StyleWatch Editors Want to Know: How Much Would You Pay for a Haircut?

03/14/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

We have seen a meteoric rise in price for haircuts in the past several years, sparked by shag goddess Sally Hershberger (think Meg Ryan’s iconic cut) and her $350 price tag. We thought that had topped off at Madonna-fave Orlando Pita’s $800 fee. But like designer bags, fees for seeing a high-profile stylist seem to have no limit, and celeb stylist Ted Gibson is now setting the jaw-dropping pace for highest price. You’re going to have to cough up $950 to get a turn in the same chair in which his celeb clients, like Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie, entrust him with their tresses. Uh, we think we’ll just stick to his much more affordable product line. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: What is the most you would pay for a haircut? What is the most expensive cut you’ve gotten to date?

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Kim S. 24, St. Louis, MO on

I pay $45 to get my hair cut, and that is about all I would pay, there is no way I could afford $950, even if it was just once! I will stick to my $45 haircut, thank you!

Lis on

Wow! That is outragous for a haircut. I pay about $30 for my haircuts. I don’t think I have spent that much on haircuts in my life.

Joyce on

$50 at the most is what I would pay for a haircut. That’s including tax AND tip!

Michelle on

I think it’s ridiculous… frankly, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie’s hair don’t look that remarkable – certainly not $950 worth of amazingness. And it’s only going to make other hair stylists raise their prices, because they’ll probably think that if their prices are lower it means that they’re not as good as the other stylists. I really don’t think any haircut warrants that pricetag, unless I can wake up everyday with perfect curls, the perfect straight hair, or the kinds of waves you see in those Pantene commercials – and all without doing a thing.

Heather on

I would only pay about $70, but Jessica ooks hot!

Kristin on

Um, a hair cut?? No more than $50. $950 is absurd.

Jennifer on

Ditto Michelle

Jenny A. 27, Des Moines, IA on

I pay $80 for haircut including a tip. I thought that was ridiculous, but $950 is outrageous. I guess we have to keep in mind how much money these ladies make. $950 to a celebrity is like $10 to us uncelebrities.

Heather S. on

Definitely under $100!

ann on

$950??? there are so many other things that you can buy with 950 dollars! I’ve paid up to $100 but that included styling and tip…

Christine on

I usually pay about $110, for a cut, colour, and highlights. I paid $200 once, and felt ripped off. $950 is just ridiculous – when will people realize just how wasteful some of this designer stuff is? How many starving children in Africa could that money help to feed?

Brittany on

Anything over $40 for a cut and a tip is crazy!

ClaudiaPortugal on

Does she have gold on her hair? These girlz must have completely lost the sense of the value of money.

Frances on

I am amazed at the IA person paying $80 for a hair cut. I live in Kansas City and the average price for a good hair cut would be $30 or less. Not sure why anyone would pay more for someone to cut something OFF of you!

enigma on

Well, I am sure some of you know what I think about this..

Can we say….”I DON’T THINK SO!!!!” Who’s trying to impress who…here…hhmmm!?!?!?!

I usually trim my owm hair. I have long-ish curly wavy hair so it’s alittle easier to cut but only because I think paying 45 bucks (seems to be average) is alittle too much out of my pocket, 25 to 35 bucks seems fair.

But, then again I am artist…art supplies are more important than the latest hot hair stylin’ do! Plus, I am a natural girl…I don’t like all those products gunking up my hair…and those products STINK…if, you have a fresh nose to the smells! During a photo shoot, one hair stylist told me I had “virgin hair”…and I thought…cool!!!

Well, that $950.00 hair cut, could pay my rent and still have enough left over for some food!!!

$950.00 for a bleedin’ hair cut..TOO MUCH..and..NO WAY!!!

tarheel220 on

I pay $25 for mine. I used to pay close to $40, but then I found a hairdresser that’s right near work so I didn’t have to travel 20 miles each way.

KC on

I don’t see a $950 haircut on Jessica Alba, no offense, but you can get a better haircut in your local Mall. She must be paying the extra 900 dollars for the hairstylist name attached to the hairstyle but I’m here to tell her she over paid. The most I have paid for a haircut is nothing, my hairdresser includes a trim with her washes and blowouts if it is needed ( 40 bucks). Even when I get a relaxer and a cut she charges me just for the chemical treatment ( 80 dollars).

ucokaty on

nice point jenny a! it’s just INSANE how much wealthy people will pay for anything. Neither of their hair looks that amazing…. the only hair stylist that should be paid that much would be the person who gave america’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, her famous haircut. The Rachel haircut was a huge trend, but these haircuts look pretty ordinary seems to me.

Kristen S. on

I pay 70 dollars for haircut and highights/low lights…and my hair looks better than Angelina Jolie’s!

MaryBeth on

The most I have paid for a hair cut, including foil hi/low lights, was $175. That is a little steep, even for me, but I got what I paid for too. It was my second attempt at a major change (the first time 3 yrs earlier was a complete disaster and I left the salon in tears) that I was making to my waist length, natural blonde hair. All I knew was that I wanted to look sexy and fun yet professional and I needed something low maintenance…the stylist could tell that I was hesitant and unsure but had the utmost confidence in himself and even went so far as to cut off 4 inches more than what I had originally asked for…I had never been more pleased or satisfied with my cut or color and still to this day will drive 8.5 hours back to New Orleans (I live in Jax, FL) to get it done.

Carol on

I just got a cut and color and eyebrow wax this morning for $75.00 including tip. Same stylist for 14 years. Is this $950 person using any different tools than my stylist? I doubt it.

jen on

I get mine for free because I am a hairstylist! Honestly I was not even looking at her haircut! I love her, but those roots are terrible! The ends need to be as dark as the top, or the top needs to be as light as the ends.. That is just my biased opinion.

Melissa on

Maybe I am missing something but I do not see a hair cut. Jessica Alba’s hairstylist ripped her off and he/or she must have hypnotized her to believe that this is a hair cut. Her hair style can be done by anyone for free, I know 950 things that I can with that kind of money instead of blowing it in one sitting.

georgie on

i normally pay about 10 euros. i paid 50 the other day for a cut, wash and color and felt cheated…

susana on

I have paid $300 dollars, but no more than that. My hairstylist is pretty amazing and I would not trade him for anything. But $950.. way too much..

kaye on

I think that these Hairdressers take advantage of the fact that since they cut famous celebrities’ hair, they can charge that much!!! They are like sharks!!! I mean those Celebrities like Angelina or Jessica are also a goddess….they are good looking people so a haircut won’t make that much difference….. I would admire those Hairdressers if they can make an UGLY girl look gorgeous with their haircut!!!!……………. THEN PROBABLY, I will pay that much for their very unique expertise.

Tania on

$950.00 is very steep for a haircut, but if I’m going to pay that much, it will definetly be something no one will be able to duplicate. Jess, it’s just not worth it!

lkd on

FREE My mom is my hair stylist! And i might add better than any celeb stylist out there!

Diana N., 27, Woodbridge, VA on

The most I’ve paid was $50 because thats what I can afford. But if I was a high profile person like Ms. Alba, I would definitely dish out $950..easily. For the riches, it’s not about the money it’s about treating themselves to whatever they want and why not? They can afford it.

Bambi on

Lol…agree w/ u Kristin! Although I’ve not witness it. But I definitely do not think Angelina has nice hair at all. To do all the humanity work, why is she even wasting $950 on a hair cut? she could’ve use that money to feed 10 child for a whole yr for Chris sake!

Colette on

I pay around $50 for a haircut. I have very long hair that needs to be cut very carefully.

JenB on

$950 is outrageous. In this case she was paying for the name…she obviously wasn’t paying for the haircut itself. It’s nice, but not $950 nice. The most I was ever charged for a hair appointment was $70. That included shampoo, color, cut, blowdry, and tip. My stylist is grossly underpaid. Her work is just as good as some of those Hollywood folks.

Mary on

Hairstylists are highly underpaid-I just read a Labor statistic that the average stylist only gets $17,000.00 a year. It is very hard work, you do have to have secondary schooling along with continuing education and you have to be highly skilled to deliver quality goods. Having said that, there has to be a balance between the $17.00 haircut and the $950.00 haircut. I think $50.00 to $70.00 depending on the cut is plenty, factoring in the stylists time and the overhead in a salon.

