StyleWatch Editors Want To Know: Do You Wear Makeup to the Gym?

01/29/2007 at 11:00 AM ET

Sure, Jessica Biel looks great even without makeup, but most of us like having a little help before we leave the house. But what to do at the gym? You want to look good, especially if there are cute guys working out nearby, but no one likes their mascara running into their eyes while they’re jogging. We want to know what you do. Tell us: Do you wear makeup to the gym? If so, what do you wear?

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j on

well since i’m there to WORK OUT, i don’t wear anything but mascara and chapstick.

Dutch girl on

Don’t be ridiculous!

Amy on

I love Jessica- a natural- and absolutly inspiring with her discipline.
I’m not a makeup girl at the gym. I go to a all women’s gym. No need to impress!
If i did it for the boys-then i suppose i’d be there for all the wrong reasons:)

Kiki on

I do wear a little makeup, but not too much. My mascara doesn’t run because I have a really good formula–Yes to Volume, No to Clumps by Borjois Paris. I wear some lip balm, mascara, and some light concealer. And I think that Jessica Biel IS wearing a little makeup in this picture. Not full-on makeup, but definitely some.

Chris on

Just a little bit of waterproof mascara can go a long way when you want to look a little bit nice at the gym. Foundation and powder rubs off on your towel but a little bit of mascara usually won’t run down your face even during a tough Spinning class. Who ever said that sweat or glow on a woman wasn’t sexy?

Chris on

Wearing a little bit of lip gloss while working out may help you feel a little bit “done up” for those male counterparts. My recommendation, Labello’s “Care Gloss & Shine”. It’s not sticky and adds a nice shine to any lips! And it’s very affordable.

Lauren on

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to wear make-up to the gym. When I’m in the gym, I’m there to work out and not to impress anyone. Furthermore, if you go to the gym to impress guys, you should save the memebership fees and QUIT going because MOST MEN GO TO THE GYM TO WORK OUT AND ARE NOT IMPRESSED WITH STUPID WOMEN WHO GO TO BE SEEN!!!!

abc123 on

It’s usually already on because I go afterwork. Plus, I go to an all-female gym, and I’m definitely not there to impress them.

Katy on

No, I don’t wear makeup to the gym. I’m there to be healthy, not pick up a man. I think its ridiculous when I see girls in there with full hair and makeup walking around the machines.

Elda on

Jessica is a natural beauty!! No make up for me it smears to much but i do wear lip gloss to keep my full lips moist.

Kristin on

Only becasue I am coming straight from the office. Otherwise I head there au natural- I am sweating it off anyway, why would I waste time (and make-up) jsut to wash it off?? That is just silly.

Christina on

Take it easy. I don’t think most of these women go to the gym for the sole purpose of being seen by men. For me, it’s an added incentive that while I’m getting my workout I get to check out guys at the same time. There’s no harm in admitting that. However, a full face of make up and nonstop staring at yourself in the mirror makes me gag. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good at the gym. Afterall, that’s why we’re there, right?

Abigail W. 23 Wis on

Hell No! You’re going to the Gym to get in shape not to impress anyone. I mean seriously, come on now, I say, why waste the make-up when your going to sweat it off anyway!! Also, are you really going to go to the gym wearing sweats or work-out style clothes with full face of make-up, working out gives your skin a great glow because of the great endorphin boost, think about that!!

Alyssa on

I wear make up to the gym because I have a birthmark on my face. I wear it everywhere except when I’m sleeping. Not everyone wearing make-up at the gym is doing it to impress men.

beth on

Nope, I swim 3-4 days a week at my gym, and I work out for about 15 minutes beforehand. I definitely don’t wear make-up to the gym. Although, my boyfriend did take a picture of me getting out of the pool and my body looked pretty rockin, my face was NOT cute (WISH I was wearing make-up)!! Pale from winter. blah.

C on

I always wore make-up to the gym because I was going straight from work. Now that my gym is in my house, no.

Sandra on

I need to go with a clean makeup free face because I am very prone to breakouts.

Z on

When i go from work – the make-up is on, but comes off throughout the workout on my shirt/towel/etc…if i’m working out on a day off or Saturday morning, then i really don’t care what i look like. Roll out of bed and head to the gym, bed head and all!

Jenny on

Make up to work out? Thats just wrong!!

Sheila on

don’t be ridiculous.. Girls who have make-up look foolish.

K on

If I have makeup on already from work or whatever, I leave it on, but I definitely don’t put it on just to go to the gym — it would be melted off after about five minutes anyway!

Deena on

Where did she get that headband? I never seem to be able to keep “the wispy’s” off of my face when I work out and that band seems to be staying in place quite well?

LS on

The only things I wear to the gym are my work out clothes, chapstick and my iPOD. I go to a women’s fitness club where we are all there to get in shape. I’d feel silly getting all dolled just to sweat. As for working out au natural, I say go Jess!

