Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Red! Love It or Hate It?

03/07/2007 at 10:34 AM ET

Remember when Lindsay Lohan first burst on to the scene as an adorable, freckle-faced redhead? We’ve seen her hair go every color of the spectrum, from platinum to jet black since then — and for a quite a while now, she’s been sporting a dark chocolate brown. So imagine our surprise to see her emerge from the Neil George salon in L.A. with long strawberry blonde curls! It’s like Freaky Friday all over again. We love seeing Lindsay go back to her roots, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: What do you think of Lindsay’s new red hair? Love it or hate it?

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Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage; Chris Wolf/FilmMagic

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pg-chic-chick on

hate it..wish she stayed with jet black or redder tones, this color makes her look unhealthy

Kate on

Love it! Looks so much more natural!

Ellie on

the black/ dark brown was too harsh. plus her skin looks healthier now. Love you, Lins!

Tamara on

Anything is better than when she went super blonde a few years ago. I think the colour of her hair in Mean Girls is stunning on her. It was a darker red than what she has now. It looked the most natural and was perfect with her skin tone.

Julie on

It’s weird, because I was so disappointed when she strayed from her natural color (she was so cute with red hair), but I actually like her with darker hair better now. Maybe it’s just a question of getting used to it, or maybe this is a little blonder than she was originally. I can’t decide. Anyhow, it’s definitely still pretty.

Cara on

I like her better with dark hair. It sets her apart from the Hollywood blonde clones.

j on

LOVE IT!! natural is best for lindsay. she’s fortunate that she was born with such a great hair color. i’d never dye mine if it were like that.

Shell on

I guess being a natural red head, I am more fond of the red hair on her. It looks much more natural.

Elda on

She looks hot with her natural hair color!!

alice on

Ugh, the lighter she goes, the worse she looks.

Amanda on

Love her as a red head but I am not sure this is the right shade.

Joanna on

I kept thinking she should go back to her natural color, but I’m not really liking this. I think that has something to do with the fact that her skin color is now the same as her hair color – not pretty, Lindsay.

Carrie on

I really don’t like this color on her. Her hair is the same color as her skin and that is never a good look on anyone.

elle on


Erika on

Her hair is the same colour as her skin… whatever the answer is it’s not this shade of “red”

AMY on


Ashley on

It’s about time she went back to natural tones! Jet black hair made Lindsey’s skin look soo pale and unhealthy. She could even go a shade more red and it would probably tone down her over cooked skin.

Katy on

I’m not a fan of either look…the black washes out her skin and the blonde blends in too much. I like her natural red hair the best, it makes her eyes pop.

laura on

i loved the dark hair on her cause it makes her look kind of dark and mysterious but also seductive. the red hair always looks best on her cause it’s her natural hair color. she should dye it a more vibrant red.

Lisa on

LOVE IT!! Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful young girl. Her natural red hair color looks fabulous on her. I like the dark locks too, but not keen on the blonde.

ro160 on

She looks stunning! she looks much more natural and less pale. however i think that her hair would look better an even darker shade of red, like in mean girls.



Faith on


Kat on

She looks better as a redhead, but this shade is a little too light. I do like the chocolate color, too.

Elsa on

I love it! Now if she would only stop tanning or spray tanning or whatever it is she does to get that nasty dirty-looking tan. Her hair has always been best red, but she needs get a more natural skin tone (like she used to a couple of years ago). Think Nicole Kidman!

Christy on

Hate her…and couldn’t care less about her hair…

Jenna on

Love it!

gina on

She needs to stay red but STOP the fake tan!!! Red heads are not meant to have tan skin!!!! I know I am a red head and it is just not natural.

KC on

Love it, she looks like the vibrant 20 year old she is suppose to be! I think she looks GREAT! Now if we can just see a little bit more freckle!

Jennifer on

Hate it she needs to go back to black

Nicole on

It looks great!

Jennifer on

She looks best with ash brown hair. The red makes her look washed out!

gladis on

I dont like it…i like the look that she had when her hair was more of an auburn color but that strawberry look makes her look dirty and like trash…It does not look good with her skin complection..i prefer the darker colors.

Elsatoo on

While I could care less about Lindsay the celebrity, as one person looking at another person…

This color of red is not attractive on her with that gawd awful tan(?)she has going. It might look better if the had her normal skin tone. If she is going to keep the tan(?), then she needs to go darker. A dark red would be nice. I still suggest scrubbing that crap off her face first, though.

