Jennifer Lopez: Is This Look A Hit or A Miss?

03/23/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez never ceases to amaze us with her inventive style — screen siren sexy one day, sweet and demure the next. And today’s outfit in Paris is no exception. Clad in a white fur vest, a skull-printed Thomas Wylde caftan and towering white leather and wood platform heels, the singer arrived to an instore appearance at the mobbed Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysees. Her fans went wild to see her, and one Parisian woman observed that it was “a very 60’s Bohemian look, but honestly it looks great on her.” There is a lot going on in this outfit (there is a chain belt and mega-bling under that vest) but if anyone can pull it off, it’s J. Lo. Tell us: What do you think of J. Lo’s outfit? Is it a hit or a miss?

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Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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rashundra. on

without the dead animal around her shoulders, it’s a hit.

LiNA on

I dont like this look @ all. the dress is weird like an old lady’s, the fur vest is wayyyy 2 big, and the heels wud b fine wit sometin NORMAL lookin but wit these it just looks WEIRD. but of ne1 who will ever wear sometin like this, she is the 1 wholl look closest 2 ok.

Shel on

Fur is always a no. I can’t see enough of the dress because of the hideous vest to say whether I like it or not, the shoes are kinda cute, I hate hate hate big glasses like those and her earrings are god-awful. Usually her husband dresses her better.

Elda on

This woman has no heart for animals (it just breaks my heart), i can’t believe how many fur coats she keeps in her closet, etc.!! p.s. the outfit is ugly!!! she has no conscience whatsoever, i feel sorry for the poor animals that are killed for this terrible trade!!

elle on

Definitely a MISS. She looks like she is wearing a Pizza Hut tablecloth. The white fur vest is just ridiculous..

Shauna on

Oh god thats a terrifying outfit. Totally a miss!!!!

MeMe on

did she look in the mirror…she often makes great choices this just isn’t one of them.

ucokaty on

a big old MESS!

R on

That picture may show it at a bad angle but I actually like it. The dress is chic along with the shoes and the jackets just most probably an outside layer. She’s a glam person so she can do as stylish and avant garde as she pleases.

Piccollo on

I LOVE the shoes. Could you find out who they are please?

beth on

it wouldn’t be so bad if she got rid of that hideous vest. but she is so gorgeous and usually looks flawless, so i’m willing to let a little slip up go every now and then.

tara viggers on

Her sense of fashion was undeniably remiss here. Does she seriously think she looks good?

alice on

She looks so frumpy here.

Theresa on

She’s normally such a beauty but I think she forgot to look in the mirror this morning. A terrible MISS.

Carrie on

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time recognizing Jennifer anymore? She just doesn’t have the same presence she used to have.

AnnieM on


O'Wryly on

As usual, she looks like a complete and utter ass. Tacky to the nth degree.

Marie on

Honestly, the dress is great but the polar bear around her is absolutely hideous. And I am not liking the chunky heels she has on either. She would do so much better by removing the massive amounts of fur and wearing some not so flashy sandals or even high boots

Linda on

She is a mess. She dresses like crap half of the time and has no heart for anyone but herself and her unattractive husband, yuck! The fur makes me sick and doesn’t even fit her. Do you ever hear of her giving to charity? I never do.

erica on

I hate the shoes. TOO CLUNKY!
I think I saw someone wearing this on What not to wear!

Kathy on

OMG, this needs to zoom to the top of the ALL TIME MISS list!! Dear God, has the woman no mirrors?? Is nobody in her inner circle brave enough to tell her she looks like Mama from “Mama’s Family” dressed in a picnic tablecloth, horrid shoes and an over-sized dead animal heading off to a night of Bingo?!?! I’m truly at a loss for adjectives sufficient to describe the hideousness of this absurd outfit. JLo, invest in a full length mirror and USE IT!!!

Tracy on

Holy…That is horrible…!

Melanie on

All I can say is Yuck!!!

Chirsta on

People are gonna kill me for saying this, but I like this outfit, but I would change some things. Those glasses have got to go. Most importantly, I hate that fur coat vest, it just looks hideous paired with this dress. I find it sad that someone would wear a poor dead creature over their shoulders, but I won’t debate. On that note, I do like the dress, and I like the shoes as well. Just get rid of that fur vest and glasses, and she’s ready to go.

