Pam Is Giving Up Her Uggs: Will You?

02/23/2007 at 05:15 PM ET

Last fall we asked your opinion on one of the most loved-and-hated trends of the past few years — Uggs Boots — originally popular with L.A. girls like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson — and you overwhelmingly said you still loved them. Now, longtime animal-rights supporter Anderson has announced that she is discarding the cozy footwear, saying on her website: “I am getting rid of them…. I used to wear them with my red swimsuit to keep warm — never realizing they were SKIN!” Since this winter is not quite over yet, we want to know: Are you still not ready to give up your Uggs? If you are, what are you replacing them with?

Photo: Madison/X17

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Sarah Marie Catherine on

I am all for animals rights so why not just buy knock off’s that are not made with the real skin? Easy solution!

jazz on

Uggs are Uggly and inhumane. Pam is smart to loose them and everyone should follow her lead and dump them too…and while they’re at it refuse to wear/support fur, leather, or any other animal skin or hair.

shea on

I love my Uggs..sorry Im not giving them up! Ive worn the knockoffs and they are NOTHING like authentic Uggs.

Mary on

I’d go for an alternative to sheepskin. There’s no sense in wearing dead animal skin if there are alternatives.

Jenny on

You think PETA would have been all over her about that.

J on

in my humble opinion, uggs are the ugliest fashion trend known to man. im sure they are comfortable and warm, but i dont find them attractive at all. it looks like you are trying WAY too hard.

J, South Korea on

Can Pam read????It’s impossible if she didn’t know what it made from at the beginning time she wore the UGGs.

Elizabeth on

Yuck!!! You’ll end up with smelly feet regardless if you wear dead animal or artificial boots….I am giving them up for stilettos!!!

Alice on

UGGs are ugly and that reason alone should be sufficient to keep people from wearing them!! They do look comfy but I’m sure you can find alternatives. If the fact that they’re made of skin will keep them out of our sight, then great. But I agree with what others said – how could she not have known…(?) I do appreciate her commitment to the anti-fur cause, though.

Charlotte Canfield on

She never notice this before, she wore them everyday?! What did she think they were made of?

mary on

love my uggs, who cares what Pam Anderson does?

Kristen on

Nope, I won’t give ’em up! I love them way too much. They are super comfortable and warm. Who cares what they’re made out of? It doesn’t hurt a sheep to get hair cut off.

gladis on

Hell no….I love my ugg boots….and my feet never stink bc i keep them clean..if your feet smell it is bc you have a problem regardless if you wear uggs or not…They are soo comfortable and i like the style…People who dont like them are just hattin…

Kristen on

Um—how stupid can a person be to NOT know that they were made from animal skins????

I agree with her decision..but think she is an idiot for not knowing.

Sandy on

Who cares what Pamela Anderson thinks!!!!

erica on

poor pam,
what’s next. KFC forlunch?

arlene on

Love,love,love my uggs

shopoholic on

first of all when they make the uggs they shave the fur off the sheep second of all i loooovvvee my uggs!

Night on

This woman must be a total moron…oh wait…look at the two men she married…OF COURSE she is a moron…( not to mention the ginormous bags of silcone she calls breasts)…She DID NOT KNOW that Uggs were made from animal skin? Come on are you and idiot..oh wait…we’ve already established that.

jane on

i think that its kinda stupid to not wear something becuz of what its made of becuz if u dnt wear it its like they killed the animal for no reason.but i dnt think its right to actually kill them but if they already did than u might as well use them
and if u r against animal rights than just wear fake uggs

alice on

I find it hard to believe that she has worn them all this time and never did her research. I’m keeping mine.

Amber on

I love my UGGS and further more will continue to buy them. I am a working, tax paying citizen and as long as I can afford it, I will continue buying those and other sorts of items. While I am at it I may buy another fur coat or two. A celebritys opinion will no way affect what I buy or how I spend my money.

lab tech on

It took her this long to realize they were real?!?!?!?! Love my Uggs and would never give them up!!!!

