Katie Holmes' Stone-Studded Updo

02/27/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

While others were deciding between long straight hair or retro curls — Katie Holmes had a more original idea in mind for her Oscars night updo. To accessorize her soft blush-toned Armani Prive dress, the actress added stone embellishments around her slicked back bun. And if those pale green stones look a touch familiar, they also graced Beyonce’s Armani Prive dress as well. We think the flash of pastel looks lovely against Katie’s dark hair, and it’s always nice to see something a little outside the norm that actually works! Will this be the next big trend?

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Photo:Amelia / Hutchins Photo; Chris Corts / WENN

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Katy on

i love her hair! i think she looks stunning.

Rocketinu on

Did she tear those off Beyonce’s dress?

Trinity on

i really don’t like this look. too much. thats all there is to say.

Elisabeth on

I think she looks absolutely amazing! Probably the best dressed at the Oscars.

Kel on

Too severe and overly done. She would have looked much better with a less drastic look.

AshleyL on

It’s pretty I guess. I too think she would have looked better though with something looser, maybe he hair down and wavy. On a different note, she really needs to tone up her arms. She’s getting Oprah’s arms and that’s not cute.

Angie on

I absolutely LOVE her hair! It is very creative & different. Who cars if it’s not “trendy.” I applaude her for doing something different! And it looks very nice!

Bec on

Is it just me or is her nose starting to look like Nicole’s?

marianne on

I did not like her dress and it looked funny on her…she did not carry that dress well…the hair looks cute and different!! i love the hair !!!

Dawn on

How old is she 25 why is she trying so hard to look older. Really very elegant hair but she seems to dress older.

j on

in my best robot voice: whatever tom wants…whatever tom wants…whatever tom wants…

RealBlondsRule on

There’s something off about this woman ever since hooking up with The Tool.

A on

Very cute, but a titch too bridal for the occasion.

Jess on

Stunning is right! I have never thought her style played up her classic beauty, although it was always “correct” or “fashionable”. I have admired her recent transition to a more mature/unique/classic/whatever styles. HOWEVER – somebody get her a sandwich!! After the gorgeous hair all I see are bones!

Susan on

First, that dress is a horrible color. Does it even count as a “color”? I really dislike flesh tones.

Second, her hair, while interesting-looking, reminds me of what I wore as a kid in my hair for ballet recitals.

katie on

I agree with the realblonde, something very stepfordish about Kate Cruise. She never seems genuinely happy, it’s never really believable. It’s as if Tom has her running about with Vicky Beckham (’cause her kids and hubby are hardly ever with her either) so he can have the baby all to himself. Why should she go back to work when she’s rich and has a newborn darling daughter to raise? And how come Tom’s other kids are never seen with Nicole? It seems like a very strange household, and a lot creepy when Tom’s making-out with Katie at the kids ballgame… yuck!yuck!yuck! Weird! As to the hair- it makes her look like a boy from the front, plastic and tacky from the back. While the dress makes her look like she’s copying Eleanor Roosevelt’s style once again. Somebody get her away from the programmers and introduce her to Reese Witherspoon ;)

Marissa!!!!! on

What was she thinking??? It looks like she just took some little stones from a garden, or off a beach! EWW!

mack on

I love the way she did something different than the others. It is the Oscars party so doing something different more classic looks great. The dress was amazing too. She did wear her hair down long at the Armani pre award party.

Jackson on

Love the look! She always looks so happy! Go for it girl! Not every girl gets a fairytale wedding and the man of their dreams! I’m happy for her, Tom and Suri!

Mary on

Actually she’s 28. I imagine I’d be wearing the same type of dress-up stuff when 5 years from now, when I’m her age.

But I do have to admit that she’s matured her look a wee too quickly in the past 2 years. Her hair here looks lovely though.

R on

I think it’s already much of a trend. Maggie G also wore some feathers on her hair at the Oscars.

Elda on

Gosh Katie looks so pretty with that hairstyle, it’different but beautiful! No wonder why Tom married her!

KD on

HA HA! Bec, I was wondering too about Katie Holmes’ nose. I thought that maybe she had a nose job.

As for the hairstyle…from the front, she looks lovely. However, the back-side looks like too much is going on. Maybe less hair toys and she would have looked just fine.

Alice on

I really like the concept, but somehow this ends up looking like some sort of wet seaweed…she should have gone for something a little more jewel-toned. Excited to see what she’s going to try next.


laura on

i don’t care what anyone says… she’s gorgeous and classy. AND you don’t get that stuck up vibe from her. or atleast i don’t. i can’t wait till she starts working again.

