The $42,000 Louis Vuitton Handbag

03/19/2007 at 11:04 AM ET

Louis Vuitton bags are notoriously expensive, but what gives with a $42,000 price tag?! The Tribute Patchwork Bag carries such an unbelievable pricetag because it is made out of actual pieces of old bags–different styles Louis Vuitton has done through the years– and those fragments are sewn together by hand. Right now, the Patchwork bag is considered just a form of art and there are only about two circulating in the whole world and are made to order. Is one of those going to a star — maybe Louis Vuitton collectors Paris Hilton or Kimora Lee Simmons, who reportedly has the largest LV collection in the world? We wouldn’t be surprised. Tell us: If you could afford it, would you want this bag? What is the most you would ever pay for a purse?

Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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Luc on

UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!!!! Save your money and buy a car!

Katy on

Anyone who buys this bag is a complete idiot. Not only is this bag ugly but you could so many other beautiful LV bags that would be well worth it. Anyone who buys this bad just simply wants to show off that they have money and NO taste. I could see maybe one made as a tribute to the amazing desginers and kept somewhere safe and just for show, but never to be sold.

May on

I am sorry but this bag is hidious! Even if I had that kind of money I certainly would not buy this bag.

Megan on

Wow, the most money I have ever spent on a purse was $850, it was a Louis Vuitton bucket bag. This might be the ugliest purse I have ever seen. Why would someone spend that kind of money on something so awful???

Brenda on

Uh no thanks. $42K they must be smoking something. The most I ever paid for a bag was 350 and it has lasted for years. But that sucker up there is ugly.

meangurl on


Troy Miller on

No, No, A Thousand times No and NO!

Jennifer on

I’m just waiting to see Rosie’s glue-gunned version on The View this morning!

enigma on

I am an artist and I am classically trained for (skill and eye)….and I know TACKY ART when I see it and this bag/purse/ or patchwork piece of art (looks like a kid made it for fun to kill time)…falls under tacky and bad art!!!

This $42,000.00 custom order “purse” should go on display in the Museum of Bad Art! I think the museum is somewhere in the mid-west..I can’t remember but, IT does exist!?!

And, No, if I had the money I wouldn’t buy it!

That’s just STUPID and ARROGANT to even think of buying it!

Dawn on

There kidding right that is not even for sale it’s to ugly.

LL on

I was wondering what type or brand bag Katie Holmes and Fegie were carrying in your Star Tracks photo when Katie is at a soccer game on St. Patrick’s day and Fergie is in London holding up the peace sign?


Ummmm NO! I would not buy a bag for $42,000 that’s just a bunch of older models sewn together…even if I could afford it, that sum could go to the poor who need food and shelter…

Shauna on

If I could ever afford that trash, I still wouldn’t buy it, that has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Who cares what its make from?

Alice on

I love LV but this bag is completely hideous.

Elda on

it looks like a puzzle hand bag!! no thanks!!

Meredith on

I wouldn’t take that bag if someone gave it to me for free.

Kristin on

Nope, I would rather buy a gas guzzling car! The bag is hideous but i am sure someone would pay that price tag.

Haley on


rachel on

I love LV though!

j on

i love LV, but this is just plain ugly. the most i’ve ever paid for a purse is $1800. if i had the money i’d splurge on a Hermes in a heartbeat..!



Terra on

I like the IDEA – but it didn’t work out so well…. Def would put that money towards my Range Rover!

jennifer in tulsa on

The most I’ve ever spent on a purse was 2 grand….and it was a Louis Vuitton. That is the MOST I will ever pay. Anyway, I had it autographed by Ryan Seacrest back when he wasn’t as popular as he is now and sold it on Ebay for $1500.00 so I got my money out of it! I like Louis Vuitton’s but Coach is better in my opinion.

Michelle on

NO WAY! its tooo expensive, what are they thinking? being honest, its beautiful, i like it! but the price… NO WAY! i prefer go traveling, Europe, Asia ………

Liz on

Gross. Only someone looking to brag about how much money they have would wear that. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a purse in the world I could live with myself for paying $42,000 to get. Even if I was a billionaire. Some material things scream of excess and insecurity, and this is definitely one of them.

