Vanessa Minnillo's New Gig: Makeup Designer!

03/09/2007 at 12:00 PM ET

Vanessa Minnillo has been working very hard lately. Besides hosting TRL, being an ET correspondent, the new face of BONGO JEANS and flying around the world with her pop star boyfriend, the MTV beauty is now designing a makeup line for Flirt! cosmetics that will debut in August 2007 at all Kohl’s Department Stores. Of her new gig Vanessa says, “To me, makeup is all about trying out different looks and colors. Flirt! is the ideal platform to do that, as it allows me to have fun with makeup and experiment with color.” And what colors are her favorites? Expect Vanessa’s Flirt! line to deliver lots of reds and pinks for next fall. Would you wear makeup by Vanessa?

Photo: Theo Wargo/Wireimage

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j on

no! & i don’t wear bongo either! vanessa caters to pre-teen deomographic, i think most of us who blog on here are a little more mature?? and stylish??

emma on

yeah i would wear it i am trying to find make up that would fit my skin tone and this would… thanks Vanessa!!!!

Dawn on

What does this woman do besides date jessica simpson’s ex husband?

s on

yikes…didn’t jessica also do a makeup/fragrance line for sephora?

Leigh on

I feel so sorry for Nick. Does he know that women only date him so they can be more famous? First Jessica, then Kristen, now Vanessa. Really, does he not see it???

Laura on

I think she’s trying way too hard…..

ucokaty on

i actually really like vanessa i think she’s very stunningly beautiful…. but i have to admit, it kind of seems like she’s copying jessica simpson on this one.

V on

Poor girl is just “trying” to make a name for herself hahaha

LKD on

Why is it that every girl Nick Lachey is with gets these deals and more fame than him?? I know that Vanessa and Jessica were “famous” before him but after him they are even more famous!! Nick Rocks he should get all the fame!

Ann on

If they have my shades. and sold in reasonable price. and of course of good quality.. Yes I’ll wear it.

Anon on

She bugs me. So fake. Only wants to be famous. Ugh. Nothing special at all.

gladis on

i dont think that i would wear her makeup..and i do agree with some people that she is tryin too hard and it seems that she is tryin to copy jessica bc everything that she is doing, jessica did !
but jessica rocks !
i dont like vanessa i think that she is ugly !
nick went from someone hot to someone that looks like a monkey !!

Jennifer on

I don’t understand what the problem is with Vanessa? I met her at a yankee game when she was dating jeter and she is actually a very nice girl. She is a young and beautiful and just trying to do something with herself. What is the problem with that? She seems really happy with Nick and he is the one who chose her to be in his video so why is that she is searching for fame? Can’t you people leave her alone and let her live her life without knocking her… all girls love makeup and beauty, who cares if Jessica got into it first.. geeez! Keep it up Vanessa ;o)

Carly on

The “most of us who blog here are mature” comment seems kind of ironic, especially when you read the other replies. Only a few sound like they were written by rational adults.
And yes, Jessica “did” a “cosmetics” line – mostly they were sticky (literally) fragrances and poor-quality lip glosses more meant for fun than for actual serious cosmetic use. It was called “Dessert.” The company that created Dessert is the same company that created CLEAN and Fusion Beauty – expensive products with lots of hype that don’t typically perform well.
FLIRT is an already-established makeup line sold at Kohl’s. Vanessa is simply developing a line of new shades. For those of you unfamiliar with Vanessa’s resume, she was Miss Teen USA in 1998, she was on a few soaps and sitcoms, she’s an ET correspondent, and host of TRL. So yeah, she’s not just some beefcake’s girlfriend. As for FLIRT: I don’t have a Kohl’s nearby, but if I were to visit one, I’d try a few of Vanessa’s colors. She always looks stunning, and I love that she isn’t the typical blonde and mystic-tanned barbie.

ucokaty on

haha last nice comment carly. i completely agree…. WELL SAID!

Princess on

I really don’t care for Vanessa not even what she has to offer in product. She will never be good enough for Nick. I agree with alot of the comment, I think she is trying way too hard.

VEE on

I can’t stand her, I too feel that she’s trying to compete w/ Jessica Simpson and she has NO chance !! Jessica is naturally beautiful and Vanessa tries too hard and it shows. She’s just a washed up beauty queen and isn’t worth all the hype.

