Has Jessica Simpson Gone Even Darker?

02/08/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

We were definitely suprised when Jessica Simpson showed off a warm reddish-brown haircolor over the weekend, but now she’s gone ever darker! After dining at Mr. Chow’s with BFF and hairdresser Ken Paves, the former blonde emerged from the restaurant with rich chocolate brown locks. (The change prompted one PEOPLE staffer to squint at the photo and wonder “Is that Paula Abdul?”) If she’s not going to go back to her light locks, we’re liking this latest dark hue better — but Jessica, just don’t go all Britney on us and start changing your hair color every week! Tell us: What do you think of Jessica’s darker look? Love it or hate it?

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Photo: MJJ Photos

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Elda on

It’s different and she has such pretty skin, i like it but i love her blonde hair too!

miss cat on

this looks much better than the pic from the other day. i think it’s because she’s smiling happily without that awful eyeliner. she looks very nice.

Crystal Beach girl on

Jessica, Please go back to blonde. Changing your hair colour doesn’t change who you really are.

sammysue on

I really like this shade on her. I didn’t care so much for the redish color earlier in the week, so this a great improvement. I know a lot of people who change their hair color, and really don’t care for it so a few days later go for something different. I think she looks great!
Maybe she’s telling the world, she’s ready for a change

tiffany on

i was blonde my whole life and wanted a change. i dyed my hair jessica’s color 3 months ago and love it soooooo much!!! it looks great on her!

Nadine on

The darker hair is much better. The reddish hint she had in the other pic. matched her complexion too much. This darker color provides some contrast, also I like the hair cut…layering looks good…brings out her eyes!!

Kate on

I LOVE this color on her – i hope it’s real and not just one of her wigs from her wig-line. Is it possible this is John Mayer rubbing off on her? Remember that he used to date Jessica Love Hewitt (and supposedly wrote My Body is Wonderland about her) – is Jess trying to be more of John’s type?

julia on

I like it, its a nice change. I think i prefer the blonde, but maybe shows that shes growing-up a bit? Shes still way over-exposed and this is her way of staying in the spot-light! If you keep em talking about you (good or bad), they are still talking about you- its kinda sad to need so much attention…shes going to a resturant where she knows she’ll be Seen, photographed and talked-about!

Vonnie on

I’m not a Jessica fan, and never will be, but this colour looks amazing on her. It’s a lovely warm tone, and it looks very nice on her.

Julie McKellar on

She is trying to look like Vanessa Minillo!!

Heather S. on

Giving her blonde hair such depth takes multiple treatments, but we don’t notice that because she stays blonde. The red earlier this week was probably just a transition stage so that when she went completely brown her hair looked as gorgeous as it does in this photo. I’ll always like her better as a blonde, but this look is so grown up and pretty. Jessica is beautiful no matter what!

Nicole on

LOVE IT! She looks great!

me on

Could it be a wig from her whoranus wig line?

Penelope on

I absolutely love the hair color, and she can pull it off. I think that I like it even better than the blonde!

Nicky Mcpherson on

I think Jessica looks great with this new color. She should consider keeping this color for awhile. It goes weel with her complexion.

jwg415 on

I think she looks really pretty with dark hair. A lot more natural. I hope she keeps it for awhile.

emily on

she looks amazing!
it makes her eyes POP

BC on

She looks terrible with dark hair….I think she is ugly either way but better with blond for sure!

Heather Helard on

I think it looks great– she is one of the few blondies in Hollywood that I actually like blonde. But this makes her skin look like butter!

Dixie Marie on

I think she looks great either way. I am not a fan but I can tell when someone is pretty or not. If she needs a change, this is a good way to go.

Hummingbird77 on

The only reason she went dark is because John Mayer has a thing for brunettes…she did it specially for him.

Laura on

I like it, but like the blond better.

Amy on

Love this new color on her! Much better with her skin tone!

Barbara on

I love this color a lot more than the reddish hue. My guess is that she wanted to go this dark but had to take steps since she was so blonde before. Her hair looks really healthy and shiny with the rich color, and I think she looks gorgeous with dark and blonde hair.

Danni on

Huge improvement…love the cut and color.

Brittany on

She looks gorgeous– I love it

JJ on

Are people forgetting that Jessica Simpson’s actual hair is cut in a chin lenth bob and she wears extensions all the time? Are we sure these aren’t wigs like she wore to the ALMA awards? She does have her own line of wigs/extensions…

Brittany on


Alice on

I like the new color. As for the person who said she wants to look like Vanessa- give me a break. Why would anyone set out to look like an MTV VJ?

Kari on

Is she channeling Vanessa Minnillo? I think she looks better as a blonde, but only when she isn’t showing those awful dark roots like she usually does! The color is beautiful, but I just don’t think its for her.

Rebecca on

Jessica looks great as a brunette! I believe she has extensions on from her line, as the top is a bit darker than the bottom. Even so, she looks fabulous in this photo.

Jackson on

Love it! It looks so much better than the picture from the other day. It looks more natural and matches her skin and eyes lots better.

h on

Okay, so I generally love brunette hair on everyone. And I do like it on her. But to what will she attribute her “blonde moments” now?

Katy on

i actually like it! i remember her saying on an episode of newleyweds that she wanted to go chocolate, and it looks great! much better than the blonde.

colourpatrol on

her hair colour looks incredibly fake.

Becky on

I personally think that she looks beautiful. The color is really rich and it really brings out her brown eyes and her tan skin. I like her hair blonde as well, the more natural blonde that is, not the bleachy blonde that she has it sometimes.

JenB on

Love it!

Lindsay on

The previous color was heinous, absolutely didn’t suit her at all. This is much better on her, compliments her skin tone. Very pretty.

AKC on

I don’t care what color her freaking hair is. I just wish that John Mayer would smart up and get away from her and her freaky family.

