Scarlett Johansson Debuts Reebok Line

03/01/2007 at 01:33 PM ET

Scarlett can now officially add designer to her resume. The starlet has teamed with Reebok to create a sporty clothing line called Scarlett Hearts Reebok which launches today, March 1. Even if you are not a hard-core gym freak, Scarlett says you will still love it. “It’s a lifestyle collection,” she says. “You can go directly from the gym, slip it on [and] go to meet your friends for coffee.” Featuring brightly colored sneakers, short-sleeved hoodies ($100), baseball tees ($50) with heart-shaped cutouts and comfy sweatpant leggings ($80) in grey and navy, the collection is “a mixture of both the ultrafeminine and urban lifestyle,” says Scarlett about her designs. The star has signed with Reebok for at least three seasons, but for her, the best part is “the fun colors!”. View all of Scarlett for Reebok’s line by clicking here.

Photo: courtesy reebok

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molly on

This is ugly and dumb.

Catz on

If the best part is “the fun colours!”…what’s the worst part then? You know, cuz she’s so fashionable and stuff… this is beyond sh**! Reebok will never look good on anyone anymore!

Dawn on

50 bucks for a t-shirt for cut out hearts? I”ll get the normal 10 dollar tee from walmart and my 10 dollar leggins ty….

RealBlondsRule on

I guess I’m not buying her much as a spokesperson for an athletic line since I’ve never read or heard about her being a fitness enthusiast. Nike’s just using her current popularity and she’s just peddling another product for mutual profit.

j on

yeah because she works out ALL the time i’m sure…i’ve never liked reebok anyway.

Nighthag on

I’d never spend that much on that type of clothing just to work out or to hang around the house. $10 is good enough for me. I have many shirts that I spent less then $10 on that I have had for years. Still cumphy, still have kept their shape and colour and no they haven’t fallen apart yet.

Elda on

I like them, i love the color blue, etc. but the rest of the stuff is kinda pricey. I do like good pair of shoes but my jogging stuff i buy that at Walmart.

Alice on

I just don’t understand how the face of Louis Vuitton ends up selling Reebok. Does she really need that much money? Make up your mind, Scarlett!

Jessica on

I am going to go out on a limb and defend Scarlett. I think this line is amazing. As soon as I saw the outfit I went out the website and was upset that it wasnt to offer now. I mean common…if you want to buy sneakers to work out in from Walmart, you probably will have tendonitis by the time you are 25. Plus, this stuff looks great. Now this does seem like a downgrade from Louis Vuitton to Reebox but I can say, if this is the way that Reebox is going to get out there and compete with some of the nicer stylist brands like puma and nike…way to go!

alice on

I’m not a fan of this line. And like others, I don’t get the connection between Scarlette and exercise. I think a real athlete would be a more appropriate spokesperson.

Annabel on

I like the collection. It’s simple and cute and colorful and I think it’s fantastic. Pharrell’s Ice Creams collection and Scarlett’s new line are perfect for bringing Reebok back in style.

I’d like to see what “molly” and “catz” would design for a fitness clothing line, since they seem to know so much about style. They should stop criticizing and continue shopping at walmart.

I agree with Jessica- I’d pay more money for better quality.

Bonnie Wood on

I have both wide and skinny pants in my closet.I wear them both.

Catz on

Uhh…Annabel, too bad we don’t have Walmart here in the U.K, so I’ll drop that comment back on you knowing you’re the “Walmart-type” uh? Oh and yeah!I bet you’d definitely like to see my own sporty clothing line, however, it’d be a lot too high class for your chav style! Then, keep following Scarlett and her tacky stuff!

Night on

I’d wear anything IF it made me look like this classiccally beautifull woman…..but alas…ugly blue sneakers and spandex pants most definitely will NOT make me look like Scarlett….DARN.

Jamie C. on

Annabel and Jessica, I think this stuff is pretty. I would never pay that much for anything, but if I had the money I would buy this stuff.
Why are some people saying this stuff is ugly? They must not have eyes.

☼ Jamie ☼

Jamie C. on

I agree w/ Annabelle and Jessica, this stuff is pretty. I would never pay that much for anything, but if I had the money I would buy this stuff. Why would you say this stuff is ugly? If you think that, you must not have good eye vision. JMO!

☼ Jamie ☼

Elda on

Some people are so touchy.

HLS on

Ladies, ladies, we should all stop blasting each others’ opinions – that is what this blog is for, and people’s differences are something to celebrate.

