Victoria Beckham Tells Why She Went Blonde

03/02/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

“Like a new woman” — that’s how Posh feels with her new blonde hair, according to an interview she gave British paper The Sun. The do is for a new ad campaign for the US launch of her and hubby David’s Intimately Beckham perfumes, but that’s not the only reason why. As we guessed, she was working on her transformation into an L.A. girl, “I thought it was very suitable for when we move to L.A. as well. It’s a bit of a sun-kissed Californian look, I hope.” And since her regular London-based hairdressers, Ben Cooke and Jonathan Long, were with her to do her hair for Oscar weekend, they set themselves up in Chris McMillan’s celeb-filled salon, where they worked with colorist Johnny Ramirez to create Posh’s new lighter look (the cut was actually done the next day at the home Victoria was staying at). And don’t worry, hubby David Beckham was in on the decision — Posh “kept sending David pictures to check he approves.” But she certainly does, saying “I love my new hair color, I’ve certainly got a spring in my step. And I’m keen to see if blondes really do have more fun!”

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Photo: Cousart/Ramirez/Respicio/JFX

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megan on

I love her hair! I think she looks great. Totally Posh!

Nighthag on

Maybe she should be working on gaining some weight instead.

Marsha Garcia on

Why does poor Posh NEVER smile? She’s the only one who doesn’t smile on Oscar protos!! I think she’s too artificial

Samsmom on

Why doesn’t she ever smile? With a life like hers, you’d think she’d be giddy.

PT on

Posh has style,regardless of other people negativity. She looks great with this hair style too.

joanne on

this is not the first time posh has gone blonde!but she certainly looks much better than she did then.whats with sending photos to hubby to check if he approves?!!looking good posh!and yes,blondes do have more fun.

j on

blondes have more fun…then smile!!! :)

Janet on

She is trying too hard, simplicity is the best.

Dawn on

Ok i gave this joke and her husband enough 15 min of fame when will the media follow suit. Smile and eat a twinkie for god sakes Vicki

j on

whats up with her armpit? looks very odd.

Elda on

she does look good in blonde, she’d be so much prettier with a smile and i bet her dimples would make her look so beautiful!

Ramona on

I noticed with her new blonde look that she still doesn’t know how to smile. Is it just me, or is she the most miserable looking person?? What’s not to smile about??? She’s married to David Beckham with not a worry in the world. She’s got an endless supply of money to jet all over the world (while their nanny looks after their kids) getting photographed looking miserable picture after picture. I don’t get it!

cmelanieb on

I do not understand why she is still hounded by photographers, none of the other spice girls are stalked as much as her. I would be miserable and never smile either if I had a camera stuck in my face everywhere I went. I am all for celeb pictures but hasnt her moment pasted (Like 10 years ago)?
I do love her hair blonde and do agree with the woman who said “eat a twinkie already!”

Megan on

Does she smile ever?

KC on

Again I have to say the cut and color is slamming…. They can call you a “robot” but your a “robot” with kick-ass hair!

alice on

People keep wondering why she isn’t smiling- Its not like she is posing for these pics that are being taken, they are being taken at random moments while she is running errands. Do you keep a plastered smile on your face while you are grocery shopping?

leah on

She never smiles. And this whole new reality show…what for?? her husband (who is the hottest man alive) already makes like $500 million … who wants to see what a wasteful, stuckup, spoiled woman she probably is?

as far as the hair…it’s not the color that looks bad (although i think she looks better as a brunette), but that cut is so 80s! and not flattering for her since she already looks like a lolly-pop…makes her head look too big for her stick body.

Dee on

I like the look, it suits her. I totally agree with everyone who says she should be smiling more, she has plenty to smile about. Apparently she doesn’t like her dimples. She’s always had them and years ago she smiled all the time. In fact, she never stopped smiling for the media when there was that affair controvery. I think she doesn’t smile because she’s going through her pout phase. Fickle, fickle, fickle

Frances on

I LOVE her hair. I wish I could cut my hair like that. She looks great and I love her.

Kammy on

It’s been reported that she rarely smiles because she doesn’t like the way her teeth look. But she has a nice smile, so go ahead, Posh, smile!

Ginger on

I love love love the hair but I think she looks like a third Olsen twin!

cmelanieb on

OMG Ginger, she does look like an Olsen twin!! Rofl lol!

Brent Lawson on

I don’t get the thrill of “Posh”! She is the most unhappy looking alledged “Star” I have seen. Folks, she is an unattractive, n talent that married up!

jessica on

yeah i think her hair looks great, but i have never seen her smile. it is kinda sad..