Ellie on

I pay $12 for a haircut at the Aveda Institute. The students there do a great job and are supervised throughout the process. I also get my highlights there for an economical $42. I used to pay $30+ for a haircut and $100+ for highlights until I discovered this little gem of a place.

Stephanie on

Totally ridiculous! I pay $14 and like the hair cut that I get. I don’t go to any fancy place, just wherever is cheapest. Why spend $950 of a hair cut when that money can sponser a child in Africa for 2-3 years! I respect Angelina alot but that is silly to spend that amount of money on a hair cut. Her of all people should know what that kind of money can do in an underprivileged country.

marcy on

I just got my hair done last week and $185, I have long hair, this price included a cut, dye and highlights. These stylists are getting out of control, but if someone is willing to pay they will continue to charge that much!

sonia on

I pay maybe $50 for my hair to be cut, and $100 if you include dying my hair. Celebs can afford the high price ticket, I mean some actors make like $20 million a movie what’s a lousy $950 gonna hurt

Kelsie vanderflute on

These celebrities are a little out of touch, don’t ya think?

I mean my god, $950.00 for a hair cut! You never know what life will bring, someday a celebrity may be poor and then they will be ashamed that they spent that kind of money on a flippin’ hair cut!

Also if they truly believed in giving to charities, they would get at $30 hair cut and donate the rest to Locks of Luv or something like that. It’s all for show!

angie on

I know that there is a difference between a salon and great clips – but a hair cut is a hair cut. She could go somewhere and spend $100 and get probably the same hair cut. She obviously has the money to blow away.

I believe a good haircut is worth 50-100 dollars…

Jan on

Gee, I sure wish I could charge $950 an hour. Work a few hours, and be done. Go out and play. But the stylist sounds like a typical opportunist. Work in the backyard of the rich and famous, and claim a piece of the pie.

My own haircut was $43 with tip but my stylist has left so I don’t know what my new one will charge. Prices at the salon where I go start at $35 for ladies. I wouldn’t be surprised if my new stylist charged $50, but I wouldn’t want to pay more than that. And that’s because my hair doesn’t require much. I like the scalp massage they give at my salon, and the great hair washing, but all I have are light layers in my long hair. I don’t do highlighting or ultra stylish layers because frankly, I’m pretty boring with my hair. I wish I could do more, but I have an active job as a trainer and when I get up in the morning I pull my hair back and go. When I go out, I condition it and get out the flat iron but all I need from my stylist is a soft touch (don’t pull!) and to keep it all neat.

Jan H., 35, Farmington Hills MI

alice on

Between $50-$100, depending on what I’m getting done. Bottom line is I don’t have great hair and no hair stylist would be able to fix that, it would take a miracle. So why waste the money.

rachel on

that is just out of this world!!! who does that? I cant imagine spending over $150.00 on my hair… I know Angelina Jolie does alot of great things for people who are less fortunate you would think she would feel bad about spending $950 on a hair cut…

Cassie T, 25, Cleveland, Ohio on

$950?!?! That is a bit steep. I get my hair colour and cut for a little under $100 and I thought that was a good price. Come to think of it $950 for that cut and color doesn’t look any better than my hairstyle!

Diana on

I normally pay $45 for a haircut, but if Brad Pitt was the stylist and shirtless, i may surrender the full $950!!

h on

Wow. For $950 I would expect something spectactular–trendsetting, even. Her hair doesn’t look any different than mine does after a $60 cut.

AngelaM on

Absolutely Outragous!!!!!! For a cut only, $35 would be my max.

pam w toronto on

Well, being a hairdresser myself, I get my cuts for free. I charge $38 plus tax (and a tip if one feels so inclined) That is about the average where I live, people are charging as much as $100 for a wash, cut and style in my little town. Haircut prices vary alot depending on where you live. The rent for a salon is alot cheaper in a smaller town than a big city, so it makes more sense that you will pay more for a cut in a downtown salon. That all being said, $950 is insane, just for a cut!! The most I have EVER charged a client was $350, and that was for a 6 hour colour correction. (she turned her hair bright fushia from a box die!)

anon on

You have got to be kidding me – she paid too much for that look – and she should be ashamed to be that vain when all that money could be put to better use. Her reputation however, leads me to believe that we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. She must really believe she’s something else. What is she known for anyway? Being rude to all those around her??? Yeah, that’s a worthy ambition – give me a break…

LC on

Altho $950 for a haircut is OUTRAGEOUS, I think pricing is always relative to location. I’ve paid for a cut/style/colour with a junior stylist in a big city for $250 whereas you can get the same cut/style/colour in a small town for under $100. Personally I would never pay almost a grand for my hair but for celebrities, their image is their livelihood…

Kate on

The most I’ve spent on a hair-cut was $80…and I just found a lady who does the same great job for $25…

Shelley on

$950 is CRAZY! I can’t believe a hairdresser would actually think he/she is worth that much. Talk about price gouging… just because Jessica Alba is a celebrity, doesn’t give that hair dresser the right to change anyone that much money. As for Jessica paying that much – she obviously can afford it, but still doesn’t make it right.

g on

Get real! These celebrities make me sick. Don’t they realize what $950 could do for so many other people in the world?

Elda on

that sure is alot of dough for a hair cut but then again i’m not a hollywood star. i live in the real world.

Stefy Macri on

I went to get my hair done last week and it was 350 dollars total.
My hairdresser is amazing so Ill pay whatever he wants. He costs 110 dollars an hour. He rocks my world, and I am sorry but What is a more important accesory then your hair?

lavinia on

??????????you gotta be kidding?!!! Is there any gold, diamonds,or anything on those scissors to deserve that price??????????? I get my hair cut for 25-30$, and I think I receive much more atention for this price, at least my hair looks nice. There’s no way I’m paying that much for a hair cut!

Kristina K. 24, Tustin, CA on

I used to pay only $20 for a cut and then I started going to a salon my Cousin works at where it costs about $45 for a cut. I immediately noticed a huge difference in the quality of the cut you get along with the personal attention (and not just because he was my cousin.) I loved my hair from the moment I walked out of the salon until I went back in for another cut. At the cheap place I might love it about two weeks after it had been cut and grown out a little and I’ve even had to go back to get it fixed once because I hated the way it looked. So I do think there is a difference between a cheap cut and a salon cut but I don’t think I would ever pay more than $45 (plus tip) for a haircut.

tori on

I haven’t paid for a cut/color since 2004, niether has my husband, i guess that’s the good thing about going to beauty school, i just do it myself. $950 is absolutely crazy! The most i ever threw down for my hair was $160 and that was @ a spa for a birthday….$40 is reasonable.

Rebecca on

I usually pay $20 for a haircut, including the tip, and my hair looks better than Jessica Alba’s! The most I’ve paid is $30 with tip, but that’s too much for the simple trims I usually get- no wash or style since I like using only my natural hair products and I don’t blow dry. It’s insanity to pay almost a thousand bucks for a haircut!

Hook on

How do we know she wasn’t getting some “extra” service if you get my drift? $950 better come with sometin’ extra is what I am saying!

Hillary H. on

Just had to reply to the post where Christine stated she had paid $200.00 for a haircut in the past, then went on to state “How many starving children in Africa could that help to feed?” regarding the $950.00 spent by some stars. How many starving children could her $200.00 have fed??!!

Annie F. on

No way!!! This doesn’t look that great and is just an illustration of how celebrities have lost perspective of what money really is. What a waste!

Anon on

I have a hard time believing that celebrities even pay for their haircuts. For a hairstylist to just be able to throw names such as Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and others out there will have “normal” people that have the money to burn flock to their salons. The stylist will more than make up for not charging the celebrity.

However, to know that anyone pays $950 for a haircut is just beyond ridiculous. I mean…COME ON! Really?? I pay about $72 with tax and tip, and I think that’s being luxurious.