That being said, I don’t like Scarlett’s new line, because I think it’s ugly and overpriced. The name is too long and cumbersome, too – just think: “Hey, I love your new ‘Scarlett Hearts Reebok’ hoodie!” Come on. If Scarlett wanted to pitch for some comfy loungy clothes, she could’ve found a better line.

jap on

she never looked good before. after the black dahlia, that’s when she got her “look”. but she can’t always look like that everyday and everywhere she goes. so now, with sudden increase in fame, she needs to milk it. the best way to do it is to become a self-proclaimed designer….yawn. how many of those have we had in hollywood? it makes it seem like a joke to go to real school for a real education. plus the overpriced merch…

Unknown on

I never liked her, I find her quite an ordinary girl. I can’t understand how people find her so hot, she’s so not. Plus, I don’t think she’s fashionable AT ALL. She’s got contracts just because she’s famous, even though she has so sense of fashion.

jap on

after reading the above comments i thought…yes i agree with those who say that an athlete would be a better face in promoting athletic gear/wear simply because we know they’re into fitness. but i think that these companies are trying to reach out to other people aside from sports enthusiasts…like people who aren’t fit…people who just like the “look”.

Leslie on

I think Reebok is just searching for more customers. It never hurts to expand your target market but I’m not sure fans of Scarlett are going to automatically become Reebok fans as well.

Agnes Fox on

Wow…all I’m seeing from this is that Scarlett is an absolutely gorgeous woman with lots of opportunities and there’s alot of jealousy about that. If she wants to design a line for Reebok or be the face of Louis Vuitton or whatever she wants to do, I say good for her. Wouldn’t we all do everything we wanted to if we had the opportunity?

Carly on

I think Reebok made an excellent choice choosing Scarlett and not a hardcore athlete. This line is not being marketed to professionals; it’s being marketed to everyday women who don’t want to dress like ogres while they’re working out. It’s been proven that if you wear workout clothing that makes you feel and look good, then you’re more likely to stick with your fitness routine. Even if you aren’t working out, the clothing makes good loungewear or just something to throw on when you’re running errands. They’re appropriate for the gym, for class, for dropping the kids off at school, and, as Scarlett says, meeting your friends for coffee. The pieces really aren’t all that expensive compared to other similar lines (like Nuala). A higher pricetag sometimes means better quality, too. These pieces will probably last through a lot more wears and washings than will the $10 discount store pants that were made in a sweatshop. I’d definitely buy pieces from this line. I have to dress formally for work, and it’s nice to be able to dress comfortably on the weekends without looking like I came from under a bridge.

R on

I rather she stick to the campaigning then designing. I really don’t want to start on this issue…

Jill on

What’s so special about it?

Hannah on

Molly, what you just said was stupid.

Scarlett looks fabulous because is naturally gorgeous. And she’s fit. Notice she’s not wearing much makeup? She is so pretty!

Hannah on

Molly and Catz are being completely stupid. Scarlett is probably tons prettier than them and they can’t even afford the clothes advertised here so they’re jealous. Get a grip!

Scarlett is beautiful and makes the clothes look cute and attractive.

Amy on

i agree ladies…
those chick who wrote the first two comments sounds like dumb-ass’s. They don’t really even make sense.
Scarlett is so amazing…

Hannah on

They sound like it because they are.

Go Scarlett!

KA on

Isn’t that the sweatshirt that Jennifer Beal wore in Flashdance? $230 for the outfit minus the shoes…are you kidding me!

Hannah on

She’s got the money. They’re not saying that everyone has to buy it. I don’t always shop Prada just because Keira Knightley does. She can advertise what she wants.

alice on

Wow, I didn’t know couldn’t post your opinion about a piece of clothing without being called a dumb ass. Grow up, nobody is obligated to like these outfits. Some people, including myself, prefer a more classic look. The immaturity on here is unbelievable.

Courtney on

whatever..i never really liked Reebok anyway..don’t really wear a lot of shoes from there.

marieS on

yeah i like the pic but she just doesn’t match the shoes. also those shoes look a little to big for her

Nikita on

I rather buy stella Mc. , not her!Reebok never has good designs with reasonable price!

meemee on


Delilah on

Be sre to make them in fun Colors

Jim on

God, she ugly… mybe not ugly, but surely the Beautifulest !! and Justin’s video clip too.

Nick on

Hello! i actually love scarlet! :) she rocks! :) shes the best!

Soccer freak on

are you even kidding me i just dont understand why they think someone would buy a top for 100 and then get it all dirty i just think its crazy if she really wants this to succced then she needs to do something that everyone can afford:-(booooooo plus its not even cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lala on

i find her voice annoying…as long as she doesnt talk its cool w/ me

j on

well the sneakers are cool

brook on

she is in the video of justin timberlake what goes around……comes around girl why did you cheat on him in the video he is hot girl can i take him!!!!!!!! :) in the video he got a sexy body!!!! even not in the video he is just sexy and hot

Marissa on

Are they on crack?? 50 dollars for a gym shirt?? 100 bucks for a tunic to wear leaving the gym?? I’m sorry, but when I go to the gym I don’t care what I look like, I would NEVER pay that much money for clothes to sweat in. This won’t last.