Noell on

Ugh…Thats a big miss, head to toe…Everything is too large on her, even the shoes. They are too clunky for her feet.

Dragonfly on

Umm…this outfit sucks so bad it’s not even funny. Gotta love celebs.

KT from Cda on

A def miss! She should be ashamed of herself to wear real fur.

Roxanna on

Jennifer lopez can pull off anything she looks great. She’s the sexiest woman alive

Brenda on

Jennifer forgot to look in the mirror before she left her house. She’s a mess in this outfit. She needs to fire her stylist. Oh, yeah I forgot she’s her own stylist! What is ugly back?

Jennifer on

She looks like an Olsen twin dressed her! And please leave the furs for the animals…

gee on

clearly, it was her stylist’s day off. that’s the kind of outfit that ugly Betty would wear.

Nicky on


Kim on

I don’t care how popular she is, this is UGLY! It does not matter who the heck you are….don’t wear it. I’m so sick of hearing about her anyway. What’s the big deal? She’s a high maintenance little pain in the butt.

jennifer l. on

M I S S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sue on

UGLY UGLY grandma has the same dress!!!

k-no!!! on J-low on

She is a pet cemetary. Cruella DeVille. Cruelty for fashion? She makes me sick. How LOW will J go?

Donia on

She looks like a bag lady! Plus, the dead animal around her shoulders is just cruel. I hope it comes back and haunts her!

S on

She needs both a 24/7 stylist and a make-up artist. She’s worn several weird icky baggy outfits on her European tour. I bet she chose all of them herself. These outfits are not avante garde. They’re really in poor taste.

Danielle on

She has been doing so well lately, really looking lovely, but this is awful. Fashionista or not, fur is not becoming on people. It is however J Lo and we all know she isn’t going to give it up so it’s pointless to go on and on about it, regardless of how awful it is. What I have an issue with is the skull print dress. Where I live the “emo” (Nope, I’m not real sure what that means either) thing is in with teens, and skulls are everywhere! If I never see another skull on any type of “fashion” in my life it will be too soon. I’m still young (23) and have a bit of a punk flair to my fashion, but I’d love to see fashion in general go more classic and tasteful. In my opinion, skulls just don’t convey that.

Lillian on

She is seriously aging. Why is she getting so elderly looking?

Toni on

Fur aside, I think this whole thiong is just tacky. Something about bright white shows wiht a orange and cream dress doesn’t work for me. Poor thing matches her fur to the dress and her sunglasses to her shoes. *smh* I don’t get it!

Christina Ruiz on


rach on

its different, so i like it. im so sick of all these celebs looking the same. so cheers to j lo for doin something different finally! the fur coat is so old school glam too! i love it. fur can look so great if its done right!

digna on

its totally a miss!

DM on

Wow, everything is wrong here… a big don’t!

Ahsatar on

She look a hot tacky mess!!! Its just too eyes were darting everywhere. UGH!!! I know thats real fur too!!!

christina on


Char on

Ugly! This lady has too much class to wear such an obtuse outfit. And she needs to get a heart and think of the poor animals who sacrificed their lives so that she could wear this beastly vest.

Night on


mj on

Your one of the richest woment in the world, dress like it. I miss the old J-Lo with the glitterati outfits. Hire a new stylist JLO and fire your current one.

Stacy on

let me guess Marc picked the outfit.

Jane on

It’s a miss. That fur ruins it all. The dress looks a bit weird, but it’s impossible to tell if it’s nice or not because of that huge fur-vest. It’s probably ugly since she felt the need to cover it up.

CAT on

She looks like Frumpy Old Lady. My grandmother dresses sharper then that and she 90 years young.

Lorna on

What is it? Is this the way Hollywood stars think the European bohemian chic would look? :))

piton on

She really is selfish. She can wear anything in the world with all of her money and connections and she just keeps wearing someone else’s skin. Fur is always a miss!

yen on

i usually like what she wears i even liked the metalic dress and headscarf she wore but this is too much.It looks terrible on her

Maggie on

She looks awful! I have to say that since she married Marc Anthony she’s looking matronly and old. That Oscar dress and hairstlye was something that Helen Mirren should have been wearing. She needs Diddy back in her life….the man can dress!

