Shanna Moakler's New Bangs: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

03/21/2007 at 03:56 PM ET

Partying in Miami to celebrate her birthday (the Playmate turns 32 on March 28th), Shanna Moakler showed off her newly rekindled relationship with ex Travis Barker and a hot new do. Channeling an 80’s rock chick, Shanna went even brighter blonde and dared for heavy bangs — cut and colored at two separate salons! A new cut is a perfect jumpstart into summer, and what better way to change an entire look than to cut bangs? “I just wanted to do something new and fresh,” says the former Miss USA and Playboy model tells PEOPLE. “I love it!” Tell us: Do you agree with Shanna and love the new do? Or do you hate them and miss the old look?

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Photo: Howard Wise/jpi; Seth Browarnik/WireImage

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Brianna on

The bangs make her look like a little kid

ucokaty on

she looks WAY better in the pic on the left! although i don’t like her roots in that pic she just looks way more made up. she doesn’t really look like she was at a party in the pic on the right it looks more like she was at home lounging and someone snapped a pic of her. she usually looks so glamorous and dolled up!

Wendy O on

That look is so 1995…she may as well be wearing a scrunchi on her wrist.

jennifer in tulsa on

Shanna looks so pretty with no makeup! If she kept the old do and gets rid of the bangs, she’d be perfect! My vote is NO on the bangs!


I think the color of her hair does not cmplement her skin like the color of her hair in the picture on the left. The bangs are also horrendous looking on her, and does not fit her at all!!

barb on

Umm…….. ugliest thing i have ever seen. I hate becaus eof what she did to Paris. What a meanie bo beanie!!!!!!!!!!


She looks chubby with bangs – she’s so pretty in the photo on the left – grow the bangs out!!

Nicole on

HATE them.

Kate on

I like the bangs – they cover up her too thin, slightly trashy eyebrows.

Mary on

Hahaha, you are so right on, Wendy O! The look is SO early 90s.

Heather S. on

I think the bangs age her… the circles under her eyes look super dark underneath all of that bright blonde hair.

j on

she’s a cutie both ways. glad she got rid of the roots & i agree w/the eyebrow comment above. this style makes her look younger!

HM on

I think she looks great either way, but to answer the question, love the bangs, very cute and a fun change.

alice on

I think the new hairdo could be really cute if People would have gotten a better picture.

R on

Last time I read bangs were quoted as “so five minutes ago”.

I guess it gives her a different face and outlook.

lani on

She is so not pretty, with the bangs nor without them.

confidential on

The bangs are alright. She is what is wrong in this picture.. This girl isn’t particularly pretty in any way??

Dawn on

She looks horrible in that picture give us a good picture then let us decide.

Jaker007 on

This looks GREAT! It was about time to get rid of those black roots!

kaelie on

i guess i’m in the minority here, because i think she looks great with the bangs. i think it makes her look about 10 yrs younger. and she looks better with less makeup, i hated that frosted thing she was doing with her eyeshadow and super thin brows.

Casey on

NOT A FAN OF EITHER!! she always looks so trashy bc she ALWAYS has disgusting roots! you would think that someone with the money would do normal upkeep on their appearence but guess not, also she looks really chubby with bangs.

Casey on

NOT A FAN OF EITHER!! she always looks so trashy bc she ALWAYS has disgusting roots! you would think that someone with the money would do normal upkeep on their appearence but guess not, also she looks really chubby with bangs.

KT from Cda on

I have bangs but not like that. She looks like a little girl from the 70’s.

Elda on

she looks better in the first picture.

Maria on

She looks butt ugly w/ bangs!

Beka on

its that the same person

Indira on


wasabi on

Is she even worth commenting on?

cutiepie93 on

ewww, personally i think she looks really bad, who is this girl anyway all she did was win a stupid competition and now she is a celebrity. she is not even pretty!!!!

Terry on

Wow you people are rude. A simple “Love it” or “Hate it” would have done.