It isn’t even pretty; its hideous! Can you imagine how awful the inevitable Payless-level knockoffs will look if this (God forbid) starts a trend?

I agree with whoever said this should be a one-time custom tribute locked up in a museum or something.

KD on


jap on

they probably came out with this so that regular folks can’t afford it and the only ones walking around with this bag would be celebs and rich people. it doesn’t matter that it’s ugly, etc…if someone who can afford buys it, we’ll all know how much they spent on the bag. lol

Betsy Ayala on

Holy Cow ! That must be the ugliest bag i’ve ever seen! I guess when you see any socialite out there with this bag you will be able to tell which ones are the 1/2 brain ones who buy stuff because it looks good or buy stuff because it’s expensive.



Ashley on

What is this???? Looks like crap to me. If I had $42,000, I would spend it on something NOT so indulgent – or something a little less stupid. That bag is so ugly, and in my opinion, anyone who would actually spend that much on it is just as ugly!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

What the heck is that?!?!? It’s not a bag, it’s a mistake at the factory!! Use that money to buy something more pratical!!

Lauren M on

I am DISGUSTED by this purse and so many “fashion” items like it!!!! We can make and sell 42,000 purses, but we have homeless people lining the sidewalks and starving children all over the world. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Stivers on

I would pay $100.oo bucks for this its really fashion history.

May on

I wrote a comment earlier. I forgot the only person that might buy this purse would proably be Paris Hilton

Jill on

i’d never buy this and anyone who would is sooooo stupid. it’s ugly! i’ll stick with my $20 old navy purse anyday.

Jackson on

I’ve seen better looking purses at the Dollar General. If there are people that would actually pay 42,000 for that purse – they have more money than sense.

Michelle on

First to answer the question above fergie’s bag is a balenciaga and katie Holmes too. Second I don’t like that Louis bag its fugly. I’ve always hated patchwork I’ll leave it for ugly betty. The most I’ve ever spent on a bag was $600 (louis speedy damier 25)and $600 for its matching damier koala wallet. I would spend up to $2000 maybe if I really loved the bag and it was a classic. I consider Hermes just a dream lol. $42,000 on a bag is pretty stupid you can buy all those bag that the patchwork is made out of for less than half of that!


It’s cool looking, but the whole designer purse fad has gotten way out of hand. I suppose the only reason I even remotely like this one is because it doesn’t look like every single other bag that everyone and their mother [and their 12-year-old daughter, tiny dog, infant, and, and, and..] are toting around. I’d never spend the money on it though, I much prefer the thrift-store/goodwill approach to fashion.

elle on

That is so UGLY! It looks like a bunch of different color and style change wallets all glued together. I can buy a Mercedes Benz cheaper than that, and it won’t go out of style in a month…

Trace on

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy fashion/trends. But I would never pay 42K for a handbag. If I had that kind of money to burn, I’d burn it on something more noble, like a favorite charity/cause. As a gazillionaire I would pay big money for a gorgeous bag, but never 42K. Besides, even if this bag were 20 bucks I wouldn’t buy it…it’s butt ugly!

Robin on

Even if this is a wanna be piece of art…its a crappy gimic!….What an ego to think this ugly patchwork is worth $42.000…whoever would use this as art or a bag would only do so for there ego to say …hey I got $42.000 to waste!!!

Claire on

Wow!!! I love this bag SO much! Ahhh! If only it was like $10,000 less I would totally buy it!

yvonne franceschi on

Oh My God! $42,000….. I would travel Europe, Asia and even
buy me house. I love bags, but this is to much, its just
showing the world, that you have money but no brains to
invest. I feel sorry for these designers, I guess they ran out of ideas. Yvonne

alexmiles on

i love louis vuitton. i thought i was breaking the bank when my mom bought me the pegase and keepall. but that? that? thats as much as my range ill pass. if i was a female id probably die of shock from such an ugly creation. the patch work idea only works for the platapus

KT from Cda on

No hand bag is worth that much.

becky wright on

save your money and buy a lexus car ilove handbags butthis handbag is ugly thanks becky wright

Mary on

Hahaha, LV is just kidding themselves.

I would buy it only if somehow opened into a nice car, or even a condo.

