Is Jessica Simpson's New Bag Too Big?

03/20/2007 at 05:00 AM ET


Back from a Roman Holiday with boyfriend John Mayer, the Blonde Ambition star showed off another new very yellow and very big Miu Miu bag. The buffalo leather tote, $940, at select Barney’s stores, seems a bit large for dinner. We love the color, called “mimosa” in Italian, but think Jess should try a roomy clutch for a date. What do you think? Is Jess’s new bag too big?

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Yulia on

maybe she took such a big bag for a dinner hoping to take as much as she can left-overs???

frances on

yes it is, but then again i have a big camelbak for when i deploy and it holds water just in case i get thirsty over there. so maybe she needs it for some reason.

candy on

no i dont thing it’s dat big bcoz i use big bags too coz they r so comfy when i spend long time outdoors.besides it’s so stylish and its color is so bright.i luv it.muah

Mya on

The size of these bags are getting crazy! Why dosent she just carry around a duffle bag, it’s the same size…..

Sheryn on

The bag’s color is really nice. But I do agree that the bag is just too big for her.

Katie on

For crying out loud, leave the woman’s bag alone. What if it is a casual dinner after a day of running errands or shopping? What is is with these unrealistic rules. This is unnecessary criticism.

Nicky on

Nope. Love it. And that color is so in for this Spring.

yvonne franceschi on

My God, these girl need to know what is proportioned to
their height and size. I couldn’t carry a bag this size for my height, I’m 5’1″. So I guess she’s competing with the
Olsen sisters, another old bag lady. Yvonne

J9Mel on

What does she keep in there!? Seriously. WAY too big. Especially for dinner. Maybe a trip to the beach…but definitely NOT dinner.

Julie on

It’s a bit big, but I think the angle of the picture also makes it seem bigger. The color is really pretty.

Victoria on

I completely adore that bag and I kinda want to steal it from her – in a non-violent, fun way :)

alejandra on

I think it’s perfect. i love it, the style, the color, the size everything. you go girl.

jennifer on

no bag is too big…i love jessica’s bag!

Molly on

That bag is WAY to big for her…or anyone for that matter!! She looks like she is really putting an effort in to carrying it…a bag shouldn’t be that much work!!

Lulu on

The bag is bigger than she is!! Plus, it looks like she could stuff a body in there it is so bug.

Mary Ann on

she looks like she can’t even carry it. she has her dressing room in it.

Chanelle on

Is John Mayer in that bag?

Stacie on

Yes! Her bag is way to big for dinner! Cute bag, don’t get me wrong. But not for dinner. What about a nice clutch Jess?

ABH on

I like the bag, but the color clashes with her hair!

Stevie on

That is bigger than the diaper bag/ purse combo I have for my twins!

Dee on

YES that bag is to big. It looks very stupid. Unless she is at the airport waiting to catch a plane. Otherwise…Jess, get a smaller bag.

Ann on

It’s Fine.. I love big bags too.. There ain’t no Too Big Bag for us women..

lily on

Is her boyf hiding in that bag?

Dixie Marie on

Definitely too big!! It looks like it would be a pain to carry around. I do love the color. Very springy! Just way too big.

Lily on

i dont really like jessica.. but this is a cute bag, the color is nice. its to big for a date tho, she should try a clutch.

Deepti on

I love Jessica. But that bag is to big, and she is too white. She needs to get a tan.

Christine on

Ahhh that bag is WAY too big for her! It’s taking over her body…I could see it as a carry-on for traveling, but I don’t understand what one could possibly need all that space for just to go out to dinner. These actresses need to downsize to wristlets and tinier bags before they get back problems.

PS – Her hair has gotten WAY too dark. She doesn’t look like the Jessica we know and love, she looks very grim and unhappy :( Bring your gorgeous blonde locks back Jess!

shangelle on

I think the angle of the photo plus the way she is wearing it makes it look worst than it is. Here in Montreal (canada) it’s really in right now the humongus bags. I Thinks it’s ok, but smaller would be a little nicer!

