Red Carpet Trendwatch: Metallic Dresses at the Grammys

02/12/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

Forget the blinged out watches and medallions — the real sparkle on the red carpet came from the sequined metallic dresses that ruled the red carpet. From Vanessa’s silver sequins to Hilary’s sexy gold Dolce & Gabanna to Fergie’s shimmering steel Badgley Mischka, short and shiny was the major look of the night. Even for the ladies who didn’t wear it head to toe, metallic accents popped up on Nelly Furtado, Beyonce and many more. The key to making the look work? Keeping the hemlines above the knee and accessories to a minimum. Tell us: What do you think of the metallic dresses? Is this a trend you would try?

Click here to see who rocked in our Grammys Best Dressed gallery.

Photo:Frazer Harrison/Getty; HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty; Matt Sayles/ap

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Sam on

Fergie looked amazing!!!!

Trinity on

i love this look! Its fun, flirty and sexy! I would def wear this trend… and I actually love Fergie’s look.

beth on

Vanessa looks acceptable, nothing special. Hilary looks like crap. I hated her hair!! It’s too dark for her, and it looks like she didn’t style it or anything. It looks like my hair when I just get out of the shower and let it air dry (not pretty)! But her dress is pretty.. and Fergie looks hot.

AshleyL on

Fergie and Vanessa look amazing. I would def. wear this look it’s so sexy and fun. But I think Hilary looks hideous. She is way too pale for that blackish hair of hers, and it looks terrible, like she stuck her finger in a light socket. She’s a classy girl but in this pic she looks like a munster!

Nicole on

I think Fergie and Vanessa look great. I am usually a fan of Hilary, but not this time….

ella on

The dresses were so beautiful…but i don’t like Hillary Duff’s new hair color.

funfun100 on

Wow!!! Luv them!!! They are fun,shiny and glittery!! What more does a girl want?

Leah on

I like Vanessa and Fergie’s look…for once, Fergie doesn’t look like a she-man crossover. But Hilary Duff…that look is horrible for her. I’m not sure if it’s the dress (least favorite out of the 3) but she needs a tan and she needs to lose that jet-black goth hair of hers…and maybe run a comb through it.

Break-ups are tough, but… comb your hair, Hilary!

Jackson on

Love them!

BC on

I love them alot!

Chrissy on

I think these metallic dresses are incredibly ugly and unflattering. Hilary’s heroin chic look is awful.

Melinda on

This is the best Vanessa has ever looked. For once she doesn’t look like she’s in a beauty pagent.

rachel b. on

no, i would be a non-metallic even though it might be the trend for dresses.

LKD on

LOVE THE DRESSES. Not so much Hilary’s though!

samantha on

Vanessa looks the best. Fergie comes in second but the length of her dress is uncomfortable for me! It seems as though she can’t move freely without being extremely close to flashing the crowds.

Nighthag on

Call me old-fashion but I think metallic outfits look better around Christmas and New Years. I wouldn’t wear them, though. Each to their own I guess. I didn’t care for either. Anyways, I couldn’t believe that was Hilary. For the 1st time ever, I’m at a lost for words.

Amy on

I like Hilary and her ‘new’ look. Not so typical blonde looking. She looks grown up and like she has a mind of her own. I like her hair – it’s new and wild and looks like she doesn’t give a *#!* what people think. That’s what makes her a trendsetter!!
They all look great!

Mrs.Borrego on

I would definitely wear this trend. I love Fergies look better than the rest of them. The metallic color is dark not too blinding like Vanessa’s dress.

Elda on

They all look beautiful, Hilary looks amazing she really has grown up and Fergie is rocking!!

Lauren on

Fergie looks hot. She has amazing toned legs and her tan really set off the dress. Vanessa looks plain and Hilary looks like she’s trying to hard. Brush your hair Hilary! This is the Grammy’s not your bedroom.

yuri on

i think hilary woke up 20 minutes before the grammy and she didn’t have time to comb her hair :S I love her soooo much but i don’t liked this hair, but the dress is so amazing!

giovy on

Fergie looks hot with her dress! i love her hair and make-up! she’s the best! vanessa looks good! hilary…no comment…

kate on

Where can you find Fergie’s Dress. I know its Badgley Mischka but i really really want that dress!!!

