What Was She Thinking? Imogen Heap at the Grammys

02/11/2007 at 09:24 PM ET

For those of us who miss seeing Bjork and her head-scratcher outfits on the red carpet, Imogen Heap is a fresh breath of out-there fashion. Nominated for best new artist, the British singer arrived in look more remiscent of the Lady of the Lake than an songbird on the rise. From the foliage in her hair to the lily pads on the dress to the parasol to, well, all of it — this is a look designed to go down in Grammys Worst Dressed history! Tell us: What do you think of her look?

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Tina on

oh my… well one can obviously see that she was deliberately attempting to make a statement on the red carpet… and she sure did!

Autumn on

I am a huge fan of Immi (up for an award for best new artist??? Anyone ever listen to I Megaphone???) and I know she can come up with some “quirky” outfits but this one left me scratching my head.

Lola on

thats just wrong

Jo on

Well yes, of course she knew how much attention she would get by wearing such an outrageous outfit. If she had worn something normal, NOBODY would be talking about her. Sad but true!

Kimber on

I love her! I am a hard core fan of hers. She’s my fav! I think if she wanted more publicity, this was a great way to do it. And come on it’s the grammys, this is almost normal.

rachel b. on

how exotic and earthy of an outfit is that?

L, K. on

I’m lost for words.

Alice on

Love her music but this outfit seems like a desperate attempt to appear anti-grammys.

Elda on

What is it?

me on

If you were a fan of IH’s before last night you know that she always dresses like this. While it is unconventional, at lease she is staying true to herself.

LK on

I love, love, LOVE Immi! She’s an amazing artist, so I really see past this outfit, but yes it is hideous!

Misty on

She wanted attention & got it! Crazy look but she knew what she was doing!

Gems on

I know this appears outlandish, but just to echo a couple of comments already posted: Immi ALWAYS dresses like this. I’ve seen her on both of her last tours in the UK and she has crazy stage outfits; at least she’s cultivated her own style. Go Immi!

funfun100 on

The most disgusting “heap” of clothes.

janedoe1083 on

Her music is beautiful, she needs to match her music!! This is way too out there!

Jackson on

Utterly ridiculous!

BC on

O come on no comment!

Chrissy on

An absolute fashion train wreck…that’s what this look is.

MK on

Imogen is fantastic. She is NOT anti-Grammys, in fact she’s been blogging for a while HOW EXCITED she is to attend and how GRATEFUL she is that she’s nominated. She has this outfit specially made for her to represent her as an artist and her personal UNIQUE style, at least she wasnt one of the hundred artist sheep who arrived in metalic something or other.
She’s beautiful and talented, she deserved to win as well.



yen on


Nighthag on

She looks like Boy George.

C on


Carly on

If you are a fan of Imogen you totally get this. This is her – and I think being on the worst dressed lists wouldnt mean a thing to her. If you’ve seen her show, her wadrobe is like an extension of her performance. I say well done for not worrying about the critics. And she’s not a “new” artist anyway.

Marissa!!!!! on

its certainly……different…..in a bad way

leeloo on

i think that i would have a little less respect for her if she had shown up in an Dolce & Gabbana gown. her genius is in her uniqueness and in her music. she shouldn’t have to dress to impress the critics and i’m PROUD of her because she didn’t.

Jami on

She’s British, need I say more?

Tayme on

I’ve never heard of Imogen Heap’s music. Last night from her walking on the red carpet and being nominated for Best New Artist, I was like “who the heck is that?” I can’t remember who she was sitting behind, but I kept seeing her, and I was like “wow, what the heck is going on with her hair.” If I had to pick between Bjork and Imogen Heap having the worst style…I’ll give it to Bjork. I mean, who shows up at the Oscars in a goose dress? That was just ridiculous. For the Grammy’s it would have been nothing. Imogen looked more decent then Bjork did, that’s for sure.

Ashley on

That’s just what she does though! She always dresses cooky (saw her in concert, I have a pic of her on my myspace if you want proof, http://www.myspace.com/makeyourself5.) I think she dresses a little odd, but where she lacks in fashion sense she makes up for in talent! Besides, she gives us something to talk about.

Jen on

“If you were a fan of IH’s before last night you know that she always dresses like this. While it is unconventional, at lease she is staying true to herself.”

“Imogen is fantastic. She is NOT anti-Grammys, in fact she’s been blogging for a while HOW EXCITED she is to attend and how GRATEFUL she is that she’s nominated. She has this outfit specially made for her to represent her as an artist and her personal UNIQUE style, at least she wasnt one of the hundred artist sheep who arrived in metalic something or other.
She’s beautiful and talented, she deserved to win as well.”

I can only agree with the above stated. Imogen Heap is a wonderful, wonderful artist, who has always dressed a bit crazy, but I love that about her. At least she stays true to herself, unlike so many others out there.

Oh, and the dress was made by a FAN! How fantastic is that?!

jap on

best new artist?!?! imogen heap??? so not NEW. she’s awesome, but seriously, she’s not new. just cuz she hasn’t been in “the scene” for years, she’s suddenly new again…weird.

jap on

if you’ve watched the OC, you’ve heard her song “hide and seek”

Kristen Y on

She looks like a freak of nature! Fashion dont’s like this
should not even be possible. Terribly repulsive!

monique on

I think its genius! How else do you garner attention when no-one has the slightest of clues who you are???