Ivette on

She doesn’t have to look like Vanessa because there is no comparison between the two. Jess is way prettier and classy…I love Jessica’s look now!!!

Kari on

Sorry, I forgot one thing….. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind looking like a MTV VJ, (aka, Vanessa Minnillo), if it snagged them a hottie like Nick Lachey!

kristen on

Girlfran! I dont really care what she does to herself. Let her do her own thing as long as shes not completely busted!AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNYYYWWAAAYYYSSS the real problem is Brit- that girl is BUSTEEEDDD

N on

She looks beautiful…..

Betty on

Is it me or is she starting to look very similar to Jessica Alba? Not that she ever will!!!

Kristin on

She looks amazing!! And NO, she is not trying to be Vanesssa Minnillio- I think they are both very beautiful women aznd are in their own right. Althopugh, Nick and Jess looked to be the better couple but since we don’t know what really happened in their marriage, we should not judge.

Lauren on

I think she looks GREAT! I recently colored my formerly blonde hair to this color and I LOVE it!!!

Kate on

I really like her new look, the color is gorgeous and it goes so well with her skin tone. She looks wonderful in blonde as well, but if she sticks with this for awhile it would be a nice change. I agree that she shouldn’t do the constant hair color changing routine like Britney is doing, very distasteful!

Lindsay on

This is the best I’ve seen her in quite awhile, she looks absolutely great, glowing and happy!

N on

Nick still loves her…It’s just that his pride did not let him forgive her…She learned the hard way..anyways she looks very pretty as always….

Amy on

I think she looks beautiful ! I really like the darker shade, and her eyes really stand out now. She’s pretty either way, but I like the brown…it looks more natural.

Michelle on

I love the warm brown color on her! It looks fantastic with her skin tone and her brown eyes. The blonde was too harsh and looked fake. She looks beautiful!

angela on

whY in the world does going brunette have to do with her wanting to be like vanessa!!!please…Jessica looks great and why would she be jelous of a girl who picked up her seconds.

Alejandra on

Jessica Simpson is not a natural blonde, nor she ever looked like a natural blonde. So what is wrong with her accepting herself as she is and having her hair dark?

Ashley on

I actually like this color than her regular blonde! She looks great!!

Lauren on

I love it.I know that she is known as a blond bombshell and I get that. But I think that she needed a change. It could be that she wants to change her image with John Mayer. When she was with Nick she was always blond. Also she could have gotten bored with the blond. I easily get bored with my hair color so I usually change at least twice in six months. I also think it looks better with her eyes. Not many natural blonds have brown eyes.Brown eyes look better on brunettes instead of bolnds I think.

Jo on

I think it looks terrific! She is beautiful as a blond and a burnette!!!

Genise on

Much better than the other day. Her skin color looks a little fake and her fangs need to be shaved down just a bit. Still nice :)

jessica on

I think it’s a big change but Jessica is always GORGEOUS!!!

Cindy on

At least she wont have to worry about her roots any longer

Patti on

I love Jessica Simpson, I am a huge fan. Love the new haircolor, although I love her as a blonde too. I think she’s way prettier than Vaneesa. I have no idea what Nick sees in her!

KD on

SHe looks really pretty with chocolate brown hair.

jonathan on

she looks beautiful in everthing shes fabulous!


I love this look for Jessica, I would actually like to see her go darker like when she was playing Daisy Duke


I LOVE IT GIRL WORK IT WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a fan on

She changed her hair to brunette, because John Mayer admits he loves brunettes.

katlin on

i think that it looks great..but it is a wig from her “Hairdo” line with Ken Paves. it is refreshing to see her change her hair up, she needed to. I think that she looks great all the time.

cindy on

Don’t care much for her but LOVE that color! Looks better than that bleach blonde.

Stephanie on

jess girl LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE itttt !!!!!!!!
you r one of thoes 2% girls who can pull off the blond and Brunette look i think you look better than ever and BRUNETTES HAVE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN and you deserve somthing diffrent and it looks great with your skin tone

well much love

Nathalie on

I love it !!! she’s gorgeous !!! much better than blonde…

SAT on

I like it, just go easy on the self tanner and a try a little brighter lipstick.

Ivette on

Jess if you ever read this please fight for your man Nick before he gets married with Vanessa. You guys make such a cute couple. I watched newlyweds and loved the relationship you guys had. Go get him with your new look!!!I don’t like Vanessa for him…

chrysti myers on

LOVE IT!! Looks great with her skin color! Perfect!

j on

it looks great, but does anyone expect it to last?!

Vanusa Mattos on

Better….much better as a blonde…it’s too much for her…to me, her as a brunette is like another person … some people change their hair and don’t look so different … but Jessica is looking like somebody else, not her.. sorry! Go back to blonde, Jess! Go back to being yourself!

Antoinette on

While I love the color on her – it makes her look 10 yrs older than she actually is…it brings out her facial lines of age…and just isn’t her. A bit lighter would do just fine…this is just too dark for her.

stef on

She’s hot! She totally looks like Eva Mendes now.

maya on

The hair color is great,I dont think the lipstick is though.

b on

I think it looks so good with her skin colour. But I also think she feels insecure without her long blond hair and will be back to that very soon. Too bad.

Raquel on

She’s trying to look like Vanessa Minnillo because she’s jealous. Too bad Jessica, you screwed that marriage up yourself.

Tan on

You people who say it’s ugly are just jealous!!! It’s fab!!!

candi on

I think she is beautiful, I have to say that I love the brunette look on her. It makes her skin complexion pop. She looks absolutely fabulous. She should definitely embrace this look for a while.

CRunck on

I love that color on her! She looks beautiful either way, but she is definitely someone who can wear both.

Marcia on

She looks awesome either way. She can pull off both, easy.

