Is J. Lo Having a Style Identity Crisis?

03/28/2007 at 01:52 PM ET

With each passing day, Jennifer Lopez is confusing us more and more. Gone is the consistent sexy glamour that we usually associate with her — instead, every day she seems to be embracing a whole new look! Last Friday in Paris, where she was promoting her new album Como Ama Una Mujer, the star went ’60s demure in a full-skirted Zac Posen frock and a tight topknot. But for Sunday’s Echo Awards in Berlin, she went glamazon in an avant garde one-armed Lanvin dress and strappy stiletto heels. And then yesterday afternoon, she switched it all up — arriving at TRL in N.Y.C. looking like a downtown hipster in high-waisted skinny jeans, an ’80s style vest and her trusty YSL platforms. We are getting whiplash just trying to keep up! Tell us: Do you think that J. Lo is having a style identity crisis? Or is the change doing her good?

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Photo:Nebinger/ABACA; tinnefeld/sipa; Davila/startraks

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Shellsea on

Well, I’m not sure I’d wear any of the above fashions but kudos to her for trying something new and different.

Elda on

again??? who cares!!!!!



erica on

she looks like a huge mess!
she’s not as glam as she used to be and she’s trying to hard to look young.

Shel on

I already commented on that hideous bun in a different posting, the dress isn’t great either. That one sleeved dress is, what’s the word? Oh, yeah, awful. The last look is reminiscent of Mariah Carey in the 90’s. I wish she’d go back to her old stylist.

Elda on

Whitney i forgot to add “ugly, disgusting and heartless!! Thanks for reminding me!

Dawn on

The bun outfit looks like something from a bad alien movie. The whole look does, the second dress looks like well a sack with a hem, and the pant and vest look well can we say annie hall?

j on

she’s not having an identity crisis, she’s consistently tacky!!

enigma on

not wanting to be rude here…but, is it really necessary to ask such a stupid question!?…..hhmmm!?!!?

mirelle on

what can I say…. I agree with elna on the hearless comment. Besides the fact that she loves to wear dead animals around, I never liked her style, she is always trying to hard, her movies stink, her music stinks, and her butt is yesterday’s news….NEXT !

Deepti on



SAS on

Attention seeker! Whether it’s good or bad press, she’s still making her way into the news. She must be worried that her new album will not sell, so she is getting herslef out there! All three outfits are a poor attempt to stand out.


Talk about a lot of negativity! I think people should do or wear whatever pleases them and who cares what other people think! If she’s happy, that’s all that matters!

Mary Jane on

She is no longer seen the way she was before. Her new style (if that is what its called) is horrible. Even her hair looks a mess. She needs help. Now the ex-Mrs. Marc Anthony is really a classy woman with lots of style and alot prettier than JLO.

Heather on

Hey its the new Mariah

Mrs.Borrego on

I’m not sorry to disagree with many of you. I think Jennifer wears everything great. I personally think she looks really radiant since she got together with Marc. It seems she feels comfortable in her own skin which is great to see. She is a shining star and if she gets press its because of that. So what if she changes her style whenever she feels like it. I’d be doing the same thing if I had that kind of money. As for her acting she has been in a lot of great movies and has played up her part perfectly. Starting with Selena..need I say more? Her singing is great as well. If you actually took the time to listen to some of her songs you would see what I am talking about. She has a rockin’ body and a pretty face to go with it. You go Jenny!

Emm on

I think she looks hott in the one strap dress.. very glamorous!

R on

I guess it just shows how much she appreciates style and fashion. She’s a true fashionista and proves it by accenting it with various styles that all seem to fit her. She’s the “one size fits all” of her new passion.

Noelle on

I agree with Elda and 99% of other people. Jennifer Lopez is ugly, disgusting, heartless, and has a nasty attitude and personality. Maybe it’s finally getting to her that she has no friends except her gross looking husband, and her only talent is wearing dead animals. And she looks terrible doing that. Fur makes you look like a fat old hag.