Jacqui A. on

We should be focusing on correct form, reps, and heartrate rather than focusing on what shade of lipstick to wear.

JB on

No, because I go at 5:00 AM. The only people there are serious about working out so nobody cares. It’s the same people everyday.

Jackie O. on

I don’t wear makeup to the gym, just a little chaptick to prevent dryness. If a guy hits on you at the gym without makeup, it means he like you just the way you are, and I feel that is more genuine than having makeup on.

Heather S. on

I never go out in the winter without chapstick, especially now that I’m training for a triathlon and our condo’s treadmill is broken, so my runs are taking place in three degree windchills right now.

And I would never put on eyeliner specifically for the gym, but I’m always happier when it happens to be on anyway. I can’t concentrate on form when I lift if all I can think about is how weak my eyes look!

Amy on

I wear it if it’s already on, like after work. I wipe lipstick off though, and just wear Chapstick. If I go on the weekends, no makeup!

A. Tindell
Age 25
Knoxville, TN

caryn on

NEVER. I wash ALL of my makeup off before I workout.

LKD on

just powder!

Kim on

I usually wear mascara when I go to the gym. I don’t sweat a lot, so it doesn’t run out ! LOL

Irene Mckeon on

Well before I used to workout after work so yes I would have make up on, but then we bought a home gym and so now I don’t.

H on

Makeup at the gym? No way! I think it looks ridiculous for someone to be running on the treadmill, looking like they’re ready for a night on the town.

Sara on

No I don’t wear any make up to the gym. When you work out hard the way you’re suppose to when you there, you get a natural tint and glow to your skin. I really don’t believe that Jessica Biel is wearing any make up it’s that natural glow I was talking about.

Haley on

I think it’s ridiculous to get made up before you go workout! What’s the point, unless you’re trying to meet guys or something?!

Nicky on

Nooooooooo! not when you’re pretty like Jessica Biel and Jessica simpson..hell no..Leave that to Mariah.lmaoooooooooooo!

e.nein on

I never understand why women feel it’s necessary to wear makeup to the gym. (And while we’re at it – big bulky jewelry and regular bras.) I just think that if you were really serious about exercise you would act like it and leave the fancy stuff for the next time you go out to the bars. I unfortunately have to go to a gym that’s populated with twenty-somethings – male and female – who care more about designer duds than being healthy. Standing around with friends ogling everyone in the gym doesn’t constitute a workout in my opinion. P.S. – working out with makeup like foundation is super unhealthy for your skin. Let it breathe and it will look wonderful!

Oksana on

No makeup for me at the gym! I think it is not healthy for the skin pores be covered up while you are working out and sweating. And I agree with Deena, where did Jessica get that headband? Mine always “roll” or “slip” off!

JaneSays on

When I work out at the gym, it’s usually always directly after work and I already have makeup on. I do wipe as much of it off though because I don’t want to develop zits from sweating through makeup-clogged pores, nor do I want sweaty makeup running into my eyes! However, I never make an effort to get “made up” before I go. At best, I brush my hair into a ponytail, slap on some deodorant and lip balm (gyms dry my lips out and I don’t know why)!! I’m not out “shopping” so I don’t really care about my appearance as long as those around me realize I’m there to work out, not just be seen!

Jane P.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Nely on

I say, don’t wear any makeup at all. Let be honest if you really need to wear makeup to the gym, Are you really there to work out?

KT fr Cda on

I wish I had the time to go to the gym!!! I’d loved to so badly but can’t. I used to a long time ago. I’d go b4 work. Loved to work out for about an hour and then play squash for an hour by myself. A real good work out for me anyway. I used to wear my make up. I have this rule that I never leave the house without it. I don’t wear much, just enough to feel comfortable. It only takes a few minutes anyways.

Leah D: age 22 on

I actually wear a little water proof mascara and some chap stick.

Alice on

I do, but only because the only time I can go to the gym is after work. But I don’t ever look “completely made-up” anyway, nor do I really sweat so it doesn’t bother me.

Rosa Campos on

No i do not wear makeup to the gym,it’s uncomfortable when you’re sweating and you have makeup running down your office,it looks horrible. I rather be comfortable working out without all that stuff getting on the towels.

Arren C on

I normally hit the gym after work and don’t take the extra step to wash it off. I think it would be rediculous to hit the gym in weekend make up, but being subtle is no biggie. It normally sweats itself off on my gym towel in the end anyway.

judine c on

If you go to the gym to pick up guys by all means get all prettified, but if you are like me and go to get in shape then no make-up.

Stefanie on

I do wear makeup to the gym. I usually go after work, so I just have my makeup on from that day. But when I go on weekend mornings, I just put a little bronzer, blush and mascara. I do sweat and the the bronzer and blush comes off, but by that time my cheeks are already pink from workingout. The mascara stay quite well.

