Elisha Cuthbert's New Pixie Haircut

03/20/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

As soon as Elisha Cuthbert took her front row seat at the Imitation of Christ show last night in L.A., her cute new pixie ‘do got the attention of fellow fashionista, Ali Larter, who was sitting just a couple seats away. “I love your haircut!” cooed Larter. Cuthbert smiled and said thanks, but it was clearly not the first time she had received the compliment since cutting off her chin length bob. And she wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s lovely locks. Elisha tells PEOPLE, “I’m loving mine right now, I gotta tell you. Not a lot of girls do it, and I was really nervous to and then I just like let it go and went for it. It’s easy.” Mara Roszak at Chris McMillan did the big snip. “I love her. I’ve been going to her for the last 3 years. She’s 21 and she rocks!” And what brought on the new daring do? “With all the damage I’ve done [to my hair], I feel like you know what — it’s just time to get rid of it.” Tell us: What do you think of Elisha’s new pixie cut?

Photo: Vince Flores/celebrity photo

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j on

adorable!! perfect for summer!!!


How awesome. me want too!

Elle on

Super Cute!! I wish they had a before picture, I can’t remember what it looked like before. I’d like to know how much she cut off.

May on

I dont know who she is, but the hair cut is adorable. Is the pixie hair cut coming back into style? Doesnt Michelle Williams have a haircut like hers? Only one thing Michelle Williams looks better.

Stacie on

I think she looks fabulous! Definitely not a look you could sport if one was overweight or had a fuller face!

jennifer in tulsa on

I really like Elisha’s haircut! Only people with a certain frame to their face could pull off this style!

lisagin on

I love it!

P.S. May – you are lit if you think Michelle Williams looks better. You need your eyes checked.

alice on

Very cute, you defiantly have to have a certain kind of face to pull it off.

May on

Excuse me Lisagin, whoever you? This is a site where people give there opions. If I like Michelle Williams hair do better then hers that is my choice. I dont need my eyes checked I have perfect vision. I am only giving my opion. If you dont like it thats to damn bad.

katy on

very cute on her…but im not a huge fan of the cut overall. but it does look very nice on her.

Elda on

She looks darling!! I just had my hair trimmed to my shoulders last week and i know how great she feels, no more tangles!!

astoreri on

She looks fantastic!!! I love that short hair is coming back in style. It’s about time too.

Any pics of what the cut looks like from the sides??

Alicia on

I agree with lisagin…anyone who thinks Michelle Williams looks better is a CRAZY person.

nikki on

I LOVE both Elisha and Michelles haircuts. The only thing is that if a normal person was to do this.. they may not be able to afford to get extensions the next week… us normal people have to wait… and waiting to grow out a hair cut is the worst!

jenniem on

Sorry May, I’m going to have to side with Alicia and Lisagin on this one…have you actually SEEN a picture of Michelle Williams lately? They are hard to look at.

AQT on

Love the new do! I have been sporting Pixie styled cuts for YEARS now… glad to see Hollywood catching on. Elisha’s looks more young and trendy, whereas Michelle’s looks a bit more retro. Nothing wrong with either look, just different. Yes, you do need to have a smallish head/face to pull off this look – I wear Kid’s sized baseball caps. Though, when I was heavier, I did wear my Pixie, but it just looked wierd in photos.

Sara on

Very cute, I love how its piece-y around her face. Michelle William’s pixie is to short and flat, Elisha’s is so feminine!

Cathy on

Absolutley adorable. I love it!

MLo on

Lisagin is my home gal, yo. May, you should look into laser surgery. It’s very affordable.

350Zgirl on

Michelle’s haircut looks much better than the long drab hair she was rockin’ Elisha’s hair looks like it is hard less gel would make the look softer but the cut is fabulous!

brandi on

I LOVE IT! I wish I had to courage to do it

Stephanie on

Let’s just say I’m printing the picture to take to my stylist!

Nicole on

So Cute! It looks perfect on her!

Tracye on

As a fellow Calgarian and a Canuack fan of Elisha’s acting chops – her new “do” suits her 100%. She’s rockin’ the look and it gives her a more mature and fun look for day to night. You go girl!

KT from Cda on

I guess it’s just me but I think she looks like a guy. Michelle Williams looks worst. I like haircuts that make a female look like a female not a male.

rachel on

VERY nice!
wouldn’t look good on me though.
Same coloured hair, but uhh only looks good on her and michelle!

sat on

Ha! Michelle did it first! That’s my response.

