Queen Latifah's New Clothing Line for Curvy Bodies

03/17/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

In a time when designer samples range in size from 0-2, Queen Latifah still manages to look fantastic on the red carpet. Sure, she has designers like Carmen Marc Valvo and Bradley Bayou whipping up custom creatins for her at the drop of the hat, but when it comes to day-wear, the actress is all about Curvation. After starting as a lingerie company for full-figured women, Curvation has branched out with a full line of ready to wear inspired by the Chicago star. “The line is all kinds of things to make a woman feel sexy,” says Latifah, whose stylist Susan Moses is also the creative director for the line. “We wanted to do what was trendy and on the edge.” And though she says she “was never a size six—not since I was 12,” Latifah knows the key to looking good is feeling good. “She has to be sexy and comfortable,” says Moses of Latifah’s “approachable glam” style. Look for that in Curvation’s spring line, which features lots of silks and jerseys that “silhouette the body instead of trying to hide women’s’ curves,” explains Moses. Latifah’s take? “I’d walk down the red carpet in that.” (And she has, while rolling out the red carpet itself for the People’s Choice Awards.) Get your own at shopcurvation.com.

Photo: Chris Hatcher / Photorazzi

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Stacy on

visited web site not affordable.

RT on

Queen Latifah looks beautiful. Kudos on her new business venture.

Caroline on

“custom creatins for her at the drop of the hat,”

Sarah on

I love the outfit she’s wearing, the coral (salmon?) coloured top looks really sharp and sophisticated against the black.

Danielle on

OK, I’ve had some Curvations items. Nice, but not worth the price I just seen on the site for these clothing items they are going to be charging. I mean $54 for a Ring Sleeve Tee? $124.99 for Cargo jeans? Something tells me that my local Walmart isn’t going to carry this part of the Curvations line. And I’m not paying this kind of money for it.

Julie on

I love Queen Latifah!

Ashley on

I commend Queen Latifah for coming out with a clothing line for plus size women. Although, the prices are somewhat steep, maybe they will have some of the line in Wal-Mart where Curvation bras are sold.

May on

I like Queen Latifah and I am happy that she is going to start a clothing line for the curveous bodies. Since I am not a size 0 and I proably never will be size 0. I would definetly purchase her line of clothing, hopefully I can afford!!

KT from Cda on

I think she’s awesome. She’s one of my fav stars. She don’t care if she’s a plus star. I loved her in chicago.

sarah on

that’s a great idea but it’s sad that it gets no publicity. if it was nicole richie making a line of womenswear, then it would be on every news channel.

Dawn on

Thank you Queen. I will buy it and so will all of my normal sized friends. Its about time that a famous normal girl stand up and show that she is the majority not the teeny weenies.

Jennifer on

That woman is stunning. Strong and beautiful. A *real* role model.

Jelena on

Cute top! I would totally wear that…

Grace on

Anyone, could you explain what does it mean ,,size o”. I am from Poland, Europe, we have different size system, so I have no idea, which american siza I should choose. If someone knows european sizes, I am 36. I think it should be an equivalent of 4 or 6. anyone?
thank you in advance

Blair on

She looks stylish.What can i say more?

XYZ on

While I certainly do love Queen Latifah, as a personality and actress, something still bothers me. I completely agree that bigger women need to feel good about themselves and have more choices available. I completely agree that the stick-thin look is not the nicest one. And I also agree that every woman has the right to feel beautiful, regardless her size or shape. Its great that shes coming out with a clothing line for the more curvacious woman. I truly applaud and commend her efforts. Where I don’t agree though, is that I have yet to see somebody make a clothing line for petites. As a size 00, its extremely hard to find clothes that fit. Theres always problems with buying clothes for me. They need alterations and such. Instead of telling people its not cool to be thin, why can’t we just celebrate our different shapes and sizes? It seems like I’m an outcast for being “thin.” Its genetically my body type, and always will be. I am not anorexic, or bulimic. I wish that the association with “thin” and anorexia and bulimia would disappear. Sure, there are girls who have eating disorders and use them to become skinnier. But what about those of us that are just that way? It seems that “skinny” people are getting the brunt of it lately. Instead of creating a society that is open to every shape and size, we are rejecting “thin” people, just like the more “curvacious” people were. Its ludicrous. Its so maddening to open a magazine, and nearly everyone is touting the same headlines “THIN is NOT IN” , “CELEBRATE YOUR CURVES” and tons of celebrities bragging about how they’ve never been a size zero. Understand where I’m coming from? By applauding a new type of body figure, we are dissing the other. If a petite celebrity, say Marykate and Ashley (although they already have their own clothing line), Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, or even Nicole Richie (although I am not a big fan of hers) were to come out with a petite clothing line, I think I would be in heaven! Just like heavier people get teased about their weight, so too was I. I got called anorexic and bulimic literally every day. The insults hurt- alot. So lets try to create a society that is accepting of all HEALTHY shapes and sizes.

