Natasha Richardson's Dress Deja Vu

01/25/2007 at 10:45 AM ET

At this week’s NYC premiere of hubby Liam Neeson’s new film Seraphim Falls, Natasha Richardson looked beautiful and elegant — and more than a little bit familiar. Not only had she worn her J. Mendel fur-trimmed frock to the premiere of her mother’s film Venus back in December, but she even accesorized it the same way with strappy heels and a soft updo. At the Venus premiere, Richardson told PEOPLE of her dress, “[Designer Gilles Mendel] came up with this fabulous dress for The White Countess premiere, and he sent me a great dress for the Dreamgirls premiere, so I went and bought this.” We think Natasha looked great both times, and why not wear a dress to events twice — especially if you paid for it? So, tell us: What do you think? Should more stars wear their dresses again to events?

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Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic; Marion Curtis/Startraks

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Carole on

There’s no excuse to wear fur. Period. Shame on her.

Ali on

True, fur is gross, but wearing the same thing twice is fine by me. For the average person, it’s pretty unrealistic to wear something only once, and with the number of events people like Natasha Richardson have to go to, trying to keep track of all their outfits gets a little excesive. If it looks good, I’m all for wearing it again.

Though I don’t really think fur ever looks good.

Charla Dickenson on

RIGHT ON CAROLE! Is that real fur? It looks real, if so SHAME on her. Ya, I like to wear my clothing more than once, I don’t own any disposable clothing. But I do wear something different everytime I go to a event, party or get together with friends and/or family. So I think if I owned a simmilar, way less expensive dress, minus the fur, I would have worn it several times, but only once to an event or at least with a totally different hairdo (like down) and with different jewellery that would have been a bit more fun! But whatever floats her boat, the thing that really bothers me is the fur! A sheer ruffle in the same material as the top part of the dress would have looked way nicer anyway! Or a coloured ruffle for a little flare, whatever, just no real fur lady! C’mon.

Dixie Marie on

Definitly. Cute dress. I would surely wear it a couple of times!!

KC on

Please don’t tell me that’s fur at the bottom of her dress! She shouldn’t be wearing fur anyway. Stepping down from my pedestal, the dress is not that attractive, the length is not a good one for her and it’s a little to much going on with the sheer and the fur at the same time. It’s plain old not fashionable, the fact that she wore it again confirms her as a Tacky dresser.

Stephanie on

I would never wear fur, unless it’s was fake. But as for wearing a dress 2 times? Why not! It’s crazy that these actresses can’t wear the same thing twice. My little black dress was well worth all the time I’ve worn it and just changed bags and shoes…

Meg on

Love the dress, hate the fur (both from an aesthetic and environmental viewpoint). And I agree with Stephanie, if you love a dress, why not wear it a few times to different events? It’s not like wearing the same thing to the Oscars two years in a row.

tina on

The fur is sad but why not wear a dress you love more than once to different events. It’s silly to think you can’t wear an article of clothing you paid for more than once!

j on

the fur is AWFUL.
i think stars should wear their dresses more than once, but i can understand why they don’t. if i was constantly being photographed, i wouldn’t want to be seen in the same thing twice. probably.

Mrs.Borrego on

Seriously I think the dress would look much better if it didn’t have the fur trim in the bottom. It would look much more classier. As for wearing a same outfit twice to events I think that it is fine. But if I were a celebrity and had the money I probably wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice.

M on

I don’t agree with the fur but I see absolutely nothing wrong with celebrities wearing the same outfit more than once. Especially if they paid for it and it wasn’t just given to them by the designer. However, because of her celebrity status, I wouldn’t have worn it so soon after wearing it the first time.

Daniela on

Get over the fur thing. You know ya’ll all have leather shoes! Its the same thing. Why don’t you start hating on these stars for their leather boots?

But good for her for wearing the dress again. Its a waste to only ever wear something once.

Kristen on

Why do people care so much about fur?? Not to offend anyone, but it’s just animals… I hope everyone that complained about fur is a vegetarian because you can’t just pick and choose when you care and when you don’t. I don’t own any fur and never would, but I think there are a lot better causes out there than the treatment of animals.

Angie on

I dont like the fur,it look’s stupid but the upper half is okay. As far as wearing a dress twice, i’m all for it, they should after how much they spend on them.

