Fashion Faceoff: Rachel vs. Beyonce

03/06/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Rachel McAdams looks lovely on this month’s cover of ELLE (we love that her hair is still pink!) but we couldn’t help thinking how familiar her dress was. Yup, it’s a version of the same Armani Privé gown that Beyoncé walked the Academy Awards red carpet in. Considering that the photos of Rachel were shot well before the Oscars, it amazes us that she is also photographed in Kirsten Dunst’s Chanel Couture gown for the inside spread! Chalk it up to great minds thinking alike. But Beyoncé and Rachel generally have such different styles, this faceoff is an unexpected one! So, you tell us: Who wears the Armani gown better? Rachel McAdams or Beyoncé?

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Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

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teri on

who the h*ll is that rachel?! it´s impossible to compare her to BEY! Beyonce rulez!

am on

rachel of course!

Kayla on

Rachel wears it better. Although she has a fantastic shape, the dress just is right for someone with Beyonce’s body.

jl on

I think Rachel McAdams looks better!!!

rara on

Rachel of course, not just because she went to my school (York) but also because she looks better, on Beyonce it just doesn’t bring out her figure well.

AshleyL on

Definetly Rachel she is so beautiful and so talented!

Sarah on

Rachel looks far lovelier in the Armani dress. Look at Beyonce’s posture. Even she looks uncomfortable. (For Beyonce lovers, she totally rocked the red dress she wore to perform during the Oscars. Who designed that gown?)

Amy on

Rachael is fab!
She seems so down-to-earth. Plus she is dating Ryan and he is dreamy!!!

Nathalie on

Rachel is beautiful no matter what but honestly, I hate the dress. I hate the beads. They don’t look good on the dress or in Katie Holmes’ hair. Plus the color is too pale.

sahy on

Rachel obviously!!! She wears the dress so well and represents Armani and Canada really well!! Go rachel!!

M on

Rachel wears it better. The sleeve-drape and looser fit make it less hoochie.

Rebecca on

Rachel looks fantastic! I’ve seen more flattering dresses on Beyonce.

Yajayra on

Rachel looks sooo much better! I love her

Meredith on

DEFINITELY Rachel. Beyonce usually looks so good, but the light color and shiny fabric of the gown make her hips look double in size. Besides, the color is more flattering on a blonde.

Evelyn on

I am a huge fan of both girls but I have to go with Rachel on this one. The dress just doesnt flatter Beyonces figure but I do agree with Sarah, I did LOVE that dress she wore while performing at the Oscars. (plus, Rachel is dating Ryan Gosling and he is sooooo cute!)

Dawn on

I really find the goddess theme of the dress not appealing.

andrea on

I think it was awful what these designers did to Rachel, it was betrayal.

Anyway, both dresese look waaay better on Rachel. Beyonce looks deformed, her hips are just too wide. I don’t think she has a good body, I just don’t.

Kirsten looks terrible, and with that posture, she makes even the most expensive gown , look like trash. If I were a designer, I would never let HER wear my clothes, she’d just kill anything!!

R on

To have the same Armani gown appear on the red carpet is not a big suprise being it from Ellle. Elle is a fashion magazine and there are many gowns that have been shown in Vogue, W and others that have also appeared on the red carpet. I think that they both make the dress look as wonderful as it is. It just shows how versatile the gown really is.

sara on

Didn’t Katie Holmes wear it too, but in a different color? She put the jewels in her hair, though, which was sweet and creative.

mslyssxx on

omg!!..Rachel looks amazing!!! The dress just isnt flattering on Beyonce. The dress seems fit for someone more rachels shape than beyonce’s

Tiaa on


Erin on

i like it on both of them, but i think the green color looks better with beyonce’s complextion, and i love beyonce’s shoes.

Melissa on

PFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! This is even a question?? Rachel Rachel Rachel absolutely OWNS this one. Beyoncé looks good, but she’s smelly and ugly on the inside. I think it’s in her contract demands to only have clothes that caused as much pain, torment, torture and suffering to defenseless animals as possible. Classless.

Lizzie on

Rachel, defintely. She makes the dress look designer…Beyonce makes it look like a Miss America pageant dress.

Leticia on

Rachel wears the dress much classier. Everyone needs to get over Beyonce, she is great but there is still always someone better. This time it is Rachel

gladis on

i like it better on rachel..i really dont like the dress itself but i think that it looks nice on her…..

Prettgurl on

Rachel. Beyonce did not look good in that dress. She is beautiful and has a lovely shape but that dress was not flattering for it at all. It made her hips look very WIDDDEEEE!! She usually looks stunning. I was surprised she looked like that. Blech.

lizz on

rachel looks better though i would like to see her whole body in it- not just above her waist- to decide for sure.

kat on

the color is great on beyonce, but the cut isn’t right for her.

jolie on

Def Rachel. She is beautiful and talented. She can pull anything off!

yellowfoodie on

Rachel all the way. I think Beyonce is beautiful, but Rachel looks better in the dress.

devina on


does not flatter beyonce’s body at all, you can see her tummy shape.

Sexyvixen630 on

Rachel hands down!!! Beyonce is such an unoriginal Shakira wannabe, its pathetic.

Erica on

Rachel looks a lot better in the dress than Beyonce. Beyonce is a beautiful woman, but the dress does not flatter her figure at all.

PHX on

Uh, yeah…I am SO SICK of Beyonce! Rachel McAdams is such a breath of fresh air versus tired old B!

Melody on

I think Rachel looks better. The color is more flattering on her. Beyonce has a lovely figure and skin. She needed a color and dress shape to flatter both. This dress does it for Rachel.