Krista on

I think she looks much more striking and less like every other blonde with her darker hair. A vast improvement . . . showcases her gorgeous brown eyes, too! Keep it, Jess!!

Christine B on

I think she looks amazing! I still love the blonde more but this look really works too! Go Jessica!

Molly on

I love the dark hair!!

Cici on


LS on

Pretty! I think I will always have a soft spot for her beautiful blond locks, however this is a nice change for Jess.

hallie on

I wouldn’t say Paula Abdul, I’d say she looks more like Hilary Swank. I think the brown is a nice change, of course the blond always looked nice too when it was washed and appropriately styled and not the stringy wash & wear she had going on for awhile.

Tracey on

Love it! Very mature.

Jada on

I luv this look on Jess! She looks sooo pretty, I think she should keep it for awhile. The blonde looks pretty, that’s her signature look but I’m feelin’ tha’ brown.

Jenn on

Jessica is so beautiful! Defiently better than the blonde hair! Love it!

nicole on

I love it I think it looks good on her

Amanda on

WOW! This looks so great this rich color makes her GLOW!

Mary Beth on

Not a big Jessica fan anymore, but I think it looks great.

Lauren on

I really love this color on her. She looks pretty and this hair color lets her natural beauty shine through. I hope she keeps her hair this color.

Michelle on

she looks gorgeous as a brunette!!

lizz on

I love the hair color and style- but she needs to keep it out of her face

Lis on

Looks good on her, it really compliments her complexion.

chloe on

Jessica is YUCK. She copied Nicole.

Lizzy on

She looks great as a brunnette or blond! She is beautiful!

Leslie on

Brunettes are REAL!!!!!!!!

Danielle on

I like it better than the blonde. But I am not a big blonde fan. And I am not a big Jessica fan.

Rosie on

She’s still in love with Nick and is trying to look and act like Vanessa Minnilo. Jess, stay true to yourself kiddo.

Anne on

I love her hair this color. It warms her skin up and she looks healthy.

Beth Cross on

I love this look on Jessica. I think it adds to her persona,and helps her look sophisticated. I think it looks more ‘real’ and this is more approachable. Keep it up!

Ashley on

It looks fantastic on her. I think it looks natural and brings out a new Jessica for her new life.

Lucy on

She’s a trash-ball anyway you slice it. I mean, she’s naturally brown and brown. It would be my wish for this non-talented family to disappear. John Mayer must be totally out of his mind.

Harriet on

Love it! I think she’s beautiful anyway…but this is a great look for her! It’s so shiny!

Donia on

She looks smarter!

Sarah on

Can you say Vanessa? Be yourself Jessica!

Misty on

I will also say that while I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson AT ALL, she looks smashing with this new color. I wish she would keep it because she looks gorgeous! It goes better with her skin tone. KEEP IT JESS!

Melynda on

This new hair color looks fabulous on her!!! Great color with that skin tone!!!

Rachel Emis on

I really like this hair color on her. Her hair looks healthy and get goes great with her skin. She looks elegant and classier, then when she has her blonde hair.

Misty on

Oh, & Leslie….BLONDES are real too! I am 100% all natural blonde and I am not fake one bit so don’t stereotype!

Lesley on

It’s only haircolor… She is still gorgeous.

Elizabeth on

I love her new look I think she look’s beautiful. You go girl……..

Vonnee on

I love this hair color, I think Jess looks fantastic in anything she wears.
She’s so bubbly and cute what is not to love.
Love the brunette very seductive.

jennifer l. on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Tiffany on

Isn’t it just a wig…I mean she does have a wig line bearing her name.

holly on

love this better than the other pic…ur pretty either way dont listen to HATERS!

Robin on

This is a wig..people! But changed is fun!

Nat on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!! I think she should keep it dark!:D

Melody on

Hmmm… does Vanessa have anything to do with this??? don’t get me wrong I love Jessica… BUT… this change is too close to Nicks new chic… Sorry I like Jess as a blonde:)

Michelle on

I love it. I think it looks great on her. I hope she keeps it that color.

heather on

It looks great on her, she is beautiful either way but i like the brunette better. She can pull of almost anything she tries.

marce on

I think that she actually looks great. The color makes her eyes stand ou and her skin tone glows. SHe doesn’t look like random bleach blonde for once!

susan on

she looks like a woman.

Elisama R. L. on

She’s great and even better now.Jessica should be always brunette! Nick, see what you’ve lost!!

A on

The hair is much better here…Cute, shiney style…but she is still best blonde!

Zetta on

Vanessa Minillo who???

HNP on

Love Jessica’s new hair color. It looks great on her!

JD on

Love it! She looks great either way!

Jill on

Vanessa Minnillo? haha Kidding! Her hair looks great!

Courtney on

I love it! – Jessica is beautiful and would probably look great with any hair colour but the new dark brown makes her look more chic. I hope she keeps it for awhile.

Trisha on

I think the hair color is matching the color of her hair! Looks GREAT; love the burnette better than the blonde.

Greta on

I am not a huge fan of Jessica , but she looks sooo much better as a brunette.I think it looks better with her skin tone.I think she should keep it!!

Alyson on

she only did this to look more like Vanessa for Nick. YOu know she wants Nick back.
p.s. What has been up with her face lately?

Lillian Gorham of Albuquerque on

She IS trying to look exactly like Vanessa. How sad.

Crystal on

I love Jessica’s new look!!!

LABlondes.com on

She almost looks like Paula Abdul.

Mia on

BEAUTIFUL! She look more real – less hollywood with her dark locks. I love it!

Naomi on

I think it’s a wig and that she is showing us how you can change your look with her wig line that she has with bff Ken Paves.

Laines on

I think she looks more mature with this dark color. I like it, and I think she should keep it.

amanda on

I think this looks way better than the other day. She actually looks pretty cute. She’s pretty, so she can pull of most anything.