Heather on

she mentioned this like FIVE WHOLE YEARS ago. she has known for a while that they were real sheepskin, what a hypocrite. while i agree with her stance to not wear them based on the fact that they are sheepskin, i myself also don’t wear any fur or sheepskin, i am very dissapointed that she decided to disregard the fact (which she was well aware of) that they are real sheepskin, and only now that they are going out of style, decide to give them up

i swear i read an article in US or something like that at least 5 years ago that said she had decided to give them up when she learned they were real, and would only wear fake ones from now on, and then i would always get pissed when i saw pictures of her wearing them all the time

me on

I don’t get how you could not realize that Uggs have animal skin in them. I would never wear animal skin to keep my feet warm! Also, I think they are the ugliest shoes ever. They look comfortable and warm, but I would never be caught wearing them.

Elda on

This woman has a big heart for animals, animals don’t have a voice and it feels good to know that celebs like Pam will speak for them. Go Pam!!

Carly on

It is a little funny that it took Pam *years* to discover that Uggs are sheepskin. At least she has a sense of humor about herself and she admitted it :) Ugg says that they obtain their sheepskin from sheep that are used as meat. That makes it seem a little less bad. Other posters are right – Ugg alternatives are *nothing* like the original boot, and it’s sort of pointless to wear a different version that doesn’t serve the intended purpose. Uggs aren’t meant to be attractive and they aren’t meant to be worn with suits to work. They’re made to be comfy and keep your feet warm. Period. I have two pair and I wear them constantly on the weekends in the winter. I knew they were sheepskin when I bought them. The part that makes me the most uncomfortable is that they are now made in China, and China is notorious for animal cruelty, especially when it comes to leather and fur trades. If Uggs were still made in Australia and the sheepskin was genuinely from sheep that were already going to be used for meat (the Sheep market in Australia is huge), then I would feel better about it. I don’t like the idea that something was killed specifically for my boots. I’m not going to get rid of the ones I already have because it makes no difference: they already have my money. I’m not certain I’ll buy more next year, though.

Nicky on

OMG. Helllllllllllll nooooooooooooo. I will wear them till the day i die. I could sleep in those things. They are so comfortable. I just love them. And they look sexy also in whatever you wear. I’m keeping mine forever. I want them in every color and shade.

Carlee on

I think it’s good she called herself out and admitted her mistake. I’ve never had Uggs because I don’t wear dead things anyway, but hopefully some people won’t continue buying them.

Margrokkk on

There is nooooo way Pam Anderson didn’t know they were real sheepskin. That is a load of Crock!!!!

Beka on

In colorado u need to have UGGS their amazing end of discussion

Kenzie on

Uggs are the best boot ever! but now that i know that their real sheep skin i won’t wear them…they need to think of something other than sheep!

Sylvia on

Give me a break! After wearing them all these years, she finally read the writing on the box? What no one at PETA or her friends ever told her ? I always thought she was a bit of a hypocrite about PETA thing, but I guess she was just dumb !

Roxy on

As was asked, can’t she read? If she is so concerned about animal rights why doesn’t she look at the label before she purchases? Ignorance doesn’t cut it.

The issue, to me, is animal cruelty and not the use of animal biproducts. Humans are omnivores and the most respectful action to take is to fight animal cruelty and use all parts of the animal just like the first inhabitants of the Americas did.

Heather on

Go Pam GO!!! No one needs to wear dead animals…… especially on such an ugggggllllly boot!!

Dana on

I always took her for a dumb blond, then I heard her speak and realized she wasn’t. This, however, makes me revisit my earlier opinion of her, you’ve got to be pretty dumb to not know what Uggs are made of.