Ann on

It is said that this bag is considered as Art Work, and theres only 2 of this. If I have $42k spare that I can spend for whatever I want for myself.. I would definetely get one. I probabal’y won’t use it though.. It’ll be sitting somewhere in the living room.. as an art piece.

amber on

EWWWWWW this bag is so ugly, why did they put all these different bags together to make one tote, it looks stupid.

Alison Brandel on

that has got to the THE UGLIEST bag i have EVER seen…why would someone even apy for that…thing?! It’s disgusting and a TOTAL waste of money



sue on


Lori on

This bag is hideous and busy looking… and way overpriced.

avery on

I wouldn’t take that bag if someone payed me……….well, yes I would, but I would burn it!!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!! It is like some idiot in the manufacturing place said we have all these messed up purses that came off the line deformed, what should we do with them? And sewed them together. BUT 42 GRAND????You must be kidding!NONONONOUGLYUGLYUGLY! I am also waiting on Rosie too Jennifer ;) But we know that some idiot is going to buy it.

Melanie on


Becca on

so you pay $43,000 for it…but your not supposed to use it?! that is insane!!

Sara on



Fashion Critic on

Hell to the NO

Jenny on

If I had that money i would buy it!!!….but only to burn it so this hideous thing would no longer exist in the face of this planet!!!! ugliest purse i’ve ever seen!!!!

rachel b. on

totally stinks and who would want to wear it?

spree_14 on

yeah…im not so sure i would spend that much on a bag..the most ive ever spent was less than $35. i dont spend more than that..its not worth it..for a collection maybe…but not in my smalltown!!

Jamie C. on

I actually think this bag is kinda cool. I would NEVER spend that much money on it though. You would have to be an idiot to buy any purse for that much, so I guess thats why they said Paris Hilton might buy it. LOL.

erica on

jen in tulsa,
you met ryan seacrest???
I am jealous! He’s hot!!
Was he nice?

jackie.o on

I have to be honest… I kind of like it. It’s art, and art can be ugly, but the pieces of other bags representing the LV history is kind of a cool idea.

however… $42,000? Most people don’t even make that much money in an entire year. Anyone who would pay that amount for this and use it as a bag (and not as a piece of art like a painting or sculpture or something) is completely out of touch with reality and (and I NEVER say this) doesn’t deserve the money they have. While I’d love to splurge on a great bag by a great design house, this is too much.

Poppy Almatsier on

42K? For a bag? No thanks, I rather spent it for my son colleges fees and bought him a flat! How can Marc Jacobs have this ugly idea ? He is a brilliant designer..but this bag is totally disguisting !

christina on

i am surprised that LV would allow such a hideous bag to be branded under their name. LV is such a glamourous brand and when i think LV, i have beautiful thoughts. unfortunately this ugly, grotesque, repulsive, hideous, unappealing and vile looking bag really spoil this for me. now i think of LV, i can only see this $42k bag, a bag which i won’t even pick if i see it dropped right in front of me.

Yulia on

I think most of you talking about the PRICE here and not about “ugly” bag. you missed one little comment in the article that this bag made of OLD pieces of OLD RARITET bags. its like if Rembrandt would decide to paint the last picture in his life as a mixture of fragments of his masterpieces. To have this bag is like to have all those ones its made of in one piece. I think its geniouse idea. And it doesnt made for the people who would buy a car for those money instead but for the real collectors who collect other expensive things. So just save your tempers, people :) and be happy with your $350-850 comfy bags. p.s. i am not big fan of LV. I just liked the idea of the bag.

Yulia on

i think most of you talking about the PRICE here and not about “ugly” bag. you missed one little comment in the article that this bag made of OLD pieces of OLD RARITET bags. its like if Rembrandt would decide to paint the last picture in his life as a mixture of fragments of his masterpieces. To have this bag is like to have all those ones its made of in one piece. I think its geniouse idea. And it doesnt made for the people who would buy a car for those money instead but for the real collectors who collect other expensive things. So just save your tempers, people :) and be happy with your $350-850 comfy bags. p.s. i am not big fan of LV. I just liked the idea of the bag.

alejandra on

i would never buy that awful bag! may i fix a better one with my own lv’s and sell it much more???the only purse that i’ll pay a lot of money again, it will be a kelly or a birkin.

Dixie Marie on

Wow!! That bag is ugly. No way would I pay that or even carry this purse if someone gave it to me.

