Paris Hilton: Better Sexy or Conservative?

01/31/2007 at 01:45 PM ET

Same restaurant (ultra-hip Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills), same week, two totally different looks for Paris Hilton. On Friday, the aspiring actress hit the post eatery with on-again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos in a bosom-baring silver minidress and thigh high stockings. But on Monday, the heiress dressed in a conservative, almost-preppy buttondown and black slacks while dining with BFF Nicole Richie. Is the difference in outfit attributable to the difference in dining companions — hot date vs. girls’ night out? Tell us: Should Paris stick to sexy or conservative?

Click here to read more about Paris Hilton in Off the Rack.

Photo: AlphaX/X17, Adrian Varnedoe, A. Than/Pacific Coast News

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BC on

I like her covered up :)

Truth on

I don’t like her either way.

If you plucked BIG BIRD this is who you’d find hiding underneath.

confidential on

the conservative outfit covers the need for the valtrex

LKD on


Alice on

How the hell do her boobs look so big in the first picture?

Kristin on

Hands down conservative. But for her it is jsut a look.

Elda on

She looks alot better conservative, I am a fan of Paris but i would never wear a blouse with my twins popping out like that. I do wear sexy blouses but not like that. Being a conservative dresser gives more to the imagination.

Susan on

Both look trashy to me.

georgie on

she should really keep to the conservative look. she actually looks classy that way!!!

KT fr Cda on

neither, nither, nore!

Meg on

Wow, I’ve never seen Paris so covered! It really is a nice look for her.

j on

she’s neither sexy nor conservative. isn’t it past time when she just drops off the face of the earth?! c’mon already.
zzzzzzzzzzz boring!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Roonie on

If she keeps dressing conservatively, people just MIGHT have to take her seriously.

Long shot, but maybe.

Listerino on

It just goes to show that Paris can dress normally when she feels like it – and yet it’s sad to see that she seems to prefer to make herself look cheap and slutty and you know it’s because she gets more attention that way. I feel sorry for her because of it.

Jackson on

I honestly believe that the one on the left is her face but not her body – check out those boobs! I’ve never seen her with boobs like that and as far as sexy or conservative – I don’t give a crap! She’s absolutely worthless!

Ashleyl on

Is it just me or does she looks like she breast implants in the first pic??

Lili~ on

addled, agape, aghast, agog, appalled, astonished, astounded, awe-struck, awed, baffled, befuddled, bowled over*, confused, dazed, dazzled, disconcerted, dizzy, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, flabbergasted, flipped out*, floored*, flustered, giddy, lost, misled, muddled, mystified, perplexed, punchy*, puzzled, rattled, reeling, shocked, shook up, speechless, staggered, startled, struck speechless, stumped, stunned, stupefied, surprised, taken aback, thrown, thunderstruck*, uncertain, unglued!

Two things:

Firstly, WHERE DID THOSE BOOBS SURFACE FROM? Has NASA concocted some new nuclear bra that we don’t know of yet?

Secondly, I think she ought to dress down more often just to demonstrate that she IS just like everyone else. There’s always a collective sigh of relief when underwear are worn by this eccentric exhibitionist.


liz on

She looks so much better dressed conservatively. But still doesnt change what’s underneath……..

Michelle on

I don’t like her in either outfit. I fail to see why the media seem to fall all over each other trying to get photos of her. She’s done nothing to earn such widespread attention. Why don’t they spend time on someone with real talent???

Shasha on

Uh how bout no Paris Hilton

jessica on

She is hideous either way!!!

Alice on

I don’t care about either outfit she is wearing but I do wanna know what kind of bra she has on that made her go from flat to pam anderson????



Amy on

Remember her a couple of years ago in the days of simple life and her sex video??? This is the most classy she has looked…ever! I think she might actually be trying to class up her look!

funfun100 on

I don’t really care. all she wants is attention, and in my opinion, she is just like a barbie both ways!

lis on

She looks better in the second picture, sometimes a little mistery is much more sexy. Leave something up to the imagination.

Penny on

I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t like Paris Hilton! She’s not pretty, she’s not sexy, and she is a spoiled little brat! What difference does it make what outfit she wears? I agree with what has already been said…the wrapping doesn’t change what’s underneath!

B. on

How can she walk in pants that long?

Stacey on

I like her both ways!!! She’s ‘HOT’! She’s what brought in ‘hot’!

Stacey on

I think she looks HOT both ways! She’s the one who came out with the phrase ‘That’s HOT’ and that she is!

Stacey on

I think she looks HOT both ways! She’s the one who came out with the phrase ‘That’s HOT’ and that she is!

Amy on

Paris and I are the same cup size (relatively)-and if i did tnat to my boobs, my nipples would pop out the top.
It’s one thing to have big boobs, and show it but when you are know for being small and then your bustin’ out like Paris- well it looks trashy and fake. We all know that they aren’t real so whats attractive about that???
A bunch of stuffing in her bar-anyone need a tissue?