I’m sure this lady doesn’t really give a crap whether we like her bangs or not. And the survey isn’t whether you like her as a person—it was about stupid bangs. Grow up!

Sandy on

Wow people are mean. I agree the bang picture isn’t the best picture to post in order to judge the new look. Plus whoever said bangs are out and from the 90’s, says who?? I happen to wear longer bangs because I look worse without them. Others agree also, it suits my face better. Bangs can be worn if they look good on a person, they never go out of style, just maybe the actual hairdo or the way they are styled. I think it’s a good change. Every blond in Hollywood looks the same. Long blond one length locks, make up, skinny etc. About time someone tries something different.

Roxxie_Grl on

Shanna Moakler looks hideous in both pictures. Travis can do way better. Oh, no. I don’t think he can. Shanna looks something like Anna Nicole, with the drugged up look and burning red complexion. She should go dark honey blonde and cut her hair to a pixie, or at least 80’s retro chic. The kind that I like!

darcy on

I think Shanna is the cutest! At first I thought no way, but if you picture her all done up and with her personality it will all come together…she can pull it off! I hope her and Travis have worked it out they obviously do love each other….

Rebecca on

Shanna usually looks like she’s trying too hard with her skimpy eyebrows and overdone make-up, but not hard enough with her roots and somewhat sloppy hair. I think the new haircut and color make her look younger. I’m usually not a big fan of bangs, but the haircut could be a good change for her- need to see a better photo. Now she just needs to keep up the color and keep the makeup simple!

Kathy on

LOVE the color, it was about time to rid herself of those awful, make you look 10 years older and super trashy black roots!! LOVE the softer make-up, she looks years younger without so much heavy make-up on. I guess I’m in the minority on that point, as most people indicated they think the new ‘do makes her look older. I think what IS making her look older is those ridiculous bangs!!! If you want bangs, fine – just make them soft and whispy. Bangs that are what we used to call a “doo doo roll” back in the day are NOT flattering on anybody, not even a former Miss USA and/or Playboy Playmate. But then again, she is “madly in love” with one of the grossest looking men on the face of the planet, so what can you say!?!?

pimp on

I think she looks a bit like Anna Nicole Smith with the bangs. Kinda trashy like someone you might run into at some random discount store. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the color was a little more complimentary to her skin tone.

Jen on

I happen to think she looks awsome with bangs. Very trendy and fun!!!

Julie on

Interesting that other people don’t dig the eyebrows either! I think it’s something about how thin they are and how high they arch, but I don’t think they’re right for her face. Bangs might be great, but I wish I could see her made up and from the front to get a better idea of how it compares.

O'Wryly on

More importantly than losing the ridiculous bangs, she needs to re-lose Travis Barker. Funny thing is she doesn’t APPEAR to be that desperate, yet desperate she must be. After all, who in their right mind would want ANYthing that the ubiquitous sleaze Paris Hilton had used and discarded like yesterday’s fast food wrappers?! I’m wagering that Ms. Moakler can do far better for herself.

indaknow on

she got bangs to copy all the hot models in the magazines….but she is a “different” kind of model…not a high-fashion one….hope Travis knows that her “new” look may change her on the outside but she’s still the SAME on the INSIDE….BE CAREFUL TRAV, you deserve BETTER

shari on

love her and i love her new look- the photo on the right is not a great photo of her but i have seen others of her with the new bangs and she looks gorgeous! so happy she and travis are trying to work it out!

Elizabeth on

Either way she look awful. Another trashy, dumb blonde YUCK!!!

Maggie on

Super cute.

nickyhilton on

Shanna looks adorable and sweet with bangs. I love them. They make her look like she’s younger! Maybe I’ll get bangs too!

caity on

i think she looks like a totally different person

jennifer on

so love shanna but i think the new look makes her look older. still she is beautiful and i really hope her and travis make it cause they just are so great together and really hot. plus they should really keep it together for the kids.

