Michelle Williams’s Pixie Cut: Love It or Hate It?

02/24/2007 at 07:32 PM ET

Fred Prouser/Reuters/Landov

Michelle Williams has developed a signature downtown style for the past several years, with her floaty minidresses and long wavy blond locks. We did a double take seeing her with a pixie cut on the red carpet at the Indie Spirit Awards today. With her fine features and big green eyes, the fair actress looks sweetly mod and eerily remiscent of a young Mia Farrow. We think it’s a fresh look for the ingenue, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: What do you think of Michelle’s new do? Love it or hate it?

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Vonnie on

I think she looks adorable. She has the face to pull it off.

erica on

Love it! I cut my hair like this last summer.

maria on

i think it looks really good on her! shes cute.

Christa on

She doesn’t look bad; she just looked better with her hair longer

opi on

I hate it.. she looked way more elegant with long wavy locks!!!

l on

She’s adorable… so mod… I wish I had the confidence to rock the short hair.

Christi on

It looks really great on her, short hair is definetly not an easy cut to pull off. But she made it look very feminine and also very mod!

heidi on


Sheri on

I actually love it. And I hope Katie Holmes gets one. I think it would look fantastic on her.

Angela Seal on

I love the cut, she has gone from blah to WOW! I love it i love it i love it!

Alice on

She definitely pulls it off, but I preferred the long locks. When you have such beautiful hair, why get rid of it?


Clare on

Michelle is very sweet no matter how her hair looks! I’m sure both Heath and daughter loved it!

Kristen Y on

I think she looks cute that way. Shw could really do her hair short or long.

sarah on

She’s glowing! Must be because of her newborn daughter Matilda! I think she looks so fresh & modern! She’s a gorgeous girl.

bethany on

i think its adorable!

Smiles on

I personally prefer her hair longer. But if shes comfortable with it and feels good about herself, that’s all that matters.

Meri on

Love it!

Meri on

Love it!

Meri on

Love it!

Trinity on

I think that she looks beautiful. Natural and sweet. Its always nice to do something different.

cecilia on

I have to say not that many people can look really good with short hair but she looks really good with this haircut!!!

Ramlah on

LOVE IT!! She looks like a young Mia Farrow.. It goes with her beautiful features

Shannon on

I think Michelle looks beautiful with almost any hair style; that being said, it’s great for her to have a change like this. And I can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars!

Nic on

cute, she could probably wear it better with different clothing, like a scarf around her neck, or with a hat…

marie on

she kinda looks like Julie Andrews

MarieLa on

I think personally it looks cool for some strange reason?…but yeah it looks pretty awesome.=)

Night on

She’s cute, but who in the world is she? Nice hair too….but should I even know who Michelle Williams is?

dee on

i think the cut really suits her… her face really glows and her eyes look amazing

Nathalie on

Wow she looks like Mia Farrow in her younger days. Gorgeous!

Porsche on

Michelle is so adorable. I really like her as an actress and a role model. She always looks great and is able to always be classy. Keep on doing what you’re doing because it works. I really respect Michelle and hope the best for her, in her career and her personal life outside of all the celebrity stuff. Much love.

lala on


Catie on

Prefer her previous haircut but this is cute too!
Is it for a movie or something?

Lashae on

I love the short hair, it fits her better than the longer she previously had.

Emily on

Not everyone can pull off this look, but I think Michelle looks great! Its different from what we’re used to seeing from her, but the pixie cut is really cute on her.

Rachel on

I think her hair looks great! Michelle cut it short years ago, while on Dawson’s Creek; I donated my hair after she cut her hair short the first time. She looks beautiful.

Patti on

I love her hair. I think she looks really cute!
It looks good on her because of her petite frame!

I love her hair now!!!

Rebecca on

adorable… totally mia farrow

Cara on

LOVE IT!!! She looks gorgeous!

Cara on

LOVE IT!!! She looks gorgeous!

evelii on


rachel b. on

michelle william’s pixie cut is way short-short. wow! it’s okay but i liked it longer.

geisha tits on

i love it.

Sarah on

I love it. She can totally pull it off and I think she looks adorable.