Sarah Stewbert on

I think that Pamela has made a very important step in becoming an effective animal rights activist – learning that leather comes from animals. Was she too busy to do some basic research. What an idiot. Maybe in the cartoon land that is her mind everything that blatantly appears to be leather is actually synthetic.

CSA on

i am from ny and ugg boots are not about fashion, they are about function– when its cold, nothing keeps ur feet as warm as uggs… as for pam, she is throwing out the poor sheep’s “skin”– which means that he lost his skin just so she could chuck it!! that sounds more insensitive to me!!

Erin on

GIVE ME A BREAK! What did she think the boots were made from?

Mary on

omg, “Uggs” and “sexy” do not belong together in the same sentence. I think they are hideous!

Pam is being more insensitive by throwing out her Uggs? That’s a weak justification of Uggs if I’ve ever heard one. While I think one has to be pretty dumb to not realize that Uggs are made of at least some sort of animal hide, I applaud her for speaking out against them.

rachel b. on

Skin is made in a lot of shoes and boots. Give up uggs, if you want to not because of Anderson’s choice.

Sally on

OK…it is hard to find cute non leather shoes…but COME ON-UGGS are nasty, and make your legs look short and fat. No matter how cute you think you are, they are a stupid trend!

Hey all of the fashionistas, would you skin your little purse pooches, and wear them on your feet?

Nighthag on

I didn’t know they where made from skin. I’ve never worn them and never would. They are ugly. I’m just surprised she didn’t know that. I’m also surprised that PETA wasn’t all over that too. Don’t they make up a list of items to avoid that is made from aminals like the list of makeup companies to avoid that use testing on aminals??? I’m surprised they don’t.

Rebecca on

Good for Pam! Personally, I’ve never liked the look of Uggs, so they will not be missed.

Jon on

Honestly what did you thinkg they were made from. Anyway, it is a byproduct of the sheep meat industry, it is not like they are raised only for there skin, like most animals raised for fur. Leather is a byprodcut of the meat industry, so now if you give up your Uggs you have to give up all your leather products too.

roxi on

I wouldn’t give up natural for synthetic….At least natural is not adding to the global warming trend…It doesn’t have to be manufactured, and no part of the animal is wasted. No I wouldn’t give up my boots when its blowing 10′ of snow, and 40 below are you crazy!?!?!?!?! They’d rather use synthetic that takes an enormous amount of energy to make and probably using petroleum biproducts ….thats so nice…she’s an idiot and I never liked her. Don’t call me an animal hater either cuz Im not, I’m just realistic and she is just NOT.

hannah Lee on

hey if im gonna spend 250$ on them there is no way im gonna get rid of them like there so comfy i love them !!!!!

Kat on

Are you kidding me? She just figured it out? I was given a pair of Uggs as a gift and the first thing I did was to see what they were made of. Did no ONE a PETA have time in all these years to inform her that they are made from sheep! Hello Pam pull your head out of the clouds! I just cant take Hollywood anymore!

Sunshine on

I’m not giving mine up!!! I’m all about animal rights but I love love love my Uggs!!! All you people out there that think they’re ugly just don’t know how to work ’em!! :)

Jamie C. on

You should only wear Ugg boots when your bumming around, b/c there the ugliest thing every. Like somebody else said, they make your legs look really short and they just look sloppy. Yeah, i’m sure they feel good, but please, their ugly.

Marie on

I don’t understand why people keep saying that if you throw away your boots, then the animals died for nothing. The logic behind that is mindboggling. And I don’t think we can conclusively say that the skin was a by product of the meat industry, etc, because according to the article, a representative of the company made the comment, and if you’re trying to cover your butt you won’t be out right telling the truth. So I don’t think we can make a definitive statement as to where the skin really comes from. So if the skin was cruelly obtained (and I’m sure most people are aware of this fact),the whole point of not buying them is to prevent the killing of more sheep. Besides, if sheep are raised simply to be murdered, was it fair for them to exist in the first place?

ginger on

For the person who loves uggs and wants more, go to Zappos this summer and you can find them in all colors and on SALE!