January Girl on

I love Imogen’s music. I think it’s great that more people are hearing about her, because her music is awesome…..but for people who first saw her in this outfit, who’ve never heard of her before, are they going to actually listen to her music now? Or will they just think: “what a weirdo, I bet her music sucks too”? then again, maybe she doesn’t really care!

Geena on

was she on something??

betty on

Anyone who’s seen her in concert shouldn’t be surprised by this costume…and it is a costume, she’s a performer, after all…
I don’t love it, I’ve seen her in much prettier costumes, but at least it wasn’t the same old tired gown that everyone in Hollywood wears. It’s nice to see someone be creative.

jessica on

get a life………………. ick

Emily on

all i can say is “definately not” and “never again”

Me on

Is she holding a frog!!??

Lena on

Um…if you have ever actually listened to her you will know that she is the coolest artist and person, on the planet. She has a sense of style that is her own and it doesn’t matter what the critics say because she has an entire website full of supporters.

Roxy on

It doesn’t matter how she dressed — she was being herself instead of a carbon copy! There is very little originality left in the world and it’s good to see that someone is capable of creating some!

seden on

she looked Fabulous, like most of the people mentioned on here, she has already her own unique style and she went to grammy awards just like her self, who can dare to be different. Love the outfit, it is genius !!!

sammy on

I absolutely love imogen HEap. she’s the best artist i know. her outfit made me giggle :] i cracked up when i saw her holding the frog. good job imogen! way to bring some fun to the red carpet.

Nadine on

I personaly think that Imogen Heap is the Best Creative Artist out there. She is not trying to make a statement, only to impress, she’s there to be herself. If you Look Correctly, she is always pulling something crzy with her outfits! My Idol!!

sam on

well she did what she wanted to do. she made a statement. otherwise nobody would have paid attention to her

Sarah on

Imogen heap is a great artist, she is being herself. She is NOT anti grammy. And just becaseu she has different taste dosn’t mean she had to be ridiculed like this. You guys have never seen her in concert (or most of you) so how can you say what you are saying is not true. Imogen heap may not be wearing the best dress, but you cant judge someone by what they are wearing.
Go to imogenheap.com or myspace.com/imogenheap to hear her…

Aaron on

I hate how Imogen is being so bashed because of this. There is no such thing as nonconformists in America anymore. When they actually do show up, everyone turns their heads in disgust because, ewww, difference! Imogen was not trying to make a statement, trust me. She dresses like that at every concert, for every video, for everything. So get your facts straight before you make a stupid comment like that.

Edsel on

That outfit is just gross in my opinion. beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess… cute frog though. And I loved her in Frou Frou and like some of her newer stuff

Mimi on

I actually LOVE this! The dress was designed by my FAVORITE designer and it is just so awsome to see one of her designs on the red carpet, and worn by someone who just embodies everything Pinar Eris is!

Go Imogen! Rock that dress! xD

Laura on

If any of you knew anything about Imogen, you would know that this is how she dresses on a regular basis. All you have to do is Google image search her and you will see what I mean. People may think she is trying to draw attention to herself, but what celebrity isn’t? And honestly, don’t you get sick of the same boring ballgown on every girl at every awards show?

megan on

i think it was beautiful and unique. most celebrites go wearing dresses that are just variations of the same exact thing. even the most beautiful rarly stand out. imogen heap went on showing everyone that she is just as unique and special as her music is, and resisted the pressures put on women to look absolutly perfect on the red carpet, and of people like you who seem to have a problem with anything that isnt gucci or whoever the hell makes those damn dresses.

Berlin_Girl00 on

hey,immi is just great and with this outfit she showed the whole world that she is individual and not a doll like beyonce.go immi you are the best!!!

jeca on


Caroline on

is that a dress?!

Alexis on

What was she thinking she looks hideous. She should not have wore this. She is ugly. Good thing she didn’t win an award or people would really be making fun of her. I would make fun!!!!!!!!

Phoebe on

I don’t get it. Why do so many people find her outfit “hideous”? I love it, especially the skirt. I would totally wear this (or anything else that’s as funky-looking as this outfit) if I had to attend the Grammies. All the other dresses are way too normal and boring anyway, I’d never go for a usual red carpet dress. And I love Immi’s style, her music, personality and everything else about her! GO IMMI <33

Julie on

I’ll tell you what she was thinking. She was thinking about having a independent style and not dressing like the dumb celebrities (also know as bimbo’s) of today.

someone on

But… thats who she is… its like, part of her. When i see her wear something outrageous it seems so normal to me… heck! she can wear a circus tent and still pull it off! :P

chelsea on

i think it’s swell.

noonereally on

i think she looks fabulous – and i’m glad she’s continuing bjork’s tradition of wild and wonderful, unconventional fashion.

Anna-Mari on

Immi is FABULOUS and she has her own unique style and GUTS to keep it on!

doug on

You should hire an editor to take care of all the typos! Really- what is professional journalism coming to?

Olivia on

Immi is beautiful!
i love her unique style!
whoever hates on her quirkiness should go see a doctor!

blayne on

I personally like it. it seems that most if not all the female artists I like dress unconventionally their creative and it shows in there music.

Jo on

Immi is probably one of the most innovative and artists out there today and if any of you understood what its like to be an individual you’d understand that that is just Immi, she’s not out to turn heads, she just has her own style and is comfortable in her own skin.

stephanie on

OMG i absolutely Love Imogen Heap and i think my favorite thing about her is her different style. i would probably absolutely love this outfit if it didnt have lily pads on the dress, but maybe thats because i adore her:)

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