Anonymous on

Fur-hating hypocrits! You should care more about the 7 year old Indonesian kid who made that pair of sneakers you’re wearing than some animal bred solely for their pelts. She looks fabulous and the dress is gorgeous. I think it’s refreshing for a Hollywood star to wear something more than once. It makes her more relatable to the general population.

Sharon on

Assuming the fur is faux, I think it gives a nice winter look to this dress. Perhaps a little heavy at the bottom — it weights her down a bit — but still, a nice seasonal look. Otherwise, the dress would look like just any other dress…
I say wear it till it wears out!

Chelsea on

I agree, who cares about the fur. I agree with Kristin and the vegetarian comment. Regardless, that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I think it’s dumb to buy something every day and wear it only once. Yeah we all do it for a special occasion or party once in awhile and that makes sense. Besides, it’s more enjoyment for me to get to see all the cool dresses at every awards show.

Jo on

to answer the original question, which was should stars wear the dress more than once (not should they wear fur…) i think YES, they should start re-wearing dresses! Even the stars must think its a bit of a waste to buy an expensive, beautiful dress and only wear it for a few hours.

Alice on

I personally wouldn’t wear fur but I’m not going to sit around and bash people that do or go throw blood on them or whatever else PETA does.
Anyway, I would wear the same dress twice if it was for event that didn’t have all the same guests. Or just get a simple dress that can be accessoried a few different ways.

C on

This is a really cute dress and it looks great on her. Why not wear something more than once? It always seems so wasteful to wear something just one time. Love the shoes too!

Elda on

Animals have a gift humans do not have, they can detect things in nature and help save human lifes. Yes it is very important for us to care about animals. I don’t believe in eating and using all the animals for human pleasure!!

abc123 on

I agree with Kristen, Anonymous and Daniela . Some of you anti-fur people are just too unrealistic for me.

Anyway, the dress would be prettier without the fur b/c it detracts for the true beauty of the dress. And I’m sure she could have chosen a different dress if she wanted to, but she didn’t, and she doesn’t have to. It’s already paid for anyway.

tiffany on

Good for her wearing the same thing!! Why is it news when celebrities wear clothes more than once? It’s only bad if they’re wearing the same outfit two days in a row. If it weren’t for magazines i doubt anyone would even NOTICE that she wore that before. She looks great!! But I do think that the fur part of the dress is ugly…but that’s just because i dont like wearing furry things!!

Elda on

P.S. Someone has to speak for the animals because they don’t have a voice!!! Maybe we can learn something special from them!!

monique on

Wearing fur is disgusting. :X

Layla on

If I liked a dress i would deffinatly wear it again! And to you animal activists, just be greatful she recycled the fur and didnt go out and but another fur to wear.

Charla Dickenson on

People should care about ALL causes. and animals causes are so important in this world. We tend to have such arrogance as humans, thinking we know best. Well look at our problem ridden world and then look at the animal world. Do they have war, drugs, sexual abuse and other crimes, hate, prejudice, corruption, poverty and pollution(only the polution we created). NO, they live in a harmony I wish we people will live in someday. Have a little respect for animals and the world around you. We could learn a lot from the animal world.
As I have said on another post, animals eat other animals(ie; circle of life, nutrition). Wearing animal fur is sensless cruelty solely for vanity (unless you are living off the land). We all need food, we don’t need fur coats. Being a vegetarian is a personal choice. It is important to not lump everything into one category and be able to see the clear distinctions. Food and vanity fur are completely different. One can choose to eat animals, since animals eat animals, but not to wear fur which was ripped off a tortured and eventually killed helpless little creature just to look like J-Lo. And if you found that part hard to read then imagine what it felt like. Compassion and empathy; important emotions to have!

Lily on

Love the dress, love the fur, would absolutely wear it. Would never wear fake fur, by the way.

!!! on

OH MY GOSH! Who would ever think to wear something more than once!! Gag me! That is so stupid! IF it looks good and you like it wear it as many times as you want! This rule also goes for if you wear the same thing as someone else in celeb world. Its a compliment!

j on

daniela, anon, kristen, abc123:
your ignorance re fur FLOORS me. have you never had a pet?! maybe educate yourselves a little bit, visit peta’s website or pic up other literature on the subject. i’m no freak about it, but i DO have a heart for other living things. i’d choose animals over nasty people like you any day of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandie on

The whole world has lost its mind…she looks wonderful the dress is great and the fur is fabulous.