Michele on

Went to the website. The looks are beautiful. But…you need a queens wallet to pay for it.

Night on

Ninety Four dollars for sweat pants?!!! That is CRAZY.
But she is a goreous woman….and it is great to see someone who does not look like a corpse making it in Hollywood. She is talented AND beautiful.

Helene on

I dunno where that person’s from but for the type of clothes showing on that site OMG the price is ever good. Addition Elle charges twice the price of what is showed there on some items. Curvy women clothes are normally expensive as is but the prices are affordable and average. Good quality too. I was very impressed.

Elda on

Wow!!! what can i say, it’s an outfit i would wear!!

Dana on

Great stuff. Too bad it’s not affordable.

ash on


laura lee on

i luv this girl – she is truly awesome in my book! but the costs for the clothes were too high…:( i could spend $120.00 to buy jeans for all four people in my family and still have change left over!

prettygurl on

I think the clothes are really cute and made for real women but they ARE NOT AFFORDABLE!! That is crazy! There is already well-made affordable cute clothes for plus-size women. TORRID.COM. I would DEFINETLY buy them if they were more affordable. I can get BABY PHAT and APPLE BOTTOMS for a more reasonable price!! And those are NAME BRAND. Sorry.

Queenie on

I love Queen Latifah. I also love that she’s not ashamed of how she looks and that she has joined others in starving themselves. She is a great role model, and has good taste in clothing. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do!

shirley on

You gotta love the queen, but her line is rather limited and ridiculously overpriced.

Janet on

XYZ I completely agree with you and I think that what you said is absolutely true. This is my point of view exactly!! :) Well said, girl!

Wendy O on

Queen almost always looks great…a fashion inspiration for all sizes.
The folks at Curvation however need to check their price points…$100 for sweatpants is not at all realistic unless they are made out of angora.

Katie on

I think the line is fabulous. I just bought an item and it’s well worth the price!

Alice on

XYZ, I completely agree with what you are saying, in fact I’ve gotten in many arguments with people on these blogs about it. Just because someone is thin, it does not mean they have an eating disorder. Just because that seems to be the trend in Hollywood right now, doesn’t mean every time you see a skinny person, you can look down on her and think there is something wrong with her. Its wrong call an overweight person fat or make other insults about them, but why is it ok to say that a thin person looks disgusting, or like a boy? It is just has hurtful. We need to start accepting each the way we are and stop putting down other women for their flaws because we all have them.

Lauren M on

To XYZ, I agree with you. I think that women everywhere should celebrate their own bodies. I don’t think that thin or thick is bad. I think we should campaign for SELF ESTEEM in all women regardless of their shape. God made us all different, but all of us are in his image. As long as you are healthy and happy, celebrate your own shape and noone elses.

Also, these clothes are not affordable.

enigma on

Hey Elda!!

You always have something nice, sweet, honest, and truthful to say, I admire that very much!

Anyway, I think it’s great that Queen Latifah is making stylish clothes for curvy women, I am just sorry to hear of the high prices!!

Cheers and Enjoy!

Jennifer on

$15 for a bra and $125 for pants? That’s not right!
I think the idea of getting everyone to celebrate their bodies regardless of size is dangerous. Telling 400 pound women that they should be proud of their bodies is not right. Nobody is naturally or healthily that size. I never saw a magazine saying ‘thin is in’ on the front cover, and I don’t see many thin women walking down the street. I see ‘love your size no matter how big’ on the front of virtually every magazine, and guess what – obese women everywhere. It’s so much easier to be obese when you’re being told to celebrate it with fashionable clothes that fit.

enigma on

Hey XYZ! (have you ever tried Ann Taylor’s petites)

Plus, I agree with you 100% all the way!! Every women has the right and should feel right to celebrate their body size…whatever size it may be!! Women come in all types, kinds, and sizes that are beautiful!!