Kristina on

The bangs make her look innocent.


NO ,NO, NO, GET RID OF BANGS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anneke on

she does look like a little kid.

tj on

The bangs make her look to chunky she looks alot cuter and sexy with out the bangs

marie on

I think you all are being so critical of her!! And Nicole you really think she was Mean to Paris? Um I would beg to differ……Paris deserves what she gets!! and I think Paris blew that whole thing Shanna incident out of proportion!!! She always has to play the victim!! Please, doesnt even deserve us talking about her!! But, anything to get her name out there she will do!!! All about the DRAMA. Shanna is beautiful!! GO SHANNA!

LiuPi on

i don’t think these are very fair picture. In one she’s really decked out, and then the new bangs picture, she has no make up on, and it almost looks like she was just crying.

You guys are Harsh and Unkind.

maria on


Anon on

She looks much better without the bangs. Bangs are okaky if they are swept off to the side in a sexy kind of way, but straight down just looks childish.

Anne on


Stacie on

Wow! She looks awful!!! But when has she ever looked good? And look whose she’s married to!

Terra on

Wow. That pic is just terrible. Maybe if there was a better picture I would even attempt to like her new ‘do. SO for now, I’d have to say that she is beautiful without bangs. You can see all of her pretty face. Also – I am so glad that her and Travis are back together!!! Get your man girl – and stomp Paris if you got to………..

Drear on

Unless a woman has a really low forehead I generally prefer bangs on anyone but I don’t like those. I have long bangs myself but they’re not that heavy and blunt, they’re more feathered.

Michelle on

Yeah bangs are not crackin. She looks like she gained weight in her face because of them. Gwen is the only one who can pull bangs off. No one else should try.

stacy on

uhmm not the best choice for i dont like the bangs but maybe this is just a bad pic of her? well i say no to bangs she looks better the other way w/ a little touch up on her roots:]



mary on

I think she was going for a Gwen Stefani sort of thing, but totally missed it. The bangs looks ridiculous, she looks old, and some under-eye concealer would have done a heap of good for her.

Bama on

I really don’t like the look…I think it makes her look like a country bumpkin gone wrong…who wants Miss America to look like Miss Teen America? I think she needs to go with a look that perhaps defines a grown woman- perhaps lose the bleach blonde hair…go more natural…Her pretty face is way to overpowered by all the makeup or all the hair…either way…too much!

amy on

AWFUL!!!!!! what is this 1987, next thing we know the bang puff will be back…NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Isabela on


rosie on

Give her a break she just got back with Travis and that means she has money to get her hair colored, cut and do whatever she wants. But the bangs make her look preggo and she does need make-up!!She looks pale…

Alice on

I don’t think she in unattractive, but to me, she is just your typical Playboy blond. I’ve always thought that look was really boring.

kim on

WOOF!! she’s the definition of Dog.

Kate on

dont like them , but shes a cute girl.

britney ann on

OMG what did she do to her hair!!! The bangs are totally out and not doing anything but taking away from here beautiful face… It looks like she’s trying to be someone she’s not. She’s a model not Sandra Dee.

May on

To me it looks a two different people. I like her better without the bangs.

Melissa on

How can you determine whether she looks better or not? The picture on the right is horrible. She does have odd eyebrows, but it works for her.

Lucy on

She looks alright both ways-nothing special – but I don’t think her little winney husband can do better. I know I would look twice at him walking down the street.

Lucy on

She looks alright both ways-nothing special – but I don’t think her little winney husband can do better. I know I wouldn’t look twice at him walking down the street.

Kathy on

I like the bangs but I don’t like her and I don’t think she is at all pretty and who the heck is she anyway?

Amy on

I love everything about Shanna Moakler!!! She is gorgeous and sweet! :) Huge fan! Love u Girl!!

KC on

Ohhh this is a no for Shanna,not only do the bangs not complement her the lighter blonde right on her face washers her out. she needs darken the blonde and cut some layers around her face.

