Victoria Beckham -- Denim Designer

03/03/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

London Entertainment/Splash News

Was Posh checking out the competition while shopping at L.A.’s Kitson in January? She’s announced on her website that she has teamed Western Glove Works to create her own dVb denim line. (This isn’t her first foray with jeans: She designed capsule collections for Rock & Republic in the past.) The first pieces from the new line are due in-store from June with the full range available after September (although price and stores are yet to be determined). And what can we expect from the collection? “I wanted to go back to basics . . . ensuring the jeans sit flat, not bag around the knee or cut in around the stomach. I want women to look and feel great when they wear them,” Victoria writes. “It was important for me to develop a collection that embodied all the qualities I look for in [jeans].” Wonder if Katie and J. Lo already have a pair?

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Nighthag on

I wonder with each pair you buy you get a free frown with it??

elle on

with a look like that on her face, I would be scared to buy her jeans. there might be hidden poison in them or a bomb in the pockets. she looks like she would be such a B****!

rachel b. on

Victoria Beckham goes from a former Spice Girls, to a Victoria Secret model and now a designer. What has she not done…acting/singing? Anyway, denim jeans/a reality show in the U.S. is the U.K. stars next role. I gotta see her collection for myself.

lizz on

is that a hint of a smile i see?? nah i think it is just the angle of her head. i really thought she might smile though. well at least she lost the glasses.

Patty on


Ela Das on

Isn’t it becoming way too common now for celebs to start off their own clothing line? I wonder if they actually sit and design these clothes… or just affiliate their name to the brand…

Rita on

Ok. Now, I really don’t like this woman’s personality, but can’t they get any better pictures of her??? I have **never** seen a smile on her face, ever!! If she is going to be in the public, which she obviously enjoys, then why can’t she at least show some happiness? I can only imagine how unhappy their home life is…oh wait, maybe that is why you hardly ever see them photographed together. She is not a pretty woman, but this picture really makes it worse. Who cares if she designs jeans. I get mine for $11 at Walmart. I could never afford even 1 pair of designer jeans.
Oh, well. The unhappy lives of the rich & famous will always be in the news. They just never seem to have enough for some reason, when the rest of us are perfectly happy with the 2 pairs of jeans we do own. May God take care of them all. I know He takes care of me.

AnnieM on

I’m tired of her “ladies who lunch” look (which is ironic considering her extreme thinness) – can’t say I’d be interested in her jeans. I’m sure Katie will buy plenty though.

AnnieM on

How long do these take to post? Anyway, are you asking if I’d buy jeans from an extremely pissed-off looking gal in a middled-aged woman’s blouse?

R on

I wonder if she’s ever stepped foot inside a fabric store. Much less touched a sewing machine.
Who knows.
I’m just curious to see how her “designs” turn out…

Elda on

I love jeans but she sure looks out of touch with those jeans!

Wendy O on

Yawn…detailing on the pockets, distressed coloration and fading. I can just see the revolutionary designs now.

alice on

I swear, I think People must purposely post the most unflattering pics of celebrities just so people can come on here and tear them apart.

RealBlondsRule on

I’m sick of People cramming this individual down our throats with the constant exposure. The reason they are coming to America is so she can find a better plastic surgeon.

Brenda on

Does she ever smile

Ashley on

Debbie Downer looks waaaaay creepy in this picture!

Julie on

“I’m sick of People cramming this individual down our throats with the constant exposure.” –What? Who’s cramming anything down anyone’s throat? If you don’t want to see celebrities and look through their pictures, take that little clicky MOUSE and guide yourself elsewhere.

Seriously, are you going to act like anyone’s FORCING you to see Posh Spice? I’m also annoyed at how incredibly presumptuous people are, and how their presume to take ownership of these people’s lives because they are so often in the public eye. Look at this remark by Rita, above. Are you serious? You don’t know anything about this woman’s home life (and neither do I). Why can’t you comment on the picture, on her news, and then shush? I have to admit, I enjoy reading through these because it’s an adrenaline rush to see how presumptuous, obnoxious, and venomous people will be to complete strangers whom they only know from pictures and short articles.

Here’s an example of something that would NOT be presumptuous and annoying to say about this post: “This isn’t a very good picture of her. I didn’t know she was going to design her own jeans; wonder if they’ll be any good! I also wonder how her reality show’s going to go.”

No judgement, no pompous I-know-Posh-Spice-intimately, no venom.

BC on

David Beckham is so nice looking I still dont know what he sees in her?

RealBlondsRule on

Whew, Julie, thanks for setting me, and so many of the other posters, straight. You admit to reading our “venomous” comments for an adrenaline rush. Then that means that

1. You secretly enjoy or agree with the comments made

2. You are too scared to voice said comments yourself so you wait for others to say what you also secretly feel because you’re afraid of someone criticizing you. That’s okay, Julie, we’ll take the heat for you. At least some of us have the nerve to voice our/your opinion, even on something as trivial as how a celeb looks in a photo. Quit worrying about being so darn politically correct all the time.

Now run along, and don’t forget to take your meds.

