Would You Wear Fergie's Nails?

03/23/2007 at 02:30 PM ET

Who’s ready for a game of dominos? Apparently, Fergie is — while in London recently, the singer stepped out with polka-dotted nails that look just like domino pieces. Definitely a step beyond black or red nails, she’s making a real style statement with her digits. Tell us: Would you wear painted nails like Fergie’s? Do you ever get designs on your nails?

Click here to see more photos, news and a full bio of Fergie, and click here to discuss her style in Off the Rack.

Photo: Ian Lawrence/Splash News

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Kim on

You’ve got to give Fergie points for originality, but I would never do that to my nails!

j on

no way. but i WOULD wear her juicy trench if it were still available!!!

cindy on

yes. i would ..its very creative..

Tamara on

The design is cute, but the nails themselves are far too long. I’ve never been one for the claw look. That and long nails drive me insane when they catch on everything.

Shel on

I would only do that to my nails if I were going to, say, a domino party. I’ve gotten crystals and little flowers on my toenails during the summer but never anything on my fingernails.

Summy on

Those nails look really bad!!!
How old is she anyway? I’m all for dressing young and fresh but that belongs at a slumber party for 13 year olds!

Amy B on

i love stuff like that. I would totally do it. i change my nails every 3 weeks. The funkier the better!

ucokaty on

very tacky and cheap looking! yuck!

Autumn on

The nails are not cute but the glasses are hideous. When will this trend disappear???

ll on


Alice on

Ugh, she is the tackiest and gaudiest person ever.

Elda on

It’s a different style for nails but i really like it, sometimes it’s good to experiment other styles then just a plain color. it’s for fun or just be different you know.

Ashley on

No, I don’t like the nails at all. Tacky. But otherwise, I like her style.

Shauna on

I think its cute. There are only so many colors you can paint your nails and then what? Just like patterns look fab on dresses, so can they on your fingers. The domino pattern she has is genius!

mindi delgada on

her nails are so cool!

yen on

Does anyone notice how freaky her face is starting to look.

Heather S. on

Yen– do you mean how everything looks so puffy and cartoonish? It’s weird, because it seems like this is just starting!

Maybe I’m reading only bad Fergie press because my fave gossip web site is not a fan, so my opinion may not be entirely fair, but I just never see this girl looking classy… or even really washed. Regardless of my feelings about those particular nails, I would never want to appear in such a way that people think I’m emulating her!

Mary on

No way. I hate long or fake nails. Not very practical for someone who spends her day typing at a keyboard, writing code. It IS a pretty creative design though.

sarah on

FERGILICIOUS!! i think they’re original and they definately look good on her!

elle on

The nails are TACKILICIOUS!!!

Camille on

Just like many fashion statements, this is one were only celebrities can pull it off.

tara viggers on

I don’t understand why people think she is so beautiful. Whatever plastic surgery she has had done on her face gives her a puffy ook. Her eyes squinty and her lips too full. Her cheeks are bizarre. The nails are tacky. Two thumbs done- for sure.

AnnieM on

In a word, tacky.

Melanie on

I think I might wear them to Vegas.

Chirsta on

Hmmm… the design on Fergie’s nails are ok for her, but for me?…..NOPE. I think the design is creative and suits Fergie well, but I wouldn’t wear this look on my nails. I haven’t really done anything as creative with my nails except paint them. When I used to get french tips done on my nails, I would use glitter polish as my tips. I’ve done designs like stripes or something on my nails, that’s about it (the stripes were along time ago, LOL).

KT from Cda on

I’d couldn’t wear fake nails let alone that design. Don’t get me wrong. Fake nails look very nice on some people if done right. It’s that I can’t stand the pressure on my nails. Weird, I know! Anyways, I don’t like that design but I’m sure she had her reason.

Jennifer on

The Juicy trench is available, I think I saw it on the Bloomingdales site. The nails are ridiculous. But she’s in England where the girls have no idea of style to start with so she fits right in. Fake nails just look so tacky to begin with, and then she starts doing this on top?

Ashley on

Definitely looks tacky.

Tammy on

OH GIVE ME A ROYAL BREAK!!! Any manicurist that can do that to nails gets an A+ in my book. I am myself a manicurist and I could wright a book on what I have been asked to put on fingernails, even MEN. Yes, Men! An Artist/Starlet has to get people talking about her, and if getting her nails done like domino’s is doing it good for her, and the press for making a big deal out of it. Or maybe she just wanted to pay homage to Josh’s show “Vegas”.

