Ken Paves on Jessica Simpson's New Brunette Color

02/16/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

If you’ve been wondering what prompted ultimate blonde Jessica Simpson to go dark, you’re not alone. Jessica’s hair stylist and BFF Ken Paves gave PEOPLE the scoop behind her bold new look. After a day spent lounging by the pool together, the two came inside and started playing with extensions from their HairDo line. Jessica asked, “‘What do you have in there that’s red? I clipped it on and she said, ‘I want to leave this on! I want to wear it out,'” which she did to great effect (the front part of her hair was sprayed with temporary color to match the extensions). Jessica loved the change so much that the next morning, she asked Ken to make it permanent, saying she “felt more like herself.” As for the rumors that Jessica went dark for new boyfriend John Mayer‘s benefit, Ken scoffs at the idea. “It just happened. She had no intention of coloring her hair. This was done on a whim — two friends horsing around and playing dress up. A woman doesn’t have to be doing it for somebody. Sometimes it just happens.”

Photo: patrick rideaux/rex; charley gallay/london entertainment

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Stephanie on

I think she looks better with the darker hair.

Nighthag on

She looks better as blonde. But it is fun to try different colours. I change from time to time. But she really doesn’t look good with brown.

AshleyL on

I think she looks better blonde, it suits her more, but the dark hair is an interesting change…. She looks like she’s putting on weight, more stocky (is that you spell that?), and I don’t think she’s as pretty as she used to be… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Ashlee Simpson is looking more beautiful every day…..

Nicole on

I think it looks great, she pulls off dark hair better than Ashlee did!

Teri Griffith on

Jessica looks great with the brown-red hue, It gives her a new look. I think it’s great for her to have a little extra weight on her, makes her look womanly. And afterall that’s why we all thinks she’s beautiful, for her curves!!!

Nicky on

Jessica is so pretty she can wear purple and it wont’t matter. She’s a beautiful girl. And though i prefer the blond her I like the red for a change. I’m sure soon enough she’ll go back to her natural blond.

Mrs.Borrego on

I think Jessica looks super cute with her hair that color. She looks more like a woman now.

Lindy on

Changing her hair was for publicity. She can change her hair, clothes and the man in her life, but she’s still useless. I’m amazed that People magazine is still writing about her.

Hex on

I think she looks much better as a brunette. I think her clothes sometimes make her look skinnier or “thicker” than she really is – gotta love hollywood.

Michelle on

I like the blonde a lot better on her. The reddish brown just isn’t growing on me with her.

Bunny Larson on

Jessica looks NATURAL, SEXY,and INTELLIGENT with that new brunette color. Blonde color makes Jessica look fake and stupid! The saying goes…”Blondes have more fun”. But Brunettes have more BRAINS! Brains is the beauty of the eyeholder! I sure hope Jessica will make it permanent..

Proud brunette

C on

I like the brunette better, it makes her look much more natural.

Susan on

The above photo is extremely unflattering – she looks like she has a misshapen head and face. I don’t like the red-brown, but then again, I didn’t like the blond, either.

Elda on

She has glowing skin and I think the hair color fits well, i like her in blonde or brunette. She carries herself very well.

j on

i like it, but she really needs to do something other than go dark for people to take her seriously about anything. :(

Alice on

I think the color is beautiful, but seriously, isn’t this the 3rd blog in the past week that People has posted about Jessica’s color change? Move on.

KC on

I think the darker color is very flatter ( as well as the blonde we all know a love). However, I think how she has been wearing it lately ( pulled back off her face) doesn’t really complement this rich new wonderful color. I think it would look hot in a box like she was wearing a while back.

a buckman on

I think she is a bimbo no matter what. she had to color her hair to get back in the media! Nick is much better off without her, she is desperate.

Claudia on

I think Jessica is trying to look like Vanessa Manilo.

Brigitte on

I think she looks fabulous as a reddish-brunette. I hope she keeps it. You look absolutely wonderful Jessica!

Krystal on

I think she looks amazing with the darker color! It really makes her features stand out, like her eyes and her facial structure. I hope she plans on keeping it this way!

Juri on

Dark. no doubt. Its much more flattering and cute.

Jessica on

I love her as a brunette. Simply GORGEOUS!!!

cata on

i think she look cute nomatter what she does to herself God bless you girl :p

Tayme on

I love the brown color of hair on her. It just makes her glow for some reason. I also liked the blonde on her, but I was getting tired of her blonde, as she probably was also. It’s always nice to change it up sometimes. I’m a natural blonde, and I like to go darker sometimes, just to have a change.

Night on

She looks worse than ever

Alma on

Jessica looks beatiful no matter what. She looks great as a blong or a red. A girl like Jessica could wear anything and still look good. She’s very natural.

Shelbie on

I think since she started wearing dark make-up he blond has started to look out of place. Also with her dark eyes the present hair color seems to match. But with lighter make-up she looks good blond too.I think she is pretty brunette and blonde.

