Reese Witherspoon Says No More Pink!

03/15/2007 at 04:00 PM ET

It’s nice to know that Reese Witherspoon has wardrobe dilemmas like rest of us. “I recently put a big pile of clothes on the floor of my closet, and I looked at a lot of the stuff and thought, ‘That’s not me at all! What was I thinking?'” the Oscar winning actress tells Harper’s Bazaar in the magazine’s new issue. “[For Legally Blonde] I went through a pink phase like you wouldn’t belieeeve,” says the actress who recently made a big statement in a yellow Nina Ricci dress at the Golden Globes. “Then there was a Marni phase when I was doing Sweet Home Alabama that was out of control.” Gracing the cover of Bazaar’s “Look Great At Every Age” issue, the newly single mom says she celebrated her big three-oh birthday last spring “playing Boggle and eating fried chicken” with her friends. And, as it turns out, being a Friend-of-Reese’s comes with more perks than mere Boggle matches. “I give away a lot of shoes. It’s really nice to be me. And it’s really nice to be my friend who has the same shoe size.”

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Photo: Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

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j on

she looks soooo good…

ucokaty on

she is a classic beauty who oozes glamour and class! you are right reese it must be good to me you!

Beka on

What size are her feet lol

R on

What’s her shoe size?
I think every girl goes through a “pink” phase and sometimes some never grow out of it. I feel that this is her way of coming out with a new style and I’m looking forward to her new style.

Elda on

She really does take care of herself!!

liza on

she honestly is the epitome of old hollywood, right up there with Clooney. I think she’s stunningly beautiful, and looks even better ever since leaving her two timing husband. She’s classy and talented, we need more like her in Hollywood!!

what on

She got married with a bun in the oven at a really young age and she is now a divorced mother of two by the tender age of 30. Despite her accomplishments I would say ..It’s not great to be Reese Witherspoon.
Why is this even reported on, she cleaned out her closet … BIG DEAL. I did that last week. How boring and self indulgent do you have to be to tell a story like that.
Who cares about your clothing color fazes woman, you won an oscar, do you have anything interesting to say?
More and more I am convinced that most actors mentally are still children.
This Dimadozen irrritates me, but I’m sure many people just loooooooove her… hmmmmm I wonder why?

janedoe1083 on

I love her. . .I think she is a fashion icon, very classy with cuteness of “girl-next-door” She seems like she’d be approachable

Megan on

Geez “What”…you are awfully judgemental!
She’s real. She’s hard-working. She’s a good person. She’s smart. She’s not a trash-talker. And that is “why people loooooove her.” And it’s the MAGAZINE’S choice for the article theme…not hers! I’m sure she would discuss any topic at hand; not just clothes.

anon on

Jeez, calm down what. She’s harmless, no need to get all riled up because people love her.

She looks amazing in that shot.

Lauren on

She’s gorgeous and relatable. I love her movies and her personal style.

alice on

Seriously, out of all the loser celebrities out there, you are going to pick on Reese Witherspoon? That is really sad.

Lillian Gorham on

She looks ridiculous. All peroxide and cheap lipstick.

Brooke on

Beautiful girl. Even more beautiful ring!

So she's great and all BUT on

i mean she is a great role model and it’s good to see that she can stand on her own two feet but this shot is just not for her. what look is she trying to pull off? you all love her and that’s great but love her enough to agree that this shot is just not working for her. IT JUST ISN’T.

anon on

Well I think this shot is sexy as hell.

cmelanieb on

What. I appreciate Reese more then a lot of celebs out there just knowing that she has gone through similar life experiences as us “no-bodys”. She has held her head high and remained professional during it all. She is a classy ladie that is for sure, and stunning to boot!


She’s ok… her movies are ok, and she’s not that great of an actress, but she’s kinda cute, and I’ve always thought she looks like Gizmo the gremlin.



elle on

I love love love Reese. She is so awesome. Love her look, her style and all her movies, I thought her and Ryan made a cute couple, too bad he is just like all men. Well, she is better off without him and she can stand on her own! Go Reese!!

Meri on

Holy crap! This is the hottest I’ve ever seen her.

Rachel on

Jeeze Lillian…if you think Reese is peroxide and cheap lipstick,I’d love to hear what you had to say about Jessica Simpson or Pam Anderson!Oh and Gizmo was a mogwi not a Gremlin!I’m sure he’d resent that.I’ve been a Reese fan for a long time.She was a child actress too and could have gone the ‘Lindsay’ route but didn’t!