I can NOT believe that people pay 2 grand for a purse. That is CRAZY!!!! The most I would spend would be around $30. I get bored and change purses so often that to spend anymore than that would be just plain stupid on my part. If I spent 2 grand on a purse I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night. No purse is worth that kind of money. If I have 2 grand that I don’t know what to do with, I think I would buy my kids something awesome, not a purse.

katie on

The most I ever spent on a bag was $650 for the L.A.M.B. Kingston Bowler. I absolutely love the bag, but it was agonizing to shell out that much money.
You would have to PAY me to use this LV horrendous spectacle!!!

marie on

NO. & even if i have enough money to spend, i will not buy this UGLY bag. someone said that Paris Hilton collect LV? i think this really fit to her personality.

katie on

The most I ever spent on a bag was $650 for the L.A.M.B. Kingston Bowler. I absolutely love the bag, but it was agonizing to shell out that much money.
You would have to PAY me to use this LV horrendous spectacle!!!

Jen on

U G L Y!!! OMG!

Lucy on

I think it’s cool. I’d get it just to have.

ailma on

i like the bag, but the price is way toooooooooooo much.

Tiffany on

Okay, so this bag is personally NOT my style at all, but if it was…wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy all of the patchworked bags seperately and have some leather craftsman sew them together for you?? It’s still technically genuine LV that way, right??

Lori on

If you are a Louis Vuitton collector this is amazing! What about people who spend outrageous amounts of money collecting statues, cars, etc. It’s all relative a regular Beanie Baby was $3-5 dollars they at one time were going for $500(50 x there original price) for rare ones. Typical Louis’ are $1000-$2000 and now a rare one is $42,000.

I am a collector and love it! I however am not in the position to purchase it. The most I have spend is $2500 on a Louis Vuitton.

Marina on

The only way I would buy that HIDEOUS bag is if the bags on it would pull out to individual bags…I would have 5 LV bags!

crissy on

ha……’s ugly! I wonder how long it will take before
Paris has one……………

crissy on

ha……’s ugly! I wonder how long it will take before
Paris has one……………

evalic on

Free or nothing

Jen on

As they say money cannot buy taste! There are better things to do with $42,000 that’s for sure.

mary b on

that bag is so ugle. i know i will see someone with it

Mary K on

What are they thinking with this bag and I heard several have been purchased, most likely celebrities or their stylists. Man, I am glad I am not a celebrity who would think THIS is style….THE WORST

Amanda on

This bag is a perfect example of society today. Paying that much for a purse is outrageous, and amazingly materialistic. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE designer bags just as much as the next person, but paying $42,000 is a bit ridiculous. If you spend that much on a purse, you should be able to spend at least half that much on charity. Some people have absolutely nothing to live on, and yet some people just “have” to have this ugly bag.

Kaylyn Barr on

That is the a horrible looking bag…something that I would never pay for…SHeesh

mxgirl on

If I had the money-which trust me, I don’t-I would so buy this bag! Louis Vuitton is such a fashion fixture. $42 thou is a low price to pay considering how much this bag could be worth one day! Now, I agree with some people-it’s ridiculous-but if you have the money, what the heck?

mxgirl on

Ok, so I said I would buy it. As I read, more and more people are saying it’s awful. I don’t know that I’d actually use it-just have it, you know? The purse I carry right now cost me $20 at Herbergers. It’s cute, it’s Liz Claiborne, and it does the job. Now, I’m just fine with that one and others from American Eagle and Target, but I am a serious fashion lover and I would rather have a bag by say, Chloe or Kooba, but this bag is so funky I love it!

Cathy on

Um, no thank you.

Amie on

Even if it was given to me, No! It is hideous!

Andrea on

This bag is soo ugly!! Why would some body buy it! Yes, it is Louie Vuitton but this is just stupid. But many famous little girls will think it is great. Idots!

Jennifer on

U G L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer on


You could not pay me to use this bag!

Anna on

I could make something myself that looks better than that.

noraj on

wow, you don’t get much for 42K these days…i would Never buy that even if i had $ to burn!

mac on

It’s art. art is abstract.

i think it’s brilliant.

jenn on

i love it. if i had that kind of money, i would buy it.

