Halle Berry's New Bangs: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

03/23/2007 at 05:00 AM ET

This week in Hollywood, it’s all about new hairstyles! First, Shanna’s bangs and Elisha’s pixie cut — and now Halle Berry has departed from her sleek straight hair and debuted a new look with chopped heavy bangs and long layers. The actress showed off her shaggy new look while promoting her new movie A Perfect Stranger in Toronto. We think Halle always looks great no matter what her do is, and this is no exception. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Halle’s new bangs — or do you hate them?

Click here to see more photos, news and a full bio of Halle Berry, and click here to discuss her style in Off the Rack.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/WireImage, Jorge Rios/iPhoto

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Anon on

She looks great. The cut is done right, sexy and angled, not just cut with a pair of scissors from a 5 year old.

Lorna on

Suddenly she looks her age…

Lauren on

i think halie berry looks better with bangs. She is one of the few people who can actually pull them off!

KT from Cda on

She looks great both ways. The first pic she looks like she’s about to go out for the everning for dinner or an event and the second she looks younger. She carries both looks very well.

mel on

Love them!!

cece on

Love them. Makes her look very friendly and warm. The other look is more starlike and sexy, but…

Heather S. on

Maybe the effect is from the color and not the cut, but the look really softens her face and makes her look more approachable. I was starting to forget that she really is drop dead gorgeous!

carmen on

I really liked her with short hair…I might be old fashioned girl,but after 40,no more long hair , please !!!!

Elizabeth on

Hello! That’s not real bangs, her new style looks like a wig. I love Halle tho.

gala on


Ana on

I love her new haircut!!
and I like the lightbrown-color!

Mirjam on

Love them! They make her look so young and fresh!

Stacie on

Love em’! She can pull off any look! Most girls from Ohio can…;)

Rebecca on

Halle’s new haircut looks terrific on her! The bangs blend nicely into the rest of her hair, so they don’t stand out as much. Halle would look great bald though- she’s so incredibly beautiful.


I love the bangs and new hair cut. I am seeing that cut several places in Hollywood and I think it is very flattering.

Ashley on

Halle Berry can do anything to her hair and still be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is seriously breathtaking! Love her, love the hair!

O'Wryly on

She looks superb! The bangs and layers really soften her appearance quite a bit and her hair looks far more natural. The left photo makes her hair appear stiff and straw-like.

katy on

they look wonderful! they flatter her face shape. she is very pretty!

j on

i don’t like her hair in either pic. i know people are going to get upset w/this statement, but halle’s played-out. she makes movies that show off her body and that’s about IT, there’s no real talent in that. as far as her oscar goes–right time, right place, right role, right RACE for that particular year. look what she’s made since then!!! there are TONS of prettier black women all over hollywood!! (joy bryant, thandie newton, kerry washington, vanessa williams, garcelle nilon, anika noni-rose…)

kel on

I like it. Her long hair bothered me before, and now the bangs and layers break it up nicely.

Alison on

It’s ok, I think I still prefer her without the bangs. But she doesn’t look terrible with the bangs.

Alison on

It’s ok, I think I still prefer her without the bangs. But she doesn’t look terrible with the bangs.

Tia on

I love it! Very sexy….

Glenys on

I like it! It’s a nice change!

Autumn on

I love her new cut! She looks very fresh, young and ready for spring. It looks great on her, but then again she’s so beautiful she could be bald and still look great!

alejandra on

it’s her best haircut!!


LOVE THEM!! she looks 10 years younger….she’s beautiful no matter what!

HLS on

I do not like the hairstyle with bangs – it looks like a wig and hides her beautiful face.

Princess on

Girl work it!!!! You look good!!!! No matter how Halle cuts her hair it will always look good!!!!

Lucy on

She looks good with any haircut.

Wendy on

I think she is wearing a wig

ng on

she is flawless and can do no wrong. She looks fab!!!


She looks great either way.

kaye on


mj on

Love them! The woman can never look bad – especially with that arm candy she has been seeing –

Piccollo on

It’s a wig. Just look at the roots in each picture.

Aimee on

It looks like a wig to me. I dont think she should cover her face like this.

Shel on

I prefer her without bangs (or maybe it’s just this picture) but she is still beautiful. And I think women of all ages should wear their hair however they feel the most comfortable, Carmen. I will never, ever have short hair, whether I’m 40 or 80, because my facial structure does not support short hair and my hair is so thick it wouldn’t lay right anyway. Halle’s confidence is there no matter the hairstyle and she always looks great.