Lauren M on

I have you ladies beat!!! I pay a whopping $11 for my haircut and it is so awesome. I go to a shop near my home that is privately owned and Taisha (my stylist) gives me the most beautiful layers and styles….I look like a celebrity!!!…from the scalp up!!

enigma on

Maybe Alba’s stylist justifies the $950.00 by charging 10 cents a hair to cut!!?? I don’t know that’s the only way I could figure the math…

But, then again, most celebs have no sense of being practical, reasonable, or realistic!!


chamiro on

$950 buys about 15 trips to the salon for me—depending on what I get done— but that’s because I’m definitely NOT a celebrity. If I had all that cash, I’d probably splurge too! Btw shouldn’t this hairdresser pay the celebrites for making HIS name famous???

Charlyn on

I pay about $40 for a haircut/trim. I guess these hairdressers know that their clients can afford them so why not hike up the price right? They know so-so makes about $12 million a film so why not charge quadruple when Ms. Megastar walks in their salon…right?? I guess when you have the money, a $950 haircut is like chunk change to them…oh well!!


The most i’ve paid was $165 but that was with a colour corrector, highlights, cut, and blow dry. I thought that was insane! I think its ridiculous that someone would pay that much money…myself and my friends have nicer hair!

Mozee on

I think $950 is worth it…its much more than a cut; its also the maintainance and overall health of the hair. I pay $50 for my haircut, but if I could, I would pay $950. [besides, if you have enough for a $950 haircut, then you probably have enough to spend hundreds of dollars elsewhere such as charity and things..just a thought….]

jessica on

$950 for a haircut? I think a better investment of that money would have been acting lessons. Yikes.

Tiffany on

They only charged her $950 because she could afford it…………duh!!!!!!!!!!
But it looks aight

Kristen C. , 26, Dafter, MI on

I only pay $15 for a cut. I normally get a cut, color, highlights, and style and pay only $75 and that includes the tip. If people think that they deserve a $950 haircut and can afford it, I say go for it. I just wonder if all of his clients get charged the same, or if the price goes up the more famous you are?

Jackie on

The most that I’ve paid for a haircut is $20, and I’m not willing to pay much more even if I were filthy rich. My hair looks just as gorgeous with a $20 haircut as it would in comparison to the $500-$1000 haircuts that celebrities often get.

Dawn on

For 950 she should look better my opinion. She’s cute but that hair looks like a super cut for 9.99.

emma on

i only pay $15

Melissa on

That’s INSANE! Neither Jessica Alba nor Angelina Jolie’s hair looks all that special. It’s plain long hair with slight layering at the ends – something you can get anywhere. It just goes to show you, it doesn’t take brains to be famous!

Sarah N. on

OK, so I paid $250 for a cut in South Beach last summer– the woman butchered my hair, then still charged me full price! Around here, I pay about $120 for a great cut and colour from a local high-end salon– and that seems worth it to me. But $250? Ugh!

-Sarah N.
Fayetteville, AR

adrienne day on

i pay $55 for a cut and blowout at an upscale salon 60 miles west of manhattan. we are not in new york city so the prices are reasonable.

Carla on

I would not pay more than $60 to do my hair and that’s a lot? $950 is mindblowing….is it even her’s. If not, it better belong to Jesus!

Gina R., Ft. Lauderdale on

The most I ever paid for a haircut was $120. The salons in South Florida tend to be a bit pricey, but I think $50-$65 is a fair charge if you get the perfect style/cut and are happy with the results.

j on

jessica is ignorant for paying this much. whether you have the money or not!!!! there’s nothing remarkable about it, plus her roots and ends aren’t even the same color! i STUPIDLY payed $200 for a haircut one time and literally it was THE WORST CUT i have ever had. it took me once to learn that lesson. i now pay between $60-$72 for a cut w/partial highlights and keven is the best hairdresser i’ve ever had.

StaciLynn on

I pay about 400.00 includeing tip. I have shoulder blade length hair that I have processed and damaged useing home dye color. I’m told it will be about a year of trims every 6 to 8 weeks before my hair is back to normal. Also I use only Joico products and every 3 monthes I have my hair professionally clarified. I never use a brush on my hair and havent in 15 years. Fingers only. I usually wash twice a week but on occasion only once. Guess the price is subjectivly worth it to get the long flowing hair my husband wants to see on me.

Carla A 26 Acworth, GA on

I would not pay more than $70 for a haircut. $950 is mind blowing….is it even her’s? If not, it better belong to Jesus!

Amber on

I could have done the samething to her hair with a brush. She got played!!!

kristina on


Jacqueline on

The most I’ve ever spent was $45, including tax, tip, and blow drying. I even thought that was a bit expensive, since I got a simple haircut–nothing special.
However, if i was a glamorous, rich celebrity, I would deffinately consider spending $950 on a haircut if it looks good. I’ve always wanted an expensive, sexy haircut… not a cheap ugly one!

Maybe some day I’ll be able to afford a $950 haircut.. or hey, maybe even $1000! Wh@t$ @nOtH3rR $50 w3N yOuR3 FiiLtHYy RiiCh?!

Wendy L., Columbus, Ohio on

$950 could make my rent, car and start putting food in my home!!! That’s just a little stupid if you ask an average person. The normal working class can come up with more conceivable, realistic things to spend that kind of money on. Personally, I only spend $8.50 on a haircut. I go to the Ohio State School of Cosmetology. I let students cut my hair, and a Director checks for errors. It may take longer, but in 21 years, I’m 30, they have yet to screw anything up. My stylist even made me his final exam one quarter!!

Kyra on

I really don’t think that one has to pay so much for a hair cut. If celebrities are willing to, go for it, but we all know that we can get a similar cut by a talented stylist for a lot less.

lorena on

There is no way I would pay that for a haircut. First of all, I can’t afford it and it is ridiculous!! The most I would pay for a top-notch cut would be 50 dlls! I currently pay about 20 something, though!

Amy B on

I think it’s all relative…
if your making 1,000,000.00 a year it’s not a big deal.
I make under 50,000 and i pay $100 for a good cut and style. So i think it’s all relative to what kind of money you handle.

JLO is the most extravagant…she has a personal hair stylist wherever she goes and charges her $2000.00 a style!!! (i watched a Bio on her last night)

Alice on

I agree with Anon, these celebrities probably aren’t even paying for these haircuts. The hairdresser is probably just happy to have these big names as his clientele so he can charge his non famous rich customers this huge amount of money. You know celebrities get everything for free even though they are the ones that can afford everything.

mandie on

There is absolutely no way i would pay 950 dollars even if i had it. Theses celebs need to realize that even though they have the money to do all this stuff, you could get a GREAT hair cut for no more than 100 dollars and us that 850 towards something useful. I just think it is ridiculous to spend that much period. I usually spend about 60 dollars for a cut and to me that is a little pricey, but okay. 950… that is just crazy if you ask me.

me on

the most i have paid is 250 for cut and a few foils..but the cut wasn’t my best cut that’s for cut ever was 14 bucks by a male student at a hairdressing school

Michele on

$950.00? Yikes! Her hair in my opinion does not even look very good, it is not shiney and the color is very flat looking.
I pay $130.00 every 8 weeks for a cut, weave & style. (+$20.00 tip) I really like the guy who does my hair. My hair is healthy and shiney. I get a lot of compliments and most important, he does what I ask. My hair is wavy and very thick, about shoulder blade length.

natalie on

I pay 8 dollars for washing my hair, cutting it and blowing it dry afterwards!! Of course I live in South America but still..
I could use an extra $950!! :D

niki on

I pay around $ ridiculous to spend $950 on a haircut..there are people in this world who work their entire lives for that much money. Theres no product [no matter what they say] that will make your hair look amazing all the time. Advertisements anyone?

Mary on

Only my mom used to cut my hair (for free!)–and for someone who always wears her hair in a simple ponytail, that’s all I needed. However, now that I live far away from her, I just pay up to $15 for a haircut, because again, I only wear my hair in a ponytail. It’s just too much effort to try and style my hair into something else every single morning.

But I suppose I’d be willing to pay up to $100 for a haircut, if I needed to look fabulous.