Catz on

For those who don’t know yet why she never smiles…she once said literally..” smiling I look very much like Peggy from The Muppets..” end off.

max's mom on

I’m so glad to see everyone else thinks she looks terribly unhappy all the time. I don’t buy the thing about the teeth– she’s got more money than she knows what to do with , and in this day and age she could buy herself better teeth or be injected with something. Isn’t that better than not feeling like you can smile?

f on

Hmmm…so basically what Victoria is saying is, if you move to a new place you have to become like the people. Interesting. Does that mean if she moves to Africa she’s gonna go nuts at the tanning salon? Or if she goes to China she’ll undergo surgery to get their eyes? How original.

f on

Hmmm…so basically what Victoria is saying is, if you move to a new place you have to become like the people. Interesting. Does that mean if she moves to Africa she’s gonna go nuts at the tanning salon? Or if she goes to China she’ll have to undergo surgery to get their eyes? How original.

Mary on

Enough already. Again, she doesn’t smile simply because she doesn’t like her smile. I (and others) have said this many times on other Posh-related blogs, yet the vast majority of commenters here choose to ignore that fact. Sheesh.

KM on

It started with a great cut and now she was fabulous color to go along with it – she wears both very well!

yvonne franceschi on

Well, I’m not a fan, but lately, all I see is Posh went here, was with Katie Holmes, seeing new houses,
eating caviar with arugula come on do these people eat simple normal food and this reminds
me of her new reality show she’ll have ” The Stepford wives.
I like her haircut but please smile. Yvonne

C on

I could care less.

Amber on

She would look better if she had her long hair back.

pplrkewl on

I like her hair color and I think her style is great but…. I think that she should smile and become a tad bit fatter !!! :)

chloe on

Why she never smile on camera is probably a million dollar question

doug on

she should LEARN HOW TO SMILLE,it look’s like she ashamed of it, or she thinks that doesnt look good when she smilles…

Dawn on

That armpit is leftovers from a boob job. Probably done before she Married rich because that is not very good work.

Tonya on

She doesn’t smile because her smile is weird-lookin.

Mary on

notice the lines and wrinkles around the armpit area? Too much plastic surgery and breast enhancement maybe!

Sue on

A smile would break her face; I’m sure of it.

AnnieM on

To continue to draw attention to herself?

Sou on

Love it.but brunette its better.. hoo and GIVE HER SOMME FOOD..

rashundra. on

I like those shades. Know where I can get them?

Marce on

She doesn’t smile because she’s starving.


ohhemgee victoria looks so cute with a blonde due. but she looks pretty always..*sigh* if only i were her….

I LOVE YOU VICTORIA!!! (eventho your a hore!)

Jojo on

She thinks that she is all that!!!!!!!!!!!! Girlfriend, she IS ugly!!!!

Mara on

LOVE THE HAIR! but my complaint is how come we never see her face? shes always wearing those huge sunglasses and i actually dont know what she looks like…anyone else agree?

Sal on

It doesn’t matter what color blonde it is, she doesn’t have the skin tone to go with the hair-why is it every woman who is not blonde wants to be blonde? It looks totally fake and without a smile on her face, she is nothing to look at.

Leann on

Have you ever noticed that Posh NEVER smiles……

lsjkdrwoeir on

she is kinda stuck up looking? but what does that have to do with her hair..i mean come on just because she protects her figure and wants to look nice how does that mean that she is stuck up and has the perfect life…? just because she doesn’t eat a double whopper at mcdonalds dont dislike her.

Denka on

She looks more trashy than usual.

terbra2 on

A has-been w/ a nice colour & cut.

JennyPhurdablok on


Allie on

Im guessing you Jenny, Sue, Dawn, and some of the rest of you have no friends. and no heart. because some of the stuff you say in beyond mean. i don’t know how people can stand you.
You dont know her, so dont pretend like you know what is going on with her. and stop being so jeleous, your making yourself look bad. considering victoria is GORGEOUS!!

abby on

She looks great with it blonde! She should definitely keep it that way!

Tonya on

Allie, are you blind? I must admit, Posh isn’t exactly ugly-looking. However, she is nowhere near being gorgeous. Gorgeous is Angelina Jolie. Gorgeous is Charlize Theron. Gorgeous is Gwyneth Paltrow. I don’t even know why she’s called “Posh.” Half of the time, she looks anything but posh.

Nicole on

I think she looks great! Her hair always looks great though!

Harlow on

I’ve already stated this on another Victoria thread, I love the hair color, but I don’t like the cut. That cut is too retro 80’s, I like her better with long hair. JMO.

