is what Kirsten was thinking when she put together her pub-hopping outfit on Tuesday night. Let’s start with the obvious — yellow thigh-highs with orthopedic oxfords? A dress that’s so short that it qualifies as a shirt? And the clashing bright-red Chanel purse and maroon floral scarf? Oh, Kirsten. We’re all for mix-and-matching, and London is the right place to try out eccentric fashion choices … but we can’t help but think that you’ve missed the mark on this one. Tell us: What do you think of Kirsten’s oufit? Would you ever wear it?

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Nicole on

wow. she looks disgusting! those shoes are awful…those tights are awful. blech.

jordan on

O My Gosh! for starters the jacket/dress/shirt is UGLY! then dont even get me started on her leggings! i know that some things come back in style but i can almost guarentee that these won’t! well, actually were these ever in style!? Kirsten, stick with clothes that actually make you look good! you are giving off the impresion that you are caught up and stuck in the 70’s!

Julie on

I think she looks colorful and cute, actually.

Heather on

Yuck. She always looks so gross.

Addison on

She looks like shes riding a chicken! Those leggings are hideous!

jennifer in tulsa on

Every piece of clothing is mismatched!

HLS on

Her outfit is still better than Mischa Barton’s diaper shorts and orange shirt/black tee shirt from last year. And, she at least has a decent expression, unlike, ahem, Victoria Beckham. Yeah, she looks a bit off, but what if she was traveling and needed to use the only scarf she had because it was chilly? What if she forgot her matching purse and shoes? Why are we blasting her?

Jenn on

Wow Julie.. you must be colorBLIND because there is nothing cute about her outfit. I usually don’t like how kirsten looks and it doesn’t change here..

elle on

She wasn’t thinking… She was going for the Grinch look.

Wendy O on

Doesn’t Kiki know that bag lady chic is so last season? Her bff Erin Featherstone needs to get this girl some new clothes pronto.

Carrie on

I think the tights are super cute, she pulls them off only because she is so quirky and slim. That said, I hate her shoes and scarf.

R on

In a way I kind of like it. It’s her edge she puts in. And the rights really make her legs stand out and appear very long. I would never wear it, but I like it.

kaye on

I think that the scarf wasnt part of the whole ensemble. Remember that shes on her way to a club and when your there you take out the scarf and the jacket…. im sure she looks super cute and trendy inside the club. And girls, travel more to Europe and see why the great designers come from London, Italy and Paris… America is always on the safe side of fashion, maybe because the place doesnt give that much inspiration. Remember that great paintings are from Europe because of the great inspiration…

faith on

those tights are the most sickly shade of yellow-green i have ever seen. they look like a cross between newborn baby poop and the color your face turns when you are about to vomit…

Elda on

i really like it, i love dressing comfy i mean i do work out but this outfit suits me well. i wish Kirsten well with her new man!

Lindsay on

I absolutely agree with you Kaye. I am constantly shocked at how people vote on this webiste when judging the ‘Hit or miss’ section. Anything safe and cute and not too daring or intimidating is given a hit but when a women chooses to go anything outside the perfect girl box, she is slammed!

sara on

That outfit is absolutely disgusting!!! Poor girl has no style!

Dawn on

Not only is the guy she is dating ugly she’s color blind also.

rashundra. on

It’s different so shut up!

Anonymous on

Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten! What’s up with the mismatched stuff? The red purse, weird scarf, way too short dress, and heaven forbid: mustard leggings….I think you need to see an eye doctor, just to make sure you can see yourself in the mirror when you wake up in the morning. First the Oscars fiasco, and now….this….DISASTER.

Fabulous Jemma on

Yes, this outfit is a wreck. However it has potential, with major changes…..

1) The tights: change from yellow to maroon (to match the scarf)

2) The shoes: change from brown to black

3) The purse: chage to either a metalic silver or gold, or black.

……Then it would be really cute!!!


I think she looks absolutly adorable, I’d wear it myself!

faith on

wow, ms. europa. “remember that great paintings are from Europe because of the great inspiration”??? like europe is the ONLY place that has inspired gifted, famous and talented artists. umm, how about Georgia O’Keefe, Norman Rockwell, Frida Kahlo, Frederic Remington, Andy Warhol, Mary Cassatt, Jackson Pollock, Diego Rivera…

Noelle on

Kirsten is adorable and has great style. Her outfit is colorful, fun, quirky, and fashionable. I’d definitely wear it. I wear outfits similarly styled to this. And it WOULD BE in style, watch any of the runway shows. Those style of boots hit many of the many designer shows, and opaque, colored tights were on virtually EVERY runway. Go to http://www.style.com and see for yourself.

