UPDATE:Lindsay Lohan's Three Hairstyles in One Day!

03/22/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

UPDATE: Lindsay’s hairstylist Tracey Cunningham of Neil George Salon tells PEOPLE: “It was a wig! She came to the salon with it on to tease me. I love the [blonde] color. She doesn’t start shooting for another month so it’s not a for a role. When they left, her assistant wore the wig out. But that’s Lindsay, she’s so much fun, she’s so silly like that. She’s the coolest girl!”

We know that Lindsay Lohan has been playing around with her hair color lately — from brunette to redhead to blonde in a matter of days — but now she can’t stop playing with the styles either! Back in L.A. from her whirlwhind trip to NYC, Lindsay started off her day with a papparazzi-filled lunch at The Ivy and a blonde ponytail to go with her all-black outfit. Later that afternoon, Lindsay enters the Neil George salon with all-of-a-sudden brunette hair and a baseball cap (our money is that it’s a wig!). And finally, she re-emerges from the salon with Farrah Fawcett-style wings and curls — and back to blonde! Whew. We can barely keep up. Tell us: Which of Lindsay’s looks from yesterday do you like best? Ponytail, brunette with cap or 70’s style blonde?

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Photo:ZXING/SNAP-PIX; Pacific Coast News; FinalPixx

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Amy B on

She’s a hottie…i don’t care what people say.

She can pull off any look…love her!

May on

How can anyone color there hair so often? Doesnt coloring damage your hair? Everytime I read about her she has colored her hair, or she is at or leaving a nightclub. Does this girl ever sleep?

Brenda on

Her next look will soon be bald if she does not leave her hair alone.

Ashley on

I really hope the 2nd pic is a wig. That is so bad for your hair!! I like the first and last pic, but I’m not a fan of her as a brunette. She is a very pretty girl tho.


Her skin and her hair are: ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE!!! She hates her red hair and thats why she keeps colouring and bleaching it. She hates her freckles and thats why she covers them up with orange tanner. She needs to use a fade cream to get rid of those freckles and tone that fried hair. She will never be Nicole Kidman no matter what they do to her because she’s just not very attractive, but they can make her look less trashy.

posh spice on

i like red head people they are so cool!!!

Aoife on

I think if her skin wasnt so orange that her hair would look better any way she wore it! Personally I liked her natural hair colour better than any of the other colours she has had!

Shauna on

Can anyone remember the last movie that linsay has made that you can name off the top of your head that got any attention?…Mean girls maybe?

…She’s gotta get your attention somehow

Aoife on

I think if her skin wasnt so orange that her hair would look better any way she wore it! Personally I liked her natural hair colour better than any of the other colours she has had!

Alice on

Yeah, the orange skin has to go and so does that Mariah Carey hairdo she has in the last pic.

Didi on

I strongly doubt that she has any real hair left.Nobody can color curl or straighten their hair so often (in a DAY!!!!!) without doing some major damage leading to hair loss. Maybe that is why Lindsay is such an airhead. She never realized that looks is not everything even after working with the great Meryl Streep.

rashundra. on

i thought linds was madonna in the last pic ;; or is that just me?

Maggie on

I think she’s a pretty girl but I am just sooooo sick of her face. You can’t look anywhere without seeing her.

sabine on

anyone know where to get that wig?

KT from Cda on

So true Brenda.

KC on

The 70’s flip is pretty cute and the shades/pony isn’t hurting her any either. I still like the red hair better…..

j on

who, what?! oh–it’s one of those girls who likes getting her pic taken and excessive partying. look at her parents, the odds are already stacked against her. i used to feel badly for her, but now i’m just bored!

Lucy on

She’s young and cute – she can pull off any hair style. She’s just having fun. I would too if I was in her shoes!

Allison on

I thought the hardest part of being an actress was getting a great role, or maybe memorizing lines. or traveling to primitive locations. But changing your hair three times in one day? THAT sounds really exhausting!! (Maybe Lindsey should select one hair-style per day and take some classes at her local junior college to improve her mind!

jennifer in tulsa on

Lindsay Lohan…NONE OF THE ABOVE. Lindsay’s hair looks best when it’s down but no 70’s look.