Angie on

Why would anyone wear make-up to the gym?? That’s like wearing make-up to the beach! You know you’re gonna sweat & exert yourself, make-up would get gross!

Trish on

I think it’s funny that some of these ladies are so against wearing makeup at the gym and relating wearing makeup with not being there to actually work out. I go to the gym right from work everyday and the makeup is on (though usually just eye makeup b/c I can’t stand foundation anyway). I work out hard, sweat my butt off (I wear smudge-proof mascara so it wouldn’t run anyway), and look half decent while I’m doing it. On the weekends, I may brush a tiny bit of mascara on if I feel like it… but that’s it. No powder or anything… it’ll be off in 5 minutes anyway.

Elle on

I always wear a little make-up when leaving the house. I have Lupus and tend to look a little pekid so I wear a tad to look healthier. I certainly don’t wear make-up to impress or look for guys. My work-out buddy is my husband!


Shasha on

I wear lip balm but I do that all the time.I also have mascara but I put that on in the morning but I don’t wear any makeup for the gym specially

Tara Michelle on

I believe that wearing make up to the gym is a waste of make up. If some want to then its up to them but for me, I am there to work out and run my butt off. After the treadmill I am a sweaty mess so make up wouldn’t even help. Also I believe that make up and sweating causes zits so I rather go all natural.

Kait C. 23 W.HTFD, CT on

I usually just wear some cover under my eyes, I have bad circles, but other then that, nothing, it’s not good for your skin, at least thats what I hear.

Lin on

It is totally ridiculous to wear make-up to the gym. Who cares if there are guys there or not. Going to the gym is about getting exercise and making you feel good about yourself regardless of what others think. When I go running I go for me, and I certainly don’t care what anyone thinks. Ironically, I still have disgusting men honking from their cars when I am bright red and sweaty. Either way you are going to have unwanted attention. We need to stop this obsession with trying to look picture perfect all the time. It isn’t realistic. If someone is in to me I would prefer to be liked for my personality and intelligence, not the 5 pounds of make-up on my face.

Kendra on

No, I never wear makeup to the gym. I use to wear makeup to the gym because I’d always go after school (back in my high school days.) But now that I am out of high school, I never ever wear makeup to the gym. Before when I did it was always a problem b/c I would always sweat it off and then it would be on my shirt, and I hated having make-up stains on my shirt from sweating, it was embarressing. This seems wierd, but now that I dont’ wear makeup to the gym I get hit on a lot more than when I did wear it. And I DON’T go to the gym to impress guys, I’m there to just get a great workout. I look at girls who wear a lot of makeup to the gym as extremely silly.

Duvy on

You can use a non color mascara, so if u want to bring a natural color on your chicks u can use a blush in cream (in rose tone) so for lips u can use a lip gloss shimmer in natural tones ( i recommend the (Boobi Brown lip gloss in “Rose Sugar), they will make u look very natural and Sexy!

Nichole B. on

I don’t wear make-up to the gym – it’s just a pony tail and the I-Pod for me. There’s no need to go and impress when you’re there for you.

julia H. on

I live in LA and go to the nicest club/gym(Spectrum). There are lots of very Cute guys & gals there. You can tell immedietly who is there to be seen and who is there to workout. The people there after work always look the best(they still have makeup on from the day). I don’t wear foundation anyways, but a lite lipgloss with some color always makes anyones face pop! Your cheeks will be rosey after 5-10 mins. anyways! Mascara is also very helpful, but i would feel ridiculous putting it on just to workout and then wash it off. I’m not against coverup, if you really need it in a specific area(pimples,etc.)

mimi on

i think that jessica has beautiful skin and she should not put on alot of makeup

Kirsten L. on

I work out in the evenings after work, so I usually have a little make-up on, but I would never put make-up on to go to the gym. Besides being married and not worrying about impressing guys, I have a lot of guy friends who make fun of the girls who have 5 pounds of make-up on their face at the gym. I find it quite funny myself.

Marti on

I only wear it if I go to the gym after work – which is usually. But I hate it. I hate the thought of my pores getting all clogged with my makeup because I am sweating. I am there to work out – not look good. But dang, you should see some of the girls that go there. They are there for only one reason – and that is to be stared at by the guys. Personally, I think they look ridiculous!!

Heidi on

My skin breaks out if I leave my makeup on while working out. Definitely wash it off beforehand. Prissy women who come in to the gym all polished erk me. It’s a GYM!!!! You go there to work out which means you’re going to get sweaty and dirty.

Cassie T, 25, Cleveland, Ohio on

I actually go natural. Having your pores suffer with makeup along with sweat is not good. I bring some face wipes along to keep me looking fresh!

Abbie H. on

I do end up wearing make-up to the gym, I go right after work and I don’t have a chance to go home and dress for the gym. But if I am at home and planning to go to the gym, then no, I don’t make myself up. I go to an all female workout class anyway!