Kristen Y on

That purse looks like someone took a truck load of glue started pasting patterns of fabric all of anf it’s terrible!!! I’ve seen dirt cheaperhand bags that look twice as nice.

josie on

It is tasteless. This bag looks like somehting LV threw up and then tried to sell. other LV bags are so beautiful, why spend the money on this one?!?!

Wendy on

Never! The Coach patchwork purse looks better than that and costs much less.



db on

indeed very ugly.

blackcat on

Hey Mac,

Is your last name love by any chance!?!?!

Carolina Espinosa on

“The most expensive purse in the world” as a fashionista and as much as a LV lover and colector as I am, I wouldn’t wear it, and I would say that the woman who carries this bag has definitely more money than style…

harleyhun on

Not to comment on the ugly bag by LV, but to comment on all of the people that spent $100- $2000 on a purse/bag. LV can make garbage like that and sell it for $42,000 because of people like you. You all buy it. All of their bags are ugly. You buy it because someone famous used it. Makes no sense to me. I buy what I like, Women need to quit letting the TV dictate style. MAKE YOUR OWN!

novita on

super ugly bag! i have that much money to spend, i will get a new 300 something bmw car (around $35K)!!!
n i can use the other $7000 for kelly bag!!!
the people who buy this has no taste at all, seriously…

Jennifer on

I would love to have this bag to put in my LV collection, this will put the icing on the cake. I wonder where I could get it?

Michelle on

Designers always try new ways to get money from the riches and
the famous. What a waste of time. An ugly bag.




The classic canvas duffel is my favorite. I have had one for twenty years (when it retired it became a makeup bag for
travel) and my “new one” is now nearly twenty years old. My grandaughter is patiently waiting for it to retire to her closet. The luggage is great also. Will withstand sun, sleet, dirt, rain, mud–be smart and don’t be sucked into THAT AWFUL BAG!

Brianna on

I wouldn’t pay $4.20. That’s just UGLY


I could buy like 2 or 3 used cars with that money x].Why waste money when other people donn’t even have it?

Kim on

Not for this bag! I LOVE Louis Vuitton…I have a lot of them, but this bag is really ugly! If I like a bag the price means nothing to me, I will spend $150,000 if I want too, and if I have the money. If I had to choose between the bag and something else that is worth $42,000, no matter what that is I would choose that, not the bag!

val on

They can keep it!!

Rebecca on

It should be illegal to charge such a price for something so hideous! The designer really needs a vacation, because he’s losing his groove with this one!

anna on

I think that the bag is not as bad as people are saying but its way to over priced!!

I think it should go to a fashion museum in Paris or somewhere.

Lucy on

even if this was the most beautiful purse in the world I couldn’t spend $42,000 on just a purse, when there is so many people in our world starving to death.

Diane on

This is undoubtedly the ugliest bag I have ever seen. I am a LV fan, but this is hideous. $42K is a lot a money to pay for something that looks like my 3 year old and her classmates put it together.

Shelby on

ewww, no wayy.
i would love to have a LV bag or purse, but this is UGLY, no matter how trendy it is or will become.

KC on

Of course not and I wouldn’t have a chance to anyway only like 40 were made and 10 of them are for the U.S…. and all 40 are sold out already. The bag is ugly any way! In addition 42,000 is stupid, if you have 42,000 of disposable income donate it to some people that really need it… the poor, the homless, maybe Darfur? At least then you get a tax break and you don’t look like bozo the clown!

Melissa on

I wouldn’t pay 42 cents for this– collecter’s item or not. I think it looks heinous. At some point, every person who admires art & fashion has to draw the line between what is sensible, respectable, and good-looking and what is just pure show pony nonsense. This seems like one of those pieces that someone would have just for the sake of having something (else) to brag over. Please. I could think of A LOT of other ways to spend $42k (even on other fashionable, artistic causes).

Monique on

I would definitely buy it if I could afford it. It’s for true LV lovers only though. I think that it’s brillian to have pieces of various lines through the years patched together. It’s more of a collector’s item I guess.

Lola on

The question is “if I could afford it would I buy it?” If I had that kind of money and I was a purse fanatic and just had to have everything designer; that being said, I would probably buy it because no one else would have it and then I could wear it w/ whatever since it has all sorts of styles and colors mixed in it. Kinda looks like it went through a designer blender huh? oh well!

sarah on


Tiffanie on

Simple, no!