Beka on

Rachel wow no contest there Jayz lost Ryan Gosling got the winner

erica on

Rachel does.
Beyonce’s stomach looks big in it. I guess after all the criticisms she got for her too tight, too tacky glittery ensembles, she wanted to do something different. Honestly, this dress doesn’t do anything for her. I loved Nicole Kidman’s red dress. If Beyonce had worn it, it would have flattered her but in a different way. More sexy I guess than Nicole’s version.
Did Kaite Holmes wear this dress a few weeks earlier to Armani’s fashion show? I recall a sinmilar mint green dress on her. Katie Holmes looks the best in Aramni’s designs I think.

Paula on

of course Rachel, is waaaaay better

Klisa on

rachel doesn’t fit beyonce’s shape

Nicole on

Rachel wears it so much better than Beyonce. Its to light in color for Beyonce.

Drew on

ALL of you are dead wrong rachel looks a mess and what is she trying to pull of!!! Beyonce looks so much better!!

Kristen Y on

Beyonce has a way better body, and she’s talented too, but in this particular gown I’m going for Rachel. Only because the color gown she has on, complements her frame and skin tone better. It’s not as flashy and in your face.

Krista900 on

I have to go with my hometown Canadian girl Rachel !!!!!!!!

cori on

i think rachel looks better in it. beyonce is gorgeous, but the dress doesn’t look as good on her.

Chrys on

Absolutely positively Rachel… she’s stunning! I thought Beyonce looked a bit trashy….

miajade on

obviously rachel. b tries too hard — do u wonder why it was jennifer hudson who was nominated for an oscar and won?

Ginette on

I love Beyonce in this dress! She looks great! The dress is too light of a colour for Rachel, but I like the pink in her hair.

Meleine on

Rachel!! In my opinion Beyonce looks fat in the dress…the dress is for someone slim…and she def isnt!

Lisa Marie on

Rachel looks way better!! She’s so beautiful and anything she wears will reflect that no matter who she’s up against!!

Kyra on

Rachel. She makes it seem a bit classier.

Keali on

I’m sorry to have to say this because I love Beyonce, but I think Rachel looks better in the dress. Beyonce looks uncomfortable and those shoes don’t match the elegance of the dress. They both still rock!!!!

Sheila on

Rachel is sitting down in her picture, therefore you can’t see how well she’s wearing it for her figure. Plus, I don’t think there is a woman alive as gorgeous as Beyonce. Beyonce is just breathtakingly beautiful. Rachel doesn’t even come close to touching Beyonce.

Philip John on

Who the heck is Beyonce?

Carly on

They both look fabulous. The color really is flattering on Beyonce’s skintone. I like the beads – they’re sort of grapevine-ish and elegant. The dress would be too plain without them.

Heidi on

I think they both look great Rachel just brings a wholoe different side to it i love them both

RoSsB on

Beyonce definitely looks better.

nas on

rachel looks better by far

rachel b. on

100% Rachel looks better than Beyonce in that Chanel Couture gown.

Sam on

Please Rachel looks like a stick in a dress. Beyonce looks far better.

kim on

rachel of course!she looks better, i like the hair too.

Ann on

Rachel.. She looking radiant and just wow.

Brandy on


Rebecca on

Rachel- the color is more flattering on her, and the looser fit looks nicer (or as M said, “less hoochie”).

goeia on

Beyonce of course….She’s absolutely stunning!!!

Elda on

They both look great but Rachel wins this round, she looks beautiful!!

Ash on

Even tho I am a ginormous Bey fan, I must admit that this dress looks really good on Rachel. But if you put them both in a dress that flatters Bey, Rachel prolly wouldn’t look too good in it. Just like comparing apples and oranges. I think they are both very talented, and very beautiful women. Just very different.

Love them both!

j on

even w/the pink highlights, i gotta go with rachel!! beyonce looks huge in this fabric and makes the dress look gaudy. sorry beyonce followers; sad but true!!

Erika on

Didn’t Katie wear this dress too? Anywho, the dress looks FAR better on Rachel. I can’t stand Beyonce, she’s obnoxious!!!

Abby on

Rachel! She has an amazing figure and the color goes really well with her skin. I like the pink highlights because it’s different but thinks she is more striking with darker hair.

Michelle on

When I was watching the Oscars, I thought this dress was one of Beyonce’s worst dress choices ever. It’s not flattering on her and the ankle-strap shoes are not flattering to her.

Rachel looks better.

Erika: Katie wore a dress in a similar color and style a few weeks back. On Oscar night, she had some of the “grapevine” stuff in her hair.

Sue on

Rachel. She makes the dress more soft and couture looking. Beyonce looks good in it but seems like everything she puts on she looks goudy and over done up.

denice on

rachel !!!! love her !!!

alice on

Defiantly Racheal. Beyonce always looks like a tacky vegas showgirl or like she is trying out for a beauty pageant.

Liz on

Definitely Beyonce. No blonde is gonna look better than B. And whats up wit Rachel’s pink hair? Talk about TACKY

Mallory on

Rachel wears this dress much better! I think this dress makes Beyonce look fat! Her hips are entirely too big to being wearing such a beautiful gown. Beyonce, next time wear something that suits you, don’t ruin such a beautiful gown.

Cherelle on

BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks gorgeours in this dress. She looks way better than Rachel, whoever the hell she is!

Elda on

P.S. I agree with Melissa, she does have a good point.

LL on

Like someone said above Rachel is sitting so you can’t even see how the dress really looks on her figure. Plus the magazine photo lighting is way different from the red carpet picture. These can’t be fairly compared.

I’m not a fan of this dress but they both look fine.

Helga on

I actually thought it was an ugly dress when I saw B at the Oscars. She’s not the most fashinable girl. So it surprised me to see Rachel wearing, but I have to say it looks better on her if only because we’re spared Beyonce’s robotic pose just so we can see her damn leg all the way up! Plus it makes her hip/tighs look bigger than they actaully are.

deb on

The slimmer/sleeker silouette of Rachel is a better match for the dress – Beyounce should stick to eveningwear that is less structured in the bodice – the skirt portion is draped beautifully on her curvy frame – I agree with a previous comment that the gems in Katie’s hair on Oscar night would have been more fitting with the dress that matched (I think Katie’s stylist is color blind)

Tara on

Rachel, by far. Beyonce is gorgeous, but I think the dress makes her look big, not flattering at all. Anyway, it doesn’t look like a good red carpet choice for anyone, unless you’re Nicole Kidman who can wear anything!

yhrfhy on

beyonce looks 100 times better rachel.