And whoever said she was trying to look like Vanessa Minillo, seriously? I doubt Jess aspires to look like a trashy has-been pageant queen who still dresses like she’s being judged by Donald Trump. Ick. Go Jess.

lizz on

I think it is weird how all the people think she is trying to be like Vanessa can’t she color her hair and not critized?? she looks great.

Haters should just let her be

Sarah on

she kind of looks like paula abdul from a distance.. im not sure if im feeling it… but it’s great that she’s changing her hair color and not losing 30 lbs like everyone else!

Lori on

I think Jessica looks great as a brunette! Change is always good and I really do like it! It really does bring out her eyes and make her complexion just glow. It’s a very nice change for her…and i hope she keeps it for awhile!

amanda on

I love it!!!!!! You look good either blond or brunette but the brunette gives you a fresh look and really go’s well with your skintone and it definetly makes your eye color pop… I think you should keep your hair color that way till you get tired of it Aren’t you naturally a brunette anyway?

vicky on

why is she going dark? is it because nick is dating vanessa and she has dark hair too… why do all the stars want to change the way they look… why cant they just stay who they are? that is what makes them beautiful… not changing their color of hair, not changing their body, just being them should be good enough.

Charla Dickenson on

She looks gorgeous. A bit like Mandy Moore. I’m not into the concept of being anyone’s fan (except my hubby’s) but when any woman looks great, famous or not, I am very happy to say it. I think she looks fantastic. I hope she will stick with this color for a while, her hair looks so much healthier!
But please put some berry coloured lipgloss on you’ve got to add some warmth when your a brunette. The nice thing is she doesn’t have to be so tanned to pull off this hair color. Infact I think brown hair looks great with fair skin.
I think with this look she and John fit together better. I know hair colour doesn’t matter but with blonde hair she and John looked like an odd pair, he just looked too laid back for her blonde bombshell look. I think she needed a change. When a woman goes through a major life change it’s often nice to get a little makeover. Out with the old and in with the new!

Helaine on

I think she looks great. John Mayer likes brunettes better anyway! Or at least that’s what I’ve read!

AA on

You go girl!!

Betty on

I prefer Jessica as a blonde. I prefer her with long hair. Dark and short are not as flattering.

Gail on

you people are funny! a few months ago, the girls’ hair was about as long as my finger, now it’s not. You all are are really acting like this is her hair. Please

I’m not saying she’s trying to look like Vanessa, but alot of celebrities seem to be dying their hair brown or black.

Courtney on

Hate It!

meee on

love that blonde! but brunette is always lovely from the winter! – ps im preettttyy sure shes much happier to look like her self than vanessa, whose preetty but like def not as preetyy

Jen on

I like the color but not on her… Her skin and the color look gross together.

Jennifer on

It looks great…. Love it, hope she keeps it for awhile…

smile on

OMG, JESSICA IS A BRUNETTE! The original blond superstar (ok, so after Marilyn Monroe), has gone brunette! Why is the earth not crumbling, houses not exploding randomly, and people not running around screaming, “THE APOCOLYPSE HAS ARRIVED!!!!” ??? She looks good, actually, more sophisticated. But she’ll probably go back to blond pretty darn fast…

Katarina on

WOW, what a GORGEOUS color, looks soooo lovely on her, but is that her real hair?

Melissa on

I love this color! She probably wanted something different in her life. I am a blonde, and am scared to dye my hair. I never have. But, this gives me hope that if I do it will be okay. i love this color on her.!!

rachel b. on


Joanie on

Love her as a brunette. (Are you sure it’s not a wig? But I’m not going to praise her too quickly. I liked Nicole Ritchie and Britney Spears better as brunettes, too, but they keep going back to the peroxide.

tara on

jessica looks gorgeous with ANY color hair, but i’m loving her as a dark brunette! for all of you who want her blonde hair back, lets be honest…it’s not natural anyway! why would you prefer bleach?!

ad on

The hair and color itself is very nice…but it looks sort of “fake” or wig-like to me, especially with the heavy bangs. While I like her makeup here, I liked her better with the lighter brown/reddish hair even though her makeup wasn’t good. She is overly tan all the time now, too. To me, she looks OK but quite a bit older and a little “boring” with such a dark brown.

tracie on

I am not a jessica fan, but I love the darker hair. I want that haircolor. So rich. I like it.

Pam on

Can we say Vanessa.

leta on

much better!!!!!

Fifi on

She looks like Paula Abdul

Melody on

I’m not a fan, but we all need a change once in a while. Maybe it took John so long to be seen with her because he prefers the darker side of women.

Laura on

I don’t like her hair that color-it’s to dark and it doesn’t go with her complextion or tan since she overly tan’s.

Sandra on

I think she looks good with darker hair

Aubryn on

I love it! It makes me sick when ppl can look good either way

BrownEyes!:) on

She is soooooooo over!!!!!She is NOT cute and should wear a paper bag over her head at all times!!!!!I can’t even call her Dopey because Dopey is CUTE!!!!!

km on

she changed it for mayer people. mayer likes brunettes over blondes.

Jenna on

She had her hair even darker than this a long time ago when she was first becoming popular….I remember seeing her preform at a christmas special on t.v. I think it looks more sophisticated.

Kristin on

I think it is very cute on her. Its great being a girl, because we can change the color and style of our hair daily if we want to. Those of you that are afraid to do so….of course would have something negative to say about someone elses appearance…do your thing Jessica….YOU go Girl!!

Becca on

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Lizzie on

I’m not a fan of Jessica’s but she looks BEAUTIFUL with that haircolor! I hope she keeps it for awhile!

Charla Dickenson on

Dixie Marie, I completely agree with you! I just read your comments and realized I said basically the same thing as you. Oops. I need to read the comments and post afterwards, not the other way around. I like what you have to say! It’s nice to see a celeb make a good change once in a while!