I have them in orange, chestnut, sand, yellow,&black
I will wear uggs always.

Its almost impossible to get a decent pump that is not made from animnal skin.
I bet Pamela is wearing a shoe that is made from some animal skin..

Allison on

I love love love my Uggs. In fact, I just spot cleaned them for a trip to Colorado. They are the warmest shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. I got them in 1992, wear them all the time, and they still look perfect. LOVE THEM!!!

Designer Ella on

Like the Uggs rep said, sheepskin is a byproduct of the food industry. If people eat lamb, etc., then why not use their shearling, leather, etc.? It’s the same thing as leather.

I used to be against Uggs because of the real “fur” and sheepskin, but I’ve come to understand that it’s farm-raised animal for this purpose (or firstly the purpose of eating).

It’s NOT the same as wild animal fur or abused animal fur. And don’t boycott leather, because then parts of the cows, etc., are wasted. This country was started with people (Native Americans) who hunted but used ALL OF THE ANIMAL, and I’ve ALWAYS believed in doing that.

Can you give up your beef, bacon, Thanksgiving Turkey, etc.???

Skye on


As said by UGG spokesperson: “Sheepskin is a natural byproduct of the food industry. There is no animal abuse in our production.”

So again I say NEVER will I give up my UGGS!


LS on

I am an animal rights activist and I absolutely believe in treating ALL animals humanely and with respect. I have spoken out against KFC for shamelessly hurting their chickens; I have stood up for the small animals being mistreated at PetSmart (please don’t patronize them!); and my hubby and I have rescued 3 young dogs from organizations in our area. However I do admit Uggs are very helpful in the winter since it’s freezing in New England. I love my Uggies very much and have many pairs… they should hold me over for awhile. I don’t care what Pam does, I care about keeping my tootsies warm!

elizabeth on

Some of the people below who stated that they ‘love their uggs no matter what’ and ‘don’t care what they are made of’ are complete morons; its ignorant, inhumane people like you that make this country ( and world) a worse place. These people have no care in the world for what they eat or do and their responsability level is sub zero.
No one is perfect. That is a fact. But IF THE BOOT HAS THE SKIN OF THE SHEEP ON IT, NOT JUST THE WOOL and you don’t care, the you are a sad individual.
The bottom line is that if this hate ridden world is going to change, we as individuals need to become knowledgable and ask questions about everything. If you are going to consume meat, then for god’s sake make sure it is organic and free-range. If you want hot new shoes, buy stella mccartney or a brand that is leather free. It is not fair that we treat animals like they do not matter ( and don’t give me that bull about ‘ well, I have a dog and cat and I treat them well,lady’ because I am talking not only about pets but about cows, chickens,etc). We have no right to skin an animal alive ( and yes, they do do this, no joke).
Again, if people would learn to shed their ignorance and contentment with being irresponsable ( which is the easy route), then the world would be a much better place.

Rachel Pallas on

****Thank you Pam!No more Uggs for this family either.****I will buy the boots Pam is currently in the process of making for her site.****

Marissa!!!!! on

Uggs are like the coolest thing ever! I wouldn’t give them up for the world!

Jamie on

I love my uggs and they are soo warm she is wronge to give them up!

Lizzie on

Um, how could Pam NOT know that Uggs were made out of sheepskin? DUH. I don’t care how many times Uggs are announced as being “out” or “ugly”. I love mine and will never give them up!

Kate on

You guys dont have to give uop the ones youve already bought through ignorance, just dont buy anymore and urge your freinds to do the same!!!!

amber on

Oh please she has been wearing uggs for years and didn’t realize they were made from skin, WTF. Give me a break, she is not that dumb.

Stephanie on

Is she an idiot? Why would anyone think they were not real leather? I would think such a hardcore PETA pusher would be more aware of issues like that.