Elda on

What can i say “either way”!! How old is she, 25? she sure looks great!

Anaiah on

she’s lucky she’s so gorgeous because this looks exactly like she raided beyonce’s trailer on dreamgirls. too wiggy. too weave-y. not complimentary. and yes, it makes her look her age now.

Beauty Editor of Glam.com on

I think she looks bellissima!

N. on

She’s beautiful either way. Both amazing looks for her.

JaneSays on

She’s gorgeous no matter what but the bangs tend to overwhelm her face to the point you can barely see it. I like her better without the bangs or with smaller, more face-revealing ones.

Shauna on

Though either way is fabulous, I like the wig (aka banged look), the other one is kinda boring.

Arka on

i think she always looks great, love the bangs

enigma on

You know….the hair in the right pic does look a wig???
And, it seems artifical in texture and color too!?! Well, it doesn’t matter really, Halle Berry is pretty either way! Cheers!

Rob on

I think she’s a hottie either way BUT I prefer her without the bangs. Which shows off her beautiful face even more!

Rob on

PS…Now could Christina Richie PLEASE climb on board the “bangs” bus?

Heather on

I like her better without bangs. I do agree however, that it looks like she is wearing a wig.

Diana on

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Hello people that’s Halle Berry one of the sexiest women in the world she can put a condom on her head and shave off her eyebrows and she will still look BREATH TAKING. Keep up the good work Halle I hope I age as graceful.

Suzi on

I like it! Never a Halle fan but bangs look good on her. Oh, is this a wig?

KC on

She looks so much better without the bangs, I should actually ask my boyfreind, he loves every inch of her! Suprisingly the bangs actually age her, she is still beautiful!

Renée on

Prefer her short hair!!!

Susie on

The “new” hair is definitely a wig! Its longer than it was before!

BC on

its a wig just look at the texure of the hair the wig is white hair……not black hair you can tell!


She looks so much younger! The bangs really suit her best!

Wendy O on

If that’s a wig, then I am getting one immediately…looks much less severe than her previous looks.

sam on

Halle is the most beautiful woman in the world, she looks great no metter what…I loveeeee her new hair cut, she looks like she is 25…. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Kelly on

She can shave her head and still look beautiful…..

la on

she looks much younger with the bangs

nhilario on

I think she looks beautiful with either style—the straight style is more polished and elegant and the bangs are very soft and casual. Ms. Berry takes very good care of herself and it shows in her overall style. I think she just glows all the time.

Shanell on

I love her hair much better than the long bob look. I also liked her hair when it was real short. I love the color too! She’s gorgeous!

Yasmeen on

I like her bangs. I like both looks and I agree with Stacie and Heather S. Very nice Halle.

eileen on

i agree totally

lydia on

she’s pretty, like the bangs.
But, her eyes seem very vacant to me

O'Wryly on

OK, so can the powers that be at People {the ones that always seem to come up with the pertinent info on stuff!} find out if this IS in actuality a wig? If it is, I’ll take 2!

Dorie on

She is a beautiful woman, but I don’t like particular shade of color for her wig.

rachel on

love em!!
they make her look so young and youthful!
go hALLE!

Diana on

Halle looks beautiful no matter what. I love the bangs look! She can pull it off!

a.j. on

love it !!! is it sorta GRAY !!!

WOW on

Halle looks beautiful in even the most dreadful styles. Remember BAPS anyone? But I like to see her face without bangs. I also would love to see her in some of the short styles she has rocked before like no one else. I know she can come up with a new twist. It probably won’t happen but I hope that when she is silver haired, she’ll sport something really short and sophistocated like Lena Horne or Camille Cosby. She will always be glamorous.

? on

i dont think she really had to go for the bangs but she does look buetiful no madder what!

Domluv on

Its great, but short hair looks better. She’s always pretty no matter whats in in her!!

alexandra on

I think she has a beautiful face? Why hide it? She looked better without the bangs and only long hair. She is also one of the few women I have seen that can actually pull off having really short hair and still look amazing.

Ulga on

She looks good either way…..

Melanie on

She looks good both ways.That is Halle Berry for ya! Gorgeous no matter what!

jwhite on

LOVE THEM! I want some too! And I would bet that is NOT a wig.

Chirsta on

Halle can pull off any look. She’s stunning. I have to say though, I really like her with bangs (whether it be a wig or not). I think the ultra straight tresses are played out on her now, I like this different look on her, she’s so beautiful.