Bebe on

Maybe she should donate some of those pricey shoes to charity.
Poor little pretty rich girl. I wish I had her problems.

Carly on

It always surprises me when someone says “why is this news?” If you don’t care about things like this, why on earth are you reading You know what People magazine reports on, right? You cared enough to click on Stylewatch and comment on the blog, no? Here’s a tip: if it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. The topic of this blog probably took up three sentences in Bazaar. It isn’t as if Reese had her publicist shout this from the rooftops. Another FYI: for shoots, the photographer literally takes hundreds of shots. The magazine selects the ones they’ll use. At any rate, those who don’t even bother to post using an actual name are probably trolling. Reese is intelligent and beautiful. I appreciate that she does more than one genre of film. She also owns her own production company.

Student on

I’m a college student studying the postmodern fascination in celebrities. If any of you have any thoughts that might lend me a hand, that would be wonderful. What do you feel interests you most about the lives of celebrities?

michelle on

i LOVE it!!!

whatever on

She is overrated just like Clooney. What has she done besides make so-so movies? She just tries to come off as this perfect person having the perfect life. Yeah right. She is so snobby and fake no wonder Ryan couldn’t stand her anymore.

janedoe on

I think she is great!

enigma on



It’s refreshing that there are people out there who can find a bit of humor in everything and not be so bleedin’ uptight over such trivial matters as a celebs life…

Reese, seems to be very dedicated towards her work and her kids, which more important than impressing the public.

Thanks for the laughs and Cheers!!!

Kristin on

She looks AMAZING!! FAr cry from the bubbly look she protrays in soke mcies. She is very sexy yet mysterious in this pic- good for her!

kayla on

shes ok as an actress? hmm i think she won the oscar for best actress last year lol but w/e just thought i should put that in there

enigma on

Hey Student!!

My answer to your very interesting question is…..

What interests me the most is to see celebs constantly misusing life (their riches n’ fame) and lacking a real sense of purpose to progressively contribute to society and the world. And the publics weird fixation that celebs are gods (supposed to be perfect, when no human is near perfect) of some unique kind and yet the public is so critical of these gods!!!!

Since, we (society) are the ones who put these people on such a high pedestal there should be no room for critics…because stars and gods are consupposed to be considered perfect!? right!?

But, they are not, celebs are people full of flaws just you and I!!

Well, Good luck with your work/writings!!


enigma on

Excuse me, I forgot to play editor in my comment….opps!!

Kelly on

First off…to What…if you’re going to insult someone try spelling words properly. Doesn’t give you much credibility when you can’t spell phase.

I love Reese and think she is so classy and smart! I also agree that no one should be insulting her on the topic of the article…she doesn’t select the topics, the reporter/editor does. She looks beautiful in the picture too! Ryan who?!?

Tiffany on

Wow, enigma!!! You just defined ignorance for me. Great job!

BC on

I can’t stand Reese, she is the most stuck up celeb ever! and she is not that pretty

Nique on

I am sorry but I have never found Reese to be “gorgeous”
She is a great actress, but beautiful…. I don’t think so.

Nique on

I am sorry but I have never found Reese to be “gorgeous”
She is a great actress, but beautiful…. I don’t think so.

kaye on

Hey Reese! Can you also give me some shoes please?? What size do you have? I have a size 6, but if your size is bigger, then maybe you can give me the closed ones (not the sandals), then I can just put a cork on it to fit me. I really want a designer shoe but I can’t afford it….i have 2 kids, all boys age 3 1/2 and 1.

Ashley on

Anyone see Reese in “The Man in the Moon”? Great – chic flick / tear jerker. I also love “Walk the Line”. She is such a great actress.

She is also extremely beautiful, smart, and seems pretty down to earth. She is gorgeous in this picture!

I am certainly a Reese fan!

May on

There is abslotulely nothing wrong with Reese Witherspoon. I bet if you were to see her on the street she would proably be totally cool and take the time to talk you. That is the kind of person she seems like to me. I would love to meet her. I actually was upset when her and Ryan Phillipe separated. As for this picture she looks gorgeous. For all you haters well you shouldn’t be a hater. You don’t even know her personally so why would you not even like her.

enigma on

Tiffany dear,

Excuse me if I have offended you in some way! My comment/answer to Student was purely based off by observing how the media protrays the majority of celebs reputations! Yes, I know I have strong opinions but, ignorance is not the correct word at all……..I’ll try my best to be demonstrative for you!