Kassidy on

You mean, IF she starts working again, laura.

I like Katie’s hair from the front but the back is too much – it’s matronly. Maybe dressing old is her way of compensating for their 16-year age difference.

ms. on

1.Katie has always been pretty and classy.
Her dress looks fine, I just DON’T like this hairstyle.
The hair accessories don’t match with the dress and I
think she’d look better with her hair down or have some
soft curls.She should have kept the hair simple with
maybe one jewel toned accessory would be fine.

2.I think she looks better with her ex Chris Klein.
She and Tom don’t look right together.
He looks like the controlling type.

alice on

I thought she looked absolutely beautiful, I’m not so sure about the hair though now that I see the back. And to the person who said that Katie needs to work on her arm flab- Give me break and grow up. Why do people have to be so rude on these blogs?

Patty on

Has she had some work done? Although she looks much older than she really is – not fresh and pretty any more.

Harlow on

Many people didn’t like Katie’s dress, but I did. I thought she looked beautiful.

I do like her hair, and I like how she did something different. Although I agree with what someone has already stated, she looks a little matromonial. Maybe if she only used the stones on the side of her bun, and not over used them, it would look more better (imo). I do applaud her for doing something different and elegant looking. The Tom subject is none of my business, Katie looks very happy. She’ll decide if her marriage is right for her or not. It’s not like marriages last along time in the celebrity realm anyways….sad, but true.

Char on

Thank god i am not rich and famous you guys are so harsh, she tried a look and i do think she succeeded! And if Tom is controlling then obviously she likes it that way!

Sophie on

Wow. Just totally elegant. The color of the dress is amazing.

Sonya on

She looks beautiful..Tom does not control her..get over that already.

Jessica on

Although i LOVE the hair.. she doesn’t even seem like the same person anymore.. and i don’t mean that in a good way. $20 says TomKat is skinned by ’08.. ’09, tops.

Helen on

I love her hair!! She looks absolutely beautiful…I think she was one of the best look at the Oscars this year everyone else looked like they were going to the Emmy awards instead of the Oscars so dress wise this year it was disappointing. BTW Tom looked very attractive and like his old self at this year Oscars when presenting the award to Lansing.

Helen on

I love her hair!! She looks absolutely beautiful…I think she was one of the best look at the Oscars this year everyone else looked like they were going to the Emmy awards instead of the Oscars so dress wise this year it was disappointing. BTW Tom looked very attractive and like his old self at this year Oscars when presenting the award to Lansing.

AshleyL on

Aw Alice why are you taking it personally? Do you have flabby arms too? Sorry if I offended you…. :)

Lee on

Katie’s gorgeous!!!!
I love her hair and dress. She looks perfect IMO. I know she dressed a little bit older but she does it with a style. at least she’s not trashy like the other girls in Hollywood..

BC on

I dont find her pretty at all but I do like the up do the stones are so pretty.

SP on

Will someone help Katie Holmes, where is Posh, she needs to help Katie out…

KR on

love this girl. she looks gorgeous and happy.

Judy on

Roketinu & J….hilarous comments.
I think she looked really beautiful, like the hair but less jewels in her hair would have been better. There is nothing wrong with dressing classy and mature, she is a mom after all, better then trashy and sleezy like some of the other young celebs these days.
The comment about the flabby arm, that’s insane. She looks amazing after having a child, she looks toned but she does need to put some meat on her, a bit too skinny.

enigma on

Hey j………….
Oh my lord, you are funny!!!!

I do think the overall look is pretty and romantic but, the hair also calls to mind those funny looking sea creatures that cling to rocks in the high and low tide line, perhaps pink stones would have been a better choice??

As for, the “flabby arm” debate that seems to have sprung up in this blog……is actually relaxed muscle tone. Katie seems to have a rather buff/toned upper body…it’s her legs that need the focus. I think her trapezius (the muscles of the upper back near the neck) are rather developed or maybe she is slouching a bit because of her dress, but those muscles look bigger!?!?!? Dunny know!?

Hey Alice, not all of us here write rude bloggings. I guess it’s easy for some people to write rude things here because they are hiding behind a computer screen and keyboard…???

Anyway, I still think j’s comment is the best…hee-hee!!


mssoccerbunny on

I think all those stones in her hair was overkill. Remove a few pieces. Less is better!

RealBlondsRule on

When you’re standing next to a midget all the time, and are forced to crouch because he has short-man’s syndrome, of course after awhile you’re back is going to show the signs.

Carry on.

alexandra on

whoa thats nasty!!!

KC on

Eww, at first glance it looks as if she has mint leeches crawling on her head, this is a little much. To tell the truth it looks as if the top of Beyonce’s Oscar dress threw up on Katie’s head.