Tina on

She is a pretty girl and this color looks lovely on her. She looks so much more sophisticated witht his cut and color. She looks happier too and if she feels good then good for her!



Emma on

I really like this! The color is so nice and rich, and it looks great with her skin. I do hope that she’ll go back to blonde someday, though.

KLK on

Her hair color is pretty and her hair looks healthy

chels on

it goes great with her skintone!! i think i might go dark now intead of bleach:)

amber on

She needs to lay off the fake tanner.

ABC123 on

I really like this hair color on her. And the style is good too. It makes her look better than that other reddish color she had before.

rachel power on

i love her brown hair she looks hot everybody is blonde theses days and it’s getting old i love how she not afriad to be different .

Ashley Speegle on

Does she think that by dyeing her hair the same as Vanessa’s that Nick will come back to her? Please…. go back to being the ditzy blonde!

erin o on

i LOVE it. she looks absolutely brillant as a brunette.

Joanna on

Love it!!! Her new hair color looks really good with her skin tone!

Sarah on

Now THIS is more like it! Deeper, richer color….styled….toned-down, appropriate makeup….THIS is how she should have looked from the start!

Thanks for taking our advice to heart Jess!

Alainna on

She looks like hilary swank! just be who you are and stop changing! you are gorgeous there is no doubt, she pulls it off well but i wish they could just keep their hair color instead of turning dark and evil on us! :0)

Katie on

Come on people…blonde hair is a much better look for Jessica. There isn’t one thing ‘beautiful’ or ‘special’ about it. It looks terrible. Dark hair is hard to pull off and quite frankly most of the formerly blonde stars [Britney, Cameron, Renee] who’ve gone dark don’t really pull it off either.

ash on

this is directed to crystal beach girl and anyone else who feels this way. just because she is changing her hair color does not mean she is trying to change herself. She just wants to try a new look, but she is still jessica. i think the new color looks amazing.

tina on

i love her in this look. it make her look more sofisticated, more regal. she is always pretty, but here she looks beautiful.

Lucia on

This color makes her look younger, better better better – million times better than blonde hair. BUT I don’t believe that she keep this color for longer than a week (or least a month)!

mssoccerbunny on

This is a nice look. The shiny chocolate color adds a touch of class much better than those ratty blonde extensions. If this is a wig…then WOW…fooled us!

Glenys on

HATE IT! Normally I love when a blonde star goes dark, but it doesn’t work for her at all!

Milly on

I think she looks fantastic. I like her both as a blonde and as a brunette. The other color she had reddish brown did not look good on her at all. I’d love to know who makes the bag she has in the pic with the brunette hair – I just love it.

By the way, I think she’s so much hotter than Vanessa -what’s her face. Hang in there Jess.

pj on

i think it looks great!
Wonder what Nick Lachey thinks about it.She kinda looks like his current girlfriend.

Lisa on

I love it!

Kate on

I didn’t like the first light color, but I like this one quite a bit.

sarah on

I love this colour on her!

KC on

Wow I am a little shocked, but this color really complements her,Rita Hazan ( her colorist) is a bit of genius…this looks better than the lighter red it fits her complexion etc. I just hope she can stick to the color for a while and not pull a Britney Spears and ruin her hair.

heather m. on

I acutally think this shade of brunette really works for her. It doesnt necessarily go along with the whole dumb blonde thing, but i think it looks really great!

Christine on

I love the hair colour – it really brings out her eyes. Too bad her skin is so orange… if she laid off the fake-tanning, she’d look really good.

Jeannie on

I think Jessica is a beautiful woman. I didn’t really care for the red but the dark color really warms up her face. I really like it on her.

Jordan on

I LOVE this color hair and it looks really good on her! If anyone knows what exact product she used let me know!

KIm on

Not a Jessica fan, but the color is nice and it compliments her complexion.

Yajayra on

I like it…she looks good..but I still think that blonde is her signature colour.

Brenda on

Since splitting with Nick, she has lost her innocence. Is she trying to look like Vanessa? She needs to go back to looking like her cute blonde self.

jules on

No way does she look good as a brunette!

Kim on

I think Jessica Simpson is absolutely stunning, my hair is quite similar. Any woman should truly acknowledge another’s beauty, where do you think we get inspired from. It’s an attractive trait to pick up and what woman doesn’t appreciate a compliment from a beautiful woman. Rather it be your hair, makeup, shoes, purse or your beauty.
She’s a gorgeous blond short or long. Vivacious brunette too.
She’s one of my favorite celebrities, she’s full of surprises and always has a new look.
You’re amazing.

Erin on

It’s a beautiful color, but her features are too intense to go this dark. The blonde softens her look, and better complements her features. She won’t keep this look for long, guaranteed. It’s great that she experimenting though–maybe a more honey brown would look fabulous!

Teresa on

Killer…I love it! My moto is: New Man, New Hair!! Out with the old, and In with the New!!

Lynette on

she looks great!!!

Ms. K on

Is she trying to look like Vanessa Minnillo???????

polly on

I think shes trying to look like a certain vanessa.To bad, shes not even close.

Emily on

I love Jessica’s new hair. It makes her look very much her look very pretty and it gives her skin a nice tone. I do love the blonde hair, too!

anna on

nick will probably think she did it for his attention… however, i don’t think she did it for him, john mayer, or even public attention. i think she is trying to find herself and is experimenting all over the place in desperation…

i do think she looks better though, less “typical”, as it is more suitable for light skin (her blonde hair only looks good when she is “tan”). she will appear a little more classy this way– let’s hope she behaves the same way.

jessie on

she needs to stop going to the tanning booth and get some blonde dye and then she will be ok again

Lala on

Jessica looks like she is trying to be Vanessa. Maybe she thinks she could “woo” Nick back with the dark locks.