Kristie on

I absolutely LOVE the new haircut! Michelle has really come into her own the past few years, and personally I can not wait to see more of her.

Nikki on

Hate it! She looks too innocent to me! Too boyish! Give back her long hair, please!!!

Salmonella on

Love it! It’s time someone brings Rosemary’s Baby back!

Johanna on

OMG That was soo cute.
I think she looks really good in that haircut and I love her smile, so innocent and sweet!

Johanna on

OMG that was so cute, she looks fab in that haircut it really suits her.
I love her smile, so sweet and innocent kind of looking.

Nicole L on

LOVE IT!! She’s so adorable!

Kayla on

Her new do looks chic and refreshing

Mi on

I think she looks adorable!!

m on

Love it!

M on

I really LOVE this hairstyle on Michelle! I’m hoping this will start a new trend (hey, if Britney and Selma can go shorter, maybe Michelle can show us a more wearable option!). I live in Texas, and mostly what I see is long hair on women my age. It’s pretty, but sometimes I wish we would all just do something a little different! I think Michelle’s cut is more of an updated look, and it still looks feminine. I mean, we’re only a few years away from 2010. Shouldn’t we start turning away from the look we’ve had for a few years now and embrace something different?

Lynn on

I like it. I’m not generally a fan of short hair on a woman, but it’s cute on her. How many comparisons to Mia Farrow will there be?

Marissa!!!!! on

Surprisingly enough, I like it! I usually don’t like pixie cuts but Michelle knows how to pull it off!

Lynn on

I like it. I’m not generally fond of short hair on a woman, but it’s cute on her.

Nighthag on

Why do female stars want to look like a guy???? That style was done years ago. It should of stayed there too.

DC on

looooove it!

Lorna on

This haircut is really becoming to her :)

dlberry on

Love it! Michelle is a trend-setter and fashion icon! You go girl!

dlberry on

Love it!! Michelle is a trend-setter and fashion icon! You go, girl!

Mary on

She does remind me of a young Mia. I think she is very lucky to look great in that style, and she should keep it.

Kim on

Totally love it, not everyone can pull it off which makes it a special haircut. She really does look like Mia Farrow!

Co on

LOVe IT!!!

DeeAnn on

I think Michelle looks great in this haircut. She really needed a makeover and now she looks fresh and beautiful. Some girls look bad with short hair, but Michelle isn’t one of them. She looked as good in long hair as good she looks now in short. You go girl! ;)

Jordan on

I think this look is adorable…and it fits her face very well. You have to have the right face shape (and body shape for that matter) to pull off a pixie. She definitely does!

sam on

Very cute! She makes this classic cut look fresh and modern.

Martine on

like it, it suits her, upon first look thought i wasnt sure, but it does suit her face, you have to have very small features to carry this one off, did it myself a long time ago

Beth on

Um . . . I guess People would know better than I, but in this picture, it looks like she has big *brown* eyes.

Jennifer on

I like it. She’s got the type of facial structure that can pull off a hair-do like that!

Kristin on

It looks good on her- she can pull it off.

Claudia on

With such a beautiful face you can do anything you want!

Maddie on

I think the concept isn’t terrible, but it seems a bit too short.

Kim on

Love It!

heather on

She looks adorable! This cut really shows off her face! Love it!

Amanda on

I think it looks amazing on her! Her face is perfect for this cut.

Jen Reilly on

she looks so cute! but she always does.
but in the writing next to the picture says she has blue eyes but dont they look brown?

kaitlin on

It works for her and it looks good but I just love the old locks.

Alana on

I think she looks adorable yet mod at the same time. Totally reminds me of Mia Farrow. Love it! I’m even considering getting one myself.

C on

So many women in Hollywood look the same, with long hair like Barbie dolls, this is a nice change. The color is very pretty too. Adorable.

Jen McCutcheon on

I LOVE it!! I never would have imagined her with a pixie cut, but boy can she pull it off!! Kudos to Michelle!!

jen li on

She looks just like Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby!

sarah on

This cut really suits her. She looks so gorgeous!

Brenda Ray on

It’s a very flattering look and accents her lovely facial
features. It’s hip, refreshing and sassy! It is a nice
look and fun to see something other than the same old look, of
long hair that the the young girls are all wearing.