I think stressing being healthy is more important than being a size 00 or a size 16…you can be either one (or any one in between) just as long as you are healthy!!

Be healthy in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT, now that’s beauty!!!

Cheers, Enjoy, and Take Care All!!

Leia on

I am pround to see Queen Latifah doing so well and she is not only a great artist but a beautiful human being!

The clothes are a little pricy. I would like to beable to get the same quality clothes but with a lower price margin.

Elda on

Enigma you are so right about the prices, to bad i live on a budget because the outfit is to cute.

Michele on

First of all, Queen Latifah is fabulous in whatever she is wearing. It is a great inspiration to the public who is not a twig.
However, I think Queen and her crew in charge of Curvation has forgotten that not everyone makes a paycheck like a movie star. The items were great, but way to expensive. Dissapointed I will not ever spend $60 on a T Shirt, but kudos to the woman out there willing to spend the money. A lot of the stuff looks great!
I guess us Bargain shoppers can only hope WalMart or Target carry the line as WalMart does have the bras which are really comfortable and pocketbook friendly.

margaret on

Checked out website, love the clothes just wish i could afford them. Just a normal working girl, make a decent living but cannot afford $50 for a belt or $200 -$300 for a pair of pants and a shirt. kinda disappointing, i was excited to see clothing that would look great on my body for a change.

margaret on

Thank you prettygurl for the TORRID website.

Amparo on

I just loooove Queen Latifah. She’s always been a curvy woman yet never boring. She has accomplished a lot of things and now a clothing line. She’s an example of a role model.. You go girl!!

Dakota on

She rocks, just b/c people are big doesn’t mean they should have to dress bad, they have every right to pretty, sexy clothes as a size 0.

Roxy on

I think the line is wacked – that weird denim cape thing for over a hundred bucks?!?! If you are going to spend this kind of money go to a real designer! Go to http://www.svobodastyle.com! They specialize in jeans for women between 10-28. I wear the 20 Tall – yes, they even have lengths (petite & tall) & the fit is perfect. The owner has also been plus size her whole life & she absolutely knows what is missing in the market! The quality & fabric are second to none!

Roxy on

I NEED TO RESPOND TO THE POST BY Jennifer | Mar 19, 2007 11:28:44 AM. It is this sort of thinking that prevents NORMAL sized women from getting the clothes that they want/deserve to feel beautiful! The most AVERAGE body in society is a size 14 – this woman ISN’T obese and she isn’t 400lbs!!!!! A 400 lb is about 100 lbs too heavy to even fit in size 28!!! Most women in this size range are NORMAL, they have a normal life, they have sex, they fall in love, many have good jobs, yet they are forced to look like a slob, because no one in the fashion world is servicing them. Additionally, our perspective of weight is so messed up that women are starving themselves to get to an ideal that is in no way ideal & we need to stop telling people that they should suffer or be miserable because they have a little body fat! Life is too short to hate yourselves that much. I hope the magazines continue to tell women to celebrate their bodies because only once they start celebrating their bodies will they begin taking care of them!

XYZ on

To those that seem to think that the market of clothes for “heavier” women is ugly, I have to disagree with you. There are so many reasonable, classy, modern, cute clothes available to plus sizes. Heck, catalogues for the “plus size women” come to my house every month, and they’re all filled with great clothes…Stop complaining…

Renee on

Love the outfit, but website prices are not affordable.

Shel on

Kudos to Roxy–thank you for your comment to Jennifer. I would also like to comment to Jennifer–while I agree that there aren’t women who are naturally or healthily 400 pounds, there are tons of women who fall into the size 10-16 size range that are naturally that size and are healthy. I have exercised 4 days a week for the past year and a half and still find myself in a size 10-12. I have curves and it has taken me years to accept my body and be happy with myself. I was anorexic as a teen and still battle daily with forcing myself to eat sometimes because it’s not uncommon for me to go longer than a day without feeling hungry or eating. I am trying to be as healthy as possible, for myself and my two daughters. My oldest has a body like me, all curves and softness, while my youngest looks a bit like she never eats, she’s so thin. But both of them are where they are naturally, and I love them both equally and do my best to make them both feel beautiful everyday. And finally I can look in the mirror and say the same thing to myself, even if I’m not a size 5. So should we all, and maybe we should stop bashing each other and we wouldn’t have the self-esteem problems running rampant in the world today. Agree or disagree, it’s only my opinion which I have the right to share.