Cathy C. on

Now that’s the kind of bag I would take with me on a weekend getaway:) It’s huge! I just don’t get what the BIG PURSES are all about? What do they put in there….to much stuff and they wouldn’t be able to carry it around? I really do like her hair darker, it makes her seem more down to earth and real, not quite so fake:)

May on

If she had a baby it would make a good diaper bag.

Hannah on

I definitely think that bag is to big. I am a petite girl and I would never have a bag that swallowed me whole!!

j on

ok, what a great freakin’ bag. i LOVE it. however–i don’t like what she’s using it for. a better use would be as a carry-on. maybe she’s going by the saying–the bigger the bag, the smaller my butt looks ? she hasn’t been showing her body for quite some time.

Angie on

That purse is huge! It looks very ridiculous, even for the huge purse trend going on.

Kaelie on

I like the bag, although with her new glam-free look I’m not sure what she’s keeping in there! I love her hair, hope she keeps it that way.

Mitts on

Maybe she’s using it as an overnight bag so she doesn’t have to do the “walk of shame” the next morning……….

christabelle on

Way, way too big for her tiny frame! She looks like she’s about to topple over. And personally, I can’t stand the color yellow. Bad choice all around!

Harriet on

Maybe her dog is in the bag…

pam on

yep, it’s big and it’s ugly. Just shows money can’t buy taste. And her hair has goten way to dark for her.

Fan of People Magazine on

Jessica Simpson’s bag is ridiculously big. She also looks ridiculous as a brunette. Its too bad she feels like she has to be something she’s not, in order to get John’s attention.

Daniela on

Did she carry John Mayer to dinner IN the bag?

wasabi on

For a dinner out? Absolutely!

tglilly on

That bag is the perfect size…for a weekend getaway. Not for an evening out.

BC on

yes it looks stupid!

rocketinu on

I think her creepy father is in the bag.

Julie on

Non, son sac est bien, c’est la mode les gros sacs!!!!!mais bon, c’est Jessica Simpson qui gâche tout! :p

Sam on

She looks ridiculous. Actually since she dyed her hair and started dating John Mayer, she always looks ridiculous. That’s like an overnight bag, not a dinner clutch. She’s over.

Alice on

Sure its too big for dinner but who knows where she was coming from or where she was going afterward. There could be a perfectly good explanation for it.

Heather S. on

I love the big bag trend, but she looks like she’s having trouble carrying this one! The bag itself is gorgeous… I think this is becoming one of my favorite colors for spring and summer.

Sarah on

The bags are just getting bigger and bigger! Designers really have to rethink just how pratical these bags need to be!

amber on

her bag is not too big.. its actually cute exept for the color!!! the color is really ugly!!! but other than that its cute……. i have one just like it!!!!

Jessi on

Of course it’s too big, it’s enormous. It looks like carry-on luggage. How much stuff could she possibly need to fill that thing? Ecspecially just for dinner. Jessica Simpson has always been over-the-top obnoxious. The bag and choice of color are no exception.

Jenna on

She’s just so short and tiny it makes the bag look extra big.

Rachel Collins from MI on

i love big, small, medium, alll types of handbags. the big ones are nice to have. and i’m sure she has a lot more to carry around than i do.

AJ on

She looks absolutely ridiculous!!! And as some of the other ladies have pointed out, it looks like a diaper bag!

kate on

Totally cute bag but way too big for the occasion. She should try to downsize. Not to mention that hair color is horrendous. She looks great as a brunette, but she looks like she should be working in an office. (It makes her look very ordinary.) Bring back the blonde.

Ashley on

I actually like her bag. Guess it’s a girl thang…

jennifer in tulsa on

Jessica looks PALE! Maybe if she had babies I could understand having a bag that big.

Heather on

I love this bag. Big bags are fabulous, and she rocks them!

Heather Roth on

I say that your bag can’t be too big. I just recently purchased a Michael Kors Bag that is HUGE!!! I absolutely love it and I love big bags, especially when you still have small children…

Lynn on

The bag is fine maybe people here are hating because they want it and they can’t have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elda on

Looks like Jessica is having a hard time with her huge purse!