Danielle on

I’m not seeing the originality in this. Teenagers in West Texas were doing this kind of design/pattern thing to their acrylic nails when I went to high school (1997-2001). It was tacky then, it’s tacky now.

Beth on

i think they are soo tacky. even worse than the design is the length! the dominoes might be cute on short, natural nails but this just looks dirty to me.

Anne on

Interesting design, absolutely disgusting length. They are giant plastic talons!

Melissa on

Eww no. I would never copy anything she does. She’s so ugly and tacky.

Jenny on

Her nails are fine, but she really needs to lose the eyebrow ring. She is too old for that LOL

leliko on

oh it`s cutie!!! i would

Christina on

HATERS!!! Those nails are whats up!! I would get fake ones just to get that design.. It’s better than every Jessica Simpson or Lindsey Lohan wearing black nailpolish and thinking they are cool… Go DOMINO!!!

zoe on

i would totally do my nails like that! they’re so funky!

Maria on

I’ve done it but with black base and white dots so that’s not original for me

angela on

looks terrible

kristina on

like dominoes! cute

Mia on

I would if my nails were a little longer. I think the design is creative but if only they were a little less patterned, y’know, having each nail maybe have a different number of dots?

debi on

old news Fergie. i’ve done that to my nails a few times. it was a big thing here for a while.

softnpink on

I detest nail art, designs…whatever you want to call it. Any woman who wears mess like that on their nails doesn’t take themselves serious at all and is GHETTO…no matter what color her skin is. A little flower or free hand design on one finger per hand is all I can stand.

You can’t be a woman of business with distracting nails like that. So I think length and color are very important in my view of a woman and I’m a woman who likes manicures and pedicures. I just always go for a natural look or a clean french manicure, no tips and nonsense like that.

lauren on

its unique..but i would never get my nails done like that.

katie on

I HATE that look, all you people are right, tacky!!! Fergie, that look is not Fergilicious!

Dani on

NO way that’s sooooo TACKY!!! She is trashy as hell!!

Brenda on

Fergie can get away with it! She’s HOT and she can do JUSt about anything fashion and getaway with it. I think she should continue doing what’s she doing because she does it GREAT! Plus she’s got a HOT man “Josh”………… I couldn’t pull this look off………..

taNyA on

I think it’s cute and I would DEFINENTLY wear it.

Caroline on

i love her nails i think they are way cute and i lvoe to get my nails done funky some times. the only thing wrong with them is that they are a little to long. but otherwise they are cute.

Kim on

Yeah I notced that something looks weird about her face too!!

eva on

i’ve got to say the one reason why i love this girl is cause she’s like no other, she has a mind of her on and i love that about her… and as for me, i’d probably give it a shot since they say i’m pretty weird. I LOVE YOUR IMAGINATION FERGIE! ! ! !

Hayley on

Way cool !!!!

Andreia on

Her nails are tacky!Then again, thats what she is… I dont know how she titled her CD “glamourous” because she knows nothing about that. Her boyfriend on the other hand is hot!

Emily on

Tottally stupid……. I personally think she is a horrible singer…. but I do have to give her props on her nails and the uber cute trench!

Margie on

TACKY! Just like Fergie.

Star on

I would! They’re adorable! But I must admit- my nails are a little too short for that kind of design.

Faaiza on

UMMMMMMMMmm….. how is this original? African-American women have worn funky nail styles forever…..it’s nothing new.

Bebe on

I don’t like her nails. It looks
like what girls in middle school
would have. I prefer to keep
my nails dark red and manicured
or french manicure with or
without the tips.

*keeping it simple is the way to go.

CJ on

this is cute- if yur five. last time i checked Fergie was a grown woman.

Mary on

you see Fergie with polka-dot nails in her Fergalicious video, and in the same video there is a scene where there’s dominoes in the backdrop…maybe it means something special to her. Anyways, I like the way they’re painted, I think it’s cute and though few people can pull it off without looking tacky, she does it perfectly. Not so sure about the length, or how they’re squared at the ends…that looks cheap and trashy to me. But ew, her glasses get a big fat F.

Megan on

Ahhh…why would anyone let her do that??? She is ugly and her nails are not helping her case!!! She pottied on herself and now she is doing stuff like this how is she still popular???

BC on

can we say ghetto!

nagiko9 on

No way. It’s tacky!

Alice on

Did you see the pics of her in the I Really Love My…. section of StyleWatch? She REALLY needs to lay off the plastic surgery.