Nightnurse on

Looks like a strange case of hepatitis. Better get her to an ER quickly.

nana on

i can understand comments on the clashing colors of the tights and purse, but lay off the scarf.
have you been to europe recently?
the scarf look is a standard. there is nothing weird about it.

Sara on

I just think she’s a mess. Don’t try to pull off the Kiera knightly, Sienna Miller look if you can’t.

Emma on

Her legs look like a bannanas!!

sonia from europe on

I agree with Kaye, Europe is more about individuality, unlike America where if Paris Hilton starts wearing Ugg boots, everyone follows.

marie on

she’s nuts !

DesperateHousewivesFan on

I seriously think she got dressed in the friggin’ dark or something!

KEL on

I acutally think she is cute. I like the yellow tights..they are new and interesting..instead of the same old boring outfit.

KEL on

I acutally think she is cute. I like the yellow tights..they are new and interesting..instead of the same old boring outfit.

june on


mary-kate on

everything but the scarf is great, definately something I would wear, the shoes are so chic

c on

the girl version of PETER PAN. reemmiixxxxx. LMAO. hella gross man

Louisa on

This website is wrong— this is a cute outfit and pretty interesting looking.

Kirstin on

She is constantly pushing boundaries and obviously wears things *she* finds poetry in. I am usually finding myself disagreeing with the majority in these matters, and frankly, I prefer it that way.


Helena on

This is gorgeous. I love the entire outfit, if you don’t like it it’s simply because you have a different sense of style. Don’t go bashing hers, that only makes you look un-artistic, and unstylish.

MCM on

I actually love this outfit, minus the horrible shoes. They don’t work with the stockings (or any of the other colors seen for that matter) and they are far too reminiscent of victorian era boot that’s lost the “boot” part of the shoe. I don’t care how many starlets I see wearing this style… it just ain’t working girls.

Sety on

I like the stockings. It is a bold statement amidst the dark clothes. A breath of fresh air, I would say!

MissKaNia on

Nooo it’s not gross, well, half of it, then. i thinks she looks rather funny/cute/crazy in the ensemble. i mean, how many times a year you could actually seen somebody dressed so brave? big hurrah for kiki.

alexvic on

i love it – she can pull anything off – i think it’s edgy and fresh and sophisticated…very arty and original.


I think she looks like hell!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder they dont make nice cluthes for girls anymore because of stupid girls like her!!!!!!!!!

Christine on

Kirsten’s style these past couple of years has really gotten downright ugly. I’m all for individualism. But at least make yourself look good. She used to be so pretty and have some of the best styles on the red carpet, and her everyday life. But now all she seems to wear is ugly, shapeless, granny prints. Or bizarre stuff as seen above. I don’t get it. She’s not the only one either. I still think she’s a fantastic actress and cool person. But she is too pretty to go out looking like this, be cool and quirky in a flattering way.

*dee* on

I like it, she’s cute and different. She’s rock ‘n roll.
Exactly what she should wear in London.
Well done!
And the shoes look great.

matesofstate on

i like it, i love her shoes! I would change the tights though. i love how she dresses out of the box, unlike other american celebrities who wear the same style clothes and get praised for conformity! she’s got a sort of old english vintage style goin on.. i like!

Emma on

I’m definitley with the “hit” people on this one!

It’s been said before but definitley worth reitterating, this style is individual and definitley not something the culture of urban sprawl, strip-mall laden, abercrombie, GAP and J crew “fashionistas” endorses.

yes, I’m writing from the other side of the ocean and I like!

Lorna on

Lose the scarf and change the bag to something black or brown and it can be bearable.

Shivan on

i think she looks so cute.
except..she could do w/out the scarf& diff. shoes!
&i think the leggings are different..they’re cool.

Heather S. on

Just a guess about the vacant look in her eyes, but there was probably no “thinking” behind this outfit.

enigma on

I still need to think exactly how I want to put my comment about Kristen’s get-up, europe style vrz america style, fashion vrz art, and good vrz bad comments………????

I find myself in a quandary over the matter, as silly as it might seem!! Because, there are so many comments here that are….first funny and second deserve good debate….I still need to think about it…hum????

But, all n’ all….finally a topic in “off the rack” that’s worth talking about, maybe I feel that way because I am artist and all these words I know…”paintings”, “art”, and even artist’s names on this side of the Atlantic have been mentioned…..I got all excited!!

