Supermodel Fashion Faceoff: Naomi vs. Gisele

03/26/2007 at 04:30 PM ET

As if five days of stylish service wasn’t enough, leave it to Naomi Campbell to turn the Department of Sanitation driveway into a catwalk March 23 when she left her community service sentence decked out in a heavily bejeweled floor-length Dolce & Gabbana gown with a metallic corset-belt. But as stunning as Naomi looked, we couldn’t help recalling the other supermodel who wore the gown first. Gisele Bündchen debuted a similar look at Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2007 show in Milan on Feb. 22, closing the show with poise (and boyfriend Tom Brady waiting in the wings) — even as her heel got stuck in the hem. Tell us: who do you think wears the Dolce & Gabanna gown better?

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Photo:Splash News; Rex USA

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Una on

GISELE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j on

i have to go with giselle this time, only because i hate naomi’s current hairstyle.

Sara on

Gisele wears it better hands down. She has more poise and elegance than Naomi. Gisele is the faceof models, Naomi just need to get her life straighten out first.

KT from Cda on

These are two diff dresses. The only thing the same is the belt.

Shel on

I like Naomi’s dress better, but I like Gisele’s belt better. So is that a tie? And do the editors proof this stuff before they post it? “…leave it to Naomi Campbell to turned the…” either to have turned or just to turn.

Victoria on

NAOMI she’s got the looks that don’t go away even by the age she’s like a mother to all of MODELS and GISELE isn’t bad at all but she seems to skinny and her face in that photo is just juck

Anonymous on

Me, personally, I like Gisele better. First off, she has the figure, you know, the curvy but not too much type. Then, the goldish color that she’s wearing looks loads better. Naomi’s necklace and bright silver pattern is too much at one time. Not to mention the occasion; a jeweled floor length D&G dress (with a corset belt, no less) on the way to a sanitation department??? Nice try Naomi, but it’s Gisele all the way.

karen on

Gisele, by a long shot. She’s in a totally different league that Naomi.

Heather S. on

Gisele!! She’s so beautiful!

May on

I think Gisele wears it better, but Gisele looks strange here for some reason. I have never cared for Naomi Campbell.

Lis on

Gisele Wins

Elda on

Gisele wins this round by a long shot!!

R on

Ah, yes when I saw that dress I immediately thought of the Dolce and Gabbana dress. I did not however think of the fact that Gisele wore it “first”. She was just a model at the show and I don’t really think the whole claim can go on her as per the fact that she was part of a showcase. I like the dress on Naomi and the sillohoeute fits her great.

AnnieM on

Gisele is tops!

Didi on

Gisele looks perfect Naomi not so much.And wearing that dress the last day of her community service-it seems she hasnt learned any lesson.

Cheryl on

Naomi looks much better in this dress…I do agree the hair is bad….I love Gisele, but she does look strange (in a bad way) in this picture…

Robin on


Rebecca on

Tough call- supermodel vs. supermodel- how does one pick? Of course, they both look quite fabulous, but I like Gisele’s look a little better. Naomi needs to do something with that hair.

Alexander on

I am not sure if one can say who wore it better as the circumstances are different. Firstly the dresses are different. Secondly Gisele is part of the Dolce and Gabbana show.So even though I am a Naomi fan I cant rate, the rate, because the information is incorrect. I just liked the fact that Naomi used a bad situation to make the best of it. I would love to know how many of those dresses will be sold.

Emily on

Naomi Campbell isn’t even hot! She just looks odd and is obviously a little crazy. Giselle always looks amazing (even though this isn’t her best picture).

Chirsta on

Naomi Campbell sure is fashionable every where she goes, LOL. She’s even fashionable when arriving to do community service. I think the dress looks better on Gisele (even though the dresses are different). I can’t get over Naomi wearing this as she arrived to community service. It would be like me wearing this while walking my dog. The dress still wouldn’t look right if you went to the grocery store or the burrito stand, unless you were coming from a red carpet event or something, LOL. I also don’t like Naomi’s hair (liked her better with longer hair). Both have amazing bodies though, and both carry the dress well, but I like it more on Gisele. Both are beautiful women though.

I don’t like that necklace choker Naomi is wearing neither.

kind of funny..... on

I thought it was strange that Naomi Campbell wore this dress straight from the Dept. of Sanitation, and wondered why she didn’t just go home and change before going to Elton John’s party. Now I realize why she did it. For one thing, publicity of course, and it’s like she was trying to say: “Well I’m done, glad that’s over. Now I can get back to my fabulously wealthy life!!!” I thought it was kind of funny, even though she got off easy for what she did to her maids. But when you have lots of money and excellent lawyers, you can get away with anything. Ask Boy George and Kate Moss!!