Lis on

I like Hillarys dress the best. Fergie and Vanessa looked good to. I didn’t like Hills hair though it looked just a little to wild and messy for me, I would also like to see her go a little lighter with her hair maybe a lighter brunette color. Other than that she looked great.

Laura on

I LOVE HILARY DUFF, but I didn’t like this hair

Sydni on

I love all of the dresses.
But is it just me, or does Hilary look like she’s come back from the dead?
I’m usually against tanning beds, but I think she needs one.

Jessica on

I’m a huge fan of Hilary and think she usually looks gorgeous, but her hair is way too dark and messy, her skin is too pale for the hair, and she is looking too thin. I do like her dress though.

Fergie looks incredible. Her legs look awesome with that dress. Vanessa looks pretty good…not as good as Fergie though.

Lorenzo on

The Hilary Duff’s dress is the best… Hilary is very sexy and she’s most beautiful of when i have the blonde hair!!!

C on

The only dress here I like is the one on Fergie, she looks great. The other 2 weren’t very flattering. Vanessa looks like she’s wearing aluminum foil and Hillary looks very washed out in that gold dress with her hair dyed black.

30 October on

Hilary is way too pale. But i think that Fergie loked the best in it. Vanessa loks the same as always and i think she loks like a monkey. I would totally try this……….if only i can afford it.

Melanie on

Very cute! Although, you have to have a certain body to wear something like that. I especially like it on Fergie!

Marissa!!!!! on

I think that Vanessa looks fabulous, Hilary looks….not very good and Fergie looks OK.

Emily on

I really like the style but I think it looks best on Fergie. I am not really a fan of her music, but I must admit that she looks beautiful. Vanessa always has a knack for looking great. She looks really pretty in this metallic piece. It is very classic. It reminds me a little of a flapper. Hilary looks very chic also. I just wish she would brush her hair. It is a little too wild for my taste but I do like the new color.

Emily on

I really like the style but I think it looks best on Fergie. I am not really a fan of her music, but I must admit that she looks beautiful. Vanessa always has a knack for looking great. She looks really pretty in this metallic piece. It is very classic. It reminds me a little of a flapper. Hilary looks very chic also. I just wish she would brush her hair. It is a little too wild for my taste but I do like the new color.

Erin on

I think that all of the girls wear this trend well. I would have prefered Fergie to have a different cut for the top that would have flattered her curves more but she still can pull off this look. I also like how Venessa kept it simple; she paired her metalic dress with complimenting sandels and relaxed hair. By making the dress the main focus of the outfit it allowed her to make a statement without going over the top. Hilary’s dress fit along with the other’s dresses while still standing out because of its lace detailing. The only thing that I didn’t like about Hilary’s look was her hair. Although I commend her for trying something different the hair being so big almost over powers her bone structure.

Dawn on

Personally Vanessa and Hilary’s dresses are ok but I do not like Fergie’s, I’m not sure how old fergie is but this dress makes her look silly. She’s to adult to be in this mini dress.

Belinda on

WOW the two look ab so lut ley FAB!!! but Hilary looks really bad. She is one “it” girl that really should not follow the new dark haired trend. She was fabulous as a blonde! PLEASE HUNNY GO BACK!!!! and lay out in the sun for a bit… thanks!

cc on

Hilary looks HORRIBLE! I’m sorry, but when I see that picture I can think of nothing positive to say. She looks like she fells asleep in a sequined nighty, woke up with bed hair & makeup smeared everywhere, and decided to go like that. Ugh! She is becoming what she used to say she would never become… sorry to all you Hilary fans out there but GROSS!

fashion411 on

fergie looks awsome and very cexy

Tayme on

Fergie is my favorite out of the 3. She is just so glam. She did everything right. I loved her hair, make-up, earrings, and I especially love those shoes. Last year’s Grammy’s I wasn’t too impressed with her short-dressed Pocahontas look fringe. She definitely stepped it up a notch this year and looks incrediable. Look at those legs.