Tina on

It seems Jessica IS wearing some makeup in this photo…When I work out I basically use mascara and lipgloss and that is it.. but those are things I never go without! But if people do want to wear makeup to the gym its their call…they are probably coming from work anyhow.

~*Ash*~ on

No, when I’m at the gym I’m there to focus on myself and make sure I reach my goals I set for myself before I leave the house not whether or not the guys beside me thinks I’m hot or not. Besides I have enough self-confidence to know that I’m hot anyways HAHA ;)

Sarah on

I like to see my natural, beautiful glow after a long sweat-fest, so no, I don’t wear make-up to the gym. My skin always feels so fresh and soft when it sweats out all the days pollution through clean pores.

Milwaukee, WI

L on

To “j”,
It does not make sense to wear mascara, that’s stupid and insecure of you, who is going to look at your eyes! DUUUH!

Amy B. on

I go from work straight to the gym, so therefore I do have makeup on. If I have time, I will wash my foundation off. But if I can get to the gym in the morning before work, there’s no need for putting on makeup, no one too impress.

Patricia Smarrelli on

Well, makeup at the gym is a no no. You are there to work out, and trust me, men prefer women to be natural.

Also makeup is actually ageing – so – unless I am going to an event or special dinner etc., I myself don’t wear makeup on daily basis.

So, natural is definitely best at the gym.

Emily B on

As a personal trainer, I see hundreds of gym-goers every day, and I can honestly say that most women at my gym DO wear make-up! However, most limit it to mascara and lip gloss, and sometimes eye shadow. The gym is a place to work-out, not make-out!

amee on

ok, wearing make up to the gym is ridiculous. if you’re trying to get made up, go to a club. and excuse me, i don’t need make up to get attention at the gym since my bodacious bod does that for me anyway, not make up.

Bethanie Newton on

Heck NO! I am there to get a good workout in, not to be concerned if the person next to me is impressed with my makeup! It is too much hassle in my opinion!
Bethanie N
Age 26
San Jacinto, California

Abby F. on

Some days I think I look okay without makeup and then some days I don’t, on those days I usually wear waterproof mascara and some cherry chap stick to give a little color on my lips. I don’t need blush since the workout alone will give me perfect rosey cheeks!

Shary. A, 19, Toronto,CAN on

I think the best way to cover up for the gym is tinted moisturizer some face powder and some clear mascara. Girls, like myself have acne scars and need to cover up, and this is the best way to do it!

Rachel on

I work out after school so i still have make-up on, other then that, i will sometimes put a little mascara on if i feel i look really bad, other then that nope..

Nicole R. on

Wear make up to the gym? Of course! I run, lift, and bike.
I feel naked without my lipstick. I’m happy for the lady who can go completely bare faced and look smashing. For me, I prefer the ‘cosmetically enhanced look.’ And it’s just who I am. My friends laugh at me for it, but they still train with me.

Nicole R.
Charlotte, NC

amanda M. on

I think when you where make-up to the gym it makes you look desperate. Just go to the gym with confidence and that will make you look good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca on

You have to be kidding me right? Who in the heck would wear any makeup to a gym when you are going to be sweating and feeling all worn out? Sure as heck ain’t me! I go to work out with no makeup on and don’t care who looks at me! I am there to work out just like everyone else!

Elena on

YES!!! It’s annoying too, because if I go to the gym in the morning I have to do my mascara and eyeliner, then wash it all off in the shower and do it again. But there’s NO way I’d want to hit the gym without SOME eyemakeup on.

Melissa on

Melissa L. 28 Houston: I wear concealer everytime I leave the house and that includes going to the gym! Who wants to look in all those mirrors and be distracted from your workout by your circles?

robin on

To L, Everyone looks at people’s eyes first..DUUH! To say someone who wears a little mascara is insecure and stupid is foolish! There are good waterproof brands that don’t even come off…people that get offended by someone wearing mascara or even some colored lip balm at the gym always seems the the ones that are just jealous of that person.

Jellie on

These people who are all anti-makeup are SO phony. Did anyone ever consider that wearing makeup is not the same as trying to pick up a man?

Laura on

It’s already on from getting ready earlier in the day. And, it helps that I look better with a little makeup than a lot.

cyn on

Settle down girls – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look at and be looked at when you’re in the gym. I’ll assume that all these women who seem so down on the idea of being looked at by the opposite sex, must be wearing baggy sweats and loose tank tops.

and I dont believe the article says anything about wearing “full” makeup or 5 tonnes of th stuff. Just makeup. Yes, a little concealor and mascara never hurt anybody.

Cat, 40, Oceanside CA on

A little bit of Revlons skinlights in Mocha on the eyelids and some mascara and i’m fresh and good to go with no make-up running as I’m running around the track!

Kayla G. on

I don’t think that you should wear make up at the gym – I like to work out, not create pimples and blemishes!

comment4U on

Of course not….I’m there to make faces like Rocky, on a bad day, while torturing myself on the elliptical machine. Raquel Welch wouldn’t make herself up to perfection only to grimace….