A on

I think gisele wears it so much better plus shes so beautiful. On a side note to Alexander who said about naomi
“I just liked the fact that Naomi used a bad situation to make the best of it” how can you say that? A bad situation?!?! She was supposed to be doing community service for assualting someone with a cell phone! Instead she just made a joke of her punishment and i’m sure us average citizens would never be allowed to do any of what she did!

Dayne on

For me … GISELE … she always wins for me because no one can beat her on the runway!! :))

Jelena on

I love Gisele, but I have to hand it to Naomi for workin it during her community service. She’s just so gorgeous in that gown! Plus she must have put it on in the bathroom without a hair and makeup team there to prep her. Gotta give her some credit.

Wendy O on

Careful everyone, don’t dis Naiomi’s look…she may chuck that heavy belt right at your head.

Leah on

I don’t even know why Naomi is a supermodel …she isn’t on the same level as Giselle (in terms of looks…not status…in my opinion). Giselle is drop dead gorgeous and I don’t even think Naomi is that pretty (especially with her hairstyle)… so Giselle…HANDS DOWN!

Shauna on

Naomi 100%!!! I am usually her biggest fan but that dress fits her perfectly. Gisele is on a runway, Naomi is walking to her car and she looks fabulous. When I firt saw the Gisele pic, the dress didn’t really do anything for me. When I first saw the Naomi picture I thought “I want that dress”.

Noelle on

Gisele, definitely! Naomi is not pretty at all, I don’t know why she’s a model. Actually, Gisele isn’t high-fashion model material either. Victoria’s Secret underwea model, maybe. But she looks so out of place walking in that couture gown. Her look is just wrong.

The REAL runway models are Gemma Ward, Jessica Stam, Irina Lazareanu, Sasha Pivovarova, Coca Rocha, Lily Donaldson, Lily Cole, Du Juan, Kim Noorda, Alek Wek, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Werbowy, Iekeliene Stange, and the ALWAYS LOVELY KATE MOSS!

Samantha on

I think they both look awful actually. Gisele looks really strange; she is not looking that good lately, like she’s aged overnight. Naomi Campbell, she looks chunky and I dislike the hairstyle.

gladis on

I think that Gisele looks better. She looks slender and her waist looks more defined…

Lisa on

I think they both look great.


Naomi had a more fierce catwalk and exit so I’m going to go with my girl Naomi. Only she can pull off something so speratic and out of this world. Naomi you are gorgeous but just contain that temper PLEASE!!!

Tai on

you people are crazy. Gisele had 20 people working on her look in that pic while Naomi put herself together in a public bathroom after working an 8 hour shift. You cannot compare them like they are both walking down the runway. Gisele looks more coifed, but Naomi is beautiful no matter what she had to do all day. Take that

Rob on

NAOMI ROCKED THIS LOOK!!!!! And especially wearing this gown leaving a weeks long stint at dept of sanitation to go to Elton John’s Birthday bash! She left it in style and a Rolls Rolce awaiting her for her departure to boot? YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! Hope you learned your lesson but you did do it all with class and style. Good for you!

Ashley on

No contest here, Gisele the Goddess wins! Naomi’s personality makes her ugly, and crazy!

Tory on

I know Naomi is wearing it better hands down theres no question about it. Anyway Naomi and Giselle shouldnt even be in the same category Naomi is a vet and looks flawless at her age she has not aged a bit and she also wins because shes at a sanitation depot giving us something to talk about and giselle face does not look feminine in this pic as NAOMI’s face is always soft and BEAUTIFUL this lady is a natural!!!!

Kel on

GISELE! She rocks!

Skiddy on

Gisele, Naomi is an embarrassment to the modeling community!

debbs on

Giselle…she is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

djaya on

Gisele hands down. I like the color on Naomi’s dress but gisele has a better figure and allure

fan on

Just as a correction- Naomi is leaving the sanitation place for Elton John’s B-Day party. So reign in the comments about the dress being inappropriate for the occassion. These are 2 different dresses I like naomi’s better but I hate her hair. Gisele looks odd in this picture- I think its her hair.

amy on

No Contest….GISELE is way better looking in this style. She is so HOT!!!!!

Vi on

You can’t really say that a model on a runway wears a dress first, or you would be showing a lot more Fashion Faceoffs, all showcasing models. Which, I personally think, would be very boring. Both models wear this style very well.But,leave it to Naomi to glam up a sanitation yard. Who knows, maybe
D&G will do there next show at Naomi’s former workplace!

jennifer in tulsa on

Gisele looks TOO SKINNY in this number! Naomi wears it much better!

Angela on

Are you kidding???? Giselle is a GODDESS!!!! No contest.