Vicki on

I’m with the majority here. Definitely better on Rachel. It makes Beyonce look like she has a pooch in her belly area. Besides, Rachel is talented and down to earth and Beyonce is all over herself. It’s one thing to be confident, another to be arrogant.

itsme on

I’ll go neutral on this one, because you can’t see the whole dress on Rachel. Who knows, she might look a complete stick. I don’t like the dress at all, though… the beads are overkill to me. Hated them in Katie’s hair.

Amy on

I think Rachel’s skin lends more to the color and the incredible detail in the dress, a nice blending, where Beyonce’s contrast makes it seem a little too much like a prom-dress color. I do love Beyonce’s body though, so I can’t knock her for looking fabulous as usual!

Rocki A on

That dress is nice, however, I really don’t think the dress compliments either girl! Both are beautiful women in their own ways. Therefore, Beyonce is to shapely(love a curvy figure), and I believe Rachel is too thin.

Meghan on

Rachel looks soooo much better Beyonce just has a really weird shape and nothing really ever looks good on her!! GO RACHEL!

astoreri on

I’m really not a fan of this dress, I mean what is with the weird grape like jewels?

But that being said it looks a million times better on Rachel than Beyonce. As has been said the shape is just not flattering on B, and the colour is too pale for her. I also think this dress is the type that is better worn on the cover of a magazine than on the red carpet.

But at least neither of them have the grape things in their hair like Katie did!

FaSHONista on

We can’t eve see the dress that good on Rachel, she is all sitting and slumped is falling off her shoulders and she makes it look like a trailer trash outfit…EWWWWWW
Maybe is she in a standing position or environment like B, we would be able to better compare. I think that the slim sleek figure of Rachel would work better on it. I am not feeling those hips of B’s in this outfit. This dress doesn’t complement her curvy body.

Jen on

Rachel rocks!!! Great, Canadian Gal!

mel c on

Rachel (from Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers) wears the dress much better than Beyonce. We girls with hips have to watch out for the satin – someone should have warned B.

Harlow on

I’m gonna go with Rachel.

When I saw Beyonce show up at the Oscars with this dress on, I hated it. But seeing Rachel wearing the dress, it looks different to me, and I actually like it, but on her. The dress just didn’t look good on Beyonce. I hated it when I saw it. I thought the light green stones were over kill on the dress. I just thought they looked so tacky. But I think with Rachel’s complextion, the color suits her better. Plus I love the sleeve on Rachel. We didn’t even see the sleeve on Beyonce. I think that sleeve on the dress really makes the dress more complete. Also, I hate those shoes that Beyonce is wearing with the dress. Those shoes are so under stated. That gown is just so much more, and those shoes just bring the value of the dress down. Beyonce is pretty and she looks nice, I just don’t like that dress on her. Beyonce has a great shape, I applaud her for her curvy figure, so her body really rocks in the dress, but the dress doesn’t look good on her, not because of her shape, but because I just don’t like the beauty pageant look on her, she looks like she’s in the running for beauty queen, and I don’t like that color on her. Although, I loved her red dress she wore when she performed at the Oscars. She was stunning.

As for Rachel and Kirsten wearing the same Chanel Couture dress. I don’t even need a picture to answer who would look better. I would choose Rachel again. Remembering that dress on Kirsten is a nightmare. Her hair and make-up were awful looking also. I know that Rachel is skinny, but Kirsten had nothing to offer in that dress, it just wasn’t flattering on her. She was just a long slender bean pole. I think that dress would look good on someone like Nicole Kidman, and even though she’s slender, she’s also tall, and model like. Nicole just looks good in just about anything.

M on

definitely rachel. i don’t like the way beyonce wears it. and there’s something odd about the way the beads are strapped across her body. kind of like a beauty pageant sash. it looks out of place and doesn’t fit with the form of the dress.

Shanizzle on

Beyonce looks like a lumpy, under-ripe pear. The cut of that dress on her body makes the fabric look chintzy, and the construction slapdash. I thought for sure her mom pinned it all together in the limo. (That wilting wig is not helping her cause either…)
Rachel, on the other hand, looks fresh and delicious!!!!
Blame it on the lighting…?

Aedri on

Rachel looks amazing in it! So much better than Beyonce!

mc on

I don’t think you can compare Rachel with Be. It is obvious
that Rachel beat her by far…

Christina on

I think Rachel McAdams looks better in the dress. Beyonce has great curves, but you can’t really see them in the dress; she just looks wide in her lower body. Not only that, but the color looks really bad on her. The contrast of her darker hair doesn’t look well; it just looks like a really bad prom dress on her. Rachel looks fresher and the color goes well with her blonde hair. Sorry, Beyonce!

victoria on

BEYONCE all the way

Kaily on

so so sooo much better on Rachel.

Lynn on

Rachel looks beautiful no matter what she wears!!!!

Sarah on

Beyonce had it first! ..but Rachel does look good in it! && today is my b-day!

Tater on

Rachel all the way….DUH!!

Didi on

I agree with others who said that Beyonces hips doesnt work well with the gown fabric it accentuates every possible curve that she has and magnifies it to an unflattering level.Rachel probably looks better in it but as Helga mentioned you cant really see the bottom part of her.Deb-I totaly agree with you on Katies stylist-she was all beige at the Oscars-dress, scraf, shoes, purse and mint green stones in her hair?!?!

B-More on

Both look a mess. This gown is not at all fashionable. Bad choice for both ladies. And the Chanel thing also looks ridiculous!!!

tina on

i think rachel looks better in it i really didn’t like this dress on beyonce (whom i love) but i really like it on rachel it looks like a completely different dress.