Yudith Luevano on

1st she look better with less makeup and whatever happen with Paris is nobodys bussiness but hers, I think she can soften her look, Good luck and hopefully you dont listen to all the haters…

rachel on

chubby and young!
thats what bangs has done to her!
lose em!

Jen on

I love Shanna, but not her new bangs. Sorry girl.


She is beautiful. I adore her.

Jaclyn on

She is a beautiful girl but in the past she looks to made up. these bangs make her look more natural and thats a great look for her

Suze on

I think she looks great with the new haircut. (There are a lot of better pictures of the new cut then this one though!)

sarah on

bangs don’t work well on thick hair!

Janna Kemper on

I think she looks more like a playmate with the bangs…!

Kasey on

gotta tell you, that looks like a wig. Her hair is much, much, thicker in the picture with the bangs and the part looks like a wig also. I would bet that is a wig

renee on

this hair cut makes her lok like anna nicole. and that is not some one you want to look like right now , nomatter how much you want the attention

Ashley on

Go Yudith!! I also agree with some of the comments about Anna Nicole Smith – I thought of that as soon as I saw the pic. Creepy.

Rachel on

She looks way better on the left.

TexasMade on

I truly believe that Shanna Moakler could pull off ANYTHING! She has class, style and she’s not afraid to try new things. I think her bangs look great and the good thing about bangs is you can dress it up or down and still pull off any hair style that looks cute! In the words of Tyra “Shanna, you’re looking F A B U L O U S, now work it girl!

gigi on

She looks way better on the left!

alex on

Ok, to all you haters out there… she has three kids and the last picture taken of her she was walking the beach in a bikini, so good for her! So, if you think she looks “chubby” with the bangs you should shut your face. She’s walking around in a bikini and your sitting at your computer probably eating a twinkie and commenting on how she looks “chubby” with bangs. I think she looks great.

Melissa on

She is so gorgeous, why on earth would she do that to her hair??? I can’t believe the hairstylist let her! Sometimes I think hairstylists get too scissor happy.

jennifer on

I think she looks good with bangs-she just needs some make-up!

rashundra. on

you guys are dumb .. one picture she is wearing makeup and on the other she isnt. a haircut cannot put dark circles under your eyes like some people on here think. lol.

Bea on

Absolutely HATE this look. Bangs do not look good on adult women. Yuck!

Robin on

What is with bangs? They look horrible. I noticed that Miss American chick who went into rehab also went with bangs. Some hair stylist is really selling them a line!

Vickie on

She looks way really young, and it just doesn’t look like her. She’s much hotter with no bangs!

Celeste_Fernandez@AHM.HONDA.COM on

I really dont like the bangs their to thick. If your going to have bangs it’s better to have as less as possible reminds me of the early 1990’s. A 5 year old would have those bangs.

Thank you,
Celeste fernandez


BWAH! That is the most disgusting picture I have seen of her…why the hell is she a playmate?!?!?!?!



stefanie on

AHH, shes really likeable but those bangs gotta go! :(

Melissa on

I think a lot of girls are being inspired by Reese. I just went blonder last month & also got bangs for the first time too. So many people complimented me on them but I’m still not so sure about them. They do tend to make you feel like a cross between a litte girl & a horse’s mane LOL. I think I personally would’ve liked mine better if my stylist hadn’t cut off as much hair as she did (even though I begged her to keep the length!!). I think Shanna’s a gorgeous girl & this probably wasn’t the most flattering picture to show off such a hot trend. I’m sure in other pictures where she’s a little more made up with better lighting, she looks beautiful. Rock on girl! :)

Lola on

They should take a photo of her w/ bangs and makeup almost identical to the photo on the left that way I can make a true comparison. Then I thought, she is so pretty anyway that she probably looks good w/ both hair styles. The bangs will grow back people!! Don’t worry :)

marcia on

Ilove it she looks great and Iwish her the best. good luck

Sara on

Pretty and classy. Her eyebrows are too dark in the left. She looks more natural. She reminds me of Charlize Theron.