Mari on

The color is very very pretty but she needs to do something about her makeup. She looks like a man in this picture.

Kym on

I love the new hair color much better than her blonde hair. It makes her hair look very healthy. Her skin looks flawless.

Courtney77 on

I’ve been a blonde for a long time and about a month ago I also went dark.

tmbaker on

I LOVE IT!!!!!

brittany delcia on




Christina on

I love this color on her. I think it really makes her eyes pop and her skin just glows. The contrast is perfect. I love her as a blonde but this is a fab change!

sonni on

It’s her hair, she can do what she wants…anyway, she’s beautiful either way. The magazine ALWAYS posts ugly pictures if they want negative comments. Come on people…stop being so easily led!

Cassie on

I think this hair color looks fabolous on Jessica. it goes great with the skin tone and really makes her eyes pop.

Angela Seal on

Okay, in my opinion she’s totally copying Nicole Richie. And I do not think that it looks that great, definately stay blond.

Kari on

LOL Nicky, Jessica is a lot prettier than Vanessa. Vanessa can be a little pathetic-she’s certainly laping up the lime light. Have you seen her advertisment for Bongo?? Lol she looks like a wannabe Paris Hilton with dark hair.

Kari J. on

Jessica is amazing, and is much better looking than Vanessa, I like the new color on her

Angela on


Oneida Cardec on

she look more better than vanessa minnillo,Nick have to think about jessica love!!!!!she look beautiful allways.

Tayme on

I loved her as a blonde, but I have to say I really like this color on her. She just looks more grown up and can be taken a little more seriously. She’s been focusing on more of her looks and being sexy and scandelous, instead of growing up and maturing more. This color looks lovely on her. This is much better than the reddish/brown hair-doo she was sporting before. I love her as a blonde, but I like this color much more. Like someone else stated, lets hope this isn’t a wig, because this color looks great on her.

Rene on

She needs to change it back, the dark does not look good. It looks like she is trying to get it to look like Vanessa Manillo’s color………hmmmmm

hannah on

i love it! it goes great with her skin tone!

becs on

omg, she looks really good!! The blonde hair was getting really old but she looks amazing with the dark locks!

Mandy on

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! she looks good no matter what!!

dawn on

The color and quality is amazing and its a nice change, but is it her???

Charla Dickenson on

No one is copying anyone. People dye their hair everyday. Which is why so many people have unhealthy hair. Tones of famous women dye their hair; Mandy Moore, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Nicky Hilton, Brittany Murphy and Charlize Theron to name a few. If the women of Hollywood spent as much time on their hair and looks as they did on a little introspection, perhaps their lives would be less chaotic. Just a thought.
Anyway, if it looks good I say stick with it for a while instead of dumping out money to make your hair look good when in actuality you are killing it and making it look worse. Jessica looks great! I hope she sticks with it for a while. Change is a good thing, just not everyday.

traci on

Ive never been much a fan of hers but I SO LOVE this new color on her. It makes her look more womanly instead of girly, more mature and demur. It’s gorgeous with her skin and makes her eyes just pop! Love it Jess!

Lisa on

Girl your hair is mess! Her face looks very dark she looks old and this is not her please girl return to yourself. Amen

laura l on

It looks so good. I love the Brown so much better. This shade is a good one for her.

kaitlin on

I think Jessica looks better as a blonde. Her new hair looks as if she is wearing a wig. I think she should stay blonde. I love being a blonde and will never change. Blondes have so much more fun.

M on

i think it matches her eyes and makes them stand out more. i like it

night on

Hair color does not seem to matter for this girl. She is not attractive in any hair color. She is an average looking woman,at best, who does not sing particularly well. I don’t understand what everyone sees in her.

Beth on

It looks great but it is definately a wig.

cr on

Love it. Very classy and glamourous.

allison on

Yeah, she definently looks like Paula Abdul. Her hair color is all wrong for her skin tone. Her sister can pull off the brunette look much better than her sister! Ashlee- go back to being a brunette, and Jessica go back to your Peroxide!

i love dark chocolate on

i think shes moving away from the “dumb blonde” stereotype. i like it!

Elle on

Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl and has that unique and sincere joy, purity and goodness about everything she says and does. I would like to see her back with Nick Lacey also because he waited for her and was good to her, and supportive of her. He is a good and talented man. I do think she is talented and has a beautiful voice. She should try to sing an amazing ballad next time like Leeann Rimes does and Carrie Underwood did with “Jesus Take the Wheel”. That is what she needs to do next. Perhaps she and Nick Lacey could even do a romantic duet like Dianna Ross and Lionel Ritchie did with “Endless Love”. That would sell off the charts and be a huge success. I pray that she will make good choices, not date around, but stay with one person who is good to her, works to keep herand she finds true joy. Too many Hollywood women are used and abused. I hope this doesn’t happen to her because she has a very pure spirit.

Elle on

I forgot to say I love the dark brown and the blonde. Both are good. The red was not nice. Record that romantic ballad with Nick Lacey Jessica and prove that you have talent. Best wishes.

melanie on

is she trying to look like nicks new flame???i thought she wanted the divorce, now she wants to clone herself into vanessa who, in my opinion is sooo beautiful!!!jessica get a life and stop trying to look like someone else..but, i’ll give it to her that she does look gorgeous either way!!

Drew on

I love this color on her it’s a keeper. She looks so much healthier and mor vibrant then with that typical texas hair she always had.

Beverly on

I think that Jessica Simpson is trying to get rid of everything that reminds her of her former husband. Do you really blame her. She really isn’t that “dumb blonde” that we all think she is

gurs on

i like it alot better than the reddish brown. it looks good

heather on

EEEEWWWWW….Go back to blonde!!!!!!