Norah on

She looks so beautiful (as always). I agree with the comment above, she pulls off dark much better than Ashlee. But its not even a “dark” color its like a reddish auburn color, it looks gorgeous on her!

Mandi on

I think the new darker hue suits her better than blonde. I hope she keeps it like Cameron. Way to go Jess!!!!

Tracy on

I liked her more as a blonde. As a brunette she looks kinda… Well… Washed out. Please go back to being blonde Jessica!

roses on

Jessica looks amazing. It’s so nice to see her so confident, natural and happy.

GK on

To be honest if you look at the blond picture of Jessica her true brunette roots are growing out. She is showing her true colour. I think Jessica should play around with her hair colour but utilise your natural colour to emphasise what you are given by nature. It was a nightmare for me when I went platinum blond from natural brown. Every 3 week you needed to fix you regrowth. But if you are a brunette and you highlight and match extensions your hair will last a lot longer than touching up regrowth every couple of weeks if you were blond.

I like the new look for Jessica. I think it matches her face and style. People have to get over this image that blondes have more fun. But hey, maybe she should get back recording and think of doing something funky, disco, retro, dance, groove, even a little bit of rap etc and certainly no more love songs. Look at the culture of people who buy her singles and CDs? Rather than changing her hair she needs to change her style as she has to cater to all of the public and just a limited of range of public which probably is teenagers? Give some music to the adults in their 20’s. 30’s and 40’s. Anyone over 50 would probably not care about buying CDs to the extent of other people who are your audience.

Got to go and cook for a dinner party tonight, but Jessica you need to funk it up and I don’t care what your hair colour is.

jessica on

i L-O-V-E the darker hair. i makes her look a little more mature & just all over georgous! there’s nothing wrong w/ blonde…i’m just really diggin’ the darker on her right now. who knows? it’ll prob. be blonde again by monday.

Blythia on

Jessica looks FABULOUS…She can pull any hair color and hair style she wants.. She’s just BEAUTIFUL…BUt i hope she’d go permanent with the brunette. @:) I don’t think she’s trying to look like Vanessa M. at all. Vanessa doesn’t look half as good as Jessica in anyways. I don’t think Jessica did the change as an act of desperation for NIck either…I think she has moved on..@:)

karen on

At least she didn’t shave it!

viv on

Brunnettes are just so much more sophisticated looking!

She looks amazing.
Definitely a style icon.

sabrina on

i love jess! i think she’s a great girl to look up to. she looks beautiful in whatever she wears including her hair color! Although i do have to admit that i already miss her blonde hair :-(

denisse on

dark hair looks better on her and her eyes look more beautiful.

Jan on

I keep reading that blonde is Jessica’s natural hair color which is completely wrong. She is a brunette and has bleaching and/or highlighting her hair gradually over the years. Look at the pictures of her from high school.

Haley on

I think her hair looks great dark! I hope it’s for the right reasons though, and not that Vanessa Minillo is brunette.

Jennifer Sanchez on

She looks beautiful with her hair dark like that





Alice on

The people that say she is trying to look like Vanessa sound like idiots. Let’s review the evidence-

A) She left Nick
B) She has moved on….to someone with real talent.
C) How many most beautiful/sexy lists has Vanessa topped? None. Why would Jessica want to look like her?

RealBlondsRule on

This haircolor argument is so YAWN. So is the Joe Simpson-driven pseudo-relationship she’s having with the moonface Edward Scissorhands wanna-be. The couple times I’ve seen her in that Pizza Hut commercial, I’ve had to laugh. It looks like two pigs are wrestling under that red gown she’s wearing. She probably gained ten pounds making that commercial, as many takes it took her to get it right.

kim on

She looke great as a brunette

Anonymous on

She looks much better with darker hair


Go away “TEWW”… you are ewwwwww!!!!
Jessica looks pretty with this hair color and it is the same as mine!! And I love mine too. Everybody is so tired of blonde (as was I) and a brownish-reddish color is fresh and pretty for spring. Oh and btw…. Jessica IS a natural blonde, but its a dark blonde, and yes she had highlights. Haven’t you ever seen any biography shows of her? Keep the color Jessica!! Just don’t go black like Ashlee.

Reagan on

I think that she looks good, both blonde and brunette, but i have to say that i think she looks better brunette!

Shana on

I think Jessica Simpson looks good as a brunette.
She is a beautiful women and can color her hair any color and still look good. It isn’t so much the color of her hair that makes her beautiful, but her confidence that shines through her that makes her looks 100%!

carol on

I think this is definetly her color.she looks gorgeous!

Sara on

I think Jess pulls blonde off really well. Although the red isn’t so bad either. I think most who dont like it are just so used to her blonde hair. I really think hair should go just like fashion does light in the summer, dark in the winter. And for all you RUDE people who like to post nasty comments about her. Its really sad and pathetic you have to stump yourself to such a critical level, I think the person you should really be looking at is yourself. Afterall most people who talk bad about others are unhappy with themselves!

