Lakisha Jones's Million Dollar Diamonds

03/21/2007 at 06:00 PM ET

Lakisha Jones’s performance of the Shirley Bassey classic “Diamonds Are Forever” may not have blown away the judges on last night’s American Idol, but her million dollars’ worth of Kwiat diamonds certainly did. Paula Adbul called Lakisha a “smart girl” for knowing that singing about diamonds means someone will loan you the real thing. And the real thing they were! Kwiat provided the singer with a $150,000 26-carat diamond necklace, a $250,000 diamond brooch worn in her hair, a three-carat ring worth $10,000 and those multiple bracelets with almost 100 carats of diamonds! Whew. And Lakisha should get used to it: It’s just a taste of the borrowed red-carpet bling she’ll surely be wearing someday.

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Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty

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rt on

Lakisha has been a favorite of mine since the audition round. She looked beautiful last night!!

KT from Cda on

I’d be afraid to wear them just incase I lost them! But maybe just for once I’d wear that much bling. She’s one of my fav’s too.

erica on

didn’t like her dress, hated it!!
loved the diamonds.
best dress she wore was the one she sang “AND I’M Telling you”. It was a brownish one with lace overlay

meg on

i would just like to know more about the dress!

Stacie on

Beautiful?!? She looks aweful!!! She needs to lose some weight if she wants to be successfull in the biz!

j on

nasty. ghetto. get rid of those gross nail & weave!!!!!!!

Kristin on

Sorry, even with the diamonds she still did not look like star quaility. I have to agree with Simon’s comment earlier in the season- there is more to being a star than being able to sing and frankly Lakisha doesn’t ahve the whole package.

elle on

Dress is pretty, Diamonds are gorgeous, Girl can sing well..
Song choice was HORRIBLE!

Christine on

I didn’t like the color of the dress – it should have been black or a midnight blue to accentuate the diamonds, and her hair wasn’t very flattering – BUT she did a hell of a job singing that song and she is definitely one of my favorites
i liked the “and i’m not telling you” look, and the black dress and hairstyle she had a few weeks ago – she looked awesome!

kelly on

she has an amazing voice! but as sad as it is…i agree that shes not going to go anywhere without the whole package…she needs to lose sum weight…change her hair and get rid of those awful nails! she looks sooo ghetto!

Dawn on

Another Jennifer wantabe.

Ashley on

I think there are some pretty mean and nasty comments on this blog. I really like Lakisha. I think she is very pretty with a great voice. Not everyone has to be thin to make it.

Amy on

Lose some weight??? Does everyone in the music industry have to be pole thin??? I think all of you are just jelous bc none of you can get by with wearing jewels like that? Plus none of you will ever have the opportunity that she is having handed to her right now. Besides do any of you know what the definition of “ghetto” is…… area were Jewish people were restricted to in a city before being sent to concentration camps. Is she jewish? No she makes it VERY clear that she is CHRISTIAN. Are we in WWII? No we are not! It is the year 2007 people! I can not believe some of the comments from you ladies. She does not need to lose any amount of weight to get anywhere! She can do it on her own big or small it is up to her and God not her dress size! Would you be saying that if she was male? No you wouldn’t be. Besides look at Queen Latifah, Aretha Franklin, Nell Carter just to name a few all wonderful singers, all women, ALL BIGGER WOMEN! You all need to get with the program and notice that real women actually EAT. Besides if she does lose weight next thing we will be seeing is “Lakish Jones is anorexic” or some crap like that. She is screwed if she doesn’t and screwed if she does will you ppl. Leave the woman alone she is beautiful the way she is! As for the outfit all of it was gorgeous from head to toe!

Cathy Kleinota on

I thought Lakisha looked great considering the song she sang. However, I do believe she should have followed Lulu’s advice and sang the other song. But she is still one of my favorites. It is going to be a close race, I believe, between she and Melinda. And they both better watch out for Jordan.

rt on

Very well put Amy!!

Ashley on

THANK YOU AMY!!! I am so happy to read something SO TRUE!!

Just wanted to add that I love her dress – and the jewels of course.

And once again, many thanks to those who believe weight doesn’t matter if you actually have TALENT!

Lucy on

Jennifer Hudson is big too. And people think she has star quality? Lakisha can get lucky just like Jennifer did.

Mary on

To be honest Amy, you shouldn’t been so harsh on Kelly for using the term “ghetto”. For most people under the age of 30, “ghetto” either means (1) a poor area of town or (2) cheap-looking. While your definition is true as well, bringing religion and WWII into your argument and bashing people with it is a bit extreme and borderline ridiculous.

But you are right, Lakisha doesn’t need to look skinny in order to succeed. The only people who need to lose weight are those who are obese and that’s only because obesity is unhealthy. While Lakisha doesn’t necessarily adhere to the so-called industry “standard” of weight, she is not obese.

Linda Trendell on

Lakisha has an incredible voice, don’t know why anyone is compelled to focus on her weight. And WOW!. . . did anyone see her shoes? The diamond necklace and bracelets were incredible but the shoes were some of the most stunning I have ever seen. Afer sleuthing for a few hours I contacted someone at Fox and found out they were from Carmen Steffens. Gorgeous!

Stacie on

Amy you are probably fat too! Yes she does need to lose some weight. To be successfull in the biz you need to be thin. Amy, go back to your bible-beatings & bon bons!

Kristin on

I for one did not comment on her weight- to me that is not an issue. She just does not have a star appearance- however nothing that an image consultant could not help her with. That being said, I do not think she is going to make it a s a POP star, which is what Idol traditionally produces. She has talent, but not for a POP star. Perhaps a different genre she would do great in- the sky’s the limit.

Shauna on

Its people like this why there is a eating disorder problem among the younger people. I’m not an advocate of being overweight but to say that someone’s weight will control everything about their destiny is pretty bad.

Shani on

Idol does not usually produce pop stars. Actually, of the past winners the only pop artist that I can think of was Kelly Clarkson. Lakisha is big and beautiful and R&B and Gospel audiences would be more than happy to embrace her regardless of her size.

Amy on

As to Stacie….you use the word “fat” in reference to me? Just bc I am sticking up for someone who is a big beautiful woman makes me fat? As for you information if you call being pregnant fat then go for it! I am pregnant and I as far as I am concerned that is not any of ur business and it is ppl that like you that I was talking about, but as I have stated before you don’t know what you are talking about and do down play my religion is utterly perposterious as well. I was just trying to make a point. If no one else agrees with it then so be it, but from what I have read a lot of other ppl agree with me that size doesn’t matter as long as she can sing. Doesn’t matter what she sings either. Idol does not only produce “pop” stars there has only been 1 “pop” star and that was Kelly Clarkson the others have been R & B, Rock, Country, Soul, etc. It is ppl like you that make ppl like me pity what the world is coming too.

Ashley on

Amen, Amy. You took the words right out of my mouth. Stacie seems like the ugly person to me. I mean, really, how friggin shallow can you be???

Lauren on

i think she is one of the best on American idol and i hope to see her towards the end of the show! I thought she looked great and she should stay the way she is. She doesnt need to lose weight! She is a great performer!

Ro Jo on

I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes….she is an amazing singer…And to be successful doesnt mean you have to be pin thin…Look and Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifa, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Aretha Franklin. Some of the top names in Music are women who are curvacious. Make room and lots of it, curvacious women are making their way up in the industry now!!

neecee on


enigma on

To SUCCEED in ANY business from real-estate to singing
You need to have to following in check……….

Talent, a vision, knowledge, drive, flare, people skills, determination, focus, and professionalism….WHOEVER you are…..and never giving up…and that’s that!!

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