RealBlondsRule on

How ’bout instead of going back to blond, she just….go AWAY…???

Jane on

Jess has always been a pretty girl, but this look is stunning and classy. She should keep it.

Stacie on

Whats she going to do about all those hair extentions shes got laying around now that her hair is brown?????

Nicky on

She looks Beautiful either way. When you’re a natural beauty you can dye your hair purple and still look stunningly beautiful..YOU GO JESSICA..Love it!

Danielle on

She should definately go back to blonde she looks much cuter!

george on

ugly ugly ugly. blonde or brown, she is just ugly!!!

Kari on

At least Vannessa’s hair is real, not extensions.

susan on

She’s a pretty girl so any color will really do her. I like it!

lora on

I liked bloned! I am sorry Jessica!

Samella Noah on

i dont like it she looks better as a blonde

lora on

Jessica looks really weard and unnatural in this picture!

Grandma nature on

This is probably close to her natural color, but……it looks really bad. She is so tan that her skin is almost the same color as her hair. She could use some highlights so she is not all the same color.

Marissa!!!!! on

i think it looks ok, not wonderful but not her worst hairstyle

Sandra on

I love her brunette hair I think she looks much better

Charla Dickenson on

One of the grammy picture with Jessica and John shows clearly that her hair is nowhere near the same colour as Vanessa’s. I’m not a fan of either of them or anyone in Hollywood for that matter, but they all have a right to go on with thier lives without people trying to drag them down into the past.
I have natural very long hair. My husband says that hair extensions ‘scare’ him and are ‘disgusting’. Ha ha, he makes me laugh. I think they show laziness. If you want long hair do the time and grow it out yourself, leave the fake hair for all the people suffering through chemo.

As for this whole debate; bottom line it’s hair.
Hair colour is just that, hair colour. Stereotypes and hairarchy(get it) are ridiculous. Blonde, brown, black or pink if it looks good, it looks good!

Belinda on

OMG!!! Ok i was totally down with the red hair, but this is even better!!! I know its really in right now, and everyone is going dark, cameron diaz, britney, lindsay, one of the olsens, nicole richie, and many more! this is wonderful, and it matches her skin tone soooo well!!!

Liz on

Jessica’s hair here looks better than the reddish-hue she had recently. However, I wish she would fix her bangs! The part in front of her eye was obviously blow dried to lay the other way, no to be combed over. She either needs to teach it to lay that way or cut her bangs shorter. But I kind of like her as a brunette. It’s something to get used to though.

don't like her but..... on

I think she looks better brunette. Either way though I still can’t stand her!

Annie on

I’m sure John likes it. He doesn’t usually date blondes anyway. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Branch, etc. She fits into every other category for him though…big tits, ding-bat, thin, pretty, musically inclined.

Dorthy on

I love the Brown on her it’s a great change..

me on

I like it but I think that she is copying Britteny Spears which not one person likes!!!

Valerie on

I adore this color on her. She looks very sophisticated but yet still very sexy. This color suits her very well.
I hope she keeps it!

Bigbessiefluff on

She looks great! Maybe trying to match her new boyfriend’s haircolor? Looks more natural as a brunette than a fake blonde.

Debbie on

I think it look awesome…so natural.

Melinda on

Jessica your hair color is awesome. Remember brunettes do it better!

Patricia on

The hair looks great, and she looks great, but they don’t go together, I am not sure if maybe she is to tan or the hair is too dark, whatever it is I don’t like it together…just my thoughts.

Lily on

I like it. This suites her well, but I think she looks best as a blonde. Those long loose blonde locks just make her look like a true goddess. And this comes from someone who idolizes her style and beauty!

Lenez on

I think she looks very cute I also do not think she is trying to look like Vanessa, Jessica is better then that she does not need to show up any one because she is beautiful! and every one needs a little change every once in a while i myself have been a blond for 7 years and im am dying it in a couple of days!! now i no what color of brown to do!! Thanks Jess!you look grate!

Chelsi on

I think almost every blonde star should try the brunette look. Like Hilary, Britney, Jessica and Ashlee did. In my opinion, they all look great.

chelsea on

i think she looks really cute like this but she also looks good with blonde hair.

Tracey on

I hair colour does not fit her!!!!! She looks to much like Mandy Moore and I like she should go back to blond. Same with Britteny and Carmen Diaz. BLOND IS BETTER ON THEM NOT BROWN LOCKS.

tia on

Love the new color! she’s naturally beuatiful so I think blonde or brunette looks great! Go Jess!

Alexandra on

wow!!! she is so hot this way, i like it so much, she is sophisticated and really sexy this way.

Elise on

I LOVE IT! She looks great in any color hair!

jesse kirkland on

I think jessica needs to get over herself, she is sooo two years ago, no matter what she does she is always gonna be that dumb blonde

Stephanie on

I love her both ways.. But she looks really good with dark hair too!

adriana on

this look is more natural and makes her look sophisticated, i like it

Nick on

Good look for you Jes.
With that blond hair you had nobody took you serious as an actress. It made you look ditsy. Now you don’t. You look very elegant and sexy.

Didi on

She is so cool!!Beautiful hair!

Kathy on

I didn’t like it at first but now I think it’s really flattering to her. It looks really good with her eye color. I just hate it when she puts all that really dark makeup on her eyes. She looks beautiful as a blond or like this! Way to go Jess!

natalie on

I think she looks gorgeous in the brown!!!!! It makes her skin look warmer. Its a good change for sure.

emily on

i think she looks beautiful with the darker hair and john mayer is a serious upgrade from nick lachey.

juls on

Hey SammySue (who posted feb. 8th),
Haircolor also doesn’t define you! I have been a hairdresser for the past 6 yrs. Jessica’s locks look much healthier with their new darker shade. She can pull off both blonde and brunette.

lois on

Sorry sweetheart but you can only pull off the Blonde.

val on

she looks sophisticated and not like a dumb blonde. she looks much better this way.