Chloe on

I checked out Svabooda.com and I thought it was WAY more expensive. Unfortunately I can’t wear Juicy Coutour however I still want that glam and expensive look. Thank you Curvation for giving it to me! I can’t wait for my delivery to come!!

Emily on

Good Luck on your new clothing line. Let me start by saying that. I have not really seen any outfits that she has made but I’m sure they are really great for all women.

anita on

I support the Queen. Her style has always been about grace and her clothes match it. Good for her and the cost of the items are in line with other brands that I buy like svoboda and abby z. In fact Svoboda jeans are $188 vs the Queen’s which are $94. Ladies this is not a Walmart line besides Latifah is better than Walmart

Roxy on

Yeah, I agree that Latifah is better than Walmart. I am a jean freak, so I am going to try them, but I can tell you – I’ll bet they aren’t as good as my favorite brand – Svoboda. Anyway, the $188 for jeans is incorrect – the most I have ever paid is $165 – and I have just purchased a pair for $98 using the Spring Preview code “PREVIEW.” They were originally $118 – so I think you are a little off about the prices at svobodastyle.com. But anyway – always glad to see new lines – just hope she didn’t make the clothes out of cheap stuff & then charge an arm & a leg for it – like Emme did before. I have no problem paying for products when the quality is equal to the price. I do, however, have a problem paying for junk.

rachel b. on

Big curves and Queen Latifah has the clothes for women that were not made with skin-boned bodies and have meatness to show off. She looks great!

Carrie on

I think that Jennifer was exagerating when she said “400 pound woman”. What she really meant was that it is not all that healthy to encourage someone who is overweight because of their eating and exercise habits. Obesity is one the leading contributors to heart disease, one type of diabetes, and many other health problems.

Sara on

As I do Love the Queen and appreciate the love she is trying to give for us bigger women it’s always something. Either all the hot fashion items go up to a size 7 and nothing bigger than that or we have to spend an arm and a leg while the itsy-bitsy women can find items for cheap. It’s hard enough tryin to be fine with curves but to have to spend $124 on some capris aint right…If I could I would definately come out with an affordable clothing line meaning: $19.99 for a Blouse and pants. I would be in there all the way filling up my on-line shopping cart if the items were a fraction of what she is asking. Good Luck Latifa!!! I still got love for you!

Awilda Caban on

It’s great that someone has made real clothes for real women. All that’s needed now is some real prices to go with it. Not every one has a Queen size budget to work with.

Kalisa on

Who the hell besides celebrities will pay $55 for a t-shirt? Come on sistah! Give us a break!

Leah on

XYZ, could you share the names of some of those catalogs you’re getting? I’ve seen a couple that I love, but most of the “reasonably priced” clothes I see look like something my Grandma used to wear. It’s discouraging.

Terry Lee on

I went to the site and I have to agree, the clothes are beautiful, but not in my budget. They must be for plus size celebrities.

JLE on

I think everyone is missing the point, the question “would you WEAR it” not ‘PAY for it”. And i would definitely wear her clothes, she’s a beautiful person and whatever she’s got on, I would love to try it!

nancy on

nice clothes but way out of my league..

Roxy on

Carrie | Mar 20, 2007 9:23:15 AM

But the problem is the way it is said – to assume that everyone who is over a size 12 isn’t healthy is incorrect or that everyone under a size 12 is – I have plenty of skinny friends who don’t do anything healthy, they smoke, they binge & purge & they have far more health issues than me. I am a size 18/20, but I have run a marathon, I hike 5 miles of hills every morning, I work out 3 days a week with a personal trainer (lifting) – but I am also 6’2″, so I am not going to be small even if I did lose the last 40 lbs I probably should. I am tired of being told to lose weight/judged by people who are spending their mornings over the toilet. The fact that she said “400 lbs” is exactly what is wrong with society – plus size isn’t 400 lbs. I am frustrated because I did think I was fat growing up because I was bigger & I spent a lot of time feeling bad about – the fact is – I wasn’t fat – I was just bigger. To ensure we have healthy kids, we have to be careful how we word this to the next generation. As I said before, to hound on a fat women about her weight because you think it will get her healthy won’t work. You have to make her feel good about herself, her body & ONLY THEN will she love herself enough to care about her body, take care of it & lose the weight.

Roxy on

And, no I wouldn’t wear a lot of it. Some of it I would, but not a lot of it.