Mary D., 23
Mountain View, CA

susan b. on

$950 is out of my ball park, but I pay $150 for a haircut and $200 for highlights and what a bargain! I get stopped several times a week and asked where I get my hair done. (New York, of course!)You wear your hair every day, so you should get the best you can afford. I have to say I don’t see what’s so great about Jessica Alba’s hair, though…

Megan F on

42, Great Falls, MT
Even for a celebrity $950 seems pretty steep. What part of the country I live in determines how much I would pay for a haircut. Here in Montana I pay $30 with tip and wouldn’t pay more than $40. When I move back to the DC area I’m willing to go as high as $80 with a tip but I might not get my hair cut as often.

Erin Duffy on

Why would pay $950 for a haircut then go and put $2000 worth of extentons Does not make any sense to me but im not a star who get this for free

shelley on

I pay $40 (tip included) for a great hair cut and a super nice day spa in our town. While I think that $950 is way excessive for a haircut, I think that people need to get off their high horses about how these actresses should be spending their money on more charities etc rather than expensive haircuts. How do you know how much they give or don’t give? How much are you giving? Have you given up your coffee habit or whatever indulgences you have in order to give more to charity? We are all responsible to give in proportion to what we have.

Kim on

I don’t even pay $950 for a haircut in ONE YEAR!!! I don’t go over $90, and that’s only like every 3 months.

Lisa on

$950 is rediculous! Is this picture of Jessica Alba supposed to be showing us her new cut? Her hair looks completely NORMAL — nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary…

Now color is different… I would pay probably up to $150 for a good colorist, maybe a little more…but for a cut – no way! I’d pay $45 tops…

Julianne on

I think it looks tacky. something 950$ should not look like that!

Andrea H. 24 Tennessee on

I would pay that much for a haircut… beauty does not have a price. I get my hair cut about once a month, and usually spend about $100 plus tip on it. If I were a celebrity and had enough money to spend $900 on a haircut, then I would. Beauty is everything in their industry, right?


I was going to a hairdresser once in Tulsa, by Wild Oats, and she charged around $70 for highlights and a cut. She quit (or got fired) and went to another salon downtown, and then she decided she wanted to charge $150 for the same thing, so I found another stylist. She was good, but not that good!!!!!!

And the other sylist I found seemed really good at doing highlights, but then she slacked off and got sloppy, and my highlights looked crappy. Sometimes I had to go back twice for a re-do!! She always overbooked herself and I hated her rushing to get my hair done and get the other person in. So I fired her! Now though, I coloured my hair light brown with Natural Insticts and it’s about $6, and thats cheaper than $100!!!

But if I ever decide to go blonde again, I will have to pick a brand new stylist. Anybody know any wonderful stylists who are excellent at doing natural looking highlights in Tulsa Oklahoma???

KT from Cda on

I really can’t see how her style is worth that much. It really doesn’t look like anything special was done to it.

kaylie on

$950 is way too much, that’s obvious. However, I’m a little frightened by all of you entrusting your hair to someone who is only charging $15 dollars and you’re feeling really proud about it. There’s being sensible and there’s just being CHEAP. You should always make sure your hair looks amazing, that’s what everyone sees! There’s never a need to spend a month’s rent on appearance, but I find with hair, you get what you pay for. Cut corners with cheap flip flops or something.

Catt on

I pay $75 for a haircut and weave at Supercuts – I get compliments about my hair all the time – often from hairdressers…always inquiring as to which salon I go to… don’t have to pay a fortune for a good haircut and color, you just have to find the right stylist. $950 for a cut? Never!

AC on

You people need to remember that these people are celebrities and they get tax deductions even for hair cuts. For a normal person that is crazy (covers my rent). How much do I pay? if I get color, high lights and a trim …$65 not a penny more.

Leanne on

I pay $50 to get my hair cut and am kinda shocked that Angelina would spend that much. She is so involved with her causes and so “un”celebrity like (or tries to be) that I would think she would be one of the stars who would think that spending that much on something so trivial is BS…but it’s her hair. I think that $950 is way too much and ridiculous to boot! The hairdresser who does my hair is awesome and will probably never make that much money in her life for a haircut…I guess if you are lucky enough to live in Hollywood and do the celebs hair you can charge what you want…but I still think it is BS!

Carolina on

$950??!!! That is just insane. They are not paying for the actual haircut – a cut is a cut irregardless of who does it. They are paying for the name of the stylist to be attached to the guy. I wouldn’t pay that much ever b/c I would know that the entire time the stylist was probably laughing at how stupid I am to allow getting so ripped off!!!

Taylor on

Does anyone else think that this is the worst her hair has looked?! I usually love her but her hair is too dark and harsh and the bangs are too heavy…

Lizzie on

I left my old salon after they started jacking up their prices (the most I paid there was about $120) and I wasn’t satisfied with what my stylist was doing to my hair. My stylist now is wonderful and I now pay about $25 (shampoo, cut, style, and tip). $950 is just ridiculous!

Kim T. 32, Phenix City, AL on

People pay what they can afford. Obviously, 950.00 is nothing if you are making millions. I pay 50.00 and only do that twice a year!

alana on

I think moronic celebrities are sometimes checking their brain out at Hollywood’s gates. It’s insane to pay $950 for a haircut and die job that looks like it got done by some amateur with severe vision problems. Her hair is a lot darker on top than the ends, it looks like she can’t afford the dye job with it. In retrospective though, that’s what it might have happened, she freaked out when she heard about how much he charged for the cut, so she skipped the color. This is the most ridiculous overpriced thing i’ve heard of as far as hair goes. I used to work for a salon in Birmigham, an upscale area in Michigan, but even those guys had limits. They charged $65 for a haircut, and it was delivered with professionalism and looked a lot better than Jessica Alba’s. Does anyone know, was she being secretly taped for a Punk’d show??? I just can’t believe anyone would pay that much, no matter how much money you had, it’s ludacris. hope she gets it died soon. I pay $140 for a haricut, color, highlights and style, and i have superlong hair.

RR on

She is so stupid for doing that. Even if I had a billion dollars I wouldn’t pay that. Does she not know there are starving children in the world. Come on Jessica way too shallow. Hey Shelley don’t compare everyday people to the celebs with the charity giving. Not even close.

Maya Deren on

It saddens me to think of the good things she could have done for someone else with the majority of that money instead of splurging on a self-indulgent, not very amazing hair cut! The most I’ve spent on my hair is $24.00, and it always looks great.

Janet on

$950 – give me a break – I pay $65 for high/low lights (discount price since I’m a cancer survivor)……celebrities should be putting their money to better use – like cancer research, feed the hungry/children, etc. Celebrities need to set an example, be the front-runners for taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves…not flaunting their riches….how disgusting.

Carly on

Geography does have a lot to do with it. I would imagine the L.A. area would be expensive – the $350 for Sally Hershberger doesn’t surprise me, but $950 for Ted? Yikes. At least Sally’s cuts are usually innovative. Other posters are right: Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have the same type of hair I see on people every day. It’s nothing spectacular. $950 seems insane for such a plain style.
I generally pay $160ish plus tip for a cut and foils. My salon treats its clients like queens, and my stylist is amazing! Half the time I tell her she can just do “anything” to my hair, and she always comes up with something that looks beautiful and classy. Her cuts don’t start to look funny when they grow out, either, so I only have to get my hair cut about 4-6 times per year. I am willing to pay the amount I pay for that degree of service. On the other hand, I’ve paid $50 for a cut and color before, and I hated it. It wasn’t done with the same care and expertise, and it didn’t look good. I’d rather pay a bit more for a flattering style that I adore. At my income level, I doubt I’d pay more than $150 for a cut alone. If I were incredibly wealthy I might pay $350 for Sally, but I’d NEVER pay $950 for a cut. On a side note… I wonder how Angelina Jolie feels wearing her $950 hair and expensive clothing around the people in refugee camps in Darfur? I once worked for a natural disaster assitance agency, and I felt guilty even wearing my wedding ring around people who had literally lost everything…

Grace V. on

Paying $950 for a haircut?? I prefer to put that money on the stock market!

My hairdresser is a Japanese guy who is absolutely amazing and the haircut cost me $ 75 each THREE MONTHS. That’s the proof that he is really good! (and I have short hair)

bo on


Hera on

I get my haircut from the Paul Mitchell beauty school for $10. They charge $10 for any haircut that you want. If you have one in your vicinity, take full advantage of it.