Ignorance #1.the condition or quality of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, education, etc. #2. unawareness.

Tiffany dear, not all celebs misuse or lack. I am happy that there is a long list of celebs that contribute to the world….Jolie, Clooney, Ryan, Swank, Witherspoon, Garner, Pitt, Madonna, Bono, Oparh, Crawford just to name a few among the list that use their fame and riches to promote good in the world which is wonderful thing!!! Helping the poor people in New Orleans because of Katrina, helping in Darfur, helping with inner city kids here in the U.S., bringing awareness to cancer(s) and AIDS/HIV…there are stars that help and bring hope to the world!! I am FULLY AWARE that there celebs that go out of their way to help others….Oparh being the best example. I just wish ALL of them would do that instead falling into the traps of drinking, partying, wasting money, speeding sprees, and looking foolish in the publics eye on top of it all!!

Perhaps, if you have read any of my (many) other postings you will see that my comments are made from observations and I try to encourage other posters in a positive way! Perhaps, I did not reflect long enough on my answer to Student. I was so intrigued by Student’s question, I answered in a hastily manner!!! We all should stop to think why are we fascinated with celebrities it because they have lots’ o’ money and we don’t, is it because they have the things we would like to perhaps have (one day) and they don’t need to worry about rent, food, clothes, or that they don’t have to work everyday to make ends meat or is it the way they are treated by the media and public…because it’s for them to harness a fleeting moment and become famous for it….Students question is very valid and I think very answer is valid to because it’s all based on opinion…..perhaps the reason why we are critical is because that’s what we want…..I don’t know….these are just ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I once posted a quote here in “off the rack” awhile ago. I’ll post it again…….because it’s an important one!!


-Horace Greeley.

Remember to open eyes and see what’s not there, remember think outside the atmosphere because there is a greater power or energy that runs it’s course through all of us!

Anyway, no offense and I hope I explained myself well enough to shake off that word ignorance from my mind!!!

I hope I have demonstrated being humbled.

Cheers and Take care!

alice on

Wow, some of you sound like your nuts. I mean, “Never cozies up to other moms”? How the hell do you know?

cw on

Reese looks sexy hot!

Stephen on


prodigalpipz on

just love her!

Lily on

I love her!

Maria on

I’d buy the magazine just for that cover! Man, she looks better that ever.

Blair on

She’s beautiful.I like her.She’s sucha good actress.And she wears clothes very good.But pink looks really good on her.But this is her choice.

what on

See so many women LOOOOOVE Reese, Why? Because she is plain and boring. She’s short with an average face and an average body. Every time I go to a restaurant or buy anything anywhere I am served by some girl who looks just like her. All you women think she’s so great because she is one of the few celebs that you can relate to and who doesn’t intimidate you. Trust me, guys do not sit around talking about how HOT she is they talk about other celeb girls which coincidentally most girls happen to hate.
This woman reminds me of the insufferably closed minded Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the view who has declared on that show “I just love Reese”; case and point.

Many stories here on off the rack are worth reading so I have every right to comment that this particular one was ridiculously boring. But I so love that tired rebuttal of why are you commenting here if you think it’s so boring. It’s called criticism and it is valid. Carmen Electra falling = good story. Reese Witherspoon’s clothing dilemma’s = ZZZZZZ. I guess Ebert and Roeper should stop watching movies since so many of them suck; nope that’s the whole point. It’s called constructive criticism. We are asked to comment so I did. Questions?

Now Please call in the National Guard because I misspelled the word p-h-a-s-e by hitting the Z key instead of the S key, which if you look at you keyboard is located below and to the left of the S key. I might misspell many words because I have a life unlike nerds who go around correcting other people’s spelling.
I didn’t ask for anyone’s feedback last time and I am definitely not asking for any now. Thank you and enjoy your mediocrity.

Courtney on

Reese is so beautiful. I really admire her and her strength. She’s been through a lot with her divorce and all.