Chloe Jo on

I replaced all my leather et al with cheap alternative. has some great options. If you can afford Stella McCartney – go for it. Otherwise – payless has amazing vegan shoes! Email me if you need more ideas.. I run a vegan fashion newsletter. Believe me – the two CAN be synonymous.

R on

Well I never really liked Uggs to begin with but the day has finally come that others have realized that it’s time to give them the boot.

jackie on

my guess is her opinion is as fake as her other assets…did she get a better offer to sell juicy or stella wear???????..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…how convenient for her

LP on

What a bunch of crap…apparently Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock (whatever her name is now) doesn’t realize that all the high end shoes she purchases are made of “SKIN” ie: LEATHER. I don’t really see her shopping at the local bargain shoe store to pick up some pleather knock-off. What does she think Manalos and Jimmy’s are made of?????

Robin on

Ooooh, I can’t wait for her to flaunt the new trend. Standing around on the corner in her bikini protesting KFC for their inhumane killing of chickens!!


I am absolutely going to continue to wear my UGGS. They are awesome kicking around boots. And Pam, really, the info on UGGS material has been on their website forever. Any idiot could read that they are made from an animal. Don’t play so dumb!

bloss on

I am so over misinformed celebrities making ridiculous ill-informed statements. She has joined the hall of stupidity with Pink (who has since apologised ……)!!

whatiswrong on

Peta is stupid.
that kfc campaign thing they did is a total lie. kfc doesn’t kill their own chickens. They BUY it. and why would they waste time and money to get chickens and throw them against a wall? it takes longer..and it’s disgusting.

peta is messed up. and juicy is ugly.-__- i lose respect for anyone who is a part of peta.

Lisa on

How could she not know? That’s the reason why they’re so warm and cozy, coz they’re made of real sheep skin. She claims she loved them so much she’s bought UGGS for family and boyfriends thru the years… and yet it never entered her mind :(

Tiff on

I am so happy the hollywood stars are giving this trend up!!! they are so ugly and they have been out of style for about a year.hopefully a cuter shoe will be more popular:)

grace on

i love my uggs. maybe it is just that they are a lot more popular up north in new england where i live, where they are actually USEFUL and make a difference. i would never give them up. yeah, i wear other shoes too but there is nothing like slipping on a pair of uggs. i think they are cute and add to any outfit. and wow is pam a total idiot? uhm yes. what did she think they were made of? the whole thing about ugg boots is that they are authentic sheepSKIN

Sara on

If Pam wants to give up her UGGS for something that she really believes in, more power to her! Me, on the other hand, love UGGS and will continue to wear em!

Anonymous on


uggs are not just the wool! the sheeps are not “not hurt” by it. that outer part is their SKIN. uggs are the skin with the hair still attached.

dont be STUPID

they may be comfortable, but they give me the creeps. oh yay, i’m wearing around sheep SKIN

when the ugg guy said that other thing, he meant they don’t torture animals, not that the sheeps arent KILLED.
if you don’t wear fur, you shouldn’t wear UGGS

Circe on

I bought a pair of Ugg boots 30 years in New Hampshire before they ever were thought of as a “fashion.” Animal skin is the warmest and most comfortable substance and people don’t think twice about eating sheep (mutton) or lamb(baby sheep!) Many cultures honor the animals that give us food and clothing and, although I draw the line of killing animals for fashion, I believe in using them to keep warm in cold climates. (Do they really need to wear them in LA?)

Aamna on

give me a break. everyone know’s they’re made of sheepskin. I guess PA was running low on personal scandals and wanted some publicity. To say that she didn’t know what the shoes are made off just made her look even more moronic than usual.

Lisa on

All you PETA lovers are so pathetic. Let’s support a real organization like SPCla or Humane Society. I am so sick of these has been celebrities spewing out what they think are intelligent thoughts. Has Pam ever thought of what animal was tested in the process of making those lovely implants….does that mean she will quit enhancing herself artificially? She is so worthless and disguisting. Let’s get some real news out there like bring our young men and women back from Iraq. Who cares what these useless celebrities think….time to put on my comfy UGGS!