Heather on


Rebecca on

Lindsay looks best with her natural, darker red hair. This shade is okay, and definitely better than the light blonde she used to have. Now if she would just lay off the fake tan- it makes her skin look awful.

twotop on

I think the red hair in Freaky Friday were gorgeous, they were perfect! She should be lucky that she can wear red hair and that it looks that good!!!

Kelli on

I like the dark brown better. She looks a bit orange now since she’s so tan. Her hair doesn’t match her skin tones anymore. It was a good look for a young teenager, but the brown makes her look more mature.

h on

The red is a definate improvement from the black. It sure makes her look healthier. But I think she should go for a little darker shade of red. I love her natural hair color.

deb on

I’m trying to remember what her original color was – but beautiful nonetheless!

Hannah on

love it.
she is finally going back to her old self, which is good.

Taylor on

I think she looks great. It looks so natural and healthy. Red hair on her gives her a much better complection.

Lillian Gorham on

Lindsey looks beautiful in any color. She is such a beauty. BUT–her drug problem worries me far more than any color she might ever use on her hair. Hollywood has been a total curse on her.

Patricia Collica on

This sex kitten is simply gorgeous no matter what color she does, however, I did get use to the Jett Black myself;)

Patty on

I think she looks lovely. The color of her hair and her skin tone brighten her eyes – she looks healthy.

Toni on

I Love Lindsey with her beautiful red hair!!! This color is too light, but definately an improvement!

Karen on

I think she looks great with her natural color! She has a red-head’s skin tone and eye color so now she looks fresh and young, instead of harsh. She’s beautiful no matter what, just best with the natural look…

Lara on

I LOVE IT!!! She is so pretty and yound looking with this color.

Jackie on

hate it..her skin looks really bad with the redder tone.

lingrido on

I liked her natural hair color the best. This is headed in the right direction but too blonde methinks.

Heather on

I think Lindsey has beautiful hair of course most everyone looks better with their natural hair color, but the strawberry blond is a close color and it suits her well. she doesn’t look good with the white blond color but that is a dificult color to pull off. The dark brown was a good color for her also, but this color still seems more natural.

Krista on

I want to see her back to her natural beauty – the REAL red hair, no fake tanning… not much else does her justice. She’s a beautiful girl hiding under a fake tan, fake hair color, and big ugly sunglasses. Bring back RED red (strawberry blonde doesn’t cut it for her).

ashley on

love it!! The black hair washed her out at times. We’ll see if she keeps the “natural-clean” look up!! Doubtful!!!

Ashley on

Why does she look so orange?

molly on

I like the lighter hair color, but she’s WAY overboard with the self-tanner. Her hair and her skin are the same color. Spooky!

jill on

i don’t like it! i like her natural red hair…i also have red hair and i wouldn’t dye my hair for anything. i love my color…she needs to back to her natural color! her black hair is better than blonde and better than strawberry blonde though….just go back to RED!

shannon on

love it!! with her hair dark and when it was blonde she looked unhealthy. she looked pale all the time. i love her hair!

Kimberly on

I love her natural color, red!! She’s looks so beautiful with it.

Amy on

I live the color, hate the fake tan – I wish she’d finally just embrace her fair skin and work it!

Loren on

Her hair and face are the same color! She needs to go back to her natural red and paler skin tone. The brown was better than this “strawberry” but red is best and she’s more unique that way.

marianne on

Regardless of her hair color, she is a very pretty girl…kinda air-headish, but still very beautiful, I saw her in Person here in Miami a couple of months ago (New Years) and she looked stunning, like a little doll, I was amazed on how different she looked in person, her hair was dark and very long, she had a mini beige dress on, her face is just gorgeous! Still think she is very young and very confused?!

jenjen on

Love it!

Stephanie on

I think people generally look better with their natural colors. I don’t think this is *quite* her natural color, but it sure is more natural-looking than the blonde and dark brown/black.

Did she get a sprayed-on tan at the same time?

Staycie on

I love the strawberry blonde – it looks great on her! Way to go LiLo!


she looks sooooooooo much prettier with the red hair. black blond or dark does not match her at all since shes pale. this red hair makes her look a lot better

Lisa on

Her hair color is ok… love her original color more.. and what’s with the orange spray tan!?

lanav on

I love it. Her dark hair made her look too average. I love that she is going back to her original locks. Makes much more of a statement and is more like the beautiful Lindsay we all remember from Mean Girls. That is when she looked her best.

Laura on

If the color were a little richer and she weren’t so orange from her tans, I’d probably like it better. Right now though, she looks better as a brunette.