Nikki on

I think that Fergies nails are hot and sexy!!

Laurs on

I’m not digging the nails–they’re too long. The design is okay, just not for me. I had 2 clients at work (at the bank) come in this past week with their nails done this way, except it was obvious they had done them themselves, and they looked wretched.

And I agree with Yen–all of a sudden, Ferg’s face isn’t so Fergalicious–it’s all puffy and weird, like a Fraggle. She’s Fergie Fraggle!

Melissa on

Gross no. I think that overall, Fergie is a big hit or miss. Sometimes I think she looks like a train wreck. Literally. It looks like someone hit her in the face. Other times she looks slammin. I don’t get it. Overall though, most of her outfits look very cheap…especially with the accessorized eyebrow ring & 22 earrings. Cheap & tacky. I think that GORGEOUS Josh Duhamel (sp?) could do SO much better but I guess he sees more to her than I do but…..

Lucy on

no to the nails – and ya I’ve noticed her face a little wierd too lately

Norah on

I think her look is always, “The Queen of Trash”. I never like her outfits or accessories. Fantastic body, agreed, but a little class can go a long way. I’m sure she’s a very nice person though.

Mia on

Erm, girls in England have no style??!! That’s so completely uncalled for. How many British girls do you Know? What are you basing your observations on? Thats like us British girls saying that American girls have no style just becuase we’ve seen some bad outfits worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Bella on

Points for creativity, but it’s just not functional in the real world. Lovin’ that coat though!

courtney on

Only Fergie can get away this this trend, I am sure it is a fad that will not catch on. I have seen Fergie do some things that only she can get away with, anyone else who triew it, FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!

courtney on

Only Fergie can get away this this trend, I am sure it is a fad that will not catch on. I have seen Fergie do some things that only she can get away with, anyone else who triew it, FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!

Ash on

No Way!!

Jen on

Yen I agree her face is starting to look weird and puffy

Shel on

It’s not Botox, you can see a small crease in her forehead that would not be visible with Botox, but it could be collagen injections gone bad? Maybe she’s allergic to something? Who knows, but her face does look rather off in the recent pics I’ve seen of her.

Liz on

For a casual look like the one shes sporting in this picture, those nails are a funky way to go out. And yes, I’d wear her nails. IN FACT, I already have.

Tracey on

I always thought Fergie was ghetto and tacky anyway, the nails just put it over the top. And what’s with her face???? She’s starting to look like she’s been to the wrong plastic surgeon wayyyyy too many times. She wasn’t pretty to begin with, but her face looks horrible in this picture!

Haley on

It’s a neat idea for being casual, and her usual funky self. I wouldn’t recommend her having her nails like this for anything important.

Anonymous on

Like most of the other fashion statemends or trends, this is one celebrities and celebrities ONLY can pull off. On Fergie, sure. On your best friend, mom, or sister, TACKY!!!! not to mention just plain wierd. Domino nails are not exactly for us commoners….

Coco on

Her nails are interesting. That is should be the least of anyone’s concerns. I am not liking the sunglasses on her….her face looks incredibly swollen. She should have spent that time on roots instead of her nails. Not to mention her fake tan….Fergie is looking not so GLAMOROUS!

Sjilaba on

Good nails^^luuuuuv fergie but do somethin about that face giiirl

kika on

yes I would..that´s so different..

terri on

Hope she just got done in the studio with those things. Maybe on her next video they will be????

Joan on

she’s ugly. I don’t like her

ummmduhh on

Ya, her face looks like a moon lately. It looks really round and puffy…it’s weird. I used to think that she was pretty but now she’s just scary. AHHHH!

kaley on

they should have been black for the background with white dots. DUhhh

Jen on

Urrr, she really isn’t that pretty in the facial area.

lori HOLCOMBE on


Faiza (from belgium) on

her face is weird ,what did she do to herself?poor josh!

Amy on

I think it looks really cheap and not sophisticated at all. Personally, I think it fits her well since most of the times she has really bad taste.

Tee Martin on

What happened to Fergie’s face? Why does her face look so swollen?

emmaline on

If these were my nails i might do it to mine…. but they are hers let here do what ever she plases with them….

Chelsea♥ on

I kinda have mixed feelings about the nails… they’re kinda cool,I’d never wear them, but I could see why people think thay’re tacky. Maybe her style is just a tacky ho..?

Louis Vuitton on

Nails yes glasses NO

Nissa on

i love fergies songs their always a big hit, but she is not cute nor pretty…..

her nails look waccckkk

dagny on

Something is seriously wrong with her face.