Corin on

HANDS DOWN RACHEL. the dress looks cheap and doesn’t fit well on Beyonce, where as on Rachel the dress looks ethereal. I wasn’t a fan of the dress when I saw Beyonce wearing during the oscars, but Rachel looks fab.

Ashleigh on

They both look gorgeous! I love Rach though…shes my one of my fave actresses!!!

jamie on

rachel all the way. i loved her in the notebook too. beyonce just didnt do the dress right. its a great dress but it shouldnt be worn to an awards show like the oscars. the beadin is too much for the oscars. on rachel its great for a cover of a magazine.

P.S: has anyone ever noticed that beyonce usually poses with one leg out?

bethany on

OH EM GEE!! Rachel Mcadams is so GAWGEOUS!! BEyonce, is all right, but she wears fur. *gross* Rachel DEFINATELY wears it betta.
&hearts bethie

MMF on


Chloe on

I think Beyonce looks way better :]]

Tatiana on

I’m not a big fan of the dress, but I must say that Rachel looks way better in it than Beyonce. She looks more elegant in it and I didn’t like the fit it had on Beyonce’s body. It makes Beyonce look thicker than she really is.

mo on


Annjellica on

First of all, everyone needs to stop hating on Beyonce. Just b/c she doesn’t look like a bean pole, doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful. Women should look up to her for a good body image rather than some of these other chicks in Hollywood. Other than that the dress shouldn’t be on either one of them b/c it’s ugly.

Carrie on

Rachel wears the dress better.

olivia on

Although Beyouce is 99 percent the winner in most cases of fashion compasrison I would have to disagree this time due her body being too bootilious while Racheal’s more slimmer figures make the dress more elegant

Angeli on

definitely looks better on Rachel McAdams.

bee on


kace on

i thought Beyonce looked great when i watched the Oscars. but when i saw Rachel on tv in the vover of Elle magazine, i thought she looked better than Beyonce. even with those curves and good looking skin, i think Be did not pulled it off like Rachel did.

Fan of both on

Let me start off by saying, both women are talented and beautiful. But, Rachel does wear it better. Let me explain, Beyonce has a full figure body and the dress does not compliment that at all, Where the dress will look a lot better on Rachel slim, petite body.



syd on

did beyoncae go scooba diivin??? cuz she has seaweed around her friggin neck o but rachel looks like a real model in that dressd exept i think scrarrlet johansen would look alot better!!

Miranda on

well even though beyonce’s hair looks like its fake tie on hair sometimes she still is beautifull and rachel is good too but she should stay brown haired

Melanie on

The color and fit are all wrong for Beyonce. Beyonce is a gorgeous woman, but this dress accentuates her in all the wrong places making her look 20 pounds heavier than she really is. The color is better suited for Rachel too.

Mary on

I would have to say Rachel. Beyonce has a great voice, great body, but she’s way too flashy when it comes to clothes. It distracts away from her natural beauty. Less is more…

Elle on

Rachel looks beautiful… Beyonce is beautiful too, but Rachel looks better in this dress..

Oscar D. Grouch on

Rachel McAdams all da way!

Holly on

I think that Rachel looks better in that dress. She is a better actress and better looking then bey.

Lindsey on

Rachel is awesome! She looks hot!

Krystle on

Of course Rachel looks better i mean Beyonce is too big for the dress LOL

Joplin34 on

Women with big hips do not look good in long dresses. The tummy and hips should be covered up or better yet, lose the weight! Men don’t like girls w/baggage–especially on their hips!


At first when i saw the dress on Beyonce, I didnt like it at all, but after seeing it in Rachel I love it.

C on

I think that Rachel wears it better, just because it flatters her light skin. It has an ethereal look to it. The colour just isn’t right against Beyonce’s dark skin.

Christine on

Rachel looks much better…Beyonce, although pretty, always wears the same “type” of outfit. It looks different on Rachel…unexpected but “everyday” on Beyonce b/c it isn’t out of a comfort zone…it’s very typical for her.

v on

who is rachel are you serious, she was only in the best love story of our generation, the notebook. wow.

vanessa on

who is rachel, shes only the leading role in the best love story of our time, the notebook. wow.

M@ri on

I love it on rachel because her blonde hair makes the dress look better on her, but I also love it on beyonce b/c she is able to rock everything she wears! Both ladies look great!

samantha on

beyonce should be to the left to the left

Zahira on

RACHEL! Beyonce is a two faced drag queen.

Sue on

Rachel does take the award on this Armani gown by FAR!! Beyonce always looks AMAZING and stunning in her gowns (love the ones her mother design’s) but with this pale color and shape it works better on our “Notebook” star Rachel!

Princess on

Come on haters!!!! Beyonce rocks!!!! Jealous!!!!!!

samantha on

Rachel of course! I can’t stand Beyonce… she makes every outfit look like hooker trash.

Tonya on

are you all crazy???? whats wrong with having hips?? The dress is falling off of rachel and she looks terrible. Bey looks beautiful!! Rachel looks like she needs to eat a sandwich.

princess on

I have to agree with Tonya! Shw does need to eat. What is up with the pink hair???? Ugly!!!!

Jeanne on

Rachel looks better for sure. Now, Bey is absolutely gorgeous, but she needs a new stylist pronto! She needs to get away from the slit way up to there and update her look. She doesn’t know how to dress anymore! I for one am sick of seeing her in the same gown all the time with the only difference being the color. And why is she even wearing this? Doesn’t she have her own label (House of Dereon)? She had a great bod and she is tall and she should be wearing just about anything and everything and she is stuck in a one-style rut.

jennifer on

I think Rachel definitley wear’s it much better! She looks alot more comfortable in it then Beyonce.

Chelsea on

Hmm. They both look awesome, but B just does it better.