Liza on

Love her hair back to a more natural look, not the original, but great look all the same!

Rachel on

That does not count as red hair. It looks like strawberry blonde on someone who smokes too much.

She never should have gone from her natural color; oh well :P

Harlow on

I loved her natural red hair, especially in “Mean Girls”. I hated when she went blonde, she looked awful. She just wasn’t meant to be a blonde, she just didn’t look good. I know that she experimented with other colors like auburn and so forth, which were okay. The strawberry blonde color is really pretty on her, but I think she needs to lay off the self tanner. She’s way too beautiful to go messing up her skin like that. I think once in awhile it’s ok, but not obsessively. Although when she had the jet black hair, it made her skin sorta pale looking, but that was ok, because she shouldn’t be doing a lot of tanning. Regardless she’s beautiful, and I mean true beauty. When you look at her, she’s not looking like all the other girls in Hollywood, that’s why she should have kept her beautiful red hair, because that seperated her from the rest of the pack. When she was a red head with freckles, and an amazing body that men nearly slaved over, that in my opinion was her best looking. She still is beautiful, but I prefer with her natural red locks.

Between the strawberry blonde and jet black….I’m gonna choose the jet black hair. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone do something different and still look beautiful.

e on

her skin tone and hair color almost match perfectly. it looks so unnatural.

Skinny1 on

Absolutely beautiful. Looks so natural on her. She actually looks healthy and fresh, like it’s from spending a bit of time at the beach. Love the look Lins!

Jessica on

I like Linds either way, but if I HAD to choose, I would pick the brunette. It brings her eyes out a lot more than the red.

Rita on

Love the natural-looking red color. Good decision to go back. She looked great in the brunette, but looks better in her natural color.

Lisa on

Love it. Colors that are too dark look very harsh and fake. This looks much more natural.

Jen on

The red is better – more natural, but I agree with the other posters who think her original red was the best.

Amy B on

I vote her Natural RED or the Dark Brown/Black.

It made her eyes pop. I agree with the too much self tanner! I understand she trying to make it look more natural. I had a bad experience with the self-tanner once too!
Love her though…she beautiful.

Kim on

She looks way better darker. Skin looks healthier with the dark chocolate hair. This color is terrible

dee on

looks like ashlee simpson…awful

Bethany on



As much as she sometimes seems over the top and I don’t like her sometimes. I have to admit, she is very pretty and can pretty much get away with any look. Unlike others who look like “Yeah, she just dyed her hair”.

what on

THAT COLOR IS NOWHERE NEAR RED! Anyone who thinks it is should go watch Pretty Woman. That color is strawberry blond. I think she would look best with REAL RED HAIR. Also she would look better if she got out of the life sucking whole that is Hollywood and tried having a NORMAL life. Not being a self absorbed, trainwreck living, selfish, moron celeb looks really good on people. I know this because when I walk down the street and see NORMAL people they don’t make me want to vomit like only the sight of a classless celeb can. AT LEAST THIS ONE STILL HAS HAIR. If I think celebs are such loosers why do I enjoy people magazine? the answer is I’m on a diet and this is way easier than skipping carbs.

amy on

LOVE IT….she looks so much better with any shade of RED…..

hottie on

love it..this is much better and it is closer to the natural color she had a few years back

Dixie Marie on

love it!! She looks awesome!!! Very pretty.

missa on

THANK GOODNESS!!! Her natural red looked best though…

Christina on

I think she looks nice with both looks.

carla hodge on

I love it she looks beautiful with it

Cael on

I think it looks great!! Gearing up for the summer sun!

kiu on

i think lindsay looks great on brown haircolor. this red washes her out.. her skin face her hair color..hum doenst look right to me..i guess it s high maintence,cause she have to work out on makeup and get the right colors,otherwise she will be looking to pale…not a great color! back to brunnete lindsay…we love you brunette

Erica on

I think this is the best color for Lindsey’s skin tone and it looks great on her!

Angie on

I like the jet black and when she was red red a couple months ago, this color that she’s wearing itnt exactly red

Missy on

I think Lindsey is beautiful enough to pull of either. If you have to ask which looks better and it’s not obvious…why not have the best of both worlds….

Bridgette on

Love it, goes perfect w. her Irish coloring & heritage!!!

Victoria on

That is not red, it is orange.

Lynn on

As long as she likes it that’s all that matters!!!!!!!

Chris on

I actually think she is one of the few people who can wear any hair color. I’m always surprised that she looks good whenever she changes it.

devin on

She is no Brittany! Blond, brunette, or red head she is a stone fox!!!!!

