Start Your Day Off Like Carmen and Ivanka

02/01/2007 at 11:00 AM ET

Celebrities like Carmen Electra, Ivanka Trump, Tori Spelling and Fergie are starting their mornings off with ZoneChef’s Muffins. The Hollywood craze kicked-off on New Year’s Day, but already orders have been placed for an entire month! The trans fat free and high in protein muffins come in a variety of flavors including lemon poppy, double chocolate chip, oat bran, blueberry (left), brown sugar and oatmeal and apple cinnamon. Carmen Electra is a big fan of the double chocolate chip. Here at StyleWatch we tried the muffins and must say they are a bit bland in flavor and dense, but if you are dieting they are a healthy alternative. The muffins are a good size and filling. They can be purchased in sets of 4 muffins for $19.95 at What do you think? Would you eat these muffins for breakfast?

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kate on

$5 for a muffin? No. i’ll stick to my $.89 Light & Fit yogurt, thank you!

zonefad on

HECK NO!! $20 for 4??? Are you crazy!?

Lisa on

Are you crazy?? I can make a whole batch of muffins using a lo-cal sweetner and eat on them for a whole week!

Carleen on

$5? At those prices, I can starve myself thin. *lol*

KT fr Cda on

I Could buy about 15 packages of muffin mix for that price. That is just silly. Celbs love spending tones of money on things that us normal people would pay a fraction of that cost.

Sarah Jane on

Maybe if I had money coming out of my ass I would be crazy enough to purchase those things. They are small as can be and for five dollars I could go buy a Chipotle Burrito and be stuffed all day long!

Carolyn on

At that price, only if they contain actual unicorn blood.

h on

I believe I’ll side with everyone else on that one…$20 is a bit ridiculous…You could probably pay a month long gym membership for that amount!

Elda on

Every week day morning i start my day with a banana, apple and a glass of OJ but these muffins sound good but to expensive for my budget.

Alice on

$5 a muffin and they probably taste like cardboard. No thank.

jenna on

you dont have to spend loads of money on scientifically engineered “food” to stay thin–those muffins look tiny, probably taste terrible, contain lots of fake ingredients, and won’t fill me up (i can tell by looking at those little things). eat normal food in sensible amounts and both you and your wallet will be an acceptable size. i agree, spend your money on fresh fruits and yogurt for breakfast

Axelle-Bran Muffin Anyone... on

$5.00 a muffin, is this a joke? Obviously money does not buy brains, for real????? I highly doubt that these muffins are nutritious for your body anyways. Have anyone heard of the good old BRAN muffin? You can add fresh fruits in there, add pure dark chocolate if you like that sort of thing. Now that is very healthy and might i add economical. At least your body is able to digest the natural ingredients in there….

BC on

not for 5 dollers a piece OMG

Tiffany on

So, here is what the muffin will do for you: It will make you a spoiled rich girl who’s father has HORRIBLE hair or created a few T.V. shows, make you go through divorce with a few choice UGLY men and one questionable one (Dennis Rodman) or you can have a jacked-up looking face like Fergie…hmmm…I think I will stick to Pillsbury!

sarah on

Muffins that are, in your own words, “a bit bland in flavor”? No thanks. I’d eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and wash them down with chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk before I spend $20 on this crap. Blecch.

i love breakfast! on

Well at least they are eating!!!! But if you need quick protein for breakfast.. Try a hard boiled egg. Takes three seconds to eat and costs about 20 cents. 5$ for one muffin is insane.

Lis on

I paied $20 for a gym membership that lasts 6 months. Those muffins will last 30 min. You do the math.

mary on

$5 for a little muffin that tastes crappy (yeah, if People is saying they’re “a bit bland”, that translates to: they suck)? I don’t think so.

Nicole on

4 muffins for $20.00?!?!?!…no thanks!

Dawn on

For 20 bucks i can buy my own Soy Flour and Splenda and Dried Blueberries and make everyone on my block Muffins.

Dodie on

So how many of you buy over priced coffee?

erica on

the don’t even look appetizing! they look
like some dried up things. we might as well enjoy life and have a real muffin. everything in moderation i say

julia on

WHATEVER!!! These stars have lost their minds! I totally agree with every post here…eat more natural foods…like fruit!

Sharon on

Ivanka’s not looking like she needs any more muffins these days!

Axelle on

Someone mentioned using SPLENDA in their muffin recipe here. I used to use it since they said that it was actually made from sugar, but here is an interesting little piece of fact that i found out about a month ago. Splenda is not natural, rather it’s a chlorinated artificial sweetener. The sweetness of Splenda derives from a chlorocarbon chemical that contains three atoms of chlorine in every one of its molecules. To worsen matters there have been no long term human consumption test done on this product, so they really have no idea what is the long term effect on our health, nonetheless they allow us to consume it at our own risk. Since then i have stopped using this product. Quote “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed possible side-effects from consuming Splenda, including enlarged liver and kidneys, decreased white blood cell count, reduced growth rate and decreased fetal body weight.” For more info see I hope this piece of info enlighten those in the dark like i was!

