Get Britney Spears's Hat!

03/27/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Hats off to Britney Spears for channeling a bit of old Hollywood glamour! On a recent post-rehab outing, the pop star accessorized her simple white sundress with oversized shades and an wide-brimmed straw hat. Turns out that Brit’s enviable topper is the “Eyelet Lantern” from milliner Eric Javits’ Spring/Summer collection. The hip straw hat features an adjustable band for a perfect fit — making it ideal for brimming with style when facing a pack of paparazzi. Get your own at for $315.

Click here to see more photos, news and a full bio of Britney Spears, and click here to discuss her style in Off the Rack.


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BC on

hate the hat! like her dress!

May on

Ever since Britney got out of rehab she looks a little better then she has lately. Look her nails even look good. Usually there not manicured.

I would wear her hat, if I could pull it off. Actually I would try to find the knock off version. The one she is wearing is a little to pricey for me!

lkd on

Why would anyone want that hat?? U-G-L-Y!!!! The only reason she is wearing it is because she has a wig!

Elda on

love the dress and the hat is not bad either, i’m so happy that Britney is doing so much better. i wish her the best period!!

Tatiana on

interesting-where did her boobs go?nice flat stomach though!and yes love the dress & hat!

Kim on

I am glad to see that with all Britney’s been through, her shopping skills are still intact. Too bad we can’t say the same about her mothering skills. Where are her boys? Oh yeah, with their nannines and grandma and Kevin. She wanted babies so bad and yet you never see her with them. She is pathetically keeping Jayden hidden so that when no one buys her next “album”, she can sell his pictures to the highest bidder. We constanly hear, “Poor Britney’s constanly chased by the paparazzi!” Then stay home with your kids once in a while!!! This girl doesn’t need rehab, she needs a parenting class! Ok, I’m done venting. (That hat is ugly, too.) Now I’m done.

SAS on

I do not like the hat, the dress would be ok, if it were on anyone but HER!!! This woman makes me cringe with the thought of her being a mother. There are woman out there that should never become mothers and she is one of them. The famous picture of her almost dropping her son, she SURE wasn’t going to drop that drink! Let the kid go, someone will catch him, I can’t drop my drink!!!! Go back to rehab Brit and stay there, your children will be better off! We will be better off not having to listen to your non-able to sing butt, using techno sounds to cover up your voice.
Sorry if you a Britney fan, but I just had to say it.


I love her dress the hat is o.k. I wonder how long it will take her hair to grow back. Does anyone know its natural color??

Shel on

That’s a cute combo (dress and hat) for a spring/summer lunch on the boardwalk, I would wear it but I’ve never looked good in hats (too much hair, it just puffs out under the brim). That being said, go home, Brit, to your kids. They need a mom.

Jackson on

$315 for a straw hat – I don’t think so. Don’t care for the hat, the dress or Britney. One would think that instead of taking dance lessons, she would be at home with her boys but I guess that’s not a priority with her – never has been – so why start now. She’s a loser!

shopdiary on

she looks very pretty here! love the hat and her sunglasses.

Dawn on

Maybe the rehab was just a place for her to get in shape look these celb’s have done worse to keep there name in the paper especially with a new cd in the works

j on

i can’t believe you have her on stylewatch. this girl has no sense of style WHATSOEVER & it’s ridiculous how many times she’s already been photographed ‘laying low’ since she left rehab. GET REAL. basically all she did was jump on the bandwagon to rehab because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do and she actually stood a good chance of losing her kids. if she wants to copy people, copy reese or jennifer or jada or catherine or gwen–MOTHER your children britney instead of worrying about your next photo op because you look horrible anyway!!!!

KC on

Umm I dont want the hat!

Heather S. on

Love the hat, but I’m sort of into timeless, classy pieces these days.

Meanwhile, she probably spent enough on the dress to pay our mortgage, and because it is so ill-fitting she still manages to make it look cheap!

Ashley on

I agree with BC, I hate the hat, but would definitely wear the dress. I wish Brit the best, especially for her children. Stay strong!

Alice on

Did People actually say that Britney is “channeling old Hollywood glamour?” Ummm, no shes not….

Rita on

While I’m definitely not a Britney fan, I do love this whole outfit. She is truly looking much better after the rehab. Let’s hope that it helped her. She is in my prayers.

amber on

I hate the hat but I LOVE the dress and the glasses! Britney looks so cute!

Courtney on

She is so cute here!! She is getting her body back!! Look at how thin she looks! Gorgeous. And yes, we will be seeing a lot of hats on Britney until she gets her real hair back!

Amy B on

I am not a Britney fan either. But i could be if she was an ‘actual’ role model. But she IS HUMAN. It seems that every time she trys to make a come back – she has a big breakdown – takes a break and then tries it all over again. Everytime she tries to get back in the scene she falls apart. Maybe the ‘spotlight’ isn’t for her anymore. Maybe one day it will be. So until then. Best of love and luck to you Britney!

