Who Got It Right? Red Tights Can Be Tricky

02/07/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

Colored tights can be a tricky trend for the savviest fashionista — what to pair them with? how not to make your legs look larger than necesary? — and it’s pretty bad when you get it wrong. Joss Stone is always out there with her clothing choices, and her appearance at the Monday night Marc Jacobs show was no different. A few tips for Joss: a) don’t wear textured tights with a textured dress, b) wearing mini dresses with colored tights is too much of a good thing and c) never match the color of your tights to your shoes — and hair! Rachel Bilson gets it right, keeping her red tights matte and everything else black so there is just a hit of bright color. Tell us: How do you wear colored tights?

Photo:grant lamos/fashion wire daily; Jeff Vespa/WireImage

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Elda on

It’s a different style of clothes, both outfits really look good and both girls look just as pretty!

Ash on

Both girls are beautiful!

Laura on

I like Rachel Bilson’s look better because with Joss it’s just too much and too pink-ish!
And Rachel just looks sophistocated with a nice red touch…

Brooke on

Joss looks disgusting….way to go rachel tho to pull those off

mssoccerbunny on

I like it. Both these girls easily make this look good.

Kristin on

For me, hands down Rachel looks better. Noth that Joss doesn’t look good, jdut domething I would not wear.

angela on

Rachel all the way!

Has Joss Stone lost weight?

av on

Who wears colored tights past the age of 8 anyway?

BC on

not into the look what so ever

janedoe1083 on

Rachel Bilson is a style icon, she looks great on the OC and in her everday life!

Nicole on

I think Rachel definitely pulls think look off better! Even though I love Joss’s hair I don’t think her red (pink) tights.

Jen on

Rachel Bilson looks gorgeous! The red tights are perfect with her outfit! She looks so glam. Joss Stone looks icky. I don’t like her look at all!

tracie on

rachel bilson

Katie on

Rachel looks AMAZING!!! I want that outfit!!!

Meg on

Oooh, I LOVE Rachel’s look.. she’s so hip and put together at the same time. You can tell that she “gets” fashion, unlike a lot of other young starlets.

Amy on

I actually wore red tights one Christmas for a party about 3 years ago. I loved them. I think they’re really fun.

Stacy on

Both of these girls look crazy.What is up with the haircolor on Stone….

Angie on

I love Joss’s hair, dress & shoes, but the tights are TOO much! She looks very cute though. Rachel looks fantastic! No complaints there!

LKD on

Are you kidding me??? Rachel looks SO SO SO much better than Joss! If anyone thinks that Joss looks good you are crazy! Her hair and everything looks BAD!

Lindsay on

I think they both have great, unique styles – ones that I certainly couldn’t pull off but completely respect their ability to try new things and pull away from “the norm”. Rachel though is always one of my favorites, she makes red tights work!

wildflower on

I haven’t worn colored or textured tights since the last time they were in style…years ago.

I can’t see me wearing them now..but between these two, I like how Rachel’s look with the subtle hint of color, very pretty.

I like Joss too, for her style. She looks young and hippy like…nothing wrong with it at all.

Stace on

EWWWWWW Joss looks gross. But hats off to Rachel she got it RIGHT!

Angie on

Joss just looks stupid,but Rachel looks really nice I like how she pared it with the black

Ali on

Josh’s hair makes me cry, and Rachel makes the tights look lovely. I’m sensing a major trend here with the red nails…?

Jess on

Where can I find the dress that Rachel Bilson is wearing??? I simply love it!!! I would also like to know where she bought the shoes and where I could find the tights(??)

Lafifi on

Joss’ look is fierce! I’m so glad to see a celebrity dressing in a unique way and really owning it. There’s far too much emphasis on the “sophisticated” (read: tame, boring, mediocre) look these days. It’s insane to me that Rachel’s red tights, with her *sophisticated* dress, could be perceived as a fashion risk. It looks pretty, I’ll give her that, but it’s far from a risk.

Alice on

I think Rachel looks adorable but I’m not sure if I would love the tights if I saw her in person….

C on

I don’t really like the red tights, but if I had to choose, Rachel Bilson looks much better. Both dresses are pretty, but Joss Stone looks like she has a very bad sunburn on her legs.

anon on

rachel bilson looks really good!

Kristen on

Definetly Rahcel. She pulls it off in a very classy way!

lizz on

i didn’t really like this trend when i saw it one joss but on rachel looks very nice i still would not wear it.