But, I’ll take an artist’s stand and just stick with a CRITIQUE about Kristen’s overall get-up….because it’s so much like a painting (in art school, not a museum piece quite yet). But, the overall composition is bold and deals with shapes of color and texture, but it needs refinement in some areas. It needs (or as a teacher of mine would say….”it wants something”…???) well, it needs another splash of brillant (not screaming) color to bring it all together….it’s not 100% yet, it’s like an “unfinished painting”, there is too much black here and it is fighting for attention just as the split pea green soup tights (like ping-pong, you go back n’ forth too much too quickly)….

The only change I would make to this “painting with fabric”, would be a nice slim smooth skirt (above the knee) of the color permanent rose straight out of the tube by Winsor Newton….if you are an artist reading this you’ll know what I am talking about.

Winsor Newton’s Permanent Rose (is a lovely shade of a rich deep pink, not too hot or too intense), that color would tie in the scarf with bits of pink, highlight the red bag, compliment the split pea green tights/mustard shoes, off set the matt black, and still be in keeping with what’s going on here!!!

AND, did you know that it is VINCENT VAN GOGH’S BIRTHDAY TODAY….March 30th….how perfect….those tights are the same color used in many of his paintings, now I have to think that is…COOL and good timing!!

Anyway, have fun debating…I am sure I’ll join in again!!

Cheers and Laters!!

tracie on

I cannot stand this girl! The outfit is terrible, but she always looks terrible.

Terra on

I haven’t seen a cute bone in this girl since “Interview with a Vampire”, when she was like, 13………

j on

she was thinking how she looks good no matter what and how it’s not even necessary to look in the mirror before leaving the house because she’s a STAR and she can get away with anything, anytime, anywhere.
what a deluded attitude to have.

Maddy on

She can get away with it in London. I’m from London and trust me, people where whatever they want, so she fits right in! She looks amazing!

Summerann on

I won’t slam Kirsten, I really enjoy her movies and I love the fact that she doesn’t throw herself into the limelight and get attention in all the wrong ways like some of young hollywood! There is NOTHING wrong with standing out and making a statement with your clothes. And Dawn, saying her boyfriend is ugly just makes you sound like a moron, jealous much?!?!

Hailey on

Kirsten was in the UK when this picture was taken. This look is currently in style and in Britian(Europe in general) EVERYONE is wearing very similar styles, colours and dress lengths. The sixties are back – it just takes America longer to catch on. Personally though i dont like the shoes…

Rebecca on

Not in a million years would I wear that outfit. It wouldn’t be half bad if it weren’t for the colors. Those tights and shoes are the pukiest, most unflattering color. Just looking at them makes my stomach queasy. The purse and scarf clash, but at least they are not the same color as the tights or shoes.

Francesca on

Kirsten Dunst is known for borrowing different looks, & combining them, for her own unique style. Here, she’s stolen the Jolly Green Giant’s legs, Bea Arthur’s shoes, Morticia Addams’ ratty dress top, Delta Burke’s “Designing Women” scarf, Courtney Love’s hair and Mary-Kate’s red Chanel purse.

MandiDakota on

Do you ever wonder if some of these celebrities dress a certain way to deliberately test the public? I’d love it if Kirsten is reading this somewhere thinking, “I can’t believe how much energy everyone is exerting over this.” What if her ensemble was MEANT to get people talking?
lol, well there’s my conspiracy theory….
Either way, I have to applaud her for not being cookie-cutter. Where’s the fun in that? She’s young….no need to make her matronly by playing it safe.

AnnieM on

Maybe she has a thing for Split Pea soup. Usually she looks fine though.

Charlotte on

OMg. Thats the sickest looking outfit i’ve ever seen. Shee looks like she got her boyfriend to barf on it to bring some color on it! She looks like shrek female!

Oula on

– What was Kirsten Dunst thinking…

Kathy Lipper on

Everything else must have been in the wash.

Lindsey on

She has so much potential to look great, I don’t know why she has to pick the ugliest clothes she can possibly find

Megan on

O good lord. Why oh why did she go out into the world looking like that???? Sorry but if you slap some feathers on her little head she will look like a chicken!!! *cluck* cluck* I usually love her unique style but this one is a BIG NO NON!!

stephanie on

What was Kirstin Dunst thinking? She wasn’t thinking if she wore an outfit like that!YUCK!

Libby on

Those tights make her look like she just jumped outof a swamp! I also hate the shoes and the channel bag looks terrible with the outfut.

aj on

She looks like an idiot! OMG! My 4 year old just saw the page and asked me why that girl was dressed the same as Tinkerbell…. Even a child knows she looks bad!