Kima on

Pamela Anderson is an idiot. How can you not know what they’re made from. It even says in the little booklet you get with your shoes. I LOVE my Uggs. They are the most comfortable things in the world. My feet are in heaven in them. I can’t let them go.

Chris on

I guess she likes everything fake…just like her boobs.

Draya on

Pamela is an utter dolt. How did she NOT know Uggs were made from real sheepskin? Duh, Pammy.

Personally, I could care less what other people wear. It’s nobody else’s business.

who cares on

I gave uggs up 2 weeks after they first came out. i donated my only pair to charity, the y were hardly worn.
I do not wear fur, leather or anything else and the only reason i am not a vegetarian is because I am 14 and my family is not a vegetarian family.

Kristin on

No Elizabeth, I don’t care. That is why humans are at the top of to food chain….

leelee on

i will not give my uggs up ever i love them

Jenn on

I have to agree with Pam. I just got new uggs but after learning this they must get the boot! It’s inhumane and I’m a vegitarian so how can I keep them?

Irina on

I have about 4 pairs of Uggs and I love mine. While I don’t really support the killing of animals for fur, I don’t plan on giving up my Uggs.

E.P. on

How dumb is that? After wearing it forever she know realised it’s made with sheepskin..SHAME! I emailed the compagnie of Ugg last year and they told me “Instead of wasting those sheepskin in the food industry, we bought them.”

sarah on

I will NOT get rid them just because Pamela Anderson clued in to what likely most people have known all along. I believe that aanimals are not the same as humans, regardless of what some people think. I love my UGGS and would be devastated to lose their cuddly warmth!! Fake Uggs are exactly that–fake! For the most part, their appearance is lacking to that of a genuine Ugg and they are not as comfortable or as warm!

Kristen on

She’s an idiot and apparently she can’t read because it says it right on the tag (and on the box I believe).
I could never give up my Uggs in a million years.

Kristen Y on

If she’s giving them up, for her own positive beliefs,
then my dear Kristen, who are you to call her an idiot?
We share the same name so don’t make, me look bad. If someone wants to make positive changes in their life, leave them alone. Don’t hate please.

Brenda Ray on

There are so many other worthy causes Miz Anderson could support, that involve human beings. This is her big issue of the moment? Hopefully, women around the world are capable of
making their own informed decisions and don’t have to worry
about what Miz Anderson is doing. Women worldwide are being
abused, children are starving…but she is totally concerned
about sheep and her boots. Whatever…I don’t think we as women are going to run out and get implants, make porno videos,get tattoos, in the interest of following her lead.

K on

I think she’s a hypocrite. You can’t tell me she didn’t know they were animal skin. Not for this long. Are her implants cruelty free, by the way?

newsgrrl on

What she does is her business and more power to her. I have to wonder about her naiveté about not knowing what Uggs were made of – and not asking earlier. Pam has no impact on my world other than to get a comment on this topic. I am mostly a vegetarian but I will continue to wear and carry leather, and shearling boots ,to include Uggs are part of that. Each to their own…

Miss Monroe on

THE SHEEP DIES FOR THE UGG BOOTS, PEOPLE!! They are the equivalent of wearing a fur coat! Wear Sugar Boots instead!

Haley on

No way will I give up my Ugg’s… they’re too comfy.

WhoFNCares on

Oh sure, she didn’t know until now, MY *SS! Whatever. She’s such a hypocrit! Someone probably called her on it so now she’s acting shocked when even UGGS said this isn’t the first time she’s spoken out against them…but she kept wearing them.
What’s next? I bet if her implants were made of animal byproducts she sure would NOT shed those.

uggluver on

I love my uggs and paid way too much money to throw them out, so hells no.