Jennifer on

She looks WAY better with bangs

chines on

I think it’s a wig too just as many others have said, however, Halle is my girl and she looks fabulous in anything. I love her spirit! I’m one of her fans.

bb on

The bangs are an improvement…but is it a wig, as others have wondered? Hmmm…

tabbitha on


c on


Kim on

She’s absolutly gorgeous!! She looks beautiful. I don’t think there’s anything she can do to make herself look bad. Always loved her!!

Tammy on

Halle can wear just about any hairstyle and look fabulous…I do think it’s a wig, but who cares she can work them too!

deja on

Halle is beautiful. I think she can wear any sytle. However, this is not a fair question because she is obviously wearing a wig.

Leticia on

The bangs make her look much older. More her own age. I don’t like it.

Tina on

She looks much better w/o the bangs, they age her and isn’t as flattering. Also to ‘j’, I agree w/ you, she’s played out, while I don’t hink she’s ugly, I don’t see her as being gorgeous or beautiful. And you’re right, I mean Megan Good,Kerry Washington, Garcelle Novious,Vanessa Williams, Naomi Campbell, just to name a few in my opiniopn are more attractive.

Blair on

I love her bangs.She really looks beautiful with ’em.And she looks younger.

Emily on

It’s a very classy, fun free look I like it alot she’s a very beautiful woman

Hannah on

I love it!! She looks fantastic. Bangs don’t work for some people, but on Hallie…

Maggie on

Ha. She looks just like Sally Field. I like her best with the short pixie cut.

Amber on

I think Halle looks good either way, but I prefer her with the bangs.

S on

To J: How are you going to take something as simple as a hairstyle comment and play the RACE card?? Now THAT is the only thing here that’s “PLAYED OUT”!!

sparkling_cherry on

Bangs are always good and this one suits Halle very much!

jen on

Obviously it’s a wig…the first pic was taken only days before the second, and look how much longer her hair is.

melissa on

the second pic with the bangggg is so much hotter!!
i love her :)

Jeanne on

Halle Berry is a gorgeous woman. She looks beautiful no matter how she wears her hair, but I think that bangs or the short cut accentuate her facial features better.

alli al on

its super cute i jst lkd the other color better but the style is cute


both r 2 gud!!!!!!!!!

Katie on

I think the bangs don’t flatter her face, and instead make her look like Paula Abdul (aka chipmunk). However, everyone knows that Halle can pull off any look, so am i saying she looks bad….NO!!!!!

lisa on

Hallie loks great with any hairstyle especially this this bangs.

Jaxr mAX on

love the new ‘do! I love every hairdo she Rocked!
I like a dark colour on her but I’m glad she experimented! The bangs look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Kait on

wow they actually look pretty good on her!!

alma on

I think she looks good in everything but this haircut is definately perfect for the shape of her face, it accents her eyes and makes her look even more be4autiful.

Philip on


Michelle on

I’ve been a fan of Halle for a long time. I think she is beautiful no matter what. She can pull off just about any look.

**Ali!** on

i love them tres chiq!

Aiché on

I think that bothof them are beautiful but she has a perfect face so she mustn`t hide it with bangs

Edward Desrosiers on

Halle looks great no matter what she does. She is absolutely georgeous.

cheese man on

she looks good both ways! I think it would be kinda hard for her not to look good.

Brenda, on

Halle looks TERRFIC with Bangs. I don’t like the color. I think she looks better with darker hair. I think the light color makes her look FAKE. Natural is beautiful. Halle, stop dying your hair. Halle is so gorgeous!

elizabeth on

Her hair is a wig, I’m a stylist and you can’t even see her scalp area where her hair parts, black girls mostly wear weaves anyway, but this is a wig.

Kristyn on

I love the hairstyle. But, I think she looks a little like Paula Abdul with it.

C George on

Ok we know she really looks good so lets get that out the way first, but her bangs no…. it makes her look fat. Please take a closer look.

night on

She does look a bit older with the bangs….kind of 40’ish….she used to look early 30’s. Also it is a bit reminiscent of Farrah Fawcet…no? I do not care for it.

Lori on

I think the bangs are flattering on her. It’s a bit of a softer look.



Amy on

Left Pic.. Hands down!

RoJo on

I read one comment that said…”suddenly she looks her age” and thats right..I think lose the bangs Halle, they make you look much older than what you usually look.