Alice on

Roxy, I agree with most of what you are saying but at the same time you are giving the illusion that if someone is skinny, then they must have an eating disorder. That is just as unfair and untrue as the insults against heavier people. Its not only heavier people that want to feel good about themselves, thin people would like to too, without being told that they must be throwing up their breakfast every morning. We are all beautiful not matter what size we are, nobody should be able to say otherwise.

Mandy on

Queen Latifa is awesome and I think it is great she is making things for fuller figured women, however the prices are way out of what I would or could pay. It must be for the rich fuller figured women. Not anybody I know.

Latoya on

I agree with you XYZ but it will take time for people to embrace the difference in sizes just as it takes time to embrace any other difference, such as race. I’m glad to see a line for plus size or average women but they need to make these more affodable but I guess they’re designer why they cost so much. I like Modonna’s new line at H&M that’s more affordable. Overall, I think we need to be healthy and that’s what it should be about.





Chris on

I just looked at the website. The clothes are gorgeous and I will totally order from there. And what’s even better. The sizes start at 12 instead of finish there!!!!

Shel on

Roxy isn’t giving the illusion that all skinny people have eating disorders–she clearly stated she had skinny friends that were unhealthy because they binge and purge. My sister is a size 00 and although she looks like she could practically blow away in a stiff wind, she is healthy, so not all skinny people are unhealthy. Do I think that about 75% of the models out there are unhealthy? Yes, especially when you are now seeing former supermodels who give interviews and write articles about what they went through (6 grapes a day to eat, I read in one article) to be that thin in order to get jobs. Not healthy. But I’m not generalizing all thin women that way–I’m saying you have to look at the whole. You remember your mom used to say, “Never judge a book by its cover”, right? Well same goes here–just because a woman is thin doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy, but neither does it mean the curvaceous or voluptuous woman is. Look at the whole picture, inside and out, to see where a person’s real beauty and body are.

anita on

I agree with Roxy, regarding the price that Latifah is charging. Yes, the prices may seem high but the line from what the sight says is made of really high quality fabric so I don’t mind paying for hihg quality. I think the confusion is that Latifah’s intimates line is sold at Wal-Mart but her apparel line is a much better quality so she can’t offer Wal-Mart prices

bumshica on

i would love to purchase her line because the shirts are off the chain. but to be realistic i have a family to support so why buy a shirt when you can buy food!

mimi on

Let’s think outside of the big square box most retailers try to put us in ladies! No, these clothes aren’t priced for the roll back special at Wal-Mart but they are definitely worth their weight in gold! Don’t get me wrong, I love the wal-mart but I don’t want to buy all my clothes there.
I own several pieces from this collection and the stuff is high quality. I’ve washed and worn the things I have many times and they’re as good as when I got them.
I get stopped all the time from skinny mini’s and my curvy sisters alike whenever I’m wearing my Latifah clothes– especially my Curvy Jeans! I also have tops, an overcoat and a sweatsuit (with the tuxedo pants that I love to wear with a crispy white shirt.)
I’m not a wealthy woman by any means but I do understand the value of good clothes.
I’m so tired of going store to store trying to find clothes that fit my style, personality, and body and that are age appropriate. We need this line!
Kudos to the Queen for knowing that style has no size.
Go Latifah!!

KT on

I think it’s great that Queen Latifah has come up with a clothing line for curvier girls, because not everyone is a size 0 or a 1, so it’s awesome that women who have more bounce can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. :)

Allison Tilsen on

I LOVE the CURVATION clothing line!!!! I purchased several items and Love them!!! Yes, you are not paying Walmart prices but have you really felt the fabric at Walmart. It’s really important to have a higher end line for plus women that is fun and fabulous. Sure I shop everywhere and in order to get a great look you need to mix high end with low end items. I think it’s important to treat yourself to $125.00 Jeans cause honey, my rear never looked so good! And yes I have apple bottoms, baby phat, sevens ect… However the clothes we can buy here are in a different league. Sometimes I like to feel red carpet ready when I go out. Thank you for creating wonderful diva clothes!

Patricia on

Holy crap! did you see the prices??? good lord you can get cheaper stuff at Lane Bryant and I cant even afford to shop there

katie on

Also visited website… $125 for a sweater!!!
You may have the right to be fabulous, but you also have the right not to be ripped off!!

