Sneak Peek: Eva Longoria's Sexy Bebe Ad Campaign

03/16/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Maybe Eva is more like Gabrielle than we thought! This is some hot workout gear by BEBE SPORT featuring short shorts, abs-baring tops, and a skimpy silver bikini. Spokesmodel Longoria shows off her athletic side in the new ad campaign (launching later this month). “I used to be an aerobics instructor so I really know what works well for that type of activity,” insists Longoria. ” I love how stylish and comfortable the collection is.” I guess there is such thing as working up a fashionable sweat!

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Photo: courtesy bebesport

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Jennifer on

Eva is so gorgeous! I love that black and blue workout suit. People say we look a lot alike…and I’m getting married the same day she is! Love ya Eva!

Cheryl on

Oh Eva….Noooooo. They need more tasteful ads.

Elda on

Just look at her, going to the gym now!!!

ucokaty on

i workout 5 days a week and am a size 2, but i would NEVER wear that kind of stuff to my gym. Those outfits would so off ANYONE’S flaws!!!!!!!!! I would feel so naked!

aleigha on

I think the blue and black is cute….I don’t know about the silver…but honestly, who would work out in this stuff? If I saw someone walk into the gym like that I would be shocked. Why even call it a sportswear line if it isn’t practical or made for working out in? The silver outfit has a bikini top basically and they both look like they give no support. Don’t get me wrong, I love bebe, but how about some REAL workout gear? Maybe they should stick to regular clothing.

PIP on

I’m with Cheryl, those adds are NASTY!

erica on

I don’t really think eva is the prettiest woman around, but she looks BEAUTIFUL in these pics! Hard to believe that’s her! I do agree that the taste level is not there in the second pic but I do like the first one!

BC on

sex sells sad but true!

rachel on

she is one of the most gorgeous women in hollywood!

Doroty on

Those outfits are ridiculous.They are fashionable but they are not practical for working out.I also go to the gym and I am small size but still when you do cardio exercises you need some serious support and not a sexy bikini top in which you would be flashing everybody around after just the second jumping jaxx.

Veronica on

I can’t stand her she’s not even that cute….

lkd on


Ashley on

I usually love Eva, but she’s gone a little too trashy instead of classy with these adds. Yuck.

Alice on

I honestly think she is a little overrated. And I would never wear a freaking bikini top to the gym.

AR on

guys, she just doesnt look like Eva, dont you think?????? i think the photoshop just went a bit too far this time..

Krystal on

She is a very beautiful woman as it may appear, bit its all an illuision created by fabulous makeup artists…take a peek and see what the TRUE eva looks like!!

katy on

OMG krystal thanks for posting that! i can’t believe what she REALLY looks like….yipes.

Hex on

Smokin’ pics – awesome!! If you got it – FLAUNT IT!!!
There’s a very good reason that cosmetics are billion dollar a year industries!!

LuLu on

i find these adds to be too busy. i don’t even know what i’m looking at in the second picture to be honest! shes a very very beautiful woman, but perhaps a different layout would be better (not to mention different clothes, unfortunately!) lol

Elda on

Oh my Krystal i just saw the pictures, i can’t believe it!!!

SS on

I like Eva Longoria as an actress, but definitely not as a model. She’s so tiny and short, she’s just not credible as a model of a sports line of clothing. She also looks kind of cheap of these photos that I wouldn’t want to pay the ridiculous prices that Bebe charges to look like that.

Essentially, Eva is overrated.

May on

I have one thing to say. This woman is overrated.

May on

I have one thing to say. This woman is overrated.

Krystal on

Yah, haha,the pics with no makeup are def not as attractive, its like a different person without makeup!

Shasa on

I agree with May ^

Emi on

someone give this girl a burger…

Jessica on

She looks super beatiful, she was an aerobics instuctor at one point and graduated with a kinesiology degree. You can tell that her body is her temple.

Shirley on

oh the wonders of makeup and photoshop.
check out eva looking like a garden nome:,,20014885_4,00.html

enough said.