Kim on

interesting that she is going for the “classy” look after her storage unit has been raided and people can purchase her stuff for some cheap price off the internet. she has too look classy when they discover herpes medicine and other sexual crap. she did the same thing after the sex tape thing was released; came dress to a premiere in a suit. but it did not last long, she can try all she wants to cover up, but unfortunately just like other trashy people in hollywood with money eventually the trash always comes out.

Jo on

I think she looks good either way, but I still like conservative better.

Jenn on

I am NOT a Paris fan what-so-ever, but I’d go with conservative if I have to choose. (Side note: I laughed out loud in my office when I read the comment about her looking like Big Bird if you plucked him! haha! Loved it!!)

rachel on

i love paris she is beautiful she looks great either way …!! she has a great sense of style

catherine on

she loooks 10000 thousand times better in nice outfit but really who thinks it will last?????

monique on

Conservative. She A-L-M-O-S-T looks like something ppl shouldnt be ashamed to take home to momma in the 2nd pic. :/

KT fr Cda on

Actually if you look at the pic you can see a bit of her black bra. It is prob several sizes too small. All I can say is god for bid anyone is standing in front of her when that baby blows! It will take an eye out! Oh, and enough with the “That’s Hot”. That is so stupid. Who on earth hasn’t said that before she did. Just b/c she says it everyone thinks she is so fantastic.

Anastasia on

I happen to like Pairs Hilton but she is very trashy! So I like her coverd up. Yeah because she is like cool but like trashy.

katb13 on

conservative wins hands down.
better quality pic anyway.

Cristina on

K First of all..To all you other people you don’t know paris hilton, so don’t judge her by what you see K.

Second of all She looks better in the first pic then the second pic

Tayme on

Conservative look is much better. The few times I seen the older “Simple Life” episodes, both her and Nicole were in NEED of a major image overload, now those clothes were hideous, but this last season of the “Simple Life” where her and Nicole are seperated, I can honestly say Paris dressed decent, from the few times I saw the show anyways. The dress isn’t half bad if it was longer to the knee, because the dress is tight, bring the neckline up so boobs aren’t popping out, leave something to the imagination, change that jacket and use a classier shoe.

Anastasia on

Hey christina was it? You don’t no pairs either so shut your big head up!

C on

I’m definitely not a fan, but I have admit she actually looks nice in these two outfits. Appropriate for the occasions.

Robin on

Hoochy mama, no. Conservative and classy, yes.

Jen on

She looks much better dressed a little more conservative. It’s time for her to grow up and start dressing more appropriately, and this is a step in the right direction.

maya ozoemena on

Well, i think she is a pretty girl who has made ALOT OF DUMB DECISIONS…just like everyone else. She is always flaunting the little she has to the whole world. It makes her look slutty even if she is a nice girl. I think that she looks classy and very sexy. It may not be her persona but if she wants to be sexy and classy this outfit says it. She doesn’t have to wear black all the damn time but a fly hairdo, glossy lips and a covered bum are what’s up.She looks super hott…way to go paris.

Jennifer on

I don’t like her either way, it just shows that money cannot buy you class.

anna on

seeing her dressed conservatively is the first time i ever considered wanting to dress like her. i hope she keeps it up.

Angie on

I dont like paris what dose she do anyway,the silver outfit screams slut and the black one is better but not nice

Kiki on

I prefer her “conservative.” She looks really fashionable and tasteful for once. I hope to see more looks like that from Ms. Hilton in the future!

On the other hand, the “sexy” look is just plain awful. The dress might be flattering on someone who could actually pull it off, if it wasn’t so low-cut in the front. She overaccessorizes with the tights, weird headband, leather jacket, and big necklace. But what should we expect from her? She’s worn WAY worse.

Andreina on

A combination of both. On another note: I think Brandy should totally pay for what she did.

Unknown on

I dont like Paris. PERIOD!

Kristen Y on

Better classy! I’m so tired of seeing her boney *** in
nasty gear, it’s about time!!!

tina on

I myself would wear the second outfit ( but would hem the pants of course) though it does not seem to suit Paris at all. She isn’t very good looking and in my opinion does not have a good sense of style but to each their own…

Ann on

It will be boring if she would always be dressed up sexy and same with if she would always be dress up conservatively.

Paris is not my favorite, but i admire her for being able to stand up after a big fall.

A on

She would look best far, far away…tucked away from all humanity.

Christine Charles on

Well I think Paris looks better in the conservative outfit…. its simple and classy and it enhances her beauty. As for the first outfit… People come on! It is not a boob job its a Bra!