Nina on

While I like the assortment of clothing Queen Latifah has on her website, I was a bit offended by the prices. As a single working mother with 2 children, there is no way I’d be able to afford a pair of $125 jeans. I hope Latifah gets a chance to see this blog and take the comments into consideration. Though I could be mistaken, but is this line for working women or celebrities? Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of her accomplishments (being a Jersey Girl myself), but Latifah, if you read this, come down on the prices or make an alternative line that is more affordable. I wish her all the best in this endeavor.

Jessica on

wow thats awesome that someone famous finally thought about curvy bodies, but lets be serious now, has anyone looked at the pricing on those clothes.. ok curvy women can go to Deb and get 5-7 outfits for the price of one of her outfits.. seriously lets face it when your a big girl and you want to be noticed in cute clothes, they need to be affordable, you cant just go prancing around in the same outfit all the time.. there needs to be some sort of happy medium, go cheaper and cuter and save some money for some ice cream…

shant'e morris on

girl i think ur da best actress i the world u and my favorite singer ‘BEYONCE’ u girls are the hottes black girls from the hood…….. oh yeah, and about that movie”TAXI” girl u were the best, how u act and look………. girl u were the best even my home girl “BEYONCE” thang she’s hot in that funny movie “PINK PANTHER” thang she was so hot and the best thing about that movie it that everybdy was so funny……. i being whathing u girls hot movies here in this small beeautiful island called ” AMERICAN SAMOA” well i guess that all….. but, holla back @ sexybody_beyonce@yahoo.com if have any new news……..

Caroline on

Beautiful clothing… but there is NO way I could ever afford her clothes.. need to make it more affordable.

Big Beautiful & Luscious on

You Go Girl! You got what it takes. God Bless Ya!

Big Beautiful & Luscious on

You Go Girl! You got what it takes. God Bless Ya!

mabsy on

i think Queen latifah is a wonderful fantastic lady…well done in ur new clothes store..and i know u will climb higher…i liked her soo much in taxi barber shop…i can go on and on…she is a natural beauty add to that also….kudos Queen Latifah…u openin a barber shop soon…(hint hint!!!)

Lucy on

Nice cloths for curvey RICH women. It would be nice to see a celeberty design some cloths that the average person can afford.


Queen Latifah is hot,will stay hot for ever.The line is hot but cost to much.When they get a clearance section,then maybe i can handle the prices.I love Queen Latifah!!

Antionette Thomas on

I love the outfit that queen latifah is wearing. It’s hard for me a a curvy woman to find clothing that fit. But the queen has made it possible for that to happen. I give the queen 2 Kudo’s. Keep up the good work.

How to start a clothing line from scratch on

the clothing is rather pricey for just a simple pair of jeans!gosh

laura on

damm you looking gud!

Dimples on

I bought a Curvation tummy minimizer from Walmart, tried it on and loved it. It was so comfy and the price was right. Looking at the tag is what sparked me to look at the website. OMG, very cute & trendy clothing line! I was disappointed in the pricing. Im sure if I weren’t making a huge dent in my wallet, i’d buy several items but being a single mother doesn’t permit that. I will make sure I check the Curvation website for clothing to wear to special events. Ever since I saw the Queen in Bringing Down the House, I’ve wanted cute plus size clothes. Thank God for Ashley Stewart, not only are the clothes affordable, they are cute. Let’s be realistic ladies you pay $40 for a shirt anywhere else you’d pay $55 for a Curvation shirt. Lane Bryant has a very matronly look so I don’t prefer to shop there.

Odelsha Wiliiams on

You look wonderful.. Keep it up girl!!!!!

Luscious Lipps on

Curvation is too high. Nothing on her site is any different than the things I find at Lane Bryant, however, the clothes are way too pricey. Thanks QL, but no thanks. Good luck to you though.

kitten on

i love the Queen but i’m not all that excited about her line. it’s kind of eh. seems a little boring for a big $$. and don’t get me started on that denim cape! if it wasn’t in an acid wash maybe i’d be more interested. i’ve always bought most of my trendy clothes at LB or alight.com. I find the best jeans and dresses like Blue Plate or Revolt in my size and for half the price of Queen Latifah’s new line.

brandi on

i love the site and Queen is my role model.. where are all the outfits your wearing i love the red top and black pants!!

Dawnee on

I have admired the Queen..I love her style and truly appreciate her since of style..however..I am considered a plus size woman..I am 5″10 and wear a size 12-14..and I have a really hard time finding stylish clothes..love these clothes but they don’t offer them in my size. I would love to buy these pieces but they are simply to big. Can the sizes 12-14 get some pieces.