Alice on

Wow, some of you are lame. People are allowed to think that Michelle Williams looks better, yo(seriously MLo, does anyone over the age of 10 still say that?). Last time I checked people were allowed to have their own opinions on a haircut. Anyway, I like this cut and I liked Michelle’s. This one is more modern and like someone else, Michelle’s was more retro, like Mia Farrow. Both are cute.

Ashley on

She looks sooooo cute! I only wish I could pull that cut off. I have always wanted to go short, but I don’t have the face/bone structure. Elisha is really stunning with this haircut – wow!!

MLo on

Yo, Yo–what does mia farrow have to do with this? i mean dude, woody allen like slept with his daughter.

laura on

i love the pixie look!! only certain people can pull it off and it’s clear that she can.

Tammy on

Elisha simply looks gorgeous! Unfortunately, short hairstyles are not for (including me!) everyone. Michelle Williams looks pretty with a pixie, but Elisha’s look is slightly longer, more funky & hip.

Aoife on

I love it! Wish i could do the same but my hair is too thick :(

May on

MLo First of all I do not need LASER SURGERY my eyes are just fine. All she did was copy Michelle Williams, Sat is right. That happens a lot in Hollywood.

MLo, whatever the hell that means, you and Lisagin are the ones in need of Laser Surgery.

Another thing who the hell is Elisha Cuthbert? How many movies has Michelle Williams done and what the hell has Elisha done. I am not familiar with her work.

Hey heres an idea stop singaling me out. I gave my opion. I cant help it if like Michelle Williams better then this person.

pam on

thank you tammy, finally. The cuts are totally different. Elisha’s is way longer. There is no gel in it, but probably wax, as this keeps the hair soft, not hard like gel. As a hairdresser, I will say that both girls suit their haircuts. Alsao that everyone can wear a short cut, it’s all about finding the one that is right for you and being ready to have a short do. I’ve cut mine short many times and have grown it out many times. Change is good.

T on

She looks absolutely gorgeous!

diane on

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Jessica on

Adorable!! I’m thinking of stealing that haircut and making it my new summer look:)

C on

This cut looks really cute on her.

alice on

Just keep making yourself sound stupid MLo.

Elda on

MLo you are so funny, can’t get over the Yo Yo slang!

Naomi on

I think it’s adorable! I’ve always wanted to do this to my hair as well… and as for the person questioning what Mia Farrow has to do with this, Michelle Williams hair is more similar to hers from the ’60s, it had nothing to do with the fact that Woody Allen slept with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter.

mm on

May, stop bothering to defend yourself each time someone responds to what you wrote. It’s useless and just makes you look overly sensitive. The people responding to you are free to have their opinions, too, aren’t they? Don’t go on blog sites if you can’t take the heat.

Amanda on

She’s the actress from The Girl Next Door… but any ways back to the hair… I LOVE IT!!! Very cute.

Jessie on

so cute!!! i want it!

mailman390 on

NO contest..Elisha wins hands down!! She looks fantastic!

PEOPLE♥er on

Elisha looks so cute and sophisticated! She was always very sexy and stunning, but looks great and even better know. Her edgy haircut brings out her face and eyes even more than before and it has a lot of rock ‘n’ roll with a dash of girl power and Miss Independant on it. I would definetely get my hair cut like that and I’m very into her new look. I love Elisha now, never before but now I’m just loving her. Her dress is also very dashing, charming, retro, and sexy. She has such a great physiqure and Ms. C herself is ultra-fab and uber gorgeous!

Pete Roberts on

“24” …. Kim Bauer (72 episodes, 2001-2006)

Tracy on

Love the look….very feminine and fresh!

Susana Skaugset on

She looks SOO cute.. AND, so good in that haircut~ BTW: I believe “TWIGGY” did it FIRST.. Okay, I just dated myself.. I love LONG hair for me.. ALWAYS, WIll!! Don’t follow trends..

Lori on

I love the short cut on her… it brings out her pretty features.



Shauna on

I have no idea who this lady is but the haircut is adorable. I wish I could look that gorgeous with short hair.

…and this is not high school, thats the last time I remember not being able to have my own opinion unless there is something I missed, we are all human. You have no right to attack someone for their opinion.

April on

So Cute!!! Great summer cut!

claudeth on

Is nice…

Who on

Who is she?