Jonelle on

Rachel is the winner in this fashion face-off. The color is flattering on her, and the shape of the dress fits her well. Beyonce is beautiful, but the dress isn’t working for her body. Her hips looks too wide. Curvy girls have to watch satin! It can be very unflattering. I would have put her in something more A-line shaped … a full-skirted ball gown in a “hot” hue would have been ideal. I have to give props to both of these ladies, though. They are both lovely girls with real bodies, and they are not afraid to take chances with their fashion. Cheers, Rachel and Beyonce!

Jane on

Uh, Hello, no one is better than the Dreamgirl!!

samantha on

lol it’s not chanel!! but Rachel looks soooo good in it, it flatters her and she compliments it, it looks classy and effortless on rachel.. beyonce on the other hand… she’s had better days!
this isn’t a i support her coz she’s so and so, this is a critically, who looks better!! and i never knew she’s from canada!

Elviira on

Everything Beyonce wears looks perfectly on her, and WHEWWW, Rachel looks terrible because the dress doesn’t look tight on her body.

shea on

beyonce definately looks better in thtat dress. she has more of a figure to fill it in and the color is too light for the other girl.

Juliana on


janae on

I think beyonce looks hot-teh

Carli on

Rachel, hands down. She is gorgeous and that shade of green compliments her skin tone better than it does Beyonce’s.

Carli on

Rachel, hands down. She is gorgeous and that shade of green compliments her skin tone better than it does Beyonce’s.

Sarah on

Hey I like how the dress looks on both Rachel and Beyonce. They both look good in it.

Melissa on

Rachel, of course!

hannah on

The dress definitely looks better on Rachel. It just makes Beyonce look fat. Even though the dress is not very flattering, Rachel’s confidence and natural beauty make the dress look much better on her than on Beyonce. Beyonce just looks fat, overconfident, and in desire need of proper english lessons.

disgusted on

Both look hideous-

Kari on

I barely know who Rachel is, and its hard to see anything of the dress except the top, but judging from the top part, I think B looks better.

Barbara on

I have always loved Rachel. Her skin, her smile… She’s everything. She can wear a piece os my curtains and still, she looks pretty.
Beyonce is too fat, specially in that dress. Her hips are too wide (about 10 times Lopez’s hips). Her posture in that photo is horrible and besides: she uses a wig!
RACHEL you rock!

Honey on

Beyonce Looks Soooo Much Better!!!! Who ever this Rachel chick is, looks like a bag of bones!! The off the shoulder strap makes her look like she is playing dress up in clothes that are wayyy to big! Yuk!!!

Suriel on

Have those that are saying Beyonce’ is too fat seen her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit layout? She has a great figure! Flat stomach, hips, and curves just like women should have. Some women are just blessed like that!

mimi on

Has anyone noticed that the picture on every cover of a magazine is gonna be air brushed?? Beyonce’s picture is from real life!

diamond on

It is very obvious, as to the comments that have been made about Beyonce’s skin tone and shape, about who is actually posting the comments . It is also very obvious that if this comparison was being made on that Beyonce would be winning hands down. Beyonce is a beautiful woman inside and out. And for those of you who say that she looks too wide, you are sadly mistaken. Beyonce’s body represents women of America. The average size is not a 2. You all need a dose of reality.

anndrea on

i think rachel looks stunning in the gown and beyonce does as well but beyonce is always looking good!

Janie on

wow… beyonce’s a huge girl she shouldn’t waer something so light she should wear blacks more

mayra on

Rachel 100%! Love B, but it just doesn’t look good on her.

pjbutta2 on

For those of you that think Miss B looks to “fat” are one of the thousands of Americans who are not living in the real world. I think the dress looks good on Beyonce because she has the all-american curves of a “real” woman, not the size 0 skeleton body of an anorexic woman. Women who have curves should to be proud of their bodies. You don’t have to be a stick or look sick to be a beautiful woman! Get a life folks!

Jessica on

Rachel of course! Beyonce is kool and all but that dress makes her look like she has an extra caboose back there…

Sweetie on

Rachel 100%, i loved it on her. I absolutely hated it on Beyonce. She has not been looking good lately. The color just didnt fit her at all. I loved Rachels pink hair and i do not think she is too thin. Beyonce is a huge girl and she should wear more blacks to make her looks smaller, or she can go to the gym, shes a millionare, she should also stop sticking her butt up too much to make it look big. “UR BUTT IS NOT THAT BIG B!” jlo’s butt is even bigger, shes not trying to show off.

Erica Downs on

i think the dress looks better on Rachael..but that’s just my opinion which is normally right

Melanie on

Rachel… not only is she Canadian!!! But with the little sleeve it looks so much better, and cause shes not as curvy as Beyonce. It also looks better with Rachel’s hair like that.

Sarah Jones on

wow…you guys are sooo jealous of beyonce its just plain pathetic. She an awesome star..maybe a little attitudish, but everyone is. You guys are probably more “ugly” or whatever the hell you guys said
alos kristen dunst..just cause she “doesnt have good posture” you guys are so criticizing its just ugly. o yeah, and ive seen way more uglier dresses on other ppl, like those cheap prom dresses that ALL americans wear.

Bube on

OMG how can someone like Beyonce who has so much money look like that!I mean how she didn’t lose that fat she has a horrible figure which is not alike a star of her range.Although a respect her work and everything she does.I think Raychel wears it better and she is more cuter that Beyonce.

mary-kate and ashley on

we both think rachel looks better on that dress.

R.A on

i think Rachel looks way better in this dress. I mean BK wore way more things that made her look wayyyyyy better.. but not thing

Kati on

Beyonce needs to FIRE her mom as her stylist. Her mom likes things that are way to flashy, and she’s an awfully big fan of those all-the-way up your leg dresses! Ewh!