RW on

Too big. Might I just add Jessica and John are the perfect couple because they both make the most god awful ugliest faces when they sing.

jessicasux on

The bag looks like baby diarrhea, so it suits her just fine. The bag is probably filled with money to pay John Mayer to date her.

Shirley on

i love big bags, and i like this one. however, i find it funny that some people on this blog think that if you don’t like it, it must mean you’re jealous b/c you can’t have it.

elle on

So…now all short people have to carry small bags? Thanks. I didn’t know that those of us that are vertically challenged had to carry small bags. I’ll make sure all of mine are small. Geez, you critics don’t know when to let up! Relax, it’s just her bag! Who cares what size it is? She is the one that has to lug it around.

sandrita on

I think that bag is way too big for her. Look at her, she looks as though she is struggling with it. She is too cute to be hiding behind that bag!

Dawn on

Maybe she is going or coming from workout and that’s really her workout bag plus purse.

mimi on

i love jess, but to me yellow leather = yuck. actually yellow anything = yuck.

Carly on

Wow, can Jessica do anything right? When she’s tan, you say she’s too orange. When she’s not tan, you say she’s too white. When she’s blonde, you say she’s fake. When she’s brunette, you say she looks awful. Look at the photo: Jessica’s wearing jeans. That should tell you the dinner isn’t formal enough to require a clutch. Plus, some ladies are busy! I carry a big bag, too (in a Cognac shade) because I have a lot of stuff that I need to have with me. I don’t have time to fool around with a tiny purse, let alone a clutch that you can’t even throw over your shoulder. I’m petite, too. As Michael Kors says: “Petite women can carry big accessories as long as they have big personalities.” Makes sense to me! Simply because a girl is petite doesn’t mean she can’t carry an oversized handbag. I’m guessing this was taken by surprise and with a flash, so that likely distorted Jessica’s skintone and the bag’s color. Plus her hair fades into the dark background and washes her out. The angle makes the bag seem bigger. I really do think she is lovely, though. And I’m glad she carries what she wants and wears what she wants. Too many people think grandma’s antiquated fashion rules still apply.

Christine on

Okay so I love……. big bags (believe me!), but I do think that this may have been a bit much for a night out with her sweetie! Nevertheless I love the bag!!!!

Erin on

No I love that bag, shes tall enough to pull off a huge bag like that. I think that really big bags will be in this spring/summer!

Brooke on

Carly, I agree 100%. I like Jessica and too many people give her crap! I LOVE the dark hair, it almost gives her a whole new personality. The bag is a little big for her, but the style is in. That shade of yellow is a little bright, but it’s spring. She carries it because she likes it, so why are we critiquing her?

wildflower on

considering how much she travels, it makes sense…

Jennifer on

Jessica Simpson can pull off anything. So what if it’s a big bag. She can afford it and she always looks great.

Felicia on

Depends on what she’s got in there…who knows? Maybe she had been out all day running errands and had makeup, change of clothes, that sort of thing…I always keep a packed bag handy just in case….It’s just a bag, no need to call in the fashion police lol

Lis on

I like the bag, it’s cute. However I think it is more suited for a longer trip or going to the beach. For dinner out with your boyfriend its to big even for me, and i’m all about the BIG purses.

Daniela on

She probably wants to be able to get INTO the bag and go to her happy place.



j on

carly: ‘people’s antiquated fashion rules’ ??!!?!? you’re the one that stated that a clutch is too ‘formal’ for jeans at dinner…HUH?!?! i’ve been pairing jeans and clutches for years now. wonder what that makes me…

Brandi on

That bag would be cute if it was about a quarter of the size!

Ivy on

well…that is one big bag
not that stylish after all

Liz on

I think the problem with this bag is not the size, its the length of the strap – it’s a tad to long making the bag look bigger because it looks like its being weighed down. I have a bag about this size with a shorter strap – and if we remember many a Gucci bag that are this size w/ a shorter strap – they are much better. I think the bigger problem here is how dark her hair is – she looks washed out and older because of it.