Lauren on

good god who is her stylist???
the animal fur is a big no, and the shoes just dont work with the dress.
the dress is a little on the dowdy side too…

CR on


p on

i definitely agree that only J-lo could pull this off… i actually like it…. you never know what to expect from her which is a great thing… that’s what fashion is about, the unexpected!!

Nicole on

I truly think this outfit is horrible. I have not really cared for JLo however, because before Salina, she was a true Puerto Rican that still cared for her roots. Being from New York and Puerto Rican myself, I can say a lot of us feel this way. She is all about the money now, and to me that makes her a horrible person. So, anything she wears, or does is just horrible.

Jan on

Fur with sandal-type shoes???

yvonne franceschi on

This is a totally miss, specially the fur vest and those
huge platform shoes, way to chunky for her skinny legs, I
guessed she got up from the wrong side of the bed that
morning with the whole outfit. Yvonne

Rebecca on

That fur thing is awful- otherwise, it might have worked!

Reese on

Terrible. I agree, it’s a MESS of an outfit.

vicki on


sam on

She looks atrocious. Jennifer has a beautiful figure and loads of cash but obviously money can’t buy you taste! her shoes look like she got them out of a supermarket bargain basket and the jacket…….words fail. Especially with that dress!

larice on

Oh, this is truly awful. It goes with her husband who has to be one of the ugliest men in showbiz.

tAnYa on

She looks like she has a dead polar bear on her shoulders and her dress looks like my grandma’s (and that’s not good thing).

Melissa on


eva on

i don’t really think this is a hit, she could have done better with her wardrobe.

danielle on

Jennifer Lopez is a fashion disaster! She has no sense of style, doesn’t know what looks bad on her and has no taste whatsoever!

Kathi on

YIKES! Where’s the smiley with the hair raised in horror??? Is this J-Lo, the fashion icon? I think not…..there must be an imposter. Cause if THAT’S J-Lo, she’s in the down-lo with the fashion. IT’S HORRIBLE!

Jeanie on

Actually she looks like a bag lady.Since she met and married her man , she has gone down hill..She has a beautiful face and body but she hides it now.Wake up Jennifer and get sext again..

micala on

she looks like a hobo…not even a cute hobo…complete miss

Veneek on


Cindi on

Most definitely a BIG MISS — the vest looks like the rug my grandma used to put around the base of the toilet bowl back in the 70’s.

Michele on

Jennifer is a hypocrite. The fur is just another example of how out of touch she is with reality -and her fans who are the real, everyday people who pay her salary. It’s no wonder Ben broke it off. She should dump the whole outfit, including the fur.

Christine on

I’m sorry but I would have to say this is a very big mess!!!! Tisk Tisk J. Lo


PEOPLE!!! There is nothing wrong with wearing fur. There is nothing wrong with wearing skin. There is nothing wrong with eating chicken, beef, pork. There is nothing wrong with consuming dairy foods like cheese, milk, yogurt, etc… all which come from animals. READ THE BIBLE!!!
God gave us dominion over animals in which to eat and keep ourselves warm. Certain ones of course. However, God did not tell us to be cruel. There is a humane way to get our food and clothing, and not every person who does this is cruel. For those that are… we cant help that; and most aren’t. Beautiful fur can come from animals that are already dead or shaved off. Meat and dairy products can come from animals that are humanely treated to obtain their meat, milk, and so forth… Stop assuming that everyone is cruel. That’s an ignorant mentality.

So, I’m not going to stop eating meat, drinking milk, eating cheese and yogurt, wearing fur, buying leather purses/belts/accessories, etc.. etc.. etc..

If we all had that mentality, we would starve and freeze to death!!!! PETA – People Eating Tasting Animals

katie on

So if fur isn’t for *you*, then don’t wear it! How many of the fur-haters have done their homework and found out how the fake-fur materials poison the Earth with chemicals? It’s easy to be on the side of furry creatures, I don’t see people protesting men’s fashions like snakeskin belts or alligator accessories. That aside, yes- the dress looks like a pizza parlor tablecloth and the vest is just very unstylish I think. Shoes.. nah, sorry JLo, but they make your feet look like a size 10, and I’m sure you’re not.