KT from Cda on

Wow! Krystal that’s scarey! Even my husband laughed. She is so over-rated. Those outfits are not for the gym.

Blair on

She’s beautiful and my friends mix me up with her.But that silver bikini’s not my style.But other’s pretty.

rachel on

WOW! why waste your looks to look like this?
She is gorgeous

erica on

Ok, everyone is laughing at her without make-up or looking plain but do any of YOU look as good as she looks in these pictures with your make-up and hair done?? I seriously doubt it!

ss on

yes erica. i have enough to confidence to say that i look just as good if not better with make up on.

night on

I hate this woman, and always thought she was ugly. Now I look at these pictures and really can see her beauty…I supose I have eto change my mind and say that she is very beautiful. But the clothes make her look like a total hooker.

erica on

sorry but I doubt it!
not to say you may not be pretty, and I feel I am too,
but look at her!!!!
you have to give credit when it’s due. Women are such haters!

Blair’s comment “my friends mix me up with her”
Why are women so competitive???

LM on

Question: What is the brand name of the green bag that Katie Holmes is wearing on St. Patricks Day when she and Tom take Suri to Connor’s soccer game? And where can I get it? She is wearing it in the picture posted on March 19, 2007. Thanks!

sarah on

There’s such a thing as photo-shopping a picture.
I bet even Eva dosn’t look good in those lycra space suits!

Lauren M on

Okay, who in their right mind would ever 1) wear that stuff to the gym and 2) Pay that kind of money for clothes you are going to sweat in and tear apart.

Also, I am so sick of Eva and her inflated ego. She suffers from high self-esteem….

Melissa on

I, personal do not dig chicks but Eva is not pretty to me. Those pictures are have been altered to make her look like that. I am a member of a gym that there is no way I would wear something like that. I am going to the gym to get into shape, not to go there for a date. If U moved in the wrong way her breast would fall out. I believe she is trying way to hard to be sexy & that is something she in not.

jenn on

What the were they thinking,when designing that clothes it’s something I would never wear for a workout.

Carly on

I agree w/ Emi^ and she is a beautiful women… so why r u doing this 2 her!!?!

erika on

eva is so pretty and the outfits are cute but i totally dislike the silver outfit, the pants are going right up her butt!

ss on

erica, you made the ridiculous statement that other women could not be equally if not more attractive than eva. i simply responded.

first off, you’re hating on other women who have enough confidence to say that those photos are bull, especially when looking at eva w/o making up.

second of all, if you want me to give anyone credit, it would be the media and makeup artists for doing such a successful job at making an average looking girl like eva look good.

finally, you accuse other women of being competitive, etc. you’re just as bad, as you’re a total drama queen. And I quote: “do any of YOU look as good as she looks in these pictures with your make-up and hair done?? I seriously doubt it!”

nuff said.

Jennifer on

Most women don’t look that great without make-up on. And for those that think she’s “unattractive” or “overrated”, all I have to say is this: Don’t be jealous ’cause you don’t look like her!

Elda on

I don’t mean to sound bad but i look awesome w/o make up and i can actually say that i have a great body too. i think some people freak out on celebs like Eva, she is beatuful and all but w/o her make up she totally looks like a different person. i mean i freaked out when i saw her w/o make. sorry.

tara on

I think that everyone needs to leave Eva alone. She is a very beautiful woman, and everyone that posted a negative comment about her is just jealous. Honestly, how can you say that she has an “inflated ego” and suffers from “high self esteem?” Um, duh, aren’t we as women suppose to have high self-esteem about ourselves? Are we suppose to walk around with our head hanging down saying,”Oh my, I am so ugly and depressed?” No, so if you do not know Eva personally, then how can you honestly make a judgement against her.

ciara on

haha, tara, who are you? eva’s personal assistant and advocate?

Tara on

Actually, I am not her assistant. I just feel that you shouldn’t make ill comments about someone unless you actually know what you are talking about.

