StyleWatch Editors Want to Know: What Are Your Favorite Sneakers?

02/03/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

When you take running seriously like Reese, you’ve got to care about what sneakers you wear. And even for those of us who count strolling between strolls as exercise, we think long and hard about the look of our walking sneakers. With all the options on the market today — running, tennis, walking, lifestyle — how do you pick which ones you love? We want to know all about your favorites. Tell us: What is your favorite sneaker? Do you have different ones for working out and hanging out?

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rachel b. on

I like wearing Nike Runner’s. They are comfortable, stylish and manage to support my long mile morning runs without taking a beating on the soles of my feet.

Sherry S on

My favorite sneakers are Asics Gels. I have used this brand since high school. They were recommended to me by my father who was a cross country runner most of his life.

Hillary W. on

Name: Hillary W.
Age: 14
Hometown: Memphis, TN

I am a sneaker person, I probably have about 15 pairs of different kinds and brands. For working out I love wearing Nike Shox, no particular type really, just any od them because they are fit perfectly for the shape of my foot, they have a great arch in them, and they are really cute! For hanging out I will wear any sneakers, including my workout sneakers. But i really like wearing any Lacoste or Puma sneaker, or I will wear anything retro!

Jessica on

Nike Shox. They’re great for working out or hanging out, especially if you have knee or ankle injuries

Tatiana B on

My all time favorite sneakers are Womens Asics Gel Kanbarra. They are perfectly coushioned all around what keeps the feet in place and well protected. Also, another great benefit is the low price. I bought mine on sale for $49, and could never have made a better deal.
Off topic: I am loving Reese’s top, the black shirt. I love the cut, is there any way to find out who made it and where i could purchase it, please? Thank You

Jaime Shaw on

I love to run in my Nike Shoxx. I have two pairs in pink. They are great to work out in and are cute enough to wear with a pair of jeans.

Mavreena H. on

I love to wear New Balance #881, I wear them for working out and sometimes for hanging out. But most of the time I like to wear my comfy slip on sneakers for hanging out.

Amanda Grubb on

I love to run. My favorite shoes are Asics gel-nimbus VIII. They are so comfortable you can sleep in them. I have ran many races and you can never go wrong with a pair of Asics.

Abby on

I’m a big time runner, and my all time favorites are my Mizunos. They’re really comfortable are definitely some of the cutest hard-core running shoes I’ve owned.

Jessica H on

I LOVE Saucony shoes for running. I have been running for several years and have tried several different brands. I think it is best for a person to go to a running shoe store and get fitted for the correct shoe by a specialist! DON’T CHOOSE A RUNNING SHOE JUST BECAUSE A CELEBRITY WEARS IT!!!!!!!

Jessica V. on

When it comes to working out Nike Shox can be very comfortable, but for running, I haven’t found any shoes that compare to Brooks. Brooks are so lightweight and well cushioned that I have not had shin splints once since I began running with them. For serious long-distance runners, Brooks are a must have.

Age: 21
Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA

smile on

cant beat Nikes :)

Connie on

My favorite shoes are Mizuno Wave Creation 9. They are the best running shoes I have ever owned. Great for those looking for neutral running shoes.

Kim on

Nike Shox Rox My Sox!!!

Beka on

I luv tennies Nikes are my fav but also own pumas and adidas I would never go jogging in shox

PS I love Resse whole outfit were did she get it. and what tennis shoes does she have on can we see a better pic?

amani on

I would have to say NIKE SHOX because they look cute, and give me a little bit og height, which is soemthing many sneakers lack.

I also love to wear PUMA and lacoste kicks with jeans! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Heidi on

Nike because there comfy and stylish

Melanie on

I love Skechers!!

Vonnie on

Cross Trekkers from Payless. Very comfortable, very affordable, and very similar in appearance to K*Swiss. Those are my everyday sneakers. I don’t have work out sneakers as I don’t work out.

Ada D on

Asics – I run marathons and half marathons. I’ve tried all types of running shoes and these are by far the best running shoe out there!

Tinley M. on

Name: Tinley M.
Hometown: Toronto
Age: 14

For working out I love Nike Shox ( they’re nice looking as well as great running shoes. They have lots of support and there are different types for different fitness activities (running, walking, etc.). For serious runners, I reccomend Asics ( which are less about looks, but GREAT shoes for working out. For wearing every day I love Converse ( and Vans (, but they have very little support so I like to use Dr. Scholl’s gel arch supports ( in them.