Noelle on

Katie–obviously you are the ignorant one. You said “fur can come from animals that are already dead or shaved off.” THIS IS NEVER TRUE. Fur DOES NOT come from animals who are already dead. This is a FACT. You obviously know nothing about the industry. It’s extremely stupid of you to tell people they have an ignorant mentality when YOU are the one believing false information. You are a perfect example of IGNORANCE.

PS: We are not in the stone age. We have countless other foods to eat besides meat, and we NEVER have to wear fur to keep warm. Maybe “God” gave us dominance to kill animals MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO, but man has evolved and we no longer need to be murdering his creatures anymore.

Our world will never progress because of ignorant, blind, stupid people like you.

Bebe on

JLo got too much goin on
in her outfit. The fur vest
does not go wid her dress
and neither does her shoes.

If she wants to wear the dress,
then don’t wear the FUR vest
and change shoes. Otherwise
she needs to change her whole
outfit. The outfit is one
big sloppy mess.

*Keepin it simple is the way to go!

FURTHERMORE.......... on

Don’t just see what’s on the surface. Just because you see someone wearing fur, its not a dead animal. It’s the fur. We dont know how the all of the fur manufacturers obtained the fur – cruel or not. The cruel ones should be stopped, but the non-cruel ones shouldn’t. Some are – Some aren’t. Are you going to stop eating chicken, beef, pork, duck, fish, lamb, etc… because of how they are killed?

Are you going to stop taking vitamins, using liquid paper, or stop eating jello? Do you know how many things in this world come from animals? Here’s a short list ->

Whether you like it or not, nearly everything we use or eat, comes from animals in some form!! So quit griping… or you may as well just stop living!!!

KT from Cda on

To the one that said “there is nothin wrong with wearing fur” – If you really feel that way then why don’t you use your name instead of your statement for your name. Have you seen how they kill these animals? It is the most inhuman thing ever done! How would you like have an electric probe shoved up your butt and then be electricuted? Or clubbed over your head? I’m from Canada and I think what people do to the baby seals are crule. Wearing fur is sick. Jennifer and you make me sick.

VI on

I cannot begin to describe how horrible this is. OMG, did she loose her sight as well as her taste? Yeech!!!!

luc on

Hate any fur…fake/real….it’s a vanity thing. She’s pretty enough to wear something simple & get noticed…why all the garb?

enigma on

Just an observation here…but, Noelle….Katie did not write that one statement it was poster…


As much as I want to and have in the past, right now I am not going to write a philosophical statement in protest to all those who still promote and think “fur is okay or there is nothing wrong with blah, blah, blah, and etc, etc, etc,”

I-N-S-O-L-E-N-C-E towards this beautiful planet EARTH and it’s beautiful creatures…..I could foam at the mouth and be considered insane.

We….humans….everyday, we all take this planet for granted! None of us can really comprehend just HOW f-ing LUCKY we are to be living and breathing! I like to read all the statements/comments in “off the rack” because I want to know how people think. I can respect and understand the statements here because some of them have very good points that have been made but, I do not agree with all of them.

Did anyone watch that beautiful program on the Discovery channel last night…..”Planet Earth”……WOW and WOW!!
If, you want to know what is beautiful……it’s EARTH!!!
Earth is the perfect model of BEAUTY!!

LOVE and CHERISH your planet today! Do what you can to be a better person and make mankind better!

As for JLo, one word….Y-U-C-K!!!!

Peace and Cheers! and no offense too.

and where is Charla Dickenson!?!?!?!!?

Rob on

How many ways can I say AWFULL?! She usually gets it right but this is a mess!

SAS on

She must have felt she was falling out of the limelight!
They always say “make a BIG statement, good or bad, and you will get face time in the media” She accomplished her goal. She has always been one to make a statement with her clothes because she doesn’t have anything else to say!!

kristina on

those heels are UGLY! the dress might not look so bad with a different pair of heels ie..not so big and bulky and the fur around her would also have to be removed from the picture

Tracie on

This is a BIG TACKY MESS! So Bad!