Katie on

I think Eva is even more beautiful without make-up. Make-up was created by men who wanted women to conform to their standards. All women look beautiful, with or without make-up, and all women should see that, and stand up for their beautiful gender.

Zahira on

First of all…Eva is not overrated!! She is so beautiful EVEN WITHOUT makeup!! Everyone just hates on her because she looks good. Have any of you thought that ALL actresses look different without makeup. And DUH no one would wear that stuff to work out in, it’s a freakin add. Do you guys listen to everything marketers tell you to do? I hope not! At least Eva has the balls to go out in public without makeup. Some women, who no one even gives a damn about, can’t even do that.

Zahira on

You guys take it out on Eva, as if she was the one who chose that outfits. Remember it was BEBE who gave her the clothes. But no one can talk trash about BEBE right?

who cares on

I think that, yes, they are different without they’re makeup, but still, they look like a normal person.
As to the clothes, if I saw anybody at the gym wearing EITHER of those, I would laugh. They may be cute, but not for working out. Also, the tops are too short and if your abs aren’t perfect yet, you could get a really crappy muffin top.

Huneybunn on

Krystal–I thought that was going to be the pic of her with her mustache, thanks for not disappointing. LOL

Tracy on

I must have to agree with Erica..There are too many WOMEN HATERS in this world.. I must say Eva is a beautiful petite woman and make-up does do maricles for everyone….

ciara on

tara, does anyone who wrote on this blog know what the heck they’re talking about? since when was it necessary to be politically correct on a tabloid blog? get real.

Kristen Y on

I think she’s got a fantastic stomach, that I’d kill for!She looks great, for the Bebe clothing line.

shangelle on

I thinks she’s hot. I love her hair. But i agree no one would wear does at the gym. Most gyms don’t allow such outfits !

Fashion Critic on

She is hot and working it to the max.

Elda on

P.S. I forgot to mention how beautiful women are w/o us there would be no butterflies, it’s men who start all the wars and it’s sad how alot of countries don’t respect women at all and us women keep on trying to make the best of this world.

rachel b. on

Eva is a very beautiful woman, although, those ad campaigns make her appear slutty/trashy.

MMM on

The outfits are not very practical for working out so I don’t think that Bebe will sell very many of these clothes. Eva did not make a good decision by choosing to be the face of Bebe’s new sport-wear because most women would not wear these clothes to the gym. Bebe should try to appeal to average women and most I think will not be able to relate to Eva because most women do not look like the ad pictures. Makeup by the way should only enhance natural beauty not make them look like something they are not.

Saiparn on

I completely agree with Zahira!!!! you go EVA!!!

erica on

get a grip!
sounds like you’re the drama queen
one word for you: jealous

Lily on

erica, what the heck? i no soooo many girls who are way more pretty than her! your way to over dramatic, wwaayy.
eva can be pretty but shes just a normal person like every1 else. she does tho, look good sometimes, but she looks way sleazy here tho.

Patricia on

I love Eva…i don’t care about those negative comments abt her w/o make-up, but i feel she still looks beautiful as a person even w/o her make-up

Lulu on

Who wears that stuff to the gym?!?

ciara on

tara, are you serious? since when was it necessary for people to be politically correct on a tabloid blog?

crystal amor (LV NV) on

All you haters give it a break come on im so sure that she dresses like that it’s what they asked her to wear they dont always have a chose she gets paid to do it and sex sales and she is a gorgeous women and thats why they used her to wear their clotheing so get over it do what you gotta do girl theres to many negative pepole in this world and it’s manley cause there so insecure about their self she looks great for her age

Latoya on

I think she’s pretty but those pics without make-up were shocking. But we can’t really look at any celebrity and say there look good because there so much make-up and fake everything. A lot of these stars are overrated because they only look good with a ton of make-up. With all this said. She does have a cute little body that seems to be very much in shape. I don’t think it matters what her size is as long as her body looks great, and that’s what BeBe wants to sell, the image that you too can look like that.

teresa on

they’re cute outfits, but who would wear it out to the gym? maybe swimming or something…..doing a strip tease for your honey or something……but not to a gym. i’ll take my shorts and t-shirt, thank you very much!

briee on

shes beautifull & looks great in the ad

Krystal on

I really hope this doesn’t mean spandex is rearing it’s ugly head again to say hello! Not everyone looks like Eva in lycra!