Tammy on

Eyebrows can make or break the look you are trying to achieve. It isn’t about her being pretty or not, we need to learn to work with what we have! The old beauty pageant hair or nor the bangs are a good look for her; the color is horrendous.

She needs a great celebutante hairstylist, colorist & eyebrow guru.

Tiffanie on

She has a pretty face. Why would she want to hide it? Must be her perogitive, huh?

kaye on


Monica on

Don’t you guys realize that you are in fact complimenting her when you say the bangs make her look young? Isn’t that what we all want? A more youthful look?! Do you all look that good without makeup on? If you were a celebrity, would you have the guts to be out in public without a stitch of makeup on? That’s what I love about Shanna. She doesn’t care one bit about what we think. She is who she is and she’s proud and confident. Wouldn’t it be great if all of us could have that mentality?

Amy on

If she put on some makeup and flatironed the bangs the look would be more pulled together.

Robin on

What’s with all the people saying she looks like Anna Nicole is a bad thing…Anna Nicole was beautiful! I would like to see all the pics of all of you who are haters…I bet I could not stop laughing…seeing your pics compared to Shana’s or Anna Nicole!

Mirjam on

Those bangs look lovely on her! And I totally agree with Lola: you cannot really make a comparison from these photos.

Glenys on

Wow! That doesn’t even look like her! She looks really young. Usually, I prefer bangs, but they just don’t suit her!

Rox on

I am sorry. I don’t see that either looks better over the other. Personally, I just think she’s unattractive.

kristin on

i hate them. she looks so much better without them!

ella on

it doesn’t go. the other hairstyle is much better.

jennifer on

i think she looked much better with out them th bangs make her face look fat,,,no offense or anyhting … but yeah tha bangs no srry

Sarah on

I think she is pretty BUT I don’t like either looks! Darker and layers would probably look better!

Soni on

She looks more chub chub and fuglier with the short blunt bangs.

Yep on

for all you people who sit here and say you don’t like her blah blah blah you don’t even know her get over yourselves. Secondly this is about the bangs I personally think it’s a good change and I think even without make-up she is a cute girl. Do you think most of you who are say hurtful things would look that good without make-up probably not

Katie on

It looks awful!

Lucy on

Ummm… Bangs dont look good on her AT ALL!!!!!!!! Just wear a headband Shanna, and hold those things back!

zoey on

her bangs are WAY to kiddish!

Robyn on

Hate it not very pretty just makes her look like shes from the 70’s or 80’s EW!

B123 on

They need to get a different picture with her hair a little more styled. Her bangs will probably look gorgeous in a different picture. Plus, you guys need to stop being so criticizing. Not everyone can look ‘hollywood glamorous’ every minute of every day.

Heather Daniels on

Man, she just needs help. Sorry to say.
She always looks shanky, and ragged out.

Chirsta on

I like the new color on Shanna. I’m glad she got rid of the black roots. I would love the bangs more if they weren’t just sitting there all straight. I think if they were more softer and wispy looking, the bangs would look terrific on her. I do like how she went with less make-up, she’s very pretty.

c on


laura on

I think she is ready for the pic on the left an dcaught off -guard on the right. She would look better with make-up

rachel on

I actually like the bangs. I dont particularly care for her. Whomever stated that bangs were “so 1990’s” is totally incorrect. I work in the fashion industry and bangs are actually more popular than ever right now. You will see many bangs from now until the end of summer. All of you mean and probably very unfashionable people who think bangs arent in style, will probably be wearing them in the next few months!

nicole on

i duno da girl.. but i think she luks ugly and fat in the new look..there are lots of new looks but definitely not this 1.. ewww!!!! i think she shud go back 2 da old one!