Trinity on

I think that she looks best with red or brunette hair. Blonde does nothing for her skin and it looks funny.

Sarah on

She just always looks dirty, like she hasn’t washed. She literally always looks like she has dirt on her skin.

Kelly on

I thought it was Madonna in the last pic at first too! Don’t like the 70’s look – the first one is the best but I don’t really like her hair blonde.

me on

Personally I wish the media would stop giving her and others like her attention for bar hopping. Who cares.

KD on

I like her in the first pic. She looks more down to earth and natural. And I think she actually pulls of being a blonde better this time around.


Why does Freckle Girls’ (aka Lindsay) skin look dirty??? Because she has millions of big, dark freckles and that gives her skin a mottled, dirty look. Anyone with that many freckles has the same problem. Caking on the makeup makes it worse. And why does she keep laying out in the sun?? She isn’t getting tan, she is just getting more and more freckles!!!!!!!! Maybe she thinks all of her freckles will turn into one big freckle, and then she will look tan?? HAHA
Her hair is NOT blonde!! It’s brassy and orange! It looks absolutely hideous. Sorry but she’s just a big orange mess.

Lola on

Her hair pulled back looks best , but any style looks great on her. She resembles a young Elizabeth Taylor.

jennifer on

She is going to end up just like Britney. Divorced with 2 kids and in rehab. Sad Sad Sad :-(

joley on

when i saw the curls, i seriously thought i was looking at a picture of madonna. anyone else have that reaction?

Tasha on

I like her better with red but the question was about the above pictures so i think out of those three pictures i will have to pick the one with the ponytail i think it looks really good on her.

Juliet on

She looks bad, all the time. Blond / brunette / Dark brown/black…

It’s indeed a sad thing she always looks so fake tanned (orange). There is no hair color to make that look good.

Maybe her own hair color would look the best on her????

samantha on

LOOK she lives in la, it’s sunny n ppl are bound to get tanned… n she just looks healthy unlike dita von teese or w/e… and DUH that’s wat the media want, and consumers, they won’t want to see her reading a book, sleeping or eating or buying tampons.. they want partying, fun, going out!!

AnnieM on

They are all hideous (as she is) – maybe her hair will fall out and she’ll go away.

Stacie on

I think Lindsey & her Mom are an embarrassment to society! Lindsey deserves all the criticsm & what respectable Mother goes clubbing w/their daughter?!? If Lindsey knew what was best for her she would stick to the brown. Blond looks awful w/her skin tone.

Shauna #2 on

A tan is not orange, its golden.
A very fake overdone tan is orange.

Alice on

Samantha, get real. A REAL tan is golden brown, a FAKE is bright orange. Lindsay obviously has a really bad, really tacky fake tan. You make fun of Dita Von Teese, but if you ask almost anybody they would choose a natural beauty over fake and trashy any day.

Jessica on

How can you even compare her to someone that looks like Dita Von Teese? That’s insane…people like Dita, whom very closely resemble the great Bettie Page are in a class all their own…classic pin-up beauty…that should be appreciated, and never compared to little nasty b****es like Lindsay Lohan.

kvdv on

I love the leather jacket she is wearing in these pictures…anyone know who it’s by?

Dana on

I think she looks best in the first pic with the ponytail. she doesn’t look as made up, but still looks pretty

Shel on

Lose the fake and bake, lose the Charlie’s Angels hair style, lose the attitude, actually on second thought–just get lost. please?

Lilly on

I think Lindsay has gone a little crazy in the head. Her hair looks adorable all three ways, but my god this girl just needs to find one and stick with it! The poor thing, though, always in the public eye. I just don’t know how she does it.

Rosanna on

Readhead – lindsay, the best. Do not go any blonder please.

Tara Viggers on

I LOVE her as a red head. She stands out. Notice her. It should be her signature look. Why does she keep changing it? The brunette look was nice too. This chick is a piece of work.

missy on

maybe you should learn to read….. they said it was a wig..she wore it as a joke to her hairstylist…dunce

Chirsta on

Honestly, she looked better with her red hair. I don’t know why she even changed it in the first place. I do like her as a brunette, much better than a blonde. Blonde just doesn’t suit her at all.