Tracie on

I pay 45, and I sometimes complain about that. I have gone to her for twelve years though and I think I am at her stopping point. I actually think she charges 50 or 55 to new clients. 950 is just stupid…

Patty Sawyer on

If you make millions a year, then $950 isn’t really that much. Celebrities do have an image to maintain.

Virginia on


Susan D, 39, Framingham, MA on

About twice a year I pay $70 for a really great cut. In between, I pay about $10…

catrinel on

WAW! Girlz, US must be really cheap!!! An average haircut at an average beauty saloon in Bucharest exceeds 100$! And if you want profy haircuts, u have to pay double, or even 300$ (that’s the hair washing and the haircut only). 950 $ seems a lot, but the prices you provided are spectacular!!

Teresa Phillips on

It’s the fact that people will actually pay that is what gets me. I love those beautiful women, but since (especially /angelina) are so into giving to the poor, why not pay a respectable price and give the rest to people who would benefit from it? My stylist is FANTASTIC and only charges me $40. My hair is almost to my waist. Healthy is what really makes a style, not a ridiculous price tag.

jennifer on

well, when u make the kind of money she does you can spend whatever you want on your hair. i only spend $60 thats my max. i know a friend of mine spent over $400 dollars once on her hair. insane

Lynn on

Hey if i had as much money as they did I would do it. But I don’t so im not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy on

I have natural curly hair that I straighten, so I pay about $75. It is so worth it to pay someone that won’t leave me with ends that look horrible. But who am I to judge the money that other people spend…


that is the most outrageous thing ive ever heard!! $950???
goodness people its a freaking hair cut!! it grows back and youre going to have to cut it again!!!
i dont think its really the star’s fault but mainly the freaking stylists who think that their hair cuts are great.
i swear some of the stars hair is nothing an average person can get but yet they pay these people hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cuts that you can get a freaking fantastic sam for like $25!!
i would never pay $950 and whoever pays more than $75 for a hair cut is just insane!!

Carmen on

It’s their damn money. They can do whatever the hell they like–as long as they are also helping the less fortunate, also. I can’t believe that people are paying nearly $1,000 for a hairstyle when others die daily and throw themselves at an empty bag of chips to eat the few crumbs that might still be there.

Natalie on

Even if I did have $950 I wouldn’t waste it on a lousy haircut like Jessica Alba’s. Celebs have too much money to waste on stupid stuff like that. I love Eva Longoria’s and Jessica Simpson’s hair! They have the best hair in the entertainment industry…Go Ken Paves! I would want him to do my hair!LOL
I usually spend $35.00 for a haircut,including wash, and style. My max would be $50.00. I do my own color and highlights at home…I found out I like it better than the salon plus its cheaper!

Jewel on

I pay 65-70$ CAD for my fabulous hairstylist I’ve been trusting with my hair for 7-8 years now. He has so much experience and won prizes that’s why his price went up. He can probably be as good as that Ted, just that Ted got exposure by celebrities in LA.

Darlene on

well I just shaved all my hair off and it cost me 20

M on

I think Jessica Alba’s hair and Angelina’s hair sucks. They don’t have amazing haircuts or styles ever. They are just attractive women with long hair. When you talk about cutting or styling hair think Reese Witherspoon or Michelle Williams those two have blah hair until their stylists get to them and turn their tresses into fabulous styles. I have paid $100 for a haircut with tip and that’s ok to me because I find that having curly mixed hair you need a well trained hair cutting expert. Nick from What Not To Wear charges around $200 and he’s famous and great. $950!!!Ridiculous considering Ted Gibson is wack. I have made that determination based on the horrible hack job he did on the Marie Claire makeover chicks. I cut and style my friends hair better than that. Not to mention that one of the women was Black… what a shame when a “top” Black hairstylist can’t even do a sister’s hair. :( not worth the dough at all!



Chris on

Jessica, you’ve been suckered. Your hair looks no different. Geez, doesn’t anyone use their brain anymore or is this a case of the emporer’s new clothes where they say, I paid a fortune so I *must* look good. You do look good, but not that good.

dawn on

i pay 45 to 55ish for a haircut and somewhere from 50 to 90ish for what i call my stripes…the receptionist calls it highlites. my hairdresser says doing my hair is like going to bootcamp because i tell him every thing to do!
hey, i am picky…of course he does a fantabulous job and total strangers come up and give me compliments even when my roots are and inch long! so my guy is worth that and the tip and more. shout out to brad……hey brad !
check him out at h and r salon in somerset north,troy,mi.
tell him dawn sent you ;-}

Heather on

The most I have spent on a haircut is about $200-$250. But that included color, cut, and style! I’m picky! : )

Krystal on

This haircut is so simple, long hair is the easiest haircut for people who basically just want long layers…I am a hirstylist myself and trust me this haircut is NOT worth $950!! Save your money and spend the basic 40 dollaars and get the same result, if not better!

Nikki on

$950 is ridiculous. I pay about $80 for cut, colour & highlights and I always get people asking me where I got my hair done. My hairdresser is great and she’s honest but she doesn’t rip you off. Celebrities talk about giving money for charities but they spend money so stupidly when the extra cash could go to really impoverished people. Besides I agree Jessica Alba-although she is beautiful-has hair that I see every day and Angelina Jolie’s hair is just plain, boring and doesn’t turn any heads here.

nat on

I usually pay about $140 for highlights and a cut. I have paid up to $250 before but when I do that, I can only get my hair done 4 times a year!! Roots here I come!!!

Bella on


Genny on

The largest amount was $180. That was for a color and cut. That is the highest I would ever go!




Monica B. 24 Gastonia, NC on

I pay $75 for cut, sytle, and highlights. My hair always looks fabulous its hard to imagine what it would look like if I paid $950!!!

Irene Mckeon on

I think the most I have spent has been $60, but I hate my hair style I have had about 2 maybe 3 my whole life (27 now)and if I could have access to Ted Gibson, and yes money was no object I would definately pay him to cut my hair.

Michelle R. Dublin, CA on

The most I have paid for a hair cut and color was $350, with a hair dresser that I didn’t even know. I thought that was a bit excusive though. However, I think my hair is my best feature and I am willing to pay dearly for it. When my hair looks good, I feel confident and pretty. But now I keep the same hair dresser and pay at the most $165 without tip.

Mira on

$950? What? No way. I pay $75 plus tip to my hairdresser and that’s a bargain because he knows how to cut curly hair and offers free sessions on how to straighten your hair or updos for special events.

Wow, and I thought I paid too much. This is just a sign of celebs having the money to waste.

Michelle K. Kansas City, MO on

You can definately tell a difference between an $8.00 haircut vs. a $70.00 haircut. It is hilarious that someone would pay $950.00 for a haircut. But I’m not surprised, has anyone watched Cribs on MTV? A lot of people spend like crazy when they have millions of dollars on things a person like me (who barely gets by) would never dream of spending money on.

alicia on

Of couse it’s a little expensive, but who couldn’t sweat 950? Not alot of money and NOT outragouse!

Linda S. Juneau, Alaska on

I wouldn’t mind paying the price for a great haircut where I live. We don’t have very many great hair stylist here in Alaska.

Brenda on

I usually pay around $50 and that includes the tip. Do you know how much you could buy with $950?

christy on

um, 16 bucks? 950 is just ridiculous!

Yajayra on

That’s insane! I wouldn’t spend that much money on a haircut. I pay $25 at most. My hair is not high maintenance so there is no much to it.

Lillian Gorham on

SHAME ON ANYONE who gives that kind of money for a haircut.

tabbitha on

If i had that kind of money like those celebs do then whats the big deal?

If you have the money more power to you, but if you dont then that seems outragious (sp?) but shes got it, and she doesnt get to keep the money when she dies so why not spend it if you got it?


vicki on

to waste that much money on a haircut is unfortunate…especially to anyone who thinks that’s okay

Rachel Collins from MI on

i pay about 100 dollars for a hair cut and color. i cant imagine paying over 900. I’m sure i could find something more meaningful for that kind of money.