Jennifer W. on

My favorite shoes for running are Nike Shox. They are great just for running. When walking in them or wearing them for a long time, they tend to hurt my heals.

Amy G. on

I love Vans loafer-style sneakers. They come in lots of colors and patterns and they are slip-on.

Heather S. on

I wear Asics Gel Cumulus–they support my high arches better than any running shoes I’ve tried. (Addidas is also good… my soccer cleats feel like comfy house slippers!)

You should NEVER wear your running shoes for regular activities. Walking wears them in a pattern inconsitent with the way you run, and can lead to increased joint pain while working out. Always best to have two pairs–catch a buy one get one half off sale, and you’ll save money AND they will both last longer! I always buy a pair of cute New Balance sneaker for everyday wear.

Lizzy on

I love working out in my Nike Shoxx. I own several pairs of them and they are great for my knee injury. If I’m just hanging out and want to go casual, I love Pumas! They are cute and comfortable.

Ashleigh on

i love my asics there’s absoultly amazing, they give great support and cushioning

Jen on

I love my custom designed Nike Shox for running…they’re cute and supportive. For just hanging out I like Pumas.

Tayme on

I’m with most of the women on here…I wear both Nike Shox and Asics. Like someone just stated, Nike Shox are great looking with good support, but for those serious about running, you can’t go wrong with Asics. They are so comfortable and have great cushion/support. I love both Nike Shox and Asics. As for the everyday sneaker, I wear Nike and Sketchers. I don’t wear sneakers all that often, if I do, it’s mainly when I’m working out or if I change from my heals into sneakers (only if my feet hurt and when I’m driving home from work).

Jamie on

i like vans and pumas

Kristin on

NEVER buy work out shoes based on appearance. Shoes are designed for not only our feet and activity but more importantly our step. Road Runners catalog used to have a great selection and easy to read chart to determine your shoes needs. I was a condiotning runner in my off season from swimming and I ran track. I found Asics and New Balance to not only fit the best, they weigh less making your steps less heavy and they LAST. Nike makes crap products- they fall alpart. Sorry to be so blunt about them.

Elda on

Nikes, i’ve been so lazy these last few weeks (my boyfriend has me so spoiled)!! But this picture of Reese jogging gives me hope to start again!

Sylvia on

ASICS GEL. I am a nurse, on my feet 12 hours a day, and they are the ONLY shoes I will wear.
Nike shoes are over-rated – very little support and poorly made.
Just my opinion!

BC on

If there is one person I can’t stand its reese she is a snot and ugly as hell IMO

Sam on

I dont run, but everyday I wear my converse. Their cheap and comfortable and go with anything.

angie on

I agree she is a snot did you see her at the golden globes omg she acted like her you know what does not stink

Sonya on

I am a runner who has done several marathons and I have never like Nikes for running. I have worn adidas, new balance and saucony. I love all three but there are good attributes to all three. The sauconys seem to have better shock absorption and are easier on the knees and other joints. All new balances seem to have lots of toe room and wiggle room so they are good for really long runs where your feet expand. Adidas is good but I never noticed any stand out qualities about them, they’re good for someone of average size and who is not a high mileage runner.

Ann C. on

For running/working out it has got to be Asics…great support and style. For everyday…Sketchers or Champion.

Ann C.
Age: 35
Kennesaw, GA

Julia on

I like Adidas because they are comfortable and they look cute 2

Briana on

My Fav’s are New Balance!

Kim S on

Pumas are most definitly the most comfortable shoes, not to mention they are super cute! They mold to your foot and have great arch support when I run, I definitly won’t be trading my pumas in for anything else!

Dawn Woods on

I love my MBT’s!!!

lauren g on

Asics Gel Dirt Diva (Spikeless) are my personal favorite distance running shoe. They are light as a feather (7.2oz) and oh so stylish. I ordered mine in quicksilver and classic green from 63 dollars, no tax, free shipping, and they were on my doorstep within 24 hrs. I did right much research prior to buying them because I just recently started running and wondered myself which shoes would be best. I’ve only been running on a regular basis for about a month now but with the Dirt Divas I’ve noticed that I can run longer distances (5 miles) and still feel light on my feet by the end of my run. Just make sure you order them 1/2 size larger because they do run small.

Kelly on

Asics are the best running shoe that I’ve found. I’ve tried Brooks, Nike, Saucony and the Asics are the most comfortable. Each runner needs to go to a specialty running shoe store and let the experts help you though, everyone is different.