BB on

Rachel looks hawt! And I love her pink highlights! Can you say funky?! I don’t really think the colour, mint green matches her style but what the heck, she looks way better than Beyonce who I also adore but there is no competition. Plus, I am not really fair on judging because I just like Rachel much better. Rachel looks sassy and elegant although she should pick another dress. I don’t like the beads and that diagonal stripe going down her side. Fashion faux pas! ;P

Canucki on

Love the colour of that dress. It’s fresh, and beautiful fabric too. They both look good in it, but I prefer Rachel this time.

Tara on

Rachel looks better. It’s just not Beyonce’s style or color.

kaitlin on

I think they both are amazing and beautiful with great bods. I think Rachel wears it better because Beyonce looks kinda uncomfortable

Stefanie on

Rachel is beautiful and wears it so much better than Beyonce! Rachel is really such a gorgeous woman!

Alexandra on

Rachel wears it better…she is pretty!

Erl and Merl on

Beyonce is beautiful..but we think that Rachel wore it better as her body isnt as curvy which goes with the dress!

Ashley on

One word Beyonce. Rachel pails in comparision to Beyonce. Come on people…

jen on

Beyonce totally wins she is sooo G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S

Karina on

Rachel of course. Beyonce looks really bad in it. She has huge ass and don’t get me started on her ugly legs. She shouldn’t wear clothes that are designed for skinny people.

anymous on

Beyonce DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes anything from ugg to fab!!!

anjel on

hey!! all beyonce haters out there!!!…B rockd tis dress…coz she from HOUSTON!!!……

Maggie on

Are you kidding me? Rachel McAdams ALL the way.

Nathalie on

As ladies have said above, Rachel’s sitting and in a studio (can u say airbrushed, retouched, enhanced, anybody?) as opposed to B who is in a real life situation, tough to compare. B’s looked better in other dresses, it’s a really tough one to wear, not many could get away with it. I just don’t get why Rachel would even get an Elle cover, a teenage mag I could see

J on

Rachel looks better. Beyonce could’ve picked a better dress and she usually wears form -fitting dresses but this one looks better on Rachel

TN on

BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE! She has an amazing figure and looks perfect in the dress. She can pull off any color with her gorgeous skin tone. HELLO..she is on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! Rachel looks like a cute little girl but Beyonce is obviously looking the part of a beautiful, sexy yet classy woman.

Emma on

I think that the dress looks better on Rachel… Beyoncé obvioulsy has amazing taste as well, but I feel that she has let her hip/stomache area go a little, and it is accentuated by the curves of the dress.


Rachel is sooooo beautiful!! I have loved her ever since The Notebook and love that she is really with her co-star from that movie. They are both perfect. As for Beyonce, she is so over-rated! She is tacky and such a drama queen! I have zero interest at all in her. J-Lo used to act like that but she grew up. Why doesn’t she (Beyonce) marry her man and go away and make babies? She is boring and silly.

geri on

i think it looks better on rachel…they both looked great in the dress, though!

Sarah on

Rachel McAdams looks great in this dress:)

Mojabeng on

Rachel is a pathetic fashion icon wanna be, she should get her own thing.
Go Bey, you rule the fashion world!!!

Katie on

I definately would have to say that the dress looks better on someone with Rachel’s body figure. On Beyonce, I don’t know it just looks akward on her body. Rachel looks absolutley sexy and Beyonce just looks like she is trying to look like she is sexy.

me on

well i think they both look okay but i think rachel is the better one cuz she just looks good in it and yea

anna on



Miss on

Rachel could never look better then Beyonce. She is so plain and girl next door looking. Beyonce is stunning and has an hourglass figure. you can’t compare the two let’s be real.

sally on

i would have to say beyonce. it looks good on rachel but it would look beter if rachel didnt have the one piece strap on her shoulder..that looks better on beyonceee.

Lauren on

That gown is beautiful and they both look quite gorgeous in it but I have to say Rachel McAdams definitely wins this one. She is a much much much better actress than Beyonce (Beyonce is a terrible actress to put it simply while Rachel is for sure the next big thing). Plus Rachel is better looking and has a better body. Rachel’s blond hair also looks great with this dress and her skin tone compliments in better.

rene on

beyonce has a beautiful curvy body but i think she could have found a dress that was a bit more flattering. i feel as though she usually wears clothing that fits her very well but i think she missed the mark on this one. this dress works so well on rachel mcadams. rachel looks absolutely gorgeous in this gown. i love it!!

Autumn on

rachel, rachel, rachel. a 100%

corinne on

rachel who?…no way not up against beyonce!

star17 on

rachel all the way, i mean i luv beyonce but this dress just isn’t flattering on her

vicki on

i love Rachel, she looks WAY better in the dress. and the hair, looks wonderful with it.

Taylor on

Rachel is my favorite mean girl and she looks hott in that dress

Linda Crow on

Beyonce is tired!!!!

isabella on

rachel is amazing!! beyonce tries to hard and is to flashy for her

dave on

beyonce is way to fat, that is why she only shows bits

bee on

i like rachel in the dress better, only because of her complexion, hair color, etc. beyonce looks AMAZING in it–she has a great body–but i think it’s perfect on rachel.

Rebecca on

I think RAcheal!!! shes a very oretty girl, beyonce needs 2 dream on!!!

a.j. on


TomTeezy on

RACHEL WHO? Beyonce obviously doesnt THROW UP after every meal, she is a real WOMAN real women have curves not skin & bones. BEYONCE is a survivor and she loves the competition bring real competition not some anorexic dumb blonde that has this beautiful dress just hanging on to her frail body by a hope and a promise, work it B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisabeth on

I’m so tired of hearing about Beyonce. She looks the same in any full-length gown and Rachel brings about a fresh new look with her wild pink streaks down to her immaculate porcelain skin. Rachel exudes more elegance on paper than Beyonce ever will!

cristina on

i think rachel mcadams wears it so much better!

abzz on

rachel looks hotter

EK on


melanie on

I think the dress looks better on Racheal. The coral accent really takes away from Beyonces’ beauty. Where on Racheal I think it really adds to her beauty. The color really just wasn’t wright for Beyonce.

brooke on

i think they are both absolutley gorgeous but the dress looks tons better on rachel. Beyonce has wider hips and it is just harder for her to find something that would look good on her body type!


ummmm is this even a contest??