Kay on

I Favor Her With Long Hair, But She Can Work The Pixie Cut

virginia on

hate it

sat on

Love it!

michele. on

I love the way this cut looks on her. She’s just adorable with such delicate features.

Nicole on

LOVE IT!!!! She looks so cute. Not many people can pull this look off.

gracey on

love love LOVE IT!

Elda on

For those eyes she has, she can get away with any hair style!

melli on

She looks super chic, fresh, & modern!

alice on

So cute. Very Mia Farrow.

Marisa on

Personally, I don’t like it- she should keep it long

kim on

She will always look gorgeous. I think she looks elegant yet adorable with this cut.

Pam H on

Absolutely stunning. I never realized what a beautiful face she had until she cut her hair!

Madtown Chic on

I think it’s so cute! I’ve been toying with the idea of going short, and now I probably will!

dee on

the cut really brings out her eyes … very pretty … she has the face shape to pull it off …

Sarah on

The cut looks fab on her…it really compliments her facial features. And another plus…being a new mommy, it’s easy to do!!

j on

lOVE it!! i agreed w/the earlier post that suggested katie holmes should do the same. she has the face that would compliment it as well. i’m sure tom and the scientologists would never allow that, though.

hi on

i like it . very mia farrow witha modern twist to it. not everyone can pull that look. she does it well

KC on

Oh my goodness, I love it. It brings out her beautiful features that I didn’t know she has. Can anyone say CHEEKBONES. This cut ( and I’m sure Heath) givers her a wonderful glow. The best I have ever seen her look.

Autumn on

She is simply adorable! Not many people can get away with this look but she completely pulls it off. So cute!



Kelly on

I think she looks absolutely adorable!

Paula Tobar on

I love her, she looks so cute…

brit on

I think she look soooooo BAD. If she gets acne, its going to show up so much! her face looks too big now, and she looks younger. I honestly think that shes going to get so many wrinkles.

Mary on

Uh, acne shows up no matter what kind of haircut you get. And since when is looking younger a bad thing? I honestly think someone is just jealous.

Michelle looks so cute! She definitely reminds me of Mia Farrow, or even Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music”.

ET on

So cute… Just like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby

Taylor on

Love it she has got a cute face to pull it off!

rita on

love it, it looks great on her and she’ll probably appracite its easy care while caring for a young child and a gay boyfriend.

Cici on

She looks so cute:)Very 60’s Mia Farrow.

ellie on

she looks like TWIGGY!!!
its cute tho

megan on

i like it!! very grown up!!

KR on

Terrible. I’m just one of those girls that thinks longer hair on women looks better. She’s just cute with this cut, but she’s gorgeous with long hair.

what on

NO! NO! NO! She is great and so pretty, this hairdo does not do her justice, she is so petite it makes her look like a child. When you focus on her gorgeous face sure she looks good, because she has a lovely face, but in the overall full body pics she looks like a little kid. The only woman to truely and succesfully pull off short hair and look AMAZING is HALLE BERRY. So unless you’re Halle keep it longer!

susan tortella on

I LOVE it on her! She and Sienna Miller have the face for the pixie cut as did Mia Farrow back in the day—-nice look!

c on

Michelle is a beautiful girl. To bad she has the same hair cut as her beau. Grow it back Michelle!

Katie on

I think it’s adorable. It updates her look and makes her look a wee bit older.

Noelle on

She looks SO CUTE! She’s got the perfectly ideal face for that haircut. She’s young and pulls it off wonderfully. Much hipper and more unique than all the other celebrities who have the long, wavy, boring hair. EVERYONE has it. Great for Michelle for this lovely look!

Carolina on

She looks absolutely adorable!! I love this cut on her.

Elle on

It looks horrible. She looks like a young Mia Farrow. Should have stayed with the long hair.

brandi on

i like it too i mean its better than season six in dawsons creek with the bangs.

Patricia Hawke on

She looks very cute! She looks a lot like Mia Farrow from the 60’s

Ashleigh on

She looks very “Rosemary’s Baby”.