Joan on

both are ugly!

j2 on

Gisele looks better! Her attitude and personality are over the top also. She would never hurt her staff, that’s for sure.

lulu on

I don’t even think GISELE is pretty.

Lola on

GISELE allll the way!!! Naomi needs a major makeover…I mean look at allll her money and she can’t even afford a cute hairstyle…WEIRD!

Ally on

Gisele is much better – not only with the dress, but as a supermodel. She has the full package!

Alice on

I can’t believe people are saying that Gisele is TOO skinny. Have you seen the curves on this woman? She is hardly Nicole Ritchie.

yen on

gisele looks better but the dresses aren´t the same.

P.S. Naomi´s hair cut looks terrible on her

jennifer in tulsa on

For the people that don’t think Gisele is too skinny….look at her face! It is so gaunt looking! I would definitely compare her to Nicole Ritchie.

Haley on

Gisele is rockin it!!

KT on

Gisele looks WAY better. Naomi has lost her mind if she thinks wearing a couture dress at the sanitation department is cool. Gisele just has an air of elegance Naomi can’t compete with.

lori HOLCOMBE on


Alison on

First of all, Naomi was not wearing this on the way to community service, but on the way from leaving to head to Elton John’s b-day bash. Get it right people. Second of all, she looks amazing in the dress. I like the way it fits her body better, she has nice curves and height. Gisele is looking to thin on this picture, and her tan looks fake and sickly. But yeah, Naomi’s hairstyle isn’t so hot.

sam on

they both look beautifuL!! naomi doesn’t hav to walk catwalk in normal everyday life.. gisele’s on a catwalk and naturally wud have a bunch of top stylists n makeup artists, diff dresses can’t be compared… altho gisele does look nice

Nicole Lewis on

Ms Naomi is always fighting with people. Can’t she learn that she is not the best. She must learn to cope with her jealousy;the real reason why she fights with other models.

Claire on

neither of them look good in these dresses!! dolce and gabanna jeans are gorgeous, but these dresses are totally ugly. the belt is too big and in the wrong place and the fabric is so tacky!! it doesn’t help that giselle looks waay too skinny and with her hair pulled up like that, she looks like guy. naomis hair is totally ugly and how can someone be complementing her when she just had to serve five days community service!!!! neither of these girls deserve a vote, and those dresses should immediately be burned!!

jen stone on

Naomi is a menace to society and hired help everywhere.

Ashley on

Giselle is the most gorgeous woman alive! She is way more classy than Naomi.

mxgirl on

My vote’s for Gisele. Personally, I am not a fan of Naomi Campell at all, and I really don’t think she’s that pretty, where as I think Gisele is gorgeous and I think she’s a good role model. So, Gisele wore it best!

Chelsea♥ on

They could both theoretically look better if they switched dresses and Naomi changed their hairstyle…

Adriana Perez on

Gisele Hands Down

Ana on

always Gisele…….

jz on

OMG, is that chest hair on naomi!? ew,,,that’d be gross… anyways, gisele is prettier in the dress, cuz her hair is nicer and she dosen’;t have chest hair… ohwell if naomi decides to get rid of tacky hair issues then she’d look fine!
naomi looks old so when u compare the two gisele loks nicer in the dress

Delia on

No contest…. Gisele win’s hands down… i think Niomi Campbell’s looks are over-rated, she has a great body but so do a million other women out there. from what i hear, she’s a horrilble person as well. my mother always said that beauty comes from within… definately not Ms Campbell’s case

Jason on

Giselle is photographed witj all the right make up and all the lights on her to make it a whole extravaganza.
Naomi is just walking out after cleaning and scrubbing for hours.

Off course I give the props to Naomi..Giselle looks better, but Naomi has more style and pizazz

Lucy on

I don’t like either. You can’t compare isn’t Gisel alot younger than Naomi. Be fair, at least compare people who are basicaly the same age.

Renata on

Gisele!!! Gisele!!!

Renata on

Gisele!!! Gisele!!!

dawn on

giselle baby…all the way.

besides, didn’t your mama tell you that beauty comes from within? “nuff said? ;-}

Gabby on

I think Giselle wears it better!!! Naomi looks older than she really is and is trying too hard!



ailton on

Gisele is the best!!!

atheenaVII on

GISELE always looks HOT whatever dress she wear!!! SHE can make a place look like a runway everywhere she go!!!

keta on

i hate you giselle..:| naomi you are so so beautiful..!!

keta on

naomi is verry beautiful women i love you giselle i hate you ugly girl

atet on

gisele is on a runway and naomi is making her exit from a community center lol.. naomi for sure 100%.. r u kidding me?

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