Melanie on

I don’t care either way. Can’t we just make her go away? Really how did she become famous? She seems pretty useless as a celeb to me.

Jason on

Conservative all the way.

PH on

When celebs are in trouble they seem to dress in normal clothes. This is after everyone has seem their bare chest of course. Dear Paris, stay out the limelight!

Jerry on

Oh much too sexy to cover up……….

hannah Lee on

Covered up please have some self respect !!!!!!!

rachel b. on

neither and both make me want to gag.

Chrissy on

Paris DEFINATELY looks better conservative. She looks sexy yet very conservative. You go girl! But either way, Paris is Paris after all. She willwear what she sees fit!

Sharms on

i think what both pictures are missing is a bag over her head…her saying maybe, “that’s hott” but shes NOT!

Sydney on

I dont really like her either way i think it would be good if she was a little bit of both

Annie on

Covered up for sure

Ashley on

How about something in the middle? Something that is sexy but leaves something to the imagination…

t on

both outfits are ugly but she looks better conservative outfit



Ashley on

To be completely frank, no amount of makeup or designer fashions will hide the obvious desperation and moral decay that is the train wreck: Paris Hilton.

Samantha on

I have always thought she looks classy conservative. She does not have the full figure body to wear sexy clothes.

Krystal on

She looks better in the first pic by a long shot…the second photo looks like a costume…the second pic is more Paris!! I think Paris is so beautiful, and unlike alot of other stars, still looks beautiful without all that makeup on! Paris is HOT!

michele. on

im sick of it. Women ,, if you dont like Paris Hilton ,, GO TO ANOTHER BLOG! this is in the opinion of the OUTFIT ,, not the person underneath.


Wylie on

I love her.

Anastasia on

hey “J” i think that you are a loser and I never said I didn’t like Pairs if you read my first comment you would see that I like Pairs also! And who even cares that I said “no” instead of know. you have no life and should fall in a black hole because I am so much better then you.

P.S. Your name is retarted

poochie on

I think she should dress conservative more often she actually looks like someone whose parents are millionaires.

Dixie Marie on

I think she looks good in the second picture. She is a very beautiful woman. The conservative look is cute.

Lisa on

I like the conservative look only because I am so tired of seeing EVERY part of Paris, it’s nice to see her actually covered up for a change! Honestly though, has she never heard of a tailor? Her pants are always way too long, so even when she’s trying to look conservative she still looks ridiculous.

cute-evil on

Paris is oh so beatiful plus she seems like she has a good heart. People who speak badly about her are not good judges of characters.
Jealousy, Jealousy no body wins, when you full of envy.
in the words of Paris Hilton

Terry on

I think she looks better not covered up because im not used to the whole covered up thing yet but I bet I’ll get used to it

carrie on

i like her in the 1st pic

Bishop on

I have to say that she pulls both looks off in these pictures. But in most pictures she looks trashy. I hate to say she is attractive when she acts so nasty. Ewwwww. and Mmmmm. I think I’m confused.

Andrea on

Well I believe her parents were relieved to see the conservative Paris. This is probably how they dreamed she’d be pictured in magazines.

CNN on

She really is a beautiful girl. If she used her beauty for class, she would be looked upon with much more respect! So I say conservative! Live it up classy style!

m_a_s_14 on

she looks better covered up and if she picked a sexier dress maybe she would have looked better

RU on

i think she looks alot prettier nice.

B on

She’s not my fav person on earth, BUT I think she looks like a REAL heiress when she is more covered with the attitude of a socialite. Instead of a bad fashion Barbie on some combination of drugs that should never be mixed.

AussieFashionista on

I looked at other peoples comments for this blog, but its seems a few are just wanting to put a word out that they hate Paris – im not surprised, we all know she’s overated celebrity!
Lets not forget about fashion style issue here – to me, friday night outfit looks great except the push up bra look, draws too much attention on them that overall appearance and also the headband (I don’t like)
The other, she actually looks good, im impress! Love the gold earrings, bangles, shoes and shirt!She’s pulled it off I think.

heartofgold on

Everyone get a grip about the picture on the left. It’s the bra she’s wearing. And the shirt just enhances that.

I like both looks and it does depend on who your going out with. Although, I’d switch the looks. Use the look on the left for going out with some girlfriends and ready to paint the town red, and the one on the right for my boyfriend. And then I’d wear something naughty for him when we got home :)

blondie11 on

no one really cares how she looks either way because shes still paris hilton. She is always trashy looking and thinks shes so great when shes not. All of us have to work to get where we are we dont just have our daddy to carry us through life. SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!

kate on

she looks like a bird

Rosie on

Try putting a bag over it!

bianca on

i think that she looks fine in both and i would wear them as a matter of fact……..depending on were ur going is how you dress…ever thought about that?!?!?!?!?