Eleanor G, Dublin, Ireland on

I always wear a little make-up to the gym. I consider it a pivotal part of getting psychologically ready, any time I leave the house. It’s not a defence-mechanism, it’s just a matter of getting psyched up for whatever tasks lie ahead. I take a couple of moments to put on some light foundation, eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow – nothing flashy. Usually I’m also visualising where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing, which is part of getting in the “Zone” for me. Then, when I’m working out and catch sight of myself in the mirror, I think “Okay! Not too bad! This is something worth working on”. I know that if I didn’t take those couple of steps before leaving the house, I’d feel frumpy and wouldn’t work out to my full potential. Feeling like you look presentable always puts an extra spring in your step, whether you reach that feeling by using make-up, clothes, or au naturel. It’s a matter of maximising what you’ve got, for the right reasons.

Jenn on

I can’t go out into public without my eyebrows – everything else can stay at home haha!

Brandy P. on

How pretty can you really be when your sweaty and hot? Mascara running down your face and clogged pores worries me more than attracting men.

Veronica L on

Never leave home with out Cover Girl Color Stay waterproof liquid eyeliner, and Christian Dior’s DiorShow mascara. That stuff will last throught tears and a rainstorm!

Katherine A. Chicago IL Age: 24 on

I won’t leave the house without a clean face and a fresh mouth. When I go to the gym I like to work out in very little makeup. When I exercise I glow (hu-umm, perspire) and that is when I feel most beautiful. I usually mosturize my skin, swipe my lashes with mascara, and my lips with lipgloss and oh- put on some deod and go! Hey, you never know who you might run into.

Kristen on

Your purpose at the Gym is to sweat, not to to try to be glamorous. If you need make-up to go to the gym, then your going for the wrong reasons.

Alice on

Just because someone wears makeup to the gym doesn’t meet they are there to impress guys. Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Most people have lives, so when they go to the gym they are usually coming from somewhere else, such as work. Wearing mascara doesn’t mean you aren’t serious about working out.

rachel on

No, way! That would not be good and who are you trying to impress??? I go to the gym to exercise/sweat and it shouldn’t matter what I look like. I have a natural beauty so it wouldn’t matter and so does Jessica Biel.

Trish M on

Makeup comes off too quickly so I concentrate a little more on other areas like my outfit (nothing crazy like super tight spandex or anything) and my hair, just to look put together. Guys really like the whole athletic look. And I seem to remember an aweful lot of muscle shirts on guys to show off their assets, why not show of mine? Why not meet a guy at a gym? You obviosly have at least one thing in common.

Sam on

Yes, I wear makeup to the gym–because I go right after work. On the weekends no. But I don’t get how wearing makeup to the gym equates to insecurity? There is nothing wrong with looking your best anywhere you are. If you don’t wear makeup fine…but just because the girl next to you is doesn’t mean she is insecure or looking for a man.

KC on

No I don’t wear makeup to the gym, first off if you are there to workout and not date then there is no reason for it. Secondly, it’s horrible for you skin. It irritates me to no end when people come to the gym to get dates and waste other peoples time chatting on equipment. ( not to mention when people wear purfume it’s even worse).

Johanna on

Actually, I do wear make up. Not because of the boys working out, or trying to impress anybody but because I have really pale skin and need a little help from powder and/or foundation. Which is all I wear to the gym, just enough to cover them freckles, and brown spots. Or unless, i go straight from work, then i just wipe off the eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss. I’m sure a lot of women do the same.



Jen on

Wearing makeup to the gym is ridiculous, totally unneccesary. The most makeup I have ever worn to the gym is tinted lip balm, and that can barely be considered makeup.

neeks on

i’m only 15 and i can get pretty self concious without makeup but i would never wear it to the gym.
i figure skate so i pretty much haul ass every day at my gym and at the rink. at the gym i am almost always the only girl *sigh*
the guys treat me wiht respect becuase i’m in there working hard and be strong
plus i have a nicer body then some of the slackers at my school haha

Mary on

Those who are saying that they wear makeup while working out even though they claim that they’re really not trying to impress anyone (aside from those who are trying to cover up birthmarks), are really just lying to themselves. The purpose of makeup is to cover up flaws and to make themselves look better. And by wanting to look better, you are unconsciously trying to impress someone.

elle on

I wear natural makeup, so i can still look super ah-dorable while working out!

Jess on

I can understand that u might want to but that is most definatly not for me. I dont realy care personaly but to each there own

Robin on

I go after work, wo my makeup is already on. What’s the bid deal. Either wear it or don’t.

sherlain on

Yes I agree with the last quote. Im there to exercise PERIOD. Not going out to a 4 star restaurant. Mascera maybe sometimes and chapstick.