Sabine on


Diivaa on

I think she looks cute and youthful.

cm on

Hard to say. In the “older” photo — she’s pretty glammed up with. In the newer look, she appears not to be made up and at an awkward angle to view. I hate when the issue becomes which is the better photo as opposed to really assessing the two looks.

Katie on

I think she is a pretty woman no matter what she does with her hair. She just has one of those faces.

leeann on

EWW! she looks bad with them bangs! she look wayyyy better b4

clairane on

I really don’t like it!

jessica on

I dontlike them as much now

jessica on

I dontlike them as much now

Sarah on

okay that picture of her on the left is a gorgeous picture and the one on the right didnt really look like she was prepared for pictures all celebs should be prepared but anyways maybe if it was a pic were you could see more like the whole face and she had a better make up job i think it might look good but she needs to stop copying others celebs. because bangs are what half the crowd is doing these days. i think the old hair style was better. but i DONT hate this one.

Sarah on

okay that picture of her on the left is a gorgeous picture and the one on the right didnt really look like she was prepared for pictures all celebs should be prepared but anyways maybe if it was a pic were you could see more like the whole face and she had a better make up job i think it might look good but she needs to stop copying others celebs. because bangs are what half the crowd is doing these days. i think the old hair style was better. but i DONT hate this one.

alli al on

OMGOSH she looks like a little kid and tarable w/out makeup! she seriously was so much prittyer in the pic 2the left. she actually looks her age!

Kacy on

Sorry Shanna, but you should go back to your old look. The bangs are childish and they don’t really fit you.

eva on

I don’t think the bangs were a good idea, i like the way she looked without them. She does look like a little girl.

Becca on

The problem isn’t the hair, it’s that she has no idea what hair/makeup/style is in. She always looks like she’s still floating in the mid-90s. She could do so much for herself, but I just think she has a true style definciency. Poor girl. No wonder she’s the butt of so many nasty dramas.

Raquel on

She looks better without the bangs. it dos make her look chubby. she should also consider breast implants. having kids didn’t help her breast at all.

Maria on

I do like the pic on the left ….but if she starting new why not change her looks.. I do agree the color does not compliment her skin tone…she looks good but her husband is GORGEOUSE! Hi Travis!


gg on

Its nice to see her with no makeup but she looks a little weird

Jamie on

I think Shanna is absolutely beautiful. I admit the bangs are thowing me a bit but she will find a hot way to rock them! And anyways~its not fair to judge here….this is a bad pic…looks like they snuck up on her!LOL

Sasha on

She is so beautiful I Love the old look better it make her look more Sexy. The new is ok but not hot….

**Ali!** on

-ewwwwww… not a fan im not gona lie!..she looks like she should be in clueless or beverly hills 90210…very 1994 all together!

Amber from Niagara on

I think she is so cute. Cute is the new Sexy! You go Girl!!!

Payton on

the bangs…..hhhhmmmmmmmmm! well her hair with the bangs looks like shes wairing a wig! The bangs might look fine if she layers her hair and mybe the bangs so their not so puffy then they might look better and not make her look as chubby!

CJ on

her new hair with the bangs looks like a wig. she definitly looks better withouut bangs


she looks chubby and kinda like an anna nicole smith. she should go back to no bags.

IV on

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she looks so much better like this,I think bangs are the new hot thing she is rocking that style.

IRS on


SAH on

This is so a WIG!!!!

Brenda on

NO! The bangs have to go! She’s really pretty. I’d love to see her marriage work out. Best of luck to the both of you.

samantha on

i think she is 5 years old with bangs she sould not go with bangs

Princess on


Not A Fan In VA on

Not a fan at all. How old is she? 10.

CHoncho on


Lindsay on

She looks like a little kid. There is a big difference and it’s a bad one.

M on

She’s cute and all, but get some makeup on!!!!!!!!