Brandie on

She looks GREAT with dark hair! Much more REAL looking!

poirot on

do u like ashlee simpson?

i dont think jessica is better than ashlee…

Liz Saunders on

I don’t think it makes her look any smarter…she may have beauty but a brain is one thing she definitely lacks!

Liz Sullivan on

Whomever says she looks bad as a brunette…I completely disagree. I think she looks absolutely stunning!

Lili on

Jessica looks REALLY pretty as a brunette. She did look nice as a blonde too! but seriously she looks good as a brunette!! BRUNETTES HAVE ALL THE FUN!! lol

Special Fred on

First off, Nighthag, you spelled colors wrong. And yes, I do like her hair color, but it did look better blonde. But everyone wants a change sometimes and the media shouldn’t scoff about her hair.

Ash on

Hey Lindy…..YOU are the one writing about her! You are also the reason why People continues with the stories. Come on, you know you are interested too or you wouldn’t have to comment on it.

Anyway, I think Jessica looks really good, and it doesn’t always have to be about a guy, does it????

RealBlondsRule on

Ken Paves needs to crawl back into his rat hole.

Sarah on

Brunette = Beautiful

JLY on

I love her as a brunette, her skin looks so much more radiant!

courtney on

i think she looks better as a blonde but she still looks gorgeous with brown hair

Livi on

I think she looks great! Way better than her sis ashlee I must say! Go JESSICA!!!

Jenni S on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Donia on

The dark hair makes her tan look orange! It is all way to much! I like her better blonde.

Lucy on

I think that Jessica looks awful with brown hair, if she is trying to look smarter, dying her hair brown won’t make her any smarter or make anyone take her more seriously. she should have stayed blonde because that is her hair color and that is the hair color she was meant to have.

me on

Jessica looks great with the brown hair!!!

a on

i guess she doesn’t want to be known as the dumb blonde anymore!(does chicken live in the sea?)

kaitlin on

I think she looks pretty as a brunette but I liked her better as a blonde. She was so much more like herself than and doesn’t she know that blondes have more fun. YAAAAAAAAA! And it’s not like she did it for media attention cause she has been getting some attention w/ her and John Mayer.

Brooke on

I think Jessica looks more like her self with her dark hair and I also think she looks better with the dark\red colour of hair!!

Kristen Y on

Jessica actually looks more contfident as a brunette.
She looks more laid back and happy! She honestly can wear her hair as a blond or Brunette. She’s a beautiful woman.

monkeylover#1 on

she looks a LOT smarter…she actually for I think the first time looks like she knows what shes doing…it looks great on her((coming from a VERY natural brunette)) :)

Kelly on

I think she totally looks hotter with the dark hair. Brings out her complexion and eyes more!


Jess looks amazing no matter what cuzz she is rocking amazing skin, gorgeous blessed good looks and a FAB BOD so who cares….I know NO guy who would kick her outta bed for changing her hair color and she still sings like a goddess so blaze on Jess. We love you!

Deanna on

She Looks hotter then ever.. She’s always beautiful..but now shes omg.. Love you jess.. Your my idol

shelbi on

i think she looks so pretty with her brown hair i think she actually looks better with brown then blonde

Loriann on

I think she looks better a little lighter but not really blond. I liked a picture with her when it was 2 toned and had some dark streaks or darker blond. But the brown is too dark for her.

carrie monroe on

I think Jessica looks good in all hues of blonde as well as all hues of medium blonde. I think the brunette look is going to look good too and surprisingly good at that. Just so it doesn’t get too dark or black. If anyone DYES it brown they should keep in mind not to dye every strand because when you do that it leaves no natural highlights in the hair thus giving the hair a dull matte look.

Gina M. on

I like her with darker hair, she’s one of few people who can pull off the blonde and brunette really well. I think she may have put on a little weight, but she looks great! Not everyone has to be cocaine-runway thin to be beautiful!!

Gina M. on

I think Jess looks great like this. She is one of few people who can pull of blonde and brunette really well. As for whether or not she has put on weight, I think she may have, and I think she looks better! You don’t have to be cocaine-runway thin to be beautiful, just look at her!!



CarolMariane on

Her new darker hair colour makes her look more mature and more sophisticated.

Jodie on

She looks so much more sophisticated brunette, it makes her look more classy than the trashy blonde.

Erika on

You all suck

Stacey on


Raquel on

brunette is better!

toni on

jessica looks much better as brunnette

April on

I think her hair is beautiful regardless of the color. She deserves to be happy, I mean it takes a special person to put up with what she puts up with. She never has any privacy and every heartbreak is a public thing. She should be allowed to do what she wants regardless of public opinion. She has to live her life not the public.

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