Andrea on

paris looks way better conservative

Nora on

I’m not well-endowed but I can easily make my boobs look like that by wearing a bra that pushes them upwards and closer together. And I agree with Bianca: I would wear both. Nothing wrong with either. Why does everybody hate Paris?

Lily on

She looks WAY better covered up! Leaving a little to the imagination is way better than showing it all. Why the the milk when you can have the cow for free, right?

Bright on

It’s not the fact of her dressing herself that’s the issue, it’s more of her character and face. Just looking at her it’s like she’s trying to say to me “Oh, i’m so better than you and so much hotter.” Something Paris Hilton would say. As for why the media loves her, well as you can see if you’re a celebrity and wear provocative clothing, like Paris Hilton or Britney, than you’re famous as soon as you step out of a vehicle.

elle on

Again, nothing there. Thanks Dad!

SB on

I don’t like her either way. She says she’s talented, not spoiled etc, and that people got the wrong picture of her. Well then, give us the right picture,show us how great you are!

saula.rox on

i dun like looking at her either way.. sooooryy.
and, juz out of curiosity, what’s that ribbon tied around her head in the 1st pic? weirddd.

Sara on

She look’s smart in the second picture :P

Joy Remley on

Dressing isn’t even a talent………

_popular_ on

I really don’t like Paris Hilton, but if I had 2 pick between sexy vs. conservative I’d totally pick conservative.It’s great to see Paris covered up!!

sara on

she looks more stylesh as Conservative

alexis on

i don’t like her either way. i prefer nicole richie

Mindy on

I honestly think that people need to understand this blog is about her outfit not her!

someone special on

Since when are her boobs so huge in the first picture?

I like the conservative way better. It shows that she can be sophisticated, which is what she needs the most. But I still don’t like her.

the truth on

well she is to O0O0O0 I AM SOOOO HOT and when she is okay and she might look better covered up cuz she looks to trying to shoe off it all in the other one like COVER UP

Lauren on

I think that Paris looks better conservative even though she has fabulous body and could get away with being sexy. I think the conservative outfit makes her look more professional and mature.

Heather on

If I had her kind of financial funding, I would pay someone to dress me and clean me up a bit! Paris looks used and abused. She has from day one. Can’t wait to see her when she is 70 years old. Life will eventually catch up to that crazy girl…I have seen hookers who dress and look better than her on the street corners!

hilary on

now where did these boobs pop out from? the paris ive seen is as flat as a four year old.

Angela on

Paris has been dressing very nice and tasteful lately,she’s maturing into a very lovely young woman.

I feel so bad for Paris that shady characters always try to target her, in order to profit from the Hilton name.
Clearly, Paris was the victim of an extortion attempt and she did the right thing by not giving in to blackmailers.

Most of us have things we want to keep private ,and the fact that Paris partied and made dumb comments while drunk or high in her younger years, should not affect her now.

Also,having sex with a fiance or a longterm boyfriend is not a crime, we all do that and most of us have been there.

Paris Hilton really has not had a lot of boyfriends,and I’m so sad for this latest invasion of her privacy. She does not deserve what haters try to sling at her.

But her fans will always love her, and we pray that she will have all the happiness she so richly deserves.

Angela on

The bra Paris Hilton is wearing comes from her own line of lingerie which due out this Spring.

US magazine had an artice on it and Paris said she wanted to come out with a bra especially designed for girls like her who sometimes want to look well-endowed.
I guess I’ll buy one in every color LOL.

Casey on

I CAN’T STAND PARIS HILTON!!!!!!! She is so trashy, she doesn’t have talent and what what kind of role model is she.
Personally I think she looks horrible in both pics.

a.j. on

i hate eveyone who hates paris. im a guy n from my point of view, she is hotttttt! wit a capital HOTTTTTTT! both pix of her r good. 1st one is beter tho.

c on

i prefer the conservative. she looks more proffesional and the kind of person who doesnt give a crap what the tabloid says.

milly on

i think tou look hot lol you look great love ya

Robert on

Paris looks best when she is looking her sexiest!…She has a GREAT face and figure..but I like her trashy…she has the bod for it…She’s no role model,but she can look VERY HOT….The first pic definitely…

Caroline on


Emma Watson's #1 Fan on

Better no Paris at all.

sophia on

she looks better conservative .it really makes her look a lot better and it would be of her benifit of maybe changing the way people think about her.

Tell It Like It Is on

I can’t see how any guy would want to be associated with ‘Duck Lips Hoist-em up Hilton’. She’s like a high class….that doesn’t charge! The price of a bit of publicity is surely not worth the tag for life of having been one of her handbags.She is a labotomy with lipstick.Please don’t accept any jaunts to Australia Paris.We think you are a joke.What a mindless existence you lead.

maya ozoemena on

Paris is cute in both outfits. I love Paris !

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