Lauren on

Love the bag, HATE how dark her hair is…she looks gothic…it would look better if she were more tan and had better makeup…seriously, it washes her out so bad…GO BACK TO BLONDE, JESS!!!

AQT on

I think the bag is a tad large for date night. I am sure she was running errunds and stuff all day, but I would think all that could stay in the car… I love the color. I think it’s great she’s not faux-tan and not faux-blonde. It makes her look more approachable, friendly, and natural. YEAH! Though, I have to give a big BOO! to the photog to captured this moment… I think the flash and the dark space really do nothing for the subject matter. I think the type of flash makes her skin look more fair and her hair more dark. Then again, maybe she’s finally figured out a way to keep that creepy dad of her’s away… with looking more natural and less-Barbie. =)

Sarah on

I’m guessing she had her overnight items in there seeing as though she left with John, one could assume she was spending the night again. Yes her hair is getting too dark and she’s starting to resemble John. In other news, some fans are starting to speculate whether Jess has a baby bump from these photos and ones from Italy. Oh and if you notice, she’s been wearing his watch, and ones he gets her on her right wrist. Looking back at pix, she always wore them on her left. Some wonder if they are secretly engaged or already married.

B on

Too big for anything but travel!

Cathy on

Love the color. Unless you have 3 kids in tow, there is no reason for someone to carry this large of a bag.

Dragonfly on

Buffa-no! Don’t like bags made out of buffalos.

Stephie on

Wow, maybe she can pack a spare boyfriend for when she gets tired of John

Chris on

I love the bag, it is my favorite of the new season. AND even better, it does not cost $42,000.

krystal on

… not if she’s packing her kitchen sink with her! That thing is huge!

jh on

The bag is cute, but the way she’s holding it and the angle of the picture make it seem like she’s insecure and like she’s trying to cover up her body. But otherwise, love the bag, love the color. I think she looked best with that brownish-red/auburn hair color.



mary on

okay i think thats going a little bit over board maybe a little bit smaller would have worked

Tracie on

That is one big, ugly bag! I love her hair though!

autumn on

yes it is a big bag! Maybe shes carrying Daisy!

KT from Cda on

That’s just plain silly.

Shel on

I like big purses as much as anyone else, mine is actually big (though nowhere near this big) but I think this purse simply overwhelms her. It would be perfect about 2 sizes smaller and if you look closely at the picture, you can see that the top quarter of the purse looks empty so not all of that tremendous space is being used. It would work fine for a shopping day or even for an overnight bag but for dinner out, it’s too big. Where did she even put it when they sat down to eat?

nora on

of course i would!i love huge bags you can fit so much stuff into those and they look cool

Maybe Baby on

Geez…She could fit Ashley in there!

Naomi on

Is she hiding a baby in that bag? Seriously, who needs a bag that big??

Kristin on

No big bags are totally in right now it’s really cute!

Axelle on

Have some of you stop to think that perhaps there is a reason why she is carrying a bag this size? Who knows, she might have gone to dinner but she probably has some effects to put in there at some point, that would require her to opt for a bag this size. I think we do things out of our own convenience and unless we know for sure why she opted for a bag this size, i don’t think we should be so quick to criticize it, play dress up or mix and match. Personally i do not see anything wrong with her bag.. actually i think it’s beautiful, ya’ i said it, eat your hearts out. I think we should live our own lives and stop trying to live through other peoples.

Amanda on

The whole picture sucks anyhow… the bag doesn’t make it any better… ick.

tia on

it’s ridiculous. she could fit in there.

Ridiculous on

Who really cares how big her bag is? Thats just nit-picking at the tiny details that don’t matter. How superficial..

Sydni on

Who cares if her bag is too big or not?
It’s not like we are the ones carrying it.
Leave the poor woman alone, I’m sure she gets enough crap every day by popparazzi, she doesn’t need this on top of that.

amelia on

jessica simpson looks beautiful in this picture and i realy think that she is becoming a fashion icon. we cant over analuze eevrything she wears (btw i love the bag though)
you have to make fashion mistakes to atleast get out of the croud and to be a trendsetter….