Tracy0218 on

The hat is okay, but the dress is adorable. Can you find out where she got it?

Thanh Vo on

Love her red purse. Where can I get one ?

Michelle on

Cute hat. Why is she wearing a wedding ring?

Lizzie on

I love the entire outfit! She’s looking much better!

hannah on

hey just wanted to say Brit you go i support you becuase i think your really turning things around after the re-hab I absoulutly love the outfit great choice and totally perfect . Its a great dress for a young mom without looking to old ,I also love the hat wait to turn things around YOU GO BRIT!!!! :D
Hannah .L

Rebecca on

Britney looks beautiful. Its amazing the transformation that 30 days can make on one person. Good for Britney!

KT from Cda on

$315 for a straw hat! Are you serious???

lana on

WHY shave your head just to wear hats???

I kind of thought her head shaving was cool, but only if she showed it off.
Why shave it to wear stupid hats?

Tiffany on

I luv it I don’t care about all the other stuff people say she is fierce!

Terri on

Not only is the hat ugly, but the price is crazy. There is a chance that Brittney was given it free to wear for publicity – but even free, I wouldn’t wear it.

re SAS on

i think she sings a hell lot better than you would…

Megan on

The hat is ok but, I do not need it cuz i didnt go crazy and shave my head so I guess its alright if you went crazy and shaved your head. Where are her children??? She spent 30 days away from them in rehab and you would think she would want to spend time with them.

yen on

she looks much better but it makes her look a bit older.

FH on

I feel sorry for Britney. It must be really hard to have your every waking moment photographed, scrutinized and criticized. In not a fan, but I wonder can any of the people trashing her here stand up to the level of scrutiny she goes through every second of her life? Are you thin enough? Is your stomach flat enough? Are your clothes perfectly tailored and bearing a designer name? Are you with your children 24/7? Are they perfect, and have never received so much as scratch? Who is to say that she purposely doesn’t allow her kids to be photographed with her because she does’t want their images splashed all over magazines like the Jolie-Pitt kids? Should she stay home? If I was under the microscope she is under 24/7, I would probably never leave my house. It takes guts to keep getting up after constantly getting knocked down. Try to remember she is only 25 years old and has been on the fast track since she was 15! She has made some bad choices, but she has paid for her mistakes a lot more than most of us. We have the luxury of screwing up in private. She doesn’t. For crying out loud people, unless you are absolutely perfect from head to toe, save your judgements and your admonishments for yourself.

lisajane on

Love the dress. Britney needs to forget a come back that is what got her to this place. She is rich she needs to lay low and be with her kids make her kids her whole world not 1/4 of her world. She will never be HOT again she is washed up. IF she would lay low she media would not be in her face all the time and if they are it would be good stuff said about her cause she would be with her kids.

evalic on

I’m very happy to see her new looks!!

Pls try to keep it up!!

Claire on

britney looks absolutely stunning!!! the hat goes so well with the outfit!! im going to buy that hat NOW!!!!!

Ainsley on

Gap also has some similar hats for a much better price!

Yolie on

I think she looks good, and as for all the people that critize her, you should take a look at yourselfs 1st before critizing other people no one in this world is perfect, we all make mistakes. As for being a mother no one is born with instructions on how to be one and we all do the best we can. I think everyone should leave her alone, and if you dont like her then stopping reading about her in magazines and online. Nobody is forced to do so. Thanks

2 cents on

Honestly Britney no longer interests me. Shes messed up, and she could never sing. Without all the digital help in the recording studio, and all of her makeup, she wouldnt be that talented or gorgeous anymore. And plus, a lot of ppl asked this, but WHERE ARE HER KIDS?! like who is taking care of them??? it makes her even MORE of a loser cause she cant take care of the kids herself. Its just irresponsible. She can spend her time shopping and can spend her money on a $315 hat, but has no time or energy left for her kids?! i find that funny and hard to believe. Thats just really sad.

ME ! on

SO WHAT if she is wearing a wig underneath the hat.

the question was whether or not the straw hat is a hit or miss. I say it’s a hit because she doesn’t look too bad and rehab definite has her looking slightly less malnourished…

so it works.

Chirsta on

Hmmm…The hat looks nice with the dress and sunglasses. Her look seems well put together. Like everyone else, I really like the dress too. It’s very Spring time.

I wish Britney the best for her and her children. IMO, and this is just speaking personally, but I think for the best interest of Britney and her children, she should really lay low and out of the spotlight. She can wait to release an album. The health of herself and the care of her children are more important. Britney has tons of money, she can afford to get away. Maybe go home to her roots and get some good R&R. IMO, she doesn’t need no man to make her happy. There are so many fish in the sea for her and she’ll find someone perfect for her one day. She’s so pretty and she has good blessings in her life. She needs to think about herself and her children. She’ll find the man of her dreams one day, maybe not today or tomorrow, but she’ll find him. Again, in no way shape nor form am I’m saying this is what she should do or feel, I’m just speaking from opinion. Regardless, I wish her the best and I hope she continues to get well.