Veronica B. on

She is a fierce! No matter what event she’s attending at the moment, from movie premiere to TRL, she always lets her wardrobe rise to the occasion. In terms of fashion, she is able to go where no one would dare to go and pull it off. You go JLO!


elda what a hater you are! first you say ya dont care then you go on to call someone heartless you’ve never met in your life. the question was what do you think of her clothing, not what ignorant judgement are you makin on the personality of a woman you have never met. in my opinion she is beautiful and is doin all of these outfits justice. it just proves she looks good in everything!

enigma on

By the way, I am with Elda on this one too!!!

Chirsta on

I don’t necessarily believe Jennifer Lopez is going through a fashion crisis, I think these outfits ok, not horrible, but ok looking.

In the first picture, her dress is very elegant looking. I like the dress. However, I dislike her make-up, and I REALLY dislike her bun.

In the second picture, she looks really sexy, and she pulls it off. The only thing I dislike about the dress is if the sleeve weren’t so long. I would have liked to see it just be a strap, or maybe no sleeve at all and just make it a strapless dress. I also dislike that necklace. She could have left some imagination to those toned arms and shoulders and showed off her neck.

In the third picture, I actually like the outfit. I would use a little less bangles on the wrist, but that’s Jennifer for you, she’s a trademark at whatever she wears.

I think she’s trying something new and I don’t really think it’s a crisis. Maybe Victoria “Posh” Beckham is still dressing her and dressing her as what “Posh” would wear…who knows. Jennifer is beautiful regardless.

Carrie on

I think she has looked worse ever since she got married to that ugly walking skeleton. She used to be so beautiful, and make so many fun movies…now she just doesn’t have the same presence she once did. She is just lacking that “It factor” that she used to have in abundance.

nhilario on

Is J-Lo having an identity crisis…hecks no. I think she always looks amazing—she has a husband who is very much in love with her (accounting for that glow), a multi-faceted career that has outlasted most others and she has learned to do what makes her happy regardless of what others think. She is a very accomplished woman and has nothing to prove to anyone.

marianne on

Whoever says she looks good has to be joking ! she looks ridiculous in every outfit here…she is overdone…

Sally on

I’m a big time animal lover, these day we have to appreciate animals now more than ever. I was a big time Jlo fan at one time but i have to be on the animals side now, the way they are killed is so ruthless and sad, I’m pretty sure Jlo knows what the animals go through. They are not even dead when their skins are ripped from their poor little bodies, the whole thing is just sad. I wish she could see what the animals feel. Everytime I see her with a fur coat on I can’t help but feel sad thinking how that coat was made. that’s all.

Elda on

oh whitney don’t get so mad, these are only comments girlfriend, get over it. so what if i’m hater but i’m proud of it!! she’s nasty, nasty, nasty!!

Jaimee on

It seems to me that each outfit was appropriate for each event. She changes it up….that is what being a diva is all about.

Alice on

Jennifer Lopez has the worst sense of style ever. She can even make Lanvin look vulgar! And please oh please stop with the 5-pounds-of-make-up-face…that’s never a good look. She can say anything she wants, I think she’s a fake!

KT from Cda on

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with her choices in the above pics but one thing about her I do have to say is, Jlo likes to wear whatever she likes. We have all seen her wear silly to really nice. But doesn’t every celeb do this? That’s not an identity crisis its whatever they are paid to wear or whatever gets them into the suppermarket tabloids when their careers hit a low note. Everytime Jlo wears a dead animal its in the news. To me its her chance to get people talking about her again.

LadyJaxson on

I think the first 2 pics are terrible.
The third outfit is smokin, she just needs to lose the white vest.
overall I think Jlo has gotten more avant garde with her fashion choices. All she needs to do is quit supporting illegal chinchila farms with her love of costly, and cruelly produced fur garments!