Megan on

You “regular commenter” people are so MEAN! And can I ask you, who said fashion had to be pretty? It got a reaction from you didn’t it? An open minded person would call that art….

doonie on

absolutely love the bag…if i had large loot, i’d spend the 42 grand on the purse and in give another 42 to charity!

earthangel on

If anyone out there is remotely interested in buying this purse—-DON’T. Please donate your money to a worthy charity instead.

bean on

Umm, I rather like it. It looks like a pile of bags that was left in the sun and melted, but that’s precisely why 42 grand is insanity.

me on

no i would never pay that much i love LV but that looks like something a 3 year old could make not a world ronound fasion designer!

Byanka on

I love the bag, I am sorry, but if you guys with the negative comments had that kind of money you would be all over that bag, it is a piece of fashion history, this bag is going to be worth so much more in a couple of years, don’t you know art when you see it? It’s a piece of art, it doesn’t have to be beautiful.

Karen on

i actually like this bag.. i think its really unique and cute and definitely a work of art but the price tag is just awful!!! there is no reason that a purse should ever cost this much even if it it louis vuitton!!what a waste of money…

oh, and if you have spent $850 on a purse then don’t criticize other people…

Hannah on

I absolutely love this bag. I would pay any price in the world for it. It is so fabulous. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t buy that in a heart beat. In my opinion, it is not ugly, and when I get it, I will be the only one in the world with it. I will have one of the best purses in the world.

enigma on

I understand your comment but, I am a very open minded individual and I am an artist too and this bag is not art!! No amount of BS backed up with a few cocktails can explain the reason WHY this bag is consider art!! Sorry, but this bag is only a fashion accessory not worth the price…..
If, the people who would be so inclined to buy this “art”, SHOULD be so inclined to give a grant of $42,000.00 to an artist who makes REAL ART that benefits the world and not a hook in a closet (where this bag would be found)!!!

mary on

this is the most ugliest bag ever dont waist your mony on that thing! go buy your self better things like a care of better purses that wouolde be worth the mony!

Brittany on

I would buy this purse anyday. It’s designer and plus I love Louis Vuitton. The most I’ve ever paid for a bag is $6,000 and I wouldn’t regret it. I’ve got, basically, all of the LV bags where I live. I agree with Hannah. It’s the best bag ever!

Chirsta on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! $42,000 is ridiculous! I’m laughing because I know that some celeb will be toting this around and think it’s so cool and so fashionable. Buy a car for that kind of money. PLUS, I agree with you Enigma, anyone who thinks this is art is smoking something. Like you said, this is beneath tacky, this bag is just poop.

If I could afford this bag, would I buy it? Read above.

What is the most I would ever pay for a purse? NOT $42,000, not even $1,000. I would pay no more than $200, and I’m leary to even pay that much. Honestly, I’m not cheap, but I really don’t care if my bag has a name brand printed on the tag. I don’t care if Gucci made it or Prada, it doesn’t matter to me. The most I’ve ever spent on a bag was $80.

wendy on

one word: Frankenstein

Tiffany on

That bag is GROSS! I would never even think of buying something that looked like that. It looks like something youd find in a trash can of bad style.

Faaiza on

If spending out 42,000 dollars just like that is easy for you, please give it to charity instead of some company that makes enough money selling riculous expensive purses.

Melissa on

People from Holly Wood think just because it is expensive then it must be fabulous!!! I think of it like, “Gee, this wrinkle cream must really work…especially since it comes in a .2 ounce jar and sells for $200.”

nada on

if u have all this mony :why u do not give it to whome with out any thinght to eat from 30 yaer exapet from carpeg
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Suzanne on

OMG! That Is The Ugliest Bag That I’ve Ever Seen! YUCK! And For 42K!!! You Have Got To Be Kidding!

Nina on

This bag is histerical. May be a good future investment for collectors. Esthetically it isn’t very appealing but most artsy stuff rarely is. Can still make some one a pretty good profit some day. Provided they stay limited and no 2 are alike. Personally I would store it safely and when showing it would be set-up on a encased pedestal with just the right lighting and start showing it as sort of a museum peice. Invite the right people to a viewing and wait for the offers. I have a sneaking suspicion this was LV’s idea all along with this one. That LV is a real hoot.

casmom on

I’m sorry, this bag is discusting. I wonder if LV is tryin to make fun of Coach.