Kayla on

jess jess, going darker doesnt matter you are who you are.it seems like a phase ashlee had for dark roots to blonde roots. jess we still love you but blonde works for you. darker roots make you like a total new you a better stronger jessica simpson……..

Ciara on

Jessica is pretty now then before.NO she did not go darker.

spck79 on

I love the rich, dark tone. It looks great- much better than the reddish hair earlier.

melissa on

I think she looks great as a brunette. It is a big change for her and that is good. She is gorgeous as a blonde too. But no matter the hair color, she will always seem she has the IQ of a bucket.

alison on

why do you think she changed her hair color??? john mayer perfers brunettes!!! i read that on his website a couple of weeks ago!!!



Rachel on

I think she looks amazing

Jenny on

I love it. She looks beautiful. Looks gorgeous with her skin.

Kristen on

I think Jessica looks absolutly stunning with her hair dark! I think it makes her eyes stand out and her skin look beautiful!

Tina L. Clausen on

I like Jessica Simpsons hair dark, she is a beautiful woman, but I love her Blonde that is her and she is just amazing

From Idaho

Kris on

She looks beautiful no matter what! I like both, but blonde is better

lora on

she needs to go back to BLONDE.

kelly on

her skin looks gross. is she trying to shed her dumb blonde stature?

j on

I love her hair, it matches so well with the color of skin. And her hair color is so pretty~it’s such a contrast from blonde. I think she looks good no matter what you do to her, in my opinion!

Brunette21 on

I think she looks beautifiul, wiser & smarter Brunettes rule !!!!!!!!

gema on

Jessica looks the best with this hair color it makes her look younger and less drab it helps her stand out.

Lindsey on

You haters are just jealous!! She looks hot I love the new look!!

krystan on

I love it! I think she looks more healthy

Jessica on

I think Jessica is pretty no matter what. I love her with the chocolate brown color as well as the bright blonde, but why not its only hair everyone could use a change once in a while. And when you look like that why not?

Cathrine on

Awesome hair color! Brunettes do have more fun! hee hee

Yvonne on

EWWWW thats ugly but at least shes not blonde cause she looked worse when she was a blond

Alicia on

Love Love Love Love Love it! She looks gorg!

Chels on

Yea like I Think she looks like so much better blonde because I am a blonde and blondes do it best so yea it is ugly like change it ok so yea

Amber on

I really like Jess’ new dark brown hair color. It looks natural and warm. She has such a beautiful complexion as it is, so this new color really compliments her skin! I knew she’d eventually go dark, this is really a good idea for her b/c she can break away from that “ditzy beach blonde” classification. I just love her!!!


Jessica looks fine. I think this is just a temporary look, because her blonde hair definitely look more appealing.
Change is good but for the right person.

Kim on

I LOVE it it looks great even thought she not really doing it for herself i think John Mayer is a BIG part in this

fatz on

to me now she look like paula on american idol

fatz on

she dosen’t look as bright as she usally look now i don’t like it at all


It looks like she REALLY went DARKER… Look at the hand around her waist….. SHE IS STILL THE HOTTEST….

Kailey on

i love it! it for sure does look different but i also think that this color makes her skin complexion far more beautiful that what it already was. i like it, its a change from her same old same old blond locks.

strawberrylover on

i think j. Simpson looks so much better with the brown hair it doesn’t wash her out like the blond hair did. Plus i think its a good change for her with all she been through its time to move on-to john mayer!!

Lisa Cullimore on

Jessica may be brown now, but no doubt about it she still acts like a blode sayinh stupid things. She looks gorg no matter what she does.

vívian on

she’s very beautiful, she’s different, she’s pretty.

Tasha on

I like the brunette look alot, not to mention she looks too much like Hilary Swank now.

ash on

I loooooove Jessica’s new hair color. In fact, I’ve been blonde my whole life and am thinking about going dark. I love the chocolate brown that she picked, and I’m curious as to what I should tell my stylist so that I can get the same results!?

Annica on

shes gorgeous doesnt matter what hair color she has. She will always look good.

Karon on

I liked the redish colour last week. This brown is to dark for her.

Kate I like what you said..Maybe, to stay in “love” she is changing so John will be “in” to her. 2 Bad that she feels she needs to change to keep a “man”.

Phoebe on

did someone say ugly?? YEAH RIGHT!!!
she looks so great with either hair colors.

britt on

LOVE it, she always always looks amazing, shes the definition of natural.

Cassidy on

I think the brunette colour on Jessica is gorgeous, she looks more sophisticated, and not so much like the prepackaged girl that everyone is turning out to. I think that she should keep the darker hair, it flatters her skin and her whole look. It’s time for her to change, she’s been blonde forever and i think this is jsut what she needed to to spice up her apperance, and get a fresh appereance.

lilix on

Jessica looks hot with brown hairs!

Raquel on

Blonde is too fake !!!and she looked like a dirty girl, now its better!! brunette rules!

Lucas on

I think she looks manish both ways. But i think she looks worse with dark hair. She is not a pretty chick and I don’t belive that she has a face to pull off this dark hair.

Kris on

She is truly amazing!! I don’t think jess has a bad look. LOve her and the hair. Marry Me!!!!!!!

Anges on

jessica simspon look good with any hair color.
It not a wig. because you can tell.That her real hair color. What would jessica simspon look in balck hair. like ahlee simpson

Vail on

Wanted to look like Vanessa? LOL
No, Jess is so much prettier and everyone is so happy now. Nice to see, finally, Nick and Jessica happily re-married, eh? Jessica looks great with her hair blonde or brown, but I think she dyed it dark because an ex BF wanted her to or she thought she needed to look a certain way for him to approve of her. Glad she is doing what makes her happy now!

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