Veronica on

It’s adorable! It seems like you have to be pretty thin to pull this off, though.

nhilario on

I like that both Michelle and Elisha have each opted to wear their own ‘interpretation’ of the cut and still look fabulous doing so—despite what we here think. The cut definately requires a certain facial structure and is not for everyone.

Stephanie on

I agree with nhilaro. Michelle Williams and Elisha Cuthbert both look wonderful with their new do’s. Isn’t that possible? Why do we women always need to manufacture a competition. The new Blonde vs. Brunette ads are TERRIBLE!

Tamara on

May, Elisha Cuthbert is a fellow Canadian (Go Flames Go!) and actress. She’s been in a few movies, but most notably played Kim Bauer on the TV show 24.

I think those who post need to respect each other’s opinions. Haircuts (like any other beauty or fashion trend) are subjective and what looks good to one, may not be appealing to someone else.

Elisa is beautiful and looks gorgeous with short or long hair (lucky girl!), but I also love Michelle’s new cut. I think it suits her well and I applaud both ladies for having the guts to take a risk.

Judy on

Everyone has rights to their own opinion, there’s really no need to be lashing out at May’s comments just because you don’t agree with her choice.

You do need a small face to pull off a short hair cut like that. I think both Michelle and Elisha look cute.

enigma on

THANK YOU Tamara!!

kenley on

Boo-hoo-hoo. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion” and “respect each others opinions (or as May would say OPIONS)”. Respect this. Don’t be such wusses.

HelenitaP.I.T.A on

I think she looks cute as a button! So does MW. Actually, I think maybe the Olsen twins should take a hint. They have tiny faces/figures….and it would be so much prettier than the rats’ nests those two usually rock…

Anna on

Hey MM that is just what MAY was doing voicing her opinion about the HAIRCUT…not about other people’s opinion. I believe there is a difference. You are no better for stepping in. You can’t even stand someone else’s heat.

Elsa on

What is up with some of you? Elisha didn’t copy Michelle Williams’s new do, they are completely different. The only thing common is that they are both short (and cute). Michelle is going for that 60’s style, Elisha’s is more modern. Both gorgeous! And what is with you saying that only certain faces can pull off short hair, so not true. It’s not about the length but the cut.

Chastine on

She looks great, really – it’s perfect for her .. Dabdabdabadue i’m loving it :b lol

Brianna on

I usually am not in to the pixie cut, but it looks really cute on her

makkmakk on

dazzling you so beautiful i like your hair;-)

Shirley on

Very carefree, pretty, and looks easy to maintain. I love this!

Stella K on

I LOVE it on her! She has a beautiful face for it and it looks very fresh and modern on her. It takes a certain face shape and features to pull off a short do. Know who you are before you chop it all off. Jagged ends and a short do will only emphasize a crooked or big nose, etc…

WTF on

I am completely envious of both Michelle Williams and Elisha Cuthbert. I wish I had the guts to chop off all of my hair. I’m afraid my husband would flip out though.

On another note. Lets keep the post bashing to a minimum. Save that crap for Myspace, that’s what it’s there for.

joey on

i love the haircut, i love her!!

Cyndiyu on

really cute on her, though im not fan of her, i gonna get more of her news

noa on

this is really pretty, she looks very good with that hair cut. she look much nore mature.

KC on


Rich Stadler on

Start a movement ladies SHORT HAIR is finally in style for the prettiest of faces and this lady leads the way for summer! I’ve about had it with the long blonde down to there thing. Long hair you’ve had your run, it’s time that the world can see that beauty is about a womans personal style and replace emphasis on the face and eyes. I’ts just not about hair and boobs anymore!

Shel on

Some people have the ability to pull off short hair and some don’t. I really think Elisha has that ability, she looks adorable where I would look like absolute doggie doo if I were to try it (oh, wait, I already did try it in high school, it was worse than doggie doo). Rock it if you can, accept it and get extensions if you can’t. As for Michelle Williams, maybe it’s the way she smiles, or maybe it’s the shape of her nose, but I don’t think the pixie flatters her as much as her gorgeous flowing waves did.

Amy on

Absolutely darling! She is glowing, confident, and beautiful! She gets two thumbs up from me!

Lauren C. on

It is so adorable! I love it! After prom I am getting my hair cut like that. It is sooooo cute!

dilay on

looove it

Melissa on

I normally don’t like such short hair but she looks super cute!! Really adorable! The stylist who cut her really turned it out with this one.. good job!!