Lorraine on

You know, I was thinking the same thing as someone else typed in regards to what the copy/knock-off version would look like. Hey, frankly I’ve seen some damn good knock-offs but seriously I was wondering how they are going to pull this one off :-). Seriously though, I think it’s just plain insulting (it doesn’t matter how much money someone has) to even consider selling a handbag for $42,000.

Alyssa on

That purse is seriously the ugliest thing i’ve evr seen. It looks like someone ate 15 different louis viton bags and pooped out a super bag, But you got to admit, it does look like poop!

Rickeyah on

Clearly a status symbol and a conversation piece! You never know, if many of us could we might. I think their mission has been accomplished. Good Day :)

Sadia on


Summer on

I would hv to agree w/all the “ugly” remarks made about this bag. What was Beyonce thinking? If I could afford it, I would buy her another bag to replace that one!

Jasmynne on

I agree with many people in the sense that it isn’t a beautiful bag, and yes the price is super-high. But the idea of the bag-like a fashion timeline- is absolutely BRILLIANT! I think the designers are genious! If I had the money, I would SO buy this bag and keep it, not use it. It’s so delicate, I would just put it on display in my house. You guys are just looking at the appearence and the amount of money it is. What about the story behind it? I don’t understand some people… And besides, if you buy a bag from Old Navy, I really wouldn’t be talking. :-)

Trina on

WOW….I never cared for anything LV however I do love that bag and pray to one day own one myself. You Go!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce I am really feeling that bag

Christie on

UGLY UGLY UGLY. I own 4 LV bags and I can not even imagine owning this one. What was she thinking??

Ana on

I treasure my LV bag, but this???? Sorry it’s not inkeeping with LV. Patchwork bags can be done with style. I have a small coach patwork bag that’s beautiful. This looks like the bottom of Paris Hilton’s closet.

They could have made it FABULOUS and people would be killing themselves to pay the 40K. I wouldn’t wear that bag out for free.

stella rose on

thinking of it as art: i think it fantastic as art
bag: maybe i would use it for a gala or just one time, but like nvr as a permanent handbag!
but it is cool :]

Designed2Dazzle on

This patchwork purse is finally something that should command a higher price tag than those horrendously ugly brown and tan plastic purses LV has been peddling to women with no taste at all for all this time. I would consider buying one of the patchwork purses if they weren’t so expensive. As a designer myself, I could probably do a knock off for myself…and maybe I will. I love that these designers are finally designing something interesting!!!

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Jessica on

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Astrid on



Christie on

Oh… I like it… :S I think its unique and really cool, and i would buy it if it was cheaper.

It would appeal to the younger market like 14-30 more than anyone else i’d say.

Christie on

Me again and although this is completely irrelevent, Christie July 23rd, 2007 – she has the same name as me !! sorry, but there’s not many people I know who do :D
and yeah, you go Trina Jasmynne stella rose and Astrid, i <3 the bag xx

Jane on

i think this bag is lush
you people dont have no tast
it looks vintage, and it diffrent to all the other louis vuitton.

and it is worth the money.

Amy on

Agree with buying a car for that price. That’s the price of my car (Lexus IS 250 AWD), and I would rather get a second Lexus, the new convertible, than buying the bag. Buy some nice diamonds or a car. Not a bag. The most expensive I own are LV’s about $800 each and the red wallet that’s $660.

Bhujwa on

Boyonce Knowles owns one!

Brittany Bull on

What on earth is everyone talking about?!? This bag is amazing! I doubt any of you lot could design something like this!

Yes it’s expensive but if I had the money I would definetly consider buying it!

Kendra on

This bag is not that good looking but if I had the money like Kimora and Paris do I actually would buy it.It is a collectors piece. Louis Vuitton has been around since the 1800 and since the bag has pieces of older bags hey why not i would buy it for my collection. like i mentioned if I had one like Kimora.

mr.dodd on

that bag is herendous if anyone is dumb enough to buy that bag then they need an intelligence test

ルイヴィトン 財布 on


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