C on

Designer muffins? No thanks, I’ll stick with my yogurt and oatmeal. Oh, and my overpriced coffee :)

Tayme on

You have to be kidding me, right?! I already knew that these celebs lost their hosh posh, high and mighty minds along time ago, but wow, this is crazy. $5 a muffin??? I’ll stick to going down to the corner store and buy myself a banana muffin for $1 and they are huge muffins. In fact, I’ll make my own muffins for the fraction of the cost that they spend on their hosh posh muffins. I’ll make it better, I’ll go to my grocery store, purchase 4 muffins for $2.59 a pack. Why is it so necessary for people to follow in the foot steps of celebs or to think that REAL people wanna be just like this fake celebs? Not me. For anyone who wants to spend $20 and wants to be healthy, go to your gym and purchase a membership. Save your money. You’re just gonna poo your $5 muffin out anyways (not to sound gross).

Skiddy on

I don’t know why everyone is jumping all over the celebrities for consuming these muffins. These celebrities have chosen a different path in life & have become successful in doing so. Any one of us could have chosen a Hollywood path & earned a nice salary if we worked hard at it. I’m sure if we had the money they did, we would in fact be buying $5 muffins. I agree w/whoever made the Starbucks comment; how many of us pay $3-5 for Starbucks? I know I do! And I love it! So don’t knock the celebs for enjoying something w/their hard earned money. We all would do it to if we had $5/per muffin. Hey we seem to have $5/per coffee…

enigma on


I love blueberry muffins too! I make my own muffins, I always change the recipe to my liking. I put in wheat germ, wheat flour and all kinds of goodies!

William-Sonoma has a good muffins cookbook…I recommend that for starters…the book was only $16.95.

But, the best breakfast is a fruit smoothie!!!
My favorite is with bananas, peaches, yogart, juice, garnola, and wheat germ! YUMMY!

Enjoy and Cheers!

Chrissy on

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Celebrities aside, $5 for a muffin that tastes bland? Ick. Homemade muffins are much more delicious and satisfying (and at least you know what ingredients you are putting into them). There are plenty of ways to make homemade muffins healthy too: use flaxseed flour, real fruit, sugar and spices. I tend to stay away from fake sugar. I use sugar in the “raw” — its from Hawaii and isn’t bleached.

For the Starbucks people: I don’t drink coffee, but many people in my life prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee over Starbucks anyday (and it’s a lot cheaper, too)!

P.S. These celebrities have one muffin for breakfast? How can that be filling? I have a bowl of Autumn Wheat for breakfast along with fresh fruit, OJ and a multi-vitamin. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day so I make time in the morning to sit down and actually eat breakfast! More people should do the same! We’d have happier workplaces! hehe

Meredith on

This is the dumbest thing! Can celebrities not learn to just eat healthy and exercise? A 5 dollar muffin is not going to make you skinny. Eating right and exercising will! What a waste!

coffeelover on

Starbucks coffee does suck!! Glad people are finally realizing it!!! YES!!
Dunkin is good, Mcdonald’s too. Depends on which one you go to and the time of day.
I am latina and grew up on strong coffee. Bustello or Pico. But today I do coffee differently.

Ever since I bought my Keurig coffee machine,my life has chnaged. dramatic i know, but true. Terri Hatcher owns two of these babies. One in her bedroom and kitchen!
Makes a fresh cup everytime and you will taste the difference. I love this machine so much my husband says I should be their salesperson.

sindi on


enigma on


Your very welcome!!!!

HA-HA! You’re very funny! I am glad of your response! I wish I had the time to make muffins when I was in school!! But, at least you are eating…that’s always good!!!

Okay, let’s say a muffin recipe calls for 2cups of flour, I do, one of two things, first; I start with 1cup flour and then I’ll add 1cup (uncooked) oatmeal or wheat flour, for texture, flavor, and nutrition.

When using/adding wheat germ to any bake goods (breads, muffins, cookies, cakes too.) 2tablespoons (heaping) is good enough. The jar it comes in has some advice on it..

As for goodies, it depends on the muffin, sometimes I put craisins, nuts (anykind), chocolate chips….that kind of stuff, which usuaslly amounts to 1/3cup or 1/2cup.

Anyway, I’ll send you that blueberry recipe through your hotmail. My email to you will from my aol account, that way you can print it out by itself, okay!

Good luck in school, Enjoy, and Cheers!!!!


Rebecca1 on

Ha…. I tried these muffins, they gave me the runs….
I got jipped…

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