Jen on

J Mendel is known for making a very realistic fake fur…so I’m guessing that it’s fake. I wouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions when it doesn’t actually say if it’s real or fake.

Emily on

I think it’s cool that she’s comfortable enough to wear something twice… and as far as the fur goes… why not? the animal is gonna die anyway, might as well be for a good cause.

Chelsea on

I hope all of you Anti-Fur people do not own leather shoes. You could easily buy cloth shoes. There’s no need to own leather purses or belts either. If you do own any of these items, then maybe you should think about what you are saying. These items are not needed to live for food or any other reason.

Oh, and Charla: hahahahahahahahahahahaha…you sounded really dumb

Elda on

Charla Dickenson I really admire your comments, i always make sure to read yours. They always mean something to me and hopefully to others.

Rebecca on

Sure whatever. May be kind of a faux pas since your in the public eye and its expected you will wear something different each time…but nothing wrong with being an individual.

anna on

that dress it’s gross and she is just an ignorant, cruel, selfish woman.

anna on

for people who like fur, the animals are skined alive, is cruel and isn’t a good look anyway. it’s very getto.

Charla Dickenson on

Thank you Elda.
It was your wise comments that inspired me to write more on this subject.
Take Care and Thanks again

enigma on

Well, I am just SHOCKED and STUNNED at some of these comments regarding the “who cares about fur.” and anti-fur people being unrealistic! My god what a foolish thing to say let alone think!!

How can anybody think that, in today’s society when humans are the driving force of animals going to extinction!!

I agree with Carole, Charla, Elda, and j.

I am soooo mifted at some of these comments, I don’t know what to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica on

I have to say that the dress is very nice looking and i see nothing wrong with wearing a dress on more than one occasion. I have to agree with some of the people commenting about the over-reaction to fur. I don’t wear fur, only because i don’t like how it looks, however, i have several pairs of leather shoes, bags, and coats. Unless all those who are so against fur uses don’t wear or own leather, then good for you. You don’t wear fur. You saved an animal. However, if you criticize those who wear fur, in your black leather shoes or eat any type of animal product, then shame on you for being so hypocritical. I don’t wear fur, but i have nothing against it. But thats the beauty of living in America. I can wear fur/leather if i want, and you can choose not to if you want!

Kristen on

For all you people hatin’ on the fur, let’s hope your all are vegans!! Please practice what you preach and don’t say things just because it sounds good. Second, I’m not rich so
yes, I’d wear a dress more than once, to a social event. Even if I was rich, I’d still wear it more than once.

Kristin on

Calm down everyone- you don’t even know of the fur is real or not. You should not just assume it is real to begin with. All of you against fur, do you wear wool? Same concept, just the animals are not killed. And someone pointed out the very vaild and argueable point- you better not be preaching about fur and enjoyed a hamburger or ANY meat byproduct- its all or nothing. Personally- I will not wear real fur, but I see nothing wrong in faux fur…

Charla- the difference between the HUMAN world and the ANIMAL world is we have evolved into a civialized society. Do we need a history lesson on human evolution and we were originated from? Nor can you justify animal cruelty and still eat animals. If you are against aniaml cruelty, it is in all forms.

As far as the dress goes- its nice and fitting for Natasha. And yes, I would wear a dress more than once- there is no shame in that.

abc123 on

You don’t have to be “floored” by what you call my “ignorance” j. Don’t speak of my education because you actually do not know what I know or don’t know. It is solely my opinion, and I am entitled to such.

So are you saying that ANYONE who had or has a pet should be vegetarians or not wear fur??? I don’t understand your reason for even asking that question.

BUT, FYI…I actually went on the PETA website awhile ago and I saw what they do to those animals. BUT it is NO DIFFERENT to from how you get your meals most of the time, ESPECIALLY if you are not a vegetarian. That to me is the equivalent to saying one way of “murder” is the better than another. And THAT makes sense? Not to me because murder would be murder, no matter how you look at it. And if you don’t think so, THAT’S IGNORANT. I’LL LET YOU PROCESS THAT.