May on

Has anyone seen this woman smile? Even in the days of the Spice Girls she never smiled. If her jeans come in big sizes, which I highly doubt that they will, I would consider buying them, but then again I proably couldn’t afford them.

Linda on

I lived in England for 7 years and couldn’t stand it because every single magazine cover was her and her pouty non-smiling lips. Maybe she has awful teeth, you know how bad the dental system over there is. Now that she is in the US (god help us all) hopefully she can fix her teeth and maybe we will see her crack a smile but then again if she did at this point, it might crack her face.

lkd on

I hope that she makes pants for people that are not a size 0 or 1!!!

Amy on

Yikes ‘realblondesrule’!!! Why the hatred?
Some people are just good people and like to see the ‘good’ in others. Some people like to root for the under-dog or the one getting picked on.
Don’t be so vicious people. Relax – maybe you need to look into the Meds you suggested for ‘julie’.

I love Rock & Replublic. There jeans fit awsome – so look forward to see what she comes up with.
Where are my girls at?
Charla Dickinson (spell?)
Egnima (spell?)
I always love to hear what you girls have to say!!!
Peace & Love always

alice on

I agree with Julie. These blogs only prove the theory about catty women. Its a shame that we talk about each other like that.

Julie on

Or, realblondes, 3. It’s sometimes funny, even though it’s a little sad, to watch people being obnoxious. Same reason Bridezillas is a fun show to watch. We like to see and marvel at other people’s venom and promise to ourselves that we won’t act that way.

Julie on

Highly agree, Alice. It’s like we have so much pressure from every angle — being thin, being young, being perfect — and then we are evil to each other in the process! Not that I think Posh Spice or any celebrity comes here to read about on the blog, but it’s just the principle.

Kim on

Amy you are daBomb! I totally agree with you. Why so much hatred?!

Victoria We Love You-but some evil women like the people in these posts are just well, evil. Ignore them.

Back on Topic-I tried on a pair and they have a great fit!

kristina on

If you do the “do you know Posh” quiz in the photo section of this website there is one picture of her kind of sort of smiling…

Mary on

I find it very interesting that no matter what the Off the Rack post is about, if there is a picture of Victoria Beckham, people will automatically start commenting/complaining about how she does not smile. It seems people lack the ability to see anything else but that smile (or lack thereof) of hers.

The expression on her face is somewhat amusing. Looks like she’s giving the evil eye to the paparazzi.

Val on

Smile, already.

Rita on

In response to Julie: If you read my comment, I did comment on her picture, the fact that I could never afford her jeans, and that I “wonder” what her home life is like… I never said I knew anything about the woman. I stated that they look unhappy in every single picture I’ve ever seen of her, whether on People or other mags in the lines at stores. You are the one who is being vicious and evil to others. Not me. Have a great day to you, too!!!

Katie on

Alright then, Julie, enough of the word “presumptious”. It didn’t make you sound smarter using such a big word, ESPECIALLY since you spelled it incorrectly. Spell check, honey. Use it.

cc on

Good luck California! Glad she is crossing the ocean.

Julie on

Rita: You said, “I can only imagine how unhappy their home life is…oh wait, maybe that is why you hardly ever see them photographed together.” Not sure why her home life had to enter this conversation at all, especially with that implication. That’s what I meant.

Katie: Absolutely hilarious. Please consult a dictionary.

alice on

Uh, Julie did spell it right. Maybe you should check your spelling….

enigma on

Hey Amy! Thanks so much!

You know, I am missing Charla Dickenson’s comments too, maybe that’s the reason I haven’t commented for a bit! I hope she is okay I understand her health isn’t always great but, maybe she and her husband are on a nice vaca! I am sure she should have a great comment and an excellent retort to all this jabber and bickering…Ha-Ha and Hee-Hee!

Oh My Lord, some of these comments in this blog are funny and getting alittle outta’ hand, IF, YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

Yeah, it’s fun to get philosophical, make fun, point fingers, at the celebs here but, really ladies, is it so necessary to do that to each other! Some ladies here really need to “take a CHILL PILL”, I can hear CATS fighting, I mean as in the dark alley type of cat fight!!! I wish I knew how to spell out the sound they make!!!!

Yeah, V.B. doesn’t smile because that’s her choice! Yes, there are pix of her smiling, just go and find them! Yes, this pic isn’t the greatest.

We, as bloggers, have no way of RELATING to a celebs daily life in the camera’s eye or behind it. They have cameras shoved in their face(s) ALL the TIME, it comes with the terrority of being RICH and FAMOUS, whether the celeb(s) deserve to be famous or not! But, it’s the celebs choice on how they handle that particular moment of being hounded down by cameras and crazed photographers!

I mean, come on, how would you like having your pic taken with BRIGHT multiple flashing lights all the time, I bet you wouldn’t like it and you would probably get seriously annoyied at times! Hence, the reason for the BIG GAINT OVERSIZED sunglasses 99% of celebs wear and no smiling all the time. Smiling is easier than frowning but it does get tiring! I am not defending any celeb here I am just making a point of an observation……

What I know of V.B., is only from the media and that’s all. I don’t have any of her “Spice Girls” music or anything else. And, yes, I did say in another posting that I am getting tired of seeing her cluttering all the photos but, that doesn’t mean I hate her. I can’t hate her, I don’t know her!! I would be nice if People found other things to comment about. As for V.B. as a topic, it’s like beating a dead horse……..enough already!!!