Evelyn on

I love Queen Latifah and I’m so happy for her and her new clothing line but the prices are a bit to much for my pocket
I just wish that there was a clothing line that has sexy and sophisticated clothing that was affordable.

Elaine on

The Queen looks great! I am so happy she has come out with a clothing line for curvy women. I would like to see her clothing and order from Queen Latifah’s clothing line. Is there a catalogue or online site to order from? I first found out about her clothing line when I happen to be at home away from the office and saw her on Oprah’s show.

Panama City, FL

Trish on

Agree, everything starts at over $75.00, You would think they would also be affordable?!?

diamond on

i hope one day i could meet queen latifah, i looked up to her my whole life because im a plus size girl and very pretty like her. When i become a model i want to model her clothes first then monif c.clothes.latifa is my inspiration and i will always look up to her!

Angelica on

I love Queen Latifah’s. She is a great, but the truth is i visited the site and the prices are not affordable, i wish that she made clothing affordable to a regular buyer because i dont have almost 200 dollars to spend on a pair of jeans or a skirt, even though they are gorgeous clothing.

diamond on

im a plus sized 17 year old girl but not that plused sized.I was reading comments and it is so many haters on here but if latifah was infront of them they would be all over her!GO HEAD GURL AND KEEP FOING WHAT YOU DOING!!!! all haters fall back.

elizabeth on

clothes are soooo expensive, thanks for nothing queen!

J on

Everyone seems to be commenting on the price of the clothing line but if you look at any standard plus size clothing store.. youre looking at the same price range.. also being a young lady myself (18) all of the stores that i shop at have the same price range as well.. its known now adays that you have to pay for clothes that fit and make you feel good.

Katrina on

I checked out Queen Latifah’s line and I think it is cute. I wish she had some of those red carpet gowns that she wears. I would definitely buy those. Diamond, I love Monif C. clothes also. She is my fav curvy designer. She added some new things on her website, http://www.monifc.com.

Jennylynne on

Hay Queen you are one of my fav acteress, my fav movie that you have been in is the beauty shop I love that movie very much, I have a queshtion were did you get that shirt from you know the one from bring down the house the one with the cherryes on it, I love that shirt it’s so cute.

DRM on

Love the new line, the look is fabulous and prices are comparable to what I pay for my clothes……..
Way to go Queen Latifah, keeping all us full figure women looking like a Million.

Thank You

jaeda on

I find it a bit ridiculous that the women on here say things like “I don’t care if she is plus sized. She is simply a beautiful woman, and that is what we should be noticing, I am plus sized and that sounds like the things that I have heard my whole life.I just want to called beautiful nad talented, not she isbeqautiful to be plus sized, Iam simply beautiful, and so is queen.

Tee on

I LOVE the shopcurvation clothing. The sales are great, pieces are exclusive, and the quality is better than the leading plus designers. I just hope it stays around!

tonya on

I thought that when the day came, that we would have big women with power come out with a clothing line they would think lower in price. I mean! We as big women always complain about why I have the same two tops and just because mine has a extra X it cost more. Come on I want the skinny women prices.

Gioia on

Her outfits she wears on movies are absolutely breath taking. I would definatly purchase, if priced just right. I would love to see a plus size line at Steve and Barry’s. Seems that store is only for skinny customers. They havn’t got the message that AMERICANS are CURVY…Now lets get her line on our shelves so we can show them that BIG REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

angela on


Nicole on

I love the outfit you had on recently on Regis and Kelly show. I would love a makeover from the Queen. I never wear makeup because of my glasses and I’m 35.

keopulani on

I really love Queen Latifa, I hope to see her clothing line at Walmart. If anyone would understand that, It would be her.

alivia on

I am so frustrated be cause I am a tall plus women and I can never find any jeans to wear. I like the skinny jeans but they are all to short. I love the outfit she has on on this page.
Please if anyone can help please email me at motono@uwa.edu

Chaosz on

Clothes are nice, Way to expensive.

Garner Style on

These clothes are not expensive. I hate to keep reading people complaining about the prices. No wonder Dolce and Gabbana wont design for plus size women…they are too cheap.

kelly jones on

I have a hard time finding tops and shirts that i like that look good on me. Every movie i have ever seen queen latifah in i always say that i would look good in that top and that i love it. So where does she find those tops?
Looking forward to and email
kelly jones

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