As for her orange tan, I agree, she should really lay off the tanning. Her skin is going to look like brown blotchy patches, that’s what happens over a period of time when you continuously tan and even lay in the sun for long periods of time, especially when you peal, that’ll leave brown patches sooner or later, and when you get the patches, that’s it, you’re stuck with them, I know this, because I know some that regret the tanning beds and laying out in the sun everyday, they wish they didn’t do that to their skin. If you’re out and about in the sun, that’s okay, but not too much, it’s not good for your skin. I always make sure to wear sun block.

As for which picture do I like Lindsey best in….I like her in the brown (wig) with the hat on. I also like the first picture of her hair in a pony, but as soon as she takes off those glasses, the blonde just looks terrible on her. Maybe because my eyes are always drawn to her black eyebrows, which if she’s gonna sport blonde, she should lighten up her brows a little. JMO. As for the last picture. The Farrah Fawcet look just doesn’t suit her, it’s not appealing on her what so ever.

c on

i dont like her BUT i dont hate her either – its amazing cus she may be skinny curvy blonde brunette or whatever but she looks great with whatever shes wearing.

Ashley on

I think the blonde would work on her if her skin didn’t have that orange-ish hue to it. The way it is though I find blonde looks bad on her.
Personally, I preferred her natural hair colour and the brunette colour on her.

I on

I la la love the first look! She is fan-effing-tastic!

Hannah on

Umm…Lindsey? I’ve seen you go blonde before and everyone hated it!! What was wrong with your red hair?? I loved your red hair! I’ve also been very jealous of your natural green eyes. Why do stars always have to change the color of their hair? It’s fine the way it is. Okay Lindsey?

Jess on

Personally, I prefer brown hair to the recent blond hair.
Blond hair makes her face big, yet brown hair makes her face clear.

melissa on

I thought she looked like madona in the last picture too. Im sure she can keep coloring her hair liek that because she has special salon people to do it all the time for her plus her hairs probobly half extensions anyways. PS her mother is making a fool of herself.

melissa on

hahahahhaha someone said she looked liek elizabeth taylor!!!! Oh God areyou kidding me???? wow no way. where do you see that resemblence? her asshair?

leeann on

i think she looks great in the 1st pic w/ the pony tail

HJW on

she looks EXACTLY like madonna in the last picture. woah scary.

Kacy on

I like the pony tail the best but I miss her red hair

kirstin on

i like her with her ponytail the best…..

Rachel on

Her natural red hair was best, it actually looked healthy while it was red. Her brunette hair wasn’t bad, but I don’t like her blonde. AT ALL.

Blair on

It’s too bad for her hair.But i think she wears best red hair and brunette.

alex on

loves it

Coco on

She looks so hot with her red hair! The Blonde is pretty. Minus the fake’n’bake! I love the new Miu Miu ads with her red hair and pink lipstick! She also looked great in the new GQ.

kellyE on

Hello?! If I could pull off three looks in one day I would be hot stuff just like Look So Lovely Lohan. People shouldn’t hate the player! Please just hate the game!

Amber on

I actually think she looks trashy in blonde hair n really classy as a brunette..and i also wonder how she keeps changeing hair colour every five mintues, im surprised she hasnt gone bald yet cuz dyeing damages hair like anything

sofia on

hey lohan i like the last style it looks much better in crouley and much better in blond love it!!!!!

Debra on

I’m sorry, I don’t see the attraction at all. I don’t know what the media sees in her these days. She always looks dirty, unkempt, and high. I could find a dozen women in my own neighborhood who are a thousand times prettier and less skanky looking. Her hair looks silly blonde.

Caroline on

her hair was a lot better red. maybe soon she’s going to dye her hair rainbow for all we care!!!!!!

Dolcegebbana on

I am a fun of Lindsay! they say she looks like me haha! I am sO Flattered!

Mihail on

Lindsay Lohan you very much are pleasant to me, I want you to see. You very much обоятельна, it is beautiful, lovely, faultless, tender favourite and it is a lot of another. I LOVE YOU!!!

Mihail on

Lindsay Lohan very beautiful girl, and to it go all types of hair from the brunette to the blonde.

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