London on

One of the problems with our society today is everyone wants a bit of the stardust…including the hairstylist who feels he warrants $950 for a cut. It is sad that we as a society allow ourseleves to be coaxed and lured to feel if we don’t pay the big bucks we are not getting a solid product. I wish Jessica or any starlet would not allow a hairstylist to take such advantage of them. End the madness people! You’ve got the power and money to say, “Hello no!” And as for Sally Hershberger (Meg Ryan’s stylist)… she needs to get a clue too! Her cuts are not all that great. Actually, she gives the same haircut to everybody. HOLLYWOOD STOP THE MADNESS!

Nance on

I have paid from $10 dollars to $30 for hair cut, and $70 for highlights. I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for a hair cut. $950 UUUUUUUUUUUULLLALLLLLAA

Jasmine B. on

$13. Welcome to the real working class world Ms. Alba.

Tina C. on

Ted Gibson charges $950 for a haircut, very interesting. There is a stylist in NYC who charges $1,000.00 for his hair cutting services. I wonder if Ms. Alba paid for the haircut herself, got the cut gratis or did another third-party paid (production company, p.r. firm, publication, etc.) to have her hair cut. I have had my haircut by a couple of the top stylists–both who are Ted Gibson’s peers–in both Los Angeles and New York. Their talents were worth their weight in platinum and their rates were a quarter or an eighth of the price of $950. It’s all about the fact that the hairstylists work has been seen on all the celebrities, stage, movie screen and television screen, in all of the publications and all types of media. They feel they can charge what they charge. There is one thing they all have in common: It is about the client and what the client wants and feels comfortable with.

Ann Darner on

The cost of anything is dependant on where you live. I live in small town Ohio. People my mothers age (70-50) think paying $8.00 is too much for a boys general cut. They keep telling me to buy clippers and do it myself. How embarrased my boys would be if I tried.
For my hair though I have never paid more than $100 for anything. The $100 was for a perm. There is only one man I trust to do chemical treatments to my hair. I hate paying that much but it is the cost of trust.
As far as a hair cut… Who cares it will always grow back.

Prianka on

The most I’ve ever paid for a haircut is $170 and I know that it definitely wasn’t worth it. A $50 hair cut would have produced the exact same result. I honestly don’t understand how a normal looking haircut such as Jessica’s and Angelina’s can cost almost $1000.

jen on

um… 950 for what again i just don’t see it what is so special and by the way i thought she had short hair so she paid that much to get her extensions cut wow she is so smart…sorry the hair and her are not cute

sue on

i pay 200 for cut and color

Pooja R. 22 Rochester, NY on

I have recieved a $300 haircut from a stylist that claimed to have worked at Frederic Fekkai and I have also recieved a $25 haircut. I almost took the $300 stylist to court after what she did to my hair. The $25 stylist fixed her butcher job and for the first time in my life I feel like my hair is amazing and when I’m walking down the street I feel as if my hair is just as nice as all those celebrities out there dishing out $950!! Lesson learned here is that it’s not how much money you spend or the name behind it but the talent and listening ear of the stylist themselves!

PHILIPPE Nathalie on

In france I pay nearly 80 euros for a cut hair, shampoo, hair cream, and color.

Dierdra on

I get mine for free since My mother, sister and I are all hair stylists.

Alexis on

$950 dollars it extremely expensive. Why would these celebs pay for such expensive haircuts when the next week they end up slapping on a piece of weave afterwards? That’s a waste of money, and if they had any sense they would put money to good use.

Bethy on

$40 including tip…anything over that,regardless of “star” status is a rip off…Aunt owned a Salon and was very good at her “art”… she was laughing all the way to the bank.

Jenni Schroer on

I usually pay just $13.00 for my haircut. I think that that is a pretty hefty price. I color my own hair, so maybe that’s were some of the more extravagant pricing comes in. I just know that if my beautician started charging $20.00 or more for me to get my hair cut every six weeks, that I would probably let my hair go longer between cuts.

leisa leisa on

The thing that gets me is that I bet you any money Jessica and Angelina get their hair done for free…. Thats the pay off the Ted Gibson gets.. he gets to say he is the hairstylist to Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie!!!


Daniela on

Ludacris. I pay about $50 for my hairstylist which I think is reasonable for a wash, cut and style for long hair. And if I may say so, my hair looks just as good (when I style it of course!) as those who are spending $950! That’s pure insanity – half of the celebrities out there have fake hair anyway!! What are you paying $950 for when half the hair isn’t even growing out of your own head!?

Jessie on

Yikes… i guess it is just because I am from the Midwest, but I pay like $15-20 for a haircut. I can’t imagine paying $50, let alone $950.

Probably the most I would pay is $30.

Isabel on

950– its a lot for a haircut. personally i dont think jessica alba needs to spend that much, she’s gorgeous w. or w/o the haircut.

tanya on

$950.. thats nothing for a haircut, once i paid $1,200, in Paris.

Jes on

wow so not worth it. especially when its ‘ruined’ in 6-10 weeks anyway and u gotta go back

Ann on

I am a hair stylist, and I would never pay nor charge more than $35-$50 for a cut and style. Come on, do you really think a $950 haircut is that much better than a $50 one?

Kitty on

I pay $25 for a hair cut and that’s because I’ve been seeing my stylist since the very beginning!! She charges $50 now!! I wouldn’t pay $950 even if I COULD afford it! That’s kinda pricey… hair doesn’t stay the same that long!!!

M. Dillard on

I’m a 26 year old guy that pays a whopping $5 for his haircuts. I live in Houston and the salon does a great job on my hair each time. It’s outrageous that celebrities make that kind of money to be able to throw it awaylike that. Last time I checked; teachers, nurses, and social workers worked just as hard or harder and what are they making? Seems as if playing a sport exceptionally well or being able to memorize lines has priority over the welfare of our nation’s children and the sick.

Van on

That’s crazy!! I never have to pay to get my hair cut. My mom always give them for free to family members and she’s quite good too.

Stacy on

I once went to Regis Salon and came out looking like someone took a weedwhacker to my head all for the low price of $50. Then I found a girl at Supercuts who does a great job and uses techniques the high-priced salons (razors and such) for a very affordable $13.95.

lydia on

I swear this pps r startin 2 abus the fact that they got money..who would spend $950 on hairct…who in the rit mind..OMG.. i barely ever go out 4 a hait cut, bt if i do $10-$20 is enouf..GEE



b on

that is crazy…….will she be able to claim that in her tax

Little Sprout on

The most I’ve paid was about $200, which included a cut, highlights & lowlights, some color treatment I didn’t ask for (so supposedly they took the charge off), wash, dry, style, and tip. But they had the best massaging chairs you laid in when they washed and then massaged your head. And then they let you lay there for a while. It was heaven. But that chick annoyed the crap out of me after that incident. I have since moved and go to an Aveda salon where I pay around $150 if I have to do the whole “clip and dip”, about 3 times a year, about $50 if I’m just getting a cut.

$950? Girl must be out of her damned mind. Seriously. There are shoes out there that need a good home, and she could spend her money on those.

More seriously, though, invest that cash or put it towards something charitable — more charitable than your freakin’ hair!

Cecilia on

That is a ridiculous amount of money spent on a haircut. I cringe when I pay my stylist $82 (includes tip). It isn’t like she has the best hair, so how different can that stylist leave it compared to someone who charges alot less? These people don’t know the value of money. She could have done something a bit more valuable with that money. But than again, they are celebrities, they don’t care about money.

milinda on

Wow you talk about some extra KA-CHING in her pocket

Tee on

I think you are all nuts! I pay $10, 15 with tip. no, it doesn`t always look the same afterward, some of them miss spots or isn`t perfectly even, but……I`m not in front of camera`s all of the time being picked apart by the media (ugh!)I knew a gal once that about freaked over the fact she paid $80 for an $800 dollar purse! get real people! to me $80`s is a weeks worth of groceries.

fiona on

i pay $50 but i wouldn’t pay more than $75-$100 at tops but i would kill for their hair

Sabrini on

Well, I pay 40 for my plain cut(no one gets just a cut), but usually around 140 for cut/color/style….

alona on

i think for a hair cut like theirs its sooo not worth it but if it looks totally cool i would pay that much expecially wen i got money for it.

stacy on

the highest i paid for a haircut was $75 only because i had a crush on the hairdresser, and he did a really good job.

angelica on

for my average monthly haircut i pay $20, but thats with a discount because my sister in law is a hairdresser, but the most ive paid for a haircute was about $326, but that was for a special occasion, i dont think i would ever pay $950 for a haircut that is pretty high priced just for hair!