Let’s take a step further. I hope you DO NOT own anything leather in your closet because guess what? THAT CAME FROM AN ANIMAL TOO!!! So please, do not try to act holier than thou if you are not.

The fact still remains that there is little to no one from the PETA organization (or anyone else) boycotting restaurants who serve beef, pork, chicken, or fish on a daily basis the way you attack people or celebrities for wearing fur rather than eating meat, etc. PERIOD.

I’m real tired of some of you who actually believe it is okay to attack someone for wearing fur but you turn around and have a complete non-vegetarian meal.

Daniela on

j and Charla,

Do you have a pair of leather shoes? Do you have a leather belt? What about a leather purse?

Do you eat chicken or pork? If so, you are contributing to the cruelty. Haven’t you ever seen a truck carrying hundreds of crammed in chickens down the road? And did you know that chicken farmers kill baby chickens with their foot if they think its not going to be big enough? They take pigs in in groups and kill them one at a time, with the other pigs watching.

If you eat mean or wear leather, then you are the hypocrite. Don’t pick and choose just the fur. If you’re going to carry the cause go for all of it.

Charla Dickenson on

Of course we are evolved. At what point did I ever say we are not. Are we civivlized … to a certain degree, when I see the violence and problems in the world I wouldn’t say we are as civilized as we could be.
We must have respect for this world and for all things in it, including animals. The ALL or NOTHING concept is not logical. Do you live by an all or nothing regime? If you really think about what that means you would realize that it is not possible or healthy. Life is about balance and clearly understanding all elements of it. Many people believe in using our ressources intelligently and responsibly. Wether we are vegetarians or wether we eat meat for nutrition there is a tremendous difference between eating meat for nourishment and wearing fur for vanity. Again, animals eat other animals doesn’t that tell you anything about the nature of life on earth. Being carniverous is not the same thing as being vain and selfish and insisting on wearing fur when we all know about the sensless cruelty involved. Nutrition and fashion are very different things.
I don’t mean any harm, but I am intitled to my beliefs.

Charla Dickenson on

Do you think it is cruel and vicious when animals eat other animals, why don’t you go and yell at all the carniverous animals out there. How can you not see the distinction and the reality of nature? I do not own anything made of leather or fur and I by all of products from companies that do not test on animals. How about you guys was your makeup tested on aniumals? You see the argument can go on forever. I seperate sensless cruelty from the nature and circle of life.
Whether I am a vegetarian or not I have always fundamentally disagreed with the “eating animals is the same thing as wearing animals ” concept. There is such a big difference. Vegans criticize vegetarians and it goes on and on. There is a difference between sensless violence and abuse towards animals and the nature of life. Being a carnivor is not the same thing as being viciously and senslessly cruel to animals.
Yes there is a lot of cruelty in the world but if we boycott everything that was created unethically we would not wear clothes or eat or buy anything. Human beings are treated viciously by companies too, like the kids who most likely made some of your clothes. The point is to avoid things that are senslessly cruel. And then instead of trying to avoid everything that may have been produced through cruelty(which is physically impossible) you spend your time standing up to cruelty and working for causes that support what you care about. Boycotting in the end is not a constructive enough use of our time. You can spend every ounce of your time and energy searching for companies that are COMPLETELY ethical or you can use your time to stand up for what you believe in.

By looking at nature we can learn a lot about our world.

abc123 on

To Charla Dickenson:

My whole point is “slaughter is slaughter,” no matter what the cause is, what it’s used for, why you do it, etc. One does not make it more justifiable than the other. Either way you look at it, an animal is being slaughtered for some purpose — whether it’s for nourishment or any other reason. period.

I am fully aware that we need food to keep our bodies going, okay, okay. I get it. But my point still remains: IF you eat meat, please try not to attack others for going the extra mile as to wearing it. And if they can live with themselves before (or even after) knowing the facts, then let them live their fur-wearing meat-eating lives. ULTIMATELY it’s up to the invididual anyway.