I’ve heard that she doesn’t smile, because she doesn’t like her dimples…regardless, she’s a pretty woman, she should embrace what the good Lord gave her. She’s not the only one with dimples, many have dimples, she shouldn’t be ashamed. I know there is something in all of us that we absolutely hate, like, maybe we don’t like our hips, or maybe someone has webbed feet…I see it this way, we’re not perfect. We should learn to embrace what the good Lord gave us. So whether Victoria thinks she looks like Miss Piggy, well, maybe she’s figured out something about herself that she doesn’t consider being perfect, sorry Victoria, but there is gonna be something that we’re not all gonna like about ourselves, but we should learn to be proud of what we got. Just thank goodness that hating your smile is the least of your worries, be thankful for everything else, because if that’s you’re only worry, just make note that should be the least of your worries. Besides, when is having dimples a crime. LOVE YOURSELF!

Allie on

Tonya, that is my opinion. Please don’t try to correct my opinion. I think Victoria is a georgous, whether you do or not.
She is a child of God, which means she is beautiful.

Ashleigh on

I LOVE her hair!!! She looks awesome…I like the cut too.Victoria is beautiful and everyone knows it, so stop hating her!! You guys that say eat a twinkie and go gain weight, etc. must be a bunch of pigs! She looks great…dont hate us skinny beautiful girls just because you dont have the energy to get off the sofa and jog a little!

Allie on

haha, Ashleigh, i agree.

sandt barnes on

She should try smiling once in a while. I think she’s homely….not attractive at all. She is too full of herself which is too bad because she’s got nothing to be so haughty about.

poshbecks on

lol , she wont smile , she said when she smiles her dimples looks horrible… well i saw her smiling lots of time and i can tell u she’s gorgeous!!!

Katarina on

I think people need to reserve judgement about her personality, as we do not know her personally. I do think she has a great sense of style, and she looks great for a woman with three kids. All the best!!

Verica on

Just for all of you who are jealouse!!!She is smart, beautifull and elegant lady. She knows how much she is worthed, so she doesn’t need to proof her self to you. No one can’t compare with her. She is icon to all mothers. Go Vicki.

Laura in England on

I wouldnt smile either if people where saying things like you lot are! I wish i was in her shoes 3 beautiful kids and a sexy hubby. Its just jelousy!!! Your all very bitter!!!


amy on

fukin hell every1 propa goin sik over her goin blonde she only dyed he hair give her a break, an so wot if shes skinny an dusnt smile its her life

brandon on

i saw her last week driving on magnolia street in north hollywood!!! hair looks great

Pink Panther on

I think that Victoria Beckham does not smile because apart from her loads of money and seemingly happy marriage..she is just plain sad inside. She has no purpose in life other than the fact that she likes to be photographed and talked about. Her husband has cheated on her in the past and you know that when your husband has already cheated on you most likely it wasn’t just that once. So you see money does not buy happiness or health…I think we like to read about these people because we fantasize about being rich ourselves but they are skin and bones and blodd just like everybody else and they suffer bad times just like us. So who knows if she eats or smiles or farts…the fact his she is a human being…and her nose is not that bad at all…

abbey on




Narcissa on

I love Victoria and it drives me crazy that she never smiles in these photos because in interviews she is absolutely funny, self-deprecating, and adorable! Got to YouTube and type her name in-there are a bunch of interviews, including one on the Ali G show where she is just too funny. There is also another terrific one which is sort of a documentary of a charity gala that she and David threw at Beckingham Palace and it is a hoot.

Anyway, I think the reason I love her is because she is totally living the life; she’s married to a great guy, has loads of cash and houses, three healthy sons and an endless wardrobe! And, even though she may not be physically perfect, she does her best to make the most of what she has.

Finally, unlike some people out there, Victoria always behaves like a lady in public. You know she’ll have her panties on when she exits a vehicle, and she won’t go on 16 hour drug binges with trannies and dancers that she met at a nightclub, while her childrens’ nannies frantically try to contact her, wondering what happened to that purportedly quick trip to Duane Reade to pick up something “for the kids.”

nur shirly on

Posh doesnt smile! U gotta look POSH all the time without smiling. Beside some people look great without smiling.

Stacey on

I love Victorias new hair she looks stunning. Cant wait to have mine the same tomorrow.

uranangel on

Eventhough she don’t smile, I can tell she’s a nice person. I wonder how hard it is to be in her position- wife of the rich and famous beckham, I would be very self conscious as what 99.9% of what girls would feel. I just wish she don’t push herself so hard. You’re beautiful enough ;-)



chloe on

I Love Her Hair Its Ace =D
It Really Works For Her !!
Im Thinkin Off Havin It Done I Love It So Much
Mind You She Can Pull Anything Off …Shes Such A Stunner

Faith Simmons on

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