Shauna on

Fashion Disaster!!! I like to dress outside the box sometimes but this is leaving the box on another continent kinda bad.

JenB on

I wouldn’t wear this myself, but Kirsten is cute and quirky and can pull off a lot of daring looks. I don’t mind most of the outfit…even the tights…but the purse and shoes freak me out a little. But, as it happens, Kirsten didn’t ask me for my fashion advice.

beverly dawson chicago! on

she was thinkin peter pan or robin hood. you know fairytales

sandra on

She is fat and ugly

rst on

kirsten dunst has never had good style- shes always looked like a grandma…she looks like she just went through an old bin of clothes…shes not even that pretty either…how could jake have been interested in HER? she always looks so matronly- and woman- wear some makeup!!!!

faith on

“FAT”, SANDRA??!!! PLEASE tell me you are joking!

Rita on

Sadly, she lacks a fashion sense. Where is her stylist, I’d like to know…?

Christina on

You would think with all that money, she could afford to look good.

Chirsta on

I’m not a big fan of her wardrobe here. However, if you tweaked it a little, she could pull it off. I’m not a fan of those tights. She should of picked a better color to compliment the scarf. If I had to pick between which I’d keep, the shoes or the tights…those shoes HAVE to go. Pick a different color. I love your thought “Fabulous Jemma”…I was thinking of either a maroon or a dark deep red color tight to bring in the color of the scarf. I really hate that color on the shoes, she could have worn a black shoe and maybe the look would look better. I also agree on a metalic purse.

Axelle on

O.K. Here we go….The colors are pretty challenging to start off with, they clash..period. Secondly unless you are playing dress-up, you should never wear a dress/skirt/shorts that is shorter than where your supposedly leggings/tights ends, it’s disturbing and makes you look cheap, scandalous, not to mention working the streets. It is plain wrong. I think that colors/styles can work perfectly if it is tastefully done.

jenna on

wat the heck was she going for the peter pan look!?

Zena on

OK, i live in London and i know we have a reputation for being eccentric, but walk through Camden Market like that and you’ll still get funny looks. There is no excuse for an outfit like this. It lacks class, eleagance and even common sense. She needs to get a new stylist.

timturk on

I say if you got the legs, go for it. She’s got the legs, so I say, go for it. My guess is that everyone else that thinks she looks gross, doesn’t look classy, wonders what she’s thinking, etc., etc. in other words, most who don’t seem to be able to muster up an original thought on her outfit (really people, most of the comments made were so redundant, big word, I know,don’t let your heads explode)know that she is pulling off what they, more than likely, couldn’t pull off even if their lives depended on it. Kirsten looks as stunning as ever in this outfit.

Robin on

wow! I’m really not sure what she was thinking but I know that I’m thinking! And I think that it’s horrid!

Emily on

Let me just start of by saying: Kirsten, what were you thinking? That dress is horendous and the shoes…ick! Myabe you should take a break from that outfit!

who cares on

um. So yea. I like it besides the tights/shoes.
I’m from America, and I love the indivdual look.
I would never wear it, but if she likes it then she can wear it!

shirley on

wow, i don’t think she was thinking…

Truth on

As one of the least attractive actresses in Hollywood, she makes herself look worse wearing this. She may think she can get away with wearing this but, in reality, she can’t.

Truth on

As one of the least attractive actresses in Hollywood, she makes herself look worse wearing this. She may think she can get away with wearing this but, in reality, she can’t.

Hannah on

What do I think? She must think that leprechauns are alive and well…..

choochoo on

she looks great, i love the shoes and the tights and the dress. it’s all about the attitude, and kristen can pull it off. it’s quirky and distinguishes her from the cookie-cutter starlets in hollywood.

kathy on

looks like a dwarf!!!!

e.dahl on

Her sense of style has always been to take fashion trends and mix it up. You have to give her props for being original. I like her sense of style, and you have to be aware of it to like this outfit …

KT from Cda on

she wasn’t!

ar on

I think she looks great. i dont like the color of the tights but other than that theres nothing wrong with it. its whats on the runways right now..

Jackie on

She annoys me and so does her hideous outfit.

Catz on

People…take the care and come to London…y’all will have the chance to see worse outfits, i swear!

friend of kirsten on

She was probably too stoned and drunk to care what she was wearing. :-)

-reliable source

abby on

i think she looks cool. she does her own thing, i think she is indie unique flawless.