Marcie on

I usually go to the gym after work. So yes, of course I wear make-up to the gym. There’s no rule that you have to look less pretty just because you’re sweating!

Tracey G. on

Yes–coverup if I have a spot, plus mascara (top lashes only) and a bit of lip balm.

Stephanie M., Topeka, KS on

I used to when I thought that being “cute” mattered to guys at the gym. Then it dawned on me: anyone who cares whether you are wearing make-up at the gym, is obviously there to criticize others, not to work out. I go there to do just that: work up a sweat. And I am not going to have the makeup on my face when I LEAVE the gym, so it shouldn’t matter if I have it on when I ARRIVE. Plus, I go tanning to de-stress before I hit the weights and it’s not good for the pores to have makeup then anyway.

Christine on

Oh HECK no! Well, one – I go to work out, not to impress those around me… but then again… I work out at the gym from 4 – 6 a.m. So there’s really no one there either.

But those who do show up and work out in makeup,lots of jewelry, and so much perfume that makes you want to gag… they’re the butt of jokes at my 24hr Fitness!

Ellen M on

Full make-up clogs my pores at the gym and feels disgusting when I sweat. I tend to just dab concealer on any major red spots and leave everything else natural.

Vanessa on

I was at the gym on Saturday. I saw this girl who was probably 17 years old. She had tons of make-up on, this tiny little outfit, and loads of jewelry on. I looked at her and started to laugh, it was that ridiculous. If you are really going to the gym to pick up guys, then you need to get a life. Lose the make-up and go workout for yourself, not someone else.

Alison G on

You wear makeup at the gym to pick up guys, not break a sweat. It’s always the same tiny girl who runs for 15 minutes holding her faux diamond studded mp3 player wearing black leggings barely breaking a sweat, as she scouts the area for hot guys. Her waterproof mascara pretty much goes untested when she leaves with a few numbers and the same bony butt. It’s a personal choice, but I use the gym as a place to workout looking like crap, so I can then look hot the REST of the time.

soeid on

It depends…sometimes. If I go after work I’m not going to take it off just so I can work out…but If I go bright eyed and bushy tailed…I’m not rolling out of bed to put make-up on before I hit the elliptical…it’s really not that important.

neeks on

OMG i so agree with the person above me
i sneer at tiny girls in leggings with a thong above the top and a teeny beater and a diamond encrusted ipod and new highlights who “hits the bike” at 10 RPMs a minute

Meaghan M. on

My biggest pet peeve is when you can tell that a girl spent more time getting ready to go to the gym than she actually spends working out! You are at the gym to work out… NOT to look pretty.

Brooke B on

I go straight to the gym from work so I wear whatever make-up is still on there from the morning’s application.

tara sewell on

I usually dont wear makeup to the gym. I dont see anything wrong with women who want to look nice, even at the gym, but I personally see no reason to take extra time doing my make-up when im going to look like a mess when im through with my workout anyway.

taura on

why can’t wearing make up be a personal choice. i wear lip gloss to the gym because i like the way it makes my lips look and feel. So what if I am sweaty. Besides, some people may wear make up because it makes them feel more confident. It takes confidence to go to the gym where all your jiggly parts are out on display. ladies lets not be haters!!! Do what ya gotta do to keep going into the gym!

Jen on

Since when does wearing mascara make you a slut? And since when do you sweat out of your eyelids to the extent where you’d really have the stuff running down your face?

And anyone who thinks makeup is just for picking up guys obviously hasn’t had a date in a while. I’m MARRIED, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good when I leave the house.

danielle on

No no no. Wearing makeup to the gym is like wearing makeup to the beach. If you arent going to sweat its fine. Otherwise that is a horrible combination for your skin. And trust me…those of us without makeup are laughing behind your back at you being so vain.

Mase on

What kind of question is that? Ofcourse NOT. It’s just my trusty bottle of water, my iPOD, me in a pony tail, comfortable sweat pants and a shirt and some adiddas and THAT’S IT. It’s not even practical, think about, ur either running, doing cardio, spinnig, lifting weights, now would you wanna wipe your sweat and have your blush and mascara come off with it as well. I think it’s desperate and insecure and very trashy to wear make-up to the gym. There are OTHER places for you to look “FABULOUS” ladies. The gym on the other hand is for people who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. NOT the “Oops, I forgot my lip-gloss” kind.

Kafa-New York on

Of course! As long as you walk out wearing eye liner and moisterizer than thats all you need to get that special persons attention.

tania on

Funny how most are saying “Eeuuww, I would never wear make-up to the gym!!” I would say 80% of the women at my gym wear make-up so these women must not live around here. I go at lunch or after work so I have make-up on and I must have good make-up because I work out hard and my mascara never runs down my face. Maybe if I jumped in the pool. And what is so wrong about wanting to meet a healthy guy? Guess it’s more respected to get fake boobs and meet men at the bars.

Jana on

I’ll keep it on if I am hitting the gym after work… but in the AM – No way.