Jordan on

Her face looks fatter and she looks young

sami on

i think she looks way better with the bangs and not all that make up! i like the bangs on her

sami on

i think she looks way better with the bangs and not all that make up! i like the bangs on her

cherise on

lose the bangs!!!!! my god… she looks retarded with them… just because you want a different look doesn’t mean you have to opt for something that’s different but UGLY!

abby on

She is gorgeous no matter what she does. She looks good in both cuts the only difference in the pictures is that the one on the left she has make-up and the other one it looks like she doesn’t.

alisha on

i think it looks absolutley hidious!

Night on

I am not sure who this woman is, but it sure looks like she is related to Anna Nicole. The color looks cheap, and I am not sure if the bangs make her face look round, or if she has gained 15 pounds. Either way, not a good look. Why is this woman famous…and anyone tell me?

bre jordan on

umm shanna boo, whats really going on with your hair? your bangs look a hott mess you should leave your hair alone. i dont not like the bangs at ALL!!!

Sonya on

to me she looks like a young anna nicole smith in the pic with bangs…

Cristina on

no wonder she always wears so much makeup; she looks horrible without it!!!

Janice on

LOVE the new look, Shanna. Good for you…you look younger and hotter!

olivia on

Not good at all, she looks older and makes her face look fatter

J on

I think she looks awful in both pics. In the first one, she needs to have her roots done to match the rest of her hair. In the second pic, she looks like a child. Also, in the second pic she is almost without make up. She looks horrible there. My advice to Shanna is keep the hair one color and wear some make up.

Salaka on

She looks rather nice without make-up as well. Good for her!

Chantelle on

Clearly a wig…

scott on

Forget the bangs……..she should
go the Britney route, and even that
I’m afraid, wouldn’t help this common
looking person !!!!

jerseydiva on

Dude, she’s wearing a wig in the pic on the right.

Kathryn on


Ricardo on

I agree with Sandy – a lot of people were very rude! I think Shanna’s bangs look great! The look is much softer and quite retro – and very flattering. The lack of heavy makeup also makes her look very sweet and girl-next-door sexy. Reminds me very much of blonde bombshell Agnetha of ABBA fame. Happy Birthday Shanna!

Breezy on

I love the bangs…makes her look young and fresh for spring 2007!!!

jana on


Jenna on

She looks like a grown-up, now.(right photo)

Annette on

I don’t like..

rachael on

i think that shanna is way more hotter without bangs.

rachael on

i think shanna is way hotter without bangs

rachael on

i think shanna is way hotter without bangs

kye on

The bang dose no good for her facial shape

GG on

I’ts a wig people.

Wendy E. on

I think she looks like the girl from Family Ties in the pic on the right. She looks hot in the pic on the left.



Rupael on

she should do a cha-cha bangs . those big 80s hair and the fringe so huge its gonna explode

Sonya on

I love the BANGS! They are so cute, she looks like a doll.
I say WHATEVER to the people that say no!
The picture of her is not the greatest i admit that, but it’s a new change that i think she should keep!

Alley on

I think her bangs look great. She is one of the prettiest celebrities out there and for all the people that are posting otherwise see if you look that good after 3 kids. Probably why travis came back. Shes hot.

J. Nick Wenkel on

I just wanna state that I`m in total agreement with Roxxie girl & Nicole, who said that thick, heavy bangs are IN !
Dense bangs, allowed to fall(combed) straight down are really GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL and soo HOT !!

anonymous on

Love her bangs.. I think she looks adorable!! But she looked beautiful before.

jessica on

Shanna is very preety no matter what, but i definetely like her without bangs better.I actually thinks he looks sexier without the bangs and a lot younger and more wild.she looks too sweet with bangs and not all sultry like she usually looks.I really don’t think she’s going to keep this look becacue i heard soemwhere that she thought it made her look like Tara Connor and she didn’t like that.
she doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful but it’s just that i’m used to her being all dolled up so as much as i like ehr either way i have to go with her original look being better

Caroline on

i really hate the bangs. she should have kept her hair the way it was.

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