Jenna Betlaf on

I LOVE THAT BAG! I have one just like it!! $$$

beth on

the bag is perfect! yellow isn’t the BEST color.. black would have been better but otherwise it totaly works.

nati on

I don’t like it its way too big and the color is cute for spring.



cl on

who wrote this blurb? “a color called mimosa in italian”.

since when is mimosa an italian word? it is a flower (or a drink, if you are so inclined). pls fact check next time.

Charity on

hmmm… it’s not cool! i like the color yellow though.

andreA on

Is she going on a shoplifting spree?

Lisa on

Nice bag, but did not match outfit…….

isabelle on

I think it great if you are gooing camping. But out on town it`s a bit to big, but it looks good!

Shaela on

Thank God for the bag! It at least adds some color to this pic. She looks so washed out…even marginal goth with that dark hair and pasty skin. I am all for dark hair contrasted by pale skin (a la Liv Tyler or Rose McGowan) but in my opinion this look doesn’t work for Jessica. She looks like she just donated 5 pints of blood! So yes it is a big bag, but anything to distract from the ghostly pallor of her face!

deni on


deni on

is nick in there?

Veets on

Maybe her dog is in there along with, her UGGS, over sized sun glasses and yes maybe even left overs from dinner? LOL I am sure there is a perfectly good reason the bag is so big! To hold John Mayer maybe?

Nikeisha on

i think its way tooo big….what the hell is jessica thinking it looks really ridiculous

Nadege on

really shocked when saw the pic!!! the bag is almost bigger than her and the color….wrong choice, don’t match the rest!! wrong fashion choice

Jaime Lynn on

I must say that I am a BIG believer in BIG bags I would want to see this just on arm hanging not her holding it. She might have used this as an overnight bag but again would just want to see it. Color is great though

Crystal on

I used to love Jessica but with every new man comes a new look. This one is especially disturbing. The Dark Hair (which granted her skin tone could pull off) is worn so messy and unkept. Her clothes have gone from cute or sleek to bum-chic and this bag is just another example of her missing the mark. It is way to big! Get a bodyguard to hide behind, not a bag! I really hope Jessica finds herself and gets rid of this facade.

dani on

Her bag is ridiculous! Why you anyone walk around with a suitcase strapped around their shoulder

Jennifer on

I love the color! Yellow is my favorite, but i think its way way way too big! She has to have a lot of stuff too because the bag looks pretty full! I would feel so cumbersome with that bag its just so big!

hi on

No , it is a perfect bag. Also Yellow is the new in color!!

kristina on

I really like the bag, but it looks like she’s having trouble hefting it.

Brianna on

That thing is HUGE! What’s the point? If it’s an over night back or for a short weekend, then okay I guess not a fan of yellow but to each their own. But to just go out in that’s way too much.

Blair on

Yes,it’s big.But if she likes it,nobody needn’t say a word.

babygirl7889 on

abusulutly a baby could fit in that bag and i bet she cant even carrie it.

Mojo on

Maybe she needs something that large so John can carry her around to all his shows and hide her from the paparazzi??

Meg on

It reminds me of Mary Poppins carpet bag…what will she pull out next???

Larissa on

But it makes her look smaller

Teeny on

I think the size of bags depends on the occasions. but for dinner this might be to big?

deeliciousgal2 on

And they call this fashion???

EAC on

Well, your bag is supposed to be proportional to your height, and I think she’s only 5’4” or so…its probably too big for her tiny frame.



Rebecca on

Maybe she is trying to distract from her awful haircolor! She looks naturally beautiful with her blonde locks!

anna on

Its a nice bag and it has a beautiful color.

lola on

i think it looks so big because it is such a bright color, but it does look entirely too big!!!

"Magic" on

love it!!!!
love it!!!!
love it!!!!
love it!!!!
love it!!!!
love it!!!!
love it!!!!