Jone on

i once payed 150 for a cut bu tit came with a relaxer so.. not the same… 950 is ridiculous!! Jessica should save her money

Kate B., 25, San Francisco, CA on

A good haircut is a worthwhile expenditure — it’s a style you live with for a few months until your next visit to the salon! I’m on a grad school budget, but I still cough up 160 bucks to visit my favorite stylist. She does an amazing job razoring out bulk from my too thick mane.

fashionknower4556 on

well, I think tha before a red-carpet-event…..maybe you could spend a little more on your hair, but it would have to look great!
jessica albas hair looks like anybody could get the same or even a better look for less than 100$!!!

Dawn on

No I would not. For a real special treat I may spend up to 100$ but thats it! I work too hard for my money to waste it like that.

Dawn on

No I would not. For a real special treat I may spend up to 100$ but thats it! I work too hard for my money to waste it like that.

gozde on

ı lıve ın turkey ın ıstanbul and ı pay haırcut just 10 dolar.and ı swear my haır looks more BETTER,STYLISH THAN JESSICA ALBA AND ANGELINA JOLIE.they just PAY THROUGH THE NOSE from haırdressers.

Blair on

I don’t know it’s too much and so stupidly thing.I’d pay about 100$ for a haircut.But 950$ is too much.And there’s no interesting way in that haircut.It’s so ordinary.So this is so unnecessary.

emily on

i live in nyc and i’ve come to expect higher prices for everything, but a $950 haircut? What’s next $1000 manicures? c’mon! the most i’ve paid for a haircut was $100 and that’s as far as i’ll go!

Michael on

people are dumb. if you are a celebrity than an incredible hair cut is priceless, the people who charge 950.00 for a hair cut are not in business for your convenience store cashier cut. If you have the money and want to look great than spend the money and look great. a good stylist continues their education religeously and good trend setting education is not cheap. If you want the same cut for the rest of your life stay with your 30 dollar stylist. if you want to stay current pay the money. if your hair is worth 30 bucks to you, IT SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica on

Hey! that is way too much for a haircut! I just got my hair cut yesterday and paif $15!! can anyone beat that?

Rachel on

I pay 600 dollars for my hair cuts.

Night on

I could have given her a better hair cut than the one in this photo, and I have never cut hair in my life. Her hair looks frizzy , tangled, and uncombed. The ends look dry and split and the bangs greasy. She should look in the mirror BEFORE she pays the person doing her hair.


i have paid $950 before for a hair cut.. it was great and it smelled delicious.

B on

i dont pay any money for my haircuts. I get them every 3 weeks and ive known my hairdresser for so long that she stopped charging me! 950 is physchotic.

Leigh on

The most I would pay is $20. Layers are not hard to cut. I go to Walkmart and either get my hair cut there at their salon or I cut it myself. I’ve been trimming my own hair as well as friends hair since I was in Junior High School. No I’m not a cheapskate…but I’m a logical gal on a single moms income. I make the best with what i have and I don’t waste money unnecessarily. Esp on a haircut. Haircuts are severely overrated. What a waste of money to put towards a haircut. That money could go to so many other things. So sad.

brooke on

are you kidding me 950$ FOR A HAIR CUT? that is ridiculous there is so many better causes that kind of money could go to i spent 15$ on my last hir cut and i think my hair looks great.

Michelle on

Spending over $60 for a haircut is so ridiculous! Good grief! Aren’t there better places to spend that type of cash? How’s about a charity or two or three…?

Dadi on

I think although undiputably high, it´s not sooo much, if one considers that one could spend $1000 and more for an accssesoire like a bag, and well, your hair is your #1 accssesoire…

sandra on

thinnk of what one could do with that money !!!(saving childrens lifes in a few really poor countries e.g.)…I.M.O. its way too much for a simple HAIRCUT!The most expensive one I’ve ever got was about 120$ and that was because i had an important performance later that evening… usually its around 50$.

And i have to say that i totally don’t see the 950$-ness in long open sleek brown hair…(angelina, jessica)

Here’s an advice:Wash the Hair,Dry it,put some 5$-shine-for-brown-hair-conditioner in it and get a good coffee/tea@starbucks or somethin’

Saved: 940$

Judy on

950 bux for that? Thats a joke!! I pay no more than like 60 bux and sometimes i cut my bangs myself, and it looks 50 times better then what she looks like in that picture!!

Angie on

I would not pay for than $50.00 for a cut…when you get to coloring and styling that adds up but for just a cut..I don’t think so. Plus celebrities have money they aren’t college students working to barely make rent every month, that $950.00 could’ve went to something a little more important if you ask me!

Carrie on

I currently pay $50 for a cut and all over foil. $50!!!!!. If you just go for a cut it is $10. I have paid up to $100 for a cut and style only with results FAR below the quality I receive now. I recommend my stylist to everyone who asks. (and I hope that I tip her well enough to know she is appreciated and does a fabulous job!)

Zanoo on

well, i think jessica is free to do wat ever she wants with her money…..& who cares
chill ppl
its just a hair cut.

Eva on

33,30€, that’s the hightest price I’ve ever payed for a new haircut and brushing. I thought it was quite expensive, for what it was, now that I see other prices here below…jeez. Some hairdressers are just way too expensive!
And Jessica Alba paying SO much…I don’t think that a 50$ haircut would look any different, she just payed 900$
too much!

Pamela on

I think this is the perfect example of celebrities throwing away their money. Instead of doing something responsible and useful with their money they rather give it away to a stylist who haven’t done anything different with their hair in the first place.What a waste!!!!!

Lindsay on

I live in Scotland and to have a cut and highlights done I have to pay between £60 and £100 depending on how much of a cut and if it’s a tbar highlight or halfhead…full head is more!!!! These prices would be about $120 and $200. And that’s at a nice salon – but not designer prices!

Dahlia on

I have favored long hair ever since doing the Jennifer Aniston “Friends Do.” I had long hair before that and probably will forever. I enjoy the more expensive spas and salons, but $100 or higher for cut and color just seems like so much. This is also the midwest ladies, which is why this may seem like a decent price to you. I also find that these places are rather cold despite their luxurious interiors, surroundings and snobby – to say the least. I colored my own hair for awhile after being fed up with high prices and crappy service before I found my current stylist, but with long hair, doing it yourself is such a pain in the butt. I happened upon my stylist from a friend through a friend. She’s got a little “hole in the wall” place with two chairs/sinks and three little ol’ dryers complete w/ ashtrays on the arms (tells ya how old those are). Jen is down to earth, chatty (as a stylist should be), she listens or discusses everything with me before hand and most of all ~ she does a great job on my hair! She loves her profession and enjoys keeping up on current trends and styles ~ sometimes she even knows more than I and let me tell you; I keep up on this stuff. Best of all, a cut and color costs me $35!!! $950???? It doesn’t even LOOK like it costs that much and in fact, it appears to me like she could’ve done that “do” on her own. I guess if I’d paid that much I’d want it to look like it. Bottom line: Most women are quite particular about their hair and who they trust to handle it. Their stylist’s should be a place where a woman can spend the afternoon to herself, be taken care of, listened to or do the listening. It shouldn’t matter what it costs (though I know it does) or WHO does it. And surely, it doesn’t have to be at some stiff, snobby, pricey joint. You only need be concerned with the end result.

Marissa on

I think that if your hair looks that gorgeous then hell yes… i’ll pay that much!

Belinda on

Whoa whoa! 950 dollars?! OMG! I usually only pay 80 dollars 4 my hair! 950 is ridiculous! My hair even looks better than hers! I doubt that. Their hair doesn’t look that special even if they dished out 950 dollars. Looks the same 2 me. LOL

Bel on

She looks completely normal 2 me. 950? ridiculous! I spend 20 dollars only 2 cut my hair! My hair looks facinating 2! U know how much money u get 2 spend with 950 dollars? How many peepz u can rescue?!