Leigh on

I actually “know” Vanessa. We are both from the same town (Charleston, SC) and same age, so we had similar friends. And I will say she is one of the most diva-ish people out there. I’ve been in a restaurant with her in Charleston and she is so rude to the waitstaff, acting like she was some huge celebrity. And when people would smile and say hello to her, she would roll her eyes, and say “who is that acting like they know me, puh-lease”. And that was a few years ago, before Nick when she was only a slightly known name. Yes, she is pretty, but her attitude is not.

Mya on

The girl is beautiful. You go Nick. You dont need a boring, ditzy and fake blond anyways. He looks so much more happier with Vanessa. You can actually hold a conversation with her. I would definitely buy her makeup. She’s a beautiful girl trying to make a name for herself and definitely not fake baked. She’s just as natural.

sese on

think venessa is wanna be

Suriel on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. Why do you people have such a big problem with this woman? She has done nothing wrong. It mostly seems as if those that are “bashing” her are Jessica fans. But, to be honest with all of you, the issue here is not about Nick or Jessica. This woman had established herself very well before Jessica decided she didn’t want her husband. So why is she being ridiculed? Now let’s give credit where it is due–Jessica is wonderful and so is Vanessa. Who are we to judge. One thing for sure, you can’t take away the fact that Vanessa is beautiful! Most people have to work so hard just to have flawless complexion that she has. A NATURAL BEAUTY is what she is and the makeup is just an enhancer.

PR on

I think Vanessa is a pretty girl but she tries way to hard to be like Jessica. Or maybe it is that any woman Nick touches just seems to become the “IT” woman afterwards. It also seems now with all these endorsements she is never pictured or seen with Nick anymore.

hunne on

Jessica has a butt chin! She’s a ditz and she’s dating an ugly guy that can sing (big deal)..she had a good looking, sweet, committed husband..why don’t you lil Jessica lovers get over yourselves? Vanessa is lovely in her own way and has made herself without the help of Nick! So what if she’s conceited, she’s beautiful, from head to toe the girl rocks!

who cares on

As I don’t know either vanessa or jessica personnally, I am not going to say that one is “better” for nick than the other. I don’t know Nick either, he may be a total jerk for all I know.
however, I would not buy her makeup, becaause she looks like she is made of plastic, and I want to look NATURAL.
And if I sound immature, it’s because I’m 14. Maybe some of the others are, too. Cut some slack.

liza on

I think she is ugly. She tries too hard to look good but the truth is ” you can dress up the monkey in silk but underneath that silk she will remain a monkey.”

Amy B on

How else do people move up in hollywood???
You have to know people to get anywhere….and she is just trying to get somewhere. I’m sure every Celeb has moved up in the world just by knowing people.

Isn’t that how you become a celebrity?


morlissa on

yes! would def wear it! flirt is made by mac – it’s just cheaper! for us gals on budget, it is really great!

me on

so now she is almost just like jess!! aaahhh the transformation is almost done!!

Julie on

You don’t sound immature to me, “who cares.” At least you don’t act like you know Nick, Jessica, and Vanessa personally (apologies to Leigh who actually DOES know one of them) and can pass judgement on their personal lives. This post is about makeup and V’s endorsement . . .

rita on

I think that it is sad when the question asked was whether or not the reader would wear her makeup and they (readers) take the time to launch personal attacks against her. No, I would not buy her cosmetics, but not because I think she is a bad person, but because I just don’t like the colors.

Amy on

Vanessa’s new line looks much the same as Jessica’s Dessert line that she launched years ago. This makes Vanessa look like she’s trying a little too hard to be like Jessica.

mandy on

I liked vanessa before she started dating Nick. Thought she was very pretty and talented. Then I saw how deserate she was on the set of Nick’s first video after the split w/ jessica; the one where she played jessica. She was literally drooling and he was obviously still heartbroken and wanted nothing to do w/ her. My opinion of her has definately changed, ive lost respect for her so Im not going out of my way to support her career.

cindy on

It’s apparent the old ‘beauty’ queen(Vanessa) is trying a tad too hard to prove herself. It’s pretty pathetic. Bongo? Puh-lease. Not even she can motivate me to wear that brand. ugh. And, in accordance with the other comments, yes she does look like a monkey. Vanessa is simply no comparison to Jessica. She’s cute, though. But I wouldn’t label her as someone I’d want to look like.