BC on

why would anyone wear make up to work out? It would all run off youre face.

Robyn on

lip balm, powder & mascara, otherwise i look like i’m asleep.

Robyn on

Wow, people are really making some very judgemental statements on this board. Just b/c you wear a little makeup to the gym doesn’t mean that you’re not serious about your workouts. I’m a marathon runner and I wear light makeup to go running. I run by myself outside and I like knowing that I look at least half way decent and awake. I wear it too make myself feel better and it’s a shame that people here or so critical.

Hz on

Yes, I do wear make-up only because I go after work and I don’t wash my face before I work out. If I go on the weekends I don’t wear make-up. I think it all depends on why you are at the gym. I am there to work out and lose weight, I am married with a daughter. Some women (and men) go to the gym to maintain a great body and pick up people. I don’t see any harm in it.

HMD, New Jersey.

chelsea on

all i wear is eye-liner and mascara.
i never go anywhere w/o those two on.
its just a comfort thing.

Erin on

Unless I go to the gym after work (which is rare – I’m a 6 am go-er); the only thing I wear is chapstick! I don’t even own cute workout clothes – my thought, why spend $50 on cute clothes when I’m going to sweat in it? I’m all about $5 t’s and the little cheerleading shorts you can get for $7!

Fatumata J on

I think applying a little bit of make-up before hitting the gym won’t hurt but just make sure it a good make-up and not one of those make-up that make your face look messing and unattractive during a hard workout.

Lis on

I wear a little because I go to the gym straight from work, and I usually have makeup on when I go to my office. I do however wash my face after I am done because having makeup on cloges your pores even more so after you have just worked out.

Karen on

If I go to the gym directly from work, then I have makeup on but it’s only mascara and maybe a little shadow. If I go before work or on the weekend, it’s au naturel. I have yet to find a truly waterproof makeup and I sweat. I mean, that’s what we’re there for…. right?

Nat Browne on

Having a very poor skin complexion, I absolutely wear make-up to the gym…even when taking out the trash. It’s not about guys, it’s about striving for excellence and I would be less than excellent with red blotches and whimpy lashes.

catherine on

oh my Gosh!
I wear a full face to the gym and I NOT the kind of person who puts there hair in a ponytail~ yuck in public I think not!!!!! I get hit on at the gym all the time( I don’t tell my boyfriend!) I think it is inportant that you always look your VERY best which for me is STUNNING! texas girls are HOT~

Victoria on

I think you can do ABSOLOUTELY whatever you want to do. If you feel insecure, wear some coverup, blitex, and a tinted moisterizer!! If you think it’s gross then don’t But makeup keeps your skin from breathing and sweating and makes build up =pimples

Tayme on

Nope, I don’t wear make-up to the gym. That is just a preference of mine. I don’t know about most women, but if I wear a powder on my face, the sweat makes it oily on my skin and it just feels nasty. Immediately when I get home to take a shower, I wash my face as well. I mostly go to the gym in the mornings, not after work anymore. I just put on some comfortable clothes and shoes, put my hair in a ponytail, clip or bun, grab my I-Pod, bottle of water and Gatorade, and a towel, and I’m out the door. I don’t see a problem with women wearing mascara or lip gloss to the gym. That doesn’t make them conceited or anything. I used to wear mascara to the gym, but stopped because I was just gonna wash it off when I got home anyways. I do however wear chapstick, because my lips get chapped. I think whatever the person’s personal preference is, go for it. I don’t pass judgement on any person, because I’m not like that. I choose the choices I make for myself. We don’t know if a person who chooses to wear make-up is wearing it for a specific reason, like skin irritation, skin disease, pale skin, a birthmark or things like that, that is how they feel comfortable, so laughing at someone isn’t right. I do know that wearing a lot of make-up isn’t good for the skin, so maybe for those ladies getting off of work and going to the gym can buy some of those facial wipes and just wipe off what they can, like around the cheeks, chin, forehead, that’s if you choose to do so, that’s what I do, just letting anyone know in case they’re curious. Saying that if you wear make-up to the gym is the only way for ladies to find men, how can so many make a bold statement without knowing a reason behind it. I do agree that *IF* I woman *IS* going there to check out guys, that she should know that a man is more likely to like the natural you and show how confident you are, and how you aren’t there to impress anyone, but think about your health, but those who *ARE* passing judgement on women who wear make-up and saying they’re there for men only, that’s only you assuming. I think what we should be applauding is to all the ladies responding are all about being healthy, kudos to you ladies.

Brittany Andersen on

i only wear makeup if i already have it on. i usually go to the gym at night so if i wore makeup that day then i wore makeup to teh gym that day. but i never put on makeup when i go tot he gym. theres really no point.

Rhonda Kurtenbach on

Not since I was 14 have my red eyelashes and I left the house without our Mascara!

