On The Road With John Mayer, Jessica Simpson Finds Time to Shop

02/21/2007 at 04:42 PM ET

While traveling on the tour bus with boyfriend John Mayer, Jessica Simpson may be living the life of the rock n’ roll girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop her from indulging herself in a little luxe shopping. While in Chicago yesterday, Jessica killed time before John’s concert by hitting local fave Jake. Jessica told a store clerk that John had actually pointed her to the store — after Googling her favorite brands and learning they were sold there! Jessica picked up some cozy cashmere pieces from Lutz & Patmos, including the Warhol Tunic and the Bourgeois Cardigan. She also nabbed a Vanessa Penna Obi (that she wore out of the store), Margiela Leggings, a McQ V-Neck Sweater, a Barbara Bui Sweater, Malin + Goetz Lip Balm, and a Richard Chai jacket. But always thinking of her sweetheart, she picked up an Adam Kimmel pocket front shirt for John. Awwww.

Photo: Courtesy Jake; MJJ Photos (inset)


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sarah on

that’s so cute of john for googling her fav designers!

Mrs.Borrego on

Jessic and John make a weird couple.

erica on

What a caring guy!! Major brownie points for that one! She has a keeper there. Don’t blow it Jessica.

Laurie B. on

I live in Chicago and this is one of the coolest stores in the city! Unfortunatly this 28 year old can’t afford anything it it:(

Elda on

I wish them both the best!!

VV on

He is so not cute!!! And yes they do make a very weird couple!!!

Michelle on

I agree. They make a wierd couple. He’s more of the homebody type while she likes the spot light.

I also have to say that I know super stars have the money to spend on anything and everything but come on this is rediclious. $85 for somthing no more than tights! I would think she could put that kinda of money for better use.

char on


Nighthag on

I have no idea what she she’s in him. He looks like a neanderthol. He is a giant compared to her. He’s in need of a haircut too. They don’t even look good together.

babs on

I also think they make a wierd couple.

R on

Jessica is quite the shopaholic.

Tayme on

I agree, they seem like a weird couple. I’ve always thought John Mayer was cute. I especially love his music. I don’t know, there is something about him that makes him attractive. Sure, he may not be the most gorgeous man in the world, but I think it’s his personality that stands out and makes him attractive. He’s a smart-butt too, lol. While they may seem weird together, he probably treats her very good. That’s very sweet of him to google her favorite brands. The best to the both of them.

Alia on

Gross. She still finds ways to get publicity though. The two of them make me sick. They both are addicted to fame…I hope both of their careers tank (well i guess hers already has…she follows a guy around the country, starts dressing like him, talking like him, dyeing her hair for him).

sandra w on

She is a joke , and I don’t take him serious as an artist anymore.

Shana on

Yeah I had the same thought– they do make a sort of weird couple, but hey, if they’re happy…

Jo on

Ok, here are my thoughts on this:

John- Talented Singer/Guitarist, Intelligent, Politically Informed, Private Person.

Jessica- Talented Reality TV Star, Ditzy, Publicity-Minded.

This relationship will be fun for the both of them…while it lasts. I cant blame either of them for dating each other, however we all know (them included, I believe) that this is not going to last and certainly wont lead to marriage. My prediction is that they will be broken up by this summer, but will stay friends. They seem like they would make good “buddies”, but not “lovers”

Rebecca on

It really disgusts me how millionaire stars who came from humble beginnings are so frivolous with their money. Yeah they have it, but it doesnt mean you have to shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop…and yes shop more on CLOTHES. We saw newlyweds…that woman had so many clothes that she didnt even wear half of them…shes ridiculous…she is terrible with money. I know if I had money like that, I would invest, buy a nice house, sensible cars, pay for medical/health, charities, and then just have a little fun here and there. Why are stars so irresponsible?

Katie on

Okay so they mask a weird couple. But I wish the best of luck to them both . John is cute , and jessica is pretty. John is very respectful to her unlike nick lachey. Nick lachey is unrespectful and ugly AND UNTALENTED! So stop putting down on them both , it’s their lifes , let them live it together. I love them both and everyone just needs to get a life and stop getting into theirs.

elizabeth on

i just met both of them at his concert in Omaha. I wasn’t a big fan of them together, but they were actually pretty cute. whenever i’m in chicago i make it a point to stop by jake. they have the most amazing new designers.

roxy on

I agree they make an odd couple. He’s so not attractive.

Momaang on

I took my teenage, Daughter to see him in Birmingham, Ala (3 hour drive from where we live) and that concert is on DVD now. I won the tickets and we both we so excited and impressed and saw someone that embraced others as well as HIS music. That was probably 4 yrs. ago and now our Daughter goes to one of the top Art Colleges in the States 8-) She & I BOTH still listen and enjoy John Mayers music. I’ve always thought he was/is adorable, even now and how sweet of giving a never been kissed 16 yr. old her first peck for a Birthday gift? MOST Small/Meaningful things, don’t cost a penny! A truly down to earth, grounded intellient individual. Keep the concerts, interviews, photos through People coming,we are OUT here, even MOMS too.
As for Jessica and his relationship or what they do, that’s their business and as long as they’re not harming anyone else. Let these two find out if they’re meant for each other, not for us to Judge. Good luck you two, cuties!!!
People.com, let me tell you, I love your website!!! Don’t change a thing. I can’t believe it took me long to find it and get in on the interesting articles and wonderful photographs!
Still loving music,
A true hearted Mississippi Girl/Woman & Mom

Renee on

I love Jessica Simpson, she is the hottest woman alive…I hope she is happy with John who cares if they make a weird couple! I would do anything to meet her!

j on

lucky girl to be able to shop that way!! -sigh-
i’m liking the dark hair more and more, she should keep it that way for awhile.