Glenys on

Personally, I hate pink, so way to go Reese! :)
She looks awesome! Would love to see her as a brunette again though!

what on

To add to my argument, Reese told this story to a magazine so I think she does have “control” over what comes out of her mouth. Many people would use the opportunity to speak to a magazine for something a little more important than cleaning out their closet. Maybe she could have given all those clothes and shoes away to a woman’s shelter, I doubt her friend is needy.

Don’t be mistaken by celebs, she may not be a Paris Hilton clone in terms of behaviour but she’s still another richie rich living in luxury in a world full of poverty. If you’ve ever seen an interview where any actor or actress talks about working 16 hour days on movie sets don’t bother feeling sorry for them. The reason they have to work crazy hours is because their overblown salary takes such a huge chunk out of the films budget that there is never enough money to hire the ideal amount of workers or rent the locations for a decent amount of time so the crew is always understaffed and overworked. It’s the same deal on every movie set with a big star who demands a big paycheck; everything needs to be done super fast and all the “little people” have to work insane hours just so a person like Miss. Witherspoon can make $20 million for acting in a movie. No one on earth deserves that kind of money when more than 20 million kids in the world are starving. She a greedy, self absorbed rich girl just like the Hilton’s, Lohan and all the others, she just has a cleaner social life. She has enough power to change the greed some of the greed in Hollywood but she just allows the big money truck to dump out the millions every time she does a job that so many little girls (who have hardly any clothes in their closet)dream about being able to do(and never will). She has stated very often that she is extremely bothered by the paparazzi, well what goes around comes around; a greedy life has consequences.

Inge on

To the “Student”: do you honestly believe that by asking such a simple question you will get the answer? That would hardly take up any brainspace, leave alone lecture time, would it?

MixednLovely on

I think Reese is an amazing actor. Yes she wears all the makeup that hollywood makes her, and dyes her hair and all, but that does not mean in anyway that she is “fake” or “snobby”. I have read articles about her, and she is real, just as real as anyone of us nonstars. And she has that natural beauty. If she were not to wear makeup, she would still be beautiful, because she has the natural facial structure of an angel. Honestly, I wish I could have her face and hair.

GUL_X8 on

SHE IS very beatiful girl

KT from Cda on

I like Reese b/c she is not constantly in the papers or the news. She doesn’t do the Lindsay, Paris or Brittney thing. Her family is too important for her to be out partying or being half dressed out in public. She is not trashing Ryan in the papers all the time. She is a pretty good actress too. As for this pic or her, I dont think its the best. It’s giving the wrong meaning of her. This pic belongs on the cover of Hustler or Playboy.

Alice on

Oh no, God forbid Reese speak about clothing to a… gasp…FASHION MAGAZINE!!! Seriously What, you sound like an idiot. Maybe YOU should take a lesson from yourself and talk about something besides celebrity gossip. You aren’t any less frivolous than anyone else so get off your high horse.

Juliette on

Gee What, if you really “have a life”, why do you waste so much of your time on writing eleborate posts that only bring negativity into the world. If you really care so much about all the poor people in the world, mayby you should spend that time on helping them instead of being a grumpy old nerd and putting down Reese Witherspoon. I think she is wonderful and unlike you she gives of a positive vibe!

Kelli on

Janedoe 1083,

If you think that stars are mentally children, and this article is self centered, then why are you reading people magazine? Go clean out another closet or something.

Alice on

Janedoe 1083 didn’t write that, What wrote it. Along with a bunch of other rude comments. Apparently, she thinks she is above everyone but she spends an awful lot of time arguing over celebrity gossip.

what on

Wow, actually my posts took me no time at all, since I am not a mental midget I can actually do both, work for causes and write for leisure for half an hour on a blog, and travel, excercise to say in shape and clean out my closet, enjoy life with my husband who shares my beliefs etc… but, I guess that’s too hard for small minded people who couldn’t write an ‘elaborate’ post and accomplish anything else.