Angela on

I love Halle, but I don’t think this haircut is glamorous enough for her.

Pammy on

halle finally looks real w/ it.

judy on

Halle is a beautiful woman. The bangs make her face seem softer, more natural than having her hair slicked down.

marilyn on

Looks hot! but hate to say i..but it makes her look old.

Airelle on

she looks older

Liz on

Halle’s new bangs also come with a warmer chocolate color that warms her face and extenuate her facial features. Overall, she looks friendlier and more down to earth than her look in the 1st picture

Tracey on

A wig???….people please!!

Halle is such a gorgeous woman. I love her new hairstyle! She is the kind of natural beauty that would look great with no hair at all, dressed in a paper bag!!

Shalundra on

For haters that says Halle hair looks like a wig or dont like the bangs, please get a life and grow up. HALLE is the bomb she looks fab, and the crazy girl says she dont like Halle you dont like yourself. As of right now Halle is one of the prettiest women and not only through black women, but the prettiest wowan in the industry. People talking about her hair, that’s because your hair looks a hot mess.

Maria on

She looks great, yet it does seem like a wig to me.

Terrica on

I think she looks better without that hair cut. She looks better wiht it straight.

Terrica on

I think she looks better without that hair cut. She looks better wiht it straight.

scott on

If it’s not a wig, the look is younger,
bouncier and what’s now happening in the
hair world……FAB !!

TC on

Halle looks better with the short hair. She looks older with bangs.

terri on

We all know that is not all her hair!! She does look good for her age but I don’t like the bangs & my hair is NOT a hot mess!!

Yasmina on

I think her new style ain’t flattering at all..it looks like a wig and she looks much older!

khama Phillips on

halle looks great with bangs it fits her well

jennifer on

she looks fab any way but the best look she has had was when her hair was short and sexy.

jennifer on

she looks fab any way but the best look she has had was when her hair was short and sexy.

lulu on

Don’t like here with long hair PERIOD !!!
And not particularly a big fan of her either…

kellyE on

Can you say fabulous! I think…no I mean..I know she looks hot in those face-framing,sexy bangs! I will be trying to comb a few strands face forward for that look.

Sarah on

Amazing! She looks 10 years younger with the new haircut. Congratulations to the hair stylist!

Pat on

Yes, it’s probably a wig but that’s not the question. The question is how does she look with bangs? She looks great!! She looks younger by far. And age should have absolutely nothing to do with hair length, Carmen. It’s often said 50 is the new 30. That’s in part because women are not butching their hair after 40 just to follow some tired, old-fashioned standard our grandmothers set forth.

Megan on

I Think she looks great :)

Mandy More on

I love it!
It makes her look more interesting, not as boring as before. She is beautiful but her hair has always been very boring.

Vivian on

I like the bangs better than the other hairstyle, but her hair always looks good. And I know some of you are saying that the bangs age her, but I don’t think so. Maybe it’s just because the lighting is different in each picture. Anyway, she’s 40, so don’t trip if you actually see a wrinkle on her face. :)

Kym on

Too much hair takes away from her beautiful face. If she is going to wear her hair long..straight works best without the bangs, not curly and untamed. I don’t think bangs give her that fountain of youth look like her short once did. However she looks good with straight long hair too.

Vicki on

Definately not my fave. She lookes like sally field with a tan.

melissa on

She is gorgeous, we all know that…..but she does have a huge forehead. The bangs are fantastic.

jen stone on

I am shocked b/c Halle always looks stunning…why is she wearing this awful wig??

Joi on

Looks like a rug plopped on her head. Seems like too much hair and the color is a bit weird. Thank God, she can easily remove it at anytime (the power of the lace wig).

Stephanie on

I love your hairstyle the bangs are gorgeous i wish my bangs would cut like that without lookin choppy. but yea it looks really good..

Mona on

GORGEOUS! They look amazing and i totally want my hair like that.

Mary Beverly on

I love Halle’s wig. She look good, as usual. I have worn my hair like that until medication took my hair out. I wonder how and where I can find that wig?

MissWanda101 on

Halle is beautiful inside and out.. It doesn’t matter which way she actually wears her hair but I prefer her with the short and sexy cuts… Long hair has tendency to make some women look older to me so I think short is the way to go with Halle hair… And for her clothing hands down Nicole or any of the ladies Halle does it better hands down..

Thank you

cathy o. on


Andy on

Sexi and elegant love it<3
They look great on her she is one of the
few people that can pull it off:D

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