AshleyL on

If you are referring to me enigma with your “I guess it’s easy for some people to write rude things because they are hiding behind a computer screen” comment, I must say that I would tell anyone that I think Katie Holmes has flabby arms. In fact we were just talking about it at work… and actually I don’t think it’s rude, it’s just my opinion. It really shouldn’t be taken to heart…

chelsea on

i don’t really like this at all.

Nighthag on

Maybe for a little girls ballet performance but not for her age. It does look like it is from Beyonce’s dress though!

enigma on

Hey AshleyL,

Please, excuse me, if you felt my comment was directed to you, for it was not at all!

I, personally, don’t think your comment was rude. Yes, it’s your opinion which is perfectly fine, the reason I made that comment of “hiding behind a computer screen” was to point out to alice that comments in “off the rack” can be taken out of context, considering the form of communication here, computers! My comment was a general observation of how some people think that comments are “rude” when in fact they are flat out opinions. I just think it’s rude when people here in “off the rack” feel the need to attack other people because of their comments and think it’s okay.

Well, I hope my comment wasn’t dizzing for you…no offense in intended….I try to make comments as observations, give a different perspective, and try to encourage when it’s duely needed.


andrea on

everything about this is gorgeous, wow!

Jenna on

Nothing about this is gorgeous.

Besides looking like a robot when Tom wanted to “show her off”, she looked like a boy! Her skin was painted the same color as her dress and her hair was gelled to her head. Tom is a WEIRDO.

Nighthag on

Well, atleast she hides her puppet strings well!

Jill Morris on

Too old school for me. Looks like something my grandmother would have wanted me to do for my prom. YUCK>

jap on

dude…your wedding is OVER. i repeat OVER. i can’t stress this enough…she is married to an old fart! duh! that’s why she has to dress like one. duh! stop asking why she looks like that or why she dresses like that or why she acts like that…etc. it’s because *drum roll please* she’s married to an old fart. and yes, we already know he’s got some loose screws up in his head. back to the topic…the hair. it’s ok, BUT i agree with those who say less is more…BUT her dress was simple (even though long), so…the nose? yes now that you’ve pointed it out it looks like nicole’s. let’s wait for katie to go blonde, shall we? yeah? yeah?

Alice on


No dear, no flab on my arms. But you obviously have some insecurity issues if you feel the need to make catty comments about some chick you don’t even know. Have a nice day…

andrea on

The stones in her hair are the same as beyonce’s. Cause they are both dressed by Armani.

Hey, anyone can say their opinion and express it as they please. Usa is still a democracy, ain’t it? Unlike the crazy nut who’s ruling my country.

andrea on

She’s absolutely gorgeous! Did I mention that I look like her?

Becky on


Me on

There is too much of it in her hair. Her stylist should have noticed that. And it did not match the dress. Stylist should have been on top of that too. It was an odd choice in my opinion.

rachel on

wow i love her hair . and she looks so amazing . i think being with tom has done “some” good!

erica on

This actually looks like a pigeon flew over her head and she was pooped on by it. it’s true!

nigth on


Alycia on

Her head looks like it’s growing mold. Why does her hair match Beyonce’s dress?

Mikejla on

I think she is the next door girl type and these girls don´t look very good in drama looks like this one … She doesn´t know how to carry sexy or elegant dress.. but the hair is fine … for older and more elegant lady.

Candy on

You all must be perfect! And I suppose you are all pefectly dressed all the time, and never wear anything that anyone would object to… It’s just a hairstyle and a dress. Who really cares???

jazzy on

I wonder if Katie even knew who Armani was before Tom came along with his money… uh…oops… I meant “his love” of course…

jazzy on

I wonder if Katie even knew who Armani was before Tom came along with his money… uh…oops… I meant “his love” of course…

meredith hooten on

love the hair katie

Didi on

The hairdo with the stones is actualy nice and with all those very minimalistic gowns it might turn into a trend.I wish though that she added another accessory in the mint green color like purse or shoes or even the scarf .Her whole outfit was very matchy matchy although I think the dress was gorgeous and with those stones there was just no color balance.

anne on

she looks gorgeous! I’m so proud of my ohio friend. classic beauty. i just hope she knows what she’s doing with Tom. i think it’s a contract. but, good luck to her.

Libby on

I HATE It !!!!!