Courtney on

Its more of a blonde and no I love any other color better on her. I wish she would just stay natural or do what she had in 2004.

rachel on


devin on

She is no Brittany! Blond, brunette, or red head she is a stone fox!!!!!

C on

I like the red hair, but it looks strange with her orange skin.

JenB on

I love the red. It’s much closer to her natural hair color. Now if only she’d go back to her natural skin color…………..

Lindsay on

Don’t like it either way but if I had to pick, definitely dark. Can you tell I’m not a Lindsay Lohan fan?

Lauren on

its the same colour as her face… she looked best with dark hair

Hannah-Louise on

I LIke It looks a bit like her natural colour more parent trap

Rhonda on

I love both colors on her. But since I have to make a decision I would go w/ black. She looks sofisticated with the black hair.

Jenica on

She looks good with any hair color EXCEPT when she had that platinum blonde hair. It made her look like she was going bald.

Jayne on

For KC’s comment, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SEE MORE FRECKLE?? GROSS!!!!!!!!! When Lindsay wears a bikini or a dress her freckles are EVERYWHERE and it looks disgusting.

Stiletto Jungle on

I really liked the chocolate brown color better… more mysterious and grown-up. I think she looks much younger and much more innocent with the strawberry blonde color. Maybe that’s what she was going for…

renata on

natural hair is better , red her is perfect for her …i dont like blonde or black…..she is a natural red head and should stick with it

johanna on

it might looks like ashlee simpson’haircut but it’s great$$she’s beautiful as her way

Ashleigh on

I absolutely love it! The girl is beautiful…we are both naturally gorgeous redheads…anyone who doesnt like it is just a hater!

Julie on

I think her freckles are cute!

kelly on

love it! the other colors looked too fake for her
the strawberry blonde is kind of what she used to have, which looked great on her

Kristin on

The new color doesnt look like her natural red hair which I like better than this color and the dark brown. If I had to chose between this color and dark brown.. stay with with the dark brown.

Kristen Y on

Any color except the blond. Red colors look noce on her.

Roni on

I love Lindsay as a strawbeey blonde, it really is her look and it definitely makes those cute freckles of hers stand out more.

Alex on

Why cant she just stay natural red? It seems like every week she has a new color.

sam sam on

absolutely love it! it brings out her natural skin tones, plus she looks ready for the summer!

natasha on

I think both look great on her. I think she can pull of any hair color.

Allison on

I Love her as a red head! She’s got the fair skin and freckles. Stay RED! You’re hot when your RED. Like a young Ann Margaret. As for anyone who doesnt like her freckles theres nothing she can do to get rid of them. I say this because I’m a red head too.

Chelsea on

LOVE IT!!! She looks fantastic!!! She is one of the only people in hollywood that can pull off almost any color of Hair.

cc on

i like dark more..even dark red would be better//that colors kinda funky she has now. plus with her skin color..

Dixie Marie on

Jayne, sorry but I have to ask, when did freckles become disgusting? I myself do not have freckles but I certainly do not think they are gross. That is just the way some people’s bodies are. They can’t help it.

mo on


Brenda on

I like the red. Maybe a bit darker like nature provided but the red suits her.



Clair on

the black makes her eyes look greener, and the red makes them look bluer. i like them both.

Adrianne on

The hair looks great, but I love her shirt.
Would any one happen to know the designer?

Kate on

I really like her natural red better…. i think she should go back to it…. but this is ok….. not SUPER …. and its not black either… so good enough.

haley bug on

I think Lindsay’s new ‘do is refreshing and makes her look way more natural. The black, like many have said, looks a little harsh. If she wanted to stay dark like that some low lights would have added more depth to the look and made it look a little less extreme. I absolutely adore Lindsay, but sometimes her fashion sense confuses me! =)

night on

Jayne, I guess YOU don’t have any “Gross freckles”? I guess you have perfect alabaster skin?
what the hell is wrong with freckles?

Kati on

I personally think she looks healthier with red hair it is after all her natural color keep it real girl you look way better with red hair than with any of the other colors you’ve had. take from one red head to another

Julie on

I was never keen on Lindsay with blonde hair. I think she looked her best in ‘Freaky Friday’ – red hair/blonde streaks {absolutely beautiful} She looked nice with black hair too. Between red and black.. I’d say red {thinking back to her music video ‘Over’} Anything but blonde!!