I was a young Mom too on

Tell Brittany Spears to stop showing it all. She needs to leave a little to the imagination. Brittany keep them guessing whats under the skirt,slacks or under the blouse. Its sexier than letting it all hang out . Talk to Oprah let her help you get a bra that supports you . Your a Mom you can still look sexy but don’t look like a slut and that’s how your coming off now.

SaraS on

Sara S.
Houston, TX
Age: 23

I unfortunatly do not and cannot go without makeup to the gym in the evenings so I am usually wearing the same makeup I went to work in. HOWEVER, I can go without makeup to the gym in the morning when my face is fresh with no redness! Its weird, I know.

Lissette L. 26, West Palm Beach, Florida on

Whelp, this is kind of an important issue. I do not wear make-up to the gym. I think that if you’re even at the gym, you’ve taken a huge step for yourself and for your health. Women always want to look good….no matter what. I understand that and agree…..but on the other hand, we all know that wearing make-up while working out does nothing but clog your pores which leads to pimples/breakouts etc…. What good is it to have a wonderfully toned and healthy body if your face looks not so healthy??

Alyssa on

The only reason I have make up on when I go to the gym is if I was coming straight from work. Other than that, I just use moisturizer. I will not however, bash a woman who likes to put on a little to conceal imperfections, because just that little bit can make you feel good about yourself, and no matter what you are doing, that added confidence helps.

Dixie Marie on

Oh how I wish I could go to the gym everyday. I am about 40 miles from the closest gym so I have to work out in my house while my kids are running all over the place. Not sure if I would wear makeup or not.

Jessica H on

I remove all makeup! Although, when I am running in a race, I will wear lip gloss! I like to look pretty for the camera!

Tera on

It depends…sometimes I workout right after work and don’t wash my face before. But if it’s the first thing I do, I see no problem in wearing a little mascara and light foundation…to cover the bad areas.

Jen on

You all are soooo judgmental…geesh. If you’re only there to work out then quit gawking and staring at people that choose to wear make-up. It’s really no one’s business to say what people should or shouldn’t do to their faces at the gym, let alone to call them stupid for it! Now, I don’t actually go to a gym, because frankly, I find them nasty and refuse to pay for something I can do anywhere for free. In the summer I run outside and in the winter I do yoga and park far away from stores. I always try to eat healthy though, which I find makes the biggest difference. I don’t usually wear make-up when I do work-out but will on some days, (like, my pale period days) and don’t find anything wrong with it. RELAX!!!!

mima on

No way,no makeup.

Aiste on

Mostly I go to gym in evening, so there’s left makeup and I don’t clean it off. When I go to exercise in the morning I don’t wear makeup, moreover I’m going to women’s sport club, so I don’t really care that any guy will see me without makeup, actually, if any see, it won’t be tragedy [;

Aiste on

Mostly I go to gym in evening, so there’s left makeup and I don’t clean it off. When I go to exercise in the morning I don’t wear makeup, moreover I’m going to women’s sport club, so I don’t really care that any guy will see me without makeup, actually, if any see, it won’t be tragedy [;

Amelia on

i would just use masacra. it is kind of good enough.

Asia on

I will only wear- Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash mascara. it doesn’t run, smear, smudge, or flake AND its easy to remove after a workout. i will also wear a little gloss, rub my lips together to get a sheer matte/shiny looking finish. and in case of a zit (though i rarely get them) dabbing a little maybelline coverstick corrector concealer. it covers the blemish with a waterproof and natural finish.

mary on

well duh!!! of course i do you never know what hotties you might run into. but i only waer natural looking make-up

Adelia on

I can’t believe Brad Pitt is finally going to say “I do” with the Joker (Angelina Jolie). For me, Angelina is not beautiful; she looks like the JOKER, with her big lips. Also, why on earth is Jonny Lee Miller included in the list of guests to be invited. Why can’t Brad Pitt say, “No Jonny Lee Miller”. If Angelina is still so attached with Jonny Lee Miller, why don’t she re-marry her ex. Angelina (Joker), if you really love Brad, which I doubt you do, drop Jonny Lee Miller. OR, if you still care about Jonny Lee Miller, drop Brad. Why are so proud telling the whole world that you stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston while Brad was still married to Jennifer? Also, Brad, did you forget your vows with Anistion? For me, the beautiful one is Jennifer Aniston. Brad, listen to your mother. She feels and knows in her heart you are making the biggest mistake in the world by marrying Angelina. Angelina only loves you because of YOUR MONEY. Think about it, why can’t she drop Jonny Lee Miller. Because he is not as rich as you are. I do hope I am wrong. There was a rumor that Angelina is a bipolar (her father said that). There is a saying, Love is blind and lovers cannot see. I say you are Brad boy.

jessica on

I do wear make-up while sporting. I mostly wear a waterproof mascara, so it can’t run into my eyes when I’m sweating. But Jessica looks really nice on this picture!

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