Crystal Beach girl on

I can just imagine Joss’s stylist on her knees begging her not to go out in public with that “style”. One has to wonder what was she thinking???

Erika on

I think Rachel Bilson wears the red tights best. She looks stylish and very classy.

Crystal Beach girl on

What’s with sticking her tongue out? How old is she???

catherine on

definately bilson! she can pull off anything!!!

Vonnie on

You know, at first I thought this was a bad thing, but after looking at the way that Rachel Bilson pulled it off with pairing it with just simple and classic black, this wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m actually considering doing this myself. Even though I haven’t worn coloured tights since I was about 7 or so.

Tayme on

I have been wearing the tights look lately, and if you wear them right and pair them with the right articles of clothing, you can really pull the look off. I love the Rachel Bilson look. She makes it look prim and proper, and not tacky looking. Joss Stone, I love her music, don’t like this look. Her look is quirky, but it’s too matchy match color scheme. She could have pulled this look off great if she would’ve toned down the pink/red. I love the hair, it looks really cute, but she matched it with her tights, and the shoes just don’t look right. In my opinion, she could have done two different things. She could have lost the color in her hair and wore the tights, or kept the color in the hair and wore different tights. Both looks are cute on her, but they just don’t look right in my opinion. She should have opted with another color of shoe with the tights. Now if she wore a different color of tights, the shoes would have looked nice. The tights were nice and if anyone has seen the tights she had on in a picture, they were textured looking tights, and I don’t think they fit the texture that the dress was sporting. Needless to say, both are adorable.

georgie on

that black dress looks awful, bilson’s way too tiny to wear a frilly black monster like that. joss looks good, nice dress, good legs and showing them off! way to go. coloured tights are very in right now. if i had the legs, wouldn’t i be wearing them!

Jess on

I simply love Rachel Bilson’s look. Where did she get that dress??

desi on

joss looks outgoing and happy.

Jessica on

Rachel Bilson always looks good.


Everyone check out this great up and coming fashion blog.
I subscribe so I get a free email to my sidekick each morning. They have pics of Rachel a lot.


april on

i def think the colored tights look better when the same color is in the dress, shirt or skirt they are wearing cause it will bring it out. my daugther wore a black velvet dress with a fushia sash so i got her fushia stockings to go with and it looked great! i got so many compliments from that choice.

Kaye M Miller on

It’s a DON’T… For sure!

Lori on

Joss looks okay, but Rachel looks better.

jenna on

i think dat both of em look cute and i luv the red CRazY hair!!

Pookie on

Any Color tights look hawt on anybody but it all depends on the way u wear them..I think she may have rocked them in a wrong way the 1st piic..but looks amazing in the second 1=]

Tiffany on

No, No, No. That is all I have to say.

mkbrandi on

the both are UGLY

Jessica on

I really like Joss’s look, it’s super funky!

Trisha on

TOO MUCH RED…red hair, red tights, red shoes

Give it up!!

smile on

Rachel’s whole look works, as usual. Joss’s hair is funky, bold, and cute, but the tights are too much.

Lindsey on

I am sorry but sheer red tights are absolutely a NO! The opaque(sorry if I spelled this wrong) are okay but must be worn right!

Sarah on

I hate colored tights- please stick to back or nude!

abc123 on

Rachel Bilson got it right. Joss stone reminds me of a dessert or a lollipop.

m_a_s_14 on

they both look like crap but rachel pulls it off

taylor on

I think Rachel looks so much better. The outfit just looks like it wqas more thought over. Also her tights are a deeper red so the seem to bring the whole outfit out more. In simple terms….
she looks good the other one doesnt. I think I would throw up if I saw that in a store. I would definitly wear Rachels outfit though

– TAylor, meghan, Rachel And Steph

Ana on

I think Rachel looks certainly better than Joss!
Cause Rachel looks chick and sophistocated, and Joss looks like she`s on a halloween party!

Em on

Rachel Bilson does it best, without a doubt. Joss just looks a little confused. There is a difference between looking stylish & just looking for attention.