Joana on

that is insane I pay at the most $50 not to mention her hair doesn’t look that great it looks average you can walk down a mall and find people with the exact same cut she has, but I suppose if you have the money flaunt it.

Sonya on

I paid only $12 for a shampoo and cut. It was in Westminster, CA and a Vietnamese woman did it. It turned out great! I would never pay more than $20 for a cut again!

sandra demenezes on

We’ll if she has the money to pay $950, I guess she can do it. I pay $50 here in Miami, and that’s a bargain here in Miami. But, I sure wouldn’t pay $950 on a haircut no matter how much money I had. But, like they say “Each to it’s Own”.

jess on

950 dollars for that!? mmm not sure that was worth it.

Olga on

$950 for that haricut!!! Ridiculous, she looks worst than before!!!

Megan on

I spend about $80 every 6 to 7 weeks at the salon, i get my haircut and highlights. I think that $80 is pretty high and i hate forking over the money for it. Even if i was a multi-millionare i would not be spending my money on $950 haircuts that don’t even look that great in the first place. Her hair is ok but its not tragically amazing she is pretty dumb to pay that much money on a “so-so” haircut.

my, my on

jessica you look cool but i would never pay thar much for a hair cut you are crazy. O and by the way that is to much $950 that is crazy.but 950 is like 1.00 to you people but i will mind my on mind (LOL)

Carly on

u r one of my favorite people and I know u have alot of money but dont be that kind of person and show off your money like that! At least try to be a little bit normal!

Cassandra on

I think that is CRAZY!!! I pay $110 for a full cut & color & my trims are FREE! I absolutely LOVE my hair…My Hair Dresser is amazing & I get compliments everywhere I go! $110 is the max I will ever pay!!!

Dannie O on

i got the same exact hair cut for $150 that included the cut, stlye, highlights, color( i was blonde before now im brunette) eye and lip wax ( it came out alot cuter than hers…).. sorry jessica i know you can afford a $950 cut thats cool and all but you got ripped off i would have donated some of that money to kids who dont have hair or kids who cant afford a hair cut..

Amy on

Amy, 26, Rhode Island

I pay about $90 for cut and color, plus a tip. It is definitely worth it for me because hair appointments really do double as therapy when you love your stylist!

Lisa on

I really doubt Jessica paid that much. My guess is these stylists are happy to do celebrity hair for free because then they can be known as “Jessica Alba’s” or whoever’s stylist and that way, they can justify charging rich women $950 for a haircut. I guess that price tag means you can walk around with pretty hair and brag about the celeb clients your hairstylist works on.

Valerie D on

$950 for a haircut is outrageous, but look what these celebs pay for handbags! Two grand is nothing to plunk down for a black leather purse. In their world, $950 is like $100 to us working stiffs. What I wouldn’t do to know what it feels like to hand out that kind of cash for a haircut, and not blink an eye.

Valerie D on

oops, I forgot. I’m 46 and from Phoenix, AZ

rachel b. on

I would pay ($60-100) nothing more or less.

Heather on

Jessica would look good if she got a haircut from Great Clips for $4.99. You can’t make that woman ugly if you tried!

evalic on

I’m in Africa to be specific (Liberia) the highest I pay is up to $40US
But in this case, she is a celebrity n we know that, we are not on the same level.

teresa on

i think the most i’ve paid was about $100….and that was a perm and a trim. and that also included a tip. so it was probably close to $80 or $85. i used to pay about $25 for a simple trim, $35 for a style, but now i pay $25 for trim/cut and style. and she’s a walk-in, so i go whenever! but then, i buy the home hair dye, too, and dye it about once ever 2 months, so i guess i probably pay more if you think about it. of course, it would cost me about $60 to have it done in a salon, so maybe not….

anon on

i pay about $25, and i also cut other peoples hair, so they can get it for free! i haven’t gone to beauty school yet, and i just do my sisters hair, so i don’t think it’s illegal…..especially since i don’t charge. come on now, $950 for a hair cut? it’s not like their hair is that awesome. i could do the same thing if i had the time.

Amie on

That is ridiculous to spend on a hair cut!!! So many other things are needed or desired by others and paying that much for just a cut is pure greed!

tamara on

that same haircut can be done at any supercuts, cost cutters, or whatever salon. it doesn’t look spectacular for being a $950 haircut but it is cute. of course they can blow money however but why not go to some salon and pay what normal people spend and do something better with their money like donate it to their favorite charity?

Dion on

I will pay what ever it takes me to look good. If that means a $950 hair cut then so bee it. I as well as celebrities work hard for our money. We will spend it as we please!

Joy B. Age 27 on

These days haircuts are becoming as fashionable as those Uber hot handbags and Shoes. For those who want the bragging rights to who handled there hair I guess 950 dollars is the way to do it, but with three kids a husband in college and minimum wage for support 12 dollars at Fantastic Sams for me and the clippers at home for the boys are just enough for me!

Joy B. Age 27 Nampa Idaho on

These days haircuts are becoming as fashionable as those Uber hot handbags and Shoes. For those who want the bragging rights to who handled there hair I guess 950 dollars is the way to do it, but with three kids a husband in college and minimum wage for support 12 dollars at Fantastic Sams for me and the clippers at home for the boys are just enough for me!

Becca on

That is such a waste of money! People can get good haircuts for a way cheaper cost. Think of all the things that money could have gone to.
The most I would ever pay is about 40 dollars.

Mitchel on

I cut my own hair or have a hair stylist do it and I pay only $9 for mine. I would give anything just to have that kind of money to get things I wish for.

sarah jones on

you guys always bring up the children in africa….if u cared so muchh… y dont u guys pay????

Sophie on

I just booked an apt with a salon that I drive by everyday to work. The receptionist asked me what I wanted I said a cut, color and highlights… she asked if I wanted it blow-dryed (um yeah of course), so I said yes. Later I checked out thier website and it costs $40 to have your hair blown dry! I looked up all the other services I ordered and with tip my bill is going to be about $550!!! Tip: Donot book an apt before you visit the website or ask for a price! I’m still going, almost out of shear (haha get it?) curiousity… hopefully it will be worth it!!

Miss B on

c i’m a young black female, i would never pay that much for a haircut even if i ahd the money, the most i would pay just to get my haircut is $45.

Lucy on

come on – hairdressers shouldn’t be making this kind of money. They’re no lawyers of doctors. they cut and colour hair. Please.

Paula M. on

Hey,if you’ve got the money to pay for a 950$ hair color, go for it! All the power to Ted Gibson for working so hard to get to this point. This kind of thing doesn’t just fall into a person’s lap. I’m sure he’s paid his dues and shampooed a lot of heads to get where he is today! The hair business is a tough one to be in so YAY for him!!!!

Paula M. on

Hey,if you’ve got the money to pay for a 950$ hair color, go for it! All the power to Ted Gibson for working so hard to get to this point. This kind of thing doesn’t just fall into a person’s lap. I’m sure he’s paid his dues and shampooed a lot of heads to get where he is today! The hair business is a tough one to be in so YAY for him!!!! Paula M. from Minnesota

Dan M. on

I would pay 350 for a haircut from Sally or 800 for a cut from Orlando. Expensive, but if Elizabeth L. would go out with me (RIGHT NOW), it would be the best investment of my life.

Brandon on

This is coming from a stylist’s mind. Listen people, it all depends on location. I’m from a little town in New Hampshire where yes, we charge at max, $45 per haircut. If I was in a big city i.e. NY, Boston, LA, I’d be charging more for my haircuts. It depends on the amount of a dollar vs. cost of living. Hair styling IS a business and we have to live too. Now I am not a bitter person, I just feel some light should be shed from the other side.

Crystal on

WHAT? $950 for a haircut? If I’m going to be paying that much for a cut they better be cutting my hair with diamond crested scissors and wetting my hair with holy water! I pay $35 for CUT, BLOW DRY, and STYLE…and i think thats enough not to mention tax and tip…But, I have spent about $130 when I’ve gotten color, or highlights…the price we pay to be beautiful, huh?

Abby on

Um $950 is completly and utterly absuard! The most I would pay would be $ 100 and that is alot for my buget! I only get paid 100 per week!

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