Charla Dickenson on

I really appreciate what you are saying. It is a very complex subject. It does not sit well with me that animals are slaughtered for any reason. There are no easy answers, because we live in a very corrupt and cruel world. I do feel that fur is a lot less justifiable then food and that people are really pushing the enveloppe when they wear fur. It is all very complicated. There is still so much debate about wether you can truely get proper nourishment from a vegetarian lifestyle. I hope I am not opening up a debate on that with anyone, because even doctors disagree.

I just like to steer clear of things that are outlandishly and selfishly cruel. I am not part of PETA and I would never throw paint on anyone or anything like that. I really do not believe in any kind of enforcement, I wish for people to make their own choice. I do like to debate things and speak out about what I believe. Sharing views is a great part of life.
I feel that looking good is just not enough of a defense, while being well nourished is definitely more acceptable. It seems that the defense of fur is just to bring up how corrupt other industires are, which is a pretty lame defense. It’s hard to not run into some sort of a double standard in this very imperfect world. I spent a long time thinking about the very issues you brought up when I was trying to figure out my own choices in life. Unfortunately I don’t think we will ever live in a cruel free world or a vegetarian world for that matter. But wouldn’t the world be a nicer place without the fur industry. I feel it could logically over time be removed and companies could switch to making faux fur in order to not cause too much disruption to employment and the economy. It wouldn’t be easy, but realistically I think it is possible. I think the world could survive without it. I feel the only way to improve the world is one little victory at a time.

I know I write a lot it’s just my style, it’s really not meant to be rude. I never mean to come accross as arrogant. I always appreciate different points of view because I learn a lot from them.

abc123 on

Charla Dickenson,

We both have different views and they both make sense (well to me it does). I always appreciate it when someone can show me a rational, different point of view. As always, people make their own choices and they have to live with the decisions they make.

I try to respect everyone’s opinions, but even though I addressed my previous post to you, my point was for a lot of people to take a look at their own lives before they pass judgment onto someone else (something people really don’t do often enough).

I’m glad you’re not one who participates in erratic behavior (as far as thowing paint/blood) towards those who choose to wear fur.

Charla Dickenson on

Abc 123,

Your views make a lot of sense to me too. You are so right that we must look at our own lives before passing jugement, I know it is something I will always continue to work at. I really appreciate being able to have a calm debate about this. It’s so tiresome when it has to get rude. I enjoy when people have different points of view because I end up learning a lot. I am passionate about my beliefs, but I really want to constantly keep growing as a person and continue to be open minded. I fully respect that you were not only speaking to me but to a lot of people. I am grateful for what I learnt from everything you shared.

Thanks and take care

Charla Dickenson on

One last little point I wanted to make on this subject. I don’t mean to be pushy or to harp at all I just really wanted to share this thought and I love writing!

I really believe that despite some bumps in the road, over time we could manage to completely eradicate the fur industry. I really think we could do quite well without it. But if the entire world became vegan or vegetarian it would be disasterous in terms of the economy and employment, the intense environmental consequences, the strain on agriculture and non animal based industries and the likelihood of massive malnourishment. That is fundamentally why I feel fur is so different from food. Fur is cruelly unnecessary and unnecessarily cruel and there are great faux alternatives. There really is no alternative choice for the food industry that wouldn’t wreak complete havoc. That’s why I believe in fully using the alternatives that are available and then pushing for more ethical treatment of animals in the food industry.

nina on

1. ugly dress!, she should not wear it to events. maybe dinner, but not wear she will be photographed. 3.she’s wearing fur. a no no!

Robin on

Kristen…your comment “it’s just animals” has to be one of the most disheartening statements..I hope that you do not have any pets…people like you and the others like you make me sick!!!

Tayme on

I won’t get into the debate about fur. I have my opinions, but I’m keeping them to myself.

I love the dress. The shear top is beautiful. I like the fur (I hope it’s fake). The shoes are wonderful. Of course I think more celebrities should wear their clothes more than once. Would it be a fashion crime if I did it? Certainly I’m not famous, but how are they different from me or more better or important? The hype around these celebs is ridiculous. More celebs should be able to wear their dresses, shirts, pants, shoes or whatever 2, 3, 4, 5 times over again. I think it’s ridiculous to get scutinized (sp?) for wearing a dress a second time. I could care least if she wore the dress a 3rd time. That doesn’t make her any less of a human being.

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