Sara on

I think Rachel looks waaaayyyy better!! I think Beyonce’s hair and make up looks fantastic but the dress looks kind of awkward on her.

lauren on

Beyonce! I think the dress only looks good on Rachel because she is sitting down.. but standing up, Rachel has no shape! Beyonce has outstanding curves and structure and so I think the dress looks better on her.

Drea on

BEYONCE RULES! B looked far better that Rachel did. Some of u haters will find something wrong with beyonce no matter what she wears or does. Beyonce has it all; Great body, talent, and she is one of the world’s most beautiful women. All u haters know beyonce looked better, u guys just hate to admit it! Beyonce is amazing!

Jess on

Beyonce does look georgous, as always, but I’m voting for Rachel. The green looks beautiful with her hair and skin tones and I’m loving the eyes, she’s flawless.

Nadia on

I think Rachael wears it better, Rachael is the girl from the move the Notebook and Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker…Beyonce is a little to Bootilicous for this dress

elle on

she look way more elegant and beautiful than beyonce. and by the way Rachels hair rocks!!!

Chelsea simone on

First of all, both ladies look lovely but I don’t like the fact that everyone is bad mouthing Beyonce. There’s just too much negative energy. HATING IS A DISEASE, HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!!!11

Jennifer on

BEYONCE!!! just look at her figure!! Rachel is sitting down so how can u even tell whether it looks good on her or not?!?! yea the color is nice on her but c’mon…wat doesnt BEYONCE look HOTT in?!?!?…shes PERFECT!!

Zahira on

I’m not hating on Beyonce cause she’s fat, or ugly, or whatever. Don’t get me wrong I think she is a beautiful person on the outside, but I think she is ugly on the inside…What she did to her former friends of Destiny’s Child to get to where she is, is just part of the game, but also says a lot about who she is, and her character.

c.j. on

I think the dress is more of Beyonce’s style, not Rachel’s. Which is why you see Beyonce sporting it on the red carpet, and Rachel wears it for a simple photo shoot.

danny on

Rachel is a beautiful girl…she’s got my vote!

danny on

Who is rachel…what an idiot! Ever seen the notebook??? She is a great actress.

Anna on

Rachel for sure. Beyonce is over rated. Her shine time is soon to be over.

RW on

Rachel wears it better! Beyonce…real…about as real as her hair.

Ali on

Rachel is the best PERIOD.


Rachel without a doubt is the winner. She looks good in everything she wears. Beyonce is so overexposed.

Kass on

i think Rachel looks beautiful she always does

katie on

rahcel with a capital R. A. C. H. E. L!! she over all wears it better. i like B better, by honestly rachel looks better

coty on

rachel looks gorgeous, she is greaaaaaaat!

gek loly ( BALI ) on

I love beyonce

Aurora on

Beyonce could make a trash bag look amazing, she has such confidence – but the dress just goes better on Rachel.

priscilla on


Pamela on

Rachel looks stunning and beats thunder thighs to the punch on any given day! Rachel is as real and anti-artificial as they come. Canadian Girls Rule!

bubii> on

im a huge fan of Beyonce but i think Rachel wears it much better .. wtv..

bubii> on

im a huge fan of Beyonce but i think Rachel wears it much better .. wtv..

bubii> on

im a huge fan of Beyonce but i think Rachel wears it much better .. wtv..

bubii> on

im a huge fan of Beyonce but i think Rachel wears it much better .. wtv..

Cee on

Is the reason that Rachel so much better than Beyonce because she is a white girl without much of a figure?

Jessica on

They are both BEAUTIFUL women, but I think this particular dress looks better on Rachel.

Caroline on


zee on


#1Bee on

Most of these comments are so obviously racially motivated, Both look nice in the dress.

Frab on

#1Bee get a life. Not everything is racially motivated. The point was to decide who looked better in the dress.



Rochel on

How can you compare somone like Rachel to Beyonce?

Zanai on

honestly, they both look great in the dress!

sandra on

are yall guys stupid or what of course it looks better on BEYONCE plus RACHEL is too skinny and she dont look better then beyonce rachel is UGLY!!!!!! Rachel dosent even have breast!!!!!!! #1 FAN OF BEYONCE

sandra on

are yall guys stupid or what of course it looks better on BEYONCE plus RACHEL is too skinny and she dont look better then beyonce rachel is UGLY!!!!!! Rachel dosent even have breast!!!!!!! #1 FAN OF BEYONCE

sandra on


ER on

Racially motivated. No…some people are sick and damn tired of seeing BEYONCE everywhere. She is a singer that gets too much press time. MOVE ON. Rachel looks better.

Ange on

Well even though I think the dress looks good on both of them, my girl B. took it home! That Rachel McAdams would be alot btter if she went back to the tank top and mini-skirt (Mean Girls)

morgy on

hey yeah i don’t really know who this Rachel girl is but she looks cute but i think that i might have tie. They are both really pretty and they both look great in the dress!

katelyn on

umm personally i think rachel looks better in this dress no doubt Beyounce is beatiful but there is no need for people to get so upset my a picture

cate on

i personally belive that rachel looks better in this dress no doubt beyonce is so glam but ive seen her in better cloths

Jessica C. on

i vote for rach

mary on

Omg Rachel. Duh. That color looks horrible on Beyonce and even she looks uncomftorble. Rachel looks much prettier in it because it looks so good on her skin tone. Rachel wins.

mary on

K for all u hatas out there ppl are TIRED of Beyonce! Like seriously – Rachel looks better. For sure. Beyonce sometimes seems like she thinks she can pull anything off, but this just looks BAD on her. Rachel is so pretty and how r ppl talking bout she doesnt got a body or breasts?? U can only see like her torso. And who needs big breasts to be pretty? Seriously! Rachel looks better. Even ppl that dont kno who she is thinks that she looks better. Sandra, Beyonce loses. Look theres like 4 people who think she looks better; everyone thinks Rachel looks better. So yup.