Nat on

I think those shoes are neat! They’re different than the same old tennis shoes.

anna on

i hate it vm

begbie on

i wouldn’t recognise scarlett without the red lipstick..she looks quite ordinary to me..reebok is bigger a name than she is.

Bribella on

I love it! Cute & feminine.

Tori on

people who aren’t sporty should not design sporty apparel for others… stick to the acting Scarlet :)

JOE C. on


Catz on

I won’t even get started on how lame and pathetic Hannah and Amy are!

Elizbeth on

Coming from the immature baby who posted bashing others before?…….. interesting out there, Catz.

Catherine on

Yeah Catz………..
Can someone say PATHETIC?

Mina on

Yes! Catz can! lol she’s so stupid it’s funny (catz, not scarlett)

Marissa on

I don’t understand all the hostility over a celebrity clothing line. She’s a good face for the company because she is an “it girl” who many young girls look up to. As for the comment by unknown, the fact that she is “ordinary” is what makes her so appealing. You also need to realize that she’s young and it takes time to develop a look so it makes sense that she is jst getting hers. Scarlett Johansson is a classic beauty with the style to match.

Aude on

Go girl Catz!!! keep ROCKING =D

jodi lewis on

I love her so much. she looks so good even in sneakers.

alice on

Why do all those rude comments towards Catz look like they are all written by the same person? Same bad grammar on all of them. Its probably some dumb 13 year old using different names.

Julia on

Great Line – I’m not sure Scarlet is the right person for this kind of line, but I wouldn’t buy something only because the model inside the clothes anyway.

All the pieces look comfy, and this is the actual objective of gym clothes.

teresa on

and i suppose all of you bashing her are thinking that britney and carrie are work-out queens and totally into sports? they “modeled” for sporty clothing lines. get over it. it’s not about who’s into the sports, it’s about who’s hot. and it works. quit freakin out. as for myself, i buy my workout clothes on ebay and 2nd hand clothing stores. some designer, some not. you sweat in it all the same, so who cares!

Sarah on

I like it… it’s different, but I like it. I love Scarlett, though…Work out clothes can be funky and fun, it’s not like they’re marketing it for club wear.

Harlow on

I don’t care for the workout clothes. I think they’re ugly. I just wear a plain tank top and that’s it. I do wear workout leggings on occasion, but I prefer shorts. As for Scarlett’s shoes, they’re cute. I’m not a big fan of Reebok, never have been. I prefer Nike over Reebok.

As for the comments on Reebok not choosing a professional athlete, I think that was the whole point. Scarlett is the “it girl”, as someone has already posted. They’re looking for that face that is gonna SELL. It’s all about marketing. Even though I don’t believe in it, because a person shouldn’t buy something just because Jay-“Z” or Britney Spears designed it, although I will confess, I did buy some colonge, even though I’m a girl, I bought it because one of my favorite athletes designed it and wore it. That just goes to show that people will buy almost anything if the right face is advertising it. But these companies think that putting a high profile celeb as they’re spokesperson will sell more. It really doesn’t surprise me that people will run out and buy something just because a celeb is wearing it, because I’ve done it. Just think of how many girls saw Nicole Richie sporting over-sized sunglasses, they had to have them too, LOL. That’s just an observation. Scarlett is beautiful, but not enough to make me buy her new shoe line. Besides, I don’t like Reebok, I’m more of a Nike girl when it comes to workout shoes.

noneed on

i think she definetly deserves something for looking nice in those clothes. but she’s not the best designer

ebru on

scarlet never wear these things in her normal. she wore this things to earn more money this is obvios.

Catz on

As for the rest (elizbeth, catherine and mina) I don’t mess myself with chavs like you girls, so I could care less!

Hel on

all your negative pissy remarks make me laugh! what’s wrong with offering some new fashionable comfy clothes? and scarlett’s the perfect model for them, not being sickly skinny like the rest. I say it’s the best thing reebok has done in a long time!

Haley on

I love the line. It is cute, but maybe a bit expensive. I would buy it if I had the money!

Ladies, stop bashing each other. If this “Cat” person really didn’t have the time or was too mature for all this then why does she keep posting?

Aude on


N on

Why does a shirt have to cost 40 BUCKS!!!!!