Pumas are definitely the shoes to wear everyday, very cute and fun colors. Always lots of compliments.

Deb on

I have a pair of red plaid rocket dogs-they are the most comfortable shoes I own (and I own a lot of shoes) they look great with jeans and a red shirt from Gap-wonderful charity items!! Gotta get ya some!!

Si L. on

Age: 17
From: Washington, DC

I like wearing chucks(converse) and nike dunks especially the retro kinds. I dont run alot so these i wear for comfort and stylish purposes only.

kate on

My favorite running shoes are Asics Gel-Nimbus VII’s. They’re so comfortable and I never had to give them their own “breaking-in” period — they were perfect from the day I bought them. And they got me through two marathons, comfortably!

Elizabeth on

I used to wear Nikes all the time, but since I started running longer distances, I love my Asics Gels. They’re so comfortable and I find myself not injuring myself as much.

Elizabeth on

Alexandria, VA

I used to wear Nikes all the time, but since I started running longer distances I love my Asics Gels. They’re so comfortable and I find myself not having as many injuries as before, including no more shin splints!

abc123 on

I’m not a sneaker person at all (I think I only own two pair), but I love my Air Max 95’s. They’re my favorite sneaker of all time. They’re both comfortable and dress-down stylish.

Bronwyn on

I wear Champions and Vans. That’s it. Haha

Season K. on

I am a runner and have gone through many a running shoe in my day. For year I solely (pun intended) ran in Adidas, then a few years in New Balance and just last year while training for a half-marathon I tried a pair of Brooks! WOW! There was no break-in time, they are still running strong with about 300 miles on them and now that I think about it; it’s about time for a new pair!

Stacy G. on

The best running shoe is made by Mizuno. It is the lightest shoe you will find with the perfect supports and their airmesh technology is highly ventilated for breathability.

Candi on

Nike Shox! Then longer you have them, the better they feel. I have worn the same pair of shox to work for the past 5 years. I work for a Doctor and used to work in a hospital where being on my feet is necessary all day long. They are awesome and hold up extremely well. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of this particular shoe.

Sarah on

I LOVE my Brooks Adrenaline GTS6 for running. I have tried Nike and hated them, was pretty loyal to New Balance for a long time until I tried the Brooks. I have never run better then in these shoes. No pain at all and I just run better in them. I think the big thing with running shoes is finding ones that fit your foot type. I went to a specialty running store where they measured my foot, watched me walk then picked out 3 different pairs for me to try. Then let me take them out for a run around the block. Anyone serious about running or getting into it really needs to do that. My New Balances were really great shoes but just not great for me.

Suzan H on

Saucony – Women’s Grid Trigon 4 Ride are the best shoes ever. They fit your foot well and do not allow your heel to slide. They are a clean and neat looking shoe meaning your eyes don’t get sick looking at them.

who cares on

I wear sneakers every single day. except when i am wearing my crocs. I find any kind comfy and cool. so yeah.

Kristin Kuckelman on

I love wearing my Nike Shox…any time, any weather condition, with any outfit!

cecilia on

I love my adidas, they make a very durable, comfortable shoe for the athlete in me.

BrownEyes! on

Nike Runners are my favorite!They are cute, comfortable, and stylin’!They give me more support when I am working out.I also like New Balance shoes, but only for looks!

LS on

I wear Asics Gels at the gym and Brooks for doing things around the house. I was professionally fitted at a family-owned athletic shoe store. They suggested different shoes for each activity if I could afford it, especially since jogging and walking wears your shoes out quickly. I need to support my feet and back when I catch up on my cleaning and laundry on the weekends! A great tip: wear orthotic inserts in your running shoes…it feels like Heaven when I slip them on! Great support too for those with foot pain (like me) or those with flat arches.

Fartlek on

uh K-swiss duh!

me on

I don’t run everyday, so I don’t wear expensive running shoes. My favorite shoes are Nike Shox, Converse, and Pumas. I love these especially because they come in such great colors! My Pumas are navy blue and hot pink and my Converse are this pink/purple color. I basically love any sheos that come in fun colors. I wear sneakers almost every single day (not usually my shox, though) and Pumas and Converse are really comfortable and they look more laid back than running shoes. I don’t really know that much about good running shoes, though.

KAY on


Lois on

Who makes the large square sunglasses that Reese Witherspoon wears in almost all of her photos? You talk about her necklace and her bag, but never mention the glasses.,,1219985_1,00.html,,1219985_6,00.html

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