Amie on

IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT!!!! Especially still at that age!

Sonia on

Why some of you hate Eva?, I think she beautiful even without make up, And the sports wear is just as a runway show not much of what they show is to wear in the streets… wait to see the stores if the clothing is the same then shame on BEBE because noone can work out on that!

Tiff on

Wow, some people judge way too harshly. She is making how much more than you? And everyone looks better with make up. I agree she’s not the prettiest girl in hollywood, but she must be important if you all logged in to look at her, right?

DesperateHousewivesFan on

Jesus Christ. I wish i had her body.

erica on

i was talking to ss.
but if you’re jealous of eva too, i understand

jen on

i thought bebe was directed at women shopper…why are thye selling female sex to women…and not it is not a compliment to Eva, the whole desperate house wives crew is overrated

ss on

erica, lily’s right. you are WAY too dramatic. if you think eva’s pretty, good for you. i’m entitled to my own opinion, so take a chill pill.

p.s. you should learn to expand your vocabulary. “jealous” and “competitive” seem to be the only adjectives you are capable of using.

Shyvone on

OMG! Please stop hating, just because you won’t wear it doesn’t give you the right to bash someone who would. Its sad that most people can tell you whats going on with Britney Spears but no one can say what is the issues in education or in medicine…Seriously find an issue that matters instead of trying to get skinnier.

Mari on

I see that a handful of the comments of Eva about her being a normal person, too short for modeling and isn’t that great compared to many etc. But think about it. Isn’t it great that there’s finally diversity in the fashion world? I’m glad to see a person I could relate to, rather than seeing another 6’3″, twig thin model. Eva’s got a great body and I’m very proud of where her success has taken her. Yeah, I like the girl, she’s from my hometown (well she actually lived in Falfurris, TX) but she represents the majority of South Texas females and it’s cool to see someone who looks just like us in a magazine, that’s all. People’s opinions are valued, I’m just sharing mine.

PS: I go to Texas A & M Kingsville University, the same university she got her Kinesiology Degree at, and at one of the buildings it shows the past Homecoming queens, I think she was Homecoming Queen 1995, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in her picture. AND…I know there where no make up airbrush techniques going on for that one.


omg yall need to leave this women alone! you people bashing her are just jealous you don’t have her bod.
SHE IS GORGEOUS! i love the outfits and i would wear these outfits in the gym.

erica on

and dramatic is the only word in your vocab apparently
i am entitled to my opinion too and in my opionion you’re JEALOUS

Brianna on

The 1st pic w/ the blue & black isn’t bad, kinda cute. The other looks like some horrible retro 80’s throwback.

Alice on

She is SOOO overexposed!!!!

Helen on

Its funny how you girls talk so much s___ about a girl with or without make-up and when its a guy who hasn’t shaved or got a new hair cut or grew a beard, You guys just say something like” Oh ,I liked it before” ” EWWW’ but not laugh at them or anything or say something like ” She looks hidious without make up!”

gracie on

I think Eva looks awesome, and her outfits are totally cool. Whoever said that her outfits are ugly are either 1)Too fat to wear them and are just jealous of her body or 2)Have really bad taste because her outfits are edgy and avante garde. If you’ve got it flaunt it, and if you don’t you can be jealous but at least be jealous quietly. Don’t complain that you don’t look as good as Eva. Sheesh. . .

B.Tibo on


Ashley on

neither one of those outfits are cute. But I’m glad bebe decided to pick eva. I thought they were trying to say sickly thin was better by picking gabrielle

ss on

yawn indeed. that’s what keep you coming back to this blog right? because you’re -so- utterly bored.

it’s also hilarious that you’re every bit the mean girl you accuse everyone else of being.