Since no one knows me and I am not a public figure you can’t possibly know how I live, but I do and I’m proud of my life and it’s lack of frivolity. We are welcomed to leave our feedback and in this media saturated world it’s a good thing to do a little venting once in a while. In my life I have developped values and in this world, which I have seen a lot of, where so many people have nothing and there are endless causes and charities that need help it’s quite nausiating to see someone accept a $20 million dollar paycheck. I guess some people think that it’s all good and that socially there are no giant consequences to the media’s promotion of the celebrity lifestyle. Nope no consequences at all, that must be why so many kids have their head on straight and dream of helping others instead of dreaming of closets filled with designer clothes, fame and fortune. oh wait a second…

I didn’t proof read and I left some spelling mistakes in so that other people can find them and feel better about themselves.
On this fashion blog people often leave social commentary, sorry for not being a brainless space cadet who can only talk about shoes, like any girl I like shoes but when you have a brain it’s gets a little boring to just talk about fashion without it leading to topics that might just happen to matter a little more. Maybe leaving something more than “cute, I love it” does some self absorbed, spoiled, fashion addicts some good and helps them think about something other than their appearance.
Sorry life can’t be all about handbags 24/7 since there’s a whole reality that lies beneath the handbag, like some poor kid made it because the world is messed up so enjoy your fashion by all means but don’t be blind to all the selfishness, so find a cause to support once in a while and remember there’s nothing healthy about idolizing someone you’ve never met.

Now please go watch the movie Clueless and look for the hidden message. Honestly I feel like that movie was made for the girls who get all upset when someone dares to interrupt their fashion session to speak the unpleasant truth.

Music on

I love Reese Witherspoon. She is a really great actress, and a great role model to young women…not like some of the other young hollywood women out there who only focus on shopping, haning out in laguna and drinking all night.

Emily on

I think she looks really beautiful. She looks really classic and I think she should stick with looking that way. Luv Ya Reese!

amber on

Hmm, I guess if you have any interest in fashion than you must not care about social issues at all, right? Give me a break, What? Your posts have to be some of the most ridiculous I have ever read. But thanks for the good laugh. The women briefly mentions her clothing in an article to a FASHION magazine and you are practically ready to hang her. If you would stop running your mouth and do your research you would know that Reece has been involved in multiple charities. While I don’t condone the act of celebrity worship, I will have way more respect for Reece than some loser who talks trash about a woman they don’t even know. You are on a blog about celebrity gossip, what exactly do you expect the articles to be about? Please, get a life and don’t put down people who aren’t as close-minded as you.

what on

My messages were for the girls who have a crumpled up vogue magazine where their heart should be, a designer purse where their brain should be and a credit card where their moral compass should be. Enjoy your shallow lives.

Kim Ball on

Is the student- Sam’s friend Jonathan? It would be too funny if you were the student looking for data on people comment line-

rachel b. on

Reese is bold and daring seen in the green!

anna on

she looks very nice.

cAiT on

She looks way better

rosie on

ok for the people with the negativivity if you dont like her so much then why waste your time writing a paragragh on her about how bad she looks. honestly stop being so insecure about your selves and go find something better to do with your time.

stocean on

Oh,she is really beatiful!!!
And i love her!

Syeila on

I think she looks great. It’s a different side to her.

Bedina on

She has started coming to her own, she look more & more beautiful day by day

sara on

I think she looks great and she should stay that way love u!

erika on

reese is so classy. she is chic and sophistocated: unlike fergie or those other celebs. i love you reese!

Ashley on

I think we all agree that What needs to chill out. You make such a big deal about how we are big losers for liking Reese and commenting on the blog, yet you’re the one who keeps coming back to the blog four days in a week to defend your comments and your sorry pathetic self! Give it a rest

anne on

she looks hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!@#$%^&*()_++_)(*&^%$#@!@

sabina on

she’s really beautiful, in every “phase” she’s gono through::

sarah on

reese is so adorable and i love her style and a good hollywood role model. she deserves better than ryan

Sara on

I have met Reese Witherspoon and she is one of the most down to earth, kindest people you could ever meet. She is gorgeous, talented, and a great mom to her kids! I agree with a previous comment made that if you do not think this is news, you shouldn’t be reading! Additionally, all of you ranting on about how her movies are so-so and she has not accomplished anything take a step back and evaluate what you are doing with your life!

annon on

Actually, I don’t think What needs to chill out at all, I think she is simply pointing out some very real, though certainly inconvenient, issues.

I think What’s frustration comes from the fact that here are people who have it in their power to make a real difference in the world, but choose not to, and instead focus on replacing their wardrobes…

But I guess addressing a audience has its perils! I don’t mean to appear self-righteous, or anything, but I imagine the average reader will indeed be more interested in fashion, celebrities, and gossip, rather than poverty, celeb hypocrisy, etc..