Vee on

I hate them as a couple. She’s outrageously gorgeous and he’s so very unattractive. I know looks are not everything, but really – he’s so EEEEWWWW !!!!

AnnieM on

He is unattractive and I find his music too “girly”. She’s ok I guess – like Britney she seems to have lost sight of why she is famous in the first place. These gals should get back to work – like Christina Agulier for instance (although neither sings as well as Christina).

Nicole on

I am so disappointed in John – what is he thinking??

Night on

Stop the press…Jessica Vacuous Simpson finds the time to go shopping. Not only is she talentless, and just this side of plain old ugly…but she can shop too. I’m so jealous.

Ash on

I am really happy for Jessica, she has been through a tough time and deserves to find a guy who is really sweet and caring. Although, I do agree with AnnieM on this one, she has lost sight of why she became famous and the image she came out with. (I also agree regarding the Christina comment – she is all class and talent – GO CHRISTINA!!!)

Amber on

Everyone continues to say that John Mayer is so unattractive, however maybe this is what Jessica Simpson needs.
She has been with the “Hotty, Mr. GQ” and it didn’t work out for her. Maybe this is the display from Jessica Simpson that we all weren’t anticipating that “looks don’t mean everything”.

PS, I don’t think that John Mayer is that horribly unattractive.

Alice on

John Mayer is not that unattractive. I would much rather be with someone who is talented and intelligent than some beefcake like Nick Lachay.

RealBlondsRule on

This “pseudo-relationship” is a publicity driven revenge against Nick Lachey masterminded by Joe Simpson.

Carly on

I, too, think they make an odd couple. They seem to have incredibly different priorities. He’s a serious artist and Jessica is more… high maintenance? Jessica is a lovely girl, but she doesn’t seem quite… grown up? I don’t know; perhaps that’s just the way she behaves in public because it sells. If I were in a new city, I would probably want to visit landmarks and museums instead of retail stores, and I’d be insulted if my significant other googled shopping opportunities for me! Seems kinda vapid. Sweet, but vapid. According to psychologists and organization experts, people who shop excessively are trying to make up for something they feel they are lacking. Something similar was on Oprah a few weeks ago. As for John… I think he was attractive around the time his first album came out, but I’m sorry to say that now I think he looks almost deranged. Maybe it’s the longer hair. I think they’re great individually, but they make quite a weird couple. I’m not sure how long it will last. It’s probably freaky to have strangers discussing your romantic choices, but I guess that’s the price you pay for making millions off of the public’s interest in you.

ally on

I think Jessica & John are a great couple! Take a look at their faces – they look a lot alike. They have the same jaw line and big brown eyes. The pouty lips… and now the brown hair. couples that look alike are highly attracted to one another. Aside from the physical likeness, I really like both of them and hope they stay together.

rachel b. on

a day of shopping in jessica simpson’s world must be nice to have money and buy this and that for herself and feel guilt free.

Shel on

I agree that they seem like an odd couple. I also agree that he isn’t good looking and desperately needs a hair cut. However, has anyone considered that maybe he is a nice person and is treating her well? I mean, looks aren’t everything. She had looks in her last man (Nick), so maybe she has decided to go for something different this time around. I don’t think John is ugly, but rather, just average-looking (but his hair makes him look worse). But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she obviously finds him attractive (either inside or out….or both), and that’s all that matters since SHE is the one who is with him.

Kristin on

Jake is a great shop- pricy but trendy.

Chicago rocks!

Emily on

Until you have seen John live, don’t talk down about him. He is wonderful, amazing, talented, sexy, and just great. I love him and Jessica and I hope they are both happy together. If it works out, it works out. I mean, who are we to say they don’t “mesh” well? Seriously people…

sami on

i was actually at that concert that they were talking about.
i’ve loved john mayer for years-and i’ve never thought him to be highly attractive, yet there is something about it that i love =D
jessica on the other hand, not so much
i just don’t see them together
and i remember…at the concert john was being nice and so he made all the people put their signs down, but not until he responded to all of them
like one of them was marry me and he said sorry, but it’s illegal
and another one asked for him to get naked, and he said sorry but i’m going to keep my clothes on
and the girl behind me (btw…tenth row floor seats, nice right?!) was like dammit, i wish i brought a poster that said WHERE’S JESSICA?!
thought it was funny/cute…

Tonyo Rourke on

Um, okay. Who says Jon Mayer is not attractive? And anyway, the REAL mismatch is in I.Q.!!

Precious Murray on

I can not believe John would stoop to the level of Jessica Simpson… though she seems nice, and we know she is beautiful… there is more to a person than beauty and charm… John could do much better than a washed-up, ditz who lacks the level of intelligence that he has. Also, maybe he should be with a singer/musician who actually writes their music and who has composed more than 7 songs in their life!! Possibly a nice young lady who is in music it for the music… not the money!!!

But then again… even the best of us can be blinded by love.

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