Tiffanie on

She’s so pretty either way. Let’s be glad she didn’t shave it….lol.

c on

i think it looks great!

ijay on

very chic…keep it up..the hair cut

Emily on

She looks so cute. Love it!

Glenys on

She always has such a cute hair do! This one is no exception! Love it!

Suzi on

I love short hair period! She looks fantastic!

Steph on

Absolutely Lovely!!!

Chirsta on

This cut really looks great on Elisha. I also love Michelle William’s new haircut. Both may be similar, because they’re short, but from looking at the cuts, both are very different. Michelle seems to be going for the 60’s Mia Farrow look, which suits Michelle, because she has such soft angelic features. Elisha seems to be going the modern rock n’ roll look, which looks great on her, she also has amazing features that can withstand a cut like this. However, I’m envious, because I want to cut my hair like theirs, but I just can’t, because I’m not sure if the structure of my face would look good.

leti on

a great look for her. i love it. I think i’ve been inspired.

Ani on

She looks really nice and cute…. Best look for summer! :)

sam on

cool and sassy…

Melissa on

I love it! I could never pull it off though. It is bold but sophisticated. ALso great for the hot summer days!

Molly Semanian on

Absolutely darling! Not everyone could pull this off, but she looks great. Hmm…maybe it’s time to cut off my long hair! :)

Anonymous on

To the person who said getting pixie cuts are hard for normal people who can’t afford extensions the next week, SO TRUE!!! Last year, in March or so, I got a pixie cut on my hair, everyone kept on telling me I looked really cute, but I missed my long hair (I had hair almost to my waist and I donated it) a lot after a while. My hair’s grown out by now, but the pixie cut is pretty hard to pull off. I think the only way I pulled it off was by wearing slightly more feminine outfits(believe me, when you get your hair cut that short, you’ve gotta prove to people with one look that you’re a girl so wear conspicuous earrings, or skirts, or something). As for Michelle vs. Elisha, Elisha looks really great in this, cuz her face is longer (Michelle’s face is too round to pull it off really well. She still looks good, though). Pixie’s rock! But make sure you think hard before cutting your hair, cut once it’s done, there’s no turning back.

Emily on

Her new hair cut is so cute she looks so adorable she’s a very gorgeous girl

jap on

elisha cuthbert is an actress (canadian) who stars in 24 as keifer sutherland’s (also canadian)daughter. i think she tries too hard to be in the limelight.

Rebeca on

Muy guapa, como siempre !!

Bekka on

i actually got my hair cut like that back in december and loved it (I took in a picture of mandy moore when here hair was like that because i have always loved the style). i have only cut my hair short twice in my life and still dont regret cutting it this time (they cut off about 7 inches). those who say that it only looks good on small faced people don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t have the smallest features and everyone is trying to get me to keep this style. my suggestion to anyone wanting to try as style like this but don’t know if it will look good is to play around with photoshop and see first hand what it looks like first hand on you. that is what i did to help make up my mind.

Kim on

I LOVE this hair cut…. I just printed this to take to my hair dresser!

Kayla on

I love it. It’s really adorable and looks GREAT on her.

Lynnie on

Elisha Cuthbert also starred in “Girl Next Door” about a geeky guy who falls for the “out of his reach” girl, who just so happens to be a porn-star on the rise. It’s kind of a ridiculous story, but who am I to judge. She’s making killer money and none of us are…plus she’s a fellow Canadian. Props to both girls sporting the pixie-cut.

Ed on

Her hair looks like garbage.
She really needs it cut, preferably extremely short.

michael moon on

she is so lovely and hot

Mary on

I am getting my hair cut like this tomorrow. It’s very cute and I had it this way years ago. Very easy to take care of and it’s stylish looking. I’m glad to see this cut making a good comeback!

DREAMer on

This haircut is brilliant but I think long hair suit her better. Of corse she looks stunning with every haircut, but I hope to see her with long hair in the future.

cassie on

im about 2 get this done…it time 4 a NEW CHANGE!!!! im loving it on her…can’t wait 2 c it on me :)

Rachel on

As someone from England i find your comments extremely strange and don’t quite understand why there is an argument taking place over who had what first, and, if this type of thing is a common occurance? Does it really matter that much? They both look really good in seperate, completely different ways. Both women look completely different facially so the same cut probably wouldn’t suit them both anyway???

CobAlt_L_EL on

Nice haircut!!! Elisha super!

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