Anna on

Right on Ashley! I am sure WHAT has to keep telling herself that she is happy and has a happy life when in reality she obviously has some anger built up and has to take it out on a fashion post. Get over it WHAT. Oh and on the actual point of this post Reese is great.

And Annon when people are reading this mag of course they are interested in fashion, stars and gossip. I am sure a lot of the readers are interested in poverty but they don’t read People mag and post on the blog but instead donate to charities.

amy on

i love reese she is my role model she is beautiful and a great actress..i dont see how anyone cannot like her..and if you dont then your just jealous..her kids are so cute and she is a great parent..i love her look and she has good taste in men….i loved her from the very start her 1st movie…” the man in the moon” and she does not look like a gremlin im sure you do…

Alice on


Just because someone has in interest in fashion or celebrity gossip does not mean they don’t know about world issues. Give me a break, you sound ridiculous. In fact,last time I checked, most people were multi-faceted. Its called a guilty pleasure and everyone has one. Some come on these blogs to take a break from reality and read about something light-hearted, there is nothing wrong with that you and What seriously need to get over yourselves. If you think you are so above all this, than go somewhere else, its that simple.

allison on

I totally love Reese Witherspoon!
She is my idol…not only because she is amazing at everything she does but also because everytime i meet someone new they always tell me i look like her and it gives me butterflies just to hear that over and over : ] She is totally an awesome actor and i really hope to meet her one day.
I love you Reese!

Allison Anthony

LJ on

Hey kids, be warned, this blog and many others are now the property of “WHAT” (as in “what-the-heck-makes-you-think-you’re-all-that). Get set to steep yourselves in the miseries of the world, many of which are already a part of your everyday life, because “WHAT’S blog” is no longer for frivolous diversion, but for her self-righteous rantings.

Sophie Sarofsky on

Reese: YOU are inspiring! You are beautiful, smart,
sassy and a great actress. When I read the blogs of others who critique you, I smile and see their comments in green.
They are simply jealous… of a woman who has worked her
derriere off to be where she is, walked through the pain of a divorce with her posture straight, tall and humble and
who makes it obvious that she loves her children. You
go grrrl, you are looking hot!

Naphtali on

Look at that sexy thing.She looks so good. I want to be her because she is so pretty.

LJ on

I think you’ve taken an ingenious (if unique) approach to collecting data.
My personal opinion (soon to be subject to rebuttal by WHAT) is that we/society is fascinated with celebrity life for several reasons:
A) We’re all pretty aware, firsthand, of the ills of the world and need the occasional diversion.
B) It’s quite intriguing to dissect the differences in our lifestyles and try to imagine what it would be like to live extravagantly, and how they happened to arrive at such “luck.”
C) I have personally found that keeping track of celebrity’s lives makes mine look so much better. I mean sure, the two pairs of shoes I own are from Payless and they have 500 dresses from designers I can’t pronounce, but my spouse is devoted to me and my children are happy & healthy, and nobody hides in my bushes trying to get a picture of me without my makeup. I’ve never been caught on film without my panties and I always know which direction to drive on the interstate. I am of the opinion that we are so intrigued by celebrities BECAUSE of their human fallibility – that they make us that much more grateful for our average little lives and the fact that they aren’t played out in front of the whole world.
Not that I would mind having $30 million…

Pam on

She has never looked better…love the hair, and soft makeup!!!

enigma on

Hey LJ,

HA-HA!!! I had to laugh!! What a great comment you just wrote to Student…I hope others find it just as funny!!!

Have a great day!!! Cheers!!

Amanda on

I think it’s very interesting how self righteous What has portrayed herself to be (We’re all very happy for the spotless life you lead). True, criticisms are valid but, then again, nobody asked you for it. You are not in the same category as Ebert and Roeper…their opinions are in demand. Your uninformative rants, on the other hand, were simply posted on a public forum without any invite at all and do not contribute to anything.
If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Maybe try blogging on Nick Jr. – kids may be more tolerable of your bitterness.

Melissa on

Sounds like these people have some childish ways. Good God.
Her job is to act & she is good at her job. I do not care is she is pretty or not. We can not pass judgement upon her because we truly do not know her but it seems to me that she is one of the few I do like. She is very much is down-to-earth.We do not know “why” Ryan & her marriage ended but U know she feels like everyone else. Whatever the reason she is hurt. So I say,”Good job” & I hope much happiness for Reese.



ps_paris on

I Love Reese and I think she looks better than ever! My favorite part about her is she is so beautiful but she never tries to be in the spotlight. She seems like a down to earth, southern girl and she never tries to be what she’s not!! She is my favorite Hollywood Actress and I plan on naming my little girl after her one day…Kambryne Reese!