Kristen Y on

I don’t wear colored tights, unless there the see thru
black tights like Rachel Bilson has on. But, that doesn’t mean no one else can’t pull them off. I think that Josh Stone looks okay with the tights, with the exception of her
shoes. The red doesn’t complement the dress or tights well.

katy on

well, I wear colored tights with plain Ugg boots, add a tan suede skirt, a hoodie, and a choice of colorful bag( usually a coach scribble.)

jessie on

I think she could go without the tights and go with some tan ones

Emily on

I like Rachel’s look better mostly because I believe she looks more sophistacted. Joss looks a little too rock and roll-ish for me. It is a little far-fetched from who she really is. I have never seen Joss so wildy dressed.

deb on

My tights match the color of my shoes – a fashion trick that elongates the leg. It’s OK to be kooky and avant-garde with the bright colored hosiery when you’re young – but forget it if you’re over the age of 20.

who cares on

I like joss’s look, it is fun and quirky. her hair ROCKS!!! plus she looks a lot happier than rachel. rachel looks good and pretty, but i hate HER! even though she dresses nicely. i wish she would take some risks once in a while. she is so blahishy niceishy dressed. u know?

Angela Seal on

Rachel Bilson by far looks better in the tights, Joss Stone most definately over did it. It just looked like her legs had a sun burn.

Meaghan on

Rachel definatly pulled it off sooo much better than Joss did… and is it just me or does Joss look like she was going for a Pink look?

Dany on

i think rachel looks best!!! i love her on the O.C.!!!!! i find rachel really cute and she pulls of the look best.

Lauren on

Rach look great in red so ill go with her!

Torri on

Of course it’s obvious that Rachel Bilson looks better…but Rachel is young and she should dress younger.This oufit seems mid 50’s to me.Joss on the other hand is completley opposite. She looks like a 4 year old in her mommy’s clothes and a wig trying to dress like pippi longstocking. it’s time to groww up a little Joss.I love you, just not in this outfit.

Rachel on

Rachel looks amazing as usual, so sheek, Joss just looks like she’s trying to hard, bring back her old look!

Emily on

Racel Bilson looks much more sophistacated. I am not a big fan of Joss Stone, but in this case I think that I can say that she looks a little too rock and roll for her. It was a little too much

Windy on

Rachel’s dress is Chanel. It’s $2990.00. Cashmere with silk chiffon. So beautiful.

Paris Hilton on

rachel bilson.

LS on

Rachel looks polished with the perfect touch of color added to her outfit. Unfortunately Joss forgot to look in the mirror before leaving home. Not a good look to throw together white, pink and red…unless you are 2 years old.

hc on

Joss’ hair looks terrible! it’s a shame, cos she is such a pretty girl!! Rachel Bilson is always flawless, I can’t do anything but admire her completely!!

khughes on

Has Joss Stone shrunk? She looks like she is an 8 year old in those hideous tights and that awful hair color! And has rachel bilson stepped into the eighteen hundreds? whats with the high colored, buttoned down, long black dress?

ms monagan on

she looks terrible.


she looks like she washed her tights to much and they lost their color.

ps whats with her tongue?

cmmaggs on

I LOVE JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK SHE LOOKS INCREDIBLE! For my birthday i went to forever21 and got the dress. It took me 7 hours to find everything, but together it looks georgeous. I wore it to the schools valentines day dance! I felt like a princess!!!!!!!!Joss is deffinately a winner here!

nicole on

rachel looks soo cute! her red tights give the black dress just the right amount of color. i would wear her outfit, for sure. joss looks like a little girl! she looks ridiculous. personally, i think she looks trashy. her hair is ugly and her outfit is even uglier.

clo on

omgg eww

Erica on

Yes, both girls look great. It is OBVIOUSLY 2 totally different styles. (So maybe they put the 2 pics together to create conflict?!) – Both are trendy (not that it matters) and sexy. The more silky Pantyhose the better!

John Martin on

I think both look great dressed in their red hose. I wish more women wore fashion hose like that. They are setting the example that more women should follow.

oscar on

Mmmmm I like it

BlackM_30 on

Wearing a mini with colored tights too much of a good thing? Never! And unless it’s proven to cause blindness or some other medical condition, matching your shoes to your tights should constitute a fashion faux paux. I agree with the author – Rachel got it right. The matte tights add the right contrast to the rest of the outfit. Overall I think both ladies pulled off their ensembles very well, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from bare leg and flip-flops infestation.

honey on

Wats up wif joss? Wats wif her red hair n tights? She doesn’t seem like she’s being herself here. Totally wrong. I love rachel’s style. She’s always kinda laidback n chic. I hate joss. She critisizes Mariah Carey. She’s no better herself. She’s just, yuck!

Maryn on

No offence to anyone, but both tights are discusting, they don’t look flattering on either of them, and pink isn’t red.

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