But, I think RESPECT needs to be looked at again!

Anyway, please forgive me if I offended anyone! But, sometimes it’s just good to get a grip about some things!

Laters and Cheers!


I don’t wonder how her jeans will fit,look, etc., since only rich people are going to get to wear them, but i do think that she tries really hard to look like a modle.

hunnybun on

Julie: pot, meet kettle. You can’t preach to others about spreading venom and then pick petty fights yourself with other bloggers. Get off your prudish highhorse already.

Julie on

I get your point, hunnybun, although I don’t know what’s prudish about what I brought up.

I think it’s a little different though. I feel frustrated by cattiness (alice used a great word) and just think people don’t need to be so EVIL about people they don’t know. And in defense of myself, I was talking about a comment posted on here that I could actually see, while a few other folks were talking about a PERSON whom they couldn’t possibly know. But, you know, whatever.

Harlow on

She’ll probably make her jeans outrageously expensive. Hopefully she’ll make a jean that embodies all different body types, and not the ultra skinny. Wow, she looks like a mean step-mom or Cruella DeVille in this picture, LOL.

ENIGMA, Amen to that!

hm on

does anyone else find “Posh” creepy, ugly, and disgustingly skinny? Why does she think she can just move here with her ‘husband’ and suddenly take over by appearing multiple times in crappy magazines, such as this one???

Siye on

She looks really creepy,how did David Beckham marry with this woman?

Dixie Marie on

You said it enigma!!! I have to say that I totally agree with you on this one. As they say, You hit the nail on the head.

I, too, miss hearing from Charla. Hope everything is okay with her.

About the jeans, I’ll never have the chance to even try some on so I am not even going to comment on them.

enigma on

Hey Harlow and Dixie Marie!!!

Thank you very much! I hope we get to see Charla back in the postings sometime again, she always has a very interesting and demonstrative perspective to give out!

Wishing you both well and Charla too, (wherever you are?)!


KAM on

She is not a very happy person. I don’t really care for her sense or lack of style.

Didi on

One would think that when promoting your own denim line you would put a pair of it.And with that grin on her face I would be afraid to even touch them-something is very wrong there.

Ashleigh on

I think that Posh is gorgeous. Who cares if shes thin and doesn’t smile for paparazzi? There is nothing wrong with being skinny…are you guys just a bunch of fat couch potatoes or something? And some people don’t like having their picture taken. Do you smile while doing something that you don’t enjoy? Anyways…Im not picking a fight with anyone..thats silly…just voicing MY…although Im sure it will get picked apart by someone on this blog. To everyone: Be Happy!! Its only a website, and chances are,you’re never ever going to meet ANYONE you’re arguing with on here, so why waste your time? ;)

alice on

Once again, I agree with Julie. While I don’t necessarily understand why Posh is such a huge celebrity, I will have more respect for her than most people commenting on these blogs. She’s not the one making nasty remarks. Everybody has flaws and everybody has something that makes them beautiful. We should embrace these things instead of tearing people apart for them. Chances are, none of you are perfect either.

Patty on

I thought it was just me– but I guess everyone recognizes it: Victoria Beckham is incapable of eliciting a smile! I have never seen a picture of her when she is smiling. I don’t think they exist.

Mary on

I think it would be hard to smile with the papparazi following you, your husband, your kids around 24/7. The price of fame. But you gotta give her credit, to become someone known after the spice girls… and she’s the only one out of the group you ever hear about.


She looks so mean on this picture you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing her jeans….SMILE POSH it won’t hurt your makeup

carolyn williams on

Im so happy she has her own line out i cant wait cause i will be rockin them love u posh do your thing

Jojo on

I would wear her Jeans if she makes the so people with normal legs ,and a Butt can fit them. lol No offence Posh.

Lynnboo on

I think her plastic surgeon missed the mark with the BoTox; he’s frozen her whole face into a permanent scowly-frown! Who cares what she does…she takes herself WAY TOO SERIOSLY! After all, she’s married to a soccer player and used to be in a “girl-band”…even the Royal Family smile every now and then!;-)

Jojo on

I would wear her jeans if she makes them so people with normal legs,and a butt can fit in no offence Posh.

Ms Dyer on

Posh should have been named ‘Surly Spice’ I have never seen that girl smile in her entire career. She should know a smile can be a great fashion accessory.

Kathi on

Never seen her smile!
Who peed in her wheaties?

mag on

common people, i think this woman deserves some credit. i hv a pair of her design jeans i and think it’s cool.

Night on

I don’t think if my claim to fame was being a spice girl durning my younger years I could smile either. I’d be horribly embarassed too.
Lets leave Cadver Spice alone to quietly decompose.

lisa on

Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Celine Dion in this picture??? Well, a pissed off Celine Dion.

Paulina on

I swear, does that woman ever smile!?!?

elena on

dose she ever smile????

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