Harlow on

I like her hair either way. She’s got such delicate, angelic features, she can pull anything off. She reminds me of Mia Farrow in the 60’s, as I’m not the only one that is commenting on this. She looks beautiful either way. One request I have for her: Don’t change your hair color…I love the blonde with her soft features.

erica on

I said I love the haircut and I do, but a few tips.
I had my hair like this for a few years

1.It is very important to add some product. Either a little gel or texturizing paste to add so me oomph!

2.Earrings, Earrings Earrings! (Did I mention earrings?) They don’t have to be big or gaudy but you need earrings Michelle, pierced or clip-on.

3.Makeup! (which she does have) helps pull off this look.

4. Confidence! In the land of long hair and weaves the pixie cut on a girl is a standout! It’s also sexier than a package of hair extensions glued to your scalp.

Deliah on

Beautiuful whatever she does to herself! No kidding, she looks great and it changes.

Deborah Bouma on

I like it! She has a face fot it!

armsakimbo on

She looks great, but let me say this: No matter what Heath says right now, he’ll want her long hair back as soon as possible.

beth on

She looks amazing. She has a beautiful face, and this haircut reminds me of Florence Henderson on The Brady Bunch .. but prettier, and more chic.

Diana on

Very Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

belu on

I love, it is very cute and I thinck Heath will love it too. The hair always grows so it is funny to change sometimes

Cova on

She looks great, really flattering. Reminds me a bit of Mia Farrow.It really stresses her beauty.

Angela on

YUCK! Makes her cheeks look chubbier…

Jill Morris on

She does have the face and can pull it off but i liked it longer a lot better. More feminine to me.

tracie on

she looks just like the partridge family mom.

Anonymous on

Although of course I prefer Michelle with longer locks, I think with her delicate features she actually pulls the pixie look off.

Megan on

Love it! I did this cut a couple of years ago & I miss it dearly. Maybe I’ll go back to the same thing someday? Thanks for the push :)

brooke on

i think it brightens her cheeks and it makes bold stament. it’s very pretty. DON’T EVER CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex (from Peru) on

She looks adorable, like the 21st century Mia Farrow (do you remeber her in Rosemary’s baby?)… she’s so stylish.

Jessica on

I think the cut is great for her face. It gives her a fresh look, and is very flattering to her face.

kelly on

she looks like mia farrow…beautiful

Donna on

She looks exactly like Twiggy and Mia Farrow in the 60’s. I love it!

KMC on

She looks fantastic! The perfect face for this cut.

Rosanne on

It looks good; she looks like a younger Mia Farrow.



Jana on

Its must better than hair extensions. I understand why ladies get hair extensions for a one-night stand, but permanently, its not that attractive when your own hair starts falling down together with fake hair pieces…i like this cut on Michelle,she looks very natural.

someone special on

um ewwwww! she looks like she’s in Dawsons’ Creek all over again! She looked way better before.

Gilda on

Mi Farrow looks amazing!!!! Just kidding though, but what a resemblance! Is Michelle prepping for a starring role in a sequel to Rosemary Baby?

Olga from All Women's Talk on

Short hairdo looks good on her, but with the locks she had a more feminine sexy look, that’s what long hair does to women… ;)

tsimms on

U look great!!!!! I love it!!!!!

noggin on

Love it! not every woman can pull this off

holly on

not in love with it…could be a bit longer

Emilie on

This absolutely adorable. She is able to pull this off, so more power to her.

Erika on

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Rose Marie on

Quite not short enough for me. I like it more spikey and buzzed short on sides just so far and also in the back.

Susan on

I think this is great, inspired me to go shorter with my own! Awesome cut!

miki on

Where can I get this cut in NJ ???

Ash on

I think she looks awesome – it’s soooo flattering!

Jen on


Flopa on

that haircut makes her look elder =(

Hilory on

The style looks so good on her.

brent tnerb on

I think she looks cute AND sexy

Jane on

She definitly has a sweet face but I think its too round for this kind of cut!

meredith on

short hair is fantastic! she looks great!

yo on

HOT short hair like Ceci!

Karen on

I think her face is too round for this hair cut–It makes her face look chubby

Mavis on

I LOVE IT! She looks great; that haircut really suits her features. She’s featured in the October issue of Vogue and she looks adorable in all of her photos.

Jaqueline on


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