Mireya on

I think she looks great!!! Everybody should just Lay Off, already!! Looks like your pretty bored, if all you can concentrate on is Britneys life, she will always be awesome
She is Britney Spears!!!

jennifer on

love the hat britney is a pig what ever she wears i wouldnt buy not even her music

nana on

i love the whole outfit.

beth on

Just to let everyone know – you can find a much cuter and affordable hat (but still similar to Britney’s) at WALMART!!!!!!

eliza on

owww i love the dress,, the hat is ok. i think britney looks good and the rehab did well. i wish britney all the luck and her kids are adorable!!

rozafa on

she is awsome .she looks really good in this picture.go ahead britney .you are the best.

dawn on

does the hair come with the hat? my mom is having the second in her series of 8 rounds of chemotherpy for breast cancer right now. i’m guessing she’ll be bald as a cue ball very, very soon. i was thinking that a hat for just over $300 made of straw should definetly come with options…and some hair would be just right for my mom.

Trayd on

I wish Britny would show off her bald head…She looks good in anything. I can’t wait until her comeback and I think Justin will be hanging out close by…

Maggie.P on

I have seen that hat before!!! Oh yeah my grandmother has one just like it. I hate it. But love her dress and new hair.

meredith on

im wondering where britney got that tan colored trench that was posted on march 29. anyone know?? im looking for a cute little trench.

Jackie on

You must be kiddin me, firstly-I would never wear anything that Brittney wears or follow any fashion trend that she starts, secondly-that hat looks totally horrific-I wouldn’t buy it for $1.

liz on

I would just love it if everybody left Miss Britney alone. I am not doing a very good job ’cause i’m reading this article!

crystal on

i love the glasses, I have the same ones! but loving the dress

april on

wut kind of hat is dat?

Mojabeng Molefi on

Whoever’s passing negative karma towards Brtiney, lay it off coz she’s trying very hard.
I love her dress and her sunglasses best, the hat isn’t too bad.

Emily on

All the best to Britney. She has had some lapses, but I’m starting to feel that she is coming back!

Isac Alves Barbosa on

I love her a lot and i cant wait till the next album of her. I guess she looks wonderfull and lovely with her closes.One day i would like to see her show, but without money how can i do it ? its my dreams…but please do not cut your hair anymore ok!? My diva, kisses everywhere ok!?
Isac, a brasilian guy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

night on

I have never been much of a fan of this woman, but I now wish her the best. For any of you who have never felt you have hit bottom, and needed some help, keep picking on her and making fun of her, but know that one day you might reach a point where life may not be treating you really well. For the rest of us who have felt at times like life has handed us one to many things to carry on our shoulders, let just keep her in our prayers.

laila on

britney has been through much, i dont need to tell what ALL of she had been through , and i think she is still didnt get cure of the srtess she had, so dont judge her now , and about the hat ITS NOT A BIG DEAL …people she has no hair okay!,.plus maybe because she is still have some pain from the past so thats why she cant sit with her children alot(although her children can make her feel better) , but as emily said she is in her way of coming back, And its not judged by her cloth (which its not soo bad),its by the quailty she will give through her coming albums .



Gabriela on

So to all the “Britney Haters” out there… first of all… when have you ever made a mistake and had it splashed all over the media? I bet you have had your fair share of “Holy S***!” moments. My how people love to kick people when they are down… so she hasn’t been the best mom – I can remember lots of friends and family members who their first time around didn’t get it exactly right. You people that give Brit so much crap about all she does wrong need to look at yourselves and remember all the stupid stuff you’ve done- I’m sure there are pics of you doing something not so little house on the prairie. We are not perfect and neither is Britney. Give her a freakin’ break – worry about what bill collectors you aren’t going to pay and why you can’t find a good man in your life… then read your bitter replies on this page and find the answer!

Worry about your own life and your own struggles… cuz you know no matter how much you say you HATE her… you’re still reading this article and finding time to reply!

Brit – you’re the SH!T!!!!

Sandra on

I love the look. On me: I would only wear the dress. PLEASE find out where whe got it and find some cheap alternatives…
BTW Britney shaved her hair: she should show off her bald head. As did Sinead O´Connor and Demi Moore.
The, lets hope she goes home to be the mom she is deep down.

Pauline on

She’s Glam Pure !!

She’s is and always be a Princess.

macy on

Ok Britney that is a cute Dress,hat,but why are you worring about how you look and all that. Worrie about your children more and what is best for them.

Rachel on

Minus the hat she looks pretty hot.

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