Nana on

I’m just curious. Does anyone know what brand of jeans those are? Thanks!

Louis Vuitton on

She looks like she is trying way to hard to get noticed

PrettyPink on

I love Jlo’s stlye its fierce and fab-U-lous!!

Julia on

I THINK SHE LOOKS FABULOUS. it’s good to change things every so often. I love that she’s so versatile.

Julia on

OH, & I would absolutely wear every single style she has worn in the above 3 pictures.

O'Wryly on

Both she and her homely husband are far too over-hyped. She has no fashion sense and looks consistently tacky and tasteless. I for one would be ecstatic if they disappeared from the public eye … and they can take the Beckhams right along with them. The last picture shown on People with him wearing what appeared to be oversized undies on his head and her schlupping along behind him {as usual} looking like a soft boy was hilarious yet pathetic. Other than a cheap form of entertainment, they all serve no purpose!

Tamara Jean Smith on

Dear Staff,
Jennifer Lopez is a pretty woman.
She can wear anything and; she’ll still look;like “Mona Lisa’.She has a rare look.Like Marylin Monroe.

Sincerly, Tamara Jean Smith

Andrea on

Yet, she makes millions and millions of dollars. Haters!!!

night on

looks like she is just having fun with clothes. Why does it have to be an identity crisis?

kika on

I don’t think so….I think she’s really amazing and she has a lot of style.

yen on

she´s trying too hard,it´s not a good look on her at all.

Rebecca on

I’m just not digging that one-shouldered dress- too bunchy. The first dress is very pretty and the third outfit is cute and funky. It’s always fun to see what J Lo will wear!

p on

what is so wrong with her changing her style everyday?? noone wants to see the same ol tight and sparkly like Beyonce does…

nana on


nana on


moza on

She is a beautiful woman , even if you are jealous , the truth is that Jlo is a beautiful woman with a lot of style. Her skin is adorable ,and if its possible i would like to know the secret of her skin.People cannot judge the others from what they read ,because their personal life is theirs ,as we have our lifes .She is married now, she has choosed her way to be happy.Only she knows if she is happy or not with marc.Period.

PD on

It amazes me that some of you folks take time out of each day to critisize another human being in such a vile way. You feel sorry for “animals” but you’ll masacre another persons character. Very sad, indeed. The girls who say these things are probably insecure, lonely, abused people who need to get their heads examined! JLO is for better or worse, a star who can wear whatever she wants and probably doesn’t care what any of you think – trust me, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. And for the record, she is a very attractive woman – can any of you “haters” say that you are?

marie on

J-Lo used to look better but not anymore. Instead she’s trying to dress like the “younger” girls. She’s starting to remind me of Mariah Carey looking for more attention as she gets older. Marc Anthony’s ex wife, former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres is sooooooooooooooo much prettier! Even with 2 kids, she just looks super gorgeous. Oh well, looking at both J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s track record (relationship wise in the past), they sure are a perfect match. they look the same now…hehehe!!!

rim rim on

i think she is getting farther away from CLASSY APPAREL. which i personnaly think most people should adopt.classical ensembles would suit any woman in her twenties, or thirties.

Candice on

Well, I say that she can wear whatever she wants cuz she still looks good.

evalic on

Moza n PD! I’m with u guys; it’s too much for JLo! They always have some negative things to say bout this woman, instead of helping with ideals, they sit and criticize al day.

sully on

I really think that when she was with Ben Affleck she dressed more classy and sexy. Loved all her outfits when she was dating him. Now is more as if Marc tells her what to wear. Is true, every time I see her now I get whiplash from the outfits she wears. lol. What’s next???