Isabelle on

Are you all stupid or something, she is not trying to be Jessica Simpson nor is she trying too hard. I’m a big fan of JS and Vanessa. She’s just trying to be a normal business woman like every damn celebrity.
Ashlee Simpson is a spokes person for Skechers
Hilary Duff for what? candies? and has her own fragrance
Scarlett Johansen for reebok
Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer.

Makeup business, Perfume, or being a Spokes model for anything = BUSINESS and Profit. Ya’ll are just “HATERS!” Move on from the whole NICK, JESSICA, VANESSA triangle. I’m sure they did.

Bolaine on

Maybe…every girl Nick dates seems to suddenly become the “IT” girl…because he is supportive of the women he dates and gives them the confidence to do the things that will help them succeeded. In this industry that involves face time and yes, fame. There is what the tabs tell you and then there is the real story. What this entire article asked however was…”Would you buy her line” not…”do you approve of Nick’s choice”

EK on

Didn’t Jessica do that same pose for her product line? Weird.

LuvNick on

Just so that everyone is clear, Flirt is already an established cosmetics line that is available at Kohl’s for a reasonable price. The only thing that she is really doing is collaborating with the company to come up with a limited edition (most probably) collection that has her name on it. This is great publicity for Flirt cosmetics as well as getting her name out there too.

KT from Cda on

Sure, I’d buy it if it was reasonable and for sensitive skin then why not. I’ve been reading these blogs for so long now and I can’t believe the amount of hatered for this girl. Enough about the whole Jessica and Nick thing. It was Jessica that left him. She’s over him and so should all of you be over this whole subject. I’m sure she is happy with her new love and I’m sure Nick is happy with Vanessa. All you haters need to lighten up a bit and not take these stars lives too personal. You all remind me of stockers.

kaitlin on

I might but I’m more into the make-up by Bobby Brown and Chanel etc. etc. I only buy my make-up at Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th avenue, and all those types of department stores.

FiftyFour on

I can’t believe all the immature postings on here. They should ban morons like you.

I wouldn’t really wear Vanessa’s makeup line because she seems to go for a more dramatic look with makeup. I like makeup to be subtle.

Elda on

she is so pretty, she has that olive color. i have that same skin tone.

mellie on

Bongo genes? Is that company still around?

Jess on

Ok guys…she already has kinda gotten her name out there ..i mean we all know who she is..but i agree i dont like her i think she’s trying wayy to hard. I actually think its really pathetic she’s trying to start a makeup line.

Bee on

I definitely would NOT use that product. What’s with all these people putting out make up lines anyway? What’s wrong with the classics? She should get an actual job instead of being a pop stars girlfriend.

Plus, she has horrible fashion sense, why would somebody buy something she’s selling?

robin on

yeah i think i would wear it it looks like my kind of makeup

Gabby on

I am indifferent about who Vanessa is, or Jessica, or Nick. What they do in their lives does not concern me. Hollywood is not an easy place to thirve in, and its okay to try new things. I think Vanessa has a great job, and she is by far not the only person to open a makeup she is not copying Jessica, this seems to be the new thing to do for celebrity women. If I were a celebrity I would be thrilled to have that opportunity offered to me. And as far as who is better for Nick, why dont we let him decide.

P.S. Both women are beautiful in their own way, if you think either of them are ugly.. I am afraid to think what someone who is really ugly looks like to you!

noway on

flirt! makeup is really cheap- theres no way i would wear it.

michelle on


Megan on

I love her new line- and i love Vanessa!
She is so cute and im glad that Nick has finally fallen in love with someone who can work and provide for themselves!

a.j. on

im a guy n ill still use it…she is hott. some times i think even betta than jess. they need 2 have a fashion face off !!!!!!!!!!!!


NO! NO! NO! I wouldn’t

marina on

NO! she always looks so fake.

brooke on

sure why not it is worth a shot dont judge before youve tried.

amanda vertin on

I feel like she is trying to be too much like Jessica Simpson. She needs to create her own identity and not follow in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps because (no offense)that is a disaster waiting to happen.

raquel on

I don’t see why everyone has suck problems with her oh my gosh so what she is dating Nick, hello he isn’t married…more importantly in life yes you have to try alkinds of avenues thats called being successful. I feel sad to all of you who say she’s trying to hard tells me your no trying hard enough yourself…so I say, “good luck, on all ventures” to everyone else stop putting someone down out of spite and well quite frankly..jealousy.