Monica S. on

Honestly… I’m fromEurope and I know that probably you american where prety much wear everything that stars or even supposed star wear but come on… most of them are horrendous and some combinations can even top that.
You wanna know why celebreties wear expensive clothes… because they ususally buy outfits (2 peices) and also because they think that if it’s expensive is good… oh please spare us uk.
But there are some worse cases… witch are those of people who pay for someone to buy them clothes… many times they pay to look absolutely RIDICULOUS.
Oh and Sienna Miller… the brits made her and you americans believe that she’s trendy and got taste and… guess what they both believed in it!!!

j on

don’t get me started with this GHETTO RAT and her furs!!!!!!
JHO needs to buy some class and taste with all the money her big butt is rolling around in!!!!!

Megan on

It looks like she fell into a big bag of “no no’s” and this is what she came out in!!!

Laura on

This look would not be so bad without the fur thing. That is horrid. The shoes are okay, hate the glasses, hate the fur thing. I can’t tell what the print is on the dress, but if it is skulls–yuck.

danielle on

wow. what a disaster. this outfit is terrible. i dont know what else to say. just a disaster with the always unneccesary animal fur.. shame on her

danielle on

wow. what a disaster. this outfit is terrible. i dont know what else to say. just a disaster with the always unneccesary animal fur.. shame on her

J on

This was J.Lo’s worst!

Victoria on

I love it. It’s totally different and cheers to her!

Anonymous on

Jennifer, I know you’re a fashion diva, but this look definitely does not work. Get rid of the polar bear shrug and the chunky white platforms. Darling, I know you’re supposed to look good in just about everything, but this is just hurting my eyes.

Angie on

I love her shoes. Does anyone know where you can buy them or a knock off of them?

Doroty on

BIG MISS AND BIG MESS! She will never be much of a fashion icon to me.

Robin on

It’s a miss! Look at that thing around her neck and those shoes. EW! I usually love her style but I think this is the worst outfit I’ve seen yet. IT’S A MISS!

Cheryl on

JLo is a fashion icon and usually looks fabulous. Having said that, this is a mess! What was she thinking!…Yikes!

PCarter on

That look is a hot ass mess! What was she thinking?

Brittanie on

umm definetely a miss the dress may have been OK but the shoes (UGLY) and the fur jacket (poor animals!) totally ruin it ……she usually has good style but this is the worst on her i’v seen yet!!!!

Shan on

Wear one or the ther not both….

Marthani on

What happen my dear?? I am your fan #1, but no this time sorry!!

Me on

When she stylish herself you can tell where she is from

Linny on

Yikes! It’s as bad looking as her husband!!

Jad on

okay, i think the dress would be nice on its own and the coat could go on something else. And people who disagree with killing animals for fur better stop eating meat right now. Some animals are raised to eat, some for thier fur. get over it.

Terrica on


djaya on

definitely a miss! she usually is a stylish woman but that look… and what’s with the fur vest?!





e on

a mess

katy on

oh no she didn’t she looks terrible and she’s usually a hit!
the fur? those shoe? that god awful dress. fire ur stylist

linda on

Is great
Some celebrities, like gwen stefani, are copying her shoes now.She has been copied since she came to hollywood and is a reference in celebrities´s fashion world.

Jill on

A big miss! Fur wearing people are wrong! It’s wrong and it looks gross too. That dress is ugly too and those platform shoes are too high. We all know she is petite and not really 5f6! please woman, your husband is 5f6 and you aren’t even as tall as him in regular 4″ heels. Ya, keep wearing those 6″ shoes with the 2.5″ platforms because you aren’t fooling anyone!

RaeAnne on


Catherine on


Emma Watson's #1 Fan on

Let me tell you something, “There Is Nothing Wrong With Wearing Fur Or Eating Meat Read The Bible People”: I am not a vegetarian. However, I do not wear animal furs or snake skins or anything like that. I don’t believe in killing animals just so we can wear pretty fur coats and shoes and belts. Also, I don’t believe in God. Nor do I believe in Jesus, Hell, the Devil, or any of that other nonsense. But would you go kill furry baby animals because “God” said it was alright? I suggest that you see the Planet Earth videos. They would do you some good, and help you understand that humans aren’t the only living things on this earth.

Lisa on

She is a mess. What happened to her? I hear P-Diddy is free.

shelle on

the fur is 2 big and the dress looks like a picnic table cloth she knows better!!

chris on

it’s a total mess

ALY on

Everything about this is just wrong. The dress is too big, the shoes are too chunky, and I don’t even know what’s going on with that vest thing.
Cute sunglasses though.

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