S on

At first glance, Rachel looks better. I don’t really like to color of the dress, but Beyonce is too curvy for this dress-she could have chosen somthing that brought out her beautiful atributes, like her curves, insted of trying to drape this dress over them. Anyway, both ladies are fabulous in their own separate rights-just not in the same dress. ;)

someone on

rachel wears it better shes hott beyonce is so freakin ugly ewwwwww

amyy on

RACHEL OF COURSE! how can BEYONCE compare to her?

jolanda on

Wat the hell rachel how can you people even say somthing as figure beyounce has it,you can’t even see skinny rachel looks like she fell in that dress she just don’t fit that dress, b is rocking it stop the maddness people.Be honest with yourselves!

Helena on

Rachel McAdams brings out the romantic cuteness of the dress, while Beyonce just takes it from sweet to vulgar! Rachel is sophisticated and cute. Love her and the dress on her!

french on

it shouldn’t even be a question!!! Rachel wears it 10x better!

french on

p.s. Rachel Mcadams from “The Notebook”

Chasity on

Definitely Rachel, Beyonce’s hips look massive! Better suited for someone with Rachel’s body shape.

Honey on

RACHEL MCADAMS of course! No question with that!

Samantha on

I think Rachel Mcadams wears that dress better than B, and Rachel is beautiful in anything she wears.

Khjack on

I like Rachel as an actress, BUT Beyonce looks way better, Rachel looks sort of like a crackhead, meaning she looks way to thin in the dress or it is just way too big on her! By far it looks better on Beyonce

kasia on

beyoonce looks bad in taht dress……

Deborah Bouma on

I Love Beyoncé!!!

emily on

i think rachel looks better…the dress doesn’t do much for beyonce’s mid-area… i think a brighter color would look better for both girls.

Angie on

I think Rachal McAdams looks better then Beyonce RACHAL looks MORE elegant!!!

rjg on

Rachel, no question. The dress fits her body better.

Corie on

Rachel looks better. I don’t like the color on Beyonce at all…

Melannie on

I love Beyonce, but I think that Rachel lookes better. I saw the picture where Rachel is wearing Kirsten Dunst’s dress and Rachel also looked better, because she used a belt, that was like made to use with the dress, and Kirsten didn’t use it. That belt made the dress so much “good looking”, like prettier ..very Oscars very couture..but I still love Beyonce and Kirsten.


Ashleigh on

I think Rachel looks better in the dress, it seems more elegant on Rachel’s small frame and on Beyonce it is way too trampy looking to me. That is just my opionion, not saying anything bad about Beyonce, she is very beautiful and talented.

grace on

omg Rachel! She looks gorgeous, though she could simmer down a little bit on the eye makeup.

blonde bombshell on

teri – Rachel is an up & coming actress from Ontario, Canadad.

Beyonce who? Who cares!

Andi on

Definatly Rachel, she looks better because the color just looks well on her. I love Beyonce but this dress makes her look terrible… she looks like she got fat or somthing!! Sorry B.

Marissa on

I’m voting for Rachel. Beyonce’s sluty slit looks liek a cheap knock off.

nicole on

i think that beyonce looks beautiful in everything and she always will to me

Hannah on

Rachel definately looks better. Yes, her hair may still have pink in it but somehow she still looks more elegant and beautiful than Beyonce does in the same dress.

Jessica on

Rachel is way sexy in that dress! It was made for her, sorry B!

kourtney on

Rachel hands downnnnn! i love b but she doesnt look as good

soraya on

Absolutely Rachel,,she so gorgeous with that dress

victoria on

lolz nth to compare to Rachel~
beyonce is not bad but her body shape is kinda big~

sarah on

B of course, she can pull off any look! Plus you really can’t see what Rachel look like in the dress she is sitting

c on

B of course, B can pull off any look, plus you can’t even really tell how Rachel look in the dress she is sitting.

lisa on

definatly rachel, that dress looks great on her.

lisa on

definatly Rachel, that dress looks great on her,



Bri on

U cannot compare that lame girl to Beyonce. It isn’t possible. Beyonce just makes the dress look better.

ruby on

rachel is sitting in a mag cover and airbrushed as beyonce is standing and its live. nothing terrible or great about that dress on rachel or beyonce. its the dress – i hate the dress. it looks so unfinished and frumpy. the color and material sucks:s
and the girls here who say that beyonce is to big and men dont like ‘extra baggage on the hips’ – lmao. do u ppl live in skinny-ville far far away in another universe?
beyonce has a body that real women should have and that most men r droolin over.
anyway most comments here are just too – 12 yr old white girly girlish ‘i read seventeen magazine and im inlove with justin timberlake and i have his posters stuck all over my bed’ type………………….:s lol.

diamond on

beyonce looks better in that dress and rachel do dont look good in that dress

rocio perez on

i think they both look great but i think we can say it right,cuz we can see rachel’s complete body,but we can see their faces,and i think in that one beyonce wins!!she has the most beautiful face!i’m so envy!!

Rochann on

That dress is gorgeous & they both look great in it. But it looks better on Rachel. It looks great with the strands of pink hair.

Ana on

Rachel is pretty. BuT Beyonce is beautiful ,OF COURSE BEY ROCKS IT BETTER!!!!


The dress still look unfinshed it needs more sparkle! Beyonce is great but the dress looks better on rachel because it compliments her light hair and skin tone but if she had beyonces curves she would look better. Curves are GOOD victoria.

VB on

I have to say I like both. Beyonce looks very red carpet-y in that dress but it looks good on Rachel too.

Marine on

Rachel Ten Times, Beyonce looks very FatXD
Rachel look’s Gorgeous!

Leisha on

Rachel McAdams

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