DejaVu on

Okay, who cares about the outfit, i’m just angry after reading comments from those who think America has no fashion, taste, or talent, but europe is WONDERFUL! Guess what then, LEAVE!! Go live over there. WE DONT WANT YOU HERE!! America is one of the most amazing countries to live in. Why do you think so many people risked their lives and families lives to come over here??! Maybe even your ancestors!! I bet they would be very saddened to hear your disrespectful and ungrateful view of our country. You should be ashamed. As for Kirsten’s outfit. It looks terrible. But thank goodness we live in this AMAZING, free country where she can wear whatever she wants!!!

PinkHeart on

OMG! Kirsten should be sued for that horrendous outfit! She looks like a circus threw up on her! Why do celebrities put such ugly outfits together?

Brittany on

I think she could definately lose the scarf and possibly those bright leggings…but overall I love the fact that shes not dressing for anyone but herself and that shes content with that. The shoes look a bit awkward though. ????

elena on

just in time for easter.

Mana on

I’m less concerned about her outfit, and more concerned with her teeth and horrible hair. She ALWAYS has horrible hair, it drives me nuts!

Canadian Girl on

Peter Pan…is that you?

kikis on

You can’t hate a girl for trying to be like Peter Pan. Or maybe you have to with those tites. I’m completely not suprised when Kirsten flops. I have to say she’s definitly on my Top 5 worst dressers in Hollywood. She should seriously invest in or a differend stylist. I’m here for you Kirsten!!

iael on

I think she is a really beatiful women but that doesnt justify wearing that ridiculus outfit ! . My dear Kirsten, you have such a big fortune … spend it in something that its actually wearable !

Kerstin on

yup, I might be colorblind too :), but cold purple and natural green together is one of the classics, tough I´m not so sure about the bag. Uh, anyway, she looks totally rock´n´roll baby!!

Anne-Marie on

There are no words to describe this hideous outfit. You’d think with her money and connections, she’d know she looked ridiculous. And, ridiculous is being nice. Maybe she was impaired when she paired these items with each other.

Tara on

i like the jacket and scarf, but the tights and shoes are killing me. yuck

elisee on

the onlyy thing i see wrongg about this outfitt is the shoes; but i mean if she likes them, go for it; its her style & fashion is all about yourself. do what feels right

katie on

uh she kinda looks amazing. i would love to wear her exact outfit. i think youre wrong. shes right.

katie on

p.s. where can i get a scarf like that?
and the tights?
and the shoes?
and the tiny black dress?
seriously i LOVE the way she looks
i dress like this all the time. and everyone says im very fashionable. so umm yeah. . .

KT from Cda on

Hey Canadian Girl, too funny! Cheers to my fellow Canadian!

Annie on


Megan on

I finally realized where I have seen those shoes before…they are the same shoes that Robin Williams wore in Mrs. Doubtfire!!!

greta on

she looks great, my fav is the shoes. maybe a few months and women will kill for those shoes. the classy ones already wear em.

SUE on


maya on

i love kirsten dunst’s style. i think she always looks incredible and good for her that she tries something a bit different…
better than lindsay lohan who always looks absolutely ridiculous

emily on

to be perfectly honest, I think she looks great. She has her own style and isn’t afraid to be different. Lord knows, more people could use to borrow a page from her book and try some a little different every now and then.

Becky on

I love the outfit.

Its cute, quirky and very London. Its nice to see her trying out something new.

Carrie on

What was she thinking?????? I love her scarf and I love her purse but that combination-..eww.

Amy on

ewwww…she looks disgusting. I guess what they say is true, all the money in the world can’t buy you class.

kt on


embolina on

Tight! she works it well, she looks rad.

nurse4kitties on

I can’t think of a more unflattering color for legs. They make me think of liver failure. The dress is a shirt. Leggings: okay; Thigh-highs: not okay; Jaundice-color thigh highs…dear God, no.
The bag and scarf are great on their own, but not together. Everything about the outfit clashes. I get the sense that Kirsten started with a black dress and felt it needed some color and accessorizing…but the way she did it was…unholy.

nicka on

ditch the scarf and is actually nice.adorable bag though


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!NIGHTMARES!!!!THAT IS HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura on

thank god no one is judging you guys every single day. no, that would be awful now, wouldn’t it?

Megu on

She looks a lot cuter than the other cookie cutter “fashionistas” out there. Cute cute cute!

Susan on

Maybe she dressed in the dark…. SMILE

CarolMariane on

Love the scarf and the thigh-high tights…only

kamilla on

my god!

even though i lived in the u.s. for a while i’m always shocked by how conservative everything over there is, especially the fashion sense!

i, (and surely european girls everywhere) love this look and wish i would have put this outfit together first!

Jessica on

I actually think she looks cute too..

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