To LEIGH..who "knows" her personally on

who cares how she acted in that restaurant. i know how people can act when you get famous or wealthy…granted we all should still be nice and have common courtesy. Regardless there are goldiggers in our life or we all have bad days.

I really dont mess my time with stupid ish like this but i’m pretty bored right now and dont have nothing else better to do. so this will suffice.

Just a thought on

To Michelle: Just because Jessica eneded her marriage to Nick doesn’t mean he wasn’t gone long before. Maybe she had the guts to do what he wouldn’t, or couldn’t($). I know he sure had a roving eye on their reality show. And it didn’t take him long to start hooking up when she ended it despite claiming he didn’t want to lose Jessica, so it looks like she made the right decision. Marriages end for all different reasons, and just because one person ends it, it does not mean the other person had no responsibility in the breakdown of the marriage.

carolina on

what monkey see monkey do remeber jessica she had the same thing called candy she is trying to be jessica i dont blamed her because jess is cute and she is not monkey you are so stupid i cant stand you vanessa you copied jess in everything tham girl you cant do your own ?? you stink vanessa

Hoolia on

She kinda bugs me, i like jessica much better, vanessa seems like she’s still in high school, with her clothing choices, and her pounds of makeup…plus i dont like people when they do everything for publicity, yeah i know she has a job, but did anyone ever consider giving her a bongo contract or a make-up line before she started dating Nick Lachey???….No….because nobody cared….and it should stay that way.

Nicky on

OMG. I could never stand her. She doing ads for all the “rejects” company. Bongo? Please. This girl tries so hard it ain’t funny. And yes she put on a cute face put i too has also heard about her rudeness. She’s a wanna be soon she will be with the next bigger than Nick celebrity. Derek Jeter saw right through her. She’s a wanna be like all other “crown” wearers. Isn’t TRL going off the air soon? Show don’t make shows she breaks them. Soon all Ad companys will take a note of this. Jessica simpson did this same pose or this company. Lawddddddddddddd. What a waste. Won’t wear it to save my live.

barbie on

i don’t agree with what people are saying about Vanessa trying to be like Jessica……..Jessica is the one that is trying to be like Vanessa that’s why she dyed her hair brown…….Jess move on he doesn’t want you anymore…..

Nina on

i love vanessa

Amanda on

She’s horrible… never would I wear her makeup. She is stuck up and conceited

Ashley on

Jessica’s “Dessert” line is actually great! Well, I only have the sparkly body spray but it smells, and tastes, absolutely wonderful. I have “vanilla cupcake”. I don’t think it is meant as a serious makeup line tho – but it serves it’s purpose well. *wink*wink*

Vanessa seems snobby and I would not wear her makeup line. I don’t even think she’s that gorgeous.

Alice on

Seriously Barbie, you are the one that needs to move on. First of all, Jessica is the one that left Nick and never looked back. She is seeing John Mayor now. What makes you think she wants Nick back? Second of all, why would Jessica want to look like Vanessa, who is almost a nobody when it comes to celebrity? And who is known for their beauty? Not Vanessa. Now, I don’t particularly care for either girl, but lets be realistic.

Johanna on



Christine on

no i would not wear her make-up i just think it’s to teen and soooo not my style.

Heather S. on

I don’t like what she does to her olive skin, so I wouldn’t want to see what she would do to mine.

Dany!! on

Come on she just doing what she can for win money, because now that she saw that Jessica go to Italy and she just go to Mexico with Nick. She s just wanting to do something more than Tv because she is not so multi-fasetick like Jess.

Dany!! on

No anyway i will use that make-up because you know she is follow the jessica s step so no, that will to like do the sale of the worst make-up

Bebe on

I’m a Vanessa fan. I believe she is a smart and gorgeous
girl who is a business woman as well. She is an independent woman who wants to make money on her own and not depend on ne one. As for her love life, I think as long as their both happy (Nick&Vanessa) then I’m happy for them. Nick deserves someone sweet & caring and that is Vanessa.

* If she was only for the publicity and fame, she would have LEFT Nick already and persued all the job offerings like what Jessica did. Jessica is the OPPORTUNIST not Vanessa. Jessica’s loss is Vanessa’s gain.