Claire on

to what:
i agree with a lot of your arguments. there are a lot of peopel who are obsessed with celebrities and fashion. but i think you are coming on a little harsh by calling so many of these girls stuck and spoiled. they maybe, but you shouldn’t be so mean about. and its true you are allowed to leave comments, but about the picture, not aout the other people commenting. so perhaps this isn’t the best way to get your argument across.

ps_paris on

I Love Reese and I think she looks better than ever! What I love most about her is she so beautiful but she never seeks the spotlight. She seems like a down to earth southern girl and never tries to be who she’s not. She is my favorite Hollywood Actress and I plan on naming my little girl after her one day…Kambryne Reese!

Claire on

to what:
i agree with a lot of your comments. there are a lot of people who are obsessed with celebrities. they are just people. very attractive and rich people, so they seem appealing to some people, but just people. however, someone said tha you are really judgemental, and it’ true you can leave your comments, but perhaps you can back off a little. its also true that you don’t know them, and neither do we, so we can diss them and we can’t say we love them. it’s good you are so concerned about the rest of teh world, but perhaps your comments aren’t ment for a celebrity site commenting on a photo. take it easy, you don’t have to hate teh world.

anita on

i think she looks very natuarl thats why she looks beautiful and fresh !

Rose on

Good God “What”! Nobody wants to hear your bitter, self-righteous ranting! Who are you to say that someone who likes handbags, shoes and celebrities is somehow below yourself? I LOVE Reese, I LOVE my Prada handbags, I go to every day to look at Star Tracks–and you know what, I still manage to be an informed, educated and socially-aware person. Get over yourself!

liv on

egima and tiffany stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!1 she looks gorgeous anytime. but especially in that pic.

Tiffanie on

As a young mother myself I hope i look like that when I’m 30, but I’ll still be married ;) Oh, and i love the look, she’s a classic beauty. Even as a child actress she never went through an awkward stage. I jope she’s happier this coming year than last. Love her.

Rebecca on

Alice, your posts made me laugh. “What”, your posts made me sigh. Why sit around blogging about the negative when you could be doing something positive with your time? Just because many people don’t take the time to write in complete sentences with correct punctuation–we are, after all, on–doesn’t mean they are brainless fashion slaves. I’m not really sure why you chose as your forum for venting about people that are in need. I would suggest Livejournal or MySpace.

valerie on

she looks so great..she’s beautiful!!


She looks hot and always has. I would alamost become her next husband.

Spresa on

Happy Birthday Reese… you’re one of the best actresses out there and you’re definately an inspiration for young women everywhere.

Spresa on

Happy Birthday Reese… you’re one of the best actresses out there and you’re definately an inspiration for young women everywhere.

Willow on

Well, for all you haters…..why are you here if Reese and other Hollywood types bother you? A little two-faced if you ask me! Sorta like being at a political convention, spouting your views, and you’re not even a registered voter! If you hate Hollywood and what it stands for, stay off a site that’s all about Hollywood! Geez…..

Anyway, Reese looks great. I think she’s really come into her own, and dumping hubby looks good on her!

Zahra on

I really like her. I think she has a very unique and beautiful taste than any other actress.

Amanda on

Well spoken, Willow

cindy on

she IS soo beatiful! i dont know why that loser left her!..she is a true beauty:)

Chirsta on

I love Reese Witherspoon. She’s beautiful, talented and adorable. As someone already stated, Reese isn’t overrated at all. You don’t see her parading around like a Paris Hilton. She’s hardly ever in the paper. You’d probably never see her dancing up on tables half drunk, probably never backstab someone just to make news in the mags, and I’m guessing you’d never see her half dressed with her boobs or butt hanging out. She’s a dedicated mom whom loves her family. All that other crap is secondary (partying, drinking..). She loves and enjoys her family and puts them first, and she’s a provider for them. She makes great movies. After that Oscar she won for “Walk the Line” (which she was amazing in by the way), her movie projects will get better and better over time. I’ve enjoyed all her movies that she’s made, and I think she’s a wonderful actress.

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