BUT…SNUGGS makes a very comparible paif of snuggly boots just the same and half the price.

They actually hold up longer than Uggs. I got my uggs cuzz of a broken foot and it’s all I could wear as the snuggs are a bit more durable and I needed something softer on my foot so nah, I’m keeping mine.

losercelebs on

“K | Feb 25, 2007 5:58:18 PM

I think she’s a hypocrite. You can’t tell me she didn’t know they were animal skin. Not for this long. Are her implants cruelty free, by the way?”

HAHA, exactly what I’m saying….ditto!

No Need For A Name on

Uggs *ARE* ugly. I don’t have a problem with wearing sheepskin (though if replacements are the same, then I’d go for the replacements. But if the sheepskin is definitely superior, I’m okay with that), but they are just soooooo ugly that I would never wear them. And I don’t like Pam.

Daniela on

I Love my Uggs….they are soooo comfortable! Hope they never become out of style.

Harlow on

I find it odd that she didn’t know they were made of sheepskin for so long. I wanted a pair of UGGS awhile back and did research on them to see how much they were on the Internet. Regardless, at the time, they were highly popular and they were exspensive, way too high for my price range. It says right there on the description that they were made from sheepskin. She probably didn’t know they were made from sheepskin if she shopped in the store for them. Regardless, if it took her this long until she realized that, I would call that plain dunce. Anyways, I have knockoffs to UGGS in different colors. You really can’t tell they’re knockoffs. I really don’t care neither.

Sarah on

Sorry, but as much as I love animals, I love my Uggs. I didnt’ pay freakin’ 285$ to throw them away.

She knew they were sheepskin, the dumbass. Who is she trying to convince? Im surprised PETA didn’t bug her about it before.

Brooke on

Lots of people don’t think about what they wear or eat or where it came from. Pam and Peta are just trying to do the right thing and get the word out…maybe just to tell us to THINK once in a while. As for the Uggs, I really love mine. I love them so much I thought of buying 10 pair just in case they stop making them. (BTW, is the better company) On the other hand, I would prefer to use a “fake” brand and I hope they would be just as cozy. Where can I get them?

Joanie Di on

alrighty; WAY TO GO PAM !!!!!

Esther on

Let me just say: ah hah hah, moron.

Someone who doesn’t realize than those are made of animal skin is hardly someone I’d take any advice, fashion or otherwise, from; not that having dead animal on my feet bothers me, considering I own several pairs of far more attractive leather boots.

Danniel on

Pam is an such a fake just like her breast how could u not know that they are sheepskin its on the label and the website that is such bull
what is she going to do about the fact that her breast are tested on animals
she is so fake now she has boots like them thats why she is giving them up she doesnt care for the animals rights it all about her

Cindy on

I used to think they were cute. I bought it few year ago, wore it for a year then realized all the cruelty involved in making these boots. These sheeps are starved, beaten, abused for the sake of fashion and comfort????Ever since being knowledgeable about this industry, it has been in my closet unworn. It’s disgusting to look at, I don’t even want to touch it. The idea of dead animal slaughtered for fashion is wrong and on my body is even more disgusting! They will be in the trash very soon. My cruelty-free sneakers are alot more comfortable! I am a big time fashion freak, but UGGs and FUR are just too inhumane! I say no to uggs & fur! Any suggestions in winter boots that looks cute, cruelty-free?

brittneyy on

no, i will never give up my uggs. i dont care if people say they are ugly. i love them. and sheep hair does grow back and i have one pair. its not like they are killing the sheep to make uggs. and do you know how many things they shave sheepskin off for? do some research.

Idalecio on

Hi Linda, I am interested in your weabnir about beginning seller practices for Ebay. I clicked on the link to register and then activated my email account which brought me here. So, I\’m assuming I am registered. If there is something else I still need to do, please let me know.Thank you,Cathy Smith

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