Yes I would check out and try Vanessa’s makeup line.

heather Fogden on

its like sh eis trying to rip of jessica simpsons product line

Vicki on

She Bloody Urkesss me. I Cant stand her. Lawddddddddddd. She an obvious wanna be and second best, atcually not even, like 9th or 10th best. I WILL NEVER WEAR ANYTHING SHE ENDOURSES. NEVER. That line is the same as Jessica’s. She should’ve never done that. She looks like a freaking wanna be. Urrrrrrrrrr! Girl yo will never be Jessica so quit. Further more you have her left-overs. You are eating what Jessica chewed up and spit out. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! STOP COPYING HER! LAWDDDDDDDDDDDD! Disgusting u are venessa.

Rachel on

I just have to say there is some serious hating on this girl, and some of us say we are mature.

Theresa on

No, i wouldn’t wear her make up line or Bongo. She’s trying to hard to be Jessica Simpson.

marie on

If I use FLIRT! and look like Vanessa, then I would absolutely buy it….Readers should answer the question.

Tracie on

Wow! There are a lot of haters on here! I like Vanessa. I think she is gorgeous and is just trying to do something with her life. I do not think it has anything to do with Jessica Simpson. I think those that think she is trying “to be” Jessica are people that have their own insecurity issues. She is Vanessa and Jessica is Jessica. Jessica decided to end her marriage to Nick, that has nothing to do with Vanessa. Nick and Jessica are going to move on just like anyone else would. So who cares what they are doing with their lives. They have moved on, so should you!

To answer the question, I would try the makeup line. Why not?! If I didn’t like it, then I’d just go back to my regular makeup. I am sure there are plenty of other women/girls that will love it even if I don’t!

Tammy on

Dessert was a flop…hopefully flirt has better quality!

Jen on

This has nothing to do with Jessica. Why would she want to appear more like Jessica…So that the media can further ‘hate on’ her? Right. I think she has more of a brain than her past blonde competitor. Just a thought.

chamiro on

If she’s copying Jessica, then Jessica copied every other successful female celebrity before her—Get over yourselves. Vanessa is one of many young, successful Hollywood hotties. You think she’s not good enough for Nick, but she’s making him happy and quite honestly, it looks like she’s inking a lot more deals than he is. I highly doubt being his girl right now is a “great career move.” Please.

chamiro on

And Yes, I’d wear her line of make-up if it’s hypo-allergenic. This and “not tested on animals” are pretty much my standards for cosmetics—I couldn’t care less about the personal life of the models or endorsers.

Anna on

I wouldn’t ware it even if someone offered a million dollars to do so. Can’t stand her.

Lindsay on

Everytime I see her shes blowing a kiss at someone. Its so annoying! Thats the only pose she knows.

christina on

Hey the question is Are you Trying to be Jessica Simpson with the new line or what This chick needs to find something new to do besides being a copier,,,,

eva on

I work for Kohl’s and it’s a GREAT line of cosmetics. The Line has been around for a while now. Vanessa is a beautiful woman and anyone who bashes her or anyone else is very inmature. I’m a woman in my late 40’s and feel that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It doesnt matter if your fat, slim, young or old, all women are beautiful. No matter what the external looks like. PEOPLE GROW UP PLEASE. We are all sister’s and we should stick together.

Eva on

to all of you bashing her and saying all the negatives:
it’s very clear, you are just soooo jealous! and can’t admit the fact that she’s pretty, and brainy, that she’s with nick, and that she’s getting all the big breaks nowadays; part of your bashing i’m sure, is one that’s being biased or prejudiced; IF she were white, or this typical all-american-girl-next-door type, i bet you’d not be saying all these irrational opinions about her; grow up! ang don’t be ignorant either! you all should know that everyone who has become a big star now, must have started somehow, somewhere, from being an unknown, or little-known! and that even includes jessica and nick! get over it! and have a life! definitely will try her make-up line.

Cj on

I think she’s gorgeous & not trying to ‘copy’ anyone! She hosted ET & now is moving on to do what she really wants & let’s face it………we’d ALL like to do a clothing, makeup or perfume line! As to what does she do all day except follow Nick around??? y’all need to read her bio , quite frankly she HAS worked real hard from what I can see. I for one will go see her makeup line at Kohls!

Virginia on


cassidy aubin on

OMG!!!!! this artical is such a life saver. i am doing a project on makeup designers for art. who better to do my project on than Vanessa. thanks a lot!!!!!!

cassidy aubin on

FYI i would so wear vanessa’s flirt cosmeticts. i “reaserched” them all night yesterday.(that means i bought some) They’re the bom!!!!

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