Vanessa is very beautiful. She kept it simple, but beautiful. I also love her shoes. I liked Hilary’s dress. I maybe would have done a different shoe. I like the color of her hair, but she needs to tame her hair. She should have done something different with her hair. I do agree, she is too pale, she just needs a little color. Regardless, these are 3 different women, with different tastes. The Grammy’s are all about spunk and doing something a little different, but have some class, spice and sexy along with it. The metallic was perfect for this type of event.

Yes, I would try this trend if I felt the dress looked good on me.

danni on

wouldnt we all if we had the money to pay for our looks. hilary and vanessa look cute and natural.

kacey on

Hilary looks the best least she changes her style once in a while and its called curls you twits.

kla on

you twits look for some other pics of hilary on the night and you will see its the lighting that is making her look pale in that picture TWITS! What would any of you know about fashion anyways your probably the same people that diss people day after day cause your jealous go out and get a life she looks 10 times better then any of you could look im sure.

jap on

fergie looks the best. hilary’s dress is the nicest looking. vanessa average. hilary looks ill…sickly. it’s actually gross. she looks like she’s dying.

Kristen Y on

Hilary looks like she’s on meth, Vanessa looks like a wanna be dream girl! The only one who looks half descent
is Fergie, but for real none of these dresses are too

cc on

kacey, sorry hun I have naturaly curly hair and trust me I don’t try to leave the house looking like that… you are twit.


VENESSA looks amazing,FERGIE looks amazing,not so HILARY…TO PALE,AND WATS WITH THE HAIR!!??

Jenna on

I LOOOOVE Hilary Duff and I for one think she looked great at the awards this is just a non-flattering picture.

Chelsi on

Hmm… I think they all look hot actually… but I think, contrary to popular belief that Hilary Duff’s dress is the best, but she kindof looks like a deformed China doll, she’s so pail.

eliza on

I personally like Vanessa’s the best, I like Fergie’s but Vanessa’s looks better. Hilary should of stayed blonde, the dark color isnt pretty on her, it makes her look extremely pale! But like her dress.

nicole on

i think all the dresses are really gorgeous. fergie & vanessa look awesome, but poor hilary! what happened to her?? she usually looks really cute. she is way too pale and her hair is just craaaazy!

Deborah Bouma on

It’s ok

aliya on

I think Fergie’s too-short dress makes her look like a Barbie in lingerie. Vanessa and Hilary should have done something more with their hair, but otherwise they looked good.

Hannah on

ok fergie is hot but HILARY wut were u thinking with the hair and pailness!! eww! sry BIG FAN BUT NOT THE BLACK HAIR!

night on

Hilary used to be so beautiful…poor thing looks awful

deb on

Metallic done right is fantastic as demonstrated by the three examples given up for comment – PEOPLE has published many a picture of those who’ve done it wrong. Before I’d put on a dress of that nature – I’d be thumbing through all my old issues to make sure I was’t a fashion catastrophe.

CB` on

Who makes fergie’s shoes???? they are amazing

vanna on

fergie can pull off the dress, i dont know about the other girls though.

anee on

oh i love them!!!!! they’re so beautiful. But Hil’s hair…too tough!

leelee on

i think hil looks good

c on

i think fergie & vanessa looks gorgeous.

bre on


Rachel on

It looks really hot on the red carpet!

Mariah on

Does anyone know where I can get Hilary’s dress? It’s so gorgeous!

claire on

vanessa lookd kinda plain, d metal added d starlight effect (saving from lookinng too simple),hilliary didntwork it well somethin to do with the wrong dress for her figure and she’d look pale and fergie was a diva the pumps, her hair the dress accentuating her curves and kissin her skintone anyway metal is the thing

alice on

omggggggg i am soooooooo bored because i have not got a buddy reader and all of my friends do!!!!!

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