Doroty on

I was never a big fan of Jlo fashion syle especially the fur in her fashion line makes me quite frustrated.But of late I think she went from the cheesy bling to minimal stylish and sometimes extravagant but in a good way so kudos for it!

priscilla on

I don’t like JLo but I love her millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana on

what kind of sunglasses does she have on?

who cares on

Honestly, who cares as long as she likes it? The frist pici is pretty ugly, though.
But yeah. She should stop with the fur. And I like her music

AW on

The look on the far left is creepy as hell. The one on the right is wannabe-cool, although I must admit that’s how she usually looks (remember the stilleto-boots-on-ice thing?)…the dress in the middle is gorgeous, although she managed to make it look ridiculous. This lady has every top designer BEGGING for her to wear their clothes, plus a ton of stylists, fashion consultants, etc…so what’s the excuse??

push101 on

well u cant expect her to wear the same thing everyday or the same style every day or you guys would be saying she has the same style nothing different. and now that she is doin something different you guys are saying y is she doin different styles, so its hard to please you guys but i think she looks amazing in all of her outfits.

mis on

i totally agree with marie, with money and a career like that, jlo can do pretty much whatever she wants. if she took all those postings where you guys attempt to trash her to peices then i’m sure being out of the lime light would please her just fine. judge yourselves before you work up the audacity to judge someone else so harshly.

bigwow on

J Ho – FUG! This woman is no fashion icon. She only looks mildly attractive about every 4th or 5th time I see a photo of her which is way too frequent. Her fashion choices are very hit or miss. And forget ‘pretty’ if the hair and/or make-up aren’t working. The fact that she’s likely been bombarded with info about the horrors of fur and then continues to wear it speaks volumes about this woman’s conscience & character. Me me me! Aren’t I a sexy diva?! Gross. Oh – it goes w/o saying that she’s only a marginal singer too.

Mavi on

She looks amazin ,sexi ,young, she love fashion.

Dark.Empress on

WOW!!! I see people here don’t know much about fashion. JLo has a style and it is consistent- it is called high fashion. Everything she is wearing is straight off the runway and she is killing it. Brocade mod style dress, one shoulder dress, platform pumps- ALL in style! She knows how to put together a “look” and understands that clothes are for conveying a mood. She is not “off the rack” boring like so many other celebrities she is fashion!

c on

i love jlo.they look great on her but my fave is green dress. it looks hella cute on her.i wish i can have her B U T T iuno why she ended up marrying marc anthony though. i think she deserves better. but yah, i still love her :)

Jen on


GIA W on


Melissa on

Jen looks beautiful…as always!!

Faith on

Jen looks beautiful…as always!!

karina on

I don’t care if the cloths is expensive,
for me she look wearing a cheap fashion

chuleta on

She looks great. However, the bun ruined the outfit in the 1st pic. She looks good in the 2nd pic, but i don’t like the dress too much and to me in the 3rd pic her style is unique as usual. That’s just JLO being JLO…sexy and different!! No matter what she looks damn good for 37!!!

cristina on

I think she is great. Maybe she needs all that change, after all we only have one life and we have to try what we want and what we good at. And she is really great at fashion. And singing. I just hope she is happy in her private life. I dont think Marc Anthony can handle all that fire. JLO is admirable.

Kathy Lipper on

She’s fabulous. I’m amazed at how she can achieve so many different fashion looks. Love her acting, too. Wish I was her best friend.

vicky on

i wish she could go back to being urban chic instead of wannabe high fashion model. she looks like shes trying too hard.

Meg on

Usually i am veryimpressed with wat Jen wears but not lately. In the first picture she looks demonic and the others there is nothing special about her outfits. Hopefully she will pull out of the wardrobe downfall and pull some cute stuff together.

Byron morales on

omg i just love her stule shes always doing sumthing new and thats good she starts trends and people follow

theruler on

Does anyone agree that Leah Remini who is supposed to be J.Lo’s friend has been trying sooooo hard to copy Jennifer? It is so very obvious that she has really been trying to wear the same clothes and do her hair and makeup just like J.Lo. My friends have all noticed this. Leah is a JLo wannabe????

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