Denise on


Lucy on

What a waste of money. $940.00 for a purse. I guess that’s cheap for her. Just another example of a star with lots of money and doesn’t know what to do with it all. Maybe she has her dog in there and taking it to the spa.

Shel on

I have to touch on a couple of things I’ve read here (I’ve already given my opinion on the bag being too big for a night out). First, for all of you who say “who cares how big the bag is and leave her alone”, perhaps you should read the question posed for comments. To prevent you from having to scroll back up to the top, I’ll recap. Is Jessica’s bag too big? So, hey, we aren’t necessarily picking on her, we’re answering the question (and just because we say it’s too big we’re bashing on her? granted some were but not all). Also for those who said that maybe she was keeping her clothes in it or using it as an overnight bag–great, I’ve done that before too, but I left the huge bag in the car when I went in the restaurant to eat and carried in a smaller purse with my wallet and lipstick. Pretty sure that could have been an option here as well.

Night on

The bag is fine. It’s her head that it too big.

janie on

No! i love it..i think it’s super cute!

Brittany on

I find the bag adorable. Sure its huge on her but I’ve always been a fan of big bags. =] So basically I love it.

Kelly on

It looks like a bowling bag for goodness sakes!!!

Lola on

Maybe she just got off a plane and that was her carry-on bag!!?? I have one identical that I carry when I travel. No harm Jessica, carry whatever you want!!!

AL on

Is she carrying a 3 ring circus in there? My god! But hey to each her own…

Tiffanie on

It’a a little big. Unless she has to carry a diaper bag, which we all know won’t be anytime soon, she should have no need to carry a bag that huge. But, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge……we don’t know where she’s going, it might be for a sleep over ;) I like her anyway.

Cynthia on

Jessica, what are you doing? You are you original beautiful self as a blonde. The dark look is not for you. I can’t be the only person who has this opinion. I am not insulting you, just saying you look much better as a blonde. Keep up the good work! Never ignore your inner voice!

Amanda on

Just one question…is her sister inside the bag? The scary thing is that the bag actually looks quite full. I’m all for big bags and I do like this color, though my boyfriend thinks any bag in primary color is ugly. I just wonder what she could possibly find to fit such a big bag!

Jay on

Now what in the hell would you fill that bag with? Not only is it humungous, it’s pee yellow color. EEWWW.

claudia on

Only becouse it’s a designer handbag does not mean is prety
that thing is ridiculos.

liz on

Well, both the bag and hair are ugly. That’s what I think. The color is ok, but could be better. Also, she is wearing it with all dark clothes, which is not ok.

dksfjl on

I love this bag! I could never wear it, because it would be too big for me, but I love it on her!

me on

i think its to huge she looks like she has her wardrobe in there sheesh!! and it looks as though she is hiding something in there!

Georgina on

Jessica’s bag is awesome……i think it looks good & girls really need space to tote around things that they can’t leave home without…:-)

Confused_And_Relentless on

Omg…Jessica Simpson turned yellow? I don’t really care for the bag. Its okay. Her hair..NO! I don’t like on her. She should of stayed a blond!!!

Anna on

Hahaha. Think bout what you guys are actually wasting time doing.

BebeM on

Jess looks like she is suffering from depression. The size of this bad is yetanother means of hiding herself from the world. She would like to make it seem that she is thrilled with her new life – but her “look” – the dark goth hair with the pale skin and “careless” dress – shows a whole new girl – The bag is nice – great color- and looks awesome on a smiling confident girl! Has anyone else ever noticed that after a breakup…the one girl whose former man has foundd new love – always begins to morph into his new woman? Jess looks better blond- she should not try to follow Vanessa’s style because they both are unique in their own way. If she really looked happy – I think people would not focus on her bag – but in order to turn attention away from her sadness – she is hiding beneath bags.

Jenn on

Nevermind the bag, take a look at that aweful hair of hers..Geez, someone is desperate for attention.