LittleSprout on

See, it’s a throwback to the ’80’s? You know, that decade two before this one? I’m certain a good half of you probably missed it, and therefore, don’t appreciate the nostalgia. Oh well…

Totally dig the shoes. I’d probably kick around in the outfit around the house. I’m not much for the sweating-in-fashion (seems a bit counter-intuitive, no?). But it’s fun. So it’s not some ladies’ bags… no big loss. Certainly not worth getting one’s panties in a bunch, is it?

And, Scarlett, if it’s what she wants to do… just b/c she’s an actress, who says she can’t be a business woman as well? How would you like it if you were told what you could and couldn’t do as an occupation? Didn’t you once want to be a princess, the President, a wife, a mother, and a ballerina all at once?

Jess on

Boy, the poor really are bitter. It doesn’t matter if i’m at work or working out, buying the best of everything makes you feel better about yourself and makes you look good too.

Are you bitter because YOU didn’t design a crappy fashion line that charges 100 bucks for a sweatshirt, which by the way is not pricey at all.

Instead of picking on people for doing something they feel passionate about, maybe try giving things a chance. As an artist, my pieces are like my kids. I don’t comment on your kids, do i?

Keep shopping at wal-mart girls. Just remember the boys know how to stop the cheap, poor, “I work at Burger King!” Kinda look. Maybe try putting on a pair of heels that cost $250.00 and a nice dress that costs a few hundred, not only will you look nice, the men might actually think so too. And don’t tell me it’s not possible. I’m a married woman, who pays her own bills together with my spouse and we live in a very expensive area. I still have money over to buy a $300.00 sweatshirt… College does pay.

Ashley on

“I never liked Reebok that much anyways!”

That’s mature. Let people do what they want. Who cares if it’s ugly. I’m sure you’re ugly and we don’t pick on your mother for creating you!!! Try picking up something that costs more then 10 dollars at some place besides “HEY I’M POOR!” Wal-Mart and maybe you’d feel better about yourself… At least enough to not pick on others for doing good in their lives… Taco Bell here you come!

Amanda on

Bad marketing Reebok. Why am I going to buy work-out gear represented by an actress? I’ve never even seen her in work-out clothes before this ad. No continuity, bad marketing.

Scarlett on

i just hope the goods wont be manufactured in china. at this point, our dollar is worth nothing. nobody is buying goods from the u.s. and our economy is suffering. i hope such a famous celebrity in the public eye is conscientious as well as business saavy and realizes the importance of buying american. the chinese government has no right to make any more money from us , especially when they commit atrocities like the occupation of tibet. these issues are important!!!boycott made in china-your purchase power is the only real power you have as an ordinary citizen.

Jill on

Personally I do not like the style that she is representing. However that does not mean that I will bash her because she is advertising it for whatever reason. She is her own person that she has a path to follow.

The other and most important comment that I have concerning the “Scarlett Johannson” Reebok Line is that ‘we’ are paying $100 for a “Hooded Tunic” that was made in Taiwan, a “Homerun Tee” for $50 that was made in Mexico, and a “Track Jacket” that was made in the Philippines. If some of you may not know that
” a typical article of clothing produced for one of the big multinational brands in a Chinese factory at a cost of $5 will be sold to the U.S. consumer for as much as $40. And the total compensation for the labor of the Chinese worker who made it will be less than 80 cents.”

That dearies gets me livid…not whether I am shopping Louis Vuitton or Reebok or Walmart. It is the principle that we as a country find cheaper labor in order for the multinational brands/companies to make more money.

Jill on

I have no qualm with Scarlett Johannson advertising for Reebok. The one thing that gets me livid is that the “Hoodie” and “Track Jacket” (among other items) were made in the Philippines, Taiwan and Mexico.

Did you know that ” a typical article of clothing produced for one of the big multinational brands in a Chinese factory at a cost of $5 will be sold to the U.S. consumer for as much as $40. And the total compensation for the labor of the Chinese worker who made it will be less than 80 cents. ”

When we as a country, go elsewhere to have our things made at a cheaper price just so the multinational brands/companies can make more money, it is disgusting and pathetic to see what our country is made of.

Stephanie on

I don’t know what everyone else is talking about, I like this line ALOT!!! I really love the sneakers, they are fun and colorful! I normally dont really like tennis shoes, but these are adorable! I guess the fact that the people that have commented bad, shop at walmart for their clothes explains everything!

Yucky yucky on


Susie on

It looks like the official site is up now:

Regina on

Not sure my opinion on the clothes but Susie’s right – I am really into the website – so well designed and pretty! Check it out –


Ah — the clothes are so-so — BUT the site is WOW! I just love the 360’s — so unique!

Enrique on

Yeah the site is pretty cool. Susie, you single?

melissa on

get a life

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