Jilligan on

The hair is good if it distracts from the giant cankles Katie sports. Tom, the Lillipution, probably “chose” Katie because of her slouch–please see Dawson’s Creek reruns in order to experience them fully.

elle on

I think katie looked great but has lost too much wieght. And I did wonder what the ridiculous embellishment on Beyonce’s dress was. Make note: shells in hair piece, ok. Shells on a gown, silly.
gain a bit of weight Kate

Priscilla on

I think she looks beautiful and most of all HAPPY!!!!

mavi on

Did tom and katie talk to Nicole?!!

Brenda Yumba on

I thinks Katie is pretty, has a great body and lovely hair. Everything she wears always looks gorgeous on her. Beautiful dress and perfect hair Katie. And having Tom as a husband ‘oh my gosh’, she’s the luckiest girl. Some people are jealous!!!

Brenda Yumba (South Africa)

spck79 on

She’s been looking really great these days (after having the baby) – probably the best she’s ever looked since she’s started.

J on

Katie looks lovley when she steps out, but I would like to see her dress more like a 28 year old vs 40.

BR on

when did Katy start being considered as beautiful?
she is cute, but now i have to agree with most people. She is a robot. and forget her arms, she needs to fix those damn teeth.
I think she dresses way too old and i think it is to keep up with Tom. she needs to be perceived as a woman not Dawson’s Creek.

Rachel on

what happened to katie? looks like her tight updue is whats keeping her fake smile up. she seems like she’s aged ten years since she married tom.

Jessica on

I don’t really care for her as much anymore — I liked her better before TOM!!! Of course I don’t like him either – whats so great about this couple anyway? I think her hair is cute but her dress is too much like the color of her skin – almost looks as though she isn’t wearing anything at all!! And whats with all the outings with Victoria — doesn’t she have any other friends?? And where’s that little girl been hiding?? I give this marriage only a few years — soon she’ll be like Brit – shaving her head and in and out of rehab — whats up with all these celebs lately???

S on

thats funny I didnt even HEAR about her GOING to the oscars LOL O well ………..what did baby suri steal katies boobs gosh at least get a padded bra or something with such a low cut o well whateva

Cypress on

Esther Williams mermaid do.. Shoulders up Kate.

Shannon on

I think it would be great if there weren’t so MANY of them. Also, Katie still has terrible posture.

Tina on

Her boobs are so flat, she has to do something about it.. :D

omw does she not own a mirror? on

ummm……it looks like her hair is foaming is she blind???????? what kind of moron is she when she goes out in public like that??? and then their is the fact that she married tom cruise and had a really weird looking baby. i used to like her but now um NOOO!!! she lost me and all my freinds love and suport! until she divorces that fake religion orienated idiot she is dead to me.

iluvNickLachey on

i don’t peersonally like Katie. She looks OK with her hair down, but her ears stick out when it’s up. (p.s. the stones are too much.)

tatanka on

I don’t like Katie’s style at all. i think she’s dull and boring, really! Now she’s as creepy as her husband.

vj on

She looks absolutely beautiful in that dress, fairy like
elegant. As Tom’s leading lady of the big night, that is
really her childhood dream became true.

karen on

it looks something pooped in her hair!

Joyce on

Why does she dress and smile like Nicole Kidman now? Nowadays most pictures we see her smiling with her mouth closed… back then she had a nice wide smile that, well, fits her age so much better!

The hair is nice… but it looks too tight, looks like it’s quite heavy to bear those things on your head.

Carmen on

Katie looks elegant all the time~!! I LOVE HER HAIR !! IT’S SO UNIQUE~!! But i don’t like her dress it looks old-fashioned and I don’t think that will suit a 25 year old and i think Tom and Katie makes a perfect couple !!

theresa on

she looks so fetch

A. Dunn on

I agree with the previous comments about HER BONES STICKING OUT ON THE BACK OF HER NECK AND HER SHOULDERS.

Is it any wonder that we have an anorexia epidemic in this country?

How sad, how very sad.

Evie Tatum on

I think it looks ok… kinda like mold… a little bit less, or a different color would of been better.

Emily on

The flowers are not exactly my taste but they are very elegant and beautiful

nat on

I think that her hair looks great from the front. Maybe if there weren’t so many accessories in the back it would have looked better.

j.s on

AS I look at katie this past year, I can’t help but think of that old saying… that money definitely can’t buy happiness…(just plenty of designer’s clothes).

So,go on Katie, continue to look ridiculous next to Tom (or vice-versa) and keep spending his money !

J. on

28 going on 40…

Colleen on

I think it looks great but I would have done a gem closer to my dress color. I feel its a little off….

Samantha on

shes beautiful, but she looks like she has fish eggs or something in her hair.

jackie on

i love the way katie looks she has grown up so much since i watched her on dawsons creek she looks like a mature woman now..

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