Rebecca on

Eva is a beautiful, talented actress! I love her character on Desperate Housewives. If Eva is really anything like her, she ROCKS!

Luci on

She is overrated, thats all. The pics of Eva without makeup shows she is just an average short womam. Thank you Krystal

elise on

she’s gorgeous but not sure if they are ads or a photo shoot for Maxim

lola on

i really dont think this is your style! in your second picture you look like you are about to appear in star trek!! but your first pic is okay!!!

Lucy on

Ya Ya she looks good. Everyone who really doesn’t like her. Who cares, she won’t last long. Let her live in her moment. Who was she before desperate house wives?

Patricia on

I would wear the blue outfit to my gym,If u got the right physique,why hide it? my guess is the silver one is more to attract attention, but still on eva it looks great

Melanie on


squinky on

Oh, LOOK! It’s streetcorner Barbie complete with brunette wig and work-out clothing!!! Sheer genius!!

squinky on

btw, she IS gorgeous. This is just isn’t a believable look for ANYONE who goes to the gym to seriously work out. Maybe if you were going solely for the purpose of attracting creeps. No hate to Eva, but she should choose her promo’s more carefully.

Lola on

Eva is always gorgeous! Some of you are harsh and/or going to extremes to say that she has gone “trashy” w/ this AD campaign. I think not! She still looks classy in BEBE’s unconventional workout attire. At least all her “goodies” are still covered unlike some of our other more popular icons of the Hollywood world. I really doubt showing your abdominals should classify Eva or anyone for that matter as being “trashy!”

Bon Bon on

Pat Benatar called and wants her look back. Actually, she said you can have it.

Whitney on

If you’ve got in flaunt it…

olivia on

i think that eva is classy and shouldnt show herself off sextually. shes too classy for this but i still love her!

Les Grimard on

It appears that she is not actually selling a workout line…it looks like she is saying, “Don’t I look sexy right now? If you buy these clothes, you will too.”

carin on

y guys are all haters!!

erica on

are you not here also?
that means…um, get a life too?
I just enjoy getting you all worked up which you obviously are! it’s hilarious!!!

ss on


hmm…i don’t recall saying “yawn” as if i thought this blog was below me. oh wait, that was you. in fact, i do find it entertaining (by it, i mean your ridiculousness.)

i’m off to enjoy my spring break. hope you have fun trying to think of some other response to my post as if you had something clever to say. i’ll give you a week’s time to attempt to flaunt your supposed superior life.


Chirsta on

Eva is a beautiful woman, but these outfits are ridiculous. They’re more than ridiculous, they’re hideous. These outfits aren’t practical at all when working out. That’s JMO. I can see the aspect of going to the gym and wanting to look confident, but you have to feel comfortable too, and this doesn’t look comfortable. Honestly, I’m not at the gym to say, “Look at me, look at me in my sexy outfit.” Again, I’m NOT putting Eva down. She looks amazing in those pictures, and she’s beautiful, but those outfits themselves are ridiculous, hideous and not practical at all in my opinion. Although the first picture of the blue and black clothing is much more of something that someone can work out in, than wearing that ugly silver looking thing, that outfit looks like it came out of an Olivia Newton-John video, or maybe dancing on the dance floor with the disco ball blazing while you dance with John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever.”

Night on

I think she looks better natural, in the photos witout the makeup, the over done hair and especially without the hooker outfit.

faith on

I am a photographer in Tx and Atl. and I shoot high end ads for artist and clothing stores and to ever say this lady is not one of the hottest out there is just your blind! As far as the clothing …. blue is cute.. and hot.. and if you are one of the ladies that can wear it.. more power to you!! Shes hot due to she knows herself and is not afaid of what you see,. The silver one Great Shot, and if you have the courage to wear it, then everyone would notice!!!

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