Mimi on

That bag is way too big. Sorry to all you giant bag lovers. I could put every piece of cosmetics that I use in that bag, plus a change of shoes and underwear, my wallet and everything else in my purse, and it still would not be full. There is no reason for a bag that huge especially for dinner. Hey Jess, if you’re going to say at John’s house after dinner; leave the luggage in the car.

jeniffer on

I think that the bag is cute, but when the bag looks bigger than you thats when you know its too big!!

Cady on

If any other star were to wear this bag, they definitely couldn’t pull it off. However, Jessica Simpson manages to pull it off, somehow, someway. The yellow suits her…if only she could die her hair back to that adorable blond!!

Shel on

Has anyone noticed the way she’s holding the bag? In front of herself? And reaching across with the other hand to hold the side of it? I would almost think she’s trying to hide her front from being photographed. I don’t know about y’all but when I’m carrying a big back like that, I carry it slung over my shoulder onto my back, for the support and so I can continue to stand up straighter. Hmmm.

tara Viggers on

The color is fabuous! The size is ridiculous.

Clayton on

Jessica can pull it off.

c on

WOAH! that bag is hella big!

Chirsta on

I don’t think the bag is awful, but it’s a little too big, especially to bring to dinner. I do love the color, but the price is outrageous. I would take a bag like this on a weekend getaway, I could fit a lot of stuff in this bag, LOL, I’m known to be a pack rat sometimes, so gawd only knows what you’ll find in my bag, hehe.

Is it just me, or has her hair gotten darker from the last time she dyed her hair? Or maybe because it’s dark outside…who knows.

rachel on

I love the color of the bag, but yes it is a little too big. The bag is too big especially because she is very short. Also the bag seems out of place for a dinner date.

Tiffany on

Its way to big as you can tell she is leaning over, just so she can carry it.

Chris on

I think it’s wau to big I could fit like my closet in that bag. Ánd people that doesnt mean I have a small closet.

Cassidy Hatton on

Personally, I love the bag. The colour is gorgeous and it is just an all around awesome bag. On the other hand I don’t think that it is the right bag for a dinner date, a smaller bag or clutch would have been awesome. Out shopping or just out about during the day, this bag is awesome thought.

juliana on

i’ve seen wayyy bigger. miumiu is a genius!!!

eva on

i think this bag is WAYYYYY to big, what is she thinking, honestly i don’t like her big change at all. i liked the way she was when she was with nick.

Faaiza on

Maybe she is on her way to LAX to board a plane??? I hope so cause it is a lil on the big side.

susu on

comments are too funny and yea she should be blonde again

G.Smith on

Remember she’s from Texas….
We like every thing big.
Love the bag great color.

Tom on

Personally bag is cool
Dont know whether its just me or is her hair colour too harsh against her skin tone?
prefer the blonde jessica

Vicky on

Love the color – too big for dinner!

Syeila on

Is she carrying a kitchen sink in there? The bag is way too big for dinner, you’d have to get a another chair for the bag itself!

elmo on

this girl is getting waaaaaaaayyy too much attention..what’s with the bag? she has no style

Courtney on

Does she carry Ken Paves and her dog in that thing? It is way too large. You don’t need to carry a bag like that on your shoulder unless you want to scream “LOOK AT HOW EXPENSIVE THIS BAG WAS!!” The color is nice, but really, a bag much more sutible for her small frame would be much more appropriate. Also, her hair color is bad, she looks like John Mayer’s sister, not his girlfriend. Mayber she should keep Ken Paves a shoulders bag away from her, for the quick change she needs, for the hair color.

Night nurse on

Big bag, but not as big as her head! This woman sure has played down anything about herself that was even remotely good looking. Probably to hold on to her new boyfriend who undoubtedly did not like her with the flash dumb blond look. He looks like the down to earth type. But she looks more and more horrible each and ever day. She needs a makeover, and a new boyfriend.

ICK on

Is it luggage? That looks stupid.

Caroline on

it looks like she’s carrying an extra spare of clothing!

VB on

Too small! Just kidding! LOL

wenna on

i dont really know what’s inside their bags.. looks kinda nice to other celebrities but dont you think its way too OVER carrying bags that big, i mean, dont they have enough room to put all their stuffs??

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