Theresa on

That new “dog-from-the-street” hair colour looks awfully cheap and doesn’t show the least sense of style! Her dark brown hair had a lot more glamour and really looked much classier.

sofia on

i totally agree this blond-red hue with the tanned skin makes her look like she has hepatitis. darker chocolate hues suit her best and accentuate her eyes.

stephanie blevins on

i love it…i think she looks way prettier with red hair than black hair. her black hair just makes her look pasty, while her red hair gives adds more color to her skin. i don’t think she should change it, she looks great!

emma on

Oh wow…. i love it… she looks so much better. and it looks like she is alot tanner but i think it is just her hair makes her look more tan

Mary on

She looked better with the chocolate brown hues. It made her look more exotic with her baby blue eyes.

Michel on

Growing up with red hair I hated it. But it does set you apart from others — just looks better the natural color. You just don’t see alot of us around. My mother has red hair too and I could always find her in a store !!!

donna joyner on

I love it. she has had the most beautiful hair before she colored it.

laurs on

While I’m happy she’s gone back to red, this shade is TOO LIGHT and makes her look whack. More whack than usual, that is.

Take it a couple shades darker, it’s great.

cori on

i’m not a lilo fan, but i’ve always thought she looks better with a reddish hue. the blonde and dark brown make her look cracked out (which she probably is anyway). also, she could use a little more weight. hey lindsey, eat a sandwich!

Jamie on

I love it i think its a fresh look for the upcoming spring/summer seasons.

Rosa on

love it!!

Nicole on

I think it looks great with her skin tone.

Toi on

Who cares… but if someone does… she looks nice either way… Go Girl! :-)

jennifer l. on

Jessica Simpson is the only person I know of who can make the transition from blonde to brunette fabulously. I don’t like the dark hair on Lindsey or Hillary Duff. Lindsey looks fresh, relaxed and recharged now.

Krista on

I think she looks best with her fair skin, freckles and flaming red hair. This color makes her look washed out and does nothing to make her features ‘pop.’ I thought she was so precious in “The Parent Trap.” What a shame that Hollywood and all of its trappings have changed her into a “star” that I don’t find very fascinating anymore.

peline on

i loved the auburn red but not orange red…darker hair makess her eyes look way better

KH on

I LOVE lindsay as a redhead, but I don’t think this new color is the right red… I think that her hair color in Mean Girls was PERFECT for her, and I think that she should just go back to that and then stop dying her hair all the time! She should have better things to think about than what color her hair is and partying. She is so pretty and so talented..She should stop messing around with herself and go back to how she is naturally!

M@ri on

I love it!

Loch on

Does it really matter? Either way, she looks tired and in desperate need of some sleep.

samantha on

it makes her look fat and ugly like how she is …………..JK

Jamizzle on

Is it just me or is she starting to get about as interesting as Tara Reid?

mariesue on

I love it, she look better

Jen on

I actually kind of like her better with the brown hair…I think that this red is a little too light for her…she would look better with a deeper red.

Eliza on

I think it’s better – but I still miss the TRUE red it used to be back in the day of Parent Trap and Freaky Friday – enough with all this blonde tone – be the REAL REDHEAD that you are!!!

K on

i will always prefer her with her natural red hair color. it set her apart from the rest. and i think her personality went hand in hand with the red. she did look very pretty as a dark brunette, but red suits her more, i think.

Syndi on

I think it is definatley best RED!

daisy jones on

I hate it..She looked gorgeous in black hair!

sarah on

HATE IT!! she should have never done anything to her hair as extreme as dying it!!! hernatural color was gorgeous!! it just looks way to unatural now!!!!!!

JP on

She looks so much better with the chocolate brown color!!!!!

Light colors are jus not for her, she looks way pale
Better go back to that beautiful color she sported months ago…..

Melissa on

I think that she should stay w/ her natural color but w/ highlights(blond or shades of red)I am not a fan of the blond look. It is to much maintenance. She looks terrible as a blond. It is fake looking. Yuck city. Next week she will dye is pink or pitch black. She can’t make up her mind. She must be going through a identity critics!!! Just pick a color & stick w/ it. That would be best.

Melissa on

i really liked how she looked with the jet black, she looks much better with dark colors..

kris on

She has got to change whats on the inside. Changing hair color ain’t gonna do it!

Ursula on

Totally love the change back.. though I don’t see it as red at all :P

08622SXC4U on

I think she should do wat she wants she doesnt need anybody to tell her

esther on

i think it looks good on her i mean if i cant die my hair blonde someone shoud be able to

megan on

she looks amazing with every hair, shes soo gorgeous.

Taylor on

hate it its too close to her skin tone

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