Mireya on

I think Fergienis awesome, but her nails…….no I wouldn’t, kind of ghetto!

Jenn T. on

No I wouldnt wear those nails but i love her to death and the rest of her style

Krissy on

Not unless it was domino night at the old folks home.

katie marie on

HoTT HoTT HoTT!!! i so want her nailsand those glasses!! so HoTT!!-

Luella on

Fergie used to be hot – what happened? Those nails are terrible…..her hair looks good and the trench is great but that’s IT!

Jessica on

I would toatally ware it it’s so har core!!!!! Also fergi is the fashion queen what she says goes!!!

Caitlin on

I think those nails are so cute. I would so do that to mine.

Jessica on

I would toatally ware it it’s so hard core!!!!! Also fergi is the fashion queen what she says goes!!!

c on

i love it. except i want it shorter than hers though. her nails are too long. cant stand long nails.

Paulina on

I love Fergie’s nails. Their hip and fashionable! :)

shawty on

Those nails are like so freakin pimped out!! I would totally wear those if i had a choice

maryjane on

Yes i would do my nails like that!! if people think its tacky.. who cares! i know they look fabulous and thats all that matters! for everyone who says they look tacky its cuz they have no sence of style!

Joanna on

I’m amazed at the bigotry here! Ghetto? Tacky? trashy? Would you people listen to yourselves? You are so prejudiced over something as simple as nails! It’s no wonder there are so many conflicts in this world. Look at how horrible the women are in here. Just add a little testosterone and we have a war.

Massie on

um, ew? those are soo disgusting. i would NEVER wear those. I would rather wear like… i dont even know… a cow print mini dress. those are DISTUGSTING and she is just sooo tacky. ugh

Rae on

she needs to stop being cheap and get herself a REAL manicure.

Mori on

No way Ferg. u can do better dan dat

Catherine on

i would definately wear that design on my nails.. she really origianal


Personally, I could never carry it off. But Ferg´s can. I get the whole fuzzy car dice, pinup girl, 50´s rockabilly thang…its sexy & fun. As far as fantasy nail art goes, Ferg´s nails are rockabillin´rockin! Luv em

shelle on

fergie looks good anyway !!! ya’ll stop hatin and let her do her thang!! LOVES

mrsz.wickcity on

this girl at my school did that but invert colors
it was really cute. and original i might add.

melissa on

i love her creativity, and i would rock the dominos…in fact i did! i got them done for a rock n roll/ 80’s themed 21st bday party. everyone loved them so i kept the dominos for a month after and still get tons of compliments. i did black paint with white dots though. at first i felt weird walking around with nails like that but they grew on me and now i love em!

carol on

yeah daaaa

FergieFan on


janette on


Gabriella on

I love it!!!!! she is 2 cool. i would wear that style 4 any time!! there cooool!!!

FERGIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gabriella on

I love them!!!!!!! Wear em’ any day!!

sarah on

oooo hi i need a friends i like you fergie

fatou on

yessssssssss i totallyy wudd

Morina on

nails are hot!!! I’d rock them

Iran on

of course!!! I’m very eccentric and those nails are great!! I’ll do them next week :D

Spunkeey on

i would, i love being creative…. matter a fact i just got my nails done like that for my bday



jane on

Plobema nao entendi nada que vcs escreverammm…

mas a unha dela esta perfeita sim linda de morre

ate quero igual…

kiss kiss

isn on

Such a prude!!!! Have some fun in your live!
I’ll wear it on my natural nails.

martha on

Thats creative… I would where those myself :):)

abby on

they’re okay, i guess. way 2 long though. the claw look is

Molly on

I’m guessing they’re kinda like dice? i would have different number of dots but i would wear em

Abdullah on

I’m surprised that she looks good !!
but i still like her dark hair , she looks like tila tequila :(

Abdullah on

sorry , that wasn’t suppose to be posted here :)

ami on

sure i would

klimentina on

well, i allready did!!

labrini :) on

Her nails are sooooo amazing! I cant stop looking at them! I’ll tottaly do that! And I will! I love the nails and I love fergie and her style too!!

Anna on

yeah i would. fergie has awesome style, such pretty hair and he nails always look nice. she is my role model. i want her clothes, her body, nails and hair.

Jakky on

I think her nails are pretty clever, and i did something similar once before, but mine were more like dice than dominoes. Also, somo people said her glasses are tacky